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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 1, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. police reaching out to people in takoma park after a series of daytime break ins over the last month. plus, president obama at the human rights campaign national dinner. his message and the policy change that got the loudest applause from the crowd. and the cold weather wakeup call. summer is over, but is winter making an early arrival? good evening. first up tonight at 10:00, a crime alert in takoma park, maryland. police sounding the alarm on a disturbing spike in brazen home burglaries. there were 14 last month. most of them happening in broad daylight when people were at work or school. audrey barnes has the details. audrey, police attacking this crime from two angles. >> that's right. police are stepping up patrols in takoma park and stepping up their efforts to keep residents how to protect themselves. they'll even come out to your home armed with this checklist to see how safe your property
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is. >> nicole who asked us not to use her last name knows exactly how thieves broke into her home. >> my daughter was cooking and something burned. the house filled up with smoke, so she opened up the windows and left it cracked a little bit. >> a thief got in through that open window, took the family's laptop and fled. similar crimes have been happening all over takoma park. 14 break ins last month. most of the thieves got in through open windows or broke in to get in. two burglars went in through the front door. >> kicking in of the doors during the day. the going in, seem to be targeting electronics and things they can sell. >> a good boy. >> councilwoman thinks the family pet makes her home less attractive to thieves. she's also urging her neighbors to look around their homes to see where they are vulnerable. >> even if they kick through the door, it's going to get met with a chain, so they won't be
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able to breakthrough at the door. >> takoma park police will come out to your house and do a security check for free. they focus on those areas that thieves target. >> we start the inspection from the perimeter. we look again at the security lighting. we look at the windows. we look at the types of lock you have on your doors. the type of door. we make recommendations. >> recommendations like getting to know who belongs in community and who doesn't. >> look out for their property, those are key things that reduce the crime of burglary. >> nicole has taken security at her home seriously. >> i set my alarm every time i go out. if my kids are home, they put it on, too. >> a handful of break ins are related. since most happen between 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., they'll have plain clothed officers out during those hours looking for suspicious activetism maurine. >> thank you for that. weather putting a stop to
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inspection work at the washington memorial today. weather created a scary moment for one of the repellers last night. eric was blown about 30 feet off the monument by a gust of wind. he wasn't hurt, but he was left hanging from a rope above 50 feet from the ground. park service says they are prepared for incidents like this. inspection resumes tomorrow. today's cold weather caught a lot of people by surprise. so will the rest of the weekend be this chilly? your forecast is next. >> we did get a bite of fall today. no question about it. you know what, we have a couple more chilly days ahead. let's begin now with a look at radar. we had wet weather throughout the course of the day as well. a lot of this hasn't hit some of you, but some of you have gotten it all day long, unfortunately. a lot of this hasn't moved all that much. if you take a look through gaithersburg, that heavy pocket of rain fall lingering through
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there. so they are not getting much of a break at all. the rain continues to push its way through. some of it light, some heavy, and some moderate. let's go to our weather maps. a lot of clouds as well across the area. and those are continuing into our far west, if you take a look, you'll see pink and white on there. yes. a little bit of winter precipitation over areas of far west virginia. temperatures right now, 49 degrees at national. 47 at dulles. chilly 49 degrees at dwi. tonight, mostly cloudy. the winds will pick up from the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. you might want to bundle up in the morning. not much warmer weather as well. your five-day forecast does have some changes. back to you. >> thank you gwen. >> one day after a u.s. air strike killed american born al- qaeda leader. anwar al-awlaki, the state department warns of an increased risk against
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americans. the state department issued a similar alert after osama bin laden was killed in pakistan. joining me now with more on the possible preprecushions of al- awlaki's death is dr. hamid from the potomac institute. should we be concerned about large scale attacks or smaller ones that could be carried out easier? >> likely smaller ones, but we should look to the problem. the short-term effect which could be increasing the attack. however, the long-term effect is generally would be decreasing. because the more leaders is perceived as weak. >> first bin laden, now al- awlaki. two al-qaeda leaders gone. where does this leave the terrorist organization? >> actually, this will weaken them, but never end them because these people like bin laden are the product of the ideology. they are not the ones who
