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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  WTTG  March 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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no later than april, 2018. rick levinthal, fox news. the news keeps dog. shawn is in for brian on the news edge at 11 clock. breaking news, within the last 30 minutes multiple sources confirm to fox 5 the redskins are making a blockbuster draft trade that could bring a big name to d.c. fox 5 sports director lindsay murphy with the details. >> it's safe to say peyton manning won't be a constriction because the redskins according to multiple sources have agreed to a trade with the st. louis rams for a no. 2 pick in the draft. it looks like robert griffin, iii is your future quarterback of the washington redskins. this cannot be made official until tuesday when league activities begin. the redskins will give the rams their no. 6 pick this year and a second rounder this year, two future 1st round picks and possibly some later round picks. assuming andrew luck goes no. 1 to the colts the redskins would be in line to get the heisman trophy winner for the
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baylor. last season griffin threw over 4,000 yards, had 37 passing touchdowns, 10 rushing touchdowns and he also ran the fastest 40 time at the combine for a quarterback. rg3 famously said at the combine he just wanted a team to fall in love with him. it looks like tonight the redskins fell in love with him and he could be coming here to washington d.c. >> i'm hearing redskins fans all over the city right now cheering and jumping up and down. >> i would imagine they're going pretty crazy. we were talking earlier today about peyton manning because he stopped at the broncos this morning, you know, when is he coming to d.c.? we don't have to do that anymore. if they get the no. 2 pick, hg3 will be our guy. can he do everything, throw, run and is 6' 3, 220. he's a big guy and seems to have a great personality. he should fit in well here. >> enthusiasm is already
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growing. thank you. thank you. >> you're welcome. we're following developing news in arlington, virginia, tonight, police searching for a gunman there. officers were called to second road at 8:00, found a man shot in the stomach and leg. the victim is in critical condition in the hospital. police are canvassing the area and say the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. the news edge in maryland, judgment day for a bowie man who admits he hired a hit man to kill a pregnant teenager. mcdonald abraham got 15 years in prison after after pleading guilty to second degree murder. >> it's a weird story with a strange twist. macdonald abraham did not pull the trigger on the gun that killed 17-year-old stacey seaton, but he is going to prison. he claims he thought seaton had stolen money and drugs from him, so he paid another man to do the job, jarvis tyler, and
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last week tyler was found not guilty of the crime. stacey seaton was shot once in the back of the head with a .22 caliber pistol. she was found in a park near her bowie home in 2005. police worked the case for years and finally arrested mcdonald abraham in 2009. he was about to go on trial when he agreed to cooperate with prosecutors and testified last week that he paid jar sis tyler $600 in cash and marijuana -- jarvis tyler $600 in cash and marijuana to do the job. now tyler is off the hook and abraham is headed for prison. >> he is a coward. this whole thing has been nothing but the act of a coward. >> reporter: abraham declined to apologize or address the family in court today prompting the judge to also call him a coward. stacey seaton's mother has gotten no satisfaction out of this sentence or the not guilty verdict for the accomplice accused of firing the gun. >> i don't think there was much choice in getting that sentence, but at least he's behind bars. >> reporter: prosecutors
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offered the seaton family their sympathy and acknowledged it was not an easy case. >> what we had in this case was a very difficult set of circumstances. it was a cold case that rested primarily on dna evidence as well as testimony of an accomplice. >> reporter: the judge heard victim impact states. this woman was stacey seaton's sister. >> you can't replace not having your sister. she's going to miss out on all those events. she's never going to be an aunt to her sister's kids of. >> reporter: and then the parents' pain. >> i pick myself up one day at a time. i can't predict the future. >> we lost our daughter forever. forever is a long time. >> reporter: state's attorney angela alsobrooks said she would expect abraham to serve about half of his 15 year sentence before he's eligible parole which does not mean he will be paroled. another big story, family members cleaning out a car made
