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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  October 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the game. still plenty ahead. weather, traffic, all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. now. take a look outside. happy halloween. some chilly fog out there. kind of scary. >> i'll tell you what was scary, seeing all of that snow eight all of a sudden. >> air right. a lot of it out of here. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm maureen umeh. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> blue ridge elementary school in jefferson county, west virginia, closed. no power out there. that is blue ridge elementary, jefferson county, virginia. no school today. >> the snow caught us all by surprise. >> no, it didn't. >> you guys were forecasting it but i guess i just didn't think it was going to be as much as it was at least near where i lived. >> okay. >> i'll just be quiet and let
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you do your thing. >> it was certainly fascinating. i was staring out the window probably for an hour or so just watching. october snow and it was coming down pretty good at times. it is out of here. we won't be dealing with that for a while. we are dealing with continuing cold temperatures this morning as we continue to have temperatures in the 20s and 30s. here is a look at our vipir. there are a few clouds out there. there is fog in some of the lower elevations an along the rivers and streams anded like. i know it is pretty thick right now along the american legion bridge. so fog out there this morning. allow a little extra time. temperatures across the region, it is cold. look at. this 37 degrees in washington. 30 in baltimore. 29 at dulles airport. we are we tee freezing mark in fredericksburg, 32 degrees. -- we at the freezing mark in fredericksburg, 32 degrees. it will be a cool day with
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highs in the 50s, mid-50s. and then for trick or treating time, those temperatures dropping down into the upper 40s. we'll have more about that coming up in just a little bit. stick with us. let's get a check of our traffic with julie wright. >> good morning to you all. tony is talking about the american legion bridge and a little bit of fog that we have out there to say the least. here is the live shot. as tony mentioned, we are dealing with fog here. lanes are open on both the inner and outer loop as you travel between fairfax and montgomery count you. northbound i-95, lanes open in both the express lanes and the main line as you travel northbound up towards 395 headed out towards duke street. no trouble spots reported. you will find lanes are open leaving manassas. about 65 miles per hour and leaving business 234 headed in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, a driver dies, another is flown for the hospital in critical condition
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after a late night crash in prince george's county. a red pickup truck and white suv collided near old alexander ferry road and malcolm road in clinton shortly before midnight. no word on who the victim is or how the crash happened. making headlines, almost three million people without power across the northeast after the nor'easter brought wasn'tery conditions from virginia up to maine. the storm killed 11 people. governors in four states declared states of emergency. it caused widespread travel delays on the road and passengers in new york stranded on three planes for more than seven hours. in new jersey, the governor said 6,000 people are still without power. >> all of a sudden, we heard the trees in the backyard just falling and all the branches around just falling. it was scary. >> it was as if the world were ending and everything was just slowly crashing down all around you. >> kids will be disappointed in the northeast as some parents are cabs eling trick or
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treating because of the freezing conditions and the power outages. the lululemon trial resumes today after chilling testimony friday. two employees from the apple store talked about hearing yelling and screaming the night of the killing. brittany norwood is charged in the brutal murder of her coworker jayna murray. ate machine accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving accident last year goes on trial today in prince william county. the 23-year-old is an illegal immigrant and he is facing up to 40 years in prison if convicted. bob barnard is live outside the courthouse in manassas. >> reporter: good morning to you. this trial was delayed since march but is expected to get under way here in manassas at 10:00 this morning. the victim in this case, sister denise mosier was killed in a crash in august of last year. she was 66 years old, a
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benedictine nun. charged with felony murder is a 23-year-old illegal immigrant from bolivia, carlos montano. he is accused of being drunk behind the wheel when his car crossed the center line and slammed into the car driven by sister denise. his illegal status was known to federal immigration officials but still, is he was able -- he was able to be free. >> what makes this case so especially tragic is it was preventible because this individual was an illegal immigrant. >> if by any chance she could have survived long enough to see him after she was injured, she would have said, carlos, i forgive you but please get some help. >> reporter: montano faces up to 40 years in prison if he is convicted. the two other nuns in the car with sister denise were
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critically injured but survived. the first degree murder trial gets under way here in manassas later this morning. in loudoun county, the sheriff's office will head out to keep sids away from sexual predators tonight. it is called operation porch light out. child sex offenders are legally required to turn off their porch lights and cannot answer the door for trick or treaters. depend does will visit their homes tonight to make sure they are following those rules. the #-year-old missing virginia boy could be going home from the hospital later today. search teams found little bobby wood friday afternoon about a mile from battlefield park where he was last seen. after spending almost a week lone in the woods, he was taken to the medical college of virginia where doctors say he was in relatively good condition. hundreds of maryland college students will get to live on a cruiseship. scherr moving in today. about 240 st. mary's college students had to move out of their dorms because of mold. they've been in hotels.
