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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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see you next week. we hope you stay with us because we have much more still ahead this morning. your weather, your traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news at 5:00 begins now. good morning. it is friday, may 21st. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. yesterday was nice, mr. perkins. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. pretty nice day. warm temperatures across the region. more of the same today. we'll see a pretty goodant of sunshine during the first half of the day as well. you can see there are some clouds out there this morning but we'll see partly sunny skies as we start the day and we get the sun coming up. out to the west, there is some precipitation out there align wade frontal system. we don't expect that to get in here until tomorrow sometime, afternoon, evening, something like that. that is not going to be a
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factor for us today. current temperatures around the region. well, we are primarily in the 50s in some places. we are seeing our temperatures in the 60s. 62degrees at reagan national. 54 at dulles and 58 degrees at bwi marshall. your forecast for today, early sunshine, then some afternoon clouds. temperatures will be warm today like yesterday into the low to mid-80s. not bad at all. i'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >> let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic early this morning. >> early morning look doesn't look too bad. we do have the lane open if you are torrentialing in each direction at the wilson bridge. southbound, baltimore- washington parkway at 450. we have a stalled car in the far right lane. top stretch of the beltway behaving nicely for those continuing around from college park through the colesville road area and continuing out towards 270. coming northbound on i-95, no incidents reported at this
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point. light traffic volume out of woodbridge continuing out towards lorton and working your way out towards the springfield interchange. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story, police looking into two bizarre incidents. it and at the same apartment in d.c. first ache woman found dead and all a man injured after falling out of a window. >> all of this unfolded at the cascade apartments complex on fourth street in southeast washington. police say the woman's body had apparently been there for several days but they're not sure how she died. paramedics responding to a call for help arrived to find a young man who fell or was pushed from an upstairs window. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police are not saying if that may have been connected to the body that was found and police have not said anything about a suspect in either one of these cases. an important new chew is helping investigators track two killers. fairfax county police released these two sketches of the men they believe shot a handy man
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at a mansion in centreville. he was shot on monday who two gunmen threatened to kill a woman who lived at the home. disturbing new details emerging in the murder of robert wone. three men or trial accused of covering up the killing a deputy medical examiner claimed that wone was stabbed in the chest three times but there was barely any blood on him or the bed where he was found. the autopsy revealed odd needle marks on his body. prosecutors have maintained that he was drugged but they don't have any evidence to prove it. president obama is enjoying a victory in the senate as the financial reform package moves forward in congress. the senate voted 59-39. four republicans joined with the democrats to pass it. two democrats opposed the sweeping overhaul of wall street. the bill still has to be recognized with the house version and decembers hope to have it on the president's desk for a signature by the fourth
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of july. stock markets tumbling for another day. the nikkei lost almost 2.5% overnight. taiwan's market fell 2.2% and in independent nearby yitzhak rabin the stocks are still trading this hour but are down almost 3% overnight. the global dive follows a record drop on wall street yesterday. the dow falling 376 points. investors are selling could to several reasons. stock mark nets europe also in a bit of a free fall this morning. job and special program cuts, new fees for student athletes and advanced placement tests. all part of the new school budge net fairfax count you. >> sherry ly is live with more on this. >> reporter: the school board meeting went well into the night last night and in the end, they did pass a $2.2
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billion budget making deep cuts and adding new fees despite the objections of parent and some board members. fairfax county school board's budget next year cuts jobs and adds several new fees. according to the "washington post," the budget will elimb # hundred pocks in the school system. one of the most contentious issue was the addition of new fees. the budget will add a $75 fee for students taking advanced placement tests. student athletes will have for pay to play. the athletic fee is expected to raise $1.8 million but some parents argue that is a hardship they can't afford. >> somewhere along the line, you probably would have parents that would be more selective on what sports their children would go out for and i think also too parents would have to make a decision on whether they would want their child to participate in every sport. >> i think it is horrible. i mean there are so many kids that it is going to take everything out, that they won't be able to play.
