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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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game apiece. game three tomorrow night in st. louis. and game two of the alcs, rangers and tigers. tied at three in the bottom of the 11 and he hits the walk-off grand slam. rangers win 7-3. game three is in detroit tonight right here on fox 5. fox 5 morning news continues right now. now. let's take a look out right now at the beltway and see how things are moving. glad you are up early with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> i'm sarah simmons. you can feel some humidity out
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there. >> i'm with you. we're not talking august but the rain is coming. we looked at the ring last night around the moon. it is on the way. we'll show you the cloud cover moving on in. the rain showers will hold off for the morning commute most of today. much of today should be dry. this looks close but it will take the better part of 4 hours to get here. we still have high pressure blocking it to the south. either way, the cloud cover moving in will be a mostly cloudy day. all of this has to get to the north and east before we can clear things out of here. lots of clouds out there for your morning. comfortable temperatures for the kids headed out to the bus stop this morning. it will be a cooler day today. yesterday in the low 80s believe it or not. yeah, tony blew that temperature forecast yesterday. >> you're calling him out. >> i'm kidding. it was me who got it wrong.
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today, it will be in the low 70s. so 10 degrees cooler than yesterday i don't take your licks now. >> i know. >> it's your fault. >> i know. i know. >> let's say good morning to julie wright and found out about traffic. back to work today. >> back to work and back to school so we're finding out on the roads right now as overnight construction is in the process of being cleared. no incidents to report at the wilson bridge. traffic flowing freely in each intersection. beltway if you are traveling westbound from university boulevard headed over towards 270, overnight roadwork they had along the left side of the highway, late to clear. you will find that lanes are open northbound on 59 in virginia. no incidents to report leaving woodbridge headed up to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. prince george's county police are looking for suspects after a teenager was shot and killed in hillcrest heights.
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this happened around 7:00 last night. the 17-year-old victim was found near the steps of an apartment complex along iverson street. of his later pronounced dead at the hospital. the teen has not been identified. the former marine accused of firing shots at military buildings is due in court today on unrelated charges. jonathan maleku is scheduled to plead guilty in a larceny case in leesburg. he was arrested in june for firing shots at the pentagon aand the marine corps museum in quantico. he was spotted at arlington cemetery with a backpack. a victory for protesters camped out at freedom plaza actual the national park service is willing to grant them an extension. than could keep them there for months to come. stacy cohan has the details. >> reporter: there seems to be some confusion as to how this is playing out. park police did come out here
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yesterday to freedom plaza where the protesters have been set up since thursdays. we understand there was some sort of meeting between u.s. park police and these protesters. however, the permit is granted by the park service. we have no confirmation that they have agreed to grant a four-month extension. we are told that is how long it could last. we are told they came to some agreement that as long as the groups remained peaceful and other people were able to go on with their events, that everything would happen. that is what we've heard at the moment. that the protesters, as long as they share the space, they will be fine along with previously scheduled events. >> they recognize the first amendment rights that are involved here. i think they also understand that they too, the police, are being affected by these
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austerity cuts. so the police are not our enemy. >> reporter: there is another protest going on just a few blocks away at macpherson square and they have been permitted to stay there without any official permit as long as they remain under 500 people and remain peaceable. we are trying to reach the park service and the park police to clear up exactly what the situation is. as far as we know now, they are going to be allowed to stay. but we are waiting for some official word to exactly how the permitting process is worked and how long they are going to allow them to stay put. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. we continue to follow the developing story out of egypt this morning. the coptic christian church is calling for three days of fasting and prior to mourn thivity yaps killed in clashes on sunday. evening magazine incident's ruling party condemned the surge in violence as an attempt to undermine the state and is
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warning it will take action to safeguard peace. an arrest in a burglary that is almost 10 years old. carroll leach was arrested after dna evidence led investigators for him. they believe he broke into offices in silver spring back in january of 2002, attacked a woman inside, knocked her out and stole from the office. he is charged with burglary and assault. a virginia man married four times facing bigamy charges. court records show isaac costello married a woman in 20 two hundred, another in 2008 and another in 2009 and his fourth in virginia beach this past july. he has pleaded guilty so far to one count of bigamy. the same years who scaled the washington monument now have their sight set on the national cathedral. starting next week, they will be inspecting every stone in the cathedral's pinnacles looking for earthquake damage.