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a stunning discovery, the body of a newborn baby. it happened in calvert county last night and today we're learning more about the people involved. fox 5's beth parker joins us now. >> it is not clear whether this child was stillborn or died when it was just minutes or days old. outside the trailer where the woman lived in prince frederick you can still see some marks that were painted on the ground by investigators. this is where her car was parked. now neighbors say that they had noticed the car sitting there for a week or two. it wasn't until police showed up thursday night that they knew something was wrong. >> i guess it was the forensics people bringing out the bag. they were putting it in. i saw the morgue truck come in. >> it was gruesome what happened, most definitely. >> it's not clear exactly how this child died, but the baby was found in the trunk of the car. an autopsy and other tests could take up to a month. we are told the 32-year-old
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mother of the baby is in the hospital tonight. an oregon man is charged with mailing threatening letters to members of congress and the media. maureen umeh is everywhere at 11:00. >> a grand jury in portland indicted christopher carlson today, accused of mailing threatening letters containing powder to speaker of the house john boehner and maryland senator barbara mikulski. the powder was harmless. the indictment stems from an investigation of nearly 100 envelopes sent to congress and the media. carlson is expected to be arraign manied in federal court monday. lawyers -- arraigned in federal court monday. lawyers rested their case. a civil suit against the state claims university officials delayed warning to campus after the initial dorm shooting. the school says officials did the best they could with the information they. had 32 people and the gunman died. i the huffington post found rare video of the 1986 challenger explosion taken by
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spectators on the ground. a 19-year-old filmed the liftoff with his super 8 camera. you can hear a woman scream and mission control says there's been a major malfunction. there are three home videos still in existence, but this one has the closest perspective. sunday mark the one year anniversary since japan's triple tragedy, a giant earthquake, the resulting tsunami and the ensuing nuclear melt down. 20,000 people were killed. emergency crews are still searching the area around the nuclear plant for victims' remains. the search has been slow due to radiation fears. villages around the plant remain empty with abandoned carrs start around the landscape. scientists in the u.s. are also launching the effects of the tsunami. a floating mound of trash is making its way from northern japan to america's west coast. fox's dam housely with the story of. >> reporter: it's been a year since the earthquake and tsunami ravaged much of
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northern japan and in that time literally tons of trash continues to move across the pacific towards the western united states. scientists say it provides a unique opportunity for them to study the trash and how it affects our ocean. as the tsunami surged ashore in japan one year ago, it wallerred back out to see more than 25 -- washed back out to see more than 205 million tons of debris including homes, boats and more. computer models show a debris field more than 2,000 miles wide moving towards hawaii and western united states. >> the tsunami debris, this field of trash going across the ocean, as horrible of a tragedy as it is, it's a unique opportunity for some good science. how much trash is out there? how much is left? >> reporter: dr. marcus erickson slededding a group that will sale 7,000 -- is leading a group that will sail 7,000 miles. the biggest worry on impact on marine life, plastic.
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>> i think you'll see a lot of broken up pieces of every day living, plastic forks and spoons and plates and sigh row foam cups and all these things that -- and styrofoam cups and all these things that are parts of everyday life. the science now is discovering that some of these pollutants can transfer from the plastic into the bodies and tissues of the animals that eat that plastic and mistake it for food including fish that we eat. that's when it becomes a human health concern. >> reporter: the sailboat the team will use is already in hawaii. they will start their tour in may from the marshall islands, go to tokyo and southern through that trash patch in the northern pacific. along the way we'll keep you updated as that trash moves more toward the united states. up next new numbers are putting d.c.'s staggering hiv problem into perspective. plus the accused manhattan
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madam defends herself, gary? >> thanks, shawn. colder temperatures have come back, but you know what? it's great. we'll have your complete weekend forecast all coming up when the edge continues. stay with us. >> this is fox 5 news at 11 clock.  okay, people, let's get started.