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>> reporter: the school system is waiving the fees for students who can least afford it. according to the post, those fees will not be charged to students who are on free or reduced meal plans. now, fairfax county is not the first school system in the area to add these types of fees. last year, loudoun county added similar fees to its athletic programs for ap tests as well as having students pay for parking. live in fairfax county, sherry ly, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, a fox 5 follow- up. did federal officials misheed us about the safety of d.c. drinking water six areas ago? the full report on what congress is saying now. up next, a copilot is taken into custody from a flight after allegedly threatening to crash the plane. you are watching fox 5 morning news. 
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jetblue says a pilot was removed for health reasons, not for threatening to crash his plane but there are reports that he allegedly sent an e- mail to his girlfriend threatening to crash the plane he was flying if she at any time get back together with him. fbi questioned the pilot who
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had a psychiatric evaluation at a boston hospital. british petrol with respect admits there is more oil leaking into the gulf of mexico than first reported. there is new video of the leaking pipe under the gulf of mexico which shows oil and gas gushing from the well. and this morning, there is growing anger and frustration over plans to try to stop the leak. sheets of oil are now showing up in louisiana wetlands and marshes. a star redskins player facing allegations which, if found true, could lead to a suspension from the nfl. the buffalo news reporting that wide receiver santana moss received treatments from canadian doctor anthony galea would deals in human growth hormone. the league doesn't test for h gh but it is a banned substance n our 7:00 hour, we'll talk with a sports agent for more on the fall outand how this may affect moss' future. plenty still ahead including a fox 5 follow-up.
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>> six years ago, the cdc said don't worry about the lead in d.c.'s drinking water. now, congress and some health groups say they misled you. coming up in just a few moments, the latest on today's weather forecast. not a bad forecast. another warm day in store. we'll also look ahead to the weekend. julie wright is here. she will tell us about the morning traffic concerns. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. right now, it is 5:11. t .ie
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welcome back. it is 5:14 right now on this friday morning. pretty nice start to the day after we had a great day yesterday. it was pretty nice. 59degrees right now. might see a bunch of bikes out on the roads today as well. it is bike to work day. thousands of area commuters expected to participate as they hit the two-wheeled commute. >> there will be a pit stop
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outside city hall. bikers can stop by nats park for prizes including a cycle life bike and all nationals tickets. >> just be a little extra aware when you are out and about. >> just be careful. >> we have ahad some bike to work days where it has been downare tos and just ugly. >> in fact, for the early- morning hours, temperatures are pretty decent primarily in the 50s across the region. a good start to the day t will be a decent day as well. let's start with the bus stop forecast for those of you getting up and out early and heading to school or work or wherever you may be going. temperatures primarily in the upper 50s. sunny skies ache mild start. sunrise this morning is at 5:51. that is your bus stop forecast. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. we are at 59-degree in washington. it is also 59 in annapolis. cool spots out to the south and west. manassas at 48. cull ander at 48.