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created the ideology. the probe that created, there are thousands like them. they have some leadership abilities. it would be weakening. however, the long-term effect can only happen when the ideology is defeated and weakened. >> there has been some controversy surrounding the targeted attacks of these leaders. do you agree or disagree with the legality? >> the options were not to have a trial or not to have a trial. because he has not been captured. the options were either to kill, threaten to kill americans and innocent people or to allow innocence to be killed by him. this was the only two options and i believe this is one of the best things that ever happened. >> with al-qaeda seemingly in disarray, who or what should we be focusing on now? >> i think you should focus on the immediate revenge
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possibility. having an alert, as you just mentioned. it's important to americans can care for and leave or to that effect. also the second step should be trying to use -- that happened within this organization in order to inforks ltrate. this could be used in a beneficial way for us. >> al-qaeda, how dangerous is this organization compared to with al-qaeda? >> they are pretty dangerous, but the leading system is very powerful when it comes to it. the problem comes when they have wealthy people coming to support them. this can make the danger becoming global again. so i am talking about three creating another bin laden. >> all right, thank you so much for your insight tonight. >> my pleasure.
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thousands turned out for a star studded dinner tonight with the likes of cindy lopper. tyler ferguson. all of them helping celebrate weakened advances in gay rights. and as fox 5 tells us, it may have been good news for the president facing a tough reelection battle. >> please welcome the president of the united states, barack obama. >> president barack obama on very friendly turf. 3,000 attending the 15th annual human rights campaign dinner and for a president whose numbers are tanking, this had to be music to his ears. >> as a community, we accomplished more in the last two years than we have in the previous 40. president barack obama has stood with us. ladies and gentlemen, this is our moment to stand with him. >> in a video presentation that gay rights organization layed out some of the progress it marked under this
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administration. a hate crimes bill, hospital visitation rights for same sex couples. by far, it was the repeal of the military's don't ask, don't tell policy that got the loudest applause. it was a campaign promise mr. obama made to the gay community in 2008. >> it took two years to get the repeal through congress. we had to hold a coalition together. we had to keep up the pressure. we took some slack along the way, but with the help of hrc, we got it done and don't ask, don't tell is history. >> the president acknowledged there is more work to be done. >> i vow to keep up the fight against the so-called defense of marriage act and it's time for it to end once and for all. join don't ask, don't tell in the history books. >> and he asked the group to stand with him, not just in the arena of gay rights, but with his economic agenda, too. >> i'm confident we can continue to write another
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chapter together. thank you very much, everybody. >> at the d.c. convention center, fox 5 news. >> maryland cracking down on people who text and drive. we're going to break down the new laws and how they will effect you. united nations considering a treaty that would regulate international arm sales. what this means for the u.s. those stories and much more coming your way this saturday night. stay with us.  [ speaking french ]
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the rules of the road changed in maryland today. police now have the authority to pull you over if they see you texting from your mobile device. they can hit you with a $70 ticket. if you do it more than once, the fine goes up to $110. here now to explain what this law means to you is john
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townsend. >> what does this mean when you are caught texting and driving in maryland? >> it means you will be fined and penalized. and if you are convicted of it, you can get a point on your driver's license. now if you cause an accident, the fine will be $110 and 3 points on your driver's license. so we are now putting serious teeth behind the crime. what you have to have is good laws and you have to have tough penalties and tough enforcement in order to change behavior. think about this, maurine. at any given moment in the united states, there are 134 million drivers out there on the highway. every minute of the day. and 5% of them are distracted by cell phone, a hand held cell phone. and we know that the thing that drivers fear the most on the highway today are distracted
