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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 3, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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she has been in surgery for most of the day. just in the last hour or two she has come out of surgery and she is listed in critical condition and cannot be interviewed by police. they are hoping that you will help them identify who it is. investigators believe the woman was jogging northbound on connecticut and was in the crosswalk when an empty metro bus traveling east on florida struck her hard. the bus and the jogger came to rest about 20 feet away from the crosswalk. witnesses say she was screaming in pain from the time of the accident until she was loaded into an ambulance. metro said the bus driver was no rookie. >> nine years of bus driving experience. after any traffic incident, she has been taken -- placed on paid administrative leave pending the out come of routine drug and alcohol esting which is just standard operating procedure when a bus operator
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is involved in an incident. >> reporter: many metro buses have security cameras aboard. but d.c. police investigators were dismayed to discover that the recording device for the video was missing from this bus. metro spokesperson could not explain the absence of the recorder and said the lack of that machine is, quote, a very rare occurrence. investigators at the scene could not immediately determine whether the jogger or bus had the traffic signal's right-of- way. they are hoping a police security camera across the street, which is recorded downtown will provide them with a wide view of the intersection as the accident unfolded at 8:31 in the morning. now, the struck pedestrian was jogging, therefore she was not carrying any form of identification on her. police have no idea who she is. here is the description. she is described as a petite
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prune he neat -- briewn net white female. 5'5". she was wearing a white t-shirt and faded gray jogging shorts with white trim. anybody who had a woman fitting this description that didn't show up for work today is asked to call d.c. metropolitan police department. she is in critical condition in the hospital tonight. >> what a terrible situation. thank you for bringing us up to date there. a delicate rescue after a teenage hiker plunged down a cliff in harper's ferry. ems had to go down the cliff to reach her. they loaded her into a basket to be pulled out. the hiker was flown to baltimore and is expected to recover. a former maryland state trooper on the other side of the law charged with sexually assaulting a woman. the alleged incident happened during a traffic stop last year. a woman said that iglesias
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fondled her and kissed her when she was in handcuffs. iglesias is now out on bond. armed and dangerous, a manhunt on for two suspects wanted in connection with the murder of a silver spring man gunned down in his driveway sunday. the victim's family wants to know how one of the suspects checked himself out of the hospital and got away. can have can have has the latest. >> reporter: police are still trying to piece together how the shooting happened, what the motive was and how the suspect managed to get away. one of them can hardly walk. he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the right leg but signed himself out of the hospital before police could arrest him. these are the suspects, vincent men to and winston dillon, both 39. men to hasn't been seen since the shooting. dillon maybe walking with a limp. >> suspect dillon has a significant gunshot wound to his right leg.
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he has been outfitted with a brace. >> reporter: after the bloody shoot out that killed 63-year- old clarence renkin, winston dillon was mitted to washington hospital center. the hospital notified them that dillon and an unidentified man from new carrollton were being treated for gunshot wound. the new carrollton man gave a statement to police and was released with no charges. dillon remained at the hospital. >> yesterday at 11:00 a.m. he decided to sign himself out agnst medical advice and left the hospital. >> reporter: angry friend and relatives of clarence renkin want to know how dillon walked out of the hospital when he was a murder suspect. a spokesperson for the hospital says they had no idea dillon was wanted for anything. >> how does he just walk out of the hospital like that being there so many days. how does that happen. >> i can't believe the police allowed him to get away like that. they should have notified the hospital.
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i don't understand that. that's crazy. >> reporter: at the renkin family home, friend and relatives are outraged. police say they didn't charge dillon at the hospital because they didn't have probable cause. they had difficulty tracking down witnesses because they fled the scene after shots were fired. investigators were working with arnickname of a possible suspect. >> he was just a kind-hearted loving person and we just wanted to see justice served. >> reporter: renkin was a popular fixture in the jay may can community. he fed the hungry and housed the homeless. >> thank you. both suspects are considered armed and dangerous. new technology may help keep cell phones out of prison inmate hands. the maryland department of public safety and correctional services is looking at six companies that have the technology to find hidden cell
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phones in jail cells. some inmates are using them to order hits from behind bars. we have heard from her accused kidnapper. now for the first time we are hearing from the family of jaycee dugard, the california woman abducted. phillip garrido is said to have feared her two daughters. today her aunt says jaycee still remembered her family and described their emotional reunion. >> not only have we laughed and cried together, but we spent time sitting quietly, taking pleasure in each other's company. jaycee did you a truly amazing job with the limited resources and education that she had and we are so proud of her. >> the family has been at a secret location since last week. phillip and nancy garrido pled not guilty tcharges. the wildfire battle in california rages on tonight.