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frederick, maryland, it is 59 degrees at this hour. we have mild temperature across the region. soot light radar picture, here we go. we have a few clouds out there. no fog advisory in effect. there is your cloud cover. we will see a good a sunshine i think for the early part of the day and then some more clouds streaming in. that precipitation out there remains out to the west or at least it remains to our west for the day today. that doesn't get in here until tomorrow. let me show you the surface map show you what we think is going to be going on during the course of the day and into tomorrow. warm temperatures again, suggested early breezes keeping us in the 80s again today topped out at 83. i think we'll add a couple degree to that today. there is your frontal system. saturday, that starts to push in. we see more clouds push in as saturday progresses and then a best chance of showers will be saturday night into sunday during the day. but a few spots particularly out to the west could start too see that sour activity during
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the afternoon tomorrow. today, early sunshine, some afternoon clouds, warm temperatures, about 84 degrees for your high. five-day forecast, tomorrow, more moderate temperatures in the mid-70s. more clouds build in. again, chance of some shower activity late on saturday and then into sunday as well, some shower activity. monday and tuesday, temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to about 80 degrees. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> not locking so bad right now. we do have lanes open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway. on the ramp from the inner loop to exit at river road, that is where we had the stalled car. we had some flashing lights up here as you work your way around the curve headed over towards 270. all of that activity off the road to the shoulder. outer loop looks great headed out toward the american legion bridge. overnight construction inbound 66 cleared. no problems reported as you guys travel eastbound from business 4 head in towards centreville. light traffic volume as you continue in towards fair oaks and 123. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. >> thank you. before you hit the beltway this weekend be be aware that we could see some heavy traffic near the inner loop of the beltway at telegraph road. ruse will narrow the highway to just one lane for emergency repairs to an overpass. that will start at 9:00 tonight and that work will last through 5:00 monday morning. chain bridge will be closed for final deck repairs. bridge will close tonight at nine t will . questions refer to a report from six years ago on the drinking water. a congressional investigation reveals the cdc knew it did not have enough information to be sure the water was safe. karen gray houston with more on what the report shows. >> reporter: it's serious issue and the d.c. water and sewer authority insists lead levels have been safe since emergency measures were instituted between 2004 and 2006. >> the question that they are debating is whether or not
5:19 am
elevated lead levels in water is translated to elevated lead levels in blood and there seems to be disagreement among professionals about what the answer to that is. >> reporter: the house science and technology subcommittee held a hearing on reforming the cdv's public health practices and released a report saying the agency relied on incomplete, misleading blood test results at the time and downplayed the potential health impact. >> the d.c. lead crisis i was awe historic violation of the public trust by government. >> d.c. councilman jim graham who has been asking for an independent water analysis for years agrees. >> if you can't rely on the centers for disease control for this type of information, you know, who can you rely on? >> when the first reports of high lead levels surfaced in 2001, wasa began a program of replacing public service line that contained lead. residents were urged to use water filters. stool sciewnts got blood tests
5:20 am
to check for high lead levels. a 2004 cdc report conclude the number of children with elevated lead levels was falling, not rising. the committee says the cdc knew then but did not mention that the number of kids with lead levels was going occupy and children found to be lead-free were drinking bottled water. >> we should have a clear mess athink from d.c. wasa i know there is a problem at cdc. but we are entitled to a clear message from our water agency. >> reporter: the cdc has not apologized or completely retracted its original report but in temperature today, a cdc physician says they have reanalyzed their 2004 research and they are working to make improvements in their record keeping system. so bottom line, what d.c. residents want to know is is the water safe to drink now and did children and pregnant women suffer brain damage and other health problems from lead poisoning because the cdc
5:21 am
didn't tell the truth? some health and parents groups are concerned. >> lead has permanent ill effects on the brain, the nervous system and other organs of the body. it affects people's intelligence, their ability to learn. >> reporter: we contacted d.c. health department officials and were referred to the department of the environment. a spokeswoman said they were not prepared to comment. in washington, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. we are working on a whole lot for you throughout the morning here on fox 5 morning news. here is is a look at some of what is coming up. at 6:00, big competition at the box office this weekend. kevin mccargty will be joining us live. beatles main i can't, kind of. the fab faux, a beatles tribute band will join us live.
