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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> that was a cheap shot. i'm trying to be mvp. >> i see how you roll. we'll take a look at the washington monument. look at the date this morning. 11-11-11. good morning. happy friday. glad you are along with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> i don't know if i should be scared about that date or not. >> i think we should embrace it. >> it's all right. tony is with us. >> i think that's fine. it is probably good luck. >> i think so. lottery tick the time. >> if i recall it is 12-12-12 we have to be worried about. >> a whole year away. >> 13 months. let's take a look at our weather conditions around the region. put a coat on this morning. all get pneumonia out there. it is cold and windy.
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42degrees in washington. 40 in baltimore. 37 at dulles airport. 37 at one chester. skies are clearing after the rain yesterday. the moon is bright. it was so bright that, when i got in my car to come to work, i thought i was an hour late for work. i thought is the sun coming out already. >> i noticed it too. i saw it on the patio. >> here is a look at the satellite-radar. as the day progresses, we'll city a good amount of sunshine moving in here. it will be a different day today, i'll tell that you much. 42degrees just for a little bonus there. 62% humidity. here is your forecast. mostly sunny skies today. but blustery and cool. 52 for your high. check out the wind. they will be gusting up to 30 miles per hour. so it will feel like it is in the 40s. maybe even in the 30s for part of the day today. it is a chilly one definitely. >> and breezy. >> i know someone who is shaking in her boots right now. she's already complaining about how cold it is in there, julie wright. >> i'm telling you, a cold
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start to the morning. i wasn't really prepared for that. but on the way in to work, i will tell you this, the overnight construction on the beltway between connecticut avenue and georgia avenue has cleared. that is good news for you guys as you work your way on the eastbound side of 495, on 66, an easy commute coming in towards centreville. no problems to report. ments a federal holiday so we're anticipating lighter than usual traffic volumes out here on the roads this morning. if you are traveling along 59 and 395, you will -- 95 and 395, you will find light traffic volunteer up -- volumes there as well. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in the penn state sex scandal, it was quiet at penn state last night after thousands rioted wednesday night. upset after trustees fired head coach joe paterno, they broke windows, fliped a tv van, crashed with riot police who sprayed some with pepper spray. pennsylvania state governor tom
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corbett went to penn state yesterday to address the violence. >> knuckle heads, you have a passion? great. you want to demonstrate? great. you want to speak out? great. violence is a knucklehead. the meantime, the graduate student who reported seeing officerrer coordinator jerry sandusky sexually assault a boy in the shower is getting multiple threats. they say mike mcquery will not attend saturday's football game. now to a developing story. the search for kidnapped wash nationals player wilson ramos. authorities here and in venezuela are on the case. venezuelan intelligence confirmed yesterday that ramos was alive. the 4-year-old was abducted at gunpoint wednesday while in his home country. officials now say they have police sketches of two of the
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alleged kidnapper and the car he was allegedly abducted in has been found but no word from the suspects. >> at this point, they have not made any sort of contact with the family or the police. >> this is the first too many a major league player has been abducted in the south american country although other players' relatives have been held for ransom in the past. today, we honor our veterans and the senate has just passed a bill to help unemployed vets and government contractors. the legislation passed yesterday at a 59-0 vote. it would award tax credits to companies who hire disabled veterans and veterans who have been seeking jobs. house is expected to approve the bill next week and send it to president obama. the president's signature would make it the first fragment of his jobs package to be enacted. today, the president will honor veterans with a wreath laying ceremony. after that, the obamas leave
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for hawaii where the president is hosting the apec summitt. they will stop in san diego to attend the carrier classic college basketball game played on the deck of the u.s.s. carl vinson. more fallout over the mishandled remains of u.s. service members at drover air force base. defense secretary leon pan eight has order the secretary of the air force to reconsider his decision not it fire three supervisors at the military mortuary. but veterans groups say more needs to be done. sherry ly is live at arlington national cemetery with more. >> reporter: good morning. this is the second time in just over a year that the military has faceed a scandal over mishandled remains. the first time it was over burial mistakes here at arlington national cemetery and now the accusations surround dover air force base in delaware where america's war dead come home. the scathing report says that remains from those killed in
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afghanistan were lost twice and in one case, the arm bone of a dead marine was sawed off to fit into his uniform. the investigation by the office of special counsel began of 2010 t found air force morticians improperly disposed of unidentified body parts. some of those remains ended up in a virginia landfill. leon panetta has ordered an investigation into how the case was handled. >> to determine whether there are management reprisals that have been taken at dover against the whistle-blowers. this is a serious issue. as someone who voted for the whistle-blower legislation. >> reporter: the report called the mishandling of remains gross mismanagement. three people were disciplined for the mishandling of remains but no one was fired. that is the latest from
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arlington. steve and sarah, back to you. >> thank you. you know, laughter can often be the best medicine. that is what rick perry was hoping for. up next, the republican presidential candidate pokes fun at himself for his brain freeze. his reaction to wednesday night's debate blunder. a warning about what your kids are eating. no guidelines about cholesterol. stay with us. ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good?
