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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  November 17, 2012 11:30pm-11:45pm EST

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other militant locations. in southern israel, leland vitter, fox news. the iraqi government released a terrorist from custody. vice president joe biden called iraq's prime minister this week and told him not to release the terrorist, but the prime minister said that iraq no long her legal grounds to hold him. he is now back home in beirut. a development as senator mccain and lindsay graham are calling the results of this administration's failed foreign policies. new developments in the consulate attack in libya. the white house said it never altered the cia's talking points, blaming the attack on al qaeda. former cia director petraeus told congress on friday the agency always knew that terrorism was involved. he's more. >> reporter: the mystery of who changeed the ci attacking -- on the libya attack deepens today as the white house weighs in and said no one there made the
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controversial changes. according to sources on capitol hill, former cia director general david petraeus told lawmakers on friday that the original cia unclassified memo said it was an al qaeda-linked terror attack. but that al qaeda part was excised in favor of a reference to extremist organizations. before, it was given to members of congress and administration officials. who made that change? the white house said that it only made one edit to the talking points, which was to call the ben ghazi site a government facility and not a consulate. white house deputy national security advisor ben rhodes told reporters today, quote, we were provided with points by the intelligence community that represented their assessment. the only edit made by the white house was the factual edit of how to refer to the facility. democrats say this explains why u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, said on a sunday talk show after the attack that it was a mob protesting an anti-muslim video and not a terror strike.
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republicans contend the obama administration wanted to downplay terrorism from the start. >> the issue is from what was released from cia headquarters on friday afternoon in a unclassified talking point memo to the point that it was changeed to the sunday morning talk shows. there is a gap of about 48 hours that we need to account for and understand why it was changeed. >> all of the intelligence community have told us is that initially they recognized there were extremists and terrorists involveed and thought it came from a protest, that it took them time to sort that out, that there was no political spin in this. >> reporter: the ci attacking points would have gone through numerous hands. the various intelligence agencies, the white house, the state department, the justice department before going out to lawmakers. in washington, molly hennenberg, fox news. just ahead, details on president obama's historic weekend trip. plus, the commute to work just got easier for many drivers in virginia. the new express lanes are open
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. one of the big stories we're following at this hour, president obama's historic trip to asia. it's historic because it will mark the first time a sitting president visited burma, also known as myanmar. phil neville previews the trip. >> reporter: president obama is traveling to southeast asia hoping to expand relations with countries in the region. this is his fifth strip to -- trip to asia in four years and centers around a visit to burma. the country's in the process of transitioning from decades of authoritarian rule to a democratic system. secretary of state hillary clinton said burma is a prime example of a formerly militaristic regime changing its ways.
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>> the cost of economic sanctions and the benefits of rejoining the global economy help spur the government to begin opening up. >> reporter: over the past year, burma introduced sweeping reforms, including holding elections, easing rules and protests, relaxing sensorship and freeing dissidents. the president will meet with the most public figure at her home where she was held under house arrest for more than two decades. >> this is with -- will have very high symbolic significance. under substance itself, it depends on how it goes. he has to strike a balance. >> reporter: but the visit doesn't come without criticism from human rights groups and burmese citizens. they say it will undercut efforts to continue pressure for more political change. >> i want -- to be a driving
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force myanmar. some say he came to visit us too soon. i am worried. >> reporter: burma is one of asia's poorest countries. u.s. officials hope a transition to democracy will improve the economic situation by working with other countries in the region. in new york. home now and we're on traffic watch tonight. the first time, can you new use express lanes on the capitol beltway. the lanes opened in virginia and stretch 14 miles. if you are by yourself in the car, you will pay a toll via ez pass. if you have a car pool, can you ride for free. if you have the flex ez pass. if you get on the express lane without an ez pass, there is an ez way to fix the problem. >> please don't turn around or try to cross the white barriers. visit, click miss a toll and can you pay that on the website and a small fee. once you're n you take it to the next exit. >> what is the fee? >> the fee for a missed a toll is $1.50. >> however, you will pay more
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if you wait and get a ticket. the tolls can vary depending on the traffic, but you will pay between 3 and $6. a car veered out of control running right through the front doors of a maryland 7-eleven this afternoon and this is on the 6300 block of allentown road in camp springs. happened before 1:00. the building is being independent now for signs of dangerous structural damage. no charges against the driver and no one was hurt. one man is dead after trying to beat an amtrak train across the tracks. the virginia state police say the po-year-old drove on to the track yesterday evening as the train was approaching. he was hit and died at the scene. no one on the train was injured. the tsa confirmed a troubling weakness in our nation's airport security and, if exploited, it could make it easier for passengers to take the dangerous items on board. he's more on the story. >> reporter: hackers discovered the bar code on domestic airlines boarding pass can be
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manipulated to access the tsas reduced security screening line. >> by using a readily available bar code tool, can you a-- read of that bar code. can you take that thin string of data, alter it to make it read whatever you want. >> reporter: the bar code contains the flight details and if you sign up for the tsas precheck traveler list, also the level of screening at the scanners. the precheck flyers don't need to remove their shoes, belts, or laptops which could allow for people to conceal their items. >> if they do this, someone who would go through the screening process could upgrade themselves to the precheck line and go through a far less invasive approach. >> reporter: they could be digitally edited online in minutes. the tsa wouldn't say how long it's known of the flaw but downplays the danger. >> identifies something as a vulnerability as to not understand the entire aviation security system because there
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is not one whole -- one whole is not going to bring us down because we have other patches. >> reporter: the tsa has to work with the airlines to get them to change the bar coding system. the tsa is putting a lot of stake in the multiple security citing human behavior observance, sniffer dogs and other methods we can't share with you for security reasons. on top of that, the tsa said every passenger has to go through some form of security and on top of that, even precheck clients are subject to random searches. at lax, dominic for fox news. the dulles airport has been opened for 50 years today. president john f. kennedy spoke on november 17th, 1962. the aiort is named for former secretary of state john foster dulles. it handled a million passengers in 1956. last year, it saw 23 million passengers. >> grows. >> they say you're a nobody until you have been immortalized in wax.
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