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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  May 2, 2016 7:00am-8:13am EDT

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delays. la what you can expect during ys today. we are going to tell you abouto the other train services affeccy.hi bernie sanders says he's staying in the rails.ayin the latest in the race for i president coming up. >> first though sorry guys weh o got to do to d it is a gloomy monday.on live look outside on monday may second 2016.d016. we will have weather and and traffic other 5's at 7:05. 7:0 good monday up to i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm holly morris.'m h steve is off today.od welcome to fox5 news morningto i and it's good to see you.ood ee. >> good to see you youy >> welcome back. wel >> first up at 7:00 a horrible i accident on the beltwaynt othe overnight a driver killed andil traffic tied up for hoursp forou early on this monday morning.mog virginia state police confirm cn that the driver who was killedki was driving the wrong way onay o the inne
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avenue. now that was around 1:40 tsain n the cause of the derailment. why on brunswick the marc the brunswick line and also that amtrak capitol as well but not as many people commuting inmmin the area from the capitol limited, that one goes from d.c. to chicago. cca but here you can see he on scene one of the large tappingers that had to beado b
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hydro chloride.e tis ll a very r response here on scene andlipeoa tryingo get through here to to get over to the metropolitanetrn branch trail and some of themil being turned away. fortunately last night there were no evacuations orti injuries but certainly ittain could have been a much scarier i scene if csx had been carrying has bus materials. m 15 cars in the 175 car trainra derailed sunday morning in thenn mess tankers hauling sodium hydroxide calcium chloride and a ethanol. now sodium hydroxide probably pa the one being the most carefulul with it's also known a as lye can cause skin burns eye bur irritation respiratory problems. one car of that did leak andak a had to be contained by hazmat crews. crew d.c. fire and
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a small seepage calcium cal chloride will to be cleared.leed >> officials have been on the he scene monitoring air quality aia and at this point we haves poinh discovered no air quality issues.issues. likewise, we have beenkewi monitoring any impacts onts water and we have not determined any issues withssues water related to this spill,s sl either. >> reporter: so, that's thet's good news as far as the environmental hazardsental hazas certainly one of the thingsone that people always worryys w about. ab we know epa crews were here we last night and cleared the cle e scene. they didn't even stay didn' overnight but certainly ainly a large contingent of fire and ems crews still here as theye ah are still dealing with at least one tanker with the sodium hydro chloride in it chl and then after they're able to t clear that is when they'll ben l able to move things off the tracks a
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investigation to make sure it sr is safhat kind of material can be transportedan b major problems.s. again, if you are a commuter,ome if are you taking the metropolitan branch trail, ifanr that's something that you use this morning, if you're taking t marc line you want to maket to e sure that you check witheck wi amtrak, with marc and alsorc and looking around for other rail ol or bike routes as well.ike ro but as we said, metro's redro'sd line normal service. back to you guys. g >> all right.>> thanks so much. fairfax county police pol continue to investigate the to e death of a man whose body was found in falls church creek.ek. passerby spotted the body yesterday an dashiell road. the body will be taken to the medical examiners office andexa an autopsy will be conducted c to determine whether the man's death was accidental or the
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lopeza ditch d she went missinge. washington capitals willgt c play game three tonightame against the pittsburgh pitbu penguins without one of their ot most important players. >> defenseman brooks orpik hasrp sub spended thre -- suspended te games for a late hit against ollie maata.aa. he will be eligible to returnoet if the series goes to game six i on may tenth.. tonight's game is in pittsburgh.pittsburgh puck drops at 8 o'clock
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>> ly. >> all right.dsow c drizzle and some showers shors wethough, get thi forecast in the fo mid-50's. 55 leonardtown, 57 culpeper, cue 55 winchester, 55 out atou a dulles as well. all some showers just out to the west. we so what's happening is we're trying to get a warm frontt a w through the if we can just get a little l further north and east, we eastw should start to clear thingshins out a little get some midday sunshine and s then as a cold frontront approaches la
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afternoonay suntemperaturesperae much warmer than they've beendp7 yo >> we're living in the moment, al, one moment at a time,mome a right. >> exactly. >> all right erin let's go ahead. busy monday for you. >> i know.>> i don't even know where to know begin.begi 7:07. so many delays and crashes.c right now take a look at this, i 295 north after laboratoryer lay road there is a there are you completely parked from the beltway on up.the as you head in on the inner then loop from prince george's county across into alexandria ad the wilson bridge very heavyvyno earlier deadly crash csh investigation has cleared byead the eisenhauer of a connector but traffic remains slow. earlier crash onc the innersh loop by 50 also cleared. clear we have active crash activityiv in frederick right now two. n t 70 south south of 8585 temporarily blocked all lanes al gh
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getting by so coming out ofout o frederick hopened by barnesvill. tr all metro lines o timebu th interchange you are jam pdked even though all lanes have top of the beltway completelyell jammed.ja dealing with a crash byg wi cray university blocking thesitylock earlier crash activity didr cra clear by connecticut but it's a parking lot on most of ourf inbound routes this morning. back to you, holly and allison. >> ♪ >> race for the president isdnts now focused on the hoosiersi tomorrow voters in indianaats in will head to the polls. pol on the republican sidon trump sd trump says completing againstst his rival ted
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of time that could running matem carly, who c her rival bernie sanders says he's staying in the race despitete recent losses.ce l >> developing right now powerful storms causing a lotin of damage from the plains tofrom the southern united states.ted heavy rain and wind broader and down trees and w caused deadly -- brought down trees t and caused flooding from texas t to georgia and the region unfortunately is not out of nott the woods yet.ods y wisdom martin is back inack studio with a look at theooat aftermath.afte >> yeah, just seems like texasem just keeps getting hit. h >> pummeled, right. rht. >> we wish them the best asshm h they try to deal with all ofll this. th this morning these communitiesnt e
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of cleaning up after heavyinup a stdse mourningth the loss of a family killed byf rain just sweptust swep through town and caused a lotau of flash flooding.loodg. >> heavy rain in lafayette lafet county arkansas strandedde people at home and left carst damaged as the water continued i to rise.ise. one family couldn't leaveoun' their home and says they t haven't had any help. hp. >> and i was getting ready fordy work. something said look outside. osi i looked outside.. the first thing i said, oh, my car. we under water. wat >> the whole area saw record rec amounts of rain with roads
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>> at this time we've got b many were fright tends by the souinuttorms arerms a possible in the south through so, more drama in the south. again, we hope -- hope theyope can deal with this as bests they can 'cause you have no control over the weather.ov thea so you just have to do whato doa you have to do to survive thi this. >> thanks whiz. tz. police clash with> protestors in seattlepoes washington over the weekendtor k during a mayday protest. mayte nine people were arrested and charged with obstruction assault
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destruction.ctio s.tnesses say protestors were >> today is the fifth anniniv they'll tweet the t raid as if it were happening hpe today. tweets will include the famousuo picture of president obamae of i watchingde matters unfold fromnr the situation room. >> what's next for first f daughter malia obama as she graduates from high school. soo >> the white house correspondent's dinner wasnden held over the weekend. we'll talk about some of the night's biggest moments next. 7:12.
