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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 1, 2011 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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are they going to get it? great pitch. we're going to overtime. tied at 28. but more drama in ot. procter sneaks it in. they miss the point after because of the penalty. it got blocked from a further distance. so air force scores. it was tim jefferson sneaking in. it kicked the extra point. navy is stunned. they lose that extra point. 35-34. baseball now. four games on tap today. the rangers beat the a's to even the series at one game a piece. and 9-1 in the 9th inning in game one of their series. how about the nlds. the phillies trail in the 6th, but two on and one big wing. really big. 3-yard, not coming back.
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the cards get roughed up. 11-6. philly leads this series 1-0. we're going to make it. go to milwaukee as the brewers were hosting the diamondbacks. game one of their nlds and this is another big swing by the prince of milwaukee. prince fielder, turning the fastball, two-run shot to right. the brewers beat the dbacks. >> time for a quick break. when we come back, look who is here? he has his new redskins that i'm sure you will find very interesting. the world needs more energy.
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welcome back to nissan sports xtra. a treat from you. long time sports writer has penned a new book. it's called washington redskins, the complete illustrated history. it's great to see you again. thank you very much for coming in. and let's get to it. you come all the way back to the inception of the redskins. but going back to boston days, up to the present day, how much fun was it putting this thing together and what did you find along the way? >> i didn't know that much about stuff before i was done, obviously. this is my 4th or 5th redskin book. i knew this stuff stole from my
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previous books and got a lot out of my head. but it's always great to go back because the last 20 years have been pretty tough for redskins fans. you relive the glory days. >> talk about the glory days the redskins had. if i had to put you on the spot and name the three most influential redskins players, who would you pick? >> he was the first draft choice when they came to washington. he was the starting quarterback for 15 or 16 years. two championships, a few championship games, he was the redskins. bobby mitchell number two. first african american player. went through a lot of racism. made it easier for everyone else. third will be tougher. more of a tossup. you could go with jergenson. back to back super bowls. win won, first championship since 1942, so you go with that. anybody over the last ten years, you wouldn't go with it. >> that brings us to your next point, which is the final
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chapter entitled no return to glory. that's 1999 to today. up to the present day. obviously that's when dan schneider took over as owner. tell me your thoughts on this. you think he is evolving at all as an owner? >> he always says he is. i had an interview with him in 2005 and he was evolving. i don't know if i buy this or not. yes, it's hands off, but he was with joe gibbs. joe gibbs ran that franchise. there were things joe gibbs did, why are they doing this? so i think it remains to be seen how standoffish he is. if they reverse the start having our bad year, maybe then it will be a sign of maturity. >> they are playing in st. louis. are you buying into the change you see this year? i guess bruce allen being in the front office. >> bruce allen is looking for mike shanahan. his title may not look that way, but mike shanahan makes
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all the decisions. i'm picking them tomorrow. the rams are giving them all kinds of trouble the last few years. i think the dallas loss was good for this game, because they gone in undefeated, they may have lost the game. and it's a little soon. they really got lucky. beat arizona, they didn't play great on offense monday night. let's see when they start playing the patriots and jets. they are better than i thought in preseason. >> where can we get the book? >> pretty much everywhere. local bookstores, barnes and noble, costco even. amazon, a publisher, dave roth is selling some on the corner. >> yes, complete illustrated history. thank you very much for coming in. it's a good read, people. check it out. i already have. it's an excellent read, especially if you're a washington redskins fan. don't go anywhere.
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we're back in a moment.  ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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[ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank. what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. it is off the wall, wisdom, we have now embarked on the baseball playoff. they were riding the momentum of the most exciting end to a regular season of all time.
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were you impressed with what you saw at the end of the baseball season? >> i was impressed. here's what depressed me more. the atlanta braves. >> look at you finding the negative. >> boston red sox, but they were very impressive. >> tampa bay and st. louis coming back. >> i will give them some credit, but the d rays did work. >> to the rays, they drop. >> when you see that walkoff home run by the rays to beat boston, well beat the yankees which in turn beat boston. do you believe the epic collapses by those two teams? you never seen it in the history of baseball and it happened to two teams in the same month. >> one day a couple hours apart or a couple minutes apart? >> and baltimore like they won the world series. >> that's where it gets tricky. >> it was baltimore's world series. >> they did end the season, so that's fine. >> a quick winner in the world
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series? >> i have nothing yet. >> can you give me a pick next week? >> we'll hold you to something. >> isn't going to happen. >> let's talk some football. i have notes. i don't know if i'll get a chance. the washington redskins and the st. louis rams. >> they are sorry. >> are they going to win this week? >> here's the problem. last year we thought the rams they went to st. louis and the identical situation. we are going to find out quickly if this team is in fact a different team. for that reason, i think they are different. gets back on the high horse this week and the redskins win big in the loop. >> the redskins will beat the rams, because the rams are just that bad. the redskins never been on a high horse, if you saw his performance last week, that is rex grossman all the time.
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the fumbles at the end of the game. >> started to make a play. >> it doesn't matter. the offensive line is terrible. they rush for 60 plus yards. they will beat the rams because the rams are sorry. >> first time, ladies and gentlemen. wisdom martin is going on record. >> i didn't get to that. >> we don't have time for your stats or time for your shananigans. >> until then, enjoy your week. we'll see you next time for another edition of off the wall. i mean, who are those guys? thanks to david for coming in and thanks to rich for producing this show. tomorrow morning i'm back in at 8:00 a.m. redskins pregame at 11:30. skins and rams at 1:00. a big day on fox 5. we'll see you tomorrow morning. have a great night.
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