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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 9, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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not an easy task, considering numbers like these. the new ap poll showing half of the americans disapprove of the president's handling of healthcare. the white house hoping tonight's address will be a game changeer. tom fitzgerald is live from capitol hill tonight. >> reporter: the white house is well aware of the numbers that you just pointed out and still, trying tonight to regain the momentum on healthcare. the president wanted this done weeks ago and we all know what haened. congress went home for the summer break. the rowdy town hall meetings began and the white house found itself behind the inc ball on health care. the white house and the administration trys to get back on track tonight. it a a rare thing for a president to address congress on one issue. but tonight, president obama hopes to lay out details on national tv that will help bring the healthcare debate to a close. >> if representatives and senators and the president listen to the american people, what they're telling them quite clearly is we have to do
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something about healthcare. >> reporter: the white house is really, from an explosive summer of debate and what is not -- is where the president will have to compromise. one area might be the government-run plan known as the public option and that is one of the biggest sticking points. house democrats won't vote for a plan without it. gop -- sd he won't vote for one with it. the more people get a government option will lead to a replacement of the system of healthcare that people have and, frankly, that most people like. >> reporter: the president hasn't convinced all democrats a group of moderates in the house are still a wild card. and the senate the compromised group known as the gang of six, still meeting and trying to reach a deal before the president's speech. >> i think, frankly, with increasing conviction, that a public option can not pass the
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senate. it's different each day that goes by and talking with senators. the private statements and public statements and some statements earlier. you know, on the capitol and more and more my view, i could be wrong, but it's my belief the public option can not -- . >> and then there is the public. according to a new gallop poll, are divided on the issue. >> we're closer to getting this done than before. that is the reality. the president is not governing by gallop polls. >> the president is, tonight, brian, trying to lay out in clear and passionate terms exactly why this administration wants these reports enacted and the audience, brian, will be secretary of state hillary clinton. a veteran of the the health -- healthcare wars from her own husband's administration. >> tom fitzgerald, live from capitol hill. appreciate that. we'll see if tonight's address will make a difference. watch it on our sister station
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my 20 or streaming on our website starting tonight at 8:00. keeping a close watch on a developing story out of mexico city. an aeromexico flight hijacked. this is now view of a bomb squad and that was not an explosive but a culmination of a frightening time on board. laura evans has more on what we know so far. >> reporter: what we know is everyone on board the flight from cancun to mexico city was releas and safely. several men were led away in handcuffs, at least five, possibly eight, includeing this man here in the yellow shirt. the hostage-takers are all reportedly from bolivia and they saying they wanted to speak with the mexican president calderon. there were 104 partials on that plane, include something americans and right here, you can see some of the passengers being led away. we're going to show you more on that video of the passengers.
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here they are, being led away. everyone is safe and the crew was held on to -- a little longer and they were released unharmed. the bolivian ambassador to mexico said mexico has no evidence that the hijackers are bolivians. why they wanted to talk to the president calderon is unclear. that is still being investigated. meantime, mexico's attorney general is opening an investigation into terrorism and kidnapping charges. the news edge on maryland. this man, uses -- using a crow bar or pick axe to open a vending machine at a prince georges county school and look at him. he struck 11 scols since midaugust and breaking into a vending machine at friendly high school four times -- times in five days and every burglaries up in a window to get to school and opens the vending machines to get the money. one suspect in custody and another on the loose.
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police arrested winston dellan and investigators have a murder warrant out for minto. franklin -- franken clarence was shot to death at his home. he was hosting a party and the fight break out. police believe that led to a shooting. a church youth director busted, accused of having sex with a teenage boy she was counseling and now they plan to issue an arrestwarrant. claudia coffey has more from fredericksburg. >> reporter: the pastor here said the allegations were brought ho to her attention in mid-july saying she took immediate action by contacting the local authorities and placing the youth director on unpaid administrative leave. the youth director, 36-year-old jennifer brennan, had been with the church a year and a half. it's here she allegedly came into contact with the 15-year- old victim and started counseling him. she was indicted yestery by a grand jury of 10 counts by
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contributing to the delinquency of a minor and 10 counts of taking endescent liberties with a child. in the quiet neighborhood where brennan lives, there was no answer. the neighbors saw her out with the huanand which were. >> she has two kids, a girl andboy: she's very friendly and is a quiet person. i think she's pretty nice. >> reporter: the pastor said so far, no other youths have come forward n. stafford county, virginia, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> we now know the name of the man killed in this crash yesterday. the 64-year-old alfred wheaton was killed. police are trying to figure out what caused the crash and no one on the bus was seriously hurt. another lawsuit from the deadly metro condition. the family of ana fernandez, one of 9 people killed, fid an $80 million lawsuit against the transit agencyet and company that makes the train