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7pret naysfor day and days -- really for they r better part of aerbetter. okayfog early.dense 55 now in notice the warmer temperaturespu just to our south. 64 richmond, 68 cape hatteras. t if the warmer air can move a little further north and east ad i think we'll break out of the' clouds and the drizzle and get d some midday sunshine and we andw should pump the temperatures into the mid to upper 70' t that being said, moving airg air like this this time of year is a little difficult.if so -- >> the air is heavy? >> the air that's in pla
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very heavy, yeah. what we ca 78 your daytime high. fronr t tonight sticks arounds tomro.tely i do this is out if you're makingou's morning, 97 out by 100 big by bg
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it's on the northbound sideide he bring up another camera. c we can move to our maps andur ms show y sou wtreetmmd inside is . 295 as you make your way out a crash northbound side after laboratory huge delays from the bottom them side of the beltway on through. 50 inbound jams if you'renbou heading out in annapolis trying to get into thent district by kenilworth it'ss basically parked withed w congestion. new york avenue inbound jamsnbod by bladenburg road. suitland p
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jokes were a huge hit fall it'sl have jokes thrown at veryes tow powerful reporters andthught sht meant to be very heart felt speaking about the president p and speaking about his life growing up about a time when you mite might have questionses about being a blackbeing bla quarterback and now this blacksb man who is the leader of the lee free world and it felt very fele touching and then he used the n-word with the president p which was just
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felt v
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o.o i saw michael steele maybe next. oh, hard
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get your designer smile from new
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been knocked down. dow the fire started last
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the -- what is that behind b ehn shower activity that's movingy h in from the west and once wee can getumid air in pl ced fronte may kick up another round ofnd f thunderstorms so got a lottormsg happening today.. again dense fog this morning.isr warmer temperatures andratus and perhaps some late day thunderstorms.un 78 youder high. daytime heim tomorrow only 70om7 with a few more showers andowerd the storms around for ourd for tuesday. kind of going to be
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erin is back with lotsith lots happening on the roads.g ony extra time to get through that area. inner loop from theloop fm th springfield interchange upssassa through falls church is j 295keep in mind by centreport parkway in stafford 95ffor
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that's your traffic's unfortunately. back to you holly. yo you holl >> tnk month look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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♪ live look outside on this t monday.monday you'll have to travel through it to get through date. 55 degrees.55 degrees. definitely foggy out there andoo damp. tuck will talk more about whatut the whole weke nass store in i little bit. if you are new to the metro area or starting out on yourou career, it can be overwhelmingrn task to find affordable place tt live. >> not just if you're new, right?
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around the region and you can yc rees month. never mind one bedroom or more. >> okay. bob barnard at their newest nes location in crystal city this ts morning. bob, can you imagine a personer like our age doing this rightig now? is this strictly for likee just garaged from college?ge? >> it can be for the person just
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opening here right now ing rige crystal city. 're in kind of the livingeiving, beautiful -- beautifully designed efficient apartments ic the context of realliey gorgeous shared spaces and >> and bathrooms.. so there are two bathrooms for the three bedrooms, and you knok it's minimal lift living wait until you see the rest of what's's h it's a different concept inn terms of sharing space and mak making it somea
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but also just a different way oy doing thing, is th rsnvis top of that. t >> there's like a little kitchen net in the apartments but thenmt you come out here and have aave full kitchen, you can meet with your floor mates and your quote unquote roommates and have breakfast, hang out, what have,w you, right? and share the responsibilities i guess asue a well.ll. >> share the responsibilitieses and the use of these amenities.i normal physical you're a youngse profession all probably wouldn'l have chef's kitch pen like the e we're standing in now or yogaa studio like we have on anotherno floor or big gorgeous kind ofino screening room.g room. and so this is way that you can, you know, partake of all thoseao things. >> i want to show you we'll heaa upstairs but i want to show you videot eaer on the top two floors they have theave the communal work space and you'vekp heard of like we work and you yu want a desk i
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others are that's where this is we want to come backomeb w you this is what i what hes ogether. tabeot c so there's this real haredl experience that you get at we ta live you don't get in a in many apartment live context.enxt >> we wanting to up one morep or flight, guys, so you're like, okay, what do i do on thursday when i got laundry to do? t >> you can do your lawn dry andd play fooseball.oosell it's kind of like a college li living for grown ups, if youu will.ll you've got plenty of laundryf ld machines got the fooseball tabll you have a cup of coffee up u here. here. read the paper.he p. and hang out with your newr friends in a sense.en right this
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what, dave, people willgittle ll under $900 per person per month, again, monthly to monl m online? onli >> just we guy we le. we'll be back in couple of hourh and speak to some of the peopleo living here already, guys.uys. it's just start dag.rtag different way of doing things t here in the ithe c and we are in crystal city thish >> bob, who cleans the sharedthr spaces? >> reporter: yeah, goodh, g question, dave.. who cleans the shared spaces? de are we all response nationalnse