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they will be hanging by ropes, rappeling down the sides of the towers. workers monday continued to stabilize the structure for the work ahead. engineers say the inside of the building is sound and the cathedral reopens november 12th. the republican presidential candidates will debate in new hampshire tonight. all eight candidates will be on hand and this is the first one to focus solely on the economy and jobs. a pre-debate bloomberg "washington post" national poll off likely voters has mitt romney leading with 24%. herman cain with 16% and rick perry with 13%. new developments in the nba lockout but it is not positive. don't expect to see any wizards games any time soon. i don't the plumber now joe the candidate. details of his as prayings for serve in public office. stay with us. time is 5:07. ,
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president obama's jobs bill is expected to get a toast vote in the senate today though it is likely to fail. republicans oppose the new spending the bill calls for and
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the tax surcharge it wants to place on millionaires. senate democrats may break the legislation up into pieces and parts so multiple votes would be held that would repeatedly show the gop opposition. remember joe the plumber. he maps to run for congress now. he filed paperwork to republican as a republican. joe gained prominence during the 2008 presidential campaign. he spoke with then candidate barack obama during a campaign tour suggesting that obama's tax plan would result is in high are taxes for him. john mccain repeatedly referred to the exchange. the nba has now officially canceled the first two weeks of the regular season due to the ongoing lockout. two sides met for 13 hours the last couple of days but still far apart on virtually all issues. the league commission are says
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this virtually guarantees that an 82 game season will not be possible. the lazy of the city in the america. what do you do when you earn this distinction in we'll show you how one city reacted with a parade. we have clouds moving in and rain in the forecast, not so much today but later tonight and julie wright is in with a look at your on-time traffic coming up after the break.  [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be five times the national average. five times the interest! and free atms at any bank. show's over folks. make your way to capital one bank.
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what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah.
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let's take a look at traffic. a lot of folks there may be going to work a little later. its the city dubbed the laziest city in the usa mocking that.
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you can see the turnout. men's health magazine says lexington, kentucky is the least active. it featured a moving sofa with folks sitting around on it. the mayor says he doesn't believe that his city is the most sedentary although it does rank pretty high for childhood and overall obesity. >> do you think they rested the day after. >> think about the effort that it took to sit on that couch all day. >> i'm sure. >> you got to take some time off from your time off sometimes. >> good for them. >> yeah. what's going on? >> speaking of being lazy. >> what are you talking about? >> i feel lazy this morning. too tired for the forecast. i'm going to -- let's get right to it. temperatures right now. i'm very careful what i say this morning. i'm going to get in trouble. 63 at reagan national. 65 in annapolis. these temperatures comfortable but i think you will notice the humidity. that is on the increase out there. our dew point temperatures on the rise as we have some rain
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moving in from the south. 52 in frederick. very comfortable off to the south and west. 54 at the moment in martinsburg. 61 in fredericksburg. going to be a cooler day. yesterday, we blew the doors on our forecast. we were thinking upper 70s. we were in the low 80s yesterday. today will be in the throw mid- 70s so about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. i think you might need a jacket by later this afternoon. the rain really right here on our doorstep pushing through the carolinas up towards richmond t look like it is going to move in shortly but we have high pressure off to the north and our north and east and that will kind of of squash the rain showers at least temporarily to the south. eventually, this whole big shield of rain will move across the washington area. it will take another 18 to 24 hours to really move in. so a few showers in the forecast later this afternoon. i think it will be a mostly cloudy day today. just a few peeks of sunshine, a few showers later this afternoon and then tonight and during the day tomorrow particularly for the morning rush hour, the rain we'll start
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to move in. here is another look at it. let's do the futurecast together. here we are at 8:00 tonight, just a few showers off to the south and west. the system kind of spinning up to the north and to the north and west as it approaches. but as we call overriding, that warm tropical air will ride over the cool air. here we are tomorrow morning at 11:00. a good soaking rain for the day around here tomorrow before we get it out of here late tonight and early thursday. we could have a few showers left over on thursday before we clear it out. a few late showers possible. 73 is your daytime high with winds out of the north and about five miles per hour. cloudy tonight, rain develops overnight. 60 your overnight low. 69 your daytime high. 74 with a few showers on
