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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 7, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tower cam down over northwest washington on this friday morning. it is october 7th. did i mention it was friday? we'll do that a whole bunch of times this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm maureen umeh. yes, you did say it was friday and i tell you, these morning hours, you guys have done it forever and it is quite an adjustment. my hat is off to you. >> that is why we like friday so much. >> it does feel good especially when you have weather like this. >> you want to get out today an enjoy t we'll have good weather over the course of the weekend. just picture perfect. let's jump right in. we'll show you the satellite- radar. not much going on out there. there is nothing to show you. there is some fog forming in parts of the area in some of the low-lying areas. as far as any precipitation goes, not much as far as cloud cover goes. there are a few clouds out there here and there but nothing significant and again today, it will be quiet.
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let's go to hd radar. we've got this set up to show you first of all the fog that is forming out to the west, the areas in yellows and orange. right around the washington area and some of the low-lying areas and where the rivers are, there is some fog there as well. we're in the low 50s in washington. we've lost a couple of our computers. we'll try to get those up shortly. check out your weekend, lots of sun, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. same for monday and frankly, same for tuesday as well. things are looking good. >> yes, they are. let's get a check of our on- time traffic with lauren demarco. >> we are looking pretty good as you travel around town right now making the trip northbound 95, no problems out of
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fredericksburg up towards springfield. 359 leaving the beltway here past edsall road to the right of your screen, everybody running at speed. nice wide open lanes up to the 14th street bridge. we had appear earlier wreck southbound 95 at newington. that has been cleared out of the way. nothing to report right new on the beltway as you travel through virginia and maryland. you should find everybody running well. no problems on the american legion bridge making the trip between montgomery county and virginia. everything looks good there. 270 also incident-free as is 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this friday, protesters gearing up for another day of demonstration if the nation's capital. >> folk are gathering in the name of change over a slew of issues. at the heart of it all,ments a financial mess. fox 5's sherry ly is live in northwest with the details. >> reporter: good morning. hundreds of protesters still out here on freedom plaza. they are just waking up this morning. the protest here is called the
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october 2011 movement. there is also another major protest called occupy d.c. they both have the same message and they are taking it from wall street here to washington to fix this financial mess. this is day two of their protest and they're going to be taking to the streets again today. from freedom plaza to the white house to the chamber of commerce, protesters from all over the country march through the streets of washington, d.c., a mixture of people with a variety of reasons for the march. >> i'm here to protest the war in afghanistan among other things but mainly that is our main objective. i decided to join the army in january and started really investigating the reasons why we're over there and the reasons why we are bombing six different countries. and it scared me. >> reporter: they agree the government has failed to fix the financial problems that continue to exist. >> the majority of americans are really struggling right now
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and that is who the government should be supporting and helping to get out of this situation. they shouldn't keep supporting the corks who refuse to fire. >> this woman is from chicago but going to grad school into d.c. she has three different jobs. >> i have all part-time jobs. that is the only thing i can find. i've been supporting myself working at a restaurant. i have two research assistant jobs. i'm a grad student and i still only make about $15,000 a year or less. >> reporter: another man from seattle, he protested in new york city and was one of the people locked up for blocking traffic. >> 1% and 99%. 1% have all the money and they keep increasing the money they get. the 99% get less and less and less. those people there support those people. they are politicians that are supposed to represent everybody represent the money people. >> reporter: as protesters blocked off h street, they
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chanted where are the jobs? there were also several speeches from people tired of the bickering in washington. >> i'm hoping to kick them out of office. we don't need people that don't represent you. >> reporter: and the big issue, of course, is the economy. so today, protests are planned outside the federal reserve. that one organized by a radio show host and backed by the annapolis tea party. they will continue their demonstrations here in washington through sunday. that is the latest here on freedom plaza. back to you. >> thank you. the president now says he is comfortable way senate plan for a millionaire's surtax to pay for his jobs bill. later this morning, president obama is meeting with democratic leaders to see if they can bring the proposal to the senate floor. democrats in the senate still do not have the 06 votes needed to bring it up for a vote. at a news conference yesterday, president blamed republicans for the impasse and told reporters if lawmakers act, he
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won't be able to run against them as a do-nothing congress. a voicing statement from the vice president joe biden who says the republican party could be strong enough to beat the president in the 2012 election and admits the shaky economy has a lot of americans dissatisfied. >> many of them are in real trouble and an even larger percentage have stagnant wages and a significant majority of the american people believe that the country is not moving in the right direction. >> the vice president says he is counting on voters to recognize how deep the recession was and how much it has improved under the obama administration. ten years ago, thousands of american and allied troops invaded afghanistan. the launch of operation enduring freedom involved the arms forces of the united states, the united kingdom and afghanistan's northern alliance. they were after al-qaeda just weeks after the 9-11 attacks. today's somber anniversary is being marked with rallies all
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around the world. he is convicted of leading a $100 million mortgage fraud scheme. now, he is accused of attempted murder. the former president of afg financial group in court. we have that story coming up. capitals owner and internet pioneer ted leonsis weighs in on his former colleague. hear from him on the other side of this break. dinner's ready.
