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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  November 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and a ponzi scheme here in the drum ya. how he got people to turn over their money. and we start with a d.c. protest that sent hundreds of people to jail. >> dozens of people showed up to turn an abandoned building. >> reporter: we are on k street after franklin school here after what was a very tense scene. police wrapped up a floor did i it floor search of this building where they discovered two more people bringing to 13 the number of people arrested. >> this attempted takeover was contentious at time. the group is free franklin
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d.c., local activists inspired by the occupy d.c. movement. they want the city to restore the franklin building as a homeless shelter. they said it former madian fenty shut it down in 2008. now, supporters say that the homeless activists say they have a point. >> we are right on the cusp of high yo thermia. you see hundreds and hundreds of homeless people getting different services not from the city but churches and charities that don't have the resources to fully meeted need of this needy population. right now, we have community space lying empty that should be used for the public good. >> there ace shelter knee st. elizabeth hospital 801 east but that's really far from the services that they need and the support that they don't have. >> reporter: the activists who were arrested and their supporters vowed this is not the last we've heard from them. he want the community to decide what should happen to the old
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franklin building. to that end, they are calling for a meeting with the community with the asbury church. no word back yet from the mayor. we put a call in to see what city's plans are for this building. it has been empty for about three years or so. >> the story is not over yet. thank you. [ screams ] >> close your eyes. >> a man in a law enforcement uniform pepper said occupy demonstrators in davis, california. amateur video showed him shaking his spray can while pro terses refused to evacuate. the head of the police said that officers had to use the spray pause pro terses surrounded them. the school chancellor said she'll evacuate the incident. a warning is going out to shoppers tonight.
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a woman today at tysons ii was carjacked. >> this carjacking happened at 1:30 in the parking lot outside neiman marcus. a 59-year-old who thought she was a good samaritan ended up losing her car to a very bold she have. >> the victim had just pulled into the parking lot outside neiman marcus when she was approached by a young woman who said she ran out of gas and needed help. as the good samaritan drove her to a gas station, the woman pulled out a knife and told her to get out and took her car. >> while the woman was not hurt, she is is very distraught. she was trying to be a good samaritan. >> the suspect was described as white female, between 20 to 25
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years old, 5'5", medium build. >> the young woman was none descript. there was nothing unusual, no accent. she looked just like anyone else, didn't appear to have any problems or issues, was very calm. >> reporter: the carjacker forced the woman out of her vehicle at old courthouse road and route123. she is now driving her silver four-door acura. >> this is en extremely rare occurrence. we don't have things like this typically so we are hopeful that someone will have information and will be able to make an arrest in this case. >> police are advising busy shoppers to be on guard, especially in parking lots and if someone you don't know approaches your vehicle, they suggest that you stay inside your car and keep the doors locked. thinking about that carjacker, she told the victim she is a college student. if you know anything about this crime or spot that acura, police want to hear from you.
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>> audrey, thank you. a bethesda man and some of his family and friends are accused of operating a multimillion dollar ponzi scheme in our area. the securities and exchange commission said that the investment groups gathered middle class people with little or no investing experience and assured them that the investments were low risk with high return. the company operated out of an office in northwest d.c the company defrauded 130 investors of more than $27 million. >> if it's too good to be true, there is. there is no such thing as 20% return with no risk. risk and reward always go together. >> the companies shut down last year. the fcc is trying to look -- the sec is looking for an injunction trying to shut down the company and looking for fines which could reach into the millions
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millions. the ncaa is investigating the penn state sex scandal. >> reporter: financial records showed penn state unfortunate receiving almost a quarter of a million dollar from the second mile charity. this according to fox that charity founded by jerry sandusky. the funding coming years after the accused child molester was banned from entering the facilities on the main campus. he organized football sleepover. even after the second mile severed ties with the disgraced coach. allegations sandusky sexual by abused children go back to at least the late 1990s. so far, eight accusers have come forward. sandusky maintains his innocence. the county's child advocacy center now in high demand. >> people who are wondering if something might have happened to their child are now having the courage to pick up the
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phone and call. we are also seeing four times over calls by adult survivors that we never got before. >> reporter: the unfortunate wants to see if penn state broke any rule. former football coach joe paterno who had his name scraped from the big 10 tight last week has now been diagnosed with form of lung cancer. his son scott told us about the no nonsense reply he got from his feamplet. he waived me off. he said, don't bug me. he has a tendency to minimize things but he will be fine. >> reporter: the second mile charity faces an uncertain future. the president of the charity said that there is a chance that the children in his program may have to be placed in other charities the super committee has only three work days left to come up with the deal on the deficit or automatic spending cuts kick in starting 2013. it could mean an uptick in