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thursday. upper 60s on saturday. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. back to school and back to work. >> you will find the backup has improved traveling the top side of the beltway, the outer loop leave is new hampshire avenue towards university boulevard. we showed you the lippering construction that was still in place a few moments but that but that has since cleared and the pace has improved. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a father's promise for a tree house turning into a lesson in bureaucracy. before he left on his last deployment to iraq, mark grapin promised his two boys he would build a tree house. >> some county officials in falls church say it is a violation of zoning laws. laura evans has more. >> reporter: living out a childhood dream, eric and sean
5:20 am
grapin helped their father mark build this sturdy tree house. >> i built the tree house. i can't a prom toys my boys. >> reporter: something for them to look forward to when dad and army aviation specialist would return from iraq. it took $1,400 worth of materials, six week of hard labor and the boys even earned scout badged for their mast are piece. >> it fits in the neighborhood. it is part of raising children. it is what is expected in a single bedroom community. >> reporter: apparently, someone didn't expect it. appear anonymous complaint on the red tree house raiseed a red flag with the county zoning board. it is a violation of the zoning ordinance. >> i've got two huge maple trees and one is right in the middle of when we call the west yard. the county calls it another front yard and i called it a side yard. little did i know. >> reporter: he was told it is considered an addition to his
5:21 am
house. so it was rejected. now, he is appealing. >> you want to shake somebody's lap el and say get real. of all the things we have to worry about is the county bureaucracy. so as he did with building the tree house, mark grapin is looking at the battle with bureaucrats as another lesson for his boy. he says he will follow the law to try to make this work legally but he is going to put up a fight. >> it is a hard breaker. you hope that, at the end of the day, this is a happy end to this movie and john wayne gets to step up and kiss the girl, or at least go down the slide. >> the appeal hearing is november 30th, if the county says it has to come down, he says he will hire day laborers to take a saw to it. a classroom becomes an animal attraction but it is one that sends teachers screaming and puts the building on lockdown. find out what this is all about
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with we come back.
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tense moments inside this virginia elementary cool. class was just getting start when had an up expected visitor showed up. school was placed on lockdown until the visitor left. beth parker shows us what was
5:25 am
going on there. >> reporter: antietam elementary may be the home of the mustang but there was a deer on monday. >> there were two teachers in the classroom at the time who then screamed rather loudly because they were so surprised at what had happened. >> reporter: surprised because a deer had jumped through a classroom window. >> definitely a buck and thant hears were fairly large. >> reporter: take a look at this video from 8:15 monday morning and you can barely see the deer leap over the sidewalk and right through the window of an art classroom. he. >> destroyed the screen and jumped through the pane of glass. there were two kids in the troop. >> reporter: two teenages are left quickly and closed the door behind them. >> they stay in the room and close the door and that way we knew if the deer was running through the halls, he won able to hurt anyone. >> reporter: one of the thins they always work on in elementary school is learning
5:26 am
to follow instructions this deer did not though. take a look t says please leave this room in the condition you found it. >> it the deer was having trouble gaining traction on the floors. >> the deer jumped out the same window, paused and leapt over a bench. bus drivers and parents came running to help. now that everyone is safe, everyone is taking stock. >> we have a box thank youle that visits and a family of fox that lives in the woods. >> police called a few wakes ago to say neighbors had spoted a bear cub. >> that is where the bears were. >> reporter: they are noticing a pattern. >> the animals that have joined us on several occasions must feel that inclusion part. >> they feel welcome. >> yes, absolutely. we open our arms to all. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> the window that the deer
5:27 am
jumped through was right next to a classroom full of preschoolers. >> it looks like a nature preserve. >> a learning experience. we're continuing to follow the occupation protests here in washington and many other cities. >> good morning. we have fresh news out of boston. self arrests there early this morning. -- several arrests there early this morning. what is happening in our city? i'll have the latest coming up in a live report. tutututututut, you're always looking ahead... to what's next... to what's possible
