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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 27, 2009 10:00pm-10:46pm EST

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remember? i... ow! ow! ow! no, ow! no, no... ( indistinct shouting ) ( chanting in animal language over tribal rhythm )
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. that's one of the accused dinner crashers shaking hands with the. plus, tiger woods rushed to the hospital after a serious car accident. tonight new details about what happened and how his wife
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helped rescue him using a golf club. whipping winds putting a winter chill in the air. we'll find out when they calm down. we begin with the accused white house state dinner crashers. i'm matt ackland. i'm maureen umeh. a criminal investigation is now underway. we're learning new details about how the uninvited couple managed to get ensigned and shake -- inside and shake hands with president obama. >> reporter: part of the mystery of how this happened is solved and how close the northern virginia couple got to president obama. tonight the secret service is looking into whether there should be criminal charges. this is the official white house photo showing tareq and michaele salahi in a receiving line shaking hands with president barack obama. the newest revelation in what's now a growing scandal. tuesday night the pair is accused of slipping into a white house state dinner uninvited despite the supposed high security. not only was the president
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there, but india's prime minister too. now the secret service wants to question the couple. one newspaper says two agents showed up at their oasis winery about 11:00 friday morning. a vineyard manager tolded agent the salahis weren't there. then she says the agents left this message for them. >> they said -- [ inaudible ] and that if they didn't -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the revelation has left many asking how could the security breach happen. the agency charged with protecting the president says its own protocols violated at an initial check point. then the director issued this rare admission. quote, "the secret service is deeply concerned and embarrassed by the circumstances surrounding the state dinner on tuesday, november 24." a former agent tells fox 5 you can count on the agency launching a detailed investigation. >> it's not a joke. it's not laughable.
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it requires significant apartment of review to see exactly what took place. >> reporter: a lawyer for the wannabe reality tv star says the couple was invited. he promises to review the details at a later date. now, that could happen on a live tv interview scheduled for monday night. you may recall this couple are candidates for an upcoming bravo reality series "the real house wives of d.c." >> thank now that. there is more to this story. michaele salahi claims she's a former redskins cheerleader. new on the news edge at 11:00, we did some digging to find out if that's really true. our other big story tonight super st tiger wood recovering after a serious crash outside his central florida home. his own wife helped to get him out of his suv by smashing out a window with a golf club. fox 5's lindsay murphy is here now with the latest details on what happened. >> reporter: there were some pretty intense moments in the early morning hours as tiger crashed his suv into a hydrant and a tree while pulling out of
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his driveway at 2:25 a.m. his we heard the crash. she smashed in the car window with a golf club to help pull him out. he was in and out of consciousness when pice arrived to treat him. he was tone to the hospital where he -- taken to the hospital where he was treat and released. police say alcohol was not involved but the accident remains under investigation. no word where he was going at that hour. here's more from an officer on the scene. >> he was in and out of conshusness with lass -- consciousness with lacerations to his upper and lower lip. it was not life threatening injuries according to them. >> reporter: tiger is scheduled to host the chevron world challenge this week in california. no word on whether he still plans to play. >> thank you, lindsay. let's talk about our windy weather a little bit. it made an otherwise loverly day. a -- lovely day. a bit of a challenge for shoppers. you can see the flag waving about. the streets looking clear. let's head down to gary mcgrady in the fox 5 weather center for the details. >> reporter: that flag is
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important because earlier in the day, it was really getting blown around out there. and i know it's still windy and it's breezy but this flag is nowhere near as -- well, it's not showing as much wind as earlier. we're going to go ahead and go on over to trueview and give you an idea of how these winds are still gusting. at least at national the winds are still gusting up to 28 miles an hour sustained at national with 19 miles per hour. gusts for baltimore at 31 miles per hour. and the sustained up there still at 21 miles per hour. now farther to the north and west, we still have some fairly significant wind gusts. hagerstown 29 miles an hour. frederick 22. but the wind speeds up there are coming down just a little bit as well. it's going to remain breezy overnight tonight and it looks like it's going to stay breezy through the day tomorrow as well. what happens when you take the temperature and you factor in the wind in it feels like it's 32 degrees in the city. 3 a 5 for dulles.