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interest rates. >> republicans on the super committee held a conference call this morning, trying to figure out what their next step in as wednesday's deadline for a deficit deal gets closer and closer. and president obama who called the two super committee cochairs as he was heading out of town last week has not talked to them since. >> he has not made any other calls to leaders of congress, but he is obviously in regular contact with his staff in washington, including those who are monitoring the super committee's progress >> reporter: the six democrats and six republicans are trying to reduce the deficit over ten years. republicans say that they cannot get democrats to agree to enough cuts. >> we have identified sensible reduction. but in the face of intense
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democratic objections, we scaled our pro poe paul back to $750 billion, less than 2% than what our government is projected to spend >> but democrats such as john kerry says that the divide is over tax hikes for the rich. >> to have something on the table that does not ask the country's wealthiest to help in it is unconscionable. the committee is required by law to make its plan public and submit its plan to the congressional budget office 48 hours before its vote. that pushes the deadline for a deal to this coming monday. in washington, molly hannenberg. a programming note now. we intended to bring you a story about a soldier surprising his local family but the story has not happened yet. >> apparently, there are some travel delays going on there. as soon as we are able to get that story to you, whenever it does happen, we'll share the details with you.
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speaking of traveling, hitting the roads for thanksgiving this year? >> we have tips to keep you stress free, where you are heading to grand ma's house in a car on or a plane. there is one big name kaint dade who is skipping the iowa event. all that coming up right here on fox 5. 
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>> tampa is getting ready for hosting the big gig next year, the republican national convention. and they have put up more money that will pay for cameras, security, cameras and canine. one of the those candidates, newt gingrich, got a big round of applause after making a very controversial statement about the occupy wall street movement. listen to what he said during a thanksgiving family forum in
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iowa tonight. >> they take over a public park they didn't pay for to go nearby to use bathrooms they didn't pay for, to beg for food from complexes that they don't want to pay for, to obstruct the people who go to work who go to work. you say something simple to them, go get a job after you take a bath. that was the reaction you heard. gingrich was joined at the forum by herman cain, rick perry, ron paul, michele bachmann and rick santorum. mitt romney and jon huntsman did not attend. >> libya's foreign minister says that muammar qaddafi's son will face a trial. he wants to make sure that al islam receives a fair trial.
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iran's official news agency that is that the nation has started a four-day military exercise against the afghan border. the obama administration is calling for sanctions that would cripple any nuclear plan. the u.n. voted for sanctions. justin timber lake went to a marine ball in richmond. and this week, it is his do. star, mila kunis. it is always a special nights for the marine corps but it seemed like it was a very special night for kunis as well. >> she's going to get a chance to learn about the marine corps and we're all going to have a great time celebrating the marine corps birthday >> it's good that she gets to come over with a marine, you
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know. that's good for her, you know. >> kunis was escorted bizarre justice department scott moore who recently returned from afghanistan. you can see them pulling up on their suv but nocameras were allowed on the dance floor. thanksgiving is less than a week away and it seems a lot more people geared up to hit the road. what can we expect on the busiest travel day always great to see you. good to be here. >> this is the busiest travel day in four years, it is expected. why? >> i think the economy has started to turn around and there is a lot of pent-up demand. now that the economy is looking a little better at least, they say, this is the year. let's go visit family, get out of down. as a result, we are seeing travel, we are projecting, going to be up about 4%. that means over a mill
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washingtonians will be heading out of time. >> that was going to be my question, how many people are hitting the road? what is the preferred mode? >> overwhelmingly on the road. 92% of that million folks will be on the road. over 900,000 folks will be taking to the road in the washington metropolitan area alone. >> reporter: any tips to make it easier to hit the road? seems like we have opinion out of practice because of the tough economy last year. >> that's true. know that there are going to be a lots of travelers. airfare is up, too. whether you are going to the airport to train stations, whether you are hitting the road, you're going to have an awful lot of company. plan ahead. make sure that you are going by rail or by air, that you allow plenty of extra time and certainly, if you are hitting the road, you're going to have an awful lot of company with you. so, plan to have, you -- you know, plan to allow time. don't put your self on a tight budget that might make you want to speed down the road.