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a virginia high school has been getting quite a bit of backlash this week after the contents of the its yearbook came to light. publishing students confessions seemed like a liberating idea but school administrators say they don't like it. >> bob barnard spoke to one of the editors about the efforts to share the hidden truths of
5:25 am
adolescence. >> i say mean things to people because i like to see their reaction. >> reporter: 17-year-old senior kate cummings reads a selection of the secrets published in the yearbook. >> i get so lonely that i set my phone to go off at intervals an pretend people are texting me. the bullying still ruins my life every day t says i used to be frayed of dying. now, i would do anything to see my brother again. the image of my dad putting a gun to his head right in front of me has scarred me rest of my life. >> reporter: they are the anonymous confessions. >> i like to feel hungry t make me light-headed and high. i've never been anyone's first choice. >> i had an abortion and my mom doesn't know. >> we didn't want to hurt anyone. we didn't want to offend anyone. we wantedded to make sure everyone was included. >> reporter: by everyone, kate
5:26 am
means teenagers on the fringe of society. >> we didn't want to ignore the darker side of high school, we wanted it to be the truth of what goes on. >> reporter: but massaponix high school principal has reportedly ordered all coppies of the yearbook already handed out be turned until a new version of truth be told will be printed without the student confessions. >> people aren't stupid. they know what goes on in high school. but to have it printed and have it out there, that is a very, very, very large step. >> reporter: kate says they left out the most explicit secrets, thought the ones they printed would offer students a kind of therapy. >> they can look at that and they can have pride knowing that someone took the time to care, someone wanted to know what their secret was. someone wanted to put it out there so they knew they were not alone. >> reporter: now, that will not be the case for the students of massaponix high. and kate says don't blame the yearbook's staff advisor that. teacher is getting a lot of of pete but kate says it was a group effort and not any one
5:27 am
person's fault for trying. in the newsroom being i'm bob barnard. another virginia school system is deeming with controversy of a different kind about thousand balance its budget. sherry? >> reporter: some things in fairfax county schools are no longer free. why some students will have to pay up next year. , ayseh get quality.
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welcome back. a beautiful shot of our nation's capital. i love it. he have time i'm driving out and about and i think what a beautiful city in which we live. >> yes it is. >> a green city. >> yes, it is. >> yesterday turned out to be just a beautiful day. >> it was warm. i went for a walk yesterday afternoon and we've been having these temperatures in the 60s so a little shock to the systemming to a little sweating out there. it was good. we'll have another day like that today. let's take a look at what is going on. we'll start with the current temperatures around the region. we are at 59 take here in the district. it is 52348 baltimore. 52 at dulles airport. hello, ocean city. >> hello. >> 51 degrees there. in winchester, it is 58. here is a look at the satellite- radar. it is a mix of clouds and some blue skies this morning. sunrise is at 5:51. we'll see a good amount of sun during the first half of the day certainly and some clouds
5:31 am
streaming through later on. we have that now as well. and your forecast for today looks like this. sunshine during the morning and later on, we will see some clouds pop through. temperatures in the 80s. 83 in baltimore, 84 in washington. 85 in fredericksburg for your high. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> sounds good. >> let's check with jewel you. a look at traffic early this morning. >> we started off way disabled vehicle along the southbound stretch of the baltimore- washington parkway at 450 capital plaza. that is tying up the right side of the road with very little delay. new york traffic looking good as you continue to work your way from northeast to northwest. lanes are open leaving gaithersburg south of mva headed out towards 370. no incidents to report on 66. all of the lane here are open continuing out towards fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5
5:32 am
on-time traffic. now to this morning's big story on the economy. the senate passed the financial overhaul last night. >> a last-minute boost for massachusetts senator scott brown and three other republicans helped democrats pass the financial reform bill by a vote of 59-39. it restructures wall street, adds new protections for consumers that is meant to avoid another financial collapse. stocks are taking another beating around the world. in tokyo, the nikkei down 246 points overnight. taiwan lost 2.2% of its market. and in indonesia, stock are down 3% right now. asian markets are following wall street's big drop yesterday as the dow fell nearly 400 points and the knack and s&p also had huge losses. self reasons contributessed to the slide including a disappointing jobless report and economic fears in europe. stock markets in europe also posted big drops yesterday and are opening down this morning. u.s. futures are up slightly. fairfax county schools now have their spending plan. the school board has approved a budge that cuts some jobs and
5:33 am
most summer school programs. there are also some new fees that students will have to pay. sherry ly is in fairfax breaking it all down for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these are tough times and the fair fact county school board has had to make some tough decisions to balance next year's budget. in the end, they had to make some deep cuts and they will begin charging students for some things that used to be free. the board meeting went well into the night before finally passing the $2. # bill wrong budget amount cording to the "washington post," 200 positions will be eliminated in some programs for students at risk. most controversial changes will add new fees for a variety of school activities. students who want to take advanced placement and ib tests will have to pay a $75 fee and students who take the psat will have to cover the cost. anyone who participates in school ports will have to pay $100 per student per sport.