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look for new guidelines soon about kid and cholesterol. a panel of medical experts will recommend this weekend that more children be screened for high cholesterol before he reach puberty. studies show more than 10% of children and teens have high cholesterol and half of those go on to have it as adults. governor rick perry in damage control mode now after he painfully forgot the third government agency he said he would cut during wednesday's cnbc debate in michigan. >> and i will tell you, it is three agencies of government when i get there that are gone, commerce, education and the -- what's the third one there. let's see.
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>> you need five. >> oh, five. >> commerce -- >> perry went on the cable channels yesterday trying to explain his slip-up and tells greta van soft rein rent he wanted to say he would get rid of government agencies. >> that was kind of what was going through my mind after my tongue finally engaged my mind. as a matter of fact, we're having a little bit of fun with it today and you can go for my web site, rick and give us some ideas or tell us which agency of government you would like to forget about. we've already had 2,000 hits on that site. >> in addition to doing damage control on the news shows, made fun of his blunder also on the david letterman show last night. >> number seven, i thought the debate was tonight. >> there you go. that happens to everybody. it was a mix-up, ladies and gentlemen. sure.
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snub six. >> hey, listen, you try concentrating with mitt romney smiling at you. that is one handsome dude. >> i know. i know exactly what you're talking about. >> governor perry is due to participate by the way in tomorrow's debate on foreign policy in south carolina. he will give it another whirl. >> new go. the drama of would will control the virginia state senate as apparently over. an update on who has conceded in one local race. that is ahead. let's check some with tony now. >> also, the latest on today's forecast. it will be a cooler one today. we'll tell you about that. julie wright is here to tell us what is happening on the area roads. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ck. 
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a memorial honoring d.c. veterans who died in world war i was rededicated on the national mall after 80 years.
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the memorial fell into disrepair but the federal government finally agreed to spend millions of dollars to restore it. now, there is debate. a bill has been proposed in congress to nationalize this memorial and district leaders say they will fight it. they say all veterans of the first world war should be honored. they believe the district should have its open memorial. >> either way they go, i'm glad they restored it. >> it looks very nice. >> it was kind of hidden away there. hope people will see it a little bit better now. >> it will be cold if you try to trek down there today. >> yeah, and there are outdoor activities today with veterans day. but here in the washington area, it certainly will be a breezy chilly day, certainly the coolest day we've had this week. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with your weather headlines for the day and i think i just gave it to you. it is veterans day and there will be a breezy chill today. those winds could gust up to 30 miles per hour. they are gusting up to 20 miles per hour right now so pretty
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windy day. all right. take a look. temperatures across the region, we are currently at 42 degrees here in washington. but look, a lot of 30s out there. 36 in gaithersburg. 39 at dulles airport. 39 in manassas. frederick, maryland at 37 degrees. more 40s off to the east. leonardtown, 41 degrees. 45 in cambridge. take a look at the sentinel satellite-radar. the rain that we had yesterday and that rain did fill in a little more than i thought it would, but still, we talked about showers yesterday and we indeed did get them through the day. they're gone. we do still have some clouds out there this morning but we will see gradual clearing. a lot of sunshine for us today but still breezy conditions behind that frontal boundary that came through. the forecast for today looks like this. mostly sunny skies, blustery and cool. your high well below normal.
