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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 5, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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reat, for the price of good. that's das auto. child: vegas, baby. vegas. captioned by media access group at wgbh fox 5 is following breaking news tonight. he forever changed the way we listen to music and access the before net, and now he's gone. apple founder and ceo steve jobs died today. apple announced his death this evening. he was just 56 years old. the company's website paid tribute immediately with this image on its main page. jobs revolutionized the music, computer, and cell phone industry, all the while keeping details of his health private.
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>> reporter: today he died peacelily havely at home. that's a statement from apple. he changed the way we deal with media from the iphone to the ipod, to the ipad. >> good morning and thank you for coming. we've got some fun stuff today. >> reporter: steve jobs began his career in 1974 designing video games at at atari. he and steve wozniak started apple in his garage. the computer revolution had begun. jobs left apple in the late nineteen i didn't say after dais agreement in the direction of the company, but his interests weren't solely focused on computers. he would go on to revolution
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eyes the movie business with pixar. but his next move would have the biggest impact. steve jobs changed the face of the music, computer, and cell phone industry. in 1994, after a 12-year absence, he returned to apple as ceo with the ipod and itunes the company flourished. >> just like the sony walkman revolution eyesed portable listening, in the digital age ipod is doing the same thing. >> next, the iphone. a frenzy that left cell phone competitors scrambling. in his trademark black shirt and blue jeans he created headline events with new product launches that became front page news. time magazine named jobs one of the world's 00 most influential people. in the height of his career he was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer.
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six years later he took a leave of absence to focus on his health. and then earlier this year, another leave of absence, although he remained on board as ceo. despite his illness, jobs continued to drive apple's innovation and success, the hands-on creator passionate about the consumer experience. steve jobs was a successful innovator and a marketer who has forever changed the way we interact with immediate why and technology. >> steve jobs officially resaned from apple in august it in keeping with the secrecy around his health there was no mention of his illness in his resignation letter, shawn. >> i remember several years ago him announcing he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer but that it was cure afternoon. >> reporter: you're right, shawn. his tumor was said to be curable through surgery. he had a liver transplant but doctors also say if it recurs after that type of surgery, it
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comes back in a very aggressive form and usually carries a poor prognosis. >> laura evans, thank you. just about everywhere you look you see the products of steve jobs' passion. the ipod, iphone, and ipad. we're live getting reaction tonight. >> reporter: brian this store is like a bee con of light and innovation here along wisconsin avenue in georgetown, apple's customers telling us the death of the company's founder and chairman is almost like losing a member of the family. >> i am surprised, and not surprised. i expected something to happen, but just right after the announcement of the new iphone yesterday is really surprising and pretty disheartening. >> reporter: if you're trying to gauge the impact steve jobs has had on our world all you have to do is lack inside his apple store here on wisconsin
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avenue in georgetown. it's bright and busy, teaming with customers eager to spend their hard-earned money on gadgets of all kind and prizes of the modern communication of man. >> i just bought this yesterday, so it's the older one, not the brand-new one. i'll tell you honestlily i'm mad at myself. why didn't i get one sooner. >> apple always has a very refined experience. they pretty much lead it and define it so now they're the benchmark. >> we're traveling to cuppertino, california, and today i hear news that steve jobs has died. >> we just ran into doris visiting from cuppertino, california, headquarters of apple usa. >> it's sad to hear that steve is gone. he's an icon.