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>> interesting college experience. the unrest in syria getting worse this morning. details of the deadliest weekend there in more than half a year. details of what is due to happen tomorrow. we are checking more headlines next. [ man ] did we get a anything good?
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the war in libya over now. the head of nato says military operations will end tomorrow. last weekend, the new government declared all fighting ended following the capture and death of moammar ghadafi. now, one of these sons is stalking with the international criminal court for his surrender. in tripoli, libyans are tearing down the landmark compound belonging to the former leader. crews demolished the estate ghadafi once called home. new video shows men behind the wheel of bulldozers. they say they hoped to turn the area into an open space where all libyans can visit and be at peace. syria's president is threatening the west against any interference in the uprising in his country. he warned the middle east will burn in the west intervenes in the seven-month uprising. just this weekend, more than 60 protesters were killed. the protesters have been
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calling for a libya style no- fly zone but china and russia have been blocking any resolution at the united nations. 3,000 have been killed this year. get ready to pay more to drive on some local roads. up next, details of toll increases that will take effect tomorrow. debate over the alexander waterfront. why some are against development. coming up in just a few moments, latest on today's chilly start to the day but things will get better. julie wright is here. she'll tell us what is happening on the area roadways. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios.
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with 33 flavors all around a hundred calories, a swap a day adds up to amazing. now you can add some crunch to your creamy. yoplait light with granola. try it today. welcome back to fox 5 morning news. taking a live look outside at the washington monument, shaping up to be a pretty nice day today, if not a little bit chilly for the kids trick or international societying later on today. and welcome back. after more than four decades of service in washington, tourmow peel will take its final trip
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through the city today. the blue and white trolleys have been escorting tourists through town for 42 years. the company's web site says it will cease all tour operations today. no word on whether any other service will start hosting the guided tour. >> that is very sad. that is one of my first jobs. i did it for three summers during the college years and it was a great job. i loved it. >> probably met a lot of really great people. >> a great summer job, helping people out and everything. very sorry to see them go. >> let's hope something else replaces them equally as beneficial. >> i wonder if they would let me get on one of the buses today. ill love to do that. i probably still remember some of the stuff. you get into that mode and you just keep going. >> fun to do this morning. >> yeah. >> you need a heavy jacket. >> absolutely right. it is cold this morning. some of you have your temperatures in the 20s this morning so a chilly start. let's take a look. here are your weather headlines for the day.