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>> no, that's part of the fee. >> reporter: my goodness.. >> yourr dishes, come, come on. e ----they don't do t >> you see some advantages toe a that style of living. sty >> yes, i do.>> y yes, i do. takes me back to my college da days. >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> now i'm a little smoother i might -- let me do the forecast. >> please.>> ple >> something completelyethi inappropriate. dense fog advisory in effectn ef until 10:00 o'clock thisk this morning.rn visibility quarter mile or lesss and we are looking at trying to get warmer temperatures in heren today. hoping we can get it into then mid to upperge 70s with the possibility of afternoon aer thunderstorms a lot going ona tg wept wise. 56 in washington.ashito 55 leonardtown
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manassas 55 degrees. 55 de for monday. monday. maybe some midday sunshine andse len look out for the p in just a in minute. erin is back with roads. with oa >> tucker, i don't want to blamd you for this do you think theont rest of the week will behi as rough because of the rain asain this monday morning commute. co. >> it will be rainy, yeah.rain >> that answers that >> sorry about that. s abo >> leave the house early you'lll need a lot of extra time to getg around.arnd outer loop new hampshire topshit georgia 15 miles per hour15 average there's a crash passedd connecticut avenue and that hasn things really jammed up.p 15 miles an hour again newgainew hampshire to georgia and the knife southbound side of thingsf from the icc to the inner loop completely jammed.amme bw parkway nort a
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dealing with a lot of stop gonee traffic.rom 270 earlier crash in urbana by the traffic from fredeonse era re.ed the. same story 395 on the inboundnbu side from the beltway all thetwt way to the 14th street bridge. i look at that.=look a tha the inner loop across the wilsow bridge parked same story fromtoo the springfield enter change tot 66. we had earlier crash out by 50 b it cleared. but traffic still super heavy.e. same story coming in on 66 from manassas through centreville alr the way into fairfax. jams 295 northbound after a laboratory road a crash.ara and you can see how parked youe are from the bottom beltway onao through that point. pnt 50 inbound as you passs kenilworth jams suitland parkwad in upper marlboro pennsylvaniaea avenue very slow.enueery our bridges are crawling. cwl metro is on time.n t grab your umbrella if you wantow to take as an alternate toerte driving this morning.g this back to you t >> coming up why the next timeim
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may want to put away your ca sta tacks. where these elephants are headed
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♪ the first u.s. cruise toruit cuba in more than 50 years on ys its way. the carnival ship a don't yado left the port in miami yesterday. seven day cruise is scheduled tu stop in three cities, passengerr are expected to arrive in havana today
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well, people who travel to l new york city k nuck schumer.ckh he's asking the federal tradeert commission to look into thiear firms. ney, sneaky.ak ringling brothers and barnum anm bail system saying goodbye tooot its biggest performers. >> last night the show'sw's elephants performed for the verr last time. six elephants took their finaln tour in rhode island, and another five had their finalin performance in pennsylvania.ylva they were now at link everyk e inkling center for conversations in a florida.. elephants have been part of thet circus act for 145 years.. coming up, the family of o prince heads to court today. tod to sort out his estate a mid nen
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>> plus, k
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♪ all let's get started.t's ge we're starting with fog this morning. morn i apologize for the not so great weekend and starting off hereffh with low clouds and the fog andd drizzle across the area. that dense fog advisory inory effect until 10:00 o'clock this
7:45 am
morning a lot going on weatherea wise today including mix up the atmosphere a littleil bit get rid of the fog and we'ra gethee' get again little sunshin here midday once we get this g t little passage of rain showern e activity. got to be honest with you thisot forecast is a tough one thesenee fronts this time of year once ww get stuck in this pattern it'snt tough to break it down and wende may have a tough time doing thaa again later today.n ter if we do get into the sunshine n with frontal system approaching from the north and west laterest today, we can kick up a few a f keep tha
7:46 am
the thinkingnderstorm activity late this afternoonis n early evening as a cold frontd f veac clear thing you can see a little sunshinea here midday. and theli warmer temperatures ae humidity will only encourageouge thunderstorm development late dt this afternoon with a cold fro front. that front will hang up across the area overnight tonight.onigt showers overnight.vernight into the day on tuesday. still kind of moody around heren for the day tomorrow. 78 strong storms possible latese this afternoon.enoon particularly if you see thatar midday sun. s look out for the late day storms. 70 tomorrow.omro wednesday looks partly sunnyloos maybe a few late showers and then i wish it look better. bte maybe by next weekend we'llnd actually get the rain out ofet u here and high pressure in here.h still thatossibility.ossibility. weather is not promising.rosi roads are not promising eit
7:47 am
erin will deliver that news torh you now. crautneic.ic is not moving ata. avenue because of that aay po ae parked. you need a ton of extra timextra watch for visibility problems, fog causing issues.sss. use low beams and be preparedre you'll hit a ton of traffic that looks just like this as you heau out this 97 right now has reopened alldll lanes earlier crash. crash. it was on the northbound sideid heading towards baltimore atmo quarter field road all lanesanes open but again same look there.e miserable monday morning. m we'll look at our maps right now aside from those problem spotsbo other delays all over in 270 270 south fat hurley to the spur down to 13 miles an a h. as you head through montgomerytm county into rockville thisvie morning. keep in mind north at this point in urbana
7:48 am
cleared.cleared. secondies m street, wisconsin ws tons of extra traffic.trtraff same story connecticut inboundeo outer loop as you make your way past 50 oh a* lot of throw slowl traffic there.affier bw parkway southbound crash by 100. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. metro is on time. t you may want to that are to gett around the jam >> holly.. >> pop icon prince his familyam heads to court today.od >> they're trying to figure outt how to split up his $300 milliol estate.ta marine out may joins us with ust details it's hard to imaginema o managed everything it seemedd would not leave his will.ill. >> it's a head scratcher fortcrf sure. sister says he didn't leave an'a will or a trust behind thatind t means everything is up fo
7:49 am