5:34 am
some parents objected but some board members say there was no choice. >> i like to look at the big picture. we have not after tonight's budget, it will be two years that we don't give employees raises. and as much as i don't like fees, we need the community to help pay this. >> reporter: the school system is waiving the fees for those who can least afford it. according to the post, students who are on free or reduced meal plans will not have to pay. now, in total, the fees are expected to raise about $4 million they will need it. the school system is expecting enrollment town crease next year by nearly 2,000 students. sherrily, fox 5 news. >> thank you. police meantime are investigating after two bizarre incidents at a southeast d.c. apartment t happened at the cascade apartment complex on fourth street in southeast. police say they found a dead woman inside. she had apparently been there for several days but it is not
5:35 am
clear how she died. paramedics who were called to the scene came across a man who had fallen or was pushed from an upstairs window. he was critically injured. neighbors there are shocked. >> i think it is horrible. i think it's horrible, you know. i think it's horrible. >> it's crazy. it is not safe and you know i'm scared for my grandmother. you know, she's 79 years old. >> it is not clear whether the two cases are connected. police believe the woman may have been killed but they haven't said anything about a suspect. a disturbing covery in prince william county. a body was found at a recycling facility. investigators say human remains were found in a bin at a recycling planted near i-66 on wednesday night. that bin was apparently picked up in newport news. the vic tip has not been identified. no word on the cause of death either but police believe the victim may have ties to newport news. a star redskins player facing allegations of using illegal drugs this morning. buff know news reporting that
5:36 am
santana months received treatments from dr. an thombally galea who dealed in human growth hormone. the league does not test for that substance but it is banned by the nfl. here is what head coach mike shanahan had to say. >> initial reaction, the same. i have abeen in the league for 5 years. there is no substance to it. i will have to wait and see f do you do something wrong, you pay the price. i think we understand the rules of the nfl and if someone doesn't abide by the rules, they pay the price. >> moss was likely be suspended by the nfl if he he is found to have taken human growth hormone or any other banned substance. in our 7:00 hour, we'll talk with a sports agent for more on this fallout. straight ahead, rock star bret michaels is back in the hospital. doctors say it is likely not connected to the brain hemorrhage he suffered last month. we'll get an update on his condition. we continue our super foods week as we have tasty recipes
5:37 am
that are going to keep you healthy as well. and today, we are talking fish. so stay with us. t .ie
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the latest video of the underwater leak shows a plume gushing out of the the broken pipe. bp admits there are more oil leaking into the gulf than originally reported. heavy oil is showing up in the
5:40 am
louisiana marshes. it is calling for maryland senators to call for a halt of drilling. bret michaels suffered what doctors call a warning stroke and has been diagnose wade hole in the heart. the condition is operable and treatable and likely unrelated to brain hemorrhage the 47-year- old suffered last movement. lindsay lohan posted $100,000 bond so she won't be arrested. a judge had issued the warranty initially yesterday after she missed a mandatory hearing stemming from two arrests back in 2007. the actress claims her passport was stolen while she was in france this week and that is why she couldn't make it back in time. a celebrity photographer posted pictures of herrion line partying in the french riviera early yesterday morning. the head of the national intelligence is stepping down. dennis blair said he is resigning effective today. his decision comes after a series of intelligence failures including the fort hood shooting and the failed christmas day and times square bomb plots. he has been at the helm of
5:41 am
national intelligence for a little more than a year. time now is 5:41. all this week, fox 5 is helping you eat more healthy with five super foods that should be in your tight. today, we are focusing on fish. >> our celebrity chef will show us another tasty and easy to prepare dish that can even you healthy. we'll check your morning commute and your forecast. stay with us.
