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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. >> hey, good morning to you, thank you for joining us on this wet wednesday. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin getting you stawrted for the best day ever. >> tuesday right. >> ever day is best day ever. >> and it's a wet day. we don't care about that, though, it's all good. >> you want to add extra time to the commute. wet corrodes always slow things down. >> oh, boy. >> gary mcgrady. >> not only wet, but fog out there this morning and you mentioned it too, erin, lef leftover flooding and turn around, don't drown. do not drive into water, okay? baseball size hail yesterday. i don't think i ever seen that here. >> me neeminger. >> quit a storm. >> appreciate it gary we'll talk to you this morning. we are all recovering thunder, lightning, hail, it's intense. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick joining us live with the latest from buoy, mel.
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>> hey, good morning and one of the first things we noticed when we came down on gallery street in buoy is the amount of leaves on the street which showed us really that something big came through here probably very high winds. we know there were warnings, of course, of possible 60 mile an hour wind gusts and quarter size hail and storm did not disappoint. fox5 viewers in the season helped tell the story of the storm. let's start with an impressive picture a huge lightning strike near the national zoo. people told us they felt that one, too, we also saw pictures of at approaching storm front impressive cloud deck there coming and the hail, everybody showing us picture of hail. covering decks, causing damage especially when you consider some of these hail stones, again, not disappointing, quarter size, yeah, how about golf ball size. high wind knocking down trees and really in too many places to count. that includes
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that is just back out live now this is just a tree branch. we have a number of locations that need to be checked out around prince george county and riverdale as well and montgomery county. big problems there with water rescues and montgomery country fire and rescue saying there were really on a condition red for a good hour and a half of time. so many calls coming in for help. a lot of people stuck in the flash flooding. listen to how one man described how quickly it could happen. >> i was driving down to school and at mill point road as the light turned green i crossed over and deposit see a lot of water and since i crossed over a big wave came at me and my car shut off. >> and so imagine that, it's not what you think it's going to be. you are trying to get through. it your car shuts off. so montgomery fire and rescue about an hour later maybe 10:30 were able to
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but again warping people how quickly this sort thing can happen. we'll continue around the area. if you watch and if you have good pictures of the storm damage from last night or something you want us to come check out, let us know. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks, mel. >> happening today the national transportation safety board due to give a final report on what caused smoke to fill the la front plaza station. >> one person died in that incident and one person was injured and smoke filled the tunnel at la front plaza. metro faces suits with that tragedy. >> and ronald williams hamill top shot and killed his wife before shooting the officer guindon in february. she was responding to her first emergency call since taking the oath. his lawyer says he's mentally impaired as a result of two tours in iraq. >> they are
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around school and playgrounds. it's related to men spotted taking pictures of children. >> police say a man in late 20s or 30s was spotted taking pictures at a playground. three days earlier an older man was seen driving slowly towards a child in friendship heights in that area and so far no reports of any attempted abductions. >> there's more fallouts after high levels of led were found in drinking water. >> more schools may be tainted by water. parents are out raiminged. owens school was not included on the original list, including twelve schools with high level levels. high levels of lead were found to have high level of lead. >> when we asked about that we continued to be stonewalled. we don't get answer we need and we just assumed there are
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probably other schools like ours out there and unfortunately for them they may still not know about it. >> department of general services admits top droing the ball and not notifying the schools about the tests. they're the d.c. agency in charge of water tests and dgs says it's testing water for lead in every public school in d.c. and that process began last week. >> another tough loss for the capitols. >> they out scored 50-23 and out shot 58-25. they took an early lead in the first feared airport in the third ovechkin and williams scored for the cavs and back to washington on saturday. >> 4:35 the time and let's check in with gary mcgrady and faulk weather. rough night over the region. >> lot calmer this morning, thank goodness. temperatures this morning in the 60s for everybody. i don't see -- well annapolis is 5. baltimore 5