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>> many had heard the news. we broke to the heidi. >> steve jobs died tonight. >> i'm really sorry. >> he had pancreatic cancer and had been sick for quite awhile. >> i was aware of. that in fact, i've read his article in, i think, fortune magazine about him and his legacy and innovation. so it's not just about this but what we're in america known for, and i'm sad about that. he's changed the way we live. >> reporter: now, there has been some talk tonight that apple stores may close tomorrow in memory of steve jobs, but there's nothing definitive, and, in fact, one employee leaving tonight said he didn't hear anything about that. they're planning that the store is open tomorrow. >> bob barnard, thank you. head over to for a time line. we're going to head down to the web center later to take a look at the comments you're leaving for us and any sort of apple
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memories you might have on myfoxdc's facebook page. the other big story tonight, the demonstrations against wall street greed that began in new york city are now spreading all over the country. in fact, these are the crowds that gathered in manhattan today. a similar scene expected tomorrow right here in washington and in cities all over the nation. roz plate ser live -- roz plater is live with more on tomorrow's demonstration. >> reporter: you can see them behind me here where they plan to stake out their territory. the protesters say they're moving their protests from wall street to k street. why? they claim lawmakers have too much influence on corporate
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activities. >> reporter: most here are from out of state where they've come to d.c. to deliver lawmakers a message. >> stop corporate welfare. this all has to stop. the top 1% own all the wealth. >> wages are going down, costs of living are going higher. there's huge concentrations of wealth in this country that we've never seen before. >> reporter: and congress could change all these things if they wanted to. they don't work for us any more, they work for the corporations and the wealthy. >> reporter: the movement started last month as hundreds descended on wall street calling for an toned corporate greed. protests organized largely from social media with no clear-cut leader. now the protesters are hitting d.c., signs in hand, preparing to tough it out over the long haul. >> oh, no, there's no one-day protest. we are digging in. we will be there ongoing, just
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like the wall street occupation is ongoing. we are going to be building our own shanty towns and painting them 24/7 until something changes, and there is something in the air that has not happened before in this country where there's just the momentum happening. >> reporter: now, freedom plaza here is home base for this protest. you can see some of the work going on. they're putting up a stage and sound system, although there is a plan to have a march from here to the chamber of commerce. organizers tell me that they had a four-day permit, but as you heard, what happens beyond those four days now is a big question mark. >> roz plater, thank you. the fate of a virginia grandmother who threw her granddaughter to her death last year is in the hands of a jury. prosecutors say it was hate and revenge motivated by anger at her son-in-law for getting her
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daughter pregnant out of wedlock. the jury will continue deliberations tomorrow. a close call for a d.c. family this morning. an suv crashed right into the side of their house at the corner of 24th and douglas streets in northeast. the people inside heard a loud noise and the tv fell over. at first they thought it was another earthquake, but then they looked outside and saw the suv and the driver running away. that i'm just glad he didn't go in further. you never think that on a wednesday morning you're going to have a car in your house, but after all we live on the corner, and people frequent this area, and some people speed. so it's just a miracle that in 40 years of my parents living here that no one has hit the house until today. >> fortunately no one was hurt. the driver is on the run tonight. former alaska governor sarah palin has made an announcement on the 2012 race for the presidency.
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fox's molly henneberg has that story. >> reporter: former republican vice presidential nome nay and former alaskan governor sarah palin says she will not seek the nominee for -- will not seek the nomination for president in 2012. she says, "you will continue driving the discussion for freedom and free marks, including in the race for president." >> tea party americans won an electoral victory of historic proportions in november. >> a labor day weekend appearance in iowa drew boosters from across the country, most of whom said they were certain she would run, but not everyone was convinced. >> if you look back at would she had done, she had not laid the groundwork for a presidential campaign. she hadn't been outsetting up committees in iowa. >> reporter: this news comes
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after months of speculation and a cat-and-mouse game with the press who followed her across the country this summer. >> i think she wants to be king maker, she wants to be troublemaker, but i never thought she was running. >> reporter: still the question remains for palin, which candidate will she support. >> as you see she's not endorsing anybody. she wants to keep alive the prospect that she might run as an independent, and she wants to tease with us the promise that she will stay in the debate and on tissues and not tell us yet who she will be supporting. >> reporter: many are waiting for her endorsement, which could boost them as palin has a deem loyal following. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. >> the announcement comes just one day after new jersey governor chris christie said he will not be entering the race. a local lawmaker with ideas on how to get prostitutes off
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the street. plus, you could call him a local guitar hero. meet the local man who used his talents to stop an intruder. we have a glorious string of we that you are currently, but can we keep it continuing? we'll take a look. 
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you might call him a guitar hero. a manassas man was confronted by an intruder in his home so he picked up his guitar and he used to the beat wack the intruder. john hahn rehahn picks up the story. -- john henrehan picks up the story. >> reporter: this man encountered a man standing on busy grant avenue near the front of his house. >> the guy is hollering, screaming, drunk, falling over. he's just in the middle of the street, and he tries to literally swipe this truck, then he comes over here, trying to fight me. i go inside to call the police.