grabs. it's expected to be divided b dv between his sister and ngs andnd concerts he owned $27 million iy started complaining about having stomach and throat pains and wanted simpler meals like smooto these and juices.s roberts says prepared a red pepper bisque and kale salad fod prince the night before princeei died. he says when he returned tone to paisley park after prince'srincs memorial service, that food wass still in the refrigerator.gerar prince died two weeks ago weeks there's no official cause ofl e death. investigators looking intoig whether he died from an overdosd but again allison and holly, you know, the bottom line is he had no will. w and as you said for someone whoo was that meticulous about hisis music it's a
7:50 am
>> it is. >> it's one of those things,e ot >> absolutely. >> one of the most anticipated film of the year opens this wees >> i've been witing months to mn ask you this question.ion. >> ut-oh. >> when i first saw the trailer when you and buck are passingsa the shield back and forth,. fth. >> right, right, right.ight, >> how are you filming that. tha >> that's cgi. c toots impossible to try and navigate actual throws like thas and get the shot you need.. that's a tricky part of thet shield in general. sometimes -- sometimes you havev the full real heavy shield. sel sometimes you have the foam f shield if you got to hit if somebody in the face. fac sometimes there's no shie
7:51 am
brat bat tick things withk and v to sure even in your y and hel miming of the exchange that thet timing is still there.he >> that was one of the tricky ty yesterday scenes in the >> you made the first captain c before you directed before we government you made this captaic after you directed d how have you changed as an actor since you became a director ando is this captain differentfe because of directing.irec >> that's a great question. >> thanks, dude. thanks, dud >> thanks, man.>> for not just asking how i work out. i wish i had a good answer forwr you. i will say there's nothing morer eye opening than being in thethg editing room editing yourself as an actor and realizing what you do. you know, your gimmick, your hiccups your weaknesses, andnd they're >> you protect yourself a lot.ea you real do a lot of things of,o you know, you use as many takes
7:52 am
as you can doing what you thinkk is the saying, you know what, becausese it's -- we're ne clock, you know, we only have certainin amount of time but taking thoset risks and being more adventurouo with your performance the besteb stuff comes from.f c from. in this one i tried to be littlt more free in terms of how i wass going to approach the character. >> that's awesome. in the trailer when we see>> tha moment not a spoiler iron man i goes underoos and then spidie si grabs the shield, how does thats look when you're shooting itotig because obviously we see thee se shield in your hand it getsd itg grabbed and taken up, your handn get taken by the web.. is tom there when you're shooting that. tt. >> that one shot o happening i literally exactly as i am now, i'm doing this andhis just -- it's all -- you're you faking it.faki your miming it because that'sitt all post obviously no one ise shooting webs and obviously they couldn't actually mime someonemm taking the shield off my wrist.i so a lot of it is kind of havin
7:53 am
to mimic how those actions woule oohind the scenes look at thes l another super hero movie. >> shocker.hocker. okay. time -- this move to be super. p that's what i just said. sorry. time for facebook fan of the d day.he it is vicky wheeler. it's her 44th birthday.. happy birthday beautiful she's been a loyal fan for decade. dec she watches us on her tv and her mobile devices.evic she says she likes that wehat interact with her on socialn s media.mea. we like it, too.e it, thanks for tuning in.anks we hope you enjoy your birthdaya sorry it's a gloomy out therey e but i know you'll make it brighi in your own way for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment below vicky's photon our facebook page. >> all it is monday and the weather isi be fitting of a monday, tuck. t >> yeah.
7:54 am
allison i was about to menti hea 9:00 trying to get the winds ouw of the south here warm froinnttd get midday sunshine an colde a c front north and west will roll o in late this we can do around of thunderstorm activity particularly if you ses midday sunshine, that's anha indication we may get late day thunderstorms. 78 your daytime high. tomorrow tomorrow with few morem showers and storms in therms ine forecast. moody week. moody moody road
7:55 am
>> moody roadway. >> how is it looking erin.king n big delays outer loop is parkedr hamp slow.ard down through way r to the spur north urbana stacked as well. earlier crash cleared by 85. 85. take a wide view you can see res everywhere.evywhere sorry about that. 95 as you make your way tour t
7:56 am
well on the northbouno u hollart playground concussions are onon ou cou plus starbucks♪
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fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed.
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look outside on this gloomylo mimo ux5 news morning. it's been a morning crashnia after crash on the beltway and some of them pretty seriouser that's led to backups as well. l the most severe was very early r this morning.this m a deadly three-car wreck on the inner loop near eisenhowerenhowe avenue. now that happened around 1:40 a.m.a. investigators say a persony a driving the wrong way crashedayh head on into another vehicle. then another car crashed intont that scene. s the wrong way driver was killede the other drivers were taken to the hospital and should be okay. this morning metro iss
8:00 am
good morning. mortrainra i can tell you it seems likeeems bably gointo k movinggi oef here through these tracks and so that means problems for amtrak, limited and also for marc service on the brns do s csx track.track der see some of these tankers are still here. they are being off loaded and ii think right now they'll just beb check most of the off loading li happened earlier today. today these the remaining tankers witt the remaining sodium hydro chloride in them.lori not highly hazardous but could cause irritation if people camee into contact with it. c thonat's why the crews have to e suited if you they're going tore be close to where the materiall is. but they'll move those off
8:01 am
then they have to basic offhosea sterday.sterday. st happened. 15 cars we're told in 175 car train derailed sunday morning. i and again the biggest concernon here were trang kearse that werr carrying sodium hydro chloride l also calcium chloride andth knoll.knl. sodium hydro chloride known asna lie can cause irritation to thet eyes and the nose and respiratory problems if people breathe it in. there was one car leaking that t material so that had to be had b contained by hazmat crews.t cre there was also a small seepage ofth knoll basicly from the tanker hatch when that tankerker tipped over and one tanker ofe r calcium chloride which is not hazardous.rdou.