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drivers. 40% of drivers in maryland say they fear a distracted driver more than they do a drunk driver. >> it brings it to my next question. when maryland went to the hand held device. you have to have an ear piece to drive, people thought the text ban should have followed suit. are you surprised it took so long? >> it did. they created a loophole in the law. i think lawmakers thought this was a young person's problem. but they sense that older drivers were beginning to text message. what they did, they carved this loophole for themselves. and that is the most pernicious form of distracted driving. whether you are sending a text message or receiving a text message. if you take your eyes off the highway for two seconds, you could be involved in a crash. and that is the statistic that they have ignored. >> right now to clarify, this
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is now a secondary offense, it could be a primary offense. police don't have to see you unbuckled. if they see you, they can stop and ticket you. >> it's a primary offense. sadly if you use a hand held cell phone, that's a secondary offense. so we have to change the law, too. so the jurisdiction has to cut this law. the district of columbia, and it is a good example because this fiscal year alone, they wrote over 11,000 tickets for distracted drivers in the district of columbia. >> it's good to see that maryland is finally getting on board with the ban on texting and driving. i know every little bit helps. john townsend, thanks for stopping by. thank you and we'll see you next time. >> appreciate it. a chicago woman says her suv's air bags suddenly deployed, injuring her passenger while she was
10:17 pm
driving. the woman says she was sitting on the passenger side of her ucon. hurt her arm when the air bag deployed. gm will not cover the damages because the woman was not in an accident. the auto maker says it will investigate the incident. a united nations proposal is causing some controversy for gun owners. the un is considering a treaty that will regulate international gun sales. the u.s. would have to track its guns very closely. douglas kennedy explains. >> henry dane doesn't like any law that restricts his constitutional right to bear arms. but the president of the gun club in massachusetts is even more seement veament. >> this is your worse nightmare? >> it means turning over our policy with regard to the firearms over to the united nations. >> the united nations is
10:18 pm
considering a treaty that would regulate international firearm sales. requiring member nations like the united states to track their guns starting when the guns are made. >> some fear the treaty will lead to an international gun registration program. that is not okay with many hunters here in the united states. >> it's an end run around the second amendment. with this treaty, it shifts it completely. it becomes -- if the u.n. decides how and when a gun can be transferred, sold, ammunition bought, based on standards that have nothing to do with american law. >> it is about regulating the export and impart of arms. >> danielle of the u.n. says the critics are way off target. >> it's about the trade. with this treaty that is supposed to regulate the way that these cross national
10:19 pm
borders. >> what is wrong with that? >> what is wrong with that is that the u.n. is dominated by countries who are unsympathetic to the united states and to the freedoms that we enjoy. >> specifically the freedom to defend ourselves. douglas kennedy, fox news. >> a normal day at work takes a dramatic turn for one children's store employee while she is being called a local hero. that's why she is now being called a local hero. and a montgomery county man is thanking the people who work together to save his life. it's a story you'll only see here on fox 5. .
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>> she's been a clerk at the children's place, but thursday was jane's ultimate day of service. >> she was shaking the baby and saying, my baby not breathing. my baby not breathing. >> a customer was frantic. her baby girl, lifeless in her arms, choking as the mother searched desperately for help. >> she just layed the baby right there and then started crying. that's when i grabbed the baby and then i opened the mouth and i started blowing some air, but it won't go through. >> jane got down on the floor, then worked to clear the baby's airway and performed cpr. she has never been trained to do the occasion, but watched her sister, a physician in the philippines deliver babies. >> maybe that's where i get the idea to clean the baby's nose, the baby's throat in order to breathe and pop it in
10:24 pm
the back. on impulse, this baby needs to breathe because the baby was very blue. >> by this time, coworkers had dialed 911 and mall security showed up to assist. jane was in a zone. >> she looked like she does this every day. she was there focused and the mom was hysterical. she was against the wall crying and holding herself. >> i did not stop until i heard a baby cry. very, very faint cry. and then oh yes, the baby is breathing. >> when paramedics arrived, they told jane she did an excellent job. a life saving gesture by someone who is battling for her own life. jane is a breast cancer patient who has undergone three surgeries, including a double mastectomy. >> i felt like yesterday was my chance to say thank you for all those people who had helped
10:25 pm
