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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 2, 2016 6:00am-6:37am EDT

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your commute today.oday th tuspended as the caps get is responding to the multi m game suspensio.ns eah. monday morning mayy y nd. man, it is gloomy out weather and traffic coming g upn on the 5s at 6:05. good monday morning to you,o y i'm allison seymour.alli >> and i'm wisdom martin inso w for steve chenevey.fostev welcome to fox5 news morning. mi let's get right to thatt' breaking news right nowews regarding your commute.yourommu major delays on the beltwayhetw right now. this comes after a deadly three-car accident on theiden inner loop just before thee the exit for eisenhower avenue.r a now, it's been this way for for several hours. hou >> let's check in now withckw w erin for what you can expectu ce if you are headed that wayd a this morning. good morning. >> you saw that.. traffic parked from route one thro ave connector because of a deadly crash in
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inner loop crash as well. csxgoing to help you get g is not affected this morning. mi the train derailed inled i melanie. >> reporter: hey, goodor morning, yes, so we're talking about amtrak and marc trainsin because they do share the sameae tracks as csx and still guys at lot of work going on here, nearly 24 hours after this thi derailment we've seen a new shift of d.c. fire and ems crews coming in here, standingtd by on the scene and from whatroa we can tell, there was one of those tanker cars, one hasne h alread
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morninghene that they're they' being the most carefulthyd to sn these lines will be cleared. clr let's take you to the videoid from yesterday. there were a total of 15 cars15c in a 175 car train that derailed sunday morning. mornin. some of those tankers were w hauling sodium hydroxide, calcium chloride and ethanol. eh sodium hydroxide is also known o as lye. it can cause skin burns eyens ee irritation and respiratoryrato problems. one car of that did leak and had to be contained by hazmatmat crews.crews. d.c. fire and ems took care of a small seepage of ethanol eth from the tanker hatch no bigh ig deal and one tanker of calcium chloride which is notnot hazardous had to be sealed offe too. air and water monitoring has been do. last night mayor bowser said m there were no issues to theayo
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also good news there.. csor was been a point of convention for many folksks i does followoes dot regulations regarding whatnw can come through here. her and also metropolitan branchtanr trail this morning for bikers or runners that use that, use t parts of that are still closed.ed you'll need to check for c alternates there. csx and mark train, marc andmarc the amtrak train, excuse me,exs, they are also putting outtingut alerts to their customers andmea you need to check their web the site for other ways that you tha can get around this morning. back to you guys.u guys. >> mel, thank you.>> m >> all right. metro's normal service thiservis morning comes following a weekend of moury pair work on mw the red line. an -- insulator happened lastr e night at medical center. c metro will continue to doo do track work throughout thisrk toh week. trains will be single tracki
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man whose body wasolicerfax cou found the man's identity has not yetot been released.elea the body will be taken to theak medical examiner's office and an autopsy will be conducted con to determine whether thatther t man's death was accidental orl r the result of foul play. >> ♪ >> happening today in prince william county a medical examiner will perform aner autopsy on a body believed to b be a missing woman fromod alexandria. alexand lizeth lopez went missing two weeks ago. she was last seen april 17th 17h walking into a cvs store in lake ridge. then on friday someone found a body in a drainage ditche ditch investigators believe it iseve s lopez and are investigatingnvesg her death as a homicide. hicid now the medical examiner will positively identify the body id d
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demonstrators threw rockseople arrested and five officerse hur. mayday protests also tookte place in california. campaign 2016 runs throughgu indiana tomorrow andgh the stakes were never higher forr ho the gop candidates.the polls show donald trump with a double digit lead over his dit l rivals winning indiana couldia c put trump on track to win the necessary delegates and avoidde a contested convention. convent ted cruz also rallying inying i indiana over the weekend wnd despite the polls though cruzho says he is standing strong on sn the campaign trail and willil add that there will be a will a co
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now, on the democratic side, hillar pointsin washingto dreary.drea hae weather has been drearyr for what feels like a weeke w now, right?ht? >> uh-huh.h- >> it has been.has been and -- >> no end i in sight. s >> we may get we'll punch the temperaturesnc up into thh e upper 70 it will0l feel a lot different than it tht has all weekend but we maybu have additional rain in thein forecast later this afternoon.eo 55 annapolis, 55 leon
