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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 3, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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rain is on the way. pointing fin today's federal investigatorsti will release a report looking lo into last year's deadly smoke s incident at l'efant plaza.. the finding could be more bad me news for the struggling transits agency.. >> sir, america is a better country without you. you. >> bad day for ted cruz on whatt could be his last chance toe t block donald trump from stealing the gop presidential nominationn we'll have preview of today's ty indiana primary. and later, the intersectiono of fashion and technology.ogy the annual met ball had a littlt bit of everything an lot of o we'll share some of the bestme b looks and some of the strangestt good day at 9a starts now. ♪ i was waiting for the jackee part. it's tuesday, may third i'm
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wisdom mti >> a memorial mix up u.s. marinn corps now investigating the i i woe jima memorial a mid claims a they made mistake identifying ig one of the men who helped raisei the flag during the crucial cru battle. >> first though we need to talke about the weather. oh, boy, the weather. weath it was just gray, cloudy outudy there again this morning.agni but we're not in the clear justj yet. a lot of people still dealingti with those storms that role that through last night.through man, those thunder boomers weree awesome.ome >> crews were out all night at the scene long fellow streettrt northwest where a huge tree toppled last night crushing atga least two cars. car roadways throughout our regiono were impacted all morning long.g wick storms blasted dc area. a the thunder, the lightning, thet hail it was all pretty intense. the storms left downed trees many people stranded as well.ndw let's get over to tucker barnesr now and get update op on the t situation.tu good morning, tuck. >> hail -- >> let me commend you becauseen yesterday you told me about the softball, you told me it wasn't' going happen and you were rightt because of your weather foreca
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forecast. >> drop the mike, tuck.p th did you it. .> i'm out >> meanwhile there was real drama going on last night.g >> there certainly lots of hail, perhaps historicti hail. there's the picture, and thanknt you getting so many pictures off this hail storm.rm we couple different hail stormss one of in montgomery county andd one that tracked across parts or virginia and then through charles county got really bad.. pictures out of lore don,lo d virginia and again some cases over 2-inches across which iss extremely rare to see hail thata size in the mid atlantic. atlani 65 now in washington.ashingto you know what, we're in for f cooler day. mid to upper 60s for daytime highs 63 in gaithersburg.erur hanging on to the 50s inn martinsburg and hagerstown,stn, 58 degrees. 63 in a cool day, a cloudy day, showers and drizzle back in theb forecast but the good news is,si we're not looking at severe ase weather today.. so the flooding rains the hail,, the cloud to ground lightning lt the winds that we had last nighg all a thing of the past here ass our front lost its energyy although it's still producing pi shower activity
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so not much change in theng forecast.forecast unfortunately, this pattern is s just going to be really tough t for to us break dow we'll keep the clouds and the a potential for showers in the forecast for the next couple of days. days but again good news we're notsee expecting any severe weatherere this morning and evening showers s still doing fog out there winds out of the north at five to 10.o 68 your daytime high. h so noticeably cooler than t yesterday as well when we got we into the upper 70s. upper 7 seven day forecast teachest ac mother's day.'s i'll let you know what we have h in store coming up.. >> got a little sunshine on thee seven day. >> okay. >> thank you. >> first up 9:00 o'clock this morning, 14th street northwest in columbia heights>> ope on aga this morning after being shut s down almost 12 hours overnight n while police investigate addtiga melanie alnwick joins us liveli from the scene with the latest. still an active scene thisene t morning, mel? >> reporter: yeah, so things tng are back open now, but it was shut down from columbia road where i'm standing all the waylw down to harvard street and ittnd seems like the most of thehe investigation was along thishi
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where police responded last las night almost 8:30 p.m. 8:3p.m. so pretty unusual for a crime scene to be shut down for thator many hours overnight as police investigated this. ts. initially, called in as a shoot, police arrived were told theyolt located adult male victim vic suffering from gunshot wound.ou. that person was rushed to the te hospital early reports were,er work not looking good. goo early reports we had from police saying that possible lifeblli threatening injuries, then mostm recent update says that thehat t victim is in stable condition.on also, d.c. police letting us know that they've made an arress in this they're calling it a case of cae assault with inn at the presentt time to kill. they arrest add 33-year-old man warren william bibs of northwese d.c. arrested they say on theaye same day of the offense. so sometime before day breakak this morning. morni they made the arrest in that case. now some other details that weha
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the scene is that the victim may have been a security guard whoho was leaving work for the day.hed a couple of people out heree out saying they heard the sameheam thing. we heard that from a pretty goog source but we're still trying tn get it confirmed get thosehose details confirmed from dc f d police.po so, guys, back in the studio i i got to tell you we don't have'tv those details confirm for us y yet. yet. but certainly something that weo are working onme for you as wesw continue to follow this story tt through out the day.roh out live in northwest, i'm melanieie alnwick, back to you.. another big story we'reg ste following this morning metrothim along with d.c.'s emergency emen services likely to face steepst criticism in the nationalin tato transportation safety board meed that is will happen within the t hour. ntsb set to give its final f report on what caused smoke to fill the l'efant station back ii january of last year.nuaras >> one woman died in theied in t incident and dozen of others o were treated for smoke inhaleal laying. bob barnard is live now in ntsbn headquarters in southwest withih details.tas. hi, bob. bob >> reporter: hey there, hollyrel that. report is coming out 9:30 thishs
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headquarters and according tocc the washington post this mornins it will be brutal. bru it's going to be painful notaint only for metro but for d.c. fire and ems, for the 911 command11 a center, all because of whatf happened.ened. all the failings that led to tho death of carol glover, a a 61-year-old grandmother from alexandria january 12th 2015. pretty much underground where we are here.are her this was yellow line train thatt was heading south out of the t l'efant plaza metro station. sti not far from here. there was according to investigations and the ntsb hearings last june, that thisths was an electrical issue, a firee that started an arcing insulatol along the third rail.l that smoke was sent into the io tunnel.tu and because some of the passengers fled the train self evacuated they say that metro shut down power to the third t rail which stranded the trainhet inside the tunnel.l. and miss glover and some 99 99 other passengers were sickene
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she died overcome with the the smoke, the terror of being and side a smoke filled dark trappep train underground for upwards of half hour.ou the investigation revealed thatt there were communication issuese between the firefighters, thes,t first responders, firsters, responders underground and metro transit police, that there was a ventilation system that may have malfunctioned, that kept allhatt that smoke underground.grou all of this is going to be formalized today when the ntsb n comes out with its probable pro cause of the fire that started a the whole thing.hing. again, believed to be ane an electrical fire, and also no ao doubt going to make some recommendations going forward aa the ntsb almost always does. doe the post is saying nothingg nhi urgent in terms of any recommendations and safetyafet changes but as you know, federal transit authorities are now now overseeing safety on metroro because of what happened on the yellow line last january oranry january a year ago and so it it
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by the ntsb here at 9:30 this t morning. mornin we'll have update for you in tht 10:00 o'clock hour. >> sounds good.>> i don't think necessarily ak surprise for anyone whneat'sat' coming out but the response wilw be interesting to the report. te sticking with metro startingithi next month the transit agency is add agnew 24/7 fire departmenten lay yea son a move to make surer the rail system is prepared forf fire emergencies. this comes less than two weeksss after a fire broke out on the red line between vanness and medical center.ente metro says uniformed firemed officer will be stationed at tht agency's control center aroundra the clock.lo the staffing would more thanoren double the hours that a fire lay yea son is stationed at theed a control center.enr. ♪ the man charged withit murdering a prince williamince county police officer isoffice scheduled to be in court too learn when he will stand trial.i police say ronald williamilliam hamilton shot and killed hisilds wife back in february.ebruar he then opened fire on respon responding officer killingeril officer ashley guindon andndon a injuries two others.ths. his lawyers say he is mentallyy im
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tours in iraq.raq. also today, voters ins in indiana could play crucial role in deciding the presidentialntil race. ce polls in hoosier state are now open. en this could be ted cruz's lastcrl chance to stop frontrunnerrorunr donald but the odds are against him. fox's doug luzader has a previ preview. >> reporter: you look at how close drum system to clinch thec gop nomina he starts the day with just at few delegates shy of a thousandn he needs 1237 to wintero wier nomination out right.. indiana won't get him therere alone, but it may represent tedt cruz's last chance to blocklo trump. >> sir, america is a better country without you. y >> thank you for those kindhosek cents sentiments. >> this is what you call leavino no stone unturned.ntur ted cruz approached a group of f hecklers in marion, indianandia supporters of donald trump and a tried for some out reach.. it did not go well. wel >> now do you know on the wall l that donald told the new york
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going to build wall much he'ss not going to deport anyone. any >> you're lying. >> once again lie' ted.' t >> that is exactly what donald e trump would want txao hear.r he's devoting a lot of time anda energy to indiana as wellsel because if he wins here, thate,t could make him almost >> if we win in end inn, it's i over with, folks. f it's over with and then we focus on hillary clinton.on >> reporter: for democrats democ indiana is actually shaping ups to be a tighter race between bee hillary clinton and berniey cl sanders. but it may not matter as much.u. clinton is so close to clinching the nomination, that she spenths time in west virginia yesterdaye trying to walk back theseac the comments back in march thatch ta could cost her in a general >> because we're going to put at lot of coalminers and cole a col companies out of business.. >> yesterday she ran intoo protesters in west virginia asia she faced off with a cole c industry worker. wor >> i just want to know how you can say you're going put a local of coalminers out of jobs and ja then come in here and
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how you're going to be oure o friend, because those people out there don't see you as friend.rd >> what i said was totally outal of context from what i meant, because i have been talking tali about helping cole done tree foe a very long time. lon t >> reporter: when you look atoo the map of the democratic sidecs right now, hillary clinton hasnn such a huge lead over bernieerni sanders once you factor in thost super delegates, she doesn'toe even need to do particularlylary well today in end inn. i in washington, doug luzaderd fox news.. still ahead this morningsorg caps come back falls just shorts in the steal city.steal now they face a must withinust h wednesday. we'll have a look back at gamebg two a little later.a little >> first a face off in virginiai over the voting rights of felo felons. another legal set back for johnson & johnson over the safety of its talcum powder, plus the tony nominations areios out and the broadway musicalic hamilton is making history. hto we're back with a check on whatt else is making headlines next at 9:11. 9:11.