8:02 am
most of that work say that there was air monitoringitn done. water monitoring done.nitoring and the good news, from what wee know, no concerns environmentally in terms ofin to contamination.ntatio but still that whole track bed b area does need to be removed, rv cleared out, cleaned up thisp morning before they can putan p those new rails in.e ne so hard to say for those marcc train commuters whether things will be back online tonight orr whether they'll be any impacts tomorrow but the feeling i'meeli getting from folks here on the scene is that good portion off today into tonight is what it w will take to get this all backll to normal. nmal. back to you guys.u g >> all right. 8:03. 8:03 thanks special ceremony will be held h today at the waterfrontont community of piscataway hills in fort washington.ashingto back in 2014, 28 homes were evacuated you'll remember afterr intense rain caused a landslide that cracked the main road and d ruptured water and
8:03 am
prince george's county m charged with first degree murder in the death of university ofy f merry wasington student will gog on trial. trial case against steven vander bill is expected to last three days. brie is a cued of killing his roommate grace man last april il the off campus house they sh in fre. >> fairfax county policeyol continue to investigate thete te death of a man who's body was found in falls church creek.hre a passerby spotted the body t b yesterday.yest the body will be taken to theakt medical examiner's office and an autopsy will be conducted to determine whether the mans toest death was accidental or foul >> voters in indiana will header head to the polls tomorrow.s tor donald trump spent the weekend calling on his own party toarty unite behind his campaign.amig he said competing ga
8:04 am
rival ted cruz is a waste ofruza time. it could be sduring a may may day protest. used pepprpray es are held bydy advocates for work concernsrns immigrants protests remained peaceful infu other cities.s. ♪ all right. feels like seattle here with alh this rain we're getting. getng >> yeah, sunny and beautiful ini the pacific northwest thiswest t morning and we see nothing butot clouds and fog and dry drizzle.e >> i'd like to do trade t actually. >> all right. we'll see what we can do.wh >> okay, thank you.ka thank not to start the day. d. there's your dense fog advisoryy in effect until 10:00 o'clockti this morning.orng visibilities for.visibilities the area quarter mil fe or lessl we're waking up with rainh showers as well. and the cool temperatures continue out there.ue outhe 56 now in washington. washing
8:05 am
mid 50'sst all 55 degrees. here's the deal with today.. we're thinking fingers crossed 'cause -- this particular brandb of weather forecast is a difficult one but it looks likel we're going to lift warm frontam through the area later thiss morning. some of that rain showerth activity you see moving through right now an indication it's oni the move. which is good news.ew and as that does so we may break out into some sunshine late morning early afternoon get warw and humid mid to upper 70s. 70s and then late this afternoon asn a cold front arrives, we'll we'l likely kick off around of af showers and thunderstorms.rsto so a lot going on weather wise w bottom line look for that middad sunshine if we get that, along a with humidity we may get late gl day thunderstorms.or once again temperatures 10, 15, 20 degrees warmer than yesterdas in some spots.. >> okay.>>kay. >> okay? >> get it right and sunshine ana the rain. >> and blue low humidity.humidi >> okay.
8:06 am
erin. center port parkway cleared.ay r stilll delays.els north dale a rain.coestion and . let's see if we can forward oura maps and show you a look whatoow else you're up against thissthi morning taking a wide view right now. a lot of read arc lot of slow o traffic bw parkway southbound and northbound whether you'rethu head to do or from bwi orr baltimore area you'll hit a lotl of traffic same story north and southbound.southbou outbound parked from before 95k5 through the spur really.ea we had earlier crash bysh b connecticut traffic super heavya there same story 270 on the southbound side from frederick all the way down to the spur. s tons of stop and go traffic. tff i asked people since we'rece w dealing with heavy delays fromem the fog and rain to fill in thet blank monday morning commute iss as bad
8:07 am
much faith tuesday tra at metro center moving off the inli watch for delays.srptsisru as welch that's your traffic. back to you.o >> capitals will play game three tonight against pittsburghittsrg penguins without one of their oe most important players.. >> brooks horbert suspendedus three games for a late hit to the head for penguins defensem defenseman. he will miss game three tonighth game four on wednesday and gamey five on saturday.five on sa eligible to come back if the ba series goes game six on may tenth. tonight's game is in pittsburghu it starts at 8:00. 8 good luck.od luc they'll be a man down.l be man they need everybody againstrybo pittsburgh.pisbur >> i know.>> i >> tough battle.ate. >> playoffs, okay. >> coming up one worth woman isn suing star buck for $5 million.o >> lots of latte.fat >> lots of money.
8:08 am
changed in tyoe most.os one of them monkey bars i'll i neivwborn' father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. ♪ storms swept across theor south from texas to georgiams ga bringing damaging winds andginds heavy rain.avy four children and a grandmothern were killed in floods in texas.n high winds brought down largeowe trees in atlanta knocking
8:09 am
power lines and damaging homes. in oklahoma, sucd gh the complicate job ofthatest heads to court toayl.n will. now that means under minnesota a law his estate would be dividedd among his siblings. meanwhile, prince's personals po chef is speaking out. he says in the weeks beforeks bf prince's death he noticed chan changes to his diet saying thatt prince was eating less. he also wanted meals that were r easier to digest.iges >> killed osama bin laden. now tonniversary the cia will tweet the raid as if if were happening today. t tweets will include the famoushm picture of president obamaba watching matters unfold from the situation room. well heads up for theeads
8:10 am
parents of little ones this this morning. if they go outsi each y injuries. your kids to be extra ext careful on tp mpening. has been with the news that firsthat daughter malia obama will poll her parents food steps walkps right into harvard.ri >> that's right. but malia is not going rightig away. away. so what's up with this so-callea gap year?omethingheard of. our political reporter ronica r clea back to dish about dis a that coming up next.ex >> how long will this soggys sog weather stick around? and the d song is making me happy, thoughg tuck is back with the forecast..