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making headlines in the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's drrk the chief toxicologist for the l.a. coroner's office says the powerful anesthetic propofol was found in the star's blood, urine and liver. prosecutors say he died of propofol intox indication combined with other sedatives given by dr. conrad murray. he has pleaded not guilty. we are now seeing the technical part for the prosecutors. they still have investigators to call with the two-hour tape taken off the death of michael jackson. there is still the possibility they could call jackson's oldest child. a new york man convicted of leading a $100 million mortgage
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fraud scream pleaded not guilty of trying to get a man killed. defense lawyers maintain air and hand was entrapped by authorities. prosecutors say hand planned the plot and met with an undercover investigators posing as a hit man. a mouse, an ipod marked with the small words thank you a memory of the way steve jobs touched so many lives. he continued to inowe straight, not just create amazing products -- to innovate, not just create amazing products. ted leonsis began his career in computers about the statement time steve jobs did. they worked together on several projects over the years. >> the ipod, the ipad, the iphone, apple tv, they're just like oxygen for so many people.
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you just live your life with them. he was a very, very driven, focused passionate person and made you do things that, frankly, you didn't think were possible. >> with itunes and the ipod, music became easier than ever to buy, listen to and share. its winner of the nobel peace prize just announceed a couple of minutes ago. >> more on that when fox 5 morning news continues. tony? >> yes. and all coming up in just a few moments, we'll let you know what is happening with the weather conditions around the region and we'll tell you about the conditions on the roads as well. do stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. it is 5:12. 
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5:12. just in this morning, this year's nobel peace prize will
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be divided between three people, three women. the nobel committee announce the president of liberia, liberian activist and a woman from yemen who is a 32-year-old journalist will receive the honor. >> congratulations to all three of them. >> that has to be a first. >> that is impressive. >> yes. very good. >> very good up deed. very good weather on tap for today and this weekend if we're looking head just a tad. >> we will look ahead just a tad because it is rewarding if we do. we've got some fine conditions again today after a very nice day yesterday and more on tap for the foreseeable future. here is your weather headline for the day and we like this one. not bad. i kind of like this combination of warmer days and chilly nights. it is rather pleasant. you know, you maybe need a blanket at night but then during the day, can you shed your jacket and not going to be bad at all. we'll see more of the same
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today anden deed through the weekend. let's check out -- and indeed through the weekend. let's check out your current temperatures. right now -- okay, we've got -- lets asee what is we've got pro computer. it is 51 degrees here in washington. 44-degree at dulles airport. baltimore as 45. patuxent naval air station, 49 degrees. hagerstown is also at 49 degrees. most of you in the 40s this morning. definitely a cool start to the day. we look around the eastern united states. you remember what we've been talking about, high pressure, although you can't see high pressure, you can certainly see the effects of high pressure. just quiet conditions all across the eastern united states. that high pressure remains in place and will remain in place for the next several days. we've got nothing going on. we do have fog this morning that has developed in parts of the region. some of the low-lying rivers and near some of the rivers and creeks and streams. there is a coastal flood advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. this morning because of some of
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the winds pushing that water up. winds aren't particularly strong. yesterday, we topped out at 69 degrees. today, we are looking for 73 degrees for your high in town. for tonight, clear skies, cool temperatures, overnight lows again in town in the 50s and we think in the 40s in much of the area. here is your updated five-day forecast. 73 and nice today. tomorrow, 79 degrees with sunshine. 81 on sunday with sunshine. things look great. we do get some clouds building in here by tuesday but still things look calm and quiet. that is a look at what's happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go to lauren demarco. >> here we are at the beltway at connecticut avenue. no real problems to report in montgomery county to the left of your screen. that is the outer loop heading from college park into bethesda. nothing in your way. american legion bridge looks great as you make the trip into virginia.