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>> let's get check what else ise making allison seymour back with uski o tuesday.y hi, al.
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>> deserve that kind of respectd allison. >> i'll take it. good morning to all of good people and good morning to you.u sadly starting though with h some really bad news overseas oa from iraq this morning. mni an american service man has beee killed in combat.nom officials tell fox news that tht soldier was killed by isis isi terrorists near the city of you are belt.e bel defense secretary ash carter whe is in europe today for change of command ceremony confirm theny c death calling it quote a very sad loss. los republican lawmakers in virginii fighting back against governor v terry mccauliffe's decision dec allow more than 200,000 convic convicted felons the right to vote. the governor's executive order r also allows convicted felons to run for office and serve on ju lawyers -- lawmakers againstst this change say the governorthgn over stepped his authority. aut they say it's a political moveam to help presidential hopefulop hillary clinton get votes.ton ge governor terry mccauliffe arguee that people who have serveder their time should be given aiven second chance to exercise theirt civic duties.
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company facing its second son straight legal defeat another ah st. louis jury has found it's i' talcum powder products areduct a responsible for ovarian cancer. the jury awarded a south dakotaa woman $55 million. $55 milli she claims the company did not disclose a cancer risk associated with the powder. the family of an alabama woman $72 million judgment back int bk february. company will appeal both verdicts.. from new york now, the tony award nominations have just come out and you guessed it hamiltono leading the pack with a record setting 16 nominations.inns the hiphop musical about the life of the nation's firstirst treasury secretary has achievede major critical and box officeice success since it opened on broadway last august.t. hamilton also recently won the t pulitzer prize for drama. all right. right and finally, one in a million fans of english soccer team wila take it any way.yay they were 5
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but the lester city foxes this morning are your english premiee league champions.mpns look at the tears much that'ste the part that really gets met s after the win.thwin one of most unlikely championships in sports history. >> it is unbelievable when youey think about how big that numbere is. 5,000 to one. >> yeah.>> yea. >> tucker said there were only l 37 bets that were placed on then to win this title. now, the payoff --f - >> that's a pay day. d >> ridiculous. if you think about it if you bey $200 at the beginning of thein f season you would cash in a you million dollars. >> yikes!>> yes >> on $200 bet which iss unbelievable. >> the moral of the story heree is what don't ever count out the underdog. >> always bet on the long shot.. >> the moral is the redskins can win. >> i was thinking along thosenkn lines. >> we don't have to be down dow about the caps. >> they too -- >> bust douglas when he beat tyson wasn't a thousand to one.o this i
9:18 am
finding the lockness monster mon tears things that go off att of 5,000 to one. o >> you say i've got shot.t s >> if you did bet on them you're vase see like a that's what their team is namee >> crazy like a fox. f >> i see your face allison.llisn >> they didn't have to play to'p win.wi it was all based on another ga game. >> they only had to 11 out ofad three and kind of backed in butb they got it done.they got it don >> they got it.hey >> congrats. congr 9:18 our time. oime. coming up later, saying yes to the prom.e p we're showing you how the tlc tc hit is helping local students s dress for the big night and it'i all for free. fre first, though, it's one of thetf most iconic images of world wara ii. now the marine corps iss investigating a possible case of mistaken identity at i wo i woe. we're going oh tell you why.çñv
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♪ >> we're back at 9:21. claim of mistaken identity undei investigation by the marinehear corps this morning. >> they're looking into whetherh one of the men shown raising the flag at that iconic iwo jima memorial was misidentified.. >> famous picture was taken inai february of 1945 and associatede press photographer took theotrah picture but he didn't get then'e names of the men.. questions first surfaced aboutfa this two years ago after twoer amateur history buffs began raising doubts about theg doub identity of one of the men in m the famous photo. now, the marine corps isps is investigating if it
9:22 am
mistake in identifying one ofngo men raising the us flag on iwo jima.jima former president franklin roosevelt told the military toio dent fight men but years lateret after careful examination it appears that one of the men t m identified in the photo ass bradley was really a man named henry schultz.y schultz. now, the marines are not givingv it timeline for the length ofenh their investigation, but iton, appears they are comparingcoarin photos that were taken on that n day to try to identify the men.. it's really fascinating when you think about it.u thin you wonder why there were threee of the men who lived untilnt recently.ce >> right. >> that they never positively identified the other three menhe who were in that photo.hoto >> right. they would have known.ou >> right. >> was it a situation where codd of silence type thing. tng >> right.>> right >> maybe it wasn't --aybe >> perhaps it wasn't correct an they were like let'swa not --ot >> maybe it wasn't that big of n deal to maybe it was more of like, we l did what we had to do, and itnd doesn't really matter. matte in the big scheme of things, iti doesn't matter.t >> right. because they didn't really nonen of them ever wanted like famem from it.t. it bece
9:23 am
maybe you're right. rig whoever it was it's a was representation of the men. men >> they all passed on.d >> they have at this point buttt it's interesting because mr. bradley's son this was the whole he wrote flags of our fathers.fa he said that, you know, his dad never shied away from it.ied aw he never said it wasn't him butm he never really looked for lotdf of attention either to make big deal it was him and then, you know, mr. schultz who theirtz wr saying it might actuall actuallt he lived his whole life on thein west coast he never complainedpl and said why isn't that me? e? everybody kept to themselves tml over all the years. >> president roosevelt wanted s much to know who these men werew and get it out there and help a the efforts, you knowing, of thf war maybe she just thought itt t would be embarrassing to -- t >> the code of honor what cameht into play.into play. >> it could have been a situation where when they were in the heat battle maybe theyayt just didn't recall everythingryh that went on. they probably did so much ando h they were like, okay, it could,o be mow. mow. again, it doesn't really mattert >> don't forget that was aas it was a smaller
9:24 am
they restage maybe -- who knowso >> look how many people wereny r lost in that as well theyl probably don't want to put to attention on just six peopleeopl when so many other who's did n not. >> fascinating story though.hou. history continuing to evolvee here in the nation's capital.'st still ahead on good day captain america week continues kevintinv sits down with a winter soldier. >> first though making dreams come true wently phipps andnd alonso will join us live. us l they're already here.eye alread we'll look how the dream academe is helping young people righteot here in d.c. and how you canowou help as well.s >> all right. hopefully they brought their umbrellas because we might see a little more rain today.ain toda. nothing like we saw last nightst thank goodness.goness tucker is back with the sevenhe day including your mother's dayd forecast.recast. don't go anywhere.nywhe. ♪
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>> little bit of more ofittl everything last night for theas caps. caps out played the penguins last nightt . >> they didn't out score them. (laughter). >> every other category they hah it won.. game two, round two, caps theapt caps took a sour turn one goalel away from victory penguins shutt th
9:28 am
take the ice again on wednesdayd the game will stay in pittsbur pittsburgh. now, if the caps win they even it up. they're in great shape comingom back to if they lose, it's over. ove >> i feel partly responsible. die not have the cow bell in thl loft yesterday.este >> it will be here tomorrow. >> you're saying -- it's your io fault. >> i feel partly responsible. r. >> there it is.>> >> not the same. >> not the same as the actual al cow b >> it's not the >> make sure you bring ite tomorrowsu.tomorrow >> i will represent.t. >> ring the alarm for thisalfor weather. weat tucker, it's awful., 's awf >> i'm in a bad mood about thebo caps loss. >> i'm sorry. you need hug.ed h >> the windows were rattlingin last night. >> i don't want to lose to electricity. no, no new york city after the t second goal, okay, i don't care, turn off the lights.tu off i've had enough of this.nougof . here we go.he we that is an amazing picture willw he plate at a shelf cloudshclou intense storm that was that wasa moved through parts of virginiai and then pushed across potomac and into southern maryland lastt night. also had another major