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control system claiming negligence on the part of metro and signaling to delaware. the lawsuit is one of eight filed in desfederal court. coming up next the -- next at 6, steve jobs returns to the apple stage. today's big event was about your music and mp 3 players. also. radiation warning labels for cell phones? i'm sherrily. why one group said you need to know what is coming out of here before making your next call. and did you see this one? camden yards turned crime scene. what was supposed to be there. a number 8. as in cal ripken jr. 's monument outside of camden yards. the news edge is back in two. more and more,
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adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. so on verticali'm back at apple and loving every day of
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it and i am getting to work with our incredibly-talented teams to come up with some great new products. >> apple's head honcho steve jobs back in action. pushing some apple advancement. the job -- jobs made his return to the stage the first time since his six-month medical leave after undergoing a liver transplant and talked about it on stage. he received a standing ovation before pushing products and then it was down to business. shawn yancy has more on what is in store at apple. >> reporter: in typical apple fashion, the company is upgrading some of the popular gadgets. first up, the ipod nano. look at the video. the video camera is added to the back and is also, also sports an fm super -- tuner there. it got an update with the memory bost and has a 66-gig storage capacity. it will allow users to share songs via twitter and facebook
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and jobs jobs reported sales figures and the real show stopper was the ceo himself. college some of you may know abt five months ago, i had a lifer transplant and i now have the liver of a mid-20s person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate their organs. and i wouldn't be here ithout such generosity. >> reporter: this is the first apple event he's appeared at since october and urged the audience to become organ donors, brian? >> no matter what phone you use, you won't want to miss is the this story. some cells give off more radiation than others. a new safety study raising cancer concerns see where your phone rings. also ahead, the girls get it and the boys, too. why cervical cancer vaccine
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could be recommended for males. spent just announced, this year's slate of kennedy center honorees, bruce springsteen recognized. along with actor robert dinero. jazz legend dave brubeck. mel brooks and opera singer grace bubbly. they'll be in d.c. december 6th long with president obama.
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the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and incest. and mcdonnell opposed birth control for married adults. learn more about bob mcdonnell's crusade
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to take virginia backwards. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad. >> there are new rankings for cell phones out tonighand you may not want yours to be at the top. the government watchdog group released a list of cell phones and how much radiation they put out. sherrily has more on the cancer concerns. >> reporter: the -- brian, the issue over radiation and cell phones raised concerns about
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cancer for years. the government has a radiation limit and said cell phones at or below that are safe. this report shows a difference in levels varies widely. for many people, cell phones have become like another appendage, always glued to the ears. yet few read the fine prince showing how much radiation their phones blast. i have no idea. >> reporter: the environmental working group is doing the job for you. ranking more than 1200 cell phones based on radiation levels. >> the studies that look at feel who used cell phones for 10 years are scrndedea increase risks for brain tumors and salivary gland tumors. >> reporter: the fcc limit is 1.6-watts per kilogram. the report found some cell phones emitted a fraction of that and others almost maxed out. the group would like to so cell phones with prominent radiation labels. >> i think that would be a good
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idea. something that should be put into terms for people to understand more and comparison shop more. >> reporter: the rankings included phones from motorola, team mobile, kyocera anblack berry. and reincis dot nefitote ive n. on resp, se, ctia, the wireless cork said the evidence has overwhelmingly indicated that wreless vis cedon't pose s a public health riskleading global health orgnsizioat, heio national cancer society, world health administration and u.s. food and drug administration confer said they're not a health risk. texting, using speaker phone or a headset will reduce the exposure. some see no reason to change. >> i have not heard enough to say oh, my goodness, i will put my cell phone down. until it gets to that point, i -- [ indiscernible ] >> the phone with the lowest
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radiation was the samsung impression g. to and get more information. lawmakers on capitol hill might be interested in the list, too. next week, senator arlen specter is expected to hold a congressional hearing on cell phones. a controversial -- to protect girls from a sexually transmitted disease could be available for boys. the panel weighing in on approve the hppv for males. it can lead to cancer in both. the vaccine is approved for girls 9 and over. we're following breaking news for you right now. take a live picture from sky fox. you can see there has been a multivehicle accident on georgia avenue inside the beltway in silver spring. looks like one car rear-ended another and we're told four people were injured in this. you can see the road there as the camera goes out. the road is shut down and will be a long time going, getting
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the crash underway and under investigation. 6:15. >> wow. >> and the rush hour denied, hoping the rain holds off and we'll follow that situation. georgia avenue inside the beltway in silver spring. multivehicle accident. several people injured. >> that is a rough stretch, anyway, without an accident. >> yeah. >> and we're seeing scattered showers out there. they not widespread. far to the west and east. the beaches again having more rain than we have been seeing today. we'll look live outside and it's clouded over again. we have had some sunshine this afternoon and outside out to the west, that fired up a couple of thunderstorms and you can see the clouds are building in again. that is where we think it will go tonight. too bad, too. it's great later tonight of the international space station and the shuttle. they'll be very hard to see and we're going start with radar. to the west, these along interstate 81 to the west of it are showers and heavier downpours, not much lightening and there could be, perhaps, a rumble of thunder as the night goes on. they're moving down from north to south and out to our west around the bay.
