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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  May 8, 2011 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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terps. when he did this week, the race began to find his replacement. seemed shawn miller would be that guy. that is not the case. arizona's ad announced miller has agreed to a contract extension. he is coming off his second season there, when they won the pac 10 regular season title and made an elite 8 appearance. his family is from this area, so it's surprising he didn't take the bait. maryland's search now continues. notre dame's head coach reportedly turned down an interview. also, according to espn butler's brad stevens turned down the terps. gary williams explains why this is a great job to get. >> i wouldn't have been here if i didn't think this was a great job, because i did have some opportunities to go other places. people pay a lot of money to come to washington, d.c. to look at things.
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we must be living in a good area. the acc has taken knocks the last couple of years. that's where we live. i can't get a better competitor job than the university of maryland. >> well said. the national entered today looking for a sweep of the marlins. they struck out a whopping 25 times. sanchez undefeated in 14 career starts against the nats. mlb nationals fighting breast cancer on this mother's day. some of the players wearing pink shoes, wrist bands and using pink bats. unfortunately, the marlins swung those pink bats a little better. bottom of the 5th, sanchez with
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two on, two out, and takes hernandez into the stands and that's a three run homer, giving the fish a 6-0 lead. top 7, same score. sanchez has a no hitter going. but meet lance nix. he ruins it all. collects the nats' first hit of the day. they finish with four. the marlins win 8-0. >> when we've seen him, he's had too many starts like that against us where we haven't done much and obviously we got to do a better job, because you know, he's in the division. it's like facing any of those touch pitchers. you'll face them over and over. >> the orioles hosting the rays, bottom of the 4th. birds trail 3-0. takes one to the opposite field. on the move, but can't make the catch. this ball goes to the wall.
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adam jones scores. orioles cut the deficit 3-2. top of the 5th. upton, two on, two out, swinging for a base hit. up ton has four rbis on the day. rays win 5-3 to complete a three game sweep. we need to take a tv timeout. when we come back, the two time defending champion lakers find themselves in dire straits. high and low lights coming up next. ou
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mavericks. phil jackson finds $35,000 before today's game for complaining about the refs. after a close first quarter, mavericks blow it open. terry from the corner hits the 3. his 9 3s tie a playoff record. artest can't decide, dunk, land, dunk, land. how about neither? gets called for a foul. fourth quarter, behind number two, kidd. can't do that. 122-86mavericks. phil jackson addressed his coaching future. >> all my hopes and aspirations are, this is the final game
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that i'll coach. this has been a wonderful run. i go out with a sour note after being fined $35,000 this morning by the league, so that's not fun, and having a feeling like i've been chased down the freeway by them. as richard nixon says, you won't be able to kick this guy around anymore. the pga tour in charlotte. glover in the club house with a one shot lead. jonathan byrd can force a playoff, if he can sink this birdie putt. no pressure. can't contain his excitement in those pink pants. first playoff hole, right to rest left breaking putt. not going to fall. he birdies the whole, giving gloverrer two putts to win.
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misses the first, sinks the second for the victory. madrid open in tennis. nadal supplied the shot of the match in the second. between the legs winner. in the end, it was djokovic who prevailed to win his 6th title of the season. time for another quick break. coming up, skins drafts and working with dave snyder. stick around. ohre.cva
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welcome back. for nearly a decade, the name vinny sorato was synonomous with the redskins. he still keeps up with his former employer. >> they could have had a
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quarterback in -- >> they liked john beck, so trading beck to get more picks, because they had given away picks to get mcnabb. what it does, it just increases the odds on the number of guys that can make the team. now with 12 picks instead of six, if six guys make the team, seven guys make the team, that's a good draft. only six picks, if only three make the team or two make the team, it's not as -- you don't fill as many holes. 31st ranked defense, you have a lot of holes to fill. offensively, mike is a phenomenal coach. i've worked with mike three years. i've seen him do his stuff. the offense will be fine. it's just getting the defense up to par is going to be the key thing. >> let me ask about working with dan snyder. what was it like to work with dan? i know you are friend, but what was it like to work with him? >> it was good. you know, the thing was, dan wanted to win.
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he was willing to pay whatever for any player. the time, when joe gibbs was there, i never heard dan say no to anything. whatever joe wanted, yes. because it helps you win, go get it, joe, let's win. dan wanted to win because he grew up a redskins fan. he wanted to do what was best for fans. because what he wanted to do was bring a super bowl trophy to the fans, because that was like his goal to say, here fans, i've done it for you. >> that was early this morning. that is all the time we have for tonight's show. thank you for letting us be a part of your mother's day weekend. dave feldman is back tomorrow. good night. captions by: caption colorado, llc. (800)775-7838. email:


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