me before. >> that was deon reporting. the district's main library will be open on sundays despite months of concerns the city wouldn't be able to afford the cost. we're talking to the chief librarian about why this is important to you. and a local man is making a special point to thank the string of people who saved his life. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. welcome back. i'm maurine. a montgomery man is alive because of a series of circumstances and individuals that helped him survive a serious heart attack earlier this month. today that man thanked his rescuers. fox 5's john hanrahan brought you this incredible story and now has this update. >> on september 13, bruce
10:29 pm
scott, a radio producer went to the home depot store in germantown. scott has no history of heart problems, but as he walked through the store's gardening center, he suffered a massive heart attack. he dialed 911, but couldn't speak to the emergency operator. >> hello, i need the location of the emergency. can you talk to me? >> on a hunch this wasn't an accidental dialing, wendy jones requested ambulance. >> the next thing you know i'm making a phone call. prior to all that, i prayed inbetween and 40 seconds later after my prayer, the retired emt showed up. >> he spent 21 years as a
10:30 pm
firefighter and emt before retiring from montgomery county. she still lives here and she shops at home depot. >> everybody sort of stepped back. i said i'm a retired emt and checked his pulse and breathing. didn't appear to be breathing, so i started compressions. >> two ambulance crews arrived, discovering bruce scott in grave condition. they had to use the defiblator six times. >> when we got him down to shady grove, he had a pulse, blood pressure, and he was starting to breathe on his own. >> bruce scott survived and got to thank the emt's, the retired emt, and the store employee who got an award from home depot. in germantown, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. >> family and friends remembered a college football player who died after collapsing on the practice field last month. derek suffered a head injury on the field. his memorial was held at the
10:31 pm
church. he was from germantown and graduated from northwest high school. local law enforcement on the lookout for anyone with a little extra cash to give. they spent the day on the rooftops of chick-fil-a restaurants. the event raised money for maryland special olympics. officers and deputies collected donations by lowering buckets from the roof. it's the newest in a long list of efforts to raise funds for special olympics. >> we do torch runs. we do fundraisers. we do the polar bear plunges and sandy point state park. we just enjoy doing it. >> the deputies wrapped up their efforts for the night. the sergeant organized the event and he knows the restaurants are busy and figured the response from patrons would be good. going to the library is a good way to spend a rainy weekend. major vincent gray announced the city has enough money to
10:32 pm
keep its main library open on sundays. chief librarian joins us now with what this means to the community. thanks for joining us. >> i'm a very happy librarian. i'm happy to be here. >> indeed. first, the closer would have left the district with no open libraries on sundays. and for many, that would have hurt them, would it not have? >> that's right. the martin luther king, jr., memorial has been open on sundays since 1972. none of us wanted to see this happen. >> right, and you know the great administration says it found $316,000 to help keep the library open, but this is only through fiscal year 2012. the question is, what happens after that? can we find ourselves in the same position again? >> i suppose that's possible. the mayor is a strong supporter of libraries and he and city console want to make sure the library was able to stay open and i'm glad they were able to find this funding. >> the funding closure was to stave off layoffs.
10:33 pm
did that happen? or are layoffs possible? >> we have lost a number of individuals over the last several years and some of them for functions we no longer perform. there aren't jobs. this really, we have been able it manage by not filling vacancies and will now be able to do that, so we have the staff that can stretch their schedules to be there on sunday. >> this $316,000, is it just to keep open on sundays? >> we will be able to hire some new people. we'll have to, in fact, to cover those hours. we lost something like 7 1/2 with the reduction of sunday. we'll fill those positions. >> does this say anything about the bigger picture that this library was even in the brink of being closed on sundays? does it say anything about the state of libraries in general? >> let me tell you. first, we know the whole of the district are having financial problems. and we know that we are
10:34 pm
supported as well as we can be. i want to say that people in the district are absolutely loving their library. many, many more items checked out, whether you are down loading it on a kindle or you are coming into the library to use a computer or bring your kids. we see more people every day than we have in the past. i think we'll be able to provide the services people want and need. >> with sundays on the books, i'm sure that will happen. usher in this new sunday era, so that's 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, right? >> that's right. i hope i'll see lots of people there. >> i think you will. d.c. chief librarian, thank you for coming in tonight. >> thank you. it was a good day it stay inside and watch a full slate of college football, including the maryland terps looking to get back on track with towson paying a visit to college park. your sports is next. first up, gwen. >> it's been a cloudy day out there.