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welcome back. tuesday, october 11th, taking a live look out there at d.c. this morning. you are going to notice it will be feeling kind of warm out there later on and possibly some rain coming our way. >> good morning to both of you. rain is certainly on the way. there might be a shower or two this afternoon but the bulk of this rain will be late tonight and during the day tomorrow. definitely changes in the forecast coming. let's take a look at hd radar. there is some rain well to the south across southern virginia, places like that. in the carolinas, along the coastal areas as well. as this system gets closer, we'll see the clouds that we've had yesterday move in. those will lower and thicken and then we'll get some rain coming through here. again, maybe a shower this
5:31 am
afternoon. i think most of you don't get that. but then the rain begins later on tonight and then through the day tomorrow. right now, reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 63 degrees. relative humidity is at 87%. our winds are currently out of the north at six miles per hour. forecast for today, more clouds today than we've seen, cooler than we were yesterday. look for highs in the low to mid-70s. again, maybe a passing shower in the afternoon and then rain late tonight. more details coming up in just a little bit. stay with us. >> not a bad day. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright to see how the traffic is this morning. >> we had some construct in place on the outer loop of the beltway near just boulevard. all of that activity has cleared. the roadway has been reopened. the pace not so bad leaving university boulevard headed over towards 270. 95, 259 in good shape coming in out of the west. lanes are open, volume increasing just a bit but no
5:32 am
incidents reported. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. prince george's county police investigating the death of a teenager in hillcrest heights. they say the 17-year-old was shot and killed around 7:00 last night. he was found near the steps of an apartment complex near iverson street and died at the hospital. the teen has not been identified. yet no word on any suspects or a motive. >> the former marine accused of firing shots at the pentagon and marine corps museum in quantico is due in court today on unrelated charges. jonathan maleku is charged in a series of vehicle break-ins. he was arrested in june for the shootings at military related buildings that. case is on hold for now. look like protests are taking over freedom plaza are not going anywhere any time soon. feds are expected to extend a grant to permit them to extend their stay there.
5:33 am
stacy cohan has the details. >> reporter: this is all this all happened. let me tell you about what most people are familiar with now and that is the protesters here in freedom plaza. they have been here since last week. they are calling themselves october 2011 stop the machine. their permit ran out yesterday. i'm told the police came down here to talk to them and said they would grant them an extension. that could be four months. yesterday was a government holiday and there was no permitting process available. we've called the perfect park service. it is our understanding at some point today the permit will be granted. there are som they want the protesters to remain peaceful and share the space with previously scheduled events. it would appear both sides seem satisfied overall. >> i was very surprised. i was expecting some sort of confrontation but it was very respectful. >> our political system, our economic system, it is all
5:34 am
stacked against us and in favor of the corporate interests and the wealthy elite. in boston, early this morning, 1:30 this morning, we are told as many as 100 people of occupy boston were arrested. there was a clash with police when they moved out of the say signed space for protesting and set up and moved farther into the greenway about 1:30 this morning. they were charged with trespassing. now, here is in washington, we do have another group protesting. i know it is hard to keep track of all of these, but another group, occupy d.c. separate from the witnesses here in freedom plaza. they are in macpherson square. all is well, they're staying put, small group, police are leaving them alone. that's it for now. we are following developing stories in egypt.
5:35 am
the coptic christian church calling for three days of fasting and prayer. church leaders say military rulers are not doing enough to protect them. at least 26 people were killed on sunday in the worst sectarian violence since the ouster of hosni mubarak in february. all eight of the republican presidential candidates will go head to head in another debate tonight. this latest debate being held in new hampshire which is the first primary state. it will focus solely on the economy. the candidates will be seated this time around. there is no podium. mitt romney leads in several pre-debate polls. herman cain has now surged into second place. the economy will be the be for us of tonight's debate and gop candidates may have some new ammunition to fire at the obama administration. a new report shows, while annual household income fell by 3% during the recession, conditions have gotten worse since the recovery began in june of 2009. household income has now fallen by almost 7%.