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ godfather is trying to makem this day before. bef >> yeah. >> his music is trying tous brighten it up, but, yeah. >> amazing how many days in roww we've done this. >> um-hmm. >> all right. we do have something to brighter up everybody's mood thishi you've been missing it allison.n >> i have missed it.>> have >> yeah. >> you need some smiles. here we go.e g time now for my first five photh of the day. >> aww.>> aw >> ♪ >> that's awful cute little fa face. >> bray lynn everybody. she is -- she's cute. four months old.ld she loves loves loves waking upp every morning to her
8:14 am
group at fox5. >> i just remember when the kidd were young you looathe booat t seat and they'rgg that ou.ig.>>c >> tucker you know what i dodo now. good go ahead dork it. >> hmm. >> this is poetry time. >> oh.h. >> bray lynn, bray lynn you sure ain't phalen.hale >> that's it. >> oh, okay. (laughter). >> when i thought it couldn'tld' get any worse.get anwors >> yeah.>> >> let me apologize. (laughter).r) >> i'm sorry. wisdom.wi to send us your child's picture go to our facebook page. p i saw people on friday askingy a how to get their picture up goto to our facebook page find brayiy lynn's picture and submit your picture underneath i >> we love it. 56 in washington.ashingto all right. serve in the mid 50s
8:15 am
fog, drizzle, low clouds to start your dayon with a cold frf but you can see a few showersho and then, yeah, just kind of moody week.we moody seems to be the theme ofs the >> okay.y >> you're doing the best youintu can. >> i'm doing the best i can. >> appreciate it.>> >> let me allow me to make a tht toss. if you will. you >> absolutely. aolut >> poetry like i said bray lynn, bray lynn you can't feeling butb erin como will tell you tha
8:16 am
traffic will have you wailing. hat this morning. morni >> thside we'llde start you off with metro becausb we have no alerts. as grab your consider metro because our roadr are all backed up and messed upp this monday morning.orning taking a wide view look at allk that red.thated the inbound commute not lookingi so hot. so h bw parkway north and southboundo outer loop earlier crash by b connecticut all lanes open blocking the shoulder before 95r through that part it is a crawlc 270 south forget it if you'ref waking up in frederick or fricko gaithersburg this morning.rsburi you need a lot of extra time because it's partial withit's congestion and rain.ngon gw parkway inbound clara barton inn saad the parkway and cabin john jammed.hnam 66 from manassas through fairfaf tons of stop and go traffic. 295 earlier crash by lavatory ba career parked in both directionr as you head inbound. 395 jams to the 14th street strt suitland parkway is a crawl as a you make your
8:17 am
capital. pennsylv i'd say a lot of extra time. t however early you think you neen presidential library.entialibra it's being built with the helpie of the barack obama foundation.o the foundation plans to build a structure in one of two parks on chicago's south side. s it's expected to be finished in 2020 or 2021. 2 >> all right. all right first daughter malia she's madem a decision about college. colle she is following in her parentss food of footsteps head to goeato college at harvard. >> she won't do until 2017.01 she's taking a gap year aftereaf she graduates from high school.o so what is a gap
8:18 am
>> ronica cleary joins us now with morhy yoll be out of herefh for year.for ar. >> that's a gap year. >> is he j and instead of getting ready fof college this summer, she's goini to take part in that gap yearha we're talking about. a now she's not alone.. a recent poll found that gap years among u.s. students sde they've increased more than 20%. many colleges even encourage aoe delayed entry. ent in order to give students time to recharge after high they want those students todentt build work or live experiences,s many students they choose internships overseas maybe a
8:19 am
little travel, gap year are most encourage it in their admissiona as well. >> i was thinking in my mind m what happened? so the presideni was harvard law.d l he was undergraduate columbia and michelle obama was under grad princeton. priet they both met and found theirir way at harvard.way harvard >> i'm sure they feel a connectt it sounds like a nice thing. t college is often an incredibly
8:20 am
stressful time.ime. >> absolutely. >> even hi s wantsob >> yeah. >> you're not going to bee invited back here. >>no righ disneyworld could soon soo include wedding reel we'll explain. ♪
8:21 am
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty.
8:22 am
nt to do this alligator thing. everyone's nola is different. anbe
8:23 am
♪ regular news music.usic >> i can't talk until the jam ih over. you know that. t >> i can always give you some -- >> ♪ >> auction hit you with poetry.r let's get quickly to theohe forecast of 56 now washington. g we got fog and drizzle and lowld clouds out there to start youray day. 55 dulles. just about everybody in the midt 50s to start the day. bwi marshall 54 degrees. rain showers pretty light moving through. thro along with some sprinkles andprd some drizzle.zz what we're trying to do is get t warm front north and east of us. if we're successful in doingn d that we'll break out in middaynd sunshine ange
8:24 am
finally warm the temperatures ue closer where theweshave this kii the atmosphere is a little tou s afternoon and again look at your daytime highs in the upper 70s.7 midday sunshine.unshine. tomorrow we wake up a few we wa showers and storms. sto then we keep it kind of, yeah, y keep the clouds around for muchm of the week.of w >> i know it doesn't look like k very promising seven dayng forecast. and honestly it's not.t's n but there will be periods ofer f sunshine over the next sevent se days.days >> let's do weather. let's dorks, erin, what do yout do? >> you're basically telling medi after work if i have acallny nel the week to do it, maybe do reading, up door activities,ctiv right?
8:25 am
days now i'm running out ofng oo things to do indo er but from but f before 95 all the way to the the spur, this is wha.. secondaries also filling things are jam pack on the innei loop as you pass springfield interchange towards braddock b road earlier crash by 50.y a look at our maps right now. n aside from jammed beltway look,l i want to show you this. y t red all over the place.. 295 inbound in both directions 50 in and outbound outside theus beltway to and from annapolisnn you'll hit a ton of stop and goo traffic. traf same story making your way toinw and from baltimore this morning. coming in from frederick. 270 southbound is jammed all thl way fm
8:26 am
rockville this morning. mraime g mre actually on time today.od every day. our expert joins you with fourhf step plan to banish it for goodd >> but first the race for tace president runs through indiana i tomorrow and the stakes arear higher than ever. fox's bret baier joins us lives with preview coming up next. nt. ♪
8:27 am
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>> erin there's your michaelther ugaugh >> another epic fail by wisdomis martin on this monday morning. . >> no, no, no.>> no, n >> you ask, you receive.eive there's a gloomy looking dag out there for you. that's our capitol dome.ol d at least the scaffolding isolngi coming down.coming down. >> that's true. that's good's >> bright news. 8:30. silver lining you got thatou got right. let's get you caught up on thehe stories top stories of this ofhi monday morning.mondorni they include sadly a tragede on the beltway as person drivini the wrong way on the inner loopp was killed in a three-car crash. this happened around 1:40 this t morning near ice avenue.