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this is video from early this morning when the fire was barely 30% contained but things have improved. fox's anita vogel joins us from lakeview terrace, california with the latest. >> reporter: after a week of combat, firefighters are final gaining the upper hand on the fire but only after it left a path of destruction. california governor arnold schwarzenegger walking through what used to be part of the big tejunga neighborhood. it looks like a war zone. >> it's heart-breaking to see the devastation and the destruction that this fire has caused. >> reporter: he has seen many wildfires in his time in office but nothing this bad. >> it's horrible to lose your home, your personal belongings, to lose everything that you have and collected. so, we are here to help the people get back on their feet as quickly as possible. >> reporter: burt lives here and he believes the homes here could have been saved. >> to us in the canyon, it
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appeared that the resources were going to rich areas in town and nothing here. give us something. >> reporter: he praised the firefighters, he wants answers as to why heavy fire equipment wasn't brought in earlier. >> what i'm saying, i think at some level, not the firefighters, some command decision got made not to put resources into this and we know that was a giant mistake. wrong decision. >> critical decisions are made, especially in areas like this, where firefighters could put themselves at great risk. it breaks our heart, too, to see this devastation. i am here to tell you there is no structure worth a firefighters's life. >> reporter: fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire saying it's possible it was human cause. and today also the skies are less smoky allowing fixed-wing aircraft to fly.
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we may see the 747 super tanker capable of carrying 20,000 gallons of water take to the skies. that would be the first time ever that plane has been used in california. shawn, back to you. >> sounds like firefighters are beginning to get the upper hand out there. at this point, i know they had a date set. have they changed that or are they about the same when they believe they will finally get the fire contained? >> they haven't changed the date yet. it stands at september 15th. of course today they have 38% containment. we expect the figures will go up tonight or tomorrow morning. that date could change over the coming weeks. but for now it stands at september 15th. >> anita vogel, thank you so much for the update tonight. calls for change tonight. the faa rolling out brand-new rules for airlines. what is being done to make planes safer the next time you fly. plus, a new round of ticket troubles for the redskins. this time called out for suing season ticket holders for
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thousands. the swine flu is coming. the key to helping keep you healthy may be the vaccine being developed at home. and don't miss this smash and grab criminals caught on camera making off with dozens of apple laptops, iphones. it's all ahead tonight. >> just another glorious day in paradise. 
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speeders are getting a break in chevy chase, maryland but not for long. the radar speed cameras on connecticut avenue north of the circle have been taken down. the reason, apparently they have had trouble getting pictures of the correct vehicle when there was more than on car in the shot. brand-new laser guided cameras will be up the middle of the month. the washington redskins are suing ticket holders. sarah simmons has the details tonight. >> reporter: well, since the economic crisis is making it difficult for some redskins fans to hold on to the season tickets. "the washington post" is reporting the team is suing
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some club and premium ticket holders and winning. the post is reporting since 2005 the redskins have sued people for not fulfilling ticket contracts. those interviewed said in some cases, they tried to work out othedeals with the team but were forced into hefty payments instead. others acknowledged to the post they did not hire lawyers or go to court when the matters got that far. those sued include mortgage brokers, real estate developers and plumbers. many held club and box seats. given the state of the economy, some say they need to give the fans a break. >> well, i mean, i think they can go through different options other than just suing them. i mean, try to see if they can make amends or sell them to somebody else. >> when you have an economy like what we have right now, i don't think anybody need any bad press. i just don't think -- i think i would bend over backwards to
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placate, give you a treat for coming. i would make it enticing and try to work it out without going public. >> everybody is hurting. >> reporter: the team reeled a statement -- released a statement saying it focused on a tiny minority of suite and club holders that defaulted and against home the team has been forced to take legal action is unfair to the redskins. the team says in some cases where they took legal action, the suite owner refused to pay anything and in some cases disputed credit charges after using the suite. at fedex field, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> this is the latest ticket trouble for the redskins. earlier this week the post record the team sold thousands of tickets to brokers that resold them online at a higher price. the deadly flight of an air france flight is causing changes. french officials don't know
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what caused the jet to go down in the atlantic but some believe the air speed sensors played a role. the faa wants all u.s. airlines to fly airbus 330s and 40s to replace the air speed sensors. joe biden says the econic stimulus has been a bigger success than anyone thought it would be. he is taking up the cause while president obama works on what to say in his prime time health care address to congress next week. tom fits gerald joints -- fitzgerald joins us with the news. >> reporter: hard to believe it's been 200 days since they launched the recovery act. despite sinking poll numbers and republican criticism, vice president says the stimulus has exceeded the white house's expectation. vice president joe biden came out swinging punching up the