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yes, the cool temperatures compl steer clear. pper 70'ser0'e some timesomeim and then look out for late day thunderstorm activity.unde that's certainly a possibilityly around here later today and and then highs in the upper 70's. 7' much warmer than the weekend. wd got a letter to talk lots of ups and downs. mostly downs. >> for my sake can we call it c wicked weather. >> absolutely. we can do whatever we w >> he hates that.>> he ha >> he does. >> he's not going to hate itatet today 'cause you said it. >> erin good to see you. y >> wicked traffic, too. good to see your smiling face.gc this is good news, improvementnt deadly crash investigation innvs the process of clearing rightght now. inner loop approaching the eisenhower avenue connector.ct all lanes getting by exceptpt the right sh
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blocked. however, traffic those delaysona a lot of fog, a lot of backed of ll the wayecas 50 and 66. 66. watch for visibility problems.s morning. aside from that we have othere t issues. in addition to that crashha c there's a new one that justus cleared. this is on the outer loop, twoo, crashes in the process ofcef clearing. right now things back toings bto normal connecticut and thingsndt getting back to normall approaching rockville pike. as far as all lanes beingei opened. however huge delays there as d well. metro on time this morning. mor. more traffic in a few. >> ♪ >> 6:zero is the advertisement i as the caps get ready for game g three against the penguinsenin they're doing so
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or pick.ick. firstldo on witht >>e re capab ready for anything we'll. we' >> we'll have much more whench we check in with the junkiesun coming up at 6:30. 6 >> still ahead, long awaitedwait relief for some residents inesin prince george's county, twocoty years after mother natureure wreaked havoc in their neighborhood. >> speaking of mother nature parts of the south cleaning uphe this morning following s someome very severe storms and mores anr bad weather is on the way. stay with us. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> 6:10. welcome back a historic newck york city church left in ruins after aa huge fire ripped fir through it last night.roug it happened right in the heartg of manhattan. mhatt the serbian orthodox cathedral is destroyed.estroyed officials haven't said what caused this fire. the church was built back in the 1850's. 185 it was dec
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city landmark in poundet torrential rains and thunderstorms and the regions
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i looked outside.ut the mafirsket. stocks in tokyo plunging nearly 4 percent this mnirkets b minutes.tes. ft 50 years of waiting, the first u.s. cruise ship ist set to arrive in cuba this morning.moin the carnival cruise ship the adona left miami yesterdayterday with 700 passengers on board. it will visit three places inn cuba including havana and will l set seay sail from miami every other week.rk. in order for the cruise toer f happen carnival had to h convince cuba to chang
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policy and allow cuban foreignio elephants in florida.ep the move is can considered ahacd victory foral rights morning mor commute. erin como is going to have thehe latest straight ahead and tucker barnes, he's talking t about the monday forecast. we've got weather and traffic on the 5's coming up next. ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating.
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just a... new hershey and reese's snack mix, with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. it's snack justice. >> welcome back. good morning.go we are looking at dense fog across the area.across t we have a dense fog advisory.g s i'll slow that to you in justous a second. more of the same here to start your morning. mor i guess we got use
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after a weekend featuring lowtul clouds drizzle andua rter mile i less obviously you saw ines our live shot that fog is an issuent front north of us, maybe get a little sunshine here midday mid and pump the temperatures upperp into the mid 70's.into so, again, if we can get thisett
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things are hard to pred t the potential for some daytime heating we're under a slightnd i riske's your light showerss yo activity. futurecast likes the idea of the warm front getting north and east of us. possibility of some showers som and thunderstorms with our cold front late this f afternoon. that front by the way is going to hang up and we'll have showers around overnight tonight and into you ar daytimee hours tomorrow so the active pattern translation thelati showery pattern continues here for the next couple of days.oay there's your seven-day forecast. and it looks a little ominous. o
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this week but we'll definitely'l the inner loopor a showere r a where parke inner loopnnerooup towards 50.e. that you need to be worried about after telegraph road. this is an earlier crash,rash, deadly crash investigation that cleared. clear. however, traffic easing a biting past the eisenhower avenuewer ae connector but delays are stillda very heavy extending all thedinl way back to route one.te o now that all lanes are openedese we'll let you know if thingsu k start to get back to normal. nma a look at our maps now.s w. aside from those very gloomygl very rainy live looks give yourself extra time use your u y low beams. outer loop approaching 355achin3 rockville pike and outer loop ol approaching connecticut avenueia those crashes cleared.e crhe you're down to