8:30 am
driver was headed the wrong way in t f traineraile next itsit right next to the road i ocrat bernieocra sanders says he's not dropping o out any time soon. fox's bret baier joins us nows live with more. with more. good morning to you, brett, b indiana is coming up. >> good morning. >> still battle royal stillat going on between the final fouru >> that's exactly right. for ted cruz, he's investing ain lot in indiana and the polls
8:31 am
show him trailing one pollg oneh governor ofbigall it's officially over. or i think the cruz campaign has h vowed to fight on throughn >> yeah, trump is saying if he f does win this, when he wins this, it should unite the partyp i don't know if that's going toh happen. it seems like there's lot of bab blood there.. >> well, there is.l, there is. there's a big split in the par party. i mean there is a large never trump part of the republi some of them in recent days andd last couple of weeks have moved to kind of eventually trump.. but there's still a lot of, arc lot of republicans diss affectee in how this r
8:32 am
>> meanwhile on the democraticei seven, f he wins indiana and itd is close thered in ld part bec delegates these party leadersdes that are essentially free agenta they can vote how they and sanders says if you get toot the end and she doesn't have the bound delegates lead, that essentially he's saying the's sn convention is couldn't testifieo and he's going to try to wooryo those super delegates. delegat >> all right. all r well, we can't let you go without talking about the whitet house correspondents dinner.en you were there this weekendts? >> i was. >> did you like? i see you right there styling and stylind proe black tucks andck tucks the black
8:33 am
(laughter).augh >> you know it's always a hugea? >> you know i think the white wi house. >> that's spoke volumes rightpos there. bret baier, thank you very much always good to talk to you v great monday. >> all right, you too. t >> all right.ll right. let's get over to weatherge and talk to mr. barnes aboutes t this dreary monday. hello, tucker.r. >> wisdom that says the all. the look at that picture.icre. low clouds and fog and there'she another live shot from our tower cam. i know it doesn't look promisini keeping our fingers crossedngerc we'll get some sunshine here midday.ay i'm cautiously optimistic.c 56 in washington.n. winds n
8:34 am
3 miles an hour.les annd that ff time here in the mintdlo give ya lookine loo out for late afternoon aer thunderstorms daytime highs in s the mid 70s. 7 70 tomorrow with few more showers and storms. yeah, kind of up and down week.e kind of a cloudy week here, with daytime highs a little cool foro this time of year for early maym all right. that is weather.ea let's see if traffic has shownhn improvement with
8:35 am
>> hi, erin. e >> good morning tucmakeassas loi show you what you're up againsts beltway reallspcticut earlier ca there's an accident 38 and pennsylvania southeast in theth district.stct. really slow-moving traffic coming from north wet onn connecticut, wisconsin, massachusetts whole bunch of of slow-traffic on 270 southbound.o father hurley to the spur dips down to 13 miles an hour.n hou north at that
8:36 am
eealing with huge delays. ally slow speeds. speeds. and you can see the outer loopoo romour on up to 50 isw york youy parties that may be the way toea go to avoid these wet congestedd roads.road wisdom.wiom bl sguests andues asoon be abln wait until you hear how muchhow this is going to cost.t. what? >> okay.>> okay. we'll wait for it.we'll wa for plus no more lost luggage.uggage airline is rolling out out aut a better way to track your stuff.. 8:37. ♪
8:37 am
and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
8:39 am
♪ >> this is a flute jam for flu j tucker. i don't know, wisdom, if you ifu know --kn >> i didn't. i didt >> tucker has said it a hundredn times he loves the flute jam. j >> you learn something knew about this guy every he's really deep g. >> multi layered. >> so many layers. s a lot of them i wish i didn't know about.i know a >> you can't put the johboutnnyy in the the bot >> it's open now.openow >> sorry about that.>> sorry abt let's talk about this then how about royal birthday tobirto celebrate today. aww. look -- my grandmother used to call them muffin jaws.. >> is that right.
8:40 am
that of course is princessrincs charlotte hed her dresses spanish retai named ne >> very nice.ic. i wonder if they took that witht an iphone?phe? >> it does look very fancy. fan i don't think it was an i phonen >> that's quite a filter if itii is a >> she and her brother look sooo much alike, don't they. the >> they do.y do >> happy birthday.irthda >> cute next factor times two. >> speaking of princess who's doesn't want to feel like one oo their wedding day. (laughter). >> disneyworld now allowingg weddings at the magic kingdom park park hours.ou near cinderella' castle andase start early in the they'll go all day.ay
8:41 am
which is weird because that'su where they have the parade and,e reports are that he had aingt hw minute >> $75,000 for just 100 guests.t >> i don't even think my wedding cost $750 g can we talk about it. it. >> i don't know if we have timef i don't know if we have time.f >> wisdom had 10 people at his wedding. >> 10. >> most of them were >> 10.>> 10. >> getting rid of acid refluxidr we've got a four-step plan to pa get rid of it for good.d. 10 people. >> 10 whole people. starbucks facing a huge lawsuitw this morning over something they put in their drinks. dnks. it's not coffee.. we'll tell was this is all about coming up next. >> 10 people. ♪
8:42 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud?
8:43 am
i don't know if he likes that.