10:35 pm
good football weather if you were somewhere where we had some of this. rain fall. we'll have the details on how long it's going to stick around and what will happen with those temperatures. your full forecast is ahead. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy.
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the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. the maryland terps really needing to focus and win. >> well, maurine, a will the of focus has been about the uniforms, right? >> so enough with the pomp and circumstance. what about some substance on the field? very good. >> for crying out loud. >> this was a day for the terps to forget about last week. it was a demoralizing loss to temple last week. everybody was talking about what uniforms they are going to wear. now they are concerned about getting a w against anybody. today hosting nearby towson for the first time ever. sophomore qb getting them all fired up for the terps in red today. in case you are wondering.
10:39 pm
d.j. adams, first carry of the game, there he goes. 15 yards. 7-0 terps at that point. towson hung around, but in the 4th, maryland taking over danny o'brian with a fake to tyler. # yard score there and maryland gets that win. not pretty nor are those uniforms, 28-3. virginia tech hosting clemson. the hokies enter a 12-game winning streak. they are virtually unbeatable in blacksburg. clemson came in and ties, dwayne allen 32 yards and sweeney is this guy pumped or what? gets the gatorade shower. upset virginia tech. baseball now and the divisional playoffs. hosting the cardinals. roy halladay made one mistake. lance taking this one way out in st. louis led 3-0. you thought oh no. philadelphia, what's going on? well, in the 6th.
10:40 pm
down 3-1. ryan howard changes that with one mighty swing. look where that one goes. phillies rebound in a big way and pound the cardinals 11-6. how about the yanks and tigers after last night's rainout. bottom of the 6th, robinson cano and they are not juiced anymore. the forty the fourth grand slam he hit this year. they currently lead 8-1 in the 7th inning. coming up later, talk about this new redskins, very interesting. >> you know what it's all about. >> and it's time to go. it's time to go off the wall. it gets heated as it always seems to be. >> it's fun though. >> it is. enjoy. thanks. one man's instinct to protect his family from bears turns into a showdown from the federal government. why this father is facing some pretty serious charges. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off.
10:41 pm
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d.c. area moms acting globally. a fund raising event for orphan kids in nigeria. over a dozen local moms walked the run way in designs. such beautiful clothing. some of our kids walked, too. the event which was held at the embassy was a kickoff to independence day celebrations. we had so much fun getting our hair done and the clothing, of course. >> it's always fun to get dressed up. >> and raising money for a good cause. we had a good day for it because we are indoors, luckily it wasn't today with all the rain. my goodness. >> i know, and it's not over yet. some of our nares are seeing heavy down rain. we'll show you that in a
10:45 pm
second. let's begin with a look outside. it's chilly. make sure you bundle up if you are heading anywhere tonight because you are really going to feel the nippiness in the air for sure. temperatures are really falling across our region and we have clouds out there, as i mentioned, and the showers. a beautiful shot of the national cathedral and downtown d.c. but once again, it is a cloudy night and a very cool night. the showers are expected to continue. be prepared for that. we are also talking much cooler weather. it was cooler today, but it's going to get cooler. yes, it will. warmup is on the way. also we are keeping a close eye on the tropics. wait until i tell you what's been happening there. in the meantime, here at home, we are seeing the clouds in full force. here's a look at where we stand temperature wise. 49 degrees officially at national airport. humidity is up at 90%. elsewhere, temperatures not very much on the upside at all. we have 49 degrees at
10:46 pm
martinsburg. 46 degrees for winchester. 48 at dulles. 46 at gaithersburg. and 48 degrees for baltimore. now as we head up the mid atlantic, it's a warm 62 degrees, relatively speaking for boston. 52 in new york city and we have 51 degrees in south at raleigh. the cooler air is settling in place. the clouds and all the wet weather is not going anywhere. let's begin with a look at ray dore. our fox 5 live doppler radar and show you what's happening. rain fall throughout much of our viewing area. some spots aren't seeing anything from the district, a little patchier to north and to the south. some heavier rain fall, however, where we have the orange and the red. but this has been the pattern into the course of tonight. we have an upper level low pressure system that we are dealing with that hasn't moved too much. so it is just keeping us with all of this wet weather. some of it light, some of it heavier and most of our viewing area. let's go to our weather maps and show you just a little bit more emotion here. we have the clouds that are