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per hour from 95 all the way thw crash in frederick 270 before 85 bor causing additional slowdowns. i got you covered. metro is on time right now.. back to you. to >> thanks erin.>> t montgomery county police will don new badges during theng mother of play to honor their fallen brethren. brere president kennedy designatedna may 15th as peace officers off memorial day during policeal week. d that's when officers and rounivors from around the world come to the district totrt remember those killed in thein line of duty.ut >> two years and millions ofilln dollars later a specialter spe ceremony will take place todayce in the water front communityomni of piscataway rushern baker any hoyerte hoyer will be there to celebrate the reopening of the community in fort washington.rt w back
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evacuated aftert is
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>> 6:22. welcome back.we how does this sound? never lose your luggage again? one airline is now letting yousoe eg track it. first, a check of the markets. e join and us from the fox and business network studio laurenen simonetti. si happy monday.y mo good to see you lauren.o ur >> reporter: happy monday.ter: y good to see yo mu too.youoo >> how are we look on wallk onal street? >> reporter: okay.>> r not terrible.t ri the nasdaq is up a little bit. b it's been down seven days in ay row. it's
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i don't know about may.t you know theknsarkeay for the de way. >> okay, that's some goodhat's g for millennialsilleiae.lne. especially it is moreor expensive than ever just to gosg to the the wedding. >> reporter: just to go.orte well, the wedding itself iself expensive.ex the average cost for the bride and groom is now about $33,000. but for the guests to go, it's expensive, too. $703 per person.son. that includes your travelurrave expenses. that includes what you're w wearing. it does not include the gift.if add another 100 to that or so os for the gift.the as for millennials almost alm $900. that's what it's costing themtit to go to weddings and when you're in the wedding seasong ss like you said when you havewh wedding after weddi
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friends are getting hitchedtingh that could be reallyat expe way especially ifiay you tone have to travel. tra uggage isn't theresn't the with you. eporter: it's an app. all r:it takes is an app you cac track your bag from the moment m you check it in to the minutehen you pick it up on the baggageag carousel. delta investing $50 million in5m this new technology, radiofrequency i.d. bag tags that's what they're using andth it will start later this year ti and like i said you can knowno exactly where your bag is theyo entire time.en they've tested it here ander there and it's got like a a 99 percent success r so we'll see.. lots of people -- a lot of l of people actually book a more expensive direct flt >> >> reporter: when you haveor to do connections they gte
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>> on vacation your luggage you isn't the
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>> was it you tucker that like
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thundersr that is opened and red lineenedl should be on time thisth takingc keep in mind from frederickri coming down mta is dealingeali with some issues. iss they're offloading at silver at spring then you can hook ontoono metro. metr all that information at erinri fox5 d.c. on twitter. twi outer loop getting back to normal. normal. huge delays extend before 95.exe the outer loop is justndouteop i completely jammed past newast ne hampshire.hamp debris in the roadway as well on 109 and huge delays on theayn inner loop. inne we are dealing with a crash between 50 and 66. plus 270.plus70 all of the iou
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extremely slow.lo grab some good mun derailment i ing into tonight's game three withoutgame one of their men.onof the we'll check in with the sports junkies and talk about bruce orpik's suspension. bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. >> welcome back. at 6:30,
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wet weatherea is causing in traffic at 5's a 5 ke6:3 head hit another car, hit those cars that wrong wayay driver was killed.ille metro transit meantime meanm says you won't face any delays y related to this week's trail derailment but marc and amtrakmk trains will be impacted.mpte the freight train derail rightlg next to the rhode island metroo station. it was carrying hazardous hardo materials including sodiu
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hydroxide and ethanol. good morning to you and now we're without bruce orpikruce o because of some drama. that's a hefty penalty for theal playoffs don't you think?'t you? >> wisdom, it's been a bad year for brooks in ds. our good friend brooks light fri is traded away to the toronto tn maple levers and now the caps tc have go three games in thees in playoffs against the pens no brooks we thought we had the decided advantage with defendants menefa in department apparentlwe
6:33 am
this is a big obstacle for thefo caps. >> it was wvien't saying th when orlov got pinned against the boards. >> if you watched that gamee particularly in the first wereht periods the caps were justps wjt dominated and we've seen this throughout the playoffs inffs five on five, they're getting outplayed.oulayed. when they have power plays, they scored on the power playowp they take advantage of those opportunities, caps are one for two on the power play on ply saturday night and their penalty killing unit is savings them as well as holtby.wes holt they got to do better on five o o