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52degrees for your high. that's the degrees below normal. for tonight, clear skies. cold again. 37 for your overnight low in town. many of you in the low 30s tonight. five-day forecast, i think the weekend looks great. tomorrow, sunny, 60 or 61 degrees. that is pretty good. milder on sunday, 64 degrees. we've revised the forecast for monday. still mild but clouds and some rain showers and i think the same for tuesday at this point. before a little degree mark for monday but not any other day. that is what is happening with the weather. now, let's find out what is happening with traffic. here is julie wright. >> you got degree on monday. maybe a dollar sign on tuesday? >> i'll take that. >> 67. not much, it's a tank of gas but that will do it. lanes are open. no problems to report right now on the beltway trying to work your your way around from college park headed around towards 270. guys traveling inbound this
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morning working your way through germantown, well above speed here at about 64 to 62 miles per hour leaving 11 # headed out towards mva. no incidents to report along that stretch and with it being a federal holiday, we are anticipating lighter than usual volume out on the roads. no problems to report out of manassas eastbound on 66 as you travel from business 234 to fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. no more doubt about would will control the virginia state senate t will be in republican hands. district 17 democratickic incumbent ed houck has officially conceded the race. guilty of driving drunk in a crash that killed three of his friends, kevin coffay admitted his role in a crash back in may. he is facing decades behind bars. this tragedy affected dozens of lives in that tragedy.
5:20 am
it was an emotional day in court as can you imagine. roz plater has more on that. >> reporter: 20-year-old kevin coffay pleaded guilty in the horrific accident that skilled three of his friends. but there is little closure for the victims' relatives. >> it helps to see justice kind of being dealt in a sense but when i go home today, johnny is not going to be there. i'm not going to be able to call spencer. i'm not going to be able to see haley around. >> drunk driving is very serious. i hope the sentence conveys that. >> reporter: 3:00 a.m. may 15th, prosecutors say coffay was driving drunk when his car veered off olney laytonsville road and struck two trees and a utility pole. his friend, 18-year-old spencer and two others lay dead or dying. coffay climbed out of the wreckage and ran into the woods. police found him near his home three hours later. prosecutors say he had been at
5:21 am
two parties before the crash. >> he had beened not to drive. he was stumbling around at the last party before he got behind the wheel of the car. he was a .16 three hours after the accident. this young man never should have been behind the wheel of a car. >> mccarthy pleaded with parents to intervene if they come home and find kids have been drinking. >> don't put those young people out on the road. don't allow them to drive. take their keys. call their parents. do something that might have made the outcome in this case different than the outcome that wear dealing with here. >> reporter: coffay's neighbors say all four families' lives have been shattered. >> there is nothing that they can give him, nothing, that is going to be worse than what he is going through. i can promise you. he could get all 40 years and it won't be worse than what he has to live with on a day to day basis. >> coffay faces up to 40 years. sentencing is set for january 5th. a fight for supremacy at
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fight for your children, fight for your future! >> the gods and mortals duke it
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out in the new movie, immortals. kevin mccarthy talked with two of the lead character of that movie whose character are both determined to save the world from appear evil king. juror it was interesting with the movie is how your caches deal with what they're doing when you're under pressure. it kind of defines who your characters are. the pressure you are dealing with with the god and make sure they don't interfere with the humans. can you equate that to your real lives. there is a specific moment where you embrace the pressure that you are under. >> i think it is sink or swim. you either suck it up and deal with pressure or -- >> or it crushes you and then you lose. >> it is a hard business. there is no beating around the bush. you've got to have thick skin and you've got to be able to commit and work and have a lot of passion and keep your focus. but-- >> you've got to man up. you have u. face a lot of
5:26 am
disappointment and beat-downs and even when you think you're doing before the can you do, it is not working. you have to man up and deal with it and keep on going. >> if i ever find myself just hypothetically needing to lead a bunch of men into battle in my daily life. >> it happens. >> and i need to look cool doing it, give me some tips on how to do that appropriately. >> have you to have a muscle suit. >> i need eight-pack abs. >> get a megaphone. >> be passionate about it. get lost in it. if people are going to follow you into battle, they have to believe that you are committed. >> i'm afraid to like take a girl to see this movie. i'm like the skinniest fat guy on the planet. i have a keg, no six-pack. >> i heard that they said you got to go eight-pack. >> you got to to have that leanness. if you are not lean, your abs won't show. and the training has to be put
5:27 am
in. you've got to shed all the fat and keep the fat off and that is how you get the eight-pack. >> all right. kevin joins us live in our next hour with reviews of this weekend's new releases. steve, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead here on fox 5 morning news, your friday forecast. we'll take a look at the weather right through the weekend and the latest on the search for the kidnapped washington nationals baseball player. sherry? >> reporter: steve, mishandled remains of america's war dead. first, it happened here at arlington national cemetery. and now a new report has found similar problems at drover air force base in delaware. what happened to some up identified remains just ahead. 3q -- unidentified remains just ahead. prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. [ speaking french ] movie buffs!