9:29 am
had many major storms across the area up towards montgomery mon county reports of impressivemp hail as well. as wel all right.rig those temperatures are going to romaine cool, 65 currently herer in 63 in gaithersburg. quantico 65. 63 in manassas.. yeah, upper 60s for daytimetime highs. yesterday made the upper 70smade were we got that afternoon a sunshine won't be the casehe cas today. here's the good nouse in theuse forecast today.ay the severe went from yesterday n the winds, the hail, the cloudhd to ground lightning, theningh flooding we got overnight, theh, power outages, that's a thing og the past.e p not looking at severe weatherseh today but a lot of cloud cover c we'll be sock in the clouds alls day long.yon keep showers in the forecast fos along with some drizzle and somm light winds so i don't thinki we'll get any sunshine today. kind of see out to the west here additional showers developing in the mountains and we'll have h scattered showers around from a time to time later thismeti afternoon. what's happening frontal systems just kind of persistently hung up here and this weather pattere in no hurry to break down and unfortunately that means moreor showers, mor
9:30 am
forecast right through the endht of the week.. i cautiously optimistic thisimis weekend we'll get some sunshine but maybe i'm just -- maybe juss wishful thinking here.g here. there's your upper hair patternn upper level trough keepingugh ke things cool and cloudy withh showers around this afternoon.en the good news no severe weathera expected this afternoon aft scattered showers out there.d sh if you got outdoor activities at later today, sports events i e think the fields are pretty p soggy.y as i just tweeted somebody youeu may want to just go straight tor the restaurant or bar instead oe trying to go to the field and fd clean up the mess out there.oute there's your future cast atur fr 7:00 o'clock tonight.7: o'clo still scattered showers acrossss the area. and then we'll doing it all oveo again tomorrow.again tomor we may get a little sunshine sun tomorrow but we also haveow h showers in the forecast the next couple of days.uple look at wednesday, thursday ands friday.iday. there's sunshine again for saturday.ay i may be a little optimistic ono that one and mother's day temperatures in the mid 70s. 70s no matter it will be mother'she day weekend it will be greate g one. guys, that's the latest weatherw i'll toss it back to you.. >> thank you very much tuck t kearse barnes. i appreciate it.i
9:31 am
children get needed help in the diss trek not just withh homework, not just recreation rt but with life, and trying toin lead a life that will lead toead success.succes they are the children ofldref incarcerated parents and helping them is a mission of the us dream academy which tonightight holds it's power of dream galaal right here in washington, with us this morning, in the loft to talk about it us dreamsm academy founder and grammy nominated gospel singer wesleyle phipps and alonso who's companyy o hosting gala tonight. welcomeo to washington, d.c. and welcome to the show. >> welcome home for me.ome fome. i'm a native washingtonian muchm it's good to be back home.e bacm >> that's awesome.>> t let's talk about the gala tonight. first of all tell usel about the gala. >> this evening at theng a renaissance hotel we're havingrv one of the most wonderfulonrf evenings of inspiration, motivation and fundraisinging because no matter how much goodo you wanted to -- t >> you need money you got to got resource it.urcet. you got to figure out how
9:32 am
make work and we've been bless blessed. i've learned treat people withre respect when you don't know who they are. d. >> right. >> where they're going or whatre they can do for you one day. da. our biggest benefactor for thehe dream academy i met 35 years ago. i was singing in baltimore,almo maryland, came down off theown e platform, felt a tap on my shoulder young lady said excuses me, sir, i just heard you sing y and i'm really discouraged.iscod that was about to be fired fromf her job. i feel like i can talk to you.a. do you have time to talk to me. sure. she came by our home and we prayed because i'm a person ofu faith.ith after praying with her beforeef you go i don't know why god hash impressed me to tell you he'souh going to bless you and give youe an stunt to speak to millions ol people.. >> you they will god would dollg that for >> it was oprah winfrey. that's how we met 35 years ago. >> wow. >> we have been blessed with heh generosity has cep our program p going for >> wow, that's a chance cnc encounter that changed lot of co lives right there. >> destiny. >> that's destiny.>>ha all right. look, this is
9:33 am >> yes. >> how did you two hook up andwa say this will be a great gre partnership let's do this?hi >> well, once i heard what hea w mr. phipps prayers do for people, i said i need to find tf this brother haven't him pray'tm for (laughter).(l >> he's going to pray for merafe because he leaves out of he doesn't know it yet. y >> if you haven't prayed with pt mr. phipps you need to get up on this right now. rig now >> right, right, right.t,ig >> you know, i'm very veryer impressed with the work thatk t they have done especiallyial hearing all the statistics justs talking for five minutes with mr. phipps.. phps. you'll know the chances of a child ending up incarceratedra when they come from a homem aom that's been broken byken >> right. >> are so much higher than one e that hasn't, that it is -- right now, you know, in this electione year we're talking about schoolo to prison pipeline.. so relevant.evan not only in our community butni the community at large. lar it was something that i was verr honored when they came to memeom about hosting the gala and relationship that i hope to t extend m
9:34 am
gala as well.ell. >> right. >> actually, almost 70% of allll children in america who end up in prison come from the children of those who are in prison.son. >> wow. it's a cycle, vicious cycle.. >> inter generation al cycle. as a matter of fact this blew mw away by the age of 30, 60% of of all black boys in america whomei don't graduate from high schoolh will be in prison by the age off 30.30. >> wow. >> it just makes sense if yousef going to focus help, focus it on the most strategic group of o young people who are in greatest need and so we've been doing bei this for, you know, over 15 ove5 years.s. >> right. >> we focused and we've grown.. we've got after school learningg centers that provide academic tutoring, character developmentt and dream development.nt. helping kids realize, okay, this is what i want to do with my life.fe. >> right. >> we are now in washington,w ig d.c., baltimore, philadelphia
9:35 am
houston, salt lake city, indianapolis, orlando and thousands of kids have comes hae through our program. in orlando, for example, 70% of the kids in their school systemm graduate on time.ime. but when they come through ouruh program with these -- think kind of support, nine 2% of the kids graduate on time. >> wow.ow >> so we're excited. eit the work that we're doing, we'rw passionate about it. it. we love making a difference inrn young people's lives.iv >> right. >> that's what we're all about.. >> the response from some of the people that you've helpedhave because they see you as a a successful singer they see you u as a successful actor as well. l what's been the response frompom some of the people who have com through the program or who are o looking forward to being a part of the program? >> absolutely.>> aolutel they see the difference.ifre they see the possibilities.bilis and --and >> the dreams that you weres th talking about. >> the dream.>> t dream. and when you, h a kid catches a glimpse just a glimpse justpse j thk
9:36 am
little boy he's wanting to be an actor. and when he saw a denzel, when he saw visions of what he could be, it empowered him. him >> right. >> and i bet you it empowered ew him in ways that were silent.en >> um-hmm. >> that lot of people didn'tt on really know, you know, becauseec he didn't walk around saying i'm going to be another dn >> i said it to t >> i will say this. thi that i feel that the closer ilor can get to these kids and the closer, you know, people such as yourself and just role models is general can get to these kids, the closer their dreams alsoamsa come to to them. they realize that they aren't ae that far away from achievingacev their dreams or it's not that much of an impossible, you knowo thing that they want to achievee it's something that becomes verv tangible at that point.thatoi >> okay. all right. gentlemen, we're out of time. rewe can do this all day.