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exactly. >> there are going to be so many people out there with you. >> reporter: what are gas prices doing right now? >> one of the things that's surprising is that all this travel is up even though gas prices are realy way up right now. they are averaging about $3.40 right now. that's over 50 cents more per gallon than last year. but even though, we are still seeing about a 4% increase in travel. >> reporter: are you thinking that this increase of travel will continue into christmas and the new year or just a one- time thing for thanksgiving? >> no, i really do think we're going to see an increase in traveling through the entire holiday period because everything is up. air travel is up. car travel is up. i think that bodes well for the holiday season. >> lon anderson with aaa mid- atlantic, always a pleasure to have you with us. >> thank you. >> you have a safe travel back home tonight. >> thank you so much. >> gas prices just totally
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nuts. i put 20 bucks on the way to work. did nothing: i know. did nothing. >> fairly sick job. are there cougars in d.c.? we mean the four-legged kind? we'll speak to an expert about the likelihood of a big cat clearing our city and police are investigating the robberies at two local colleges. could they be related?
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it's not likely but it is possible. that's what zoo officials say about a possible sighting of a big cat. a residents reported seeing it. a see official explains how that could have happened? >> it could have come from one of two places. could have been captive cougar.
10:23 pm
there are some in captivity or a wild animal that traveled across the country like the one in connecticut did. >> cougars have not been native to this area in at least 30 years. it's possible that the witness was mistaken but if it is a cougar, the zoo wants proof. they want to be able to track its movement and send it back to where it could be. we are not the only one with a wild animal scare. look by, suburban atlanta seeing black bears. fewer people are shooting the black best illegally. so there are more of they will around. but there are some things that you can do. >> bear behavior is tied to human behavior. make these nonnatural human provided food available to bears, woe would have very little problems. >> as long as you keep the distance from the bears, they should keep their distance for you. you hear that, they are more
10:24 pm
afraid of you than you are of them. i don't buy it. >> there are rare cases where it's the other way around. >> yeah. >> my guess is that bears are come noog town because they don't have to hibernate, it's so nice, dry. >> it felt nice. >> bear weather. okay. it was really nice out today, though, you are absolutely right, will. we had some sunshine. it was fairly mild as well. not too bad in terps winds either. things changing. not quite as clear as it was yesterday. take a look at the clouds just rolling in that's going to continue to be it the friend, increasing cloudness. right now, 50 degrees at national airport. 58 in dallas and 49 degrees in baltimore. tonight, we are not going to be it doing too badly. temperature wise, around 44 degrees. a little bit on the cool side, mostly cloudy skies with light
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winds. wind pushing in from the south. our temperatures are going to rise because of the flow. and we'll benefit from that. we'll have details with that. >> and we'll find out about thanksgiving, too. >> yeah, we do. >> this question involving a teenage driver and a school bus full of children. police need your help figuring out what happened and police are looking to see if several robbies on two local campuses are connected. details here at 10:00. [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package. ♪ you can choose your own internet speeds. ♪
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a university of maryland student held up at gunpoint, three gw students robbed in a very similar way. >> as fox 5's john hanrahan explains, investigators are trying it figure out whether these robberies are connected.