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and i gave you the main one with the chilly temperatures that we've got out there. here we go through today. we get off to a cool start for the week. temperatures again below normal t will be dry and chilly for trick or treat time. temperatures in the 40s. i think the rain holds off until later tonight so i think most of the kids will be fine. we'll see a few showers develop late tonight and during the overnight hours. so you want to be prepared for that. then, for the latter part of the week, temperatures on the rise so those of you who thought -- i had people asking me over the weekend, is this it, are we in wintertime? no, we'll get back to temperatures in the 60s late are this week. current temperatures, 37 degrees here in washington. 30 in baltimore. dulles airport at a cold 29 degrees. 28 in gaithersburg. 27 in frederick. 28 in manassas. plenty of 20s out there off to the west this morning so a very cold start to the day. off to the south and east, leonardtown, you are at the freezing mark at 32 degrees. here is a look at the satellite-
5:17 am
radar composite. we have no precipitation in over us. we've had mostly clear skies overnight. during the course of the day, i think we'll see plenty of sunshine. our next weather maker is well down to the south. you don't quite see it on this map. a little bit of precipitation developing across florida. that is yet another coastal low that has formed. it will move up the coast but we think this one will move farther away so best chance of precipitation will be from the district to points south and east and that will be overnight tonight into tomorrow and it should be in the form of rain. so the forecast for today looked like this. early sun, some afternoon clouds. still a cool day. high, 56 degrees. that is about eight degree or so below normal. then for tonight, cloudy skies, showers possible overnight. 45degrees for your low overnight. five-day forecast, not a bad one. tomorrow, some early rain and then afternoon sun. 58degrees. wednesday, thursday and friday, check it out. temperatures around 60 or into
5:18 am
the low 60s with a good amount of sunshine each of those days. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. happy halloween. >> happy halloween! on the roads, you will find lanes are open traveling southbound on 95 and 295 coming out of laurel. southbound 270 in good shape. no problems to report out of germantown headed for the lane divide. accident activity reported along greenbelt road at goddard road. that puts it just west of good luck road. your lanes are open, no incidents to report right now coming in from the west off of 66. that is an easy commute for you guys as you work your way inbound leaving fair oaks headed in towards vienna and out towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you drive over bridges or through tunnels in maryland, you're going to have to pay more in tolls starting tomorrow. the chesapeake bay bridge toll
5:19 am
goes from $2.50 for $4. other bridges and tunnels around the state are also increasing tolls. in 20 debate continues over the alexandria waterfront. some say it needs more development but others who say wait a minute, development could hurt one of america's most historic areas. matt ackland is on the story. word walking down some treats in old town alexandria is like taking a trip back in time. gas lanterns, cobblestone streets, american history at every turn. >> our streets were designed by george washington and they are not designed for motor coaches or hotel traffic to get it our waterfront. >> reporter: boyd walker is one of many resident would gathered in old town sunday night fighting against a plan currently being considered for rezone and redevelop the water front area. the plan would bring new jobs, new businesses and new hotels
5:20 am
to the waterfront. but some worry that could expressway the historical value. >> the city council seems to be working to develop a plan that favors the developers and doesn't favor the history of alexandria. >> i'm taking it all in. i'm going to see if we can come to a compromise. >> reporter: council woman pepper has been on the council for years. >> the community is really divided. >> reporter: this issue is difficult being debated in a city committee. no decision has been made. this vocal group would like more parks, museums and no add traffic and they plan to continue their fight until they get what they want. >> i'm he going to read the new plan that the citizens for the alternative alexandria, what their plan is and see what we can do. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> the committee must decide on
5:21 am
a plan and it will send the recommendation to the city council for a vote. the birth of a child that the entire world is celebrating. we'll tell what you made it so special. stay with us.  [ speaking french ]
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celebrations all around the world. celebrations marking the birth of the world's seven billionth person. this is the picture of the baby born in the fill teens means overnight. just one of many symbolic seven billion babies to be born today. this is when the united nations says the planet will pass the milestone. the process of getting well takes a lot of time for the wounded warriors. >> they were on a farm in prince william county learning something called horse cutting and beth parker has the story. more exciting than six flags over texas. >> the wounded warrior cutting horse class being is competition these marines crave. melissa has served in iraq and
5:25 am
afghanistan. >> i lost a lot of my confidence being in a low for a long time and they've helped me like build this confidence up that i haven't had in such a long time and given me a really good adrenaline rush that i hadn't had any long time and i'm like smile prosecuting ear to ear. >> reporter: this skillful cutting back and forth didn't come easy. >> when i first got on the horse to start to trot, i was terrified. i thought i was going to fly off. i was like i don't think i going to even make it to the end of the week. >> reporter: not only did she make it, she came some second place in her category. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: most of these riders have spent very little time on a horse. >> yes, ma'am, we learned everything we knew this week. >> reporter: so when they are here in the arena, the goal is for the rider to separate one of the cows, isolate it from the herd. >> we go down to the herd and take one cow out of the herd. >> the judge knows you've accomplished the goal when the cow either stops or looks away.
