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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> storm aftermath this morning a number of neighbors are cleaning up downed treedz and other debris left behind from a night of stormy weather. >> lost cause federal health officials sea trying to control zika is a waste of time and money. new information from the cdc on growing risk here in the u.s.. >> good morning to you welcome to "fox 5 news morning" you're in for a wet and windy commute as you head out today. >> airport, i know the roads are a mess. >> they're a mess right now. dealing with high standing water and kensington and just in silver sprengz practice turn around, don't drown. use a lot of caution this morning right. >> you do, gary when is the
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>> it will stay unsettled for a couple days. we won't have the storms like last night. >> 5:0 1st time now and one leftover problem from last night's storm is impacting the xhup as we speak. folks coming into d.c. on 295. >> melanie alnwick is headed there now. when you can tell us about the commute and problems people may face. >> i can till in addition to the high water, which of course we're heading to now to check that out. one of the things we're noticing in buoy where we started out you may come across things like this here in the curb lane all of a sudden branches, trees down and you may have to make a quick maneuver to get out way of tha that. another thing people need to be watching out for if they're going out early this morning and especially while it is dark and you don't have a very good visibility out
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you know, though, the storm warnings of course were for 60 mile an hour winds and quarter size hail and definitely the storm did not disappoint. viewers around the region you know they showed great picture of huge lightning strikes and approaching storm front and hail i mean really impressive hail coming down. hail stones almost the sides of golf balls in some places and high winds knocking down industries and too many places to count. montgomery county many, many water rescues yesterday at one point emergency communication center had to go to red and they're receiving many calls for rescues. they think they can get through and their car stops and then they were stuck. so that is again the situation that we really want to caution people about and again with the rain still coming down this morning i know threat of flash flooding is over and we're seeing those impacts and
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need to be careful as they're going out this morning. get in touch us with "fox5" and tweet us pictures if they got it and maybe we'll include that in our report. back to you guys. >> careful too, thanks, mel, happening today national transportation safety board is determining what caused smoke to fill the station in january. >> 400 passengers were on board when smoke filled a tunnel. >> i a man charged with murde murdering a police officer on. >> a trial is picked for ronald williams hall ill ton she shot and hild kinds wife and then an officer as she responded a call in february. two other officers were hurt. ronald
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is mentally unstable due to two tours in iraq. >> there were two reports of men spotted taking pictures of children. one incident happened last friday. >> a man in late 20s or 30s was spotted taking pictures of children at a playground and three days earlier a man was driving slowly toward a child in the friendship hite area. so far no reports of any attempted abductions. >> playoff hockey capitols have catching up to do and fell to penguins in pittsburgh 3-2. cavs down two games in the series. game four is tomorrow in pittsburgh and pengs could be without their top defenseman chris latang leveled johansson with a hit that will likely be reviewed by the lead. >> and for the next three months it makes its way around the country. last month torch started
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while in rio 12,000 people take part in the torch relay reaching 300 towns an cities. >> maybe you had unbelievable hail last night. look we start with picture out of lorton, virginia larger than a golf ball approaching -- you know not approaching -- bigger than a golf ball approaching a baseball and we had baseball hail up to rockville last nightch that will cause damage and any time hail starts approaching golf ball size hail that's where it begins to create damage big enough to dent cars and crack wind shields and sufficient like that. 56 to 53 this morning. fog out there. watch for the kid owes. especially neighborhoods. localized fog this morning. after school 65 do 7 0. >> nothing like what we had yesterday. don't see that coming back for a while. that was quite a l
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all driven by the sunshine yesterday. we showed you sun comes out and things get big. 5 mile visibility in town. gaithersburg struggling to gets above a mile. that's when i say localized hail -- i mean fog. hail is on my mind for some reason. keep it slow. erin, that will be a problem in some spots this morning. >>. >> right now we have a look at the morning commute dealing with high water all over the area and montgomery county beach drive between knolls avenue and 410 caution there. practice turn around don't drown and in addition to that as you make your way out in the district melanie alnwick is on her way to this high standing water taking out lanes on 295 southbound south of eastern avenue and a live look from the camera will show you delay that is already picking up an it's not even 5:15 yet. look at that you're