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government's massive $700 billion of stimulus spending. instead of talking about the beginning of a depression, we are talking about the end of a recession. >> reporter: speaking in northwest, biden quoted analysts saying the stimulus he created or saved 500 to 750,000 jobs. >> the recovery act played a significant role in changing the trajectory of our economy and changing the conversation of t economy in this country. >> reporter: in the 200 days since it was launched, it faces slgish public report. 51% said the government should have spent less. 41% said stimulus was helping. 33% said it had no he effect and nearly a quarter of those asked said the stimulus made the economy worse. numbers that are not lost on republicans. >> yeah, there certainly is a revolution as it appears minor
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or otherwise with people all over the country that said enough is enough. >> reporter: some like the tea party protestors that launched their effort after the stimulus bill was signed are still at it. a protest is making a cross country tour headed to washington. >> we have too much government controlling this country. we as americans need to speak up and say, hey, you are here because of us. >> reporter: in taking on those critics, biden was armed with statistics showing the stimulus in action across the country. he pointed to 320,000 people taking advantage of the first time home buyer's tax credit. 3,000 miles of improved highways and $1.9 billion in contracts for small businesses. faced with an economy sliding off a final cliff, biden said doing nothing was not an option. >> i believe this was the right thing to do morally. that's not what we are about today. it was the smart thing to do
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economically. >> reporter: now, the vice president wasn't the only member of the white house talking up the stimulus plan. five top administration officials fanned out in virginia, arkansas, illinois, california be and minnesota as part of a coordinated effort in advance of the 200th day of the stimulus action. >> thank you. that fall feeling seems to be sticking around. >> i love it. it's great. this is a nice break from the heat and humidity, even if you love summer. a live look outside over northwest washington. a beautiful shot of the big blue sky and the cathedral. what a gorgeous night it is. will the heat and humidity return? that's what i'm wondering about. sue palka has a look ahead. >> you know, i think the perfect thing we could get is a touch of heat without the humidity and i believe that is what we will have in the forecast. temperatures will go up a bit. today warm but not uncomfortable and certainly the air remains dry. we are close to a little bit of
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unsettled weather. true view, there has been a sher and thunderstorm complex, not really thunderstorms, more showers than anything else off the coast. the beaches are t he the clouds from that. it looks like they have been farther out to sea in the last few hours. that is an area of low pressure riding along the front. you can see there are a few clouds south a . aeof d looks me y eaare trying to trend away. e e wwe h eadhead into the evening. 81 frederick. 79 dulles and d.c. baltimore 76 and this evening will be gorgeous. the moon is almost full and you will see it in a very dramatic way coming up as the sun is getting ready to set. it's called the full fruit moon. you usually see apples and peaches and other things being harvested around this time of year. temperatures will be in the 60s and we will he have head to the 50s tonight. so, the cool refreshing evenings continue and a nice warm pattern. a lot of people maybe thing
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about heading to the beach. we will talk about the beach forecast and have the latest on the newly downgraded tropical depression erika. >> see you in a few minutes. the boost from the back to school shopping never really came. now holiday sales could be facing a slump. this downturn could translate into more problems nationwide. michael jackson will finally be laid to rest tonight. the king of pop's funeral will cost a pretty penny.
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rehab rampage in mexico. 17 people were killed. this happened last night. the community is not far from the border with el paso, texas. as many as a dozen men lined up the victims and shot them at point blank range. the facility is known as
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housing clients from street gangs. no word on a suspect or motive. one of the charles manson's followers may have just lost her last plea for freedom. susan atkins was denied the 18th request for parole. she is in bed in this video because she is suffering from brain cancer. the victim, sharon tate's sister was at the hearing saying she doesn't hate atkins but feels the murder are valid reasons to keep her behind bars. more than two months after his death, michael jackson will be laid to rest tonight. he will be buried in a private service at forest lawn cemetery in glendale, california. the cost of police security alone will top $100,000. the jackson estate is footing the bill. the investigation into his death continues. so far no charges have been filed. americans on alert waiting for the onslaught of the swine flu pandemic. but the vaccine that could keep you from getting sick is being
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made right here as we speak. the holiday shopping season may seem far off. getting your hand on this year's must have gifts will be tougher than ever. the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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some of the big stories we are following, a metro bus hit and seriously injured a goinger in northwest d.c. police believe she was in a crosswalk when the bus hit her. police don't know her name. the search is on for two suspects wanted in connection
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with the shooting death of a man this weekend. one of the men spent days in the hospital but checd out before police arrested him. more ticket trouble for the redskins. the post reports since 2005 the team has sued 125 people for not fulfilling ticket contracts. sobering new numbers about the swine flu's youngest victims. a new cdc study shows about 1 in 13 people that died of swine flu in the u.s. have been children and more than 80% of them were 5 years old or older. one major manufacturer of the h1n1 vaccine is headquartered in our area and beth parker paid the company a visit and is here with more on the bush to get the vaccine out there. >> laura, as you know, this is a situation where time matters. they just finished the first phase of testing of the vaccine. they expect to report data to the fda this weekend.