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95 earlier we had a wreck southbound in newington, that cleared off to the right side of roadway. no problems there. northbound 95, nice, easy trip out of fredericksburg up into woodbridge and springfield. 395 also moving well past the pentagon. nothing in your way up to the 14th street bridge and all around town, your construction is clearing out. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a world class view, just don't look down. engineers spent a couple of week rappeling on the washington monument looking for earthquake damage. laura evans got a chance to talk with one of the climbers about at signment he'll never forget. >> reporter: it is dizzying just look up to see the team of years dangling from ropes inspecting the obelisk but eric stone, a member of that team, says it was an incredible experience. >> we sat there and realized we're on the monument. very few team get to do. this. >> reporter: stone is a civil and structural engineer trained in ice mick events.
5:20 am
he used mountain climbing equipment to examine the mondayment's exterior for damage from the earthquake. >> you get used to it while you're up there. it is the initial getting out to on to the wall. it is always a little daunting. once you're out there, it is just like any other job. >> reporter: except they are 550 feet up in the and a, birds flying through the work space and the capitol dome looking more look a replica. stone says he considers himself lucky to have had this opportunity. >> we could tell whether it was an older crack or new crack since the earthquake and we would document what we saw and we could go back and talk with our team later about it. >> reporter: next up, dangling from the national cathedral where stones at the top. towers are damaged from the earthquake. >> the west towers, there are two west towers over the main entrance that we are looking toen -- to inspect those from ropes so he we can get those
5:21 am
pushed back so people can get in there. you can own you apiece of capitol hill history now that the hawk and dove bar as closed. the stuff up side line the dart board, poster, bar stools is up for auction. the hawk and dove opened in 1965 and closed just a week ago a rival bar owner took over the lease. they will renovate the bar and reopen in about five months. you can only bid online. if you would hike to find the link, go to and look under web links. from professional bach is to hollywood. >> the producers of real steel brought in sugar ray leonard to advise actor hugh jackman and kevin mccarthy got a chance to sit down with sugar ray to talk had -- to talk about his experience. his one on one coming up after the break. 
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if you are going to get tips on how to carry yourself as a box are, you might as well go to one of the best who ever entered the ring. >> the makers of real steel brought in sugar ray leonard. kevin mccarthy went a few rounds with him. >> reporter: hugh jackman's character, after being taken out by a robot, he fells like he doesn't fit in anymore. when this child comes back into his life, it brings back the faith in this character when he can still live out the dream.
5:25 am
was there ever a moment when you first started out that you didn't feel like you fit in and someone came to you and it made you believe in yourself. >> i had a guy that kind of mentors me in you will, my trainer who was my lawyer and my friend who always helped my career. there was a guy like that. it is very difficult for a fighter who has reached that level of success and then when it's over, try to find husband way through the woods. >> i great line that you say. boxers are born, they're not made. i think that is a very interesting thing to talk about. for me, i don't know if you noticed this, i was born to be an arm wrestler. i don't know if you can see these big muscles coming through. >> i was soen tim dated. >> i haven't had a professional arm wrestling match. i was wondering if you and i could do t how old are you?
5:26 am
>> 27. >> how much do you weigh. >> let's get this on camera. oh! >> all right. here we go. let's go. s go. oh, my gosh, dude. oh, my gosh. that was awesome. dude, you still got it, man. you still got it. dude, that was amazing. >> what made you think to do that? >> i thought, just now, when we did that, you knew what you were going to do before i went over to your arm. you probably figured out i'm going to tease that and get that one done. when you first walk in the boxing ring when you were fighting and back in the day, did you ever have a predetermined plan about how you were going to fight a fighter. >> i choreograph my fights in
5:27 am
my head with a before, the night before, day before, two days before. i have it. so i thought -- i had thought -- when you asked to do that, i thought about, quick, real quick. >> you knew i wouldn't be ready for that. >> right. >> is that the way you talk about other fighters. >> that is why say fighters are born. that level of fighters is born. you can't teach speed. can you teach leverage. but you can't teach power. power is just a god given ability. footwork, speed, yeah, you can teach basics but you can't teach that pure fluidity. >> don't you just love kevin. he always has so much fun. he will join us live in our next hour for fox 5 morning news and reviews of real steel and also the ides of march. i cannot wait to ask him about that.