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parked the right lanes blocked and left lane squeezing by and please use caution there anticipating extra time added to the commute and northbound 295 appears slowed at times and we'll keep you updated on the high standing water causing 295 atypical delay. and in addition to the high standing water causing problems early crash in 34g country and person hit by a car. tweeting out great seneca highway avoid intersection at dairy made drive and light fog causing visibility problems. we'll keep you posted back to you. >> today we get update on zika virus. national institute of health two doctors will talk about the efforts of controlling virus from spreading. emergency funding to combat the virus stalled in congress and senate adjourned for a wee week-long recess without agre agreeing on zika funding and president obama asked for 1.9 mill wouldon and the doctor says the funding is necessary. >> ahead of national p
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healed today a service to pray for those in law enforcement and fire safety and remember first responders that lost lives on the job. >> it will be held noon st. st. patrick catholic church northwest. more than 120 officers died in the united states. >> amzamaneing story of success from the of course soccer fiel field. >> celebration in england these are players from luster city foxes last night and clenched first ever premiere league title in team 132 year history all thanks to a draw between scotting ham and chelsea. what's more rashlingable they won after starting the season 5,000 to one under dog and to put it into perspective things more likely to happen and discovering alien life in the next year. proof that the loch ness monster is reel and elvis turning up alive and well. >> it gives me hope for the cavs. >> there you go
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>> that's awesome. >> joyous celebration there. >> coming up on "fox5"news this morning even more disturbing news about football why even more over sight may be needed when it comes to health of child. >> search continues for a will as prince's siblings go to court over his estate. time now is 5:09 "fox5 news morning" back with chirping birds after this bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back to "fox 5 news morning". here are stories we're following four. gazebo was going to be torn down but they're delaying that demlation and it's part of history since the death was pat of nationwide national out cry over deadly confrontations between african americans and police officers next week 15,000 children and freing mant women dealing with flint's led contaminated water crisis should become eligible for expanded health insurance. it will apply to people under 21 and
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>> a new study suggestions young football players are more likely to hit the field less than one day after suffering a concussion when compared to those in high school. 10% of young players with concussions resumed football that soon. researchers say the findings are concerning and they also say there's a need for more sideline medical supervision. >> singer prince's family is still trying to figure out what happens to everything the singer left behind and a will has not been found for princes princess's estate and court hearing yesterday special administrators was appointed and his estate include music and secretive vault he left behind paisley parking. >> it has not downed on me it still has not downeded on me he is gone. >> and deposit have a will. >> and years and years worm of music left and somebody will make money off of that. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning". apple is
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fashion all inspired by a 1965 dress. >> and over the district, this is pretty much what the weekend will look like. wet, dreary, and whipped to contend with. "fox5 news morning" is back after this. maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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>> use of 3d presenting in making of fashion. >> it's really exciting. it has potential to be sort of ref lition arie suing machine the idea of having 3d presen presentner your home and 3d printing fit for traveling or making a jacket a
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to prethink parameters of fashion in terms of material. >> it's pretty cool. and he was inspired by e. st. st. lawrnt dress. here's the picture of the capitol this morning. first of all thanks for all the pictures we received yesterday with severe thunderstorms and you can still send them to my witness twitter. and we'll retweet them and it will be on my facebook page as well. and you can see this is one of them. you don't see them often. this is self cloud. core is m cog undo. a lot of people mistake that for tornad tornado. cool air coming out of the rain cooled air out ahead of the storm. so again it creates shelf cloud effect and it really, really is beautiful you can get these