5:31 pm
the company employs about 2,000 people in our area and th are at the center of an enormous public health emergency. in the fight against swine flu, this is a key weapon. >> spray it and you take this clip off. >> reporter: ben is an executive vice president of a gay he thersburg company manufacturing a vaccine for h1n1. >> it energized the company to a great extent. it's working on an important public effort and trying to find a solution for that. >> reporter: they already were producing flu mist for the seasonal flu. this past april the government gave manufacturers a virus seed for h1n1. in california they created the
5:32 pm
master virus seed. it's grown in eggs. >> you evaluate it in eggs, if it can be produced effectively. >> reporter: unlike other manufacturers product, it's a nasal spray. most products are a kill virus. they use a live virus that is weaken. >> it grows in the asal and it's temperature sensitive. it doesn't grow in the lungs. >> reporter: the person's immunity builds. production is going well. >> we are in the pocts that our yields are better than we hoped for. >> reporter: the company is so busy it had to move employees from frederick, maryland to a plant in philadelphia. >> we do not have enough sprayers. >> reporter: they are waiting for fda approval but they are ready with 50 million sprayers. they expect to sell all of them to the u.s. government. there is also a dropper that
5:33 pm
could make 150 million more doses available. the swine flu vaccine is expected soon. the seasonal flu vaccine is available and doctors say it's best to get that out of the way early. >> great information. thank you. our coverage of the swine flu continues on the web. we invite you to go to and click on the health tab where you will find the top ten hints to vaccine trials, answers to your questions are a click away. now to an outrageous story. a toddler slapped by a stranger because she wouldn't stop crying. the man is staying in jail. a georgia judge denied bond for roger stevens. police claim he approached a crying 2-year-old in a wal-mart and told the mother, quote, if you don't shut up that baby, aisle shut her up for you. police report says he slapped the girlfour or five times.
5:34 pm
parents are outraged. >> a total stranger. >> 61-year-old man. >> smacked another child. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my heart goes out to her. i don't know what i would do. >> the little girl had red marks on her face but the family says she is okay now. even if your car isn't brand-new or flashy, you may be surprised to hear thieves are eyeing your ride. a 15-year-old car, honda accord is the most stolen car in the country. next is the 1995 honda civic, 1989 toyota camry then the 1997 ford f150 pickup, dodge ram pick up is the 5th on the list. older cars are targeted because they don't have alarm systems and the parts can be sold on the black market. back to school shopping couldn't pull retailers out of the slump. spending has been in a prefall
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since last year. it could mean another blue chstmas in the making. melanie alnwick is here with what that will mean for shoppers. >> reporter: shoppers are watching the dollars tightly with some discounters like t.j. maxx and ross seeing increases. but there may be fewer choices. holiday shoppers are notorious for holding out for last minute sales. that may not be a winning tactic this year. >> the longer the consumer waits the less solution they will find. it may not be wise to play that game of chicken. >> reporter: trying to avoid last year's price slashing, they are carefully planning inventory. expect fewer styles, sizes and colors to choose from. >> you won't see a lot of differences. for example digital cameras. in terms of sweeters, shirts and jeans, you ill probably see a lot of basics. i think you will see a lot of
5:36 pm
retailers play it safe. >> reporter: the back to school shoppers reinforce where buyers are focused. abercrombie and fish sales fell 95%. customers are shying away from departmentstores. macy's 8.1%. >> i look to see designers low end. it seems like a lot of people, michael kors, ralph lauren have three or four levels. i'm looking at the bottom level. >> there will be a lot more competition this year than in past years for those part time seasonal jobs. >> reporter: still, shopping centers like westfield's montgomery mall are planning promotions and special sales. >> we are working closely with the store managers for the holidays but i think that they are confident that we will have
5:37 pm
a good holiday seas. >> reporter: customers finally coming back would be the surprise gift of the year: now f you are in the market for electronics, it may be easier for you to comparison shop this year. manufacturers are making fewer deals with retailers to offer exclusive products so you can find the exact same item at a variety of stores. shawn? >> looking for the deals, thank you. caught on camera, smash and grab robbers with an eye f apple merchandise. five suspects smashed the glass with a rock to get inside the apple store. when they got in, they implied they had a gun and made a mad dash for the merchandise. they got 23 laptops, 14 iphones and nine ipods. police are looking for the men. michael vick is in. nfl making a major announcement about his return to the gridiron. we have the scoop still ahead. nasa giving the astronauts space walk tonight the green light. 