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>> they're lucky they're not not down 0-2 pitch wi isnic. >> got to get one of the twogetn in pittsburgh.ittsbu game by gam got to get o there.e >> one of the big problems isg r ovie has been held to sevenve shots through two games. ovie is a volume shooter. he needs to get eight or 10ig shots on goal per game, not in two games. gam so i would expect you see aulex lot more from ovie tonight. ton. i think you see smell crashing the net more trying to disruptry nmaold. in bold. >> they did a good job against t him in the regular season.arso they can't go 14 minutesut without a shot like they did in game two. t that's ridiculous.idul >> we need a lot of ovie tonight.nigh only 30 seconds left.cos l the nats are back on track, tra clint robinson,ho knew. >> nice. n >> i know. >> he was dominating, too. >> espinosa hitting .180 goes back to back bryce -- they're starting
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talk to is you. the sports junkies 106.7s wisdo. >> tucker barnes,. >> the dream team is here. [laughter][lghte >> just the two of us. >> they don't let the two of us together too often. often >> that's because it's rainycaui outside and it's gloomy.slo >> behind my shoulder you canhon see the fog, the drizzle itle i continues.cont we'll try to warm it up intoitpo the mid to upper 70's if we if can just get this warm fronthi north of us and then look out lo for the possibility of somef s thunderstorm activity latertorm this 55 reagan national, 54 dulles bwi marshall 54.all clouds drizzle fog, dense fog, s advisory until 10 o'clock thisol morning. all in effect. we'll get some rain showerssome out to the west. the w we're going to try and getet this front nortof
6:36 am
showers early, maybe a little mp 70's and could be some late soml day more on that um canning u.d. >> knew it wouldn't m.v.p. back. >> upgraded the scrubs. >> erin como good g >> good morning. 6:36. 6: huge problems with the rain. rai look at this parked shot ofrked the inner loop.ner loo tracking a crash just after 500 approaching 66. we'll see if we can switch it s back over for a look at ourur maps. delays extend back to the springfield so again a look at ourfiin maps right now we can help you get around that.t t traffic is extremely backed upad again on the inner loop.n on thi now movingnn over, other crashec this morning you need to bed toe aware of. earlier crash had cleared in i alexandria across the innerhe loop. 95 northbound at centreporttr parkway. crash is taking out two lanes
6:37 am
huge delays. they extend past that ipn montgc parked from 95 through that rt m grab your umbrellaay larer malfunction at cannc king everything back to normal onac the rest of your rails. rai the rhode island stop for red fr line is opened as well this morning. more traffic in a few. traff in get an early start. you need the time. allison. alliso >> a royal birthday>> a celebration under way today.n we'll have those details next. >> plus, president obama
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>> it is 6:40. back now with what's trendingit on the web this monday morning. these are the stories you'reh engaging with right now one social media. here we w go. president obama's comedy c routine at his final whiteinal house correspondent's dinnercorr still lighting up the web..
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the candidates running to speakn boehner.ehne of cameo,on of dead or alive. a. that's all we're going tooi singe finally move over prince e george baby sister princess charlotte stealing the cuteness spot it will white wil release of pictures marking her first birthday today. mom katherine took these awesome photos. phos. look at those blue eyes. e she's so cute. >> do you think anybody willyou ever pay attention to the the brother anymore now.r an >> yes. >> you think so. >> i think so. >> enough cuteness to go area ground.te >> i think so. let's hope so anyway. >> all right. all good.ho allison seymoural,l go thanks. malia obama following heroli parents' footsteps heading to to harvard for
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until 2017. we have details of cr 5-3000 or you can e-mail your tips fox5 tips at m. bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating. >> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news morning. want to update you on what'ste h
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soon. working to remove those at goo operating normal marc brunswick line onlyckine running three trains today and only to silver spring.lver spr >> i have a planned to decidedan he's a budding journalist and he lives right there wherere w that derailment happened yesterday and he must havehe muh sent me 26 pictures of it. >> really. >> like pass it on --t >> like you were in charge.ha >> like i was going to do d something with >> often we do use those >> i passed them on to ourd theo news >> thank you. y >> yes. >> tucker's friend. frid. >> thank you very much paulouer for sending those pictures in. let's do it.let'do it. yeah, i guess it woke him up.keu i guess it was very loud wheny w it happened.itappe dense fog advisory until 10 o'clock this morning.r visibilities quarter mile or q less. that includes here in d.c.