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a grand scale and smaller scale too. again that's one of the many pictures we received. 62 in town. gaithersburg 61. baltimore town do to 59 and holder there. nothing tear bally cold. much mild milder area warmer to the north. we tap into that over the next several days. temperatures will be cooler. we were up in the upper 70s yesterday. we won't be there today. only in the 6 0s. we'll start a 60 degree run basically for the next several days and big broad trough of low pressure localizing for the weekend. here's the deal. showers, clouds, coolest air staitiond north and west and unsettled around here most of the rest of the week so you know. where is severe weather threat today. thank goodness way to the south of us. they shifted this even further to the south. southern virginia to north carolina just a math nal risk basically touching richmond. we don't have anything like that to worry about today. rain showers moving through th
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here's the forecast. localized fog this morning and temperatures lower 60s 8 a.m. and mid 60s noontime and showers back in the forecast later on this afternoon and already only talking about temperature of 68 from a high and some stay in middle 60s today. at least the next four days in the 60s it looks like slowly improving condition conditions as we get to the weekend. still showers possible saturday. a few showers possible on sunday. looks drier by next week. here's erin cuomo with tuesday morning commute little challenge again this morning. >> that's right, 5:17 gary i want to show you this camera. standing water taking out the right lanes 295 south after eastern avenue because of traffic basically parked leading to that location and factor in a lot of extra time this morning and please watch for high standing water over the area and practice turn around, don't droup never safe to drive through standing water. in addition to tha
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dealing with other problems this morning. again we'll switch it over beach drive knolls avenue and 510 and between carol avenue and piney branch road two areas to use caution this morning and tracking an accident with a person hit by a car. this intersection affected agreat seneca highway and dairy made drive another place you want to reduce speeds. in addition to that we're seeing airport travel looking good right now. things on the way to reagan national, bwi and dulles moving along long without any problem problems. watch for fog. use low beans, take it slow. that's traffic, holly. >> thanks, erin, new this morning a solar powered plane attempting to travel around the world landed safely in the phoenix area last night. it took 16 hours for the plane to fly from call cool it arizona it's fueled only by the son. the pilot behind the controls started this mobile journey last year. and the plane will make
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more stops before crossing atlantic. >> big news burgandy and gold park six games and done for chris colliver the skins are letting the korper back go for pickups like josh norman. he came over from 4ers and tore up his knee during thanksgiving and that was about it. >> speaking of money there's also that $20 million deal with kirk cousins for next season. >> number eight doesn't have a problem with it he said this. >> people make great decision when's they have a loft information at their disposal and if the redskins want more information from the next season to make a decision on me long term i totally understand that and understand where they're coming from. this if he feel like they have enough information and want to make that call now then great, too. i think the ball is in their court and will react accordingly to the decision they make. if i don't do well next sip don't deserve to be back and have
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if i can prove myself again that's fine i'll see if i can do that. >> long term deal is two-sided part with the agent and with u us. and but everybody if you ask players, coaches, we want him here for a long term deal i would love to get something done. you can't force. it they have to agree to what we're looking at. >> coming up on "fox" news morning mega deal over before it begins. and a live picture there this morning. 60 degrees. rainy, storm damage cleanup going on today. what does the rest of the week hold gary will update us in a few. we're back after this. don't go anywhere eakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes
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>> time 5:22 and a deal between baker and hughes is off the table. energy companies had policeme policemened to vigorously contest the department lawsuit of acquisition of baker hughes and deals with mixed because of anti-trust concerns. it was valued 34 billion. burton will pay 3.5 billion break up fee to compensate for the deal's collapse. >> airlines unveiling a 50 million program and app that will help you keep track of bags. delta will lose radio frequency identification so you can track your bag from check in to badge annual out and it is bit end of august. the app shoulding be up by end of year. >> gas and convenience store sheetz hiring. they're looking to fill jobs in maryland and virginia and the ch