9:37 am
we appreciate the work you're doing in the community.ty >> thank you circumstance.nk y >> thank you very much forou coming on the show. we can put the information on the you isee it right there. t come on down and support the sut cause. people can still come out andtic buy tickets.bu >> absolutely much every dimerym helps. help we appreciate your time thisciat morning. let's go back over to the couchu >> thank you. thank. >> fantastic. time now is 9:37.ow i7. coming up next how to handle hal co-worker who is a pimp? what? sarah fraser is back withk wit another edition of love and lov order. that'scoing up next.t. ♪ ♪
9:38 am
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9:40 am
♪ are you going to sing?u >> no. >> you can't follow mr. phippsri voice. >> that's true.>> that's true. >> it is tuesday that means it't time for a little love and ordeo when sarah fraser shares messages from fans and we allll try to offer a little bit oftlet advice. first up, dealing with theh whimpy co-worker. apparently, jr. read's wife sent message to his supervisoruper claiming he wasn't being treatee wife he's due for promotion but our writer doesn't know if hef deserves one because of that one e-mail from his wife.m his wife. sarah is our guest. she has to weigh in first. sarah --sa >> i missed it. i misd it >> i get to weigh in first. this guy jared is under a supervisor who wrote to us, to u okay, the supervisor said look o don't moan to ultimate decisions about who gets promoted but i do hav
9:41 am
jirad is up for promotion. but jared's wife recently wroteo in complaining that jared wasn't getting treated correctly andrea now i kind of fell like he's aes wimp but he does do his job hisj well. ll so do i recommend him for promotion.prom >> is he aware she did this, is, he wear the wife did this? she can have done this behind hishih back. >> that's good question.t's >> that's the op thing.t's th >> our supervisor did not disclose that in the e-mail. e-m >> do you think the wife writini this to say he needs a promotion like he does a better job thanoa what is on the surface or wasce she writing in to do hiso h business for him because heec h doesn't want to ---- >> mommy giving you -- y >> i shall get a promotion it. o >> sounded more aside from theae promotion it was just sayingusty other co-workers were noter n respecting jared and kind of making jared out to be littleo t bit of a wimp.p not bringing up complaints he had. >> the wife doesn't work there.k >> correct. >> she has no business in it.sst >> she has no business in thatn at all. at a she has no business e-mailing ei your mates or husband'sates osb supervisor on his
9:42 am
stay out of that. tha let him do his thing if it workr out, it works.out, iwork if not, he doesn't. dsn he has to take responsibilityibt for his own -- it's his job. >> the supervisor -- if it's a good supervisor the supervisoruo should know what jared's's strengths are weaknesses and hoh other co-workers are treatinging him.hi >> if he finds out the discourse it creates --es - >> he needs to make thatake decision. ci >> you create discourse in the home if he find out. you're diemas queue lated him bd fighting his there are a whole host of o problem.ob >> as steve said forget aboutidt that e-mail.l. don't even get in >> that's what we were getting t to. forget about the e-mail and promote him. h >> based your decision based ona whatever. forget about the e-mail.ut t don't get involved in that that's a whole other can of of worms. >> i love when your significanta other rights to your work on wok your behalf. >> exactly. >> in what world does that work. >> topic two, what you got on o this one about cheatingutg girlfriend or something.etng >> yeah, yeah, yeah.h, which one was it? let me see which e-mail was sen
9:43 am
>> this is the one the lady wasl getting is this the one?? >> this one. o >> which one is this. one iis. >> the cheating boyfriend.oyiend >> oh, okay.h, yes. this is a girlfriend who wroteiw to us sheet getting close tose t being engaged and she says two years ago she did cheat on hernr significant other with guy shehh work with sounds like it was one night stand.nighstan as she's getting closer beingr g engaged she's thinking aboutingt this guy that she had her oneero night stand with a couple ofple weeks -- a couple of years ago.o now she's questioning should shh reach out to this guy one more m time to find out if there's tre anything there?here >> no. >> or do you know move forward.d >> absolutely not.>>bsolutely n. >> don't you think this is a yoi major red flag you shall not geg maryland.mala >> shoutly. it's a read flag isn't i toldsni this woman as well. as wel >> if she's married about oneboo night two years versus the guy g whose making her supposedlypodl happy now, she -- s - >> once you get married andie a those issues creep up and andupd those issues will creep up you'll be thinking about thatha other guy and no telling what wa you might. to get that, f you're serious, o you should even be thinking about that. that should be out of your heada that should be gone.uld beon
9:44 am
>> the end her e-mail wasl was basically like i want to liveo with no regrets that's why i why feel like i should -- sul >> then don't get married. >> yeah. >> okay. i like that one,, too. >> you're going to have -- lifef is full of regrets. >> yes. >> she wants you to say have aae little fling and marry him.ry hm you get no cop out deals here. r it's all or nothing.othi >> yes. okay. i agree with you, too.ou t >> all in.>> all last one topic three, parents asking too much of a particulara person. >> this one is very interestingv as well. this woman wrote to us, her parents have a convenience store she says she was raised in an immigrant family and they expece everybody to work. work. especially around mother's dayr' and when it's a really busy ti time. she says look, i just got my my masters now i'm working onor finding my own job and my family oftentimes asking me to worko wk pays me, you know, much furtherr after i've done the work.he wor can i say no to them it sounds i like it's just a very strong son family. i love this one because i'm not sure, what do you do?do y d
9:45 am
family. okay. do you think you have that obligation. >> oh, yeah. there's free speech. spe you can certainly say no.nly n i mean how your parents react is a different thing but yeah, y you're an add dull, say no. say no. n they might give you a guilt a gt trip. . but you have to stand firm.. or maybe find a common i'll do little >> but i'm not going to worko w five days week.fives week. i'm going to work three. t >> with this one -- >> i'm not a servant to you forf crying o they're kid helping out.'re ki >> it's true.t's >> i do think though you always have family obligations one waye or the gloucester i agree. aee >> whether it's work or not ono work.rk. >> right.>>ht >> about helping the family. fa. >> work it out. wor happy median is a good way tod y pledge that. everybody gets a littleody something out of it. you're good to go. good to go. >> i love that. i l okay. >> you may have noticed holly io not sitting with us right because she had to do a littleit wardrobe change. >> okay. >> yes. >> we want to so what that's al' about. the very elegant holly morris is this is still your real name.. >> listen this is vintage. ste
9:46 am
1989. this is my actual senior prom po dress and i'm wearing it becausc prom season is upon us. i know it's a little wack iit still have it but any way.ay. this morning some deserving dcc area high schoolers will get alt chance to pick out the perfect e outfit they'll get to do it allt for free. fo we're going to tell you why anda give you a little prom throwprom back as i know you don't believe me butt i got the picture people. i'm going show you.. nip 46:00 is our time right now ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, i'm going show you.. nip 46:00 is our time right now the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy!
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♪ all right. right. it is that time of year. it's prom season.ea so we sent out our own erin como to the fifth annual say yes to the prom initiative in silverinl spring, married, and she has glamorous gowns and a glom russu guest and she's looking oh so o glam russ and up to date. i'm vintage, erin. e you're current.urrent. (laughter)
9:50 am
>> holly, i saw your 80' prom 8o dress and i love it.dri right now this is what i'd weara if i going to the prom. pro we have monty joining me frome say yes to the dress atlanta. an helping the girls picotot beautiful dresses. drees. tell us about say yes to the prom >> it's our fifth year and we're here our global headquarters outside of dc as you know and we have over 2,000 dresses. dsses. we've guys this year, too. >> you're doing tucks, fittingsi everything. >> right. for the deserving students, boyb and girls. and we were on five city tour ww started in new york, miami,mi, dallas and we're wrapping upppig here. really a prom shopping day.inay wee help these young men andnd young ladies find prom find p perfection over 2,000 dresseses and probably around 500 tuxedoed have been donated sherri heels the could you tore yea of promom donated i believe you're wearing one now. >> um-hmm. >> looks great.m->> so we're helping these girls find prom perfection here andrfr then you'll see where we help h the guys do the same. sam >> so crowded in here
9:51 am
i'll say it's a confessedt' building day in addition toditio shopping day. >> absolutely much that's whatmh it's about.'s a we give and build confidence fof these young ladies and young mem because you know when you'reknoe wearing a dress or a suit you feel good in you're already offy to the theark. >> i feel like million bucks ins one of these prom dresses. dss tell me a little bit about what hot for prom season if somen ie students are watching at home or parents and interested inreed i helping their daughter pick outt their right outfit.t. >> you're wearing of the fashion we're finding color isville isvl strong. >> one shoulder.>> >> one shoulder. o >> and we're finding slitng sli dressing number one this year. and knit skirts.rts. these jersey nitts you will always a prom princess don't bet surprised if you see a beaded bodice and big ball gown. bead is in, color is strong.s sr coverage is extremely strong str this year whether it be one shoulder, jewel neck line you'ly see coverage as well. well >> i also noticed that you really want to accessorize. you helped me pick out these
9:52 am
you suggest. >> when you're wearing a dressra that is one shoulder like wedere talk about earl err maybe pullbe your hair over to the oppositeit side so thecate see the outlinei of the gown f you are wearing ar high neck dressed like, you know, make eight drop as opposed to chandelier with what you'vera got on. a clutch is important.ornt. but this year we have girly go g carters with this. >> i'm actually wearing oneng o right now.ri let's see if we can do this ine nice way. nice i actually hav we my pack in tht you can put your lip gloss, celc phones you don't have to worry r about losing your cell phone and carrying >> we've teamed up with jc tea pennies to do hair and make up.u we have paul mitchell we've beeb on these five city tours by thet end of today, today alone we will have jacked up for prom p perfection over 200 close to 300 girls today. tay >> that's amazing.t's just watching the shoppers and the girls the excitement and the eyes i know how i feel when ii get to pick out my perfect dream prom is a huge deal and to be b able to have all the
9:53 am
style litz on hand to help you h feel like the princess or princc at your big events. it's amazing what you do foro these students you help so manyn of these and this is the fifth f year. >> started heritor globalit g headquarters five years ago with just here. we didn't go.we then we took it on the road.heo. so it's great. the live work team works closelo with the schools and these deserving students are broughtto in and they are truly accessorized it's a mazing a min great give back makes us feel great what is better we'rewhat building confidence for thesefoe young ladies and gentlemen. >> we all know the prom can be extremely pricey to accessorizeo to wear the dress to geto g everything. they're able to not have tole t worry about the financial stress of such a big night. nht >> not at all. n at like yourself when you walkedf w in, there's over 2,000 dresses0d so you do get a littlee overwhelmed like where do i i start? you can see we're w narrowing the choices down.e ch we'll be up in front of the monty mirror a little bit and we'll have young girls and men m saying yes to their prom look. l >> it's a take off say yes too
9:54 am
show. >> thank you.>> tha >> the prom is like a minirom wedding for people.r pee. >> for a lot these young men ann women it's the first time t they'll be in social setting ant be socially dressed. so it's very important.mpta >> thank you so much for havingv us out to say yes to the prom.r. holly i'm going to zen it back to you i don't think oy want to give this dress t i feel likhie i want to go to t prom again. >> well i think you're rockingt that dress but i want to see erin como in her actual promctur dress. can we see that? >> okay. >> okay. erin tell me about this look.. >> look from 2002.00 it is teal, a lot of sequinsf qu completely cut in on the sidesid can't get away from that forhat prom whether we're going back 12 years i think i'm in the photohp with my best friend matt and and holly i wasn't prom queen but i felt like it that night.hatight >> i used to like you until youu said 2002.002. any way, let's come back to my prom dress. this is my prom you don't believe me here's myem picture.. there i am, 1989 i
9:55 am
prom court that was my date -- that was my prom prince i too wasn't the queen not that i'mt i bitter but i was on the court cu and this dress is just meant a lady handmade this dress for meh and i just forever kept it. i. because it was so all right.ight. mo, let's see you. see >> all right. this is me.. 17 years old and full of all a kinds of i don't know what. donk i wanted to go non traditionaldi so i went short that year with the about fan skirt. oh my god i felt so grown upo gu that night. night it was mazing. >> you wanted to show off those sexy >> my date was a bozo so that mitigated everything. other story for another time.hei >> steve? >> you got yours.>> got >> i'm sorry embarrassed. >> my god!od (laughter).. >> welcome on we can't have aave prom without a little sloww dance. >> come on over. anyone -- my senior prom -- (laughter). >> steve!>> >> look at steve. steve in the white dinner jacket. i love it. >> let the
9:56 am
ahead of the time.. >> you look like james b we saw this look at the haashe h cars last year.. >> wisdom come on over youme onu didn't bring a prom pick which are you have to dance with me.nm >> i got prom picture.ictu >> you ain't going to see it bui i got one. o what song are we dancing to icit don't just dance to any song.g >> it has to be -- -- >> forever young.ou >> forever young?er y >> can you give me hold on toe o the night. >> how about up tempo music. mus >> it's a slow dance. dance cull on. >> not at my prom it wasn't.t >> let's go ahead and see what'' coming up next.t >> wisdom would like to dance tn captain america.. captain america week continues.. kevin sits down with the winterr soldier himself and falconn sebastian stand and anthony mack mackey.maey >> we'll show you some of theofe most talk about looks from thert met ball and later the 10 best0 places to eat out on the cheap.e >> the music stops if you'reou still dancing.stl da >> how about you dance to coffee >> there you go.>> t a little better.a li >> off beat.