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-- 5 for -- 35 for dulles. 30 for baltimore. it feels like it's in the 30s and lower 40s all across the area. up to the north of us, they've been getting a little bit of snow flying through western sections of pennsylvania. it's trying to move in our direction but notice as it gets to the border, the mason-dixon line, it all kinds of -- kind of dries up and falls apart. that's what i expect it to continue to do. we'll become partly cloudy overnight. the winds will come down a little bit. it's going to remain breezy and chilly all night long. i should say breezy and cold all night long. a fantastic weekend is coming our way. details on that coming up. >> see you in a bit. it has taken a lot of work but crews have finally finished repairing a water main break in arlington. the big pipe burst on monday flooding the area near gliebe and zitmar -- ditmar roads. on monday a worker was electrocuted at the site. another remains in serious condition. d.c. police say they
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spotted a suspect breaking into a car and started chasing him on foot. but the man jumped into rock creek and floated away. police caught up with him still in the water near a boathouse. he was taken to the hospital with signs of hypothermia and a bump on the head. meanwhile d.c. police are also looking for a hit-and-run driver. we're told a man was hit by a car on nicholson street in northwest late last night. the unidentified man was critically injured. police don't have much to on. we're told all they know is that the car that hit him was red and it took off going south on 14th street. if you have any information about this, police would like to hear from you. a financial crisis half a world away has banks all over the globe a little jittery tonight. du bye is $60 billion in debt and may not pay it off. that sent shock waves through world markets. the worry is that the trouble might cause banks to tighten their lending practices again slowing down credit. but american banks have less money tied up in middle eastern investments in banks in europe
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and asia. did was not about investments at tysons corner. instead it was all about the deals. we saw the crowd at macy's at the doors opened bright and early this morning for those folks and a whole lot of other people. last night was about the meal. this morning all about the deal. the sales are all over the place but so are the chances of theft or problems in the parking lot. fox 5's jessica weinstein is live in rockville with what's in store for shoppers in montgomery county this season. >> reporter: good evening. these shots behind me just closing the last few minutes but parking lots a big problem place during the holidays. y have fights over parking spots between the drivers. the pedestrians aren't always watching where they're going. this year in montgomery county, you're going to see not only more mall security but more montgomery county police officers. >> have a good night. happy holidays. >> reporter: as shoppers grab their bags tonight in rockville, an early holiday gift from montgomery county police.
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>> how you doing? >> reporter: more officers at key county malls for a program they call shop with a cop. >> trying to increase pedestrian safety in the parking lots, make sure people that are looking for parkg spaces aren't running into pedestrians. and pedestrians are using these crosswalks. >> reporter: because this is where 22% of the county's pedestrian accidents happen good when i come with my daughter, normally i hold her hand. >> pedestrians have to be aware of where they're going and not put it in the hands of the drivers. >> it seems like a pretty safe place. i know there's some other places that could really use some more police right now. >> reporter: nothing says the holidays like a crowded mall parking lot. for many black friday shoppers, it's the barometer for businessness. >> we got lucky, you know, somebody getting out. but the parking lots are full. it's a lot to take in, you know. it's not your typical day at the mall. >> reporter: this time more area shoppers are expected to hit the sales than last year but most are hard-core bargain hunters who just can't help to brag a little. >> we got great deals.
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i got a leather jacket for $68 and one for $5. >> reporter: you bought a leather jacket for $5? >> uh-huh, yes. >> reporter: once she takes the leather coat out of the mall, police also want to make sure she also takes it home. >> it especials decrease robberies -- it helps decrease robberies. >> reporter: a couple of locations where this is happening through the holiday season, milestone shopping center in germantown, lake forest mall and the bethesda and silver spring business centers. it will be happening all through the holiday shopping season. we found outonight the money that's going to pay for this program comes from those speed cameras here in montgomery county, maureen. just one way we're paying for more police presence at the shopping malls this holiday season. >> good to see that happening. thank you. stay warm out there by the way. >> reporter: thank you. it's very windy. the trail is going cold in the search for a killer. someone murdered a well known d.c. restaurant owner in her home. there are still more questions than answers.
