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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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ted cruz is out, donald trump has but clenched the republicanb nomination for president. we'll break down what this means for the gop. we're not quite done with theth rain for tonight and we have to talk about wednesday.edne i'll have your forecast. a metro bus full of passengersae high jacked. people running, hollering. it was just chaos.aos. > tonight, new details about the attack that ended with a pedestrian killed. your news starts right let's get right to it, the breaking news, ted cruz is outut of the presidential raise. the texas senator formally suspended his campaign tonight following a bitter defeat in the indiana primary.rima thanks for staying with us, i'm shawn yancy. and i'm tony perkins. i this means that donald trump has virtually clinched thehe republican nomination. fox5's sarah simmons starts us off tonight, a big night, sarahh >> yes, tony and shawn. donald trump's candidacy wasn't taken seriously f
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now he is the republican nominee not long after ted cruz announced he is suspending his campaign. cruz vowed to stay into the primary raise until june, but the delegate made it clear to the cruz camp it was time to go. trump still needs 200 delegatesg to formally secure the nomination, but crus' decisionei to secure the campaign pretty much clears the path. here's what ted cruz and donald trump had to say after the results came in. i've said that i would continued on as long as there was a viabli path to victory. tonight i'm sorry to say. it appears that path has been foreclosed. > i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he is one hell of a competitor. he is a tough, smart guy.
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rockville to gains rich it's atg little bit steadier and harder as we look down toward culpeper and fact questioner:strongernger activity today took down a lot of trees around the spotsylvania area and will be left with cloudy conditions, scattered light showers expect to see a few more tomorrow morning andmon maybe some fog and drizzle atriz the bus stop with temperatures in the 50s to get you started oe your wednesday.nesd more forecast information coming your way as well as the seven day forecast. tony. we return to the district now,o, an innocent person killed durinr the chaotic highjacking of a crowded metro bus.bus. tonight the suspect is in custody and we're learning morer now about how it all played out. marina maracco is life inin northeast with with new detailsi we've learned within the last hour. >>reporter: that's right, tony, police just saying minutes ago 40 year old anthony pain, thehe fatal victim in tonig's
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northwest d.c. 30 year old keith james loving is the suspect. he's from northeast d.c. andd. tonight he's facing second degree murder. people running, hollering.ho it was just chaos. in less than three minutes police say a man singlely high jacketed metro bus u6 and struck and killed a pedestrian. >> that's crazy. cr somebody would lose a life because somebody wanted to actct crazy out here. police would not speculate whether the suspect was intoxicated or influence of drugs as he boarded the bus and stood over the driver.he as soon as the bus made its next stop on kenilworth avenue, thehe suspect attacked the driver.ver. the metro driver pushed theushe emergency button. a driver and passengers jumped off and the suction peck jumped in the driver's seat hopping several curbs and eventually barreling through the crown gas station on minnesota avenue.aven it's here at this
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a bus hit a man those who saidad would help out byç taking trask out to help with local businesses. the next thing i know i see the bus coming through the gas station. kenilworth, 3300 block of burrows. we'll check that location right now in burrows. burrows is sure. we have one person struck by a metro bus. in the commotion and with several crews called to respond dispatch provided several pro different nearby addresses for the the victim lay on the ground fod several minutes before crewsws could assist them as police with guns drawn tried to get the armed suspect out of the bus. he was sitting in the driver's seat and the police telling himm to put his hands up and he he wouldn't put his hands up. so then they surrender the bussu and tell him to put his hands up. i said why not go inside and i drag him out of
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police have reviewed surveillance video from inside that metro bus. but at this point still nostil motive as to what drove that man to highjack today's bus. life tonight in northeast, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > staying in the district can,i police are looking for a killer following a deadly shooting in northwest. it happened along the 4500 block of illinois avenue. officers responding to a callal for begun shots found a man shot several times. he later died at a p who. right now police only have ahave vague description of a suspect. > tonight federal investigators are not mincing any words. metro's poor inspection ofof maintenance practices cricket to a deadly incident at thehe l'enfant plaza metro stationmetr last year. you may recall smoke filled the yellow line tunnel after an electrical pal function on the tracks in june of 2013. one person died and nearly 100r others were hurt. metro's general manager says he is making changes to improve
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safety t but ntsb says the cultures have not changed. the specific hazards that we will consider today were allowlo to develop and persist.sist they did not adequately mitigatt the presence of water in tunneln despite the role water can playr in the type of accident that we'll hear today. change the culture. we have to get the infrastructure correct.astr we have to get the policies correct and get the peopleeop right. that's what i've been doing since day one and i'll continue to do it. the ntsb also had some toughme words for the federal transit administration. he says the transit agency hasan not done a good enough job of overseeing the metro.metr fox5 turns to fairfax county where they're attacking teen overdoses. a town hall was held in fireire facts. this comes after a day of 1717 year
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died of an accidental overdose, alexia springer died in march. officials say she had oxycodonec morphine and a sedative in her system. investigators say she attended a so-called fharm where kids shard prescription drugs and alcohol. a recovering addict who spoke tonight says these parties areat nothing new. people show up and there's drugs available and alcohol availablei and, you know, the parents are either gone or away. sometimes there are parents thae are enabling and allowing all this to happen. the county supervisor says he's working to bring drug counselore back to fairfax county highty h schools. the positions were cut for budget reasons. still to come, imagine having to throw your young children out of a window to safe them from a burning building.bu in fact, a mother had to do thao not once, but three times.ime the incredible rescue caught on camera coming up. com and we're
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breaking news, ted cruz is out. donald trump is one step closerl to the gop nomination. will transit agency still be a contested convention? will the party embrace the controversiale billionaire in we're getting an expert's take coming up next.