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>> reporter: around 11:40 thursday night, a university of maryland student was walking to a dormitory when he had a brief, very violent encounter with two men. they bumped into the student. >> our student was turning to walk away and he was confronted by the a man who put a knife to his throat. >> reporter: the unfortunate released this is your villeance video. a series of robberies began on the campus of george washington university in the foggy bottom neighborhood of d.c around 1:00 a.m. friday, two students were robbed on the 2200 block of h street where a campus dorm, fullbright hall, is located. cell phones, waltz and back packs were taken by two men wearing ski masks. no weapon was displayed according to police documents. five minutes later, along h
10:30 pm
street at a small park called the university yard, another robbery attempt. this time, the student managed to call for help and george washington police responded in time to capture one of the suspects. the other one got away on foot. both universities put out text messages alerting the students. one student said that this is the price of choosing an urban university. >> well, i was born in d.c there are all types of people. university of maryland police confirm they are actively the that both robberies on campus were committed by the sameman. >> the suspect taken into custody at gwu is quentin johnson of north carolina. the second suspect is still on
10:31 pm
the loose. leesburg police wants them to call them if you saw a commission between a car and school bus yesterday afternoon. the crash happened at the intersection of cane kid boulevard and kenneth place after 4:00. there were 30 kids on the bus, two of them had minor injuries. one of the 17-year-old in the car was flown to the hospital. the other was treated and released. and police are looking to see who stabbed a man to death. it happened at 30th avenue in oxon hill. jackari johnson was stabbed to death. no suspect and no motive in the case. a house that burned served as a training place for firefighters. the chief wants his firefighters to be as trained as possible and this kind of condition helps them to be exposed to more realistic
10:32 pm
conditions and layout. folks who normally ride the rails between metro center and reagan national. the aim si is rebuilding part of the rail on the blue and yellow line. the bus is running between king street and. the message is simple. if you're going to steal someone's electronic device or bike, you might be taking it from a comment under cover metro transit officers are working in roving crime special teams are setting traps. >> this is metro transit police video shot november 9th, two men caught stealing a bicycle at the prince george's county plaza stop but they don't get far. undercover officers move in fast. to understand how this operation works, we're going to start at the beginning with sergeant jason will yap. he videotapes all the action. >> if you catch them, what do you do with the video? >> what we would do, we would submit this to the court and
10:33 pm
that would be played as evidence. >> reporter: an undercover transit officer lays the bait. a 3800-dollar bike out in the open, unlocked, an invitation for thieves. sergeant williams rolling on it all. >> last wednesday afternoon, plays say that the bait bike lured in some bad guys. >> there were two adult suspects. they identified the bike. once they thought that everything was clear, they took the lure. the bike is rigged to mall function so catching the thieves does not take long. officers arrested both men. some of the same metro transit officers are routinely rying the rails, conducting similar sting operations. officers are serving as decould i displaying iphones and other electronic equipment to catch
10:34 pm
thieves that may target you. >> you know, it could allow a thief to grab it. >> the officers may work under cover but the department's top brass want to get the work out. the next person you might rob might be an undercove metro police officer and not that isn't citizen. >> thinks two fold. police believe two they do catch someone in the act to prevent a future crime while the person is locked up. and then there is the belief that coverage like this would be a deterrent to thieves. that's not a pile of trash, but those are shoes. and they could save somebody's life in kenya. these shoes will be sold for 35 cents a pair and that money goes towards drilling, water well in places like kenya where there is little access to clean
10:35 pm
water. >> we wear shoes. that prevents our flesh from touching the soil and ground. now the same cruise is connecting us to the ground where our feet is. >> the church's pastor tells us that 30,000 pairs of shoes will pay for a well. maryland churches are running out of time to not a third -- maryland terps are running out of time to notch a third win of the season and the caps are on the ice tonight. and a front tall system is creating some rain in the upper midwest. will we see it? we'll have the forecast a little later. back after the break. ttttttttt♪
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capitals. >> yes, usually we can. >> they are slumping a little bit. you know, they can go through weird skids. last year, they had an eight- game losing skid. >> don't get too nervous too soon. tonight was the third and final game of the capitals' road trip which has been rough. the capitals scored just one goal in each of the first two games, not enough to get it done. after starting the season 7-0, they have lost 7 of the last 10. caps trail 1-0. chimera leading the rush into the toronto zone. brooks laich finds the back of the net. game tied at 1. second period, all leafs, jeffrey lupol with some sticky stick handling. phil kessel beats tomas vokoun. the capitals get raked by the leafs. do you like that? did you get that? we will are start in the second
10:40 pm
quarter. 7-0, t. j. brown to the left side. he is n the game was tied at 7 at the half. let's go to the fourth quarter. 24-10, demon deacons. dexter mcdoug gal slims and falls. he finishes with a career best 191 yards receiving. maryland falls to wake forrest. they are 2-9. florida state hosting virginia and michael london, a bat of of two 7-3 teams. no score in this game, second quarter. lot offing into the end zone for perry jones who makes the catch in double coverage. pretty impressive. 7-yard touchdown. florida state leads 13-7 in the third quarter high school football, the wcac football coup. gonzaga and good council. g c playing in its eight
10:41 pm
consecutive championship game. they cruise past gonzaga, 38-0. >> i'm really proud of that because that's my high school. oh, there you go. >> they are having so much success. >> you can see that they were certainly enjoying it. >> they were having a celebration. >> they were having a good program. >> see you later. >> dozens of homes damaged, several destroyed after wildfires tore through reno, never ka. what fire officials say may have started the fire. ♪
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thousands of people took to the streets at the national mall to raise awareness to homeless necessary in our area. this is aimed to preventing and ending homelessness.