9:57 am
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♪ two sizzling interviewszz right here on good day at 10a. a >> it's getting hot in here. how lance broke stops
10:01 am
>> anthony mackey don't miss kevin's the have i with captaina america star.icata >> several super stars includini beyonce', kerry washington andn oprah. let's do this.s dohi the 10a starts now. now. ♪ >> ut-oh. >> ♪ >> oh, yeah. oh, yea that's saturday night at my >> ♪ oh! >> wow
10:02 am
♪ i can do that. >> ♪ >> yeah! ♪ >> yea! >> all right. whoo! whoo >> all right. (applause).. >> man. >> it has been a gloomy coupleou of days weather wise so we we decided to help perk everybodyre up on this tuesday morning withw a little dancing. not just any dancing. some of the best break dancers d in the country came to thee washington area for a nationalil competition over the weekend, we and we got some of the winners e in the loft. lof >> yes. >> i love it. le i would need the concussionssion protocol program for that.hat >> i would need a medical mic doctor. doctor >> spinning on your man. man. >> that is workout. tha they're coming back to perform p for us later on. >> we'll have much more with hav them later. >> you guys are hot. >> that is awesome. >> one work, three, four, five -- >> i could keep it going for the whole hour. hou >> lemme know if you need a neea number six as backup. bkup. you got me.u gome. >> he means if you really wat
10:03 am
something broken.thinoken (laughter). >> thanks for hanging with usgit for the 10a. 1 i'm steve alongside holly,ol maureen and wisdom.dom. >> before we check with 10ingwe0 it's time to give out a shoutt t out to the teachers watching ouo there.ther >> thank you.>>ha >> it's national teachers tch appreciation day so if you haveh one in particular you would lik to honor tyoweet us use thehe hashing tag fox5 teacher and #gooddaydc.ay again fox5 teacher and good day d.c. hash >> it would be one of your o y child's favorite teachers oreach your favorite teachers whochers inspired you along the way. w >> one of my favorites is myit m mother. my mother taught me in the dentalth grade.ra >> it was rough.>> it was not a good look. >> ask your mom to do us ado little favor.litt fav >> no. it was not good look. my grandmother taught me in then first long history of teachers. of ace >> were you home schooled? schl? >> i probably should have been.h but, yeah.h >> all listen, it is 10:03 right now. w let's go ahead and check out out what is indeed trending on thiss tuesday. tues first up it's known as thehe oscars the east coast.oa we're talking about the mett
10:04 am
gala. ga now the black tie ex staff begab is a to raise money for the couldn't institute at the t metropolitan museum of of art rocked last. john nan ive the chief design og apple and taylor swift and idris alba. the party is invite only thehe ticket can run $30,000. $,000 the table will cost you 275 grand.grand. now the gala marks themarks institute's annual blockbusterlt show this year's exhibit and met gather gala theme was fashion ia an age of technology. the exhibit is home to more than 120 pieces of ready to wearr fashion members can explorean looks from handmade to machine made fashion.madehion >> for 30 grand are you allowedu to take selfies with celebs orle supposed to be on your bestbe or behavior. >> here's the thing.>> here's >> i'd be taking pictures ofthns everybody.evod >> it's only celebs that ares te there. right? you see what i'm saying. like the random person cannotn buy a ticket even if you have 33 grand, you have to be invited
10:05 am
anna win tore a waste list totet get on the invite list. lt. >> spend your $30,000.. >> yes. >> because this is the museum ou art, do they keep any of thehe outfits as like exhibits? exhibt >> you mean the stars wear? >> yeah.eah >> i would imagine.ould imagi >> i would think so but a lot oo those are sponsored by whatevere the brands are like if brand bud as table.. >> okay. >> i would think that house alse might keep ke >> what were some of the coolf c pictures let's take a look. l this is taylor swift she was honorary chairs she came out inn lieu wee vuitton. and we'll see lot shiny stuffff >> okay. >> metallic kind of look. loo >> here's beyonce'.. i said this was embellishedshed gavinci and someone said it's givenchy. any way -- w >> it was beautiful everywhererr else in the country film it wass really gorgeous.reals. >> kim and kanye of courserse surprise what they did they wear, bore wagon they alwayse nh wear.wear he is wearing jeans but theyns b
10:06 am
>> i didn't even see kanye. >> like that leg in that pictu picture. >> also they went shiny silver route. >> this is another jenner.ther e kendall jenner.all jeer. she was in versachi. >> i like versachi.. that's a rocking bod right the there. >> i like kendall jenner. >> claire danes. des this is zach pose zen and this a dress you really need to see ite at night it actually lights up. >> okay. she can also be in electricso bn light parade a et disneyworld.yd i'm just saying. sayg. >> does chef a staff of 40 of helping her walk around. aroun >> i think it looks cool. c >> can you sit down in that? in it actually possible? possibl >> probably not.>> pro >> you can stand and pose alltad night.night >> do you have somebody walkings underneath tomhere with a clickn thing that turn the lights on? >> what if you had to go to thet bath rom? you wouldn't want too come in contact with water. that could be problem. pbl this is emma watson in calvin ci klein. here's the thing about this.hi are you ready? >> her dress is made of recycled
10:07 am
bottles.s >> okay. >> all right. rig. >> i saw that on project runway. >> it looks like a batman cape. >> can you give me batman onnn >> madonna revealed she's on the right there.he >> with does they have good day. d.c. stickers. scker >> guess what's under there.t'ue >> nothing. >> she didn't wear good day dc c stickers. oh, my gosh.ohmy g >> what? >> that's what i thought. >> in tenth grade your momour mm should have taught you a littlet more. >> i thought it was prom night.. >> she's naked under there.aked >> really. >> you can see her girl we hadeg to put the stickers up on theon left that's lady gaga she forgot her pants. >> okay. oka >> okay. no here's the last one this is zoey, wearing goal cheh andh cabana. >> do they ever take pictures ou what happens inside. insid they all change and like sweatsk and sandals when they walk inhe the door. >> they probably do much it'sly' kind of like a society secret s what goes on inside.ns they usually they have a dinner and they havv last year i think rihanna performed.performed i don't know who performed thiho
10:08 am
year, but it's a big deal. d >> if you got the invite fore fr next year would you go full fag like that last outfit or shriekk beyonce'.beyonce' >> oh, i think the more aveenoea guard the better the whole thing is supposed to be art. sup the more outlandish the better.t >> you want to get in the get it picture. what's the point of going.oi >> if i'm being honest itg hosti depends if i'm having a fat dayf or skinny day. >> if i'm having a skinny day d i would wear a see through suit. >> see through everything. >> i would wear good day stickers.stic (laughter).(l >> steve, we would be the talk of the town.of t we could go next year.ear i have my see through suit you have your good day stickers sckr we'll be the talk of the town. >> um stickers do you need,rs dn steve. >> that's up for debate.s upor d (laughter).r) >> depends on the day. >> depends on -- yeah.-- yeah. you know what it depends on. >> wow!! >> your mom did teach you.ech y. >> took little turn right theree >> back on track.ra if the tour wants to bring us oo board next year do what you gott to do. d see through and sticke
10:09 am
>> let's talk about this.hi there may be an explanation tott why it's so hard to keep the weight off after losing weight.h new study followed 14 con testst of the biggest loser and 13 1 regain their weight within sixhi years and four are heavier thanr they were before the competition started. the study found that dramatic di weight loss can lead to slowerer metabolism.bosm which is why a lot of them saidi they don't reunion showers bay s they gained the weight the whole study had to do with your bodyrb sort of zeta point and it alwaya must go back to that point. >> it's very true.s veryrue. it's the rush fact the crash c diets they that's why they don't work a lot.rk look, it's slow and steady andty you have to a lifestyle change a along with it if you go back too old habits a lot of people end e up putting more weight on like k we just said than what they hadh b it's tough. tgh it's never easy.'s n anybody trying to lose weight we know the challenge.he cllen it is nine past the hour. hr. dating world could knowingnong somebody's credit score impact i whether or not you give them aee second chance or not as in an second date. according to nestor veigh nearly four in 10 adults say knowing some
10:10 am
certainly would affect their t willingness to date that persono in fact nearly half of the womew out there, 43% of women sayom s learning a person's score wouldw have either -- would have eithee a major or a minor impact on on their dating and would have some impact on it. 32% of men say the same. >> okay. >> i think it should have someas impact. >> absolutely.utely. >> one of the top reasons people have marital problems orem o relationship problems is overs s money. you definitely need to --tely n- >> i don't think it will impactk the second date. i that's little early.e at's you're not going to walk aroundn with a credit score on yourre y >> if you're serious about about person you ask the t >> maybe it's the age. may when you're at a certain age you get to second date you know.. >> it's very >> you know what i'm saying.nown >> if i'm younger the last thint i'm thinking about is somebody'd credit score.. >> thinking about other numbersm not your credit scores. sco >> like which ones.. >> some other >> like digits.>> >> thank you for the assist f holly. y. like the digits. does
10:11 am