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former prince george's county council member leslie johnson is in her new home tonight, a federal prison. johnson began serving her sentence today for her role in a corruption scandal that also sent her husband jack johnson behind bars. leslie johnson admitted flushing a $100,000 bribe check down the toilet and stuffing $80,000 down her underwear when fbi agents arrived at the couple's home in 2010. the manhattan madam speaks out for the first time. anna gristina tells the new york post investigators have been grilling her to spill some of the names of her clients. gristina has been accused of making millions running a high prostitution ring out of her apartment with the rich and powerful. she claims she was only running a dating service and refuses to name names. she was caught on wiretap talking about her close ties to police, federal agents and other authorities. at home new numbers about d.c.'s hiv pron, but pepco is help -- problem, plus pepco is
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helping you landscape your yard. maureen umeh is back with your fox 5 top five. >> alarming news about the rise in hiv rates among local women. no. 5, black women in d.c. and baltimore are becoming infected with hiv at the same rate as some african countries. a recent study found the rate of infection in several east coast cities including d.c. is 24 in 10,000 compared to 28 in 10,000 in the congo. no. 4, hybrid cars are safer than cars with regular gas engines, put hybrid electric vehicles can be hazardous -- but hybrid electric vehicles can be harvardous to pedestrians because they're so quiet at slow speeds a pedestrian can't hear them. a new louriers them to include some type of -- law requires them to include some type of noise technology. the national price for a gallon of unleaded is 3.75, down about a penny from monday. locally the average price for a gallon is 3.89 in d.c., 3.70 in maryland and in virginia 3.64.
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no. 2, need some trees for your yard? pepco is giving away 3,000 free trees to customers in maryland and d.c., all part of the energy saving trees program. pepco says strategic tree planting helps conserve energy and reduces homeowners' electric bills. no. 1, heads up, metro will close early this saturday due to the daytime savings time change. the last trains of the night will move through the system an hour earlier than normal. also the woodley park and cleveland park stations on the red line will be closed until closing sunday. free shuttle buss will run between dupont -- buses will run between dupont circle and van ness. >> springtime feels like it's over even though the flowers are blooming. it's cold tonight. >> a little patch of cold weather but it will soon be replaced by warmer weather, not tomorrow, but we'll warm pack up again sunday. still a little breezy out there now. i would imagine our camera's
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bouncing in the wind a bit, gorgeous picture tonight. we have clear skies. the winds are coming down a little bit beginning to relax finally, a couple of gusts here in town. earlier we were gusting at around 33 miles per hour. now we're just gusting down to 21 miles per hour and the same for quantico and fredericksburg. temperatures 43 in town, 37 gaithersburg, once the wind really settles down these temperatures will start to drop and we'll easily be down into the 20s in the suburbs tonight. dechum bus 29, pittsburgh 30 -- columbus 29, pittsburgh 30 degrees, so that's our air mass settling in overnight tonight. the coldest part of this air mass will be with us for tomorrow. just to show you the country as a whole, not real cold air mass up here, fargo 31, international falls 26, still very nice and comfortable down to the deep south. this is the setup for the weekend.