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tonight's space walk is a go even thouga massive piece of space junk is heading to the shuttle "discovery." nasa is keeping a close eye on the junk. it's part of an old european rocket. it will come within two miles of the shuttle. a local college dorm room is going green. take a look for yourself. bamboo paneling, low flow water fixtures and carpet at george washington university newest
5:42 pm
residence hall south hall. the digs will house nearly 500 students. it is the first l.e.d. building on campus. >> i would try to get in that one. kind of cool. >> good to see. >> let's head over to brian bolter. >> it's being billed as a simple stay in school speech by president obama broadcast to kids across the country. but tonight a growing chorus say the president is going too far pushing politics in the classroom and one virginia school is pulling the plug.
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time to check out the state of the skins. the redskins are in jacksonville taking on the jaguars. >> for players in danger of not making the roster, this offers a chance to impress the coaches. last week it was about the you night. it's a different story tonight. this game is about the bubble players. they try to survive the final cut. the redskins roster is down to 75 players. it must be at 53 by 4:00 p.m. saturday. for hopefulls like marco and marcus mason, this is a final chance to prove they can play on the big stage. the coach said earlier this week some players can earn there way on the team. others could lose their pot based on how they play tonight. greg sums it up the best. >> each week you have a different play. this week we have the last
5:47 pm
chance of looking at the young guys. this week we have to give them as much look as we can. they will tell us who should be here and who shouldn't be here. a lot of these guys it will affect the rest of their lives on thursday night. their football career came down to one ball game. eagles quarterback michael vick met with roger goodell to discuss when he would be reinstated to the regular season. the commissioner has made up his mind. vic is eligible to play in the third game of the regular season. the eagles play the kansas city chiefs that week. they will face the redskins week 7 on monday night football at fed ex. jason campbell will start but the focus will be on brennan and daniel with the third quarterback spot up for grabs. at 6:00 we will hear from the veteran guys. they are ready for the preseason to be over. they want to hit real guys. >> yeah. fans want to watch it, too.
5:48 pm
>> any predictions. >> tonight? kind of hard to make a prediction. i don't really know. i hope the guys on the verge of making the team, they will make it or break it. you have to see something that makes the decision earlier. >> all right. thank you very much. >> they looked great last week, didn't they. >> they did. jason campbell did well. >> hope that continues. >> and weather-wise here it will be cool. good news for football. >> they are not driving to fed ex. i forgot to check the jacksonville weather but i guess it will be all right. nothing tropical over there. it will be my luck it's a dome anyway. is i a dome in jacksonville. >> i think so. >> weather should be great. i mentioned this earlier, the moon will be coming up in about an hour or so. it will be spectacular. it will be full tomorrow at about the noon hour. let's talk about temperatures around the region and we will jump ahead to the max hd
5:49 pm
weekend. we are in the 70s. we will head to near 85 saturday and sunday. it will be warmer than it has been this week but we are still staying rain free. saturday sunny skies, warm temperatures. humidity low. sunday more of the same. as long as we are on the subject, let's talk about labor day. it's looking terrific. a mix of clouds and sun. warm and just a few clouds around in the afternoon. temperatures will range between 83 and 86 degrees. now, we thought we would talk about the beaches. i'm told september is the best time at the beaches. there could be a few showers around friday morning at ocean city and bethany. temperature 82 ocean city. then we clear it out for saturday and sunday down there. maybe a shower friday at rehoboth. after the noon hour friday things look better.