8:44 am
♪ where is my flute jam? j >> i don't know. i't kno >> um-hmm. >> you were jamming to the drumd maybe they were doing that forht you. >> the pan flute is magical.agic like a rainforest.t. >> right.>>ight you're so so weird. >> let's go to the forecast. >> that sums it >> i just love h >> you said it and i wasnd i was thinking.thki >> he's so weird.>> i love him. >> let's go to the forecast. >> ♪ >> that's the groove right the there. >> i'll be moving local daal i'a little sore. s >> that's okay. tha >> i kind of like that tucke
8:45 am
don't knweekend.>> >> well done.l de i've been practicing. r) >> i feel like i'm gigantic gan right now.. 55 in hagues down and martinsburg. here's the deal. we're looking at a few showersrs moving through right now. we got a warm front just to our south and west. w we're trying to get that warmha front north of us if we can jusj squeak it further north and easd we'll break out into partialo pa sunshine and we'll warm the we'l temperatures up. i am starting to seeing clearing out to the west.t to i'm hopeful we'll get sunshine n and get our temperatures intor the mid 70s during the daytime y hours if we get some sunshine sh today with cold front arr
8:46 am
later this afternoon we couldld fire up the possibilityossili of thunderstorms with a cold a c front as it meeavyud to ground e hail possible here later todayod with any thunderstorm activity that develops develops.elops there we are at 1:00 o'clock.ock notice we're frying to break the cloud cover.cover this particular pattern isrn i extremely hard to break down.. so we're cautiously optimistic that will happen.that will and then later this afternoon ao there we are at 6:00 o'clock0 tonight perhaps we get round of thunderstorm building in and a then what happens that frontt hangs up. the cold front that comes com through late today hangs up andh we get around of sanhowershowers overnight into tomorroworro morning's commute and tomorrow more of the same. kind o
8:47 am
few showers around. stays,ras ll we'll get a period of sunshine e mostr the nexthe week all right. guys, that's the latest. l >> all right. you know what time it is now. >> i know what time it is. it i >> time to check in and seeck is what's happening on good day. what's up ladies.s. >> good morning. g >> good morning guys.oo all new on goooodd day d.c. dig white house correspondents c dinner.. >> stab or fail.l. >> who would you wood on the red carpet from from the first ladyf no kerry washi the new amc drama washington spice live in the lot of iain oi con is here. how the broadway hit hamiltonaml changed the game for his new new >> you know had her from taxi, evening shade, mary lou henner is here. wee talk her leen
8:48 am
how about she helped her husbans beat cance >> and kevin mccarthy the only o local reporter to go one-on-one e away. >> looking forward to it. 9 is the time.9 is the t a woman is suing star b she saye is two icy. icy too icy. $5 million lawsuit filed againsf the coffee chain claims that tht their 12, 16, 24 and 30-ounce au drinks don't actually hold nea nearly that much actual beverage because of the ice cubes. starbucks in a statement saidteh component of any iced beverage
8:49 am
interesting stuff there.restingt >> how does this sound? never
8:50 am
are two and here's how theonth so many people.soany people. >> here's my thing.>>s there's so many thing on the m mark n actuallyua vim is, even theseven es bubbles and that simmering sme tha
8:51 am
this is kind of represents thee. underlying issue and you can anu preghatur symptoms worse.or whel educedy toed their acidpt so these are really big trigger foods. food i'll have you guys do what'soha' call elimination diet. d i know people will say, well hoh can i give up my coffee and my wine? but it's only a week andw i promise you you'll feel bettee these are big trigger foods. citrus and tomatoes those arese big foods pasta sauce thatau t causes lot of acid reflux. rlu coffee and
8:52 am
and then wine whenowso you eval. >> slowly add them back in.n. otherwise your body is focused on digesting foo >> okay. >> this is great supplement toat have. it's licorice extract, and whata is so important about this the enzymes in the licorice extracta actually help to neutralize thet acid so you'll use this supplement while you're doingt the elimination parwht.atn so sta
8:53 am
in your y start feeling thateet stomach.h. guarantee in one week aysany differentif make sure it's very important ir see your doctor because there is one bacteria called h pie lori a bacterial infection that cantitc occur in the stomach and if thaa goes untreated, none of this ist going to help you. hel you make sure your doctor tested yoy for t >> can acid reflux mask something else other than whatnt you just mentioned?just mtion >> yeah, that's great question.o if you're having persist 10 acid reflux despite changing yourngiy lifestyle, dialing down then t stress not eating thee foods yoy could be developing some type of ulcer.ce again give yourself a period ofo time. try everything you can but thenu go and see your doctor ifoctor i nothing is working because that's the point whereou
8:54 am
need some other >> last quick olhat all under a the acid redication neutralize i short term. t you're putting a band-aid on tht problem you're to the getting tg the root of the problem. sometimes your anatomy of theto stomach is push up and sometimes it's just lifestyle the stufftu you're eating or other >> i don't know what thishi concoction was but it stinks.nk. >> wisdom, back to you. >> tucker, over to you.r to you. >> all right allison, all right. >> that's for you.ou >> save me some but skip it. >> mid 50s. mid 50s let's see, gaithersburg, baltimore, 54 degrees.4 degree 58 this morning in culpeper. we're optimistic we're going get warmer air in here today and tay there's a little clearing out to the west. the west. get that in here and get thehert warm front to our north we shalh be in the mid 70s by early early afternoon and then a cold fronto a cold front out to the west. ws could bring around of s
8:55 am
and thunderstorms for parts ofro the area late this improve park at first afi sterling avenue is crashe look t 66 in vhe westbound side.ide. several cars involved out by 28. use a lot of caution. keep it to the left try to steee clear of that right lane. eastbound side very heavy h through falls church thish faurh 95 northbound jams as you makeok your way through stafford daleod city woodbridge.ooridg this is 395 on the inbound sidee from the springfield int
8:56 am
to the 14th street bridge.stet b still basically parked.d >>oh, yeah. >> all right. a wesident's fythe white house u correspondents dinner plus ats look back at some of the fashi fashion. good day is coming up next. ♪
8:59 am
marc service and wrong way wreck inxpvaluable and that's closingo guantanimo because trump knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into there ground.. (laughter).(laughter) >> president obama's last laughu the commander in chief literally dropped the movement.oppe c at his eighth and final white house correspondents dinner. dne we'll share some of his bestis b jokes. tell you why some people are soo upset with headliner larry will more and give our picks for thee best dressed on the red carpet.


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