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>> reporter: at this point shawn thought this unpleasant incident might be over, but it wasn't. according to the man and police, the man walked around the back of shawn's home, descended the stairs and came in the back door. he grabbed his guitar and used it to beat the man back out of the house. >> reporter: where was the guitar stored? >> right behind me chair. >> reporter: the 29-year-old tow-truck driver said at first he used the guitar to push the man back, but that didn't work, so shawn -- >> hit him a few times with it. >> reporter: did he get it? >> no. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he still kept coming. he kept coming until he got knocked out. >> reporter: with the guitar. >> yeah. >> reporter: so at that point where was he? >> right there. when he got knocked out, he was right there. >> reporter: manassas city police arrived and ultimately arrested 32-year-old john mark mayview of virginia. he's charged with unlawful
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entry and public intoxication. >> during the evaluation at the hospital he became agitated that he had been arrested and spat on one of our officers. >> reporter: he has also been charged with assault on a law enforcement officer. he's been released on bond. the guitar did not survive the break-in. john henrehan, fox 5 news. an appeals court judge on the italian jury acquitted amanda knox is speak out. the judge said that knox and her ex-boyfriend might know the real truth about who killed her british roommate. they could even be responsible, but the evidence did not prove that. knox returned home to seattle last night one day after her conviction was overturned. some new york politicians are working to ban helicopter tourist flights after a chopper crashed in the east river yesterday.
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officials say they hope equipment taken from the wreckage can provide answers about what happened. >> reporter: the port will look at three areas. the humans, the machine, the environment. the human is the pilot. the wreckage, the machine, is going to be looked at extensively. we or going to be look at systems, structures, the power plant, which is the engine. and the environment. that includes the weather. >> investigators say high winds could have played a factor. new tonight, cracking down on prostitution in prince george's county. the county council is considering legislation that would create prostitution-free zones. council woman, thanks for joining us. >> i'm happy to be here. >> we already know prostitution is illegal so why do we need a prostitution-free zone. >> we have a community, an established community where the residents have been plagued by a lot of this activity. it's been going on for a little while, and it asks if we could
10:20 pm
assist so this bill is an opportunity to do. so. >> what community and how big is the prosecution problem? >> it's the community of fairmont heights, and it borders washington, d.c. along eastern avenue. and the problem is big enough to cause residents concern. they had concern about not being able to go out, walk up and down the street, to sit on their porch. children have been plagued by this. they're seeing all sorts of things. so they called on us to help out. >> explain exactly what this bill would do or would sort of powers would it give police. >> reporter: it's called a prostitution-free zone. it basically works the same as a drug-free zone. it gives the police an opportunity to first group the two or more individuals that are believed to be involved in
10:21 pm
soliciting the activities. there are special guidelines that the police will be looking at, but the police know the activity that they see. so they will disexperts them. if they choose not to move they can arrest them, and they have 180 dance in jail or up to $1,000 in fines. >> just to play devil's advocate for a moment, i know that it gives police the power to arrest anyone, even if they don't necessarily observe any activity such as prostitution. >> there are specific criteria in the bill, what the police will be looking for, but also, most of these are repeat have offenders, and the police know what there. so this just -- people who are standing around, if you and i were standing, they wasn't necessarily come up and ask to
10:22 pm
us move on. it's the behavior that's associated with it. the beckoning to cars that pull up behind one another, all those type of activities that are associated with prostitution and soliciting. >> i know the punishment for this crime is six months in jail and a fine of up to 1,000. that enough to deter prostitution. >> well, it is still a misdemeanor. this is one way to help them the police to give them the tools that they immediate to eradicate this particular activity. the community has said that they don't want it, it's an unwelcome activity. not only in this community, but throughout prince george's county. so we're going to do. you can certainly understand the community concerns. hopefully this will help clean up their community. andrea harrison, thanks for coming in. a health scare at an ocean
10:23 pm
city hotel. find out would caused the business to close its doors early. plus, you won't see this side of the national mall any more. an update on the washington monument damage survey next. [ male announcer ]  does your cable company keep charging you more...
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what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah. you won't see this scene, workers dangling from the washington monument any more. they finished their inspections. the engineers are now removing the shrinks and the rope equipment they used to rappel down the sides of the monument. the earthquake rattled the monument. video recorded inside shows the powerful shaking, debris falling, and tourists running for the stairs. an ocean city hotel may have unhe knowingly played host to a dangerous bacteria. three guests got sick after staying at the plaza hotel.
10:27 pm
they showed signs of legionair's disease. back to our big story, the death of steve jobs. up next, we're going to talk to a tech expert about his lasting leg gea.s plus, find out who is rages a red flag ahead of the dedication to the mlk memorial. 