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a nice way to get your friday going. up and at 'em already. the weekend is just about here. the rain is out of here and hopefully a nice day on tap for today. >> off to a pretty good start so far. >> very nice. like the music too. here is what is going on. we will see a good amount of sunshine today. it will be another warm day. yesterday and today, the warmest days of the week this week and evens we head into the weekend. it won't be as warm over the course of weekend. it will still be nice. mid-70s where we should be. let's start by showing you the pollen count. and it is still a mixed bag. tree pollen is in the moderate range. so not as high as it was
5:45 am
relatively recently. in the moderate range and grasses and mold relatively low. now, that may change over the weekend but that is where it stands right now. all right. current temperatures around the region look lake this. in the district, we're at 59 degrees right now. 55 up in gaithersburg. 55 in fredericksburg. winchester is at 58 degrees. cambridge, maryland is at 55 degrees. so pretty consistent temperatures across the area. we do have some 40s out there. here is a look at the satellite- radar. now, this morning, i think it will be a mixed bag. there is a little bit of fog out there. no advisories or anything but a couple of spots where you might see a little bit of fog. we have hazy conditions and we have some clouds as well. i do think once the sun -- well, the sun is beginning to come up. sunrise is in six minutes. so it will be kind of a mix. a little bit of haze. some blue skies but some clouds as you can see here. this precipitation that you are looking at, is that going to impact us? yes, it will but not until tomorrow, i believe. here is a look at the futurecast model. that shows you where the clouds
5:46 am
in over us right now. and again, during the day today, we'll get a good amount of sunshine. more clouds building in in the later part of the day. partly cloudy skies tonight. then watch as we take it through saturday. rain gets close to us and begins to move in in the afternoon. how much rain we'll see, we don't really know. but some of you could start to see some showers in the afternoon. i think for the bulk. area, you see 6:00 tomorrow. that is when it is starting to move through. out to the west, you are already under it. winchester, cumberland, places like that. then washington, d.c. gets here late afternoon and during the evening. that is what we think. it will be shower activity into the day sunday as well. a lot of clouds around. still some showers hanging around even through sunday afternoon and sunday evening. monday during date, this is iffy, we'll have to wait and see how that develops. a lot of that probably not hitting the ground around here. early sun, afternoon clouds, warm temperatures, high about 84 degrees. that is above normal. then for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, again, more clouds. if you are going to be out and
5:47 am
about, take the umbrella with you as we are likely or possibly see some shower activity during the afternoon. a better chance at night during the evening and at night and than a good chance on sunday as well. monday and tuesday right now, we think will be dry. 77 to 80 degrees for your highs. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, here is julie wright with an update on traffic. >> i heard music earlier. is this music intense friday or something. >> i don't know. i like having music on the show. maybe. >> it beats tucker singing any day. >> yes, it does. me too actually. >> although the dogs in the neighbor tend to howl with him. all right. on the roads, we started off with the bw parkway at 450 capital plaza actual that is where we had the stalled car that was tying up the right side of the road. that should be out of the way. accident activity there with the medevac helicopter enroute. at the american legion bridge, we showed new camera at this time yesterday.