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locations and in january sheetz said they're up investigating in raising wages of employees. >> love doesn't cost a thing so they say. >> but it might put your best friends in debt. a new survey says the groom's best man spend a thousand and on average for a bachelor party. that's about double what a bridesmaid shell out for a bachelor bash and if you're looking for someone to walk down the aisle with check credit first. four in ten people think a bad credit score can be a turnoff when it comes to dating. happening today, two university of maryland men basketball players brantly and micens will be on the ellen show. they're behind the viral dance craze known as running man challenge. here's a sneak peek of them doing it in the studio. that is hilarious. they traveled to
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taped the show yesterday. brantly tweeted this photo roc rockin' of course the maryland terps shirts. >> oh, man. >> how fun is that. >> i love it. >> and shout out to kenney martin hip to the trend weeks ago and told us you guys hop on this this is the next viral craze. >> ellen picked it up. >> doing the running dance for a long time, come on. >> not way you do it. >> you have to do -- >> i taught them how to dot running man. >> snap, shock fire. if you believe that. >> heres where we are this morning. temperatures out there in the lower 60s. what is that look, holly, come on. >> 62 in town. >> she doubts your rhythm. >> i've seen you dance. >> she knows me. >> and here's the radar rain moving east and more showers back out to the west. it will be wet and foggy and drizzly this morning in spots the chute will be compromised there's no document about that. forecast planner through the day today
5:26 am
day today 63 this morning and 66 not warming up much and only in the upper 60s today. showers this morning and little drier through the day. this doesn't mean there won't be a shower here or there more showers later on this afternoon into the evening hours. no severe weather we don't have to worry about that. how long will it take you to get from point a to b. hey, erin. . >> let's take a look at what is going on around town. 5:26 delays we have high standing water and we're seeing problems beach drive between knolls avenue and 410 watch for that practice turn around don't drown. same story flag owe creek avenue and peeny branch road. let show you a live look outside. in addition to that cameras. this is area east west highway. let's move over. 295 south past eastern avenue that's an area now you see major backups. high standing watt they're taking out the right lanes. as youma
5:27 am
southbound after eastern avenue you have to move left and this causes big delays already this morning. fog is causing problems. show you 270 on southbound side as you make your way out from clarksburg if you can shift to the cameras and right now a lot of fog causing visibility problems use low beams plan on slowing down and leaving down early from frederick. we'll move the cameras over to 66 and 66 eastbound side out by 234 also seeing shine from wet conditions and please watch for those slick spots. we you have covered this morning with heavy rain that moved in last night it's a dic dicey tuesday morning ride. back to you maureen. >> thanks, erin, in the next half hour "fox 5 news" raised about stability of iraq as isis increases his attacks in the country. >> metro announces changes it says we'll improve emergency preparedness thought transit system. . >> with all of the wet weather in wet roads you might want to consider guest out
5:28 am
yeah. give yourself a lot of time. it's yucky out there. back pass 35s
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pass 35s sdmrch severe weather and downed treetz forces neighborhoods to spend their overnight cleaning up. >> finding out why. today ntsb investigators try to find out what led to lastary's deadly metro accident at the la front plaza station. >>
5:31 am
nearly 50 shots caps can do little against the defense. "fox5 news morning" starts rights now. . >> good morning welcome to "fox 5 news morning" i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> we're in for a rainy tuesday morning. >> that's right and those wet roads are causing delays and backups. we'll get you around those. first gary can we look forward to sunshine. >> we got good amounts yesterday and that helped create severe weather. in terms of going forward not so much. >> what about the morning commute. >> high standing water 295 southbound amess and dealing with problems beach drive and creek parkway we you have covered and typical delays coming in. >> appreciate. it standing water from last night's storm impacting morning commute specifically folks coming into d.c. on 29
5:32 am
>> melanie alnwick is there. mel you can tell us about the drip there and what you found upon arrival. >> that's right upon arrival in s no picnic here. here in the curb lane right under the overpass we have a large poll of standing water and they're trying to figure out what to do with it here and again traffic is just backing up. if mike can swing around a little and show you behind us here on 295 i know you guys are looking at the traffic cameras as well we're seeing significant backups and a lot of people also coming over to the side roads as well and that's where you have to be careful too. and they're certainly not slowing down as they make their way around the traffic backup. this standing water one affect of the storm last night. we'll show youowow "fox5" vie
5:33 am