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welcome back on this friday. taking a live look at reagan national. you could see the camera bouncing around a little bit. kind of breezy out there. >> in honor of 11-11-11, right now it is 11 degrees. >> no. >> it's cold. it is not that cold. so let's be happy about that. at someen point this winter, it will be 11 degrees. >> yes. >> not a bad start to the day. you will need a jacket. it will be quite breezy through the day today. here is a look at the current temperatures. we are at 42 degrees here in washington. not too bad. but it is rather breezy out
5:31 am
there. so it feels colder. maybe later we'll check out wind chills and see what those look like. >> just for fun. >> yeah! 33 in annapolis. out to the west, temperature in the 30s. winchester, virginia, 37 degrees at this hour. let's open this up, show you the temperatures across the mid- atlantic and the northeast. 32 up in bring hampton, new york. 35 in new york city. raleigh, north carolina, 38 degrees. here is a look at the next map and what it is is the september nell satellite-radar t shows you that the rain that came through is out of here and the clouds -- we've got clearing skies right now for the most part. that is a nice thing. and we'll see plenty of sunshine today. the forecast for today, mostly sunny, breezy and cool. those wind could gust up to 30 miles per hour. look if a high today in town of about 52 degrees. that is the latest on the
5:32 am
weather. >> a little breezy. thank you, tony. >> let's check in with julie and see how traffic is. >> is it safe to come out. i heard somebody say 11 degrees. >> don't panic. we're not there yet. >> i crawled under the desk with the space heater at that point. our producer calvin is going one minute, i'm like forget it. we are anticipating lighter than usual volume for this veterans day so do keep that in mind. 395 look good. no problems leaving duke street headed up and across the 14th street bridge. hov rules will be lifted in virginia on 59 and 395 as well as out on 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. now to a developing story. the search for kidnapped washington nationals player wilson ramos. authorities here and in
5:33 am
venezuela are on the case. venezuelan intelligence confirmed yesterday that ramos is alive. the 24-year-old was abducted at gunpoint wednesday while in his home country. officials now say they have police sketches of two of the alleged kidnappers and the car he was allegedly abducted in has been found but no word from the suspects. >> at this point, they have not made any sort of contact with the family or the police. >> reporter: this is the first time a major league player has been in the country. pep pep governor said he supported axs by penn state trustees to oust the football coach, joe paterno. students are blaming the media saying coach paterno is becoming a scapegoat. the graduate student who told the coach about seeing former
5:34 am
defensive coordinator jerry sandusky raping a child in the team shower is getting threats against his life now. mike mcquery, former penn state quarterback, now wide receivers coach. because of the threats, penn state says mcquery will not be at saturday's home football game against nebraska. along with his job as head coach, joe paterno may lose a shot at the prestigious medal of honor from the white house. the nation today honors its veterans and the senate has just passed a bill to help unemployed vets and government contractors. the legislation passed yesterday in a 59-0 vote. the house is expected to
5:35 am
approve the bill and then send it to president barack obama. the president's signature would make it the first fragment of his jobs package to be enacted. president obama also heading to hawaii later on tonight to host this weekend's apec summitt of world leaders. the forum brings together all countries bordering on the pacific. treasury secretary tim geithner is already in honolulu meeting with financial chiefs of all 21 doesn't ruse and says they are promise to do whatever it take to stop europe's debt crisis from spreading. more fallout over the mishandled remains of u.s. service member at drover air force base. leon panetta said the families tea serve an apology. -- deserve an apology. veterans groups say more needs to be done. sherry ly is at arlington national cemetery can more. >> reporter: that investigation into mishandled remains at dover air force base in delaware began last year.
5:36 am
it is eerily similar to the burial mistakes found here at arlington national cemetery. three whistle blowers reported the problems at dover and some unidentified remains ended up in a landfill in virginia. dover air force base is where america's war dead are brought home. a scathing report now says that bad handling of remains has dishonored though who gave their lives. parts of bodies were unidentified, improp her i disposed of by air force morticians in landfills. three people were punished but no one was fired over what the report called gross mismanagement. secretary of defense leon pan eight said additional probes are under way. >> all americans including myself are justifiably disturbed. >> we are not going to stand for this. we are not going to allow this to exist. we have to do it better. it has to be corrected. >> reporter: the report found
5:37 am
that body parts from those killed in afghanistan were lost twice. it also found in that report that the arm bone of a dead marine was sawed off so that he could fit into his upform. that is the latest at arlington. back to you. roam will honor the nation's veterans today by laying a wreath at arlington. the first lady will also be there. the ceremony starts at 11:00 this morning. a question from a constituent leads to one very ticked-off congressman. that is coming up next. >> i am tired of hearing that crap. i am tired of hearing that crap. too many people don't listen. >> what was it that got him all riled up? we'll find out coming up after the break. world markets are reacting positive to signs of progress. the dow and nasdaq were up in the thursday trading. today in asia, markets were
5:38 am
mostly higher. the nikkei saw a slight gain. we're back in a moment. t is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh. could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin's new smokehouse sausage breakfast sandwich with sausage from hillshire farm.