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tonight there are a few clues that police are concentrating on. also ahead, a doctor caught the swine flu virus. then caught it again. what does this mean as we head into the flu season? after a history making trip to the big apple. the ballou high school marching band is back in d.c. and we've got their story. >> thank you. keep it right here. fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started. stay with us. a
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a thanksgiving tragedy in jupiter, florida. a man is accused of opening fire during a family celebration killing four family
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members. the man's twin sisters, aunt and 6-year-old cousin was killed. one of the twins was pregnant. 17 relatives were in the house at the time. 6-year-old michaela was shot as she slept in bed. >> she's in heaven. we know where she is. that's all the reason i can stantdz here today is because -- stand here today is because god has blessed us with a beautiful girl and he just took her home a little earlier than we wanted. >> two other people were hurt in the shooting. no word on a motive. police are still looking for the suspect. to russia now where a railroad company in moscow says a deadly derailment there may have been the result of sabotage, even terrorism. the derailment has killed at least 25 people. dozens more are hurt. the train was carrying hundreds of people from moscow to st. petersburg. a d.c. restaurant owner strangled inside her apartment in northwest. nearly a month later police still have no suspects. the last time the victim was seen alive was while she was heading home on halloween
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night. fox 5's paul wagner explains why detectives are having such a tough time finding clues. >> reporter: it's been nearly a month since she was found strangled in her bedroom by her brother and younger sister. the two had gone to check on their sibling on 16th street after she had failed to show up for work. surveillance video shows the 38- year-old restaurateur entering the building alone after taking a taxi home. the video has yet to identify anyone suspicious entering or leaving the building in the hours after she was last seen. >> it's quite a large building here. from what we know, ost people, you very to check in at the front desk here. but there are side and back banses, at least two -- back entrances, at least two others that we know of but they do have cameras there also. >> reporter: there was no sign of a struggle inside of the apartment but police will not say if anything was missing. what they will say is the case is wide open. >> we're still looking for, as i said, more information, other
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people she was with that night, people she talked to that day and night. let us know what she was doing, what she was planning to do and what they know that she did do. >> reporter: she ran this italian restaurant on u street with her brother carlos. he says she was having problems with a married boyfriend and would never have opened her door for a stranger. >> maybe she was followed but why isn't there any footage? maybe someone was already there. >> reporter: after closing the restaurant halloween night, she put on a costume and went out to a number of places in northwest. invetigators believe she was last seen at the rumba cafe on 18th street northwest. she then took a cab to the woodner. >> where do we go from here? you know, i don't know. i don't know other than just walk around like senseless and numb people and that's what we're doing now, just going day to day. >> reporter: carlos says one of his biggest fears is the case will go cold. tonight d.c. police are asking
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for help. they want to hear from anyone who may have seen her out and about that night. they also want to hear from the cab driver who took her home. she left her cell phone in the cab and the driver returned it to her brother the next day but carlos didn't get the cabby's name. now police would like to hear from him. paul wagner, fox 5 news. also tonight, a thanksgiving day murder. three men shot inside a house on harvard street in northwest. one died at the hospital. the two other men are expected to recover. a legend of the district remembered by family and friends. today was the funeral for 8 a- year-old abe pollin. the wizards owner diedtuesday after a long fight with a rare brain disease. a giant crowd honored his lifelong work for the good of the city. stacy company hahn was at today's service. >> reporter: the people -- stacey cohan was at today's service. >> reporter: the people came from all corners of our community. sports moguls and politicians
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joined everyday works at the verizon center to honor abe pollin. >> he walked comfortably with presidents and prime ministers and with people that were homeless. that's what everyone admired about him. >> reporter: ai pollin earned his fortune building housing which afforded the son of a russian immigrant the chance to indulge his greatest passion, by buying the washington bullets basketball team and later the washington capitals. he told the hockey team to ted in 1999 who remembered pollin wanting more than just money. >> he wanted to know that his baby was in good hands and that we shared the same view on how the team was a public trust and that it's a platform to give back to the community. >> he was more excited than anybody. he was -- i'll never forget the pictures of him in the locker room in seattle and the whole thing. he just totally loved it. >> reporter: but some would say pollin's construction of the verizon center for which he used his own money and not city funding was an even greater accomplishment. the center led the city's
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revitalization efforts, but d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton says pollin was worried about those who were getting priced out of living in this new, thriving city. >> i worked with abe development in poorest neighborhoods where he's given a whole building, a neighborhood that is now going up. abe didn't know how to stop giving. the least we can do is come out and give him our respects. >> he wasn't about making headlines. he was about love. he was about passion. he really, really city. >> reporter: and he really loved his family. it was said during the service that pollin didn't work weekends so he could spend it with those he loved. at noon on tuesday pollin sent a bouquet of yellow roses to his wife of 64 years, irene. he died an hour later. the rabbi says the card was simply an offering of thanks from a man who was grateful for all he had and for his ability to share it with others.