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back to tonight's top story, the death of apple cofounder steve jobs. he passed away at the age of 56 after a long battle of cancer. even president obama weighed in saying the world has lost a visionary and the internet immediately lit up with apple users leaving their condolences. we're joined by a tech columnist from the washington times. thank you for coming in. what will steve jobs' lasting legacy be? his name is being bandied about with names like carnegie and ed
10:31 pm
did i sob, then the flip side is a lot of people would say that he didn't invent a lot of this stuff, he just made it better. >> absolutely, just as edison invented a lot of things but also refined a lot of technology and made a lot of things work. steve jobs just had an eye that was incredible. he was a college drop-out who audited a class on design and that, he said, changed the way he looked at things forever. if you look at something as simple as the iphone what jobs brought to it in terms of design and stale and ease of use really changed things. >> do you think the aesthetics and the stripping down and perhaps the fact that he was so in tune with human behavior and human interest, that will be the lasting legacy, or is it something technical that he built one particular thing? >> well, his lasting legacy, i think, will be making technology accessible. we've had personal computers for a long time.
10:32 pm
they weren't easy to use. they weren't understandable. they weren't something you could grab on to sort of naturally. but whether it's the ipad, the iphone, or even the mcintosh with its operating system 10. >> what struck me is how quickly. the ipod was introduced in '07, at least the first iphone in '07, and look how far we've come in just five years. will we continue at this rapid pace without somebody who is such a visionary? >> he left a good roadmap in place. he hand picked his team of executives who were running it, tim cooke, phil schiller among them. so the innovation will continue for a long time. we'll miss steve jobs' flare but the legacy will go on. >> you have sort of a wacky idea as you put it yourself, perhaps having a stamp
10:33 pm
immediately with steve jobs' picture on it. >> last week the postal service dropped the requirement that someone be deceased for at least five years before they end up on a postage stamp. even though steve inks innovations are kind of helping to put the postal service under, i think a commemorative stamp for an american genius, vision after the accident, steve jobs would be very much in order. and certainly the sooner the better. >> thank you for coming in. i mentioned the internet was a place where a lot of folks go to express their condolences and voice their opinions. our facebook page,, a great opportunity for you to do the same. you can see brian says, a brilliant man, lost before his time. steve jobs is beyond brilliant. his innovations changed our world. he will be missed but never forgotten. may god bless you.
10:34 pm
go to our website, we're reading all those comments. i know that you have your own social networks where you're reaching out to your friends and family. he changed the world as we know it, shawn yancy. he's certainly going to be missed by many. >> indeed he will. civil rights leader fred shuttlesworth has died. he joined dr. martin luther king jr. in the push and the cause for civil rights and equality. in the mid-50s he was near his home and was actually bombed. >> i'll give you some advice, the man said. he said, i'd get out of town as quick as i could. i just simply said, you go back and tell your kind brothers that if god could save me through all of this that
10:35 pm
happened, aim here for the duration, and the war is just beginning. >> reverend shuttlesworth later survived a beating and chest injuries from a police water canon. now birmingham's airport is named after him. he was 89 years old. interior secretary tim salazar may have left the door open for changing an inscription on the new martin luther king. >> i visited the memorial yesterday. i looked at the quote. i looked at all the other quotes. it's a wonderful memorial, but there are some issues that we'll reful solve and work on once we get past october 15th. >> he's talking about one side of the memorial that carries an inscription that quotes dr. king saying, "i was a drum major for many."