10:45 pm
d.c. mayor and he will gate eleanor holmes norton thanked them. >> foreclosure, drought, no wonder that homelessness is up 10% in this region. >> last year, they helped the homeless raise six million dollar. >> great day out there. sunny, break from the rain. i know everyone was waiting with baited breath about thanksgiving. >> you know, we have some changes this week but as we get towards thanks, well, i'm just going to have to listen up, folks. >> oh, please. >> take a look outside. clouds are rolling in right now, though. we are talking mostly cloudy skies tonight. nice shot of the national cathedral. the clouds have been moving in throughout the course of the evening and they are increasing
10:46 pm
now ahead of a frontal system but let's tack a look at the weather headline. we have a ridge of high pressure that gave us a wonderful sunshine that we had. that is now on its way out and behind it, we have a cold front that's starting to move its way in. just the opposite conditions. some unsettled days in our forecast as well. those are coming up. but temperatures are going to be up and down and throughout the course of the week, it is going to get warm and wool and warm and cool again. typical fall weather. this is only a few degrees off the seasonal average. so not bad at all. we are going to be mostly cloudy right through into the overnight hours. those clouds will be sticking around until tomorrow as well. 50 degrees right now at national airport. 48 in gaithersburg. same in baltimore. 45 degrees in haggerstown. to the west, 43 degrees at winchester and boston at 49
10:47 pm
degrees, 50 degrees in new york at this hour. and we've got 51 degrees to the south at raleigh. temperature are really going to change as we move into the next 14 hours. we're going to get the benefit of a nice southerly warm flow here where we get all the 60s and 70s this time of the the night. some of them will heat ride up the mid-atlantic and that's going to help boost our temperatures. a really good visual right now, look at this. this line right here. this is the exact spot of where we have a cold front. on the back side of the cold front. we have the cold air kicking in. we have the benefit of this flow. that's what's going to happen to us tomorrow. more clouds on sunday expect the. the front tall system also has a lot of moisture with it and that means when the frontal system pushes it way across, we're going to end up seeing
10:48 pm
some showers. looks like we're going to see that moving in by tomorrow evening, maybe around the 6:00 hour, we'll start to see some of that wet weather. ridge of high pressure gets out of the way and that sets us up for a real stream of unsettled days because that front will stall out. when it does, we're going to be in a period of seeing a number of disturb ands riding along that front and we're going to be set up for a few days of weather watered. football game, mostly cloudy, kickoff at 1:00. we are not looking at any precipitation at that point. even know we're going to have the clouds, we're going to be at least 10 degrees warmer tomorrow than today. the weather looks like it's going to start to sneak in here probably around the evening hour. in the meantime, mostly cloudy, cool with light wind. 44 degrees the flow. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. by evening, we expect to see
10:49 pm
some of the rainfall, 65 degrees and when that front gets out and sticks around for a few days, the disturbance will tick in and that's when we're going to see. a period of your honor settled watered monday, tuesday and wednesday with rain. the good news is, a ridge of high pressure builds in behind all of this and it arrives just in time for thanksgiving day to bring us the sunshine for thanksgiving, a day cooler, though, at 49 degrees but i don't think anybody is going to complain about that. it's going to be dry. anybody heading out to dinner won't have to bring their umbrella. >> it was worth the wait. you made us wait the whole three minutes. a fast-moving fire is tearing through reno, nevada. more than 50 homes have been damaged or destroi.d one firefighter was burned and an elderly man died of a heart attack trike to run. investigators say that the fire probably started when some power lines hit the free.