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more than four decades after the watergate scandal, we are getting new details on some of the secret testimony. national archives and the nixon
5:41 am
presidential library released new trns craipts of nixon testifying about the 1 1/2 minute gap in the white house tapes. president nixon claimed it was an accident that a conversation with his chief of staff was erased. an illinois congressman is admitting he got a bit too passionate during his meeting with constituents. >> don't blame banks and don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in right now. i am tired of hearing that crap. i am tired of hearing that crap. >> avoiding the situation and giving money to people when they know they couldn't afford it. >> there are already mechanisms in place. too many don't listen. >> walsh also threatened to have another constituent removed from the meeting if he didn't stop talking. walsh claims he apoll yankeesed for the woman for getting too passionate in the debate. >> passionate. okay. the washington redskins are
5:42 am
getting set to head south. the showdown with john beck's former team, the miami dolphins. >> are they going to find sunshine? are they going to find another loss? both? who knows. dave ross is up with our friday trouble fast. we'll also check weather and traffic so stay with us. us. 
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we take a look out over the city. the skyline of the city. as much of a skyline as we have in washington. it's monuments. you have the washington monument on the right, the capitol on the left and a whole lot of great stuff in between. >> it is a little chilly out there this morning. >> yes, it is i want to take a quick second. i had to take my son to children's hospital yesterday. he is fine. almost everyone at that hospital watches our show. thank you all for all the nice comments. thank you for the amazing work that you do. it is great. >> we cannot argue with that at all. >> great job. >> let's take a look at what is going on with our weather. we have temperatures that are cold. many of you are in the 30s. we have agot some 40s out to
5:46 am
the east. we are at 4 # degree here in washington. quantico is at 40. annapolis, 43. but check it out, frederick, maryland. 37degrees up in hagerstown. dulles is at 39 degrees. manassas is at 39 degrees as well. -- we are at 42 degrees here in washington. i keep doing stuff before the map comes up. there you go. as i said a moment ago, 20-mile per hour wind gusts here in d.c. 23-mile per hour gusts at dulles airport. 21 in baltimore. 18 in gaithersburg. these winds could gust higher later on today up to around 30 miles per hour. it will be a blustery kind of day, a chilly day too. here' look at the surface map. here is what is going on. that frontal boundary. that has come through. it is out of here. that is what brought the rain. that is what has brought in the cooler temperatures, the windy conditions behind that front and check it out. some lake effect snow is going to fall today across portions
5:47 am
of new york and pennsylvania, even into western maryland it is certainly a possibility. forecast for us looks like this. mostly sunny skies. blustery and cool. 52degrees for your high today. there are your wind gusts. for tonight, another cold night under clear skies. your overnight low, 37 degrees. some of you will be in the low 30s. five-day forecast, weekend looks good. saturday, sunny and 61. that is not bad. sunday, even better. 64degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. monday, clouds roll in. we'll have mild temperatures. we will have some rain showers in owl likelihood and more showers on tuesday as well. now, let's got an update on traffic. for that, we go to the lovely and talented julie wright. >> that's best you got? we've been using that one for years. the extraordinary. >> the extraordinary. energetic. >> the hot pants wearing julie wright.