5:26 am
in other words, the cow has given up. that is something marines don't do. >> they're tough. some of them don't know it when they get here but they remember when they leave. >> they joined the marines to be in the marines. the only problem is you're going to go fight and be first to fight. it is that spirit, of course, is what we want to keep alive, keep welsh keep it growing in the wounded warrior regiment. >> heading out there, you just forget about everything and you -- i don't know, you get that tunnel vision and you just go for it. >> i'm a cutting horse training in culpeper, virginia. >> reporter: he volunteers his time to help. >> this is a blast. and one thing working with the marines, you tell them one time and they listen. >> reporter: among those cheering, don york. he owns the lapped, the arena and the cows. >> did you hear melissa? hear her story how she had no confidence and it helped her
5:27 am
gain confidence. that is what we were hoping and it happened. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. a big story we are following. the october nor'easter bringing some parts of the northeast for a stand still. we'll get an update. underwater drug bust. seven tons of cocaine recovered from a submarine. that is ahead in about 13 minutes. stay with us. ♪ ♪ a couple years of up all night ♪ ♪ and a few thousand diapers later ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ he loves that little girl [ male announcer ] all her life, she's been coming toward you. now that she's driving, she's going the other way. ♪ there goes my life [ male announcer ] thanks to state farm's steer clear program, teens learn safer driving and parents gain peace of mind. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia,
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. taking a look outside. things moving along smoothly. what are we looking at? >> that is the wilson bridge. >> before we get to weather, before a school closing to pass along. >> blue ridge elementary school in jefferson county, west virginia is closed today. they don't have any power and they probably need to get the heaters cranked today. no school today. that is the only one we have so far. >> needing heaters because it is quite cold out there. >> especially out there. temperature perhaps in the low 20s in some areas out there. we've got our temperatures here in the upper 20s to the low 30s so it is a cold start to the day. let's start by taking a look at our sentinel radar. we've got nothing in the way of precipitation here. there is another batch of precipitation off to the west moving through portions of indiana, kentucky and ohio. we're not too concerned about that. we don't expect that to impact
5:31 am
our area. we are see something clouds pull into the region though. so we'll have some of that during the course of the day today. current temperatures, yeah, it is cold. reagan national, 37 degrees. dulles international 29 degrees. bwi marshall, 30 degrees at this hour. your day planner for today, a mix of clouds and sun. there will be clouds here and there during the course of the day but a good a sunshine. highs today in the mid-50s. not bad so we continue the snow melt. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, tony. let's get a check of our traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. >> good morning, you guys. it is getting busy out there on the roads. accident activity already reported for you guys traveling long greenbelt road at goddard drive west of good luck road. fire and rescue units responding in this area. eastern avenue at sheriff road in northeast, we do have reports of a structure fire. authorities are now checking for a acrash near old
5:32 am
georgetown road. heads up working your way around the curve. this is where we had the accident activity, outer loop at old georgetown road. if you are traveling in virginia along northbound 395, you will find lanes are open. easy commute leaving duke street headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headlines, the number of people without power across the northeast is now under three million. at least 11 people died in the storm and states of emergency were declared in new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts and parts of new york. a train from chicago to boston got stuck in massachusetts and airports are clogged with stranded passengers. a congressional committee says it cannot prove that suleiman brown was promise awed job in exchange for attacking mayor fenty during the 2010