5:28 am
>> kevin is 30 years younger and out weighs him by 15 pounds and he still gets destroyed. >> i love that. >> got to love sugar ray too. we'll check in with kevin coming up income hour right after the break. we'll check in with tony and find out about the traffic out there as well. >> and sherry will have your top story today. >> maureen, hundreds of people here on freedom plaza are preparing for day two of protests across the city. they've tape the message from wall street here to the nation's capital. we'll tell you what they're fighting for and what is next. [ speaking french ]
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tony joins us with a look at our forecast. this will be day three in a row of nice weather. transition began on tuesday. >> it was here in earnest on wednesday. day three and we'll have a day four, day five, day six. >> love it. we'll start with hd radar first because i want to show you you are looking at this going tony, you said no rain, what is that? it is not rain. it's fog. we have it set up to the fog machine and you can see the areas out to the west where we are seeing some fog. no advisories or anything. it is not that thick. there are some areas where it is a little bit dense. this is setting up in some of the valleys and low-lying areas and near some of the rivers and streams and the like. i know we've had some reports of fog right around the
5:32 am
american legion bridge as well. so you want to be aware of that and maybe particularly if you are coming in from the west, allow a little extra time. all right. let's take a look at what is happening right now. reagan national airport, 51 degrees. your winds are out of the south and west at five miles per hour. the forecast for today, lots of sunshine. temperatures right around where they should be for this time of year. another mild day. look for your highs today into the low 70s. our average high for this time of year, 71 degrees. i think we'll do a couple of degrees better than that. enjoy the day. take a look at the weekend in just a bit. let's take a look at the roads with lauren demarco. >> we are looking pretty good on the beltway here in montgomery county. we've get reports of a wreck on the out are loop in prince george's county just prior to route other, the john hanson highway. watch for the wreck there. northbound 95 at route 32, we have reports of an accident. no problems to report here 207
5:33 am
out of frederick in toward the beltway. you should be running at speed n virginia, things look pretty good. 66, nice, easy trip through manassas. no delay in centreville and you should be looking pretty good heading in towards the beltway. 95, 395, also incident-free in virginia. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the big story, occupy d.c. protesters gearing up for another day of demonstrations. they're not happy with how lawmakers are handling a variety of hot topic issues including the struggling economy. >> some of them are camped out and that is where sherry ly is live on the scene at freedom plaza. >> reporter: they slept here last night and they are not going anywhere for now. they are taking that message from wall street to the nation's capital that they are fed up with corporate greed and the government. across the city, protesters took to the streets yesterday in d.c. from freedom plaza to
5:34 am
the white house and the chamber of commerce. they chanted where are the jobs? there are two large organized protests, one calling it october 2011 movement. the other occupy d.c. but their message is the same. they are angry over the economy, the war and taxes and with washington for failing to fix the financial problems. it is a movement that is galvanizing the american people coming together from all across the country. >> i'm here to protest the war in afghanistan among other things but mainly that is our main objective. >> the majority of americans are really struggling right now and that is who the government should be supporting and helping us to get out of this. >> reporter: this is day two of the four days of protests planned here in the city. today at 10:00, many plan to head over to the federal reserve for another protest. that one is organize bid a
5:35 am
radio show host and backed by the annapolis tea party. that is the latest here on freedom plaza. back to you. it was an emotional end to a disturbing court case. a virginia jury convicted a woman of first degree murder for tossing her 2-year-old granddaughter to her death. this is not the right video we are showing you. but it the story of carmela de la rosa. right now, fox 5's roz plater has more from the courthouse. >> reporter: after i grueling day in court, a family is left trying to pick up the pieces. inside the fairfax county courtroom, it took the jury just five hours to find carmela de la rosa guilty of first degree murder. guilty of throwing her 2-year- old granddaughter off a pedestrian walkway last november at the tysons corner mall. her defense had argued she was
5:36 am
mentally ill. but the jury didn't buy it. prosecution experts said she was seeking revenge, angry that her son-in-law had gotten her daughter pregnant before they were married. >> she was a mean and angry person. depression certainly played a role but it certainly wasn't an excuse for killing a child. >> reporter: during the sentencing phase, the girl's father wept on the stand saying no parent should ever have to lose a child. the mother, de la rosa's daughter spoke through her tears saying every parent has a right to see their child grow up. after just half an hour, the jury rammed sentence of 35 years for de la rosa. it was not what her lawyers had hoped to hear. >> well, i am a criminal defense lawyer. i respect the jury process although i disagree with their verdict. i think they just got it wrong. >> reporter: prosecutors had asked if a life sentence but say they will accept the jury's recommendation. >> it is the kind of case where as a human being, you almost want the defendant to be insane and nottened the nature,