5:36 am
analysts say the high unemployment rate is partly to blame. >> many people to get a job, they have to take a job that perhaps involves a pay cut for them or it is in a did i have report line of work that they have to learn where they are starting at a lower level. >> analysts say another major drag on the economy is the u.s.'s mounting debt which has continued to grow over the past few years. >> the nba lockout now really beginning to take a toll. regular season games now being canceled. so how much of the season is going to be lost? that is coming up. coming up, an incredible survival story to share. a group of eight relatives including a small child cling to life after their fishing boat capsizes. hear how they stayed alive despite stinging jellyfish and hypothermia. what a big day it was on wall street yesterday, stocks surging on news that a long- term solution for europe's debt crisis is promised by the end
5:37 am
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♪ [ zack ] information is powerful, but it is how we use it that will define us. ♪ ♪ we're learning more about a terrifying ordeal we talked
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about yesterday for this florida family. four hours into a pushing trip, the rough waves flipped their boat over into the keys tossing eight people overboard. the victims including a little 4-year-old girl all clung to the overturned boat and a small cooler for 20 hours. an 80-year-old woman being held up by her son slipped under. he never resurfaced. the rest of the victims were taken to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. four men now under arrest for burglarizing and taxing amish couples in ohio. the four suspects are also amish. they are charged with breaking into amish households and cutting the beertdz off of amish men and charged with cutting off the hair of amish women. -- the beards off of amish men. no deal, no ball. that is the headline coming from the nba this morning. the first two weeks of the season have been canceled after
5:41 am
recent negotiates yielded no new agreement. a new collective bargaining agreement has failed to be reached between nba players and honers. >> sorry to report particularly for the thousands of people that depend on our industry for their livelihood that the first two weeks -- >> reporter: the seasons with set to begin on november 1st. the commissioner says no agreement is in sight. >> i think it is fair to say that we established the positions of the parties with complete certainty of where each stood and we remain really very, very far apart on virtually all issues. >> reporter: some say they saw this coming. >> so to be here at this point is disappointing in some ways but also as we've said all along, this is what we anticipated would probably happen and here we are. >> reporter: the nba players association president says the fans are the ones who will be
5:42 am
affected the most. >> this is a big blow obviously to our fans most importantly. you know, they don't have a voice in this fight so far but we hear them loud and clearly. they want basketball. we want to play basketball. >> the two sides expect to remain in contact but no additional formal talks have been scheduled. the cancellation marks the nba's first work stoppage since the 1998-99 season was reduced to 50 games. ainsley earhart, fox news. the question is to mail or to stream. >> it is one that netflix has a different answer to yet again. their latest about-face and what it means for you coming up. rain is on the way in the next 24 hours or so. we'll find out exactly when with tony joins us for the forecast and julie has the traffic update for your tuesday commute as well. i'm a curious seeker.
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take a look out over the horizon this morning. we'll see daylight in another hour and a half, tony? >> yeah, an hour and a half.
5:46 am
>> temperature will warm up a little bit today as well y if i recall correctly, sunrise is at 7:13 this morning. >> about an hour and a half. >> we'll have more clouds today than we've had during the last several days. we've got some changes on the way. so let's get right to it. i'll tell you all about that. we'll start with the current temperatures around the region. not a bad start to the day. 63degrees here in the nation's capital. out in annapolis, it is 64. in baltimore, 61 degrees. quantico at 63. dulles airport is at 60 degrees at this hour, cool are out to the west. winchester, 54. we expect to see some rain showers move in here. here is where the rain is. an area of low pressure moving in there. we were talking about this bringing some tropical air to portions of the southeast.
5:47 am
i think this radar overplays it a bit. i think there is more rain in southern virginia than there is in central virginia. we'll get a few rain showers in here this afternoon but the bulk. the rain overnight tonight into the rain -- but the bulk of the rain overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. the rain will be coming from the south. area of low pressure. this is area of low pressure will track to the east- northeast, move up the coast and then gradually out to sea and continue up the coast. but as it does, we'll get some of the rain pushing into our region and again, there is a chance of rain this afternoon, a couple of showers here and there. but for the most part, that rain hold off until tonight and then tomorrow during the day. here is your forecast then for today, becoming mostly cloudy. a few late showers are possible. we're looking for a high today about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 73degrees for your high today. for tonight, more clouds, rain develops late tonight or overnight. overnight low in town, 60
5:48 am
degrees. 50s for many of you. five-day forecast, we could have some soaking rains tomorrow through the area. maybe a couple of spots of heavy rain as well. 69 for your high t look like we dry out as we head into the weekend. temperatures lowering, 73 on friday. 68 for your high on saturday. now, let's get an update on this morning's rush hour traffic. here is julie wright with that. >> all right. checking out that ride on the outer loop of the beltway. we'll say good morning to the crew in sky fox working your way westbound 459 from new hampshire avenue headed over to university boulevard. our lanes are open once again. they have abeen busy doing some milling and repaving on both loops of the beltway. the outer loop, that is where you'll find the overnight roadwork. northbound i-95 in virginia, that is where we had the stalled car reported before the beltway. that has since moved on.