5:50 pm
78 on sunday if you are heading to the jersey shore. down at the beaches, it looks like this is kind of improving quickly. we had an area of low pressure riding along the frontal boundary. it's stalled off the east coast for a few days and we had a wave of low pressure moving up. there will be another one tonight. we may see a couple of showers here and there in the morning but not anything that will stick around for the whole weekend. we hit 80 today. dulles hit 80 and bw i-77 degrees. the warmest day we had so far this week, most of the week has been in the 70s. we are dropping into the 70sk f temperatures to drop quickly into the upper 60s. tonight's forecast, another cool evening. 50s in the suburbs. 60 for us downtown. tomorrow whether he get up to about 82 degrees. more of the same weather. it's been delightful. one of the best weeks we have had around here all summer. a few afternoon clouds. at 8:00 in the morning, partly cloudy at 62 degrees.
5:51 pm
heading out of town, weather will not be a problem. by the noon hour, mostly sunny and 77 degrees. here is the weekend forecast as we talked about with the area of low pressure and the frontal system off the coast, something that we will keep an eye on is what is going on with erika. we believe the showers here will stay east. our tropical storm erika became tropical depression erika as of 5:00 tonight. while it will pass south of puerto rico, we think this will weaken out. we will watch it but it shouldn't cause any problems unless something unfor seen happens. the clouds are showing a nice weakening trend. 82 tomorrow. couple degrees warmer than today. the weekend and labor day looking just fantastic. it's a great run. tuesday about 83 degrees. we have no rain in the forecast at all. jacksonville is not a dome by the way. lindsay murphy checked on that. you don't have to e-mail me b
5:52 pm
thanks for thinking about it. >> because you know you will get it. >> i will get the forecast for jacksonville and we will do that at 6:00. sound good. >> sounds good. battling wildfires out west. one of the largest forced thousand from their homes. a huge worry, what to do with their pets. sabrina looks at the efforts to find safe shelters for dogs, cats and many more exotic animals. >> reporter: when wildfires flare-up and creep toward california neighborhoods, homeowners head for safer ground. >> i am taking close and paperwork. >> reporter: what about pets? evacuation centers don't typically take animal centers. groups like the world heart foundation take and corral four- legged fire victims. >> we don't sleep. all i can do is sit and watch. >> reporter: they are all being
5:53 pm
moved out of the fire's path. the hills above hollywood are home to various pets. >> a lot of the animals in the film industries are here. >> reporter: as the flames move closer, this zebra seems to sense the anxiety. >> it looks like it's out but i'm told not to believe it. that it may just come through and burn everything in this canyon. i can't take that chance on the animal's lives. >> reporter: a lot of the exotic animals are staying at the l.a. zoo. cats and dogs are sent to nearby kennels until evacuation orders are lifted. most parents would move mountains to help their the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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the parents of a florida toddler. >> the berlin heart pump does not have fda approval yet but doctors felled it bass the -- felt it was the only way to give this girl a chance. >> i don't think she knows what is going on. she knows all of this ain't normal. >> reporter: this intensive care room was home toher for three months after intestinal virus attacked her heart. >> i never knew it could happen like that. >> reporter: her father says the heart stopped twice. he would need a heart transplant. she was put on fda approved heart-lung machine. >> it's in the back of your head how long can this last. >> reporter: they feared she would run out of time. they decided to try a berlin heart. after the visit manage may, she had a stro. >> i was worried about not only
5:58 pm
her dying from it or if it was severe enough she would be taken off the transplant list. >> reporter: the pump did it is job and the donor heart arrived. >> 1:30 p.m. we got the call. then 5:30 the next day on the 17th the heart arrived at the hospital. >> reporter: weeks later, her struggle would continue at tampa general. she must undergo rehab to overcome the problems from the stroke. >> we saw difficulty with using her right hand and leg. it affected her walking. fine motor skills and ability to communicate. >> reporter: dr. paul is hopeful. >> the course she has taken so far is encouraging. the improvements that we have seen are, to this point, would suggest she is going to continue to make a lot of progress. >> reporter: after three 1/2 months in a hospital bed she is
5:59 pm
being discharged. >> a great feeling. relief, finally going home. >> reporter: a day that would have never arrived without the help of a donor family they likely won't ever meet. >> my heart goes out to them because i know they are suffering still. >> what a great story. >> incredible. >> that heart is undergoing trials with pediatric patients in the u.s. the news tonight is far from over. >> the "news edge at 6:00" starts right now. >> caught on camera, mass bandits using sophisticated tools to bust into atm machines. these guys are good, making off with 70 grand across d.c. and prince george county tonight. police are connecting 16 robberies to the operation and revealing more about how they are pulling it f. paul wagner has new details. paul? >> the tool they are using


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