10:47 pm
rolling through and here on the backside, take a look at what is happening to the far west. we are seeing mixed precipitation, in the form of wet snow. that across the blue ridge, and the valley. parts of west virginia. but we're going to see that continuing through into the next day or so as the temperatures are on the downside. lower temperatures into the 30s there and even lower. we have a ridge of high pressure and a stronger push of air. the cooler air settling in. for tomorrow, 50s and 60s. it's not going to be a washout. look at this hurricane. this is ophelia, which has a well defined eye. it has intensified since we were on at 6:00. it's now a dangerous category 4 hurricane as it brushes its way past bermuda and curves its way towards the north and northeast. it's going to weaken. by monday, push off the coast of new finland. but here at home, things will stay chilly and we are talking
10:48 pm
the clouds and showers not going anywhere. we do expect to see temperatures into the mid 40s by the time we head through into the early morning hours tomorrow. by 5:00, it will be 56 degrees. here's a look at your five-day forecast. sunshine and warmer conditions headed your way. look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we are back into the 70s. not only are we warming up, we have sunshine for you. but still a chance for showers in the beginning of your week on monday. once again, tomorrow and monday, not a washout. >> looking forward to tuesday, wednesday, thursday, when that comes up. thank you glenn. president obama pushing congress to do their job on the jobs bill. it has been three weeks since the president sent the bill to congress and still hasn't had a vote. as fox's peter reports, a virginia congressman says the problem is in the senate. >> president obama says it has been three weeks since he sent his american jobs act to congress and since congress hasn't passed it yet, the president wants to no i why
10:49 pm
they drug their feet. >> they agree with certain parts of this jobs bill. if so, it's time for them to tell me what those proposals are. if they are opposed, i would like to know what exactly they are against. are they against putting teachers and police officers and firefighters back on the job? are they against hiring construction workers to rebuild our roads and bridges and schools? are they against giving tax cuts to virtually every worker and small business in america? across america, registered voters are split about the president's jobs plan, kind of like congress is. just 38% think it will create jobs. the same number 39% think it will make no difference as 18% think it will actually cost jobs on top of that, a full 39% think the president's tax and jobs plan are actually bad for america. 48% think they are good. 6% are mixed. republicans fall into the bad for america category. they think cutting excessive regulations would be a better idea and they think the president and the senate need to support legislation in the
10:50 pm
house that would do just that. >> president obama, who has said he is willing to consider stopping excessive regulations should call on the democrat led senate to follow the house in passing these jobs bills. let's take this opportunity to widen our common ground and do whatever we can to get government out of the way. our economy can return to creating jobs. >> while the arguing continues about jobs, the feeling about jobs across america is bleak. almost half of registered voters, 47% think that a year from now, unemployment will be higher than it is today. just 37% think it will be lower. in washington, peter, fox news. meanwhile, a surprising announcement on the campaign trail. republican presidential candidate, rick perry, says he would support military action in mexico. the battle violence and drug wars. he compared the situation to columbia where the government accepted american support to control drug cartels. as governor of texas, perry called for more national guard
10:51 pm