10:50 pm
the worst is now over. a babysitter who tied himself on craigslist is now accused of molesting one of the children in charge. this man, steven knox sexually assaulted one of the children. experts say, be care when on craigslist, especially when it comes to child care. >> the information that is put up on craigslist is provided by theindividual. there is no accountability or veracity guaranteed by the posting that they put up there. >> reporter: if convicted, knox could spend anywhere between five years to the rest of his life in prison but for now, he is out of jail on bond. it has been called the most intense period of helicopter use in history and it's
10:51 pm
happening in los angeles. police, firefighters, the media, traffic reporters, pure flights, paparazzi, film crews, on and on and on, all of them sending their own choppers into the skies. fox's stacy siegel reports. >> everybody knows los angeles roads are jam packed but what about the skies? the biggest complaint we had was the amount of helicopters, the amount of noise, the concern about safety. >> reporter: richard calls the birds air born peeping toms because of their high-tech cameras that allow the paparazzi to shoot the detailed videos. >> helicopter pilot, many of them are cowboys. when there are no rules, they do whatever they want. they don't care about the people who live below. they try to get the shot, see the movie star by the backyard bit swimming pool. >> throw in the number of sightseeing tours and news helicopters, he says that's an
10:52 pm
accident waiting to happen. some lawmakers agree. >> i think people would be stunned to know with all of our regulation of air traffic that there is no koa heerntd regulatory treatment for helicopters. >> reporter: berman has introduced legislation calling on the federal aviation administration to impose chopper restrictions over the city of angels. the bill is currently in thehouse subcommittee. >> i don't think it's good for us. the professional helicopter pilots association says that air space and altitude restrictions would actually create air traffic congestion. as for the noise, news choppers usually fly above 1000 feet to keep the buzzing down. and a handful of companies that actually offer tours around city say that the new laws take money out of their pocket. >> most operators, i would say
10:53 pm
the 90% are good operators. it's going to hurt us. news helicopters have a job they need to do. we have a job that we need to do. adding regulation in the mix will put us in a bad position. >> if the bill is passed, law enforcement aircraft would be exempt and we are talking about a big fleet here. the los angeles police department operates 18 helicopters. the sheriff as office's runs 17 and the l.a. fire department owns six. in los angeles, casey stiegel, fox news the turkey that is hoping for a presidential it pardon had some explaining to do. the turkey was supposed to be on its best behavior in minnesota. instead, he left the table without being excused and left. >> you have to be careful. his death changed the nation portion ever. amazing new evidence that
10:54 pm
showed exactly what happened to jfk that fateful day in dallas and one north carolina woman shared her amazing story of survival after a monster tornado tore her tomb right off the ground. that's still ahead on the news at 11:00.  [ speaking french ] [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking?
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it was a day that changed this nation forever. now a half a century after the assassination of president john f. kennedy, we are getting another look. >> reporter: few historical events are as indelibly stamped on the modern mind as the assassination of spread kennedy. yet, thinks to be tried and tree tried as elusive as the prospect of time travel.
10:58 pm
>> ballistics experts, retired secret service officers, all retained by the sister channel of fox news, have taken to upgrade some old films. this reaffirm that lee harvey oswald was the sold gunman but rewrites significantly the timeline. >> it shows that office waldz had much more time, almost twice as much time as commonly assumed. a lot of people think of six seconds in dallas and we say it's in excess of 11 seconds. >> the natgeo team applies the nil to the famous zaputers document. >> i stood exactly where he stood and what zaputers, the assassination in rod guess that's already commenced. if you read his testimony. you see he heard only two
10:59 pm
shots. we believe he only filmed two. >> as the motor cade turns on to houston street, given that the nat geo treatment is the film of robert hughes, a customs agent that stood on the corner. hughes stopped filming just as the kennedy motorcade turned on to elm street but the nat gee koa team believes that he captured something vital and discernible only after the upgrade. >> you can see lee hard we as wald getting into possession to cap temperatures first shot. >> still, one in ten americans believes that lee harvey as wald was that he was a patsy or that he acted as parts of a conspiracy. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts now. this is fox five news edge at 11:00. thank you for


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