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finding a few showers. nothing in metro desand all of this activity pushing from the ocean and moving west on the del marva a vipir will show max hd radar, wider picture here and some of the shower activity coming from an area of low pressure off the cost all week long and dead, it drifted farther tout -- out to sea. weaker than it was and we're getting that rain and then in the upper levels of the atmosphere, there is another piece spinning down here and between the two, we're going to keep scattered showers in the forecast. they far to the east and west and thigh will meet in the middle during the day. temperaturewise, the sunshine we had spiked things and got up to phone is at reagan national and to 74 as the cloud comes in and 71 in baltimore. closer to the water and breezes and the influence of the low pressure in the atlantic. 67 at patuxent naval air station. 64 at dover and ocean city. 70 degrees heading to the beaches over the next few days. i know the ather hasn't been
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great. be aware the rip currents will be a huge problem and the winds picking up. mostly cloudy overnight, passing showers around and dropping to 65 degrees and with the northwest wind. tomorrow, we believe the pressure is going to get closer to the coast and the clouds cooler and the showers should develop more widespread than today. 73 degrees. the breeze will be more noticeable out of the northeast at 10 to 20 and this is why the weather hasn't changed. blocking the area of hundred dollars to the north is keeping the low trapped and can move to the northeast and can move to the west and it does so seemingly at will, kind of defying our model guidance. we believe tomorrow it will be close enough for more rounds of scatted showers and that that will be hard. we'll keep them in the forecast the whole day and mark, hd future cast showing showers around. this model likes to keep most of the activity on the eastern shore and we think eventually this is going to be winding up with some pretty heavy rain for
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the del marva and the rest of us, we're going to have to make until the end of the week to get the skies brighter in a number of hours. saturday, 81 degrees and that will be a good looking day and thursday and friday, brian, more of the same and we break out of it saturday, 81 and sunday and monday look nice for the weekend and worth waiting for. we haven't had a lot of rain so far. >> yeah. >> i think tomorrow is our best chance of getting more widespread rain. >> the five-day looks worse than the weather. >> does absolutely. and we're thinking about hanging out in sports for awhile. >> thank you, sue. did you see the ripken ripoff in baltimore? police say four young men swiped the monument of cal rip ken. the four-foot aluminum number 8 is aned on to his number otside of camden yards. they were arrested two hours after it was stolen saying, of course, surveilnce cameras are there and captured the whole thing. >> we had two witnesses observe four white males, take the
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number eight statue from camden yards and drive off. >> i said that. the suspects are all teenagers and face theft and destruction of property charges. the redskins days away from kicking off the regular season against the giants. a rematch of last year's opener. what is different from the teams this time around. dif feldman has the sports edge next is. >> to beat the washington mystics, getting dumped for dinosaurs. if the team makes the wnba next week, they won't play on the home court. the walking with dinosaurs show has been booked. no hope down there. some said the mystics will be forced to make the college center, the home away from home. good deal? good deal? it's time to unthink. kfc's new $5 fill-up boxes, each with a side... and medium drink for just $5 bucks.
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unthink. and taste the unsub side of kfc. this is fabulous! new kentucky grilled chicken! marinated and grilled to perfection... for that five-star, fall-off-the-bone taste. mix original and grilled in your bucket! taste the unfried side of kfc.
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good evening, i'm dave feldman n. less than three days, the
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redskins fans will have game as to how the 2009 football season is going to go. many set the bar for the sub500 season. they don't know. no one knows. we do know this. a year ago, the season started in the very same place. scenic east rutherford, new jersey, against the same new york giants. back then, eli manning and the home team score on the first possession. manng was the keeper and the skins first possession. not as good as those of the ue. jason campbell sacked. a year removed from the 16 to 7 bad memory. what is difference. -- different. >> every year is different. the start of a new season and new beginning. everyone wants to set a tempo the rest of the season and a lot of times the first game dictates how let season is going to go and how teams will turn out. >> everything this year is different from 365 days ago.
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they're feeling more confident than last year and hopefully it shows up on sunday. >> this is a play you might remember. brandon jacobs ran over landry on this 17-yard first quarter jump. ouch. jacobs rushed for 116 yards and landry's tough guy, built like adonis but on this one, he barely got the license plate number. [ laughter ] >> like a downhill runner. i mean big guy. great. you have to stop. >> 0-1? >> huh? >> here we go. catch search -- [ indiscernible ] >> smart answer. sunday will mark the nfl debut of top rookie brian arapahoe. the top pick is expected to play lineman and linebacker. barnes could get the max. he had a picture in the second of the last 33 season games.
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jim zorn remembers his first game. >> i remember how fast it was and i remember walking up the line of scrimmage thinking to myself what did i just call? and remembering after snapping the ball. okay. yeah. no, it went well. i scrambled. i scrambled. >> can you imagine getting over the huddle and not remembering what you're called. you can can see the redskins and giants here. the coverage begins with the pregame show live from new york at 11:30. brian. thanks. now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here tonight at 10 for news edge at 11. hope to see you then.
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