5:37 am
character and consequences of her actions or right from wrong. the ugly truth is that she did understand what she was doing. >> reporter: roz plater, fox 5 news. >> sentencing is set for january 6th. judge could reduce the injure's recommendation but not increase. it the public defender said she would consult with her client but would probably file an appeal. during the 7:00 hour, we'll talk to a defense attorney for his thoughts on this verdict. new this morning, prince george's county police on the scene of a violent act in temple hill. three people were taken to the hospital after a shooting and cutting incident that happened at 3:00 a.m. this morning at st. barnabas road and dallas drive. no word yet on the condition of the victims. archaeologys have been on a quest to find the tombs of as deck emperors. instead, they made a discovery believed to be more than 500 years old. halloween is in the air for the fox half off deal. this one is not for the faint of heart though. it is a ticket to the terror
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after dark haunted attraction at the dulles town center. $9 buys you entriy to atrifecta of bone chilling haunted houses. go to and click on the my fox half off icon. let's check to markets and show you how wall street performed yesterday. pretty good day overall. the dow was up 183 points. the nasdaq picked up 46 points and the nikkei closed in japan over 83 points. we'll get business updates throughout the morning. ,
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archaeologists claim they have found a ceremonial platform in mexico city dating back to 1400. the large piece of stone appears to be site where royal cremations of the aztecs too place. it measured some 45 feet in diameter. archaeologys have been on a five-year quest to find the tombs of aztec emperors but so far have not found any tombs. a former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff will be laid to rest today. army general john shalikashvili
5:42 am
will be buried this afternoon. he served in the post from 1993 to 1997. he was born in poland in 1936ant started serving in the army's drafted in 1958. gabrielle giffords returned to washington to celebrate her husband's retirement from the navy. she met with representative nancy pelosi yesterday. giffords and her husband also met with the vice president joe biden. their d.c. trip was i short one. giffords headed back to houston to continue her rehabilitation. news for animal lovers. a chance to offer a home to a furry friend. the fairfax county animal shelter is hosting a special adodge event. they trying to find homes for 15 rabbits who were victims of the floods. an update on the roads and a check on your latest forecast coming up. drinkin'?ey, what areu i'm drinkin' dunkin'.
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343 new york city firefighters died when the world trade center towers fell. their pictures are pained in oil on charred pieces of wood. the photo wall is traveling around the country and you can see it inside the rayburn building all month long. an acclaimed architect wants to bring a piece of the heartland to the in a -- nation's capital. they want to depict the scene of where dwight eisenhower grew up. there was there were strong reservations over the 0-foot high collum ups that would hold up the tapestry just off the national mall -- columns that would hold up the tapestry just off the national mall. >> nice days into the beginning of next week. >> we love that broken record. it's a good song. play it again. >> we'll start with yesterday's high temperatures. not a bad day.
5:47 am
i have to say reagan national did not get to where i thought it would get. i thought it would get into the low 70s. 69degrees at reagan national. however, dulles made it up to 70. bwi marshall made it up to 72 degrees. police and day across the area. we've got more of the same on tap for today. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. we are at 51 degrees here in the nation's capital. 50 down in quantico. culpeper at 45 degrees this morning. if you look closely, you will fine the temperature in the 30s. frederick, maryland, 39 degrees right now. that is our cool spot. and i'm not sure if we've had any 30s on this map recently. there we go. there is our first one. 45degrees in leonardtown. let's take a look at the surface map. you may be saying why are we graced with such wonderful weather. the high pressure system stuck in mace here in the
5:48 am
eastern united states. this is a dome of high pressure. that will keep things warm and dry. so the forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny skies, a little warmer today, i believe. 73degrees for your high in town. then for tonight, we'll see clear skies, cool conditions once again. your overnight low, 53 in town. i think many of you will be in the 40s during the nighttime hours. then your five-day forecast, it's a beaut. monday and tuesday, highs in the low 80s and upper 70s with sunshine but a few more clouds added in for those days. let's get an update on traffic. for that, we go for julie wright. >> we are back in business now as you are traveling around the capital beltway checking for the crash reported outer loop near route 50. we'll say an early good morning to the crew in sky fox.