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westminster 59. everybody else in the 6 owes this morning. if you look at the visibility out there this morning. gamersburg is below a mile and other places not bad. locals in neighborhoods and low spots we have pretty significant fog. that will last through the morning commute. definitely showers moving through. nothing terribly heavy. i wanted to show you the report yesterday, rockville, baseball size hail. again, i don't think i've ever seen that since i've been here. not officially any way. upper 60s for the high and clouds and showers. here's erin cuomo it's time for your morning commute or your erin commute we can say that. >> 4:36 watch for high water taking out lanes. 295 southbound just south of eastern avenue. keep it to the left or find alternate route this morning. please use caution. perfect time to remind as we've it till practice turn around don't drown. turn aro
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route this morning watch for slick spots and fog. a person hit by a car in montgomery country active accident scene. it's great seneca highway and dairy made drive caution there as well. we you have covered. back to you. >> coming up, "fox5 news morning". guns on campus no longer a debate. it's a reality for students in yet another southern state. >> and cleanuping up just beginning crews have a lot more debris and land to move. we'll explain coming up. >> tracking other stories trending this tuesday morning including unone for associating fans defying odds. a club in the premiere league does the impossible. "fox 5 news" this morning back
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. 4:40 is the time and the race for the white house is what we're talking about today. today in indiana it could be make or break for cruz. there are 57 delegates up for grabs. trump is up ten points over cruz. if trump wins today he said it will be "over" and he'll focus on hill hel and he has a good chance of beating her in november. >> a new out a few hours ago and and i'm beating hillary clinton and that's
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and i have not even started ye yet. >> meanwhile 83 delegates are up at stake indiana. and real clear politics has been edging out bernie sanders by 7 points. >> good morning. everybody, i'm holly morris, here's what is hot on the web now. what you're most in touch with on social media. first up the marine corps is looking whether it misidentified of raising the flag. history buffs began questioning identities more than a year and a half ago. sports world, redskins released chris kol ver. he tore his acl in a thanksgiving day practice. >> against all odds, the british esh soccer team lester city won coveted premiere
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league championship even though bookies put them at astonishing 5,000 to one. how nuts are those odds. we'll talk more about that coming up at 5 a.m. and what's really crazy is them winning was dependent own another game which was to theen ham chelsea game yesterday game two goals down to tie and that cured the wins. >> my family is all soccer fan fans. >> my family is soccer all the time they were going nuts. >> we had it on at our house it was pretty crazy. >> republican leaders in the state of virginia and commonwealth in the house vowed to fight terri mc callive tooth and nail over who has the right to vote in the commonwealth. >> and a night of stormy weather. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol! it's snack justice.
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restaurant chain honoring teachers. >> national teacher appreciation tree. teachers can eat free at the green turtle. they can order an toum of 12 or less and eat for free. anything over twelve will be added to the bill. there's several green turtle locations from d.c., alexandri alexandria, leesburg, fairfax to olney and offer is dine in only by the way. >> so when you get finished leaping up the mess from last night if you're a teacher eat for free. it was ban ans last night. >> crazy. >> baseball size hail. >> yes. >> like you said i don't recall ever seeing that. >> i don't recall. never hearing in the metro for it to be official too. >> i don't think we have pictures of that. i'm not putting pictures on my facebook this morning. >> in addition to the power outages and trees now. >> i forgot about all that. >> the sun came out and super charm the atmosphere and there she goes up,
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>> pretty while it lasted. >> 62 reagan national and 62 dulles and bwi marshall 59. 68 today and 68 tomorrow and chance of showers kind of on and off today. really the showers should be concentrated to the morning and evening nothing heavy and no more severe weather in the future south of us is where we have a chance of severe weather late this afternoon and evening. south of fredericksburg okay little north of rich mopped and south of fredericksburg, showers again tomorrow, we stay 68 degrees. goer going to be upsetled. here's future cast. showers moving through. this afternoon this evening couple of showers moving through south of fredericksburg north of richmond could have intense thunderstorms and outlook for severe weather. we are here we're generally in rain today. tomorrow morning, i still think showers around could be drizzly too with clouds. tomorrow afternoon, more shores