5:48 am
we could hardly see the bridge itself much less into virginia because of all the fog. what a difference a day makes. nice easy ride now. no incidents to report on the you wanted out iror inner loop. southbound 270, nice and clear for those out of hyattstown. -- no incidents to report on the outer or inner loop. we'll continue now if you are traveling northbound i-95 out of woodbridge, volume increasing here as you traveling north of the bwp. no incidents to leave conning out towards fort bell voi. that's a check of your -- towards fort belvoir. if you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you are probably already getting some pretty good nutrition. >> we have been showing how to make the most of super foods in the kitchen. here is melanie alnwick with a super food feast involving
5:49 am
fish. >> to get the most bang out of your healthy food buck, experts say load up on super foods. we are putting the spotlight on fish, high in omega threes which is good for the heart. mike isabella shows us a cooking style you might be a little apprehensive about trying until now. most experts agree, fish really is brain food full of heart and brain healthy omega 3s. >> americans ten to folkous the salmons and the cods. there is a broad range fishes here that offer many types. tastes and it is a good source of protein, a good source of these oils. >> reporter: that is one of the reasons chef mike isabella features fatty fish on the menu. we hit him in his can i have ton see one of his favorite cooking styles. >> we'll do an olive oil poached pacific halibut. it's it can sneak we use at the restaurant for certain fatty fishes, different types of things like that. we do it here. we have it on the menu with
5:50 am
salmon. we also do it with arctic char but today we'll do it with pacific halibut. >> reporter: you aren't frying the fish but warming it with aa lighter texture. isabella says poaching in a light oil keeps the fish moist. >> when you poach, you bring your liquid up to about 185 degrees. >> reporter: it is pretty easy. start by flavoring the oil with things you like. he is using garlic, rosemary and thyme. the cooking doesn't take long, just about eight or nine minutes. >> you have your beautiful halibut. >> reporter: when it comes to which type of fish to eat, tom sherman from georgetown university says go smaller. >> if your i'm is to ghetto manuel noriega 3 fatty acids i recommend going to much smaller fish but again, people don't necessarily like those as much, the sardines, an thoafies. >> reporter: he says larger fish consume more contaminants. smaller fish are more pure. >> i think smaller fishes tend to be safer to eat in general.
5:51 am
you can have small salmons. upping you probably should avoid the swordfishs, avoid the tunas partly for sustainable reasons and because they are big fishes that tend to concentrate the toxins. >> and dr. sherman says if you don't like fish, a fish oil tablet can give you a lot of the same benefits. >> that recipe is posted online at here is a look at the shopping list you need for the meal today as we wrap up our series on super foods. the focus this morning is berries. you can head to our web site if you would like to print out the list of ingredients as well as the recipes. so there was a triple play, an inside the park home run. all of this a couple of nights ago. what did the nats and mets do for an encore last night? up next, the nats go to a two- game sweep over the mets. >> and torn between playing for her country or playing for the
5:52 am
washington freedom, this goal keeper's decision might surprise a few people. dave ross in our sports breakfast coming up after the break. 
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welcome to your sports breakfast. 4 hours ago, a wild night at the old ballpark. the nat had a triple play go against them, an inside the park home run go against them
5:55 am
but they still managed to meet the metropolitans. trouble in the first inning. and the nats rookie, bases juiced to david right from virginia beach. this one hit toward virginia beach. slicing to the gap in right and let the morey grow round begin. one run will store. two runs will score. all three runners will come around to score. all three would take a 3-0 lead it would get worse for the nats from there. you can make it 10-1. the mets salvage a split of the two-game set by winning in d.c. 10-7. birds in texas last night taking on the rangers. they had problems of their on in the very first inning. this is nelson cruz and that ball is getting out of here. >> a three-run shot. and more big bats for the rangers. remember this guy, brad gar arrow. he used to be in anaheim and he is now in texas.
5:56 am
a two-run shot there and the rangers pound the bird in arlington. >> game three between the flyers and canadiens p remember this guy, michael camilleri. remember this, a gorgeous break away goal. decisions, kisss. sometime they are quite simple, other sometimes not so much. yesterday, it was time to end a difficult age for a local goalie who has ties to two local teams, one not so local playing now. here is the deal. washington freedom goal tender erin mccloud is of canadian descent and team canada's starting goal keeper. this sunday at george mason university the freedom will take on canada in a friendly match. tough call. but yesterday, at the canadian embassy no less, she decided to choose the freedom in part
5:57 am
because she will not be traveling with team canada to norway next month for a pre- world cup friendly and also because she would like to see her canadian teammate and gold tender get some time. >> it is a good situation. she is one of my role models and she gets to play and so do i. so that doesn't happen all the time. >> that is all for this edition of sports breakfast. while i am done for the weekend, i will see you on the other side. until then, make it a great one everybody. see you next week. straight ahead at 6:00, big competition at the box office this weekend. kevin mccarthy will be here live. >> we'll check your morning forecast coming up.
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