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stacey cohan, fox 5 news. >> as you just heard, abe pollin did a lot for the city that had nothing to do with sports. one example for years pollin wrote a check for elks columbia lodge number 85. the money he donated there would help pay for thanksgiving feast every year for the homeless. he started doing it after the organizer wrote him a letter asking for hem. -- >> for help. >> [ indiscernible ] so i wrote him a letter and told him what i was doing. i asked if he would make me a donation. he sent me a check every year to buy food for 15 years until he got sick. >> we thank god for his time here, you know, even though a lot of us didn't know it, that he contributed a lot, but we actually think about things like that and say, well, people are that good at heart. >> organizer of that event says she gets most of her help from the district council and that the turkey and vegetables are donated every year. you can head to for more on abe pollin's impact on the d.c. area.
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it's all there on the home page. they represented their school before a crowd of millions. now the local high school marching band is back and talking about their experience at the macy's day parade. plus, a morning show dumped adam lambert over this controversial performance but wait until you hear who they're booking instead. fox 5 news at 10:00 rolls on after this. 
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the ballou high school marching band on center stage at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. they're the first d.c. band to march in the parade. >> they returned from new york tonight. west wirs talked to them about that amazing experience. >> reporter: they're back in
10:27 pm
the nation's capital. while their classmates were at home for the thanksgiving holiday, the band members were in manhattan performing at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> for the first time -- [ inaudible ] >> it means so much to me. >> reporter: it was a history making trip for the band as well as the city. they are the first high school marching band from d.c. to perform in the parade. the routine was a tribute to michael jackson. it took days of practice but they put the finishing touches on the performance at 3:30 in the morning the day of the parade. >> it was -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: were you nervous? >> no. >> the crowd -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: band director darryl watson says ballou was selected after submitting an application to the parade
10:28 pm
committee that included a documentary on the band. >> very emotional [ inaudible ] >> reporter: four days of fun in new york performing on national television and making d.c. history. it's a thanksgiving that members of the band won't soon forget. >> to be the band from southeast washington, d.c. to represent the city, i think it means a lot to a lot of individuals that live on this side but it means a lot to a lot of people in the city, period. >> reporter: reporting from ballou high school, wisdom martinfox 5 news. >> it's not the first time ballou has been on the national stage. theand also performed in january at the rose bowl parade. >> it's so nice to see the school getting some good press. >> great for those kids. >> i cheered for them the other morning. that's great. up next, a doctor was unlucky enough to get the swine flu not once but twice. plus, if you do catch the virus, there are plenty of ways to fight the symptoms using things that may already be in
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that was pretty easy. welcome back. the demand for the swine flu vaccine still high. manufacturers aren't taking a break. the med immune facility in philadelphia is up and running this holiday weekend. crews even working on thanksgiving day. the facility produces a nasal mist version of the vaccine and crews hope to have 50 million doses available by february. a west virginia pediatrician has a rare misfortune of contracting the h1n1 virus not once but twice. for months dr. debra parsons has been treating kids possibly sick with the swine flu. but she ended up contracting the virus herself first in august and then again in oober. at first the local health department thought it was an error in testing, but the cdc
10:33 pm
has confirmed parsons did in fact catch the virus twice. >> initially we were all kind of surprised because there's not -- that's not been heard of as much up till now. however, i did talk to the cdc and they said they are starting to see some cases. they've had cases in tucson an denver and some other bigger cities where people have tested positive twice. >> talk about some bad luck. there are also reports of a similar case in a 2-year-old girl in korea. doctors are concerned this could represent a mutated form of the virus that could be more severe or more contagious. not everyone has been able to get the swine flu vaccine, but if you think you've caught the virus, there may already be plenty in your home medicine cabinet to help treat your symptoms. >> reporter: preventing the flu has become a difficult walk from street life to home life. laura edmondson is trying to
10:34 pm