10:36 pm
the dedication of the memorial which was postponed will now take place okay 16th. full coverage right here on fox 5 at 8:00 a.m. coming up next, sesame street is known for taking on tough topics. the new character on sesame treat is now introducing how she will help teach kids about childhood hunger. but first, here's neil cavuto. >> it is all about jobs. a key report showing that the private sector added 91,000 of them last month. that was more than expected. but planned job reductioe that higher, all of this ahead of the jobs report due out on friday. meantime, going to costco is going to cost you. starting innovember america's largest wholesale retailer is going to be raising its membership fees by 0%. the company is trying to raise
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congratulations virginia. inflamed uvula. i'm virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions. sesame street has never shied away from tough topics like grief and bullying. now there's a new neighbor, a muppet named lilly whose family
10:41 pm
struggles with poverty. >> today sesame treat is taking on hunger only because we've discovered the intensity of hunger with young children. for example, there's 17 million children impacted by hunger, and 9.6 million of them are children under the age of 6. >> what do you think the sesame street characters can do at such an early age to sort of put this on the children of our generation, the new generation, put it on their radar and the rest of us as well? >> well, we have a wonderful opportunity through our prime time special which is on october 9th at 7:00 p.m. on your local pbs station, and it's basically a family special that does two things. one, it provides information for families that are experiencing food insecurity and resources and strategy that they can use, but also to the general public to know of this
10:42 pm
invisible crisis as well as the fact that they can also offer help to families. >> talk a little bit more about that call to action. there's the education portion, but i'm sure that you want people to actually physically do things. >> absolutely. and the things that they can do are very much offering help by volunteering, either at fad pantries or community centers, also donating or providing comfort for families that are in your community experiencing food insecurity. one of the other things, the reasons that i'm here is also because of pnc financial services. it is a partner of ours, and they've actually donated $250 million for early childhood education. it's another reason why we're here. >> dr. jeanette betancourt, thank you very much for your time. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, two women assaulted in the early morning hours as
10:43 pm
they were walking to metro. what police are saying tonight. also, the makers of classic guitars say the federal government is hitting a sour note. the new regulations that some care bad for business. male ann civilization is in a decline no one could have predicted. are we headed toward the end of our society? in i never thought i'd see the day,new york times best-selling author dr. david jeremiah examines current events once considered unthinkable, including iran's increasing power, the threat against the institution of marriage, and the decay of our culture's morals, plus how we can change course before it's too late. i never thought i'd see the day: culture at the crossroads, by dr. david jeremiah, wherever books are sold. [ female announcer ] once you taste
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it's smooth sailing for redskins owner dan snyder. the washington post says he just spent $70 million own that ultra fancy yacht. what does $70 million get you? the lady ann is 224 feet long, which makes it one of the largest in the world. it can accommodate 16 guests, not including the crew members. >> i think that's bigger than my house. it's pretty impressive. the redskins enter their by week with a 3-1 record and very little drama. >> but chris cooley added a little spice during a local
10:47 pm
radio show yesterday. >> reporter: chris cooley didn't need the popularity points. it's pretty well-known, but he gained a few more friends and enemies. cooley said on 106.7 the fan yesterday that he enjoyed watching tony romo and the cowboys choke sunday against the lions. today he tried to clarify. >> i don't think that i talked trash about the type of player he is or who he is. all i was saying was that i enjoyed watching the dallas cowboys lose, and i enjoyed the way they lost. that's not saying that he's a bad player. that's just saying i enjoyed the performance. i would expect players of the cowboys to want us to lose. i clearly would expect cowboys fans to want to us play poorly. from my twitter feed, i know the absolute amount that they despise me. it makes the game fun. it's an entertainment business. it makes you root for your
10:48 pm
team. it makes you care about your players more. >> cooley also joked around saying he would battle romo in a cage fight. he also clarified that saying, i absolutely don't want to fight romo. if it's a charity event and a lot are money, yes, i probably would. the interesting part about this, he was a wrestler in high school, so i'm not sure he really wants to take on chris cooleyly. he said, i'm just going to speak as a fan of the redskins, and that is how he feels. few they all talk smack. >> you can't get away with anything nowadays because of social media. you have to be so careful. but what's the fun of beg careful when it's a guy like chris cooleyly. >> chris cooley and i would be twitter friends, i can tell you that. lighten up. >> the weather has linted up.
10:49 pm
>> it's beautiful. >> we need to tweet that and try to keep it going. cool nights, beautiful days. hard-pressed to find a cloud in the sky. and i think that's how we're going get through tomorrow as well. tomorrow might just be a little bit cooler as our high pressure really fully builds in, but check out this weather headline, because we want you to know that we are going to be keeping this good stuff coming. it looks like it's going to last six or seven days. here is thursday. 71 degrees. it's going to be a beautiful day. friday 72. saturday we warm up a bit, get up to 77. keep in mind these overnight low temperatures will definitely drop to 50, if not even a little cooler in some of the suburban areas. today's temperature 74 for reagan and dulles. 76 for bwi. that was perfect, wasn't it? almost worth it to suffer through what we had to get to
10:50 pm
that. with clear skies we'll have our radiational cooling tonight, and all that is left to see from our area of low pressure that's plagued us for so many day, just a couple of showers left over in maine that is it. all of these clear skies courtesy of the area of high pressure. it's going to influence pretty much everything east of the mississippi, and now the west begins to get a little unsettled. high pressure in the east means they get the low pressure out there, and they will deal with a little bit of rain and maybe even agents bit of snow. overnight expect to drop to 44 in winchester, 47 for warrenton. frederick, 45 degrees. baltimore 47. and here in d.c. under clear skies and those lighter winds, we should drop to 53 degrees. evidently a chilly start in the morning, but we'll get back up into the afternoon hours to about 71 degrees.