story with us starting with impressive pictures of a huge lightning strike near the national zoo. we're seeing a loft trees down as well. trees all across the area. definitely coming down. we saw branches and trees and montgomery county fire and rescue you had this tree right here and a number of water rescues as well. hail also was impressive. i know gary was showing pictures of that too. hail governing decks and large hail stones and also the trees just down in so many places covering cars and we were just over in buoy and somech the streets we were on in buoy covered with leaves and leaves pattered cars and branches and things that's one of those things you need to watch out for when you're drive around this morning especially in the dark because back out live here you can see sometimes it's difficult to see. if you didn't notice that was standing water
5:34 am
run through it and not realize. we don't know how deep it is at this point and they're trying to get crews on the scene. they may not be able to respond until maybe 8:00 this morning and we'll be checking on that as well. this is the kind of situation that may pop up around the area and so definitely we're still seeing after effect of that storm. back to you guys. >> thanks for the update, mel, appreciate. it 5:34 is the time breaking news from prince william county police telling is a short time ago a man was found shot to death chesapeake drive in dumfries and it's unclear what time the shooting happened and they're investigating the shooting as a homicide. we will of course bring you more as we know it. >> happening today the national transportation safety board meeting to determine what caused smoke to fill a metro station in january of 2015. >> one person died during that incident and nearly 100 injure injured. 400 passengers were on board. smoke filled the tunnel. metro faced several lawsuits relatesed to the
5:35 am
>> starting next month metro is adding a fire department liaison and it's to prepare rail for emergencies. and this is two months after a fire broke out between van necessary and medical september are a uniformed fire officer will be stationed at the agency control september area around the clock. staffing would be more than double the hours that a fire liaison is stationed at the control center. okay weather today not great. i can promise you this it won't be anything like what we had with severe weather yesterday average. showers this morning. showers this afternoon and don't expect sunshine. we're also starting with fog this morning. watch for the kid owes in the neighborhood. slippery with wet conditions and also localized fog. pretty thick in spots this morning. a few showers late this afternoon. we'll go from the 50s to basically the 6 0s. couple spots may touch 70. il
5:36 am
places and visibility still a challenge for gaithersburg getting lower along the lorn western suburbs and sterling and western placeies like that. mannasas ten mile visibility and fredericksburg 10 mile visibility and they dropped to 7 in quantico. it's all over the place. showers too, it's 62 now few spots upper 50s this is where the rain is and we're seeing a few more showers to the west developing loudoun to frederick county and northern parts of montgomery country as well. basically what i think here is that most of the heavy rain is out of here or moderate rain. just light showers still communicates the morning commute. airport erin has been dealing with that this morning. kind of busy for you. >> 5:36 breaking news outer loop jrj acausing problems and this is a look at where melanie is 2 95 south past eastern avenue ahead this point and right lanes taken out by high standing water an
5:37 am
funnel into the left laindz and as you make your way southbound 295 to district this is delay you hit. you need extra time. there northbound 295 looking good. i want to move things over and show you how else things are shaping up with thep map. a few other locations withstanding water in montgomery country beach drive between d.c. line and foals avenue between carol and piney branch detour around that. if you take transit metro is on time. because of the freight train derailment sundays trinz are operating 892, 878, 880 be prepared for that wisdom. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" "oprah" getting ready to get back in front of the camera, why when we return. >> pet lovers your employer could offer a new benefit sweeping across europe. >> and this is pretty much what the day will look like, wet, rainy, soggy
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fun apparent
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>> heroin and precipitation drawing bus is hitting teens hard and it will be held in a town halle vent and
5:41 am
hall comes a day after what killed a centerville high school student alexia sprirping died in march oxycodone and sedative all found in her system. >> it is asthma week. emergency room visits up children up to 17. d.c. asthma coalition is calling on city council to provide more than 1 million to launch public awareness cam pain and finally a new pet friendly idea isch kaing on in uk. british companies are offering employees pawternity leave to care for a sick pet. you can apply for a few hours to a couple months and 60% of people in uk own some kind of pet. now we have meternity and pa pawternity.
5:42 am
they want to have off then everything is covered. >> just when i think the world cannot get more ridiculous. >> cop tipping this morning kate upton trending over social media after an appearance at the met gala. >> and a live look outside on wet soggy tuesday morning. 5:42 is the time. back in a moment.