act wardness here does the word moist make you cringe? becauseu if it does you're not alone.t a moist is one of the most hatedae wore in the english language lan scientists say people who are we grossed out by bodily functionst are month likely to find the word moist a bad word and thednd word seems to bother people more than words that are similar too like damp, sticky, or wet. (laughter).(lau >> one scientist says finds a typical person grossed by the bt word a young woman who's welll educated somebody what disgusted by bodily functions. >> we need to bring tucker tucke newness conversation he's theve one that says it -- every timerm he says it during his forecast there's always groans. come on. >> i don't see what the big dea is.. >> it doesn't bother me. m >> it doesn't bother me either. >> the way you were saying it -- >> i read the script like whentl you talking about cake, if cake is moist, it's good. >> it's a word that sounds nasts the way you
10:12 am
>> if a cake is dam many andm m sticky and wet --ndet i don't want damp, stickyy and wet cake, want it moist.t im i do.i i like my cake to be moist.e mo. >> there you go. >> not damp, sticky or wet. w >> still ahead in the 10a kevink talks to anthony mackey abouty a the blockbuster captain americaa civil war. >> first though lebron james inn sequel to space jam. guess what? >> it's plus the biebs in trouble with oprah, beyonce', kerryry washington, all making news.s. celebrity dish we're serving iti up next. >> moist. >> his head band is moist.oi ♪
10:13 am
hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande. life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together.
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 ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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>> it's time tour good days ti celebrity dish.ce we're starring with off with sad news. the mother of tupac has died. she was the subject of one ofnef his most famous songs deer mom momma. active in the black pantherckan movement in the late '60s oncenc charged with conspiracy and anda supposed plot to bomb new york city land mark but ultimatelyimt cleared of all charges. she passed away last night at ng the age of 69. 6 let's talk about beyonce'.o' queen b making hi
10:16 am
her visual album lemonade has top the billboard 200 after a first week.rsk. that's a big'sig d this mark the sixth time in roww that one of the beyonce''s so low albums has number one muchon this makes her the first artistt to ever top the list with herer first sixth that's not michael jackson. >> she's legit. l >> she's a hundred% legit.% leg >> it's amazing when you thinkhk of all the other great singersin out speaking of great singers, wis, justin beiber. >> what do you mean.>> w >> the singer is being slammed m by animal rights group peta fores poeing with a chain tigerg at his father's engagement partr in toronto.. the organization zen beiber anbr open letter which claims the bie cat came from zoo whose ownerhoo was charged with animal cruelty. the letter from peta' uniteda'ni states senior vp said quoted justin is lucky not to have his throat torn out by this stressee captive tiger. >> wow!! >>
10:17 am
see him so close it to. >> the tiger is just sittingng that like -- make the wrongng move. make the wrong move. >> all right. let's talk about something elses more pleasant.more >> how about a little movie. there are rumors space jam twoam is in the works lebron jamesbron could be the star according tooo tmz producers are in talks witht justin lynn director of fast and furious six.six. the original space jam starred michael jordan back in 1996.99 it shot to number one back inac the day and became the highest growing basketball move at that time making $230 millionllion worldwide.rle so lebron will be in space jam two allegedly.eged. you got to have steph curry in it, too. >> i know. you got to have steph curry.ur >> who else you going cast. c >> steph curry, you got to throw kobe in there he's got a lot oft free times on his hand. >> i would asked steph curry to be the lead over lebron. lr >> i think lebron. leb >> this probably was already ini the work. >> what about tim duncan. >> throw him in there.ow him int you got to have 10 guys in ther
10:18 am
there. >> that's true.>> tha that's true. lebron does have little bit of acting.acng. >> from train wreck.m trk he has -- has >> does he have a resume.. >> he has credentials all right ballerina misty comb land who ww just saw at the met gala now has something else to celebrate.rate the 33-year-old principal dancee for the american ballet theater has new barbie doll in her likeness. mattel introducing the doll doll yesterday in honor of copelandfa who became the first black female principal dancer lastanct year.year. >> how cool. >> that's wonderful. >> dove a doll. dol to be accomplished to have alisa doll. that's awesome. awe let's talk about oprah winfrey n she's headed back to the small e screen. she signed on to star in an hboh film call the immortal life of henry yet at a. a baltimore woman whose cellse tissue became a researchh phenomenon.phomen it's still being used in medical research today.od oprah going back to the littlebh screen. >> that's amazing. that's amazig >> that is. >> i'm interested to hear theers st
10:19 am
about that too.ab >> about the woman.bout i like it in babies news scandal star kerr row washingtongton expecting her second child. she showed off her baby bump at the met gala last now there are report that isat s kerry's pregnancy is alreadyeady effecting the sixth season and d it could push back its seasonn debut. >> that's a nice -- ne >> not much of a bump. bp >> nice look.ok she's doing it real well. wel >> she does about everything evg well. >> she does. last up britney spears set tos t perform at this month' 2016 bilb bore music awards.. the thirty four-year-oldirty f entertainer will perform a perra medley of her big hits and set to receive the millennium awarda meant to acknowledge are a tests out staning career achievements and influence in the music industry.industry. spears is in good company theomt award was previously handed outd to bee i don't know sane whitnea houston. this year's show will air on may 22nd and will be hosted by ludicrous and sierra.. >> and that's your celebrityeleb dish. >> there you go
10:20 am
>> all right.. thanks, guys.ks, >> well done. >> served up nice and (laughter). >> i was waiting for that. waiot >> coming up the top 10 chief 1c eats you can fine right here in the d.c. area.d.c. >> first we'll check back in cac with bob barnard for a check on today's top stories coming upomg after the break.after e brea ♪ ♪
10:21 am
today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days.
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♪ happening right now, damming report released blasting metrodl over last year's deadly l'efant plaza smoke incident theeat the probable cause from the ntsb. what may be more unfortunate foa metro riders to hear metro m flawed safety culture goes backb decades. bob barnard live outside ntsb headquarters with the details.. bob? >> reporter: hey, maureen.en the meeting is going on rightig now here at ntsb headquartersdq and chairman says that a disturbing picture emerges from what happened 16 months agoago underground here basically ass yellow line train left theeft t platform on january 12th, 2015. the staff here at the ntsbt thnb played a video sped up showing i what happened that afternoon as train 302 with nearly 400 peoplo on started heading toward t virginia, and it got in the the tunnel and then the tunnelheunne filled with smoke. people in the -- in the stationi on the platform evacuated.vaat it took more than a half hour tf get everybody off the
10:24 am
filled with smoke that outbound yellow line train in which one h person died. basically, what they're sayinghh here is,ey that this was an electrical cable that caughtaugh fire because of water intrusioni that water intrusion has been ae system wide problem and thatnd a metro has no inspection row gram in place right now.ince r they stopped inspecting for water intrusion about four years ago. and that some of the electrical cables didn't have proper insulation and that that, too,, is a system wide problem.. also, they're talking about thee ventilation system when thehe tunnel when the station fills fl with smoke there are ventilation systems designed to exhaust allt that smoke and that unfortunately the system is oldd and inadequate here now christopher march the chairman c of the ntsb at the start of this hearing. the ntsb's mission to is he arrive safety lessons fromsons o accident investigations and mak recommendations to prevent recurrences.rren however, when the ntsb findsb fn itself issuing a continuousnu stream of accident reports toeps
10:25 am
management of a single transit rail system something isethi i fundamentally flawed.ed here that something is safety oversight. >> reporter: and mr. heart m h says the fundamentally flawedwe safety oversight is directly dec what led to the death of carol c glover.ov she's the 61-year-old grandmother from alexandria whoo was overcome by people tried to save her lifeerl but she died on that train. now 90 people went to the w hospital suffering from smokerim inhalation much this is a blistering report and basicallyb what's happening is, the staff a is presenting it to the ntsb the board those members willberl then debate it, talk about it ai and eventually issue thiss report.rt. the actual report will be wl another four to six weeks beforr that comes out, guys, but laterr today, we'll get a synopsis on this incident which is just the latest chairman heart and some of the staff members are sayingn that some of these issues that t direct
10:26 am
death that directly led to the smoke and fire incident here at l'efant plaza 16 months ago haso happened again and again. since and before and thatnd t nothing seems to be in place tot prevent it. guys. ys >> you havely bob barnard thankd you for that update. 10:26 is the time. time. still ahead on good day dcc sleepy hollow the star of that show one of the stars lancetarse gross joins us live in the loftt he's not actually live but he's' here in the loft. loft. we'll explain what that's alln t about. you'll see the segment comingntn up. he's talking about his role on the super natural drama and hisd ties right here to the d.c. region.reon. 10:26 is the time. we're back in a moment.