troops to protect to the mexican border. >> three other gop candidates spoke in kansas city today at the national federation of women conference. the topic was the rumor that new jersey governor, chris cristie will enter the race. >> the media is going to be in awe of chris cristie for about two weeks. >> i think governor perry could advise, running for president is complicated. >> crisp has been the governor a year and a half. he understands he has a big job to do and plenty of opportunities and races down the road for him if he wants to get involved in the trade. >> cristie has repeatedly said he will not run for president. the federal government has entered a major battle over a bear. an idaho man shot and killed a cub after he said it got close to his kids. he says he was protecting his family, but the government isn't so sure. fox reports. >> here in phoenix, boundary county, idaho, a few miles from
10:52 pm
the canadian border, locals are used to seeing wildlife. when jeremy hill's wife screamed after seeing three grizzly bears just 40 yards from their home and didn't know where his kids were, he grabbed his hunting rifle and shot the closest bear three times from his balcony. hill and everyone else in this rural county were stunned when he was charged with illegally killing an endangered species. facing a possible $50,000 fine and a year in jail. >> unbelievable. it is not understandable. it is outside the scope of reality for people to understand. >> after public outcry, the u.s. attorney cut a deal, dumping the criminal charge, but forcing hill to pay a $1,000 fine, plus some $20,000 in legal fees. >> he paid the fine because he took a bear in violation of the endangered species act. procedures outlined for how to do that, he didn't follow those procedures. >> u.s. attorney seems to concede jeremy hill fired the
10:53 pm
first two shots legally. where he crossed the line, taking the third shot. not only the humane thing to do, but a wounded grizzly is an even more dangerous grizzly. >> we have gotten to a point in this country where people are restricted from their ability to defend their homes, their families, and their property from large, very dangerous animals that are unpredictable and known to kill people. >> grizzly attacks are up this year. experts blame a late spring snow that forced the animals off the mountain in search of food. not a bear population, while improving is fragile. >> there aren't many bears out there. we can't spare them. we don't want people killing them if they don't have to. >> many conservationists wish the u.s. attorney has taken this killing all the way to court. but most locals say it's the endangered species act that needs an overhaul. putting people before dangerous
10:54 pm
predators. in idaho, dan springer, fox news. st all new season of house starts monday. meet one of the new doctors scrubbing in on the show. that is next. and a huge turnout for the funeral of a georgia man put to death last week. while there is controversy surrounding the execution of troy davis. that's coming up on the news edge at 11:00.  [ speaking french ]
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this is a line full of people who want to be on tv. also mtv's call for the 27th season of the real world. mtv doesn't know where they will live. the current people are in san diego. looking for stories about unique challenges in their every day lives. 27 seasons already . can you
10:58 pm
believe that? a new season of house premiers this monday and the show is adding new faces. claudia caught up with them and found out what it's like working with dr. house. >> after being locked up for crashing his car into his exgirlfriend's home, doctor house continues doing what he does best, as the 8th season kicks off behind bars. shot in a real prison, the set reminded the star of his youth. >> not about my violent reactions. >> it's actually quite like an english public school, but very real. these are tiny cells and built for two people and apparently, they had four, sometimes more by the time it closed. so if you have a problem with small spaces, this is not for you. i would advise against that career in shoplifting. if you are considering it. >> why are you so sure i'm going to do what you say? >> two new doctors join the
10:59 pm
cast a. prison dock, she fit in from day one. >> i don't think you can help but to associate hugh with house and dr. cranky pants and this whole thing. when you meet him, he really isn't that way and he is, you know, very welcomed us. he is definitely throwing in jokes here and there. >> i give her a nickname. i'm in the going to bother with nicknames if she's calling her agent over the weekend saying i can't work with this guy, get me out of here. as she came back, i said well, she's probably worth investing a nickname. >> while new doctors fail to impress house, her character will be challenged, just like she was playing an md for the first time. >> i had to draw blood and that's interesting because there's a few steps to drawing blood and while, you know, having to act and draw blood and you know, react and be consumed and the whole thing. hard. >>


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