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♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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>> take a look at video in. the aftermath of storms a car getting crushed by a huge tree it came down longfellow street northwest and crews spent all night cleaning up that tree. rough picture, gary. >> we've been showing these picture to tell the story and unfortunately there's picture of damage as well. that comes along with severe weather. dulles 63. dwi marshall 69. check out this photo thank you jamie who sent this in. brian in maryland a lot of hai hail. when hail covers ground not too bad. we got report of golf ball to baseball size hail that is hail that does the dam. do not worry about severe weather in our future
5:46 am
next several days. hopefully that was one and don done. sunshine today doctor or tomorrow. >> 68 with showers. and so pretty much carbon copy today and tomorrow but tomorrow we could have a little sunshine breaking through and don't expect today 9 a.m. showers around and heaviest rain to the east of us. few showers this afternoon and evening. really the best chance of showers today morning and evening. tomorrow we'll do it all over again with rain back in the forecast. and how about thursday. we'll do it all over again with more rain in the forecast. showers coming up in the south and southwest looks like some potential for more moderate some cases heavy rain coming in on thursday as upper level area of high pressure develops and untrending again in wet pattern and will thereby the next several days. we're hoping by the weekend we start getting out of the unsettled pat esh and drying out a bit. morning and
5:47 am
have a little fog out there in spots. very localized. highs today mid to upper 60 s and same for tomorrow. cooler on thursday and friday. upper 50s, low 6 0s. still wet. we get into saturday drier. warmer, 72. and we really late saturday into sunday that's when we start to turn the corner here and dry things out into next week. there's the forecast. how about morning commute it's time for erin cuomo. >> 5:47 it's a messy tuesday morning and heavy rain last night still causing problems and wet roads light fog 295 southbound is parked. deal with high standing water taking outright lanes and you're parked leaving toward that location to the left allow extra time. 9 aa5 not tear ill northbound. other locations with high standing water.
5:48 am
crossclaimed between eyes road norm west and d.c. line and high standing watt they're causing issues and beep driv between knolls avenue and flag o'street parkway. and hey market now we have a new crash, crash ak tiv ty deal with a crash at george aavenue watch for delays there. if you want to take metro no alerts for metro rail lines because of derailment and accident that happened over the weekend mark prunz quick. that can affect you if you head into the district from frederick. aside it from that things on the way bwi looking good and 95 northbound 66 on inbound side is slow. heads up there if you head to dulles or reagan national. 3935 that turns ylo
5:49 am
pretty soon we're seeing volume pick up between the beltway and 14 street bridge and as you make your way out just want to take a closer look in addition to 295 southbound back up because of standing water 50 inside the beltway and also dealing with a lot of typical morning congestion as you head to 2935. more traffic in a few minutes just make sure you give yourself extra time use low beams if you encounter any fog this morning. holly. >> karen, 5:49 no word what caused cfx train to redale in north east d.c.. >> crews are making progress on clearing seep and they still have hazardous materials to move and more cars than they thought went off the track and initially they said 15 cars and now 16. in addition to removing soil around the spill we're toll csx will be rebuilding the rail be bed. >> as a result the mark brunswick line will continue to operate with r
5:50 am
today. this morning only three trains running, train 892, 878 and 88 880. all trains will terminate in silver spring. passengers traveling to d.c. may transfer to metro at rockville or silver spring. tonight they'll all come. if you want information check out n bx a web site. . >> a man held for 735 days is releaseing a memoir about his hardship. >> kenith bay was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in north korea after arrested for "hostile acts" and he moved to china afrom seattle in 2006 and was leading tours in north korea. he says she was treated as hugh mainly as possible and allowed to read his bible and watch television. they said the hardest part of sentence though was
5:51 am
isolated. >> being in prison north korea obviously is tough ordeal. there was moment of dispair and fatigue and losing hope and physical hardship i have to endure. >> he was released in 2014 along with one other american after a secret mission led by u.s. intelligence officals to north korea and the book is titled not forgotten. it hits shelves today. >> to syria now fighting getting intense between government and opposition groups. in the past weeks several hospitals were bombed killing more than 250 people. syrian government is extending truce today for additional 48 hours. and the violence comes as diplomats return to again eva in an effort to reriv peace talks. . >> there's a lot taking place yesterday, the day before, today, and we're getting closer to a place