10:27 am
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>> danny, agent reynolds.ny >> sorry to interrupt your, morning. >> not at all. >> ease city beat if you're not careful.o t carel. >> yes, i know
10:30 am
it's easy.. everyone knows how to -- i think my kettle is boiling tea. >> may i see i still don't getot that d >> he agrees on you. o you >> that's right. you always did like a challenge. >> kept you on your toes atto at what's up? >> got to head d.c. for couplefe of days check in with the deputd director' office. office. >> anything serious?thseriou >> shouldn't be just up against a deadline on evans case got tot ask for an extension. so, how about you hold down thee fort while i'm gone? >> really? >> you sure you don't want toant give that to somebody gels.ebodg >> you've earned it. i i'll do what i can to deserveesr this. thank you, sir.k u, sir >> all right. all r. that's a clip from the fox hit f sleepy hollow.. you might have scene familiarscn face in that scene because lance gross first made his mark withms
10:31 am
and since then he's been working steadily in movies and inn television but he's never gore e at the 10 his years here in here washington, d.c. as i found outd when i sat down with him recentn toll find out what's going on in his lie oh his role on the super natural drama you just saw.. >> let's talk about your toyotay green tell me about your involvementne in that.inhat. >> i've been involved with it tt toy green for about four years.y we also call it tgi.. and you know just great fitat because i myself am hbcu alum anyhow ward university and wesie tore around and go to hbcubc campuses and other specialer spi events and, you know, we just encourage african-american tosss adopt sustainable lifestyle.ty >> that sounds good.d. how long have you been involvedo in that?u >> four years. >> for years. oh wow okay.ka is it just something,, what isnw it that attracted to you that ya particular thing because a lotal of times people get involved in these things and say this is my cause and here's why.s why. >> you know, i was alwaysas alws interested in going i just didn't know the proper pe
10:32 am
>> right. >> so i kind of look at it as as great opportunity to educateo ee myself while i educate others o and inspire others, and, yound, know, i'm not getting any younger, you know, so i care c about the things that i put in my body. bod it started out with me saving on my electricity bill justt changing my light bulbs from regular light bulbs to energyo y efficient light bulbs and now ii kind of evolved into a veganvega lifestyle and juicing, just taking care might have body.mite >> right. you also a new dad. a n >> i am. >> that has a lot to do with ito as >> yeah. >> how is fatherhood treatingthr you so far.ho it's so exciting, man. i've just want to be healthy an around for my daughter and i dt want my daughter to be healthy t and, you know, it's just a jus a beautiful experience to watch tt that little person that little t me grow. >> absolutely. let's talk about howardta university because you come bac you love hu. you come back here all the timee for howard university.veit talk about your experience andee your love for how war. >> you know, d.c. is likes lik another home for me and howardd university, you know, it helpedi
10:33 am
mold me into the man i am now. n i'm proud of the man i am nowm n and i'm proud of my university.y i love howard university.nirs you know, it's always great to e be back and, you know hiringnohi come back i feel the love fromeo the university. i feel i'm in contact with my wt old professors.old profess it's a great thing.'s a it's like family.. >> absolutely. all right. look, you got this marvelousarve acting career that's going. you're -- sleepy hollow right here on fox5 by the way, you'lll be in sleepy hollow. >> we've already shot the thirdd season of sleepy hollow. hlo i'm in the mix. m i'm in the mix. m >> you're good guy or bad guyr d can you say. youay >> i'm a goodbye.'m goo i'm the direct of the fbi. >> okay.>> oy >> it's going good.go g it's wonderful show to be on.n we have great cast. cas it's been good. >> all right. so you also working on another h movie with some other heavyer h hitters as well.hiers tell me about that.e this isab movie called duce. >> yes, we just finish filminghf it a couple of months agoons ag starring myself, lorenz tate, meghan good directed by
10:34 am
hill, queen latifah's company.oy yeah, it's coming >> is it an act adventure a goog guy or bad guy in that one? ne see, well -- >> i won't give away too much.ym i play an undercover cop. c >> all right. right >> i like to see when nice guysg play bad guys. g takes them to different place.l. it's a lot different thanott anything i've ever played. playe i'm excited about it.about >> now when you're doing ye d hollywood and doing movies, andd then do you tv as well which ono do you like better because a loe of people like tv better because of the schedule link or does itt matter to you as long as you'ren working? >> you know, i like tv becauseec of the longevity but i'm an i a actor so i love great projects.e so whether movies or television, i'm all for it as long as it's s good great director, great cast.or, . i'm all for it.l fo it. >> it's all good. all right. lance gross sleepy hollow just wrapped up its third season knok word on when the fourth will foi debut.debut >> the winter soldier falcon and kevin mckathy captain america week continue no
10:35 am
time now then 34:00.n >> ♪>> ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
10:36 am
10:37 am
♪ ♪ >> we're in
10:38 am
>> like two hour fight scene. se >> i know right.>> i k >> that's intense.hat' >> do not met with the winterher soldier a clip from the new movie in captain america civilcl war this t
10:39 am
himself on the wrong side of thf law, and in fight with some of o his fellow heroes.s feller it is one of the mostos anticipated movies of 2016.6. and all week we are featuringng kevin's interviews with the cast right her on good day at 10a. 1a this time he's sitting down with sebastian stand and anthony mackey known as bucky barnes and the falcon. check it u. >> now the flying falcon blowsal my mine, and when i talked toal you for winter soldier you weree explaining to me had you that m was done. how has the flaying changedng since that end? have thehe effects gotten different? do you do it differently now indiff this film. >> i do it much less. i realize i have really goodly stunt man and it hurts.. (laughter). >> when we see you land, thougho f a fly -- that's me. >> then the wings come back in.. how are they doing that. >> they put me on string andri literally take mow about 15 feee off the ground and i go from f here to landing, and then theyhy cgi all the wings and all that t other stuff in t >> that's amazin
10:40 am
your carrying they are very internal. a lot going on inside of him. ih i'm wonders as an actor is itor harder to be internal or external? >> better write that questionit down. >> yeahe . >> i think external just because sometimes it's better to let the costume do the acting for you. y >> i have to ask obviously one of the greatest moments in the e movie the running moment towardd each other.ea i know there's cgi there. how many times are you doing tha run? do you guys do thatha multiple >> all day. literally a day where we wouldeu just running. also like august atlanta georgig is not necessarily conducive toe that sort of running at all. >> germany was better.etr >> yeah of the people were out e of breath i think.hi paul rudd had that mask on the n whole time. wh >> the motorcycle sequences blee my mine.ine blank pan cher that wholehat w sequence he's running and you'rr on that cycle.on te off sequence where you grab arab dude off the motorcycle.. >> right. >> that -- talk now moment.en shooting that scene.ting t that was mind blowing. >> you know, i -- they had mee come in
10:41 am
the (laughter).(laute >> and grab the bike.e b >> they were like you're not not allowed anywhere near machinerye (laughter). >> the cool thing i have to sayn you got to credit the second ad which is spiro, this phenomenal director who kind of goes uncredited for a lot of sequence usie in fast and furious he hass a trick he came up which is kini of like a a magic carpet he calls it. >> you basically there's a car draggindragging this sheet sorto like an escalator, right, soigh, you're running on that and itnga look like you're running threenr times as fast. just -- i was like so if i neede to i'll just hop off and he saii do not do that.hat. (laughter). >> whatever you do, do not do that. >> i was like, aw great thankshk for telling me i've got --ing.-i >> when you're in the paying thy attention at the end of then at airport walkway,.kway >> yeah.>> yh. >> exactly. >> anybody see that, yeah, theyy did.. >> caai
10:42 am
hits theaters on it looks good.ksood. >> when are you goining to wis. >> i'm trying to figure it outet in my mad i don't want to pay full price.e i want to go to matinee. min i got baseball and all that kind of stuff. of s unless it rains >> church activity on saturday.. >> if it rains it's all good.l g >> now he's hoping for rain now. >> before we get to the tweets i want to give a shout out to outo somebody whose watching ining i dearborne, michigan.hin. >> wow.ow. >> jerry alan car well she'slhe been watching for two days inn dearborne, michigan.hin. >> thank you. >> shout out to her.ho >> thank you for watching. for >> a friend or just a viewer.a e >> people i know. i know people everywhere,eo maureepln. >> area codes, right. right >> got woman in every port. in p that's what i just heard him s say. >> gosh. >> all right. rig let's go ahead and --nd- >> trying to do a good thing. tg >> i know.>> >> do some tweets.. we always just take it and thror it right in the gutter.ut between the see through suit stickers in the place placece depending on the day and moist i my dad going great, guy. g love i
10:43 am
>> we're here to please.lee >> my gosh. >> absolute to team moist cake.c >> here here.>> h >> wow i'm surprised this moist thing is taken off like this. >> maureen is so out done byy wisdom today.ay. love to tell work days i get to see you guys act up.p >> i don't know why the moist thing just got i don't know. >> oh! >> we have not determined thedhe extent of out this outfit on.utt we have a --- >> she hopes it's not cold thatd night.t. ou you and me both.>> y full year to plan this one. one >> okay.>> my favorite teacher from my tiny 200 kid elementary school was miss gosh they are she taught ue much more than book >> shout out to all the teachert out thero e. >> teachers at the wis versus c game she rocks.. democracy prep.y pp. >> nice. >> very nice. >> i like that. >> can you still fit in your you prom dress i think i hate her in the most delicate way. way. thank you.. i'll take that as a
10:44 am
>> that is awesome.t is >> very cool. >> it's the stress of work wigwg these three that keeps me skin skinny. >> when you're talking about ses through suits and stickers --tir >> keep it right here. kee >> there you go. still to come this morning, alll right, we'll put the pounds onno because it's time to eat. e coming up the 10 best places tos eat in d.c. for under $25. okay.ay cheap eats the best of the washington tone yann is heres he spilling their secrets.ling we've got the top 10 list for you and few samples you see outs there as well.l coming up we'll tell you where they're all from next. 10:44.