5:33 am
mayor's race. there is a report due out today that allegedly concludes that brown and to receive money from people close to vince gray but committee investigators could not find any hard evidence of a job promise once gray went into office. the lululemon murder trial continues today. on friday, jurors heard testimony from two employees at the apple store next door. they talked about hearing yelling and screaming on the night of the killing. norwood's lawyer admits his client killed murray but said it happened during a fight and was not premeditated. ate man accused of killing a nun in a drunk driving accident last year goes on trial today in prince william county. the 23-year-old is an illegal immigrant. he faces up to 40 years from prison in convicted. bob barnard with more. >> reporter: this case still trust rates an angers prince william county official. they say sister denise mosier, a 66-year-old nun would still
5:34 am
be alive today if the man accuse of killing her in a drunk driving collision in august of last year had been deported to his native bolivia. 23-year-old carlos montano was in the u.s. illegally and allegedly driving drunk that sunday morning in bristow when his car slammed head on into the car with sister denise sleeping in the back seat. she was killed. two other nuns critically injured in the crash. >> we thought the federal government had deported him and they didn't. they simply released him and when they released him, they actually issued him an employment authorization card which he was able to get another driver's license with. >> reporter: carlos montano goes on trial here in manassas at 10:00 this morning. he faces up to 40 jurors in prison if convicted of felony murder. >> thank you. the loud occupy county sheriff's office will head out to keep kids away from sexual predators tonight. child sex offenders are legally required to turn off their
5:35 am
porch lights and cannot answer doors for trick or treaters. deputies and numbers of virginia department of corrections officers will visit their homes tonight to make sure they're following those rules. the little virginia boy missing from almost a week could go home from the hospital as early as tonight. 8-year-old bobby wood was found curled up in a creek bed about 20 miles north of richmond on friday afternoon. he is still recovering at vcu medical center where doctors say he is in good condition despite spending six days wandering alone in freezing cold temperatures and in the woods. to sports now for the first time this season, the redskins have a losing record. their offense turned ice cold up in canada as they took on the buffalo bills in toronto. theburg under you and gold suffered their third straight loss getting shut out 23-0. redskins managed just 178 yards of offense and 10 first downs. they are sacked nine times.
5:36 am
none of it good. the first for mike shanahan, first time that one of his teams has been shut out in the nfl. that goes back 18 years. fans are not happy. we spoke with a for you in bethesda. >> they suck. i can only go to this next week. >> i'm completely frustrated. >> apparently, we can't score a single point. make me feel like i shouldn't exist in life. >> but he has a caps hat on so there is hope. >> i can't believe it. good morning. hypothermia appear cain is on the offensive over his past. just ahead, claims of harrassment and settlement. also next, an explosion so big it could be felt across state lines. what happened at a grain elevator that has claimed several lives. we'll check headlines coming up. [ boy's voice ] hi, samantha.
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ahh, i don't think this is working out. [ male announcer ] get your own subway steak melt. like the steak & cheese -- layers of juicy steak and bubbly, melted cheese. subway. eat fresh. three men were killed and three others presumed dead after a massive blast at a grain elevator in kansas. the elevator filled with highly combustible grain dust at the end of the season.