5:49 am
i believe they are above 95 northbound headed around 32. we do have reports of accident activity there partially blocking that ramp. coming northbound this morning headed up towards bwi, that is where we have this accident activity. one car fully off the road into the woods. ambulance on the scene as well. this will be northbound i-95 near the exit for 32. so if you are traveling northbound, expect to be on the brakes as you travel out of jessup and continue northbound. southbound, you will find that all of your lanes are open. there is plenty of ask at this time here blocking this ramp from northbound i-59 to exit at 32. 95 itself remains open. let's pull up the camera at route 50, the john hanson highway. checking for accident activity here in you are traveling northbound 95, 495 out of landover. we'll keep you posted there. no incidents if you are traveling on the beltway and continuing in each direction at the wilson bridge.
5:50 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. thirty-two acts moved on while more than 100 others were sent home. to find the best of the best on the x factor, the junes put the finalists through a pretty tough boot camp. >> it is amazing talent and you can have a 59-year-old standing next to a 12-year-old and they're both in a of each other. then you have an r & b group going oh, my god and people are freaking out at the abundance of talent. it is amazing. >> the remaining 32 will now be narrowed down every yeek approximately one is named the hottest new act in the country. -- every week until one is named the hottest new act in the country. the capitals drop the puck on a new season tomorrow night
5:51 am
at the verizon center. dave ross is here with the preview with more on yesterday's star-studded event at the w hotel. plenty of local sports news coming up next. 
5:52 am
5:53 am
the redskins have a bye this weekend which is why it is even more of and honor to have dave ross in the studio even though there is no game this weekend. still a lot of work to be done. players get a chance to get a
5:54 am
for you rounds of golf in but then it is back to work. >> a lot of of guys sticking around the park. we did have some guys go home for their respective places but a lot of guys did stick around. it is still an off week but philadelphia will be in here next sunday before you know t we'll give a couple of grades real quick. we talked about this. >> i'm going to let you do it. >> we'll start off with good rex. >> well, you -- >> wit! there is good rex. >> we're grading on the curve here, aren't we? >> we are. this is really good rex. rex makes some throws that really elite quarterbacks make. when good rex shows up, he is a solid b plus. >> that is good? >> that is very good. we like rex at about a b plus. running game with ryan torain coming in last week, we'll give them a c plus because we didn't see enough of this early in the first four weeks. they can improve.
5:55 am
bad rex that you will see right here will get a d for decision making. so when you equal out good rex and bad rex so far through four games, we'll give him a solid c. a solid c. a lot of room for growth. >> i don't know if iened that grading scale, professor ross. >> i don't know if i do either. the defense there with brian orakpo, you get an a with seven sacks. that wasn't has been the redskins best unit so far. special teams get a c. the defense has been -- you can hang your hat on the defense right now. they've gone from being one of the worst units in the nfl to being one the best. >> when you are asaying when rex is good, he is not quite good enough but when he is bad, he is the worst. >> yes, very good, steve. >> overall, we'll give the team a b, 3-1. can't give them an a because they're not 4-0.
5:56 am
>> i go along with that. >> let's talk a little hockey. i know you're jazzed up. >> i'm ready. >> four years in a row, they've won the southeast division. >> how many stanley cups? >> none yet. >> that is the problem. >> but we've got a streak for you coming up. i'm going you out to the to talk to bruce buoyed owe. we'll talk about the expectation levels because around here, they are the team that we expect to win that. has not always been the case i don't do you find it strange that this is a franchise and this is a compliment to the franchise because they are expected to win during the regular soap but the bulk of the soap they made seemed to be solidify the play offpush. >> yes, absolutely. we'll find out. you can't play the playoff games in october. so we got to wait. that is a long process. we'll talk to the coach about that. it is not an easy process. fans have to be patient. you can't get the stanley cup now. we'll try to get it later. >> something else, we had a
5:57 am
little taste of this yesterday morning. you got a bigger taste of it. >> down at the w hotel, at press conferences, a lot of times they are not very polite. >> they are both so nice. they were so complimentary. >> there is no room for nice in boxing. >> but it was great. you don't see decorum and dignity. s that are not two d words used to associate with boxing. there is lamont peterson. we'll have him on the show next week. he said i saw amir was on your show, when am i going to come on? >> that fight will be peterson- ross. >> thank you, dave. we reach that very much. we'll send it back to mar even with more as fox 5 morning news continues. straight ahead at 6:00, we are talking movies. kevin mccarthy joins us with reviews of real steel and the ides of march. plus, we're checking your morning commute and your weather. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  [ speaking french ]
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