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tomorrow afternoon, more shores. but keep this rolling, right, thursday morning, more showers, potentially storm to the north of us and as we go through the day on thursday still a chance for more rain. heaviest of it to the south of us the way it looks now and if you were to show you friday it would show the same thing chance of showers. hopefully we cross our fingers here we start a pattern this weekend bilateraler part of the weekend to bring us drier conditions. certainly into next week. we go dry and wet just the way it works around here. showers moving off and thunderstorms too. forecast for today looks like this. morning and evening showers possible a little morning fog out there this morning, okay? it's real localized it seems like lower places and visibility drops off to near zero here in the metro areas looks like fog and visibility has not been all that bad. 68 the next couple days and cooler on thursday. 62. cooler on friday, 63. and showers possible
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weekend. we're leaving them in both days right now. a better chance of showers on saturday to sunday and monday looks drier. we've seed that before right. >> temperature of 74. definitely the next several days looks like showers around, wet, cool, and unsettled, area here's erin. >> 4:48 rain causing these problems and telling you high standing water on 295 southbound south of eastern avenue i want to show awe i live look at this location. it's not 5:00 this morning yet and we're seeing backed up traffic waiting to funnel into the left lanes again. right lanes blocked and keep it to the left and give yourself plenty of time to get through that area. i want to switch to another camera. 270 southbound side out by clarksburg. you can see the southbound side slowing down, light fog in this area. if you encounter dance patches of fog, slow down. use low beams this morning. definitely a morning commute. get an early start and late fog around
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george county as we head to maryland. traffic itself volume wise not heavy now and that could change as more folks get earlier start. we'll go back to maps aside from standing water we're also tracking crash involving a person hit by a car and out in montgomery county great seneca highway and dairy made drive an area you want to use caution this morning. aside from that as you making your way to the airport. factor in extra time and make sure your flight is on time and things on the way to reagan national and dulles looking good so far and we you have covered when that changes, back to you wisdom. >> 4:49 is the time developing this morning no word what caused the csx train to derail sunday morning in northeast d.c. and this morning cleanup efforts continue and crews are making progress on clearing the site and they have quite a bit of hazardous materials to move. cfx is reporting more cars than went off fraction. and now they say 16. >> at thint
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cars involved in the derailment have been returned to wheels and will be removed from the site so we can get on with removing soil impacted by the leak of sodium hydroxide from the car that leaked during the derailment. >> in addition to moving soil around the spill we're told csx will also be rebuilding the rail bed. and now as a result of all this the mark brunz we can line will continue to reduce service. and train 892, 878 and 880 all trains will terminate in silver spring. passengers traveling to d.c. will travel to metro rockville or silver spring and in the evening all three trains will originate in silver ving and make all three stops. check out mts web site. >> starting next month metro is adding a new 24/7 fire department liaison and it's a move to make sure rail system
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is prepared for fire emergencies and comes less than two weeks after a fire broke out on red line between venice and medical center. metro says uniformed fire officer will be stationed at the agency's control september area round the clock. staffing would more than double the hours of that of a fire liaison and station at the control center. . >> shocking discovery in brandywine, maryland, eye map found dead on the middle of the road. it happened general lafayette informed boulevard. the man was shot to death and this morning they were serving for the killer. there's a 25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest. >> fairfax country leaders will hold a town hall to address the rise in teens overdosing coming after centerville high school student died and that death was ruled a homicide. and officials say alexia springer died of suspected overdose in march and virginia medical examiner said he died of a combination of drugs and alcohol. oxycodone,