6:46 am
so. s 55 cool in washingn, annapolis, leonardtownwhe drizz. winchester is 55 degrees, 54gre5 this morning out at dulles. not a lot of measurable rainblea although we had drizzle out we there early. getting another round ofer rou o showers here so what we're wre looking at, going to tryo t through a complicated forecast c quickly is a warm front whichhi just is kind of wavering offrino to our south and west. w i think we'll get that throughhh the area later this morning latr and as that happens, we shouldws pick up the winds a little bit. we should see a little bit of sunshine here midday and that t will help dry the temperatureses into the mid to upper 70's.. these fronts are very ficklere r and exactly where, how farhow fa north and east it gets i can'tin guarantee it but it looks likelo it's going to get far enoughug north and east
6:47 am
the sunshine and some warmer temperatures foadvertisement del we could have lightning and a pretty good downpours.ty g at 11:00 it's trying to clearle things out. o. we get that sunshine, we'llll warm the temperatures into there mid to upper 70's.0's. late this afternoon and this evening possibility of a fewib thunderstorms around and thens d the front just kind of hangsf up again later tonight ander tha brings us showers overnight into the morning commute tomorrow. so, a moody seven days, how d about that? >> i like that. like that. >> all right. ly. >> a moody seven day.. thunderstorms late this le th afternoon. speaking of mood dough thosef md roads d are moody this morning. >> right.. we need some emo music. mus it's a sad day. 395 inbound completely japped
6:48 am
from the bottom of the beltwayt past duke street heading toreet the 14th recae he springfield interchange up to up 50 this is what y commuter c and 66 a 6 there's a crash taking outh kin some local lanes and annd express lane so give yourself yu a lot of extra time as youe y make your way out on the inner t loop. by the outer loop top of the beltway new hampshire avenuenehp traffic is basically parked. we're dealing with a crash byrah university and delays continue i all the way past colesvillees road as you try to make your y way towards the 270 spur. s a lot of beltway backed upacke this morning.this all of your inbound routes rather backed up. u 50 jams towards kenilworth.enil. we're seeing new york avenueng n in the district completely backed up and we also have awe a new crash 295 northbound by laboratory road.ry r nor traffic in just few.affe back to >> 6:48 is the time. dozens gathered this weekend to honor noah leotta hit and
6:49 am
block of 15th avenue inh avenue langley park maryland.y rk m officials say a male teenagernae grabbed and assaulted a femaleem responder who was trying to tryn treat the teen.trea police were called and the teen was placed in handcuffs before being taken to theaken t hospital. no word yet if any assaultssau charges will be filed againstllb the teenager. >> ♪ >> in this morning's health m watch a neorw study says says playground concussions are on a the rise and with most m injuries monkey bars andbars swings were involved. winvol the cdc looked at data from f 2001 to 2013 for kids 14 and younger. yo it found that on averagera 215,000 kids were treated fore r playground injuries and injuriea 10 percent of
6:50 am
cancer. it's estimated one person diesed in melanoma evere and greenre spa scientists discovered livingredg near trees can extend aes c woman's life.s le. so they grow up so fast f don't they th >> >> first daughter malia daughtea following ha in her parents' pa' footsteps going to
6:51 am
>> she's taking a gap yearg a gr after high schl. sidwell friendn school in a couple months.on she'll turn 18 fe experiences. c a lot of studets choose internships overseas or they travel. a gap year most popular p amongst students from upperst class families but somes familis schools are now looking ats e no ways to make it moreore accessible to all students by offering financial aid packages that allow students ste to explore rather than jumpe right into college. while some schools don'trat ala a gap year harvard actuallyy encourages it in its admissions throat students andht those who do ta
6:52 am