5:40 am
recovery efforts are expected to resume today. herman cain on the defensive over alleged sexual harassment claims. it was reported yesterday that cain was accused of harassing two women while he was in charge of the national restaurant association in the 1990s. the women were reportedly paid five figure settlements to keep quiet about the claims. cain's campaign this morning says the report is not true and are simply unfair attacks. a massive drug bust in florida. seven tons of cocaine unload frayed ship in st. petersburg. the coast guard says it is evidence of an alarming new drug route from south america. this particular load came off a semi submersible vessel. an offensive deep freeze north of the border. up next, the redskins shut out, blanked by buffalo. >> another demoralizing losses for the burgundy and gold. where do they go from here? dave ross is up next. ♪
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remember last year? mick jagger joined us, keith richard. that is actually tony and tucker channeling mick and keith. this is last year, we did this. we've got a new one for you. you want to be watching at 6:40 this morning to see what tricks the entire morning news crew has come up with this year. >> that was awesome. >> i can't believe that is a year ago. >> time flies. i tell you what we weren't dealing with a year ago, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. >> go mick and keith. >> that's fine. you got less than an hour and we'll have more fun for you. >> we will. yes, it is cold out there today. here is the thing. most parents are wanting to know right now what about trick or treat time. we think it will be dry. there is a chance of rain but it is later in the night. so for the kids, they'll be fine. and but it will be chilly so it
5:45 am
will be one of those heaps where they have to wear their coat either under the costume or on top of the costume which sometimes defeats the purpose but you got to do what you got to do. >> exactly. >> we'll start with yesterday's high temperatures. our average high for this time year, 64 degrees, we're still below normal. 5 # at reagan national airport yesterday after a -- 5 # at reagan national airport after a high -- 55 at reagan national airport after a high in the 30s. current temperature, 37 degrees here in washington. 39 in annapolis. 30 in baltimore. but check out all these 20s. 28 in gaithersburg. 27 in frederick. dulles airport, 29 degrees. so a cold start. you will need a coat this morning as you head out the door. satellite-radar, here we go. this is a better image here. you can see this rainfall down
5:46 am
across florida. this is an area getting organized. it is another low pressure system that will move up the coast. the projection is this one will move farther out to sea. it will not do what the other coastal storm did on saturday t does bring us a chance of rain -- it does bring us a chance of rain but the best chance of that rain will be south and east of the district. so i would say from washington to points south and east and not until late tonight after 10:00 or so and maybe into tomorrow morning as well. the forecast for today looks like this. early sun, some afternoon clouds. we've got fog out there this morning in in places. no advisory but there is some dense fog out there. 56-degree for your daytime high. for tonight, cloudy skies, some showers possible late tonight and during the overnight hours. 45 for your overnight low so too warm for it to snow. and then your five-day forecast, we see improving conditions. 5 # tomorrow after some morning showers. wednesday, thursday, friday, highs in the low 60s with what looks to be a good a sunshine each of those days. that is a look at what is
5:47 am
happen with the weather. now, let's get you updated on traffic. we've got julie wright standing by with that. >> so in order to get candy, you got to say trick or treat. >> right. >> i didn't bring any candy with me. >> who doesn't bring candy on halloween. >> i thought others would have candy. >> is that what you say to the kids when they ring the doorbell. go next door, the neighbors have candy. >> freak the kids out. when you open the door, you say trick or treat first. >> accident activity involving one car involved in this crash and you will find it is on the eastbound side of the highway. police are on the scene. at this hour, veryling backup here but again be, police on the scene with this one car accident eastbound greenbelt road east of goddard drive. if you are making your commute on the outer loop of the
5:48 am
beltway, we do have accident activity reported near old georgetown road. no incidents to report right new on 359 at duke street. lanes are open continuing out to the 14th street bridge. in northeast washington, we received word now of a building fire that is tying up eastern avenue at sheriff drive. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. civilians run along side u.s. service members for the 36th annual marine corps marathon. it is the fisk largest marathon in the country, the ninth largest in the world. 27-year-old lieutenant chad ware of indiana was the first to cross the finish line in two hours and 19 minutes. a woman from turkey won the woman's division in two hours, 45 minutes. the known as the people's marathon as there is no prize money but many run are says just participating is prize enough. >> everyone that crossed the finish line, you start crying a little bit. >> first or last, it wouldn't
5:49 am
have mattered today. >> retired marine lance ware participated using a hand cycle. he says all of his fellow marines stationed throughout the course kept him going for the entire 26.2-mile stretch. when we come back, dave ross will break down what happened when the redskins right after this break. this br could have gotten me one. i did.