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sedative used to treat anxiety were found in her system her death was accidental. >> if you have a precipitation and heroin drug problem in the community and nation it's a public health crisis and we need to do what we can to address it and it's sad when you have a life that's lost like that. the county supervisor says he'll push to get drug counselors back to the high school and those positions were eliminated years ago because of budget cuts. d.c. police investigating a stabbing in southeast. this happened yesterday in the 2,000 block of 14 street. we're told a man walked up to a fire station where multiple stab wounds and emergency responders worked owe to stabilize the man before transported to the hospital. we were told he suffered critical injuries. taking you to delaware dell now three students are expected to be charged in the beating death ever a high school student. joiner died of a fight in the bathroom. the suspects all teenage girls could be charged as early as friday. it's reported one
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could be charged with murder. students have all been out of school since that brawl. the fight started offer a boy. >> and civil rights group says trump it up sorters attacked a muslim woman outside a d.c. starbucks and the incident happened last week on connecticut avenue. the course ill on islamic american remings told them she did not provoke the suspect and that she just walked up to her saying i'm voting for donald trump and started shouting obscenities including go back where you came from. the victim called 911 and they told her the suspect's actions were covered under freedom speech. when the officers left the victim the victim says the suspect poured unknown liquid over the victim's head. investigators tell care the incident is investigate as a hate crime. >> republican law makers in virginia are fighting back against terri's decision to allow convicted fell ones to voxt governor executive order allows convicted fell ones to run for office and serve on
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juror writes. the governor over stepped his authority and say it's a political move to help hopeful clinton get votes. governor mc callive said people that serve their time should be given a second chance to exercise their civic duties. back now 4:54 it's legal for staff to openly carry gun on campus. however, the new law does not allow students to have gun on campus even though tennessee allows on carry everywhere else in the state. >> oprah winfrey headed back to small screen. billionaire starred in an hbo film called immortal life of henrietteet a. >> fresh off legal fry up of over the web site gawkier hulk hogan is suing the site again. it accuses gawkier of leaking sealed documents depict
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rant and a sex tape of the former wrestler. >> showers out there this morning. fog, too, i want to start with visibility. keep a close eye on this. it doesn't look like in major areas it's getting worse. still below half a mile in gaithersburg. watch for that this morning. not only will you deal with rain and drizzle out this morning, you'll have to deal with that, too. temperatures right now sitting at 62 in town. annapolis 59. leopard town 63 and lower 60s up north and west. most of the shower activity is i-95 and to the east there's still a little beginning to pop up again out west. so, i think most of the morning commute is on the wet side. today, cloudy, chance of showers later this afternoon. winds out of the north and five to ten miles an hour temperatures today up to the upper 6 0s. pretty much metro south and lower to mid 6
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north and west again a drovey nroom iy day out there. problem with the commute the rain and yuck outside. here's erin cuomo looking at your morning commute. >> that's right, gary, high standing water from the heavy rain last night causing delays. right lanes blocked 295 southbound and you see traffic backing up. in addition to that location as you make your way to kensington let's move cameras over. we're seeing high standing water and taking out a portion of beach drive. reports of high standing water there and in silver spring standing water causing problems on flago creek parkway. we'll keep you updated on that and as you wake up to mrng always practice turn around, don't drown. don't try to drive through standing water. aside from those areas of concern. person hit by a car in sent the call from accuweather country. we you have covered. turning into
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morning ride back to you wisdo wisdom. >> coming up. history made in the english premiere soccer leaf. 5,000 to one under dog team managed to dot unthinkable. >> and 2016 olympic games set toe riff in the americas and first a quick look at today's stock futures.
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>> storm aftermath this morning a number of neighbors are cleaning up downed treedz and other debris left behind from a night of stormy weather. >> lost cause federal health officials sea trying to control zika is a waste of time and money. new information from the cdc on growing risk here in the u.s.. >> good morning to you welcome to "fox 5 news morning" you're in for a wet and windy commute as you head out today. >> airport, i know the roads are a mess. >> they're a mess right now. dealing with high standing water and kensington and just in silver sprengz practice turn around, don't drown. use a lot of caution this morning right. >> you do, gary when is the


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