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10:47 am
>> let's get into the cafe wrott now at 10:47. we'll save you some money today because the -- thie s month's ssisode -- issue we're talking i about old tv episodes thisshi months' issue of washingtonian backing zero -- attacking series issue.. best cheap eats in around d.c..c don't those wings look good ono the cover? great places to
10:48 am
article includes 100 restaurantn washingtonians have had some of the most thrilling meals of thei year. now, covering 100 restaurants oo good day seems like fantasticstc idea. but it's a little challengingng even for us. so we made top 10 list just for good day dc washingtonianan magazine made top 10 list for us. joining us food and wine editorr anna spiegel.pieg good morning how are you. >> good morning.>> how are you.y >> did you get to sample all ala hundred.ndred >> i sampled a lot of the 100. 1 >> we're all across the area. a right not just in the districtis virginia and maryland.inia and >> a lot of virginia andvirgin d maryland and for this issue wese actually went to over 200 to get the 100 restaurants in thets i magazine.. >> tough much senate.oughuc yes, it is. >> what's the criteria forri picking the top 100. 1. for this the cheap eats hast to be for $25 or less. >> okay. >> or 50 for two diners that'sha really about the food more than anything. it's picng
10:49 am
dining expience >> you want quality food, goodd, experience and then of course cu the piece tag has to be right. t >> absolutely. >> all right. so we're all over the mace her when it comes to different typet of eat reece. ree different types of styles.ty so what we want to do we broughe some of them in.n. we'll save these because these e are some of the best theme oe bt washingtonians found.ns found let's start with the top 10 top right now. ri we'll go with number 10 and work our way up to number one.r o start us off with number 10. >> we have frank way pizza. which is a pizza place in kensington delicious not toooo thick, not too thin and the chef owner franklin the farmers markm and everything is house made. m. tomato sauce is house bacon is house made and he makek delicious pizza called the hot mess with house bacon and >> i've heard a lot of numberum nine have friends who enjoy itoy very very much. m i have not been but i will. chef victor, has dell campo in dc. dc great wonderf
10:50 am
with he will pastor chopped cpp meats and fun creations wens recent hal amazing chicken green style tacos. >> the chef has been on our show cooking steak before.steabef number am mews a persian restaurant fantastic. the chef sources local meatsoc m wild cut salmon and makes the best in the area. >> number seven. sev >> tip cow a restaurant in columbia heights.eigh just really the kind of placed f that can light your mouth onou fire. a lot of fresh herbs, really rea spicy if you want it to be but t also pretty delicate flavors. f. >> keep on moving.p on ming. number six.number we have panda gourmet chinese rust runt serb want in a days inn on york avenue. avee. not the most usual location.n. >> interesting.ti >> it has some of the best serb want food in the area.ntood in >> you never know where you'lleo fine the good stuff. number five. >> so we have ethiopian restaurant lovely small place in alexandria that has mazing
10:51 am
if you go that's the thing tohig get. >> number four now. >> restaurant in the eden centee a lovely ambiance has one of these large menus but they do lot of things well across the t board.d. >> we hit the top the bronze medal goes to -- >> we have chase the submarine chef tim ma and his wife joey they're cave sandwich shop andha market in vienna.iea. the wings from the cover you cor recognize them. them and just really wonderful kind of the food you want to dig in i these fresh wings.ings amazing italian sandwich. wonderful fantastic food. >> number two close to my heart when you deal with barbecue. >> what kind of bash could youno we talking about chef app drew evans. he has four locations.ns. some on the eastern shore.ho union market on 14th street stre and he has a way with smokermo like none o >> that will disappear right now now. >> go ahead. take bite of this and number onn which you liked the most right r here
10:52 am
>> this is chia. chi they started at fresh marketrese farm in dupont circle they're t' vegetarian taco shop. >> they make --hey >> really. >> it sounds usually used too having goat or pork,ing. poring. >> would be typical vegetarianlr taco. we have a mushroom that has a salsa row had a feta cheese. beautiful seasonal tacos there'h a carrot taco there.he and also one of my personal pero favorites cream mow kale andow d potato so it's kind of -- >> interesting. >> wonderful consistency with w green salsa.. >> i love that you have all foof groups all types of restaurantsn represented here.entere. good stuff.good the magazine is out now orow coming out real soon. soo >> it's out right now on newsn n stands. >> check it out.t. washingtonian cheap eats everything for 25 bucks or undeu great deals, great food all fd across the area. we'll talk about this becauseaue this is delicious.s deous. >> good. thanks for joining us this thanks for having us.ks >> back over to you guys. fk how about greaovt dancing steveg because they started off our stt good day at 10a they will roundu us out in case you didn't knowno the us break dancingng cham
10:53 am
sunday in takoma park and hostes by the competitive breakingak league and the lab d.c.. well antonio castillo happens tt be the chairman of the lab d.c.c and joins me.and good to see you. y >> good morning. goo >> interest to go me the labt to d.c. in this competition grewpeg out of the lab d.c. the only o break dance school in thechoo country.coun >> as of now we are the onlyy school that specializes incial i breaking in the country, yes. so -- it started not 2012 we noe have, you know, over throwhrow hundred 50 students and it's been an amazing thing for me ase a founder but also amazing thint for the kids. kid >> sure. >> so tell me about the me competition this weekend. weeked how many people were here.. what wept down.ep d >> so this competition we hadtie kids from all around the country. we went around the country thisi year holding major regional rioa qualifiers to bring them allhema into one place. and it's amazing.mang we had parents and just allust kinds of people from all overllo the place come under one roof ro and it was intense, it was --- the competition level was high g an
10:54 am
everybody else a platform to perform and express themselves in a competitive as >> it makes dancing cool. cool. you know what i moan? obviouslo we've got all guys here.ere we don't have any girls. sometimes we associate dance schools with girls.hool i guess it's also says that t break dancing in alive and well. >> it's very much alive. it's a life a lot because of th kids. a lot of older guys like myselfs are now teaching students alldel around the country we havente h thousands of kids who are doingi this. one of the main reasons isso because not every kid is into sn the regular traditional types of sports. some of them are dancers butut they also like gymnastics so inn this kind of style of dance youy get everything. you get everything that you would get from gymnastics other dance styles and under one so os for these guys it's like perfect fit. i think one of the cool left co things they can create their owe style.s >> yeah.>> yeah. >> create your own style you o become the cool left kids inwnf school. a lot of these guys are pretty popular because of what they dod >> you look pretty popular.tyopl i can see
10:55 am
school can you start as an adult.. >> yes, yes. >> better if you start at thatrt age. >> the oldest student we have ie 53. he's been doing it now for aboua four years. four y we do have adult classes butes majority of our students arentse kids. >> kids, kids young at heart. >> youville time. >> i don't have much time buth b little time. cacan we get little sample rockr the box. >> let's do it guys. l >> do you think you guys can do it in yup. >> take it awayoy. ♪ >> go!>> g >> ♪ ♪ i got
10:56 am
♪ ♪ >> nice, nice. n go isaac.saac >> ♪ i got a move that tells me what to do.o sometimes say i got a move that tells me whatw to do, sometimes i feel so nice i want to -- i got soul and i'm super bad. ♪ >> all right, dq, let's go.. >> ♪ i love to do my thing and g i don't need no one else ♪ >> wow!>> wow! >> ♪ sometimes i feel so nic nice -- ♪ >> blow it up. u blow it up. >> we inspired to you break youe dance yourself. you they have amazing summer camps c going o they run july 11 many threwanth august 19th.. six weekly sessions ages five to 12. >> whoo!! >> oh, yeah
10:57 am
>> look at that. >> rain showers this afternoon upper 60s. jane likes to mix things up. that's why she loves new light & fit greek non-fat yogurt mousse. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy.
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