5:50 am
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michael o'brien, our facebook fan of the day. looking very lovely there. beautiful smile there, michael. we had almost a hundred people who asked us to be fan of the day today. michael was simply the lucky one. if you want to be the lucky one, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news and post a comment under michael's photo. this was the first shut joust coach shanahan's career. >> in the post-game, he said i think this is the first time ever that of a been shut out. they were all searching for answers. that was the golden egg so far for the redskins. they look terrible in pretty much every facet. defensively, they hung in there. i did like the gold pants.
5:53 am
>> i liked the uniforms. >> kind of like the university of maryland when they break out the uniforms. >> here is your guy, fred jack sob who had another monster game, 120 yards rushing. here is a tight end that i had never heard of, scott chandler with two touchdowns yesterday. here is the sad part. i was going up against this guy in fantasy football and he gets two touchdowns. >> stop doing that. >> i'm going to stop doing that. nine sacks. two short of a franchise high. they've come in with three sacks all high and get nine sacks. the offensive line i thought actually played okay against carolina. it wasn't great. yesterday, they were not existent. john beck's numbers, so tired of talking about numbers when it comes to our quarterbacks here in d.c. but it is not translating to wins no matter how you slice it. beck didn't have much of a chance back there yesterday. but they've got to put out a little bit better effort. that is what i think i would be
5:54 am
most disappointed with today. after the game, mike shanahan was asked if he was satisfied with this performance. >> you think i'm satisfied in we didn't score a point. obviously very disappointed in our execution but we'll go back and work on the execution. >> this is adversity. coach coach shan shan always talks to us about being -- coach shanahan always talks to us about being a team of character. >> i've never been in that situation before where we've been shut out. it is a tough one to take. >> it is on many levels. >> are you satisfied with getting shut out. please tell me lindsay didn't ask that question. >> no, it wasn't one of our people. >> the question was more a reference, you almost seem satisfied. do you think i'm satisfied? no, of course they're not satisfied. how can you be in a 23-0 whitewashing. the iceberg is dead ahead.
5:55 am
i hope they haven't struck the iceburg and the hull is now leaking. it doesn't appear this thing can be turned around. >> can the san francisco 49ers be the iceberg with the best record in the nf almost. >> john beck being sacked nine time and being harried and harassed. the body language wasn't good. this was late where you just get slammed down to the ground like a rag doll. all nine sacks are not on the offensive line. if you watch closely, some of them were boot legs and john gist held on to the ball too long. others, he had no chance. and nobody is making plays. special teams, not making any plays today. when the defense made a play, they couldn't do anything with it with the missed field goal. it is one of those days you want for forget but you can't. >> if it wasn't three weeks in in a row that you wanted to forget. >> i'll put more on the offensive line. if you go back since the bye
5:56 am
week, the three games, redskins running backs are averaging 40 yards a game. >> they are getting zero done. they were moving the ball with rex grossman and now it seems like nothing is happening. >> that puts more pressure on john beck. >> it does. here is the play we were talking about where orakpo comes up with a fumble here. you have a chance. 7-0, 14 minutes to go in the second quarter. they get stop and this happened. i think they said this has only been 10 blocked field goals in the nfl. fran coming in next week at 6- 16789 you wonder how they can get this thing turned around in a week. i get the unenviable position of going out to redskins park and talk to these guys about this performance. they're not happy. >> that makes us look forward
5:57 am
to what it is they're going to say and how you're going to survive. >> they've got to rally. of the beltway from the past is making its way back to your tv screen. oh, yeah, that the hit 90s fox comedy, in living color, is coming back with two half hour specials this morning. series creator will serve as host and executive producer for the new episodes. spent many nights watching those shows. straight ahead, all your top stories. we are checking your morning commute and weather. fox 5 morning news will be right back. back. 
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