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high pressure is building in from the west. for tomorrow we're at eastern side of this high, so it's really reaching up and grabbing that cold air and bringing it on down. so we stay cool for tomorrow, but as we get into sunday this high shifts to the east. that allows the warmer weather to am down from the south on the west side of the -- to come down from the south on the west side of the high. so by sunday we're quickly going to warm up. tomorrow's highs in the upper 40s, a good amount of sunshine. on sunday high temperature already up into the lower 60s and getting into next week it's going to warm back up into the 70s. maybe even some 80s, middle to latter part of next week. that will be something to look forward to. high pressure back out to the west of us, so that's why we expect a lot of sunshine this weekend because it is coming in our direction. overnight tonight cold down in the suburbs. we'll have some 20s. otherwise clear and temperatures in the lower 30s here in town. tomorrow it will be breezy, so even out in the sunshine it's going to feel much colder than
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what we had today and we'll have a few clouds out there. so winds tomorrow generally about 10 to 20 miles per hour late tomorrow afternoon. chilly start, chilly breeze at noon and still cool and chilly and a little breezy at 5:00, too with temperatures up to the middle 40s. check out the five-day forecast. i don't have any 80s on here, but perhaps if we jump ahead to thursday and friday of next week, we may begin to see some 80s coming our way. so again not a promise. it's just something we may look forward to and remember you spring forward saturday night, sunday morning. we get less sleep but more sunshine. we're tossing over to lindsay for sports. big breaking news. breaki this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> and as gary said, we begin with breaking news this friday night. according to multiple reports, the redskins agreed to a trade with the st. louis rams for the known 2 pick in this year's
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draft -- no. 2 pick in this year's draft. the skins swapped their no. 6 pick to move to no. 2 and a second rounder this year. this trade could not be made official until tuesday when league activities begin. the redskins knew they'd have to move up to the no. 2 position. assuming andrew lucks goes to the colts, robert griffin, iii threw over 4,000 yards last season, 37 passing touchdowns, 10 rushing touchdowns and ran the fastest 40 time at the combine for a quarterback en route to winning the heisman trophy. peyton manning made the first stop on his free agency tour in denver meeting with john elway and coach john fox, toured the practice field and weight room. the broncos are more than one of half a dozen teams interested in manning. maryland's hopes for the big dance bid erased for this afternoon.
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it was a long shot that they'd be able to went acc tournament especially after facing the top seeded tar heels this afternoon. terps down 17 but they would rally. skoglund off the breaks a game high 30 points and maryland was fighting back. later in the comeback good passing, seven point, eight boards for the big guys. the terps close within 7 of 52, 45, but the top seeded tar heels were just too much. off the turnover is reggie bulluck up ahead for the easy slam and a nice postgame hug for mark turgeon to his mentor roy williams. virginia taking on the wolfpack, mike scott with the follow and the follow. the cavs closed to within one and 42-41. too much for the cavs to handle, nc stated moves on to takes unc after beating uu.
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67-64. virginia truck tried to pull another upset today tangling with duke. 1st half pretty backdoor cut by robert brown? 16 points off the bench, hokies hanging tough. the hokie's in the lane, it's no good. the blue devils win the game 50- 66. the caps will be without their star defensiveman mike green for another chunk of time after the break. &d
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welcome back. the caps had a huge overtime win last night against the tampa bay lightning. they lost their star defensiveman mike green in the meantime who was handed today a three-game suspension. green had a disciplinary hearing for a hit on brett connolly. he was hit on the head while he was already being checked against the boards. no penalty is being called but the three-game suspension will cost green $30,000. he will return to action against winnipeg. bryce harper will be off the field a little while longer. he took batting practice today but is not running. he is expect to be out until sunday. nats in jupiter, florida, taking on the marlins. this girl threw out the first pitch and then got a marriage proposal and this just in, she said yes.
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the nats and marlins tonight. stephen strasburg would make his second spring start. he struck out two and gave up three hits and allowed one walk and gave up a few runs. jose reyes with a big shot to center, rick ankiel with a peculiar route to the ball. the nats are shut out by the marlins 3-0. 2nd round of the cadillac world golf championship. tiger woods burned a lot of edges, but here for a birdie on four i judges it just right and tiger is even surprised. a solid 5-under 67, seven off the lead, lot this guy, not the left-hander you may be thinking of, it's bubba watson on the par 4 6 out of the rough and of thoughs this ball down a mile high. he would birdie that and shoot a 10-under 62, your leader at 12-under overall. just to reiterate our breaking news of the evening, the redskins have traded up to
11:26 pm
get the no. 2 pick in this year's draft from the st. louis rams. they will give up two no. 1 picks the next two seasons and this year's second round pick, but this implies robert griffith, iii from baylor will be your future redskins quarterback. we'll be right back. >> the verizon 4g lte brought to you by verizon 4g lte. share your pictures, stream hd videos and movies. all on your tv. or connect your 4g lte droid razr to the lapdock and unleash its massive computing power. even seamlessly video chat. all powered by the 4g lte droid razr. droid razr by motorola, just $199.99. and back for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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