prevent her sons from catching it too. >> you lay there in pain. laid there for about three days. >> reporter: with the shortage of h1n1 vaccines and doctors' offices filling up, there may already be plenty in your home medicine cabinet to treat your symptoms. start your treatment with a question. >> the first thing is, what is making you feel poorly? do you have aches and pains? ibuprofen or tylenol works magically for that. >> reporter: if you have sudafed or cold medicine, that will help for your congestion and since the h1n1 flu produce as nasty cough, you'll want plain cough syrup and dig out the bag of drops too. >> have some lozenges by your bedside. it's soothing to your throat so you can have a restful night's sleep. >> reporter: use saline solution in your knows and use an old fashion netty pot. it looks uncomfortable to use
10:35 pm
but it works. >> if you're eliminating some of the viruses or bacteria from your respiratory system, then it might help accelerate the recovery process. >> reporter: while you're at home, the cdc recommends that you do not use alternative medicines as a replacement for proven medical care. but there are some fall foods that you can eat that will help you feel better and some of them might be in your own refrigerator such as tomato juice. >> because the acid in the juice itself seems to affect the virus in the stomach. if someone really wants to stay natural and they're not particularly sick, they might want to try taking some tomato juice. >> reporter: prevention is still the key and it begins with disinfection, especially if you have children. >> use a lot of clorox wipes, a lot of hand sanitizer and washing hands. >> reporter: for parents who already had it themselves, they know. >> i constantly wipe everything down. i'm so terrifed the kids are going to get it.
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it's pretty scary. >> reporter: but if you catch the flu, it's good to know you may already have parts of the remedy. we have more on the swine flu on just click on the health page. there you'll find answers to all of your questions. plus, a list of clinics and other ways to prevent infection. so you're tired of the turkey leftovers yet? for many of us today meant day two of food packed with fat and calories. but gold's gym wants to help you work them off. they're offering free access to their gyms through sunday. the best trick to enjoying all of your favorite holiday goodies without packing on the pounds, moderation and lots of exercise. >> more cardio, every day hopefully. and just keep up my weight lifting program. i also set a goal to not gain weight. even lose five pounds before new year's. >> you ate a lot yesterday. here's a look at what you need to do to burn it off. one cup of stuffing will take you about a half-hour on the
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treadmill. ten ounces of light meat, you can take care of that with a pilates oreo ga class and -- or yoga class and for each piece of pie, you'll have to hit the stair climber for 25 minutes. >> with that scale, i'll be working out continuously. the countdown to christmas is on. nowhere was that more obvious than in alexandria. take a look. >> three, two, one. >> the city christmas tree is all lit up. the big event happened after a countdown at 7:00 tonight. the tree now stands tall and beautiful in market square. now that it's officially the hliday season, the heated debate is back o. it's merry christmas versus happy holidays. how stores are walking e final line between tradition and being politically correct. a morning show dumped adam lambert after his controversial performance. now they're catching heat for another guest. find out who it is next. shopping for a chevy.
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new information about the man accused of opening fire on the holocaust museum in june killing a guard. the department of corrections says it has paid more than $65,000 in medical costs for 89- year-old james von braun. the white sup prepare sirs was shot -- supremacist was shot once behind the ear by a museum guard. the next hearing in his case is monday. film director roman polanski will remain behind bars until at least monday. earlier this week a swiss judge said polanski could be freed and put under house arrest. he must post a $4.5 million
10:43 pm
bail, surrender his papers and be fit with a monitoring bracelet. he fled to europe more than 30 years ago after pleading in los angeles for having sex with an underaged girl. new outrage over abc's decision to cancel adam lambert's appearance on "good morning america" following his controversial performance at the american music awards. the network said it pulled the plug because lambert was too unpredictable for live tv. but now they've booked chris brown for the show. that has many people upset. they say abc is sending mixed messages by allowing someone convicted of beating h girlfriend to come on the show. >> an incredible find at a maryland park. take a look. it may look like just a rock to you and i, but this is a 100 million-year-old discovery. find out why it's heading to the smithsonian. plus, a windy and chilly friday. will things get any better over the weekend? gary has your forecast coming
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up next.
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