5:52 am
but we have work to do and that's why we're here. >> kerry stopped short of saying what the proposals were. >> breaking news out of iraq. a u.s. serviceman is killed in iraq. we'll fiend out more information. u.s. led coalition continues to lawch air strikes in iraq and syria. they're increasing ground but i believe unable to fight. >> it is now legal for faculty and staff at public clems and university in tennessee to openly carry guns on campus however the new law does not allow students to have guns on campus even though tennessee allows on carry elsewhere in the state and opera is headed back to the small screen. she signed on to hbo show immortal life of help
5:53 am
alack. lack the the cell is in use today. >> they out shot pittsburgh 3 39-25 and out hit penguins but still couldn't pull out the victory. the peping wins took and early lead. down by three. ovechkin and williams scores for the caps. series shifts back to washington on saturday. . >> got to get one win here. >> yeah, and as maybe a problem i'm saying. i see a red flag. >> prom season is in full swing and for some students in the d.c. region a special surprise today. >> tlc say yes to the prom initiative is making a stop in silver spring. 200 mice students will get to shop for a dress or tuxedo and the best part it's absolutely free
5:54 am
brought in my senior prom dres dress. >> you still have it? >> i have it and will be wearing it. >> wedding bells in the future for super model and actress kate upton and detroit tigers justin verlander and she showed off her engagement ring in new york city and tmv and several other media outlet got a picture of it the two help keeping it on the download for quite sometime. >> it's got a hard couple to look at is it. >> all right. time now for facebook fan of the day. meet jessica swek i'm going out on a limb to say your last tim name. she's been watchg
5:55 am
little. >> thank you for watching. to be the next face back fan of the day post a picture under jessica's picture. >> i have breaking news here. prince george county and new carlton margaret brent regional school no school today due to power outage. >> okay what's the school agai again. >> margaret rent regional school i wrote it down here so i would not forget sglet very good. nailed it. >> i don't know about it. but i cannot hardly read my own writing. >> should have been a doctor. >> should have about a pitcher. should have been a pitcher that's what i said never could throw the surfs though. i would hang it and they would score a home run. >> showers moving off to the east. that's the heaviest. that's most of the rain. still stragglers though and few showers west of city and i think there's you've enough out there and they'll continue to move off east it will compound the delays in theor
5:56 am
it's already wet out there and fog too. and of course you bring showers into the mix and that just makes it even worse. anything and 6le today. clouds and showers this morning. showers this afternoon. more shores in the forecast tomorrow. we're gloomy the next couple days and matter of fact we're gloomy friday and we get into the weekend. things get better as we progress through the weekend. it doesn't look great but looks better. >> you really are putting a damper on my baseball team. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> ours too i know. >> all right. >> thanks gary. >> what's up erin cuomo. >> i'm also putting a damper on tuesday morning commute and 5:56 now high water cloudsing 'portion of beach drive and new crash 66 eastbound side left lane left shoulder blocked as one lane getting by and because of that jammed tack positive 2 29. huge delays
5:57 am
to "fox5 news morning". we'll be back in a few.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead operation cleanup mother nature tour wreeking havoc across the nations. flooding and donned trees we'll take a look. >> and tough l
6:00 am
pengs and what they need to do to prepare for game four. >> and giving you a live look outside tuesday morning may 3 we'll have weather and traffic on the fives for you at 6:05. >> and good tuesday morning everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey sgle welcome to "fox 5 news morning morning". >> right off the top at 6 breaking news from northern virginia a man found shot and killed overnight in prince william county officers called to the 3100 block chesapeake drive dumfries after 1 this morning and search of that area is going to have a -- whether the victim was found inside the apartment or outside in the parking lot. >> some of you have frustrating commutes after train derailment in northeast d.c. over the weekend. the brunswick line will continue to operate on service three trains 892, 878 and 880 traveling and passengers traveling to d.c. may transfer rockville or silver


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