they feel more focused whenocusw it's time to s graduated fromed harvard.rvar there you have it.ere >> i would be lk, college. col no, i sa get on gone. >> okay. did you know about that growingup. >> i never knew about it and that wasn't an option. i barely got through thekn regular way so i'm just glad iui made it through. throu >> president obama reviewingevii designs for his future presidential library. seven architectural firms areec in the running. run the library is being builtei b with the help of the barack the obama foundation.amfoun the foundation plans to build b the structure in one of two parks in chicago south side.hica it's expected to be finishede fi in the
6:53 am
>> ♪>> >> all right, less than twoht, t weeks after the death ofer o prince the complicated job of dividing up his estate heads to court. the first hearing is scheduled for today in probate court in minnesota. the pop icon's sister tygaiy nelson says he had no knownwn will. under minnesota law that means a his estate would be divided among his surviving siblings. sg >> he has half siblings. sl does that count? messy business. jungle book earning the b oop spot for the third consecutive the film pulling in more than t $42 million.ion. this weekend the huntsman htsma winter's war came in second with 9.4 million and the movie keanu about a cat came in i third making just under the same amount. well, after his unfortunate tumble went viral v last week zac effron isc on i clearing the a
6:54 am
while filming the new bay n watoming movieeighbors asked lil >>t i wanted to know was know wa that a scene from the filmhe fil where you really fall as theu ay character or did you reallylly mess up the shot because youtheb looked like you were actuallye a about to break your neck in the picture. epic slow-mo shot.t. >> epic slow-mo am i just took t a pill.a p >> o-you were just running. wer >> yeah. >> what happened?>> >> i w just fell.ell. >> everybody wants to know ifno it was real or not or if it i was planned.nn. >> like a big deal and i know the answer. answe >> you're not going to tellno me.t >> no. >> it's an epic shot. s >> not part of the scene thatcet you fell.u f >> no. >> it was an accident.s >> he improve advised a fall. >> that's awesome. >> that happens. hpe
6:55 am
tell if it was real or he effron would fallfectly.erfely >> speakm>enta 6:55. how about one last check ofheck the weather with super tuck.upe. >> i feel like i can getet enough of the super hero movies. >> sometimes. >> you got to mix it up aot t little bit. get used getas well to it. that's the world we live in word now, a superhero world. >> got super woman over we got fog. f cue the fog horn. h let's get right to the mapshe m and show you what's that
6:56 am
yeah, that's a live look out war temperatures mid to upper 70'su' and then a fewus weper fewe aew thunderstorms late thislate this afternoon.ternn. plenty more whether just aethera minute. let's do some more traffic. tff. not been fun.not been erin has got the roads. >> i decided i would like to request michael jackson, thataek will brighten and my monday my a morning. if you're sitting in the carsit let me know what you're you'r listening to.steng crash activity 95 northboundorbn in stafford at centreport parkway.wa huge delays there extending uptg to dale city in woodbridgeoodbre because of congestion.e of conge a a live look outside innerutsin loop jammed.loop jme an earlier crash by 50 betweenet 50 and 66 on the inner loop cleared. cleared. still parked on thest
6:57 am
braddock.brad please g
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then we wanted more of that local flavor oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7:00 a deadlyox accident causing major problems on the beltway this7: morning. morning. that clash is now cleared butut drivers are still deali
7:00 am
delays. la what you can expect during ys today. we are going to tell you abouto the other train services affeccy.hi bernie sanders says he's staying in the rails.ayin the latest in the race for i president coming up. >> first though sorry guys weh o got to do to d it is a gloomy monday.on live look outside on monday may second 2016.d016. we will have weather and and traffic other 5's at 7:05. 7:0 good monday up to i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm holly morris.'m h steve is off today.od welcome to fox5 news morningto i and it's good to see you.ood ee. >> good to see you youy >> welcome back. wel >> first up at 7:00 a horrible i accident on the beltwaynt othe overnight a driver killed andil traffic tied up for hoursp forou early on this monday morning.mog virginia state police confirm cn that the driver who was killedki was driving the wrong way onay o the inne


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