5:49 am
traffic volume building as you i don't recollect work your way north of newington headed -- as you work your way north of newington headed up to 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to a a consumer alert. net flick is reversing its decision to separate its dvd business from the online streaming business. customers will go back to using one account and the fees will stay the same. no word on what caused massive outages for blackberry customers. users across europe, the middle east and africa all lost service monday. a phone company in egypt says the problem was traced to computer servers in canada. e-mail has been restored.
5:50 am
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time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is lisa lewis and this is a photo of her four daughters, morgan, madison, deborah and victoria. lisa, have you a beautiful family. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5
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morning news and put the comment under lisa's lovely photo. dramatic win for the caps. the lions make it five in a row on monday night football and the nba officially losing some games now. the sports junkies join us from 106.7 the fan. >> h., steve. >> let's talk a little nba. these guys are not getting along. >> they are miles apart. i guess after the failed negotiations over last day or so, they decided to cancel the first two weeks and it is funny because nobody cares. with the nfl, they chance eled the hall of fame game and people were panic stricken. they canceled two weeks of the regular season and nobody cares. >> you have games canceled through november 14th. i would guess you won't see games until mid, maybe even late december right around christmas time unless they can get something done in the next few days. david stern is talking tough. he said every day that goes by, means we'll shorten more of the season. so it is not looking good. >> it could go bound beyond that.
5:55 am
i heard doug fisher who i guess is the president of the union say the players are prepared to miss the entire season so they're digging in. >> hopefully, they can help them to survive the season without getting paid. >> the nba players are historically so good with their money especially whether this is noncumming in. >> financial management, upper level class there. something that you don't expect is the detroit lions to be 5-0. to me, this means finally a reason to watch football on thanksgiving. >> and they play. you know who they play? green bay. >> the green bay packers. that is an amazing match-up for thanksgiving day. so all these people who have been complaining i have to watch the lions on thanksgiving, it finally pays off. >> there is the potential, i know it is way early, for both of those teams to be 10-0 when they meet. >> the year that calvin johnson is having. he now has nine touchdowns in five games.
5:56 am
he'll have over 20 touch downs at this pace. >> you have the lions at 5-0. and the bills at 4-0 and the redskins at 3-1. are they at an equal level of the bills and lions. >> i don't think they are in that class quite yet. i think defensively they might be. offensively, rex is still there. we know he is a jekyll and hyde kind of character. defensively, we are third in the heying in points allowed. i think that will be our calling card. the redskins will have to rely on the running game and they had you had shod do this this sunday against an eagles team who is 30th worst in the league against stopping a run. -- and they should do that this sunday against an eagles team who is 30th worst in the league against topping a run.
5:57 am
>> the washington capitals 2-2 in the overtime thrillers. off to a great start. >> we thought we would bring in the new goalie, he would be fantastic. very shaky through the first periods. very solid in overtime. >> he was shaky in the first three shows. one, opening night jitters is what i have to hope and two, this is probablyity first meaningful game he has played in his entire nhl career considering he played for the florida panthers and the national predators before they became a playoff team. now, they actually count. hopefully, he steadies himself after last night and is better going forward. >> he said after the game that he felt bad for his performance. the thing about it, i think we're microanalyzing it. it is a nice start but ultimately with the capitals team, it is all about how they do in the post-season. >> the first 82 games don't matter that much.
5:58 am
>> they get the penguins with next. the dirty awful pittsburgh penguins. >> i know how much you love them. we'll see you again tomorrow morning. >> we'll be right back. 
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