10:51 pm
a fall perfection day, light winds tomorrow out of the east. so not even quite as breezy as today. but at 8:00 in the morning expect to find some 40s in the suburbs. so a jacket for the kids in the morning. by noon, 66, lots of sunshine, and by 5:00, 70 degrees, plenty of sunshine. 84 for fredericksburg and 72 for leonard town. a sneak peek of that weekend, we're rolling with lots of sunshine again, and we think on sunday the temperature will get up to about 80 degrees. so you may actually to have get that sunscreen out as we head into the weekend. your five-day forecast, our temperatures, as we mentioned, slowly climb to about 80 degrees through the weekend. still dry monday, just a few clouds at 1 1. our next chance of rain may not even come until late tuesday or wednesday of next week, shawn. so lots to look forward to. we're down in the web center talking about tonight's
10:52 pm
x factor which was full of heart break and excitement. some people were let go, some are moving on. you were chatting on tonight. what was the big -- what was everybody talking about? >> i think the cool part about this show, it is going to grow. this week simon came out and said maybe he was a little bit ambitious about saying anything less than 20 million viewers was going to be a disappointment, which they obviously didn't have, but what was so cool, they really picked some all-around talent. the really interesting part about this, it's some people that you didn't think had a really strong voice. they're sort of nurturing to these awesome entertainers. if you've ever seen anybody live, it can be a lot more about the entertainment than the voice. so tonight was great. it's boot camp. they're going to narrow down and divide each group into four. so men and women over the age of 40, then the ages between 20 and 30, boys and girls. so the cool part, next week they're actually going to their
10:53 pm
houses. like you are going to be singing in simon cowell's living room. >> that has to be an incredible experience for all these people, no matter what age. >> i wasn't even be singing, i'd be going through his drawers, like what can we find. >> sarah! >> so tonight i think what was so cool about x factor is they are going to break away from idol formula, from the voice, and now we're going do somely cool things, like take them to his house and getting sile -- getting stylists and more. >> so would can we expect? >> tomorrow will be one more round of boot camp, then who's in, what's out, when's going to paula's house, what's going to same machine's house. >> sounds like fun.
10:54 pm
what do you got tomorrow morning? >> an interesting article came without the british x factor that some of the contestants are suffering psychological damage from the show, because they're saying it's actually a very grueling process once you get beyond boot camp. so we're going to talk about that in the 7:00 hour. >> thank you. see you tomorrow. brian, back to you. up next, a soldier's widow and her frantic search for a lost wedding ring. plus, banks are starting to nickel and dime their customers in the wake of new federal regulations. the charges one bank is putting into place on you on the news edge at 11:00. >> today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge chrysler dealer. 
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when he found a new measurement for the crystal structure, he was awarded the ultimate prize and said he never doubted his research. the widow of a navy seal killed this summer says she lost her husband's wedding ripping while she was traveling. she flew from houston to charlotte, then to reagan national. she joined us by phone earlier today. >> tell us what it meant to you and when you started wearing that ring. that well, on august 6th, my husband was killed in afghanistan, and for whatever reason, this deployment, he left his wedding band at home with me, so since i found out that day, i've been wearing it, and it's really just a reminder of the commitment and love that
10:59 pm
we shared, something tangible that kai hang on to, and i'm just really upset that i lost it. >> if anyone finds the ring, what are you asking them to do? >> well, i've set up an e-mail account, navy seal ring at g, and i'm checking it daily. i'm hoping that if somebody finds it that they will just e- mail me so that i can get it back. i'd be happy to offer a reward or whatever. i just am really hoping that as little it is a means to someone else, it means the world to me. i also have a facebook page. >> we're looking at a picture of the band now, but there is really a distinctive quality about it. your name is in it. >> yes. when we were deciding what rings to get, i asked him, do you want the date or what, and he said all i want is your name on it so it says kimberly on the inside. >> we have a lin


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