5:48 am
>> all right. time for traffic, folks. >> that is what she was wearing yesterday, folks. but she doesn't want me to tell you that. >> all right the. on the beltway this morning, we have lanes open as you work your way across the american legion bridge headed out towards tysons corner. no problems reported northbound on 359 leaving strike duke street headed out to the people. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. >> are a different shade of tan, julie. >> metro trains are on a saturday schedule today because it is vet raps day. the hours still 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. but trains will run less frequently than on a normal weekday. four green line strains are closed for track work. free shuttle buses will run between those stations. it is friday morning. even though it is 54, never too early to talk a little football. dave ross with us bright and early to talk about the redskin. so the redskins are going down
5:49 am
to miami. they are playing a team that has one win on the season. yet the doll phipps are favored in this game. they are not just getting the home field extra points, they are getting a little extra. that means those who make these picks and set these odds really think miami is going to win this game. >> you get three points for home field and they are getting the extra point. they are saying on a neutral field, miami is one point better than the redskins. miami hadn't won anything until last week. they did go for kansas city and get the first one. two ways to look at it. that is good they get the first one so they won't be so pressured this sunday. or bad because now it is a confident football team. they did look pretty proficient. two week ago, they played well against the giant. we don't know how good or bad they are. we note redskins have been struggling. i talked to john beck on monday. we always like to do this after i game.
5:50 am
it is an impromptu press conference that he held. he normally does not speak to quarterbacks on monday. he chose to speak to us again on monday. i asked him again about resolve. we'll talk about that stuff this hour. he has been turning it over a lot. and the defensive coordinator told us no matter how many times the offense puts us in a bad spot, we have to do a better job of stopping the opposition. >> nothing is smooth sailing for 60 minutes in the nf there. it doesn't work that wai. when bad happens, best thing to do is turn it into good inform something happens bad, there is a turnover, stop them, make them kick a field goal. stop them be get the ball back. that is the only thing you can control. >> they are trying to get the offense and defense are at odds in the locker room. they are not. here is what we talked about last week with the dolphin getting that first win in kansas city and then again plays pretty well against other nfc east teams if you want to look at it from a litmus test
5:51 am
standpoint. i still believe, because when i talk to these guys in the locker room, they are not fractured that i think this week, they will go down. i've felt in the last couple of week and i have avenue been dead wrong. but i think they will get a win against miami. >> the last couple of week when they played the teams, each team has one marquee player. miami doesn't really have that. does that make them a tougher team to play. >> they ran reggie bush a lot last week. that surprised us. he has been kind of a scat back, punt runner, a specialist if you will. they do have one big-time guy with brandon marshal. he is a beast. d-hall loves the challenge. they will have one this week. matt moore, the quarterback, who is a backup himself, they've got some backup quarterbacks. when youpaper, they don't scare anybody at 1- 7. i don't think they should scare the redskins.
5:52 am
yes, it is on the road. it won't be a raucous crowd down there in miami. they all don't go to the football games. i think they can go down there and get a road win. they got a tough road win in st. louis. i know people laughed at that then. and they said st. louis is terrible. we've seen they've since beat the saints at home. when i walked in here, i get my normal reception. i got booed from tucker barnes. >> did you pick against the ravens. >> we did our revisionist history picks for the super bowl this year i didn't pick his ravens. at the beginning of the year, i picked san diego. they played again last night. they are a train wreck on wheels. carson palmer and the raiders got them last night. >> who wasn't even in football when you picked them. >> he comes off the couch and throws for two touchdowns and
5:53 am
they beat staying. fill-- san diego. >> rex grossman can't get a job anymore because of the picks. it is a train wreck out there. >> super bowl, you've vie describessed to -- >> i revised it to new england and green bay. i had green bay but the afc is a crap shoot. i'm not going to pick the ravens until they can beat the steeleers in january and they will make me a believer. how about some wild turkeys could they be revolting against thanksgiving? a rather interesting scene unfolding up in dave ross' hood in new york. $5 buys you $10 worth of treats at br frozen custard and sweets in woodbridge. can you not go wrong with that. can you get fudge or chocolate. to get in on this one, go to and look for the my fox half off link on the right side of the opinion. ion.   - - side of the page.
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. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day and it is fee open amaidy and i am assuming this is the picture of her lovely dog. she says thank you to those who protect our way of life. i certainly agree. some wild turkeys may be protesting thanksgivingle they are invading a neighborhood in staten island, new york this.
5:57 am
started about 1 years ago when someone apparently released their pet turkey into the nearby field and they started multiplying. >> neighbors say they are continuing to go in numbers and become more aggressive. they have some residents afraid for go outside. >> my niece once was down on sea view avenue parking and they literally surrounded her car. she couldn't get out of her car. >> they don't bother me. they come, they eat the cat food. they come, they poop on the lawn. it is part of nature. this is why i love living here. >> the state agency responsible for controlling the turkeys says the community is divided over what to do. >> some of those turkeys may go missing now that people know about them. let's hope not. plenty ahead. all of your top stories plus weather and traffic. fox 5 morning news will be right back on this friday.  big! big.
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