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rear ' back now with more on tonight's breaking news, donaldo trump has virtually clenched the gop republican nomination. gop strategist mike lane is here with more on what's next for the party. it's always good to have you here. we appreciate you hanging around. >> thank you.>> > first question, cruz t is ou, cusack says he's going to stay in. is there still a chance of a contested convention. >> no. republican national committee has declared trump the presumptive nominee. he is. he will have 1237 plus by the time we get to cleveland.el even though ted cruz is out. he still has 500 some delegates. what happens to those delegates what do you think he's going to do. >> all delegates are bound o
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if donald trump has 1237 plus on the first ballot he wins.s. if the other delegates are bound, h they're bound to marco rubio, they're bound to john cusack, but the 1237 is was counts. crews' speech tonight like am of his speeches, a thoughtfulhoug speech bowing out and all ofl that and then i watched trumpchd and what i tend to see with trump is just kind of a series of statements. he even seemed tired on what is a hugely important do you think we will see him become as he said he would a about it more presidential as he is now the presumptive nominee.e >> i certainly think so. he has only given two tell he prompter speeches.eche one was last week his foreign policy speech. he doesn't do tell he prompter speeches on a regular basis. i think he hit the right
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which is he complimented tedplim cruz rather than to continue to have continuing arguments him he i think we're going to see hime morph into a more presidentialse candidate at this we have heard a lot of people in the gop tonight still sayay they're not going to supportoi donald what do you think isdo going to happen? is the going to rally around him. even though they say they're in the going to vote for hillaryll clinton, what is going to happen. >> no candidate ever getss 100 percent, but i think there will be enough coalescing aroune donald trump that they'll be able to say the republican party is unified. if he puts together the right coalition he's going to be very competitive in november. cusack, what does he do now? does he stick to it. >> i think he wants to be vice-presidents and so he'll continue to see what he can do to make that happen. number two, for rub
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are so unhappy with trump could there be, for example, someone who i think would win and would draw some democratic votes as well, but i don't think he wants to do, could republicans say let's draft say colin powell anl try to get him to be the nominee, could that happen could something like that happen. >> general powell has been not recently but he was a perennialn candidate for a knowledge look k time. right now i think donald trump is going to have 1237 plus bound delegates on the first ballot. that's going to put him over anr any of the other interesting scenarios just aren't going to happen. we have about 20 seconds left.. if it comes down to it and it looks like it will, donald trumm hillary clinton, do you want to make any early predictions. >> it's going to be very close. it's not going to be a blowout either way. donald trump is a genius.ius. no one thought he'd get anywhere where he is now let's sea where he takes it.t. there may be a second waive and he may catch thanks so
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we appreciate.prec fascinating to watch.g to >> it has been.n. > it's just amazing. let's get the latest on your weather. sue palka has that. speaking of second waves here comes around wave of rain coming on through. not so much thunder with this one. the last thing we need a few more down towers coming through the beltway.e it is approaching coming through places like rockville and keepd in mind that montgomery county so saturated yesterday. estimates of three to four inches of rain south of rockville.rock you've got a little bit more coming. looks like a back edge here. you had a little bit more comere through just a about it ago.ut i down the south, probably the strongest of what's left across southern facultativeulta certificatier. we have a little bit more crossing down toward the dog green region. down to the south we had stronger and severe storms across spotsylvania, even a tornado warning earlier todayari and a lot of reports of treeses down in that what's left tonight is mainly
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moderate rain with even ansans lated rumble of thinner. the clouds are going to be allll over the place tomorrow, some drizzle, some widely scattered showers continue in the forecast. we'll. it looks like there will be a about it more thursday as another area of low pressure low comes through we aren't going to be seeing the temperatures in the 70s because it looks leak we'll have very little sunshinee to speak p up over the next few days. here's what we're thinking with the average temperature trend 72, about 67 tomorrow. the coolest days this week thursday and friday dropping too 62-degrees and then with morewih sunshine we should be able to spike to 74-degrees on saturdayr a chance we won't see a few showers on saturday. here's what's happening tonight, though. that east wind is beginning to g take over. it does lotus up on moisture, clouds drizzle and fog. we may see a little sunshinettle tomorrow but you'll have to be probably in the mountains orntai south and west of charlottesville to see that. don't blame the
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this than would. we've got more clouds tomorrow, drizzle, occasion l al light no thunder. thursday 62-degrees and we'll keep more showers in the forecast. most of the rest of this week is going to feature an upper airera pattern that will have an area of low pressure residing over in the great lakes. it will keep us cool, rounds of showers. bottom line more of the same coming in. some light showers overnight. there could be some drizzle orzz fog at the bus stop for the kids tomorrow morning and then mid 60s during the day. occasional drizzle maybe a few light showers, again, not expecting thunder storms. the cool days woman in thursdaym and friday. the wettest day maybe friday wee can pick up another inch of rain there. nice to see a little sunshinette showing up for the even. there could be a few showers saturday, mother's day looking pretty nice.e. maybe a few isolated showers. i think the timing for the weekend showers would be late saturday into the early part of sunday.
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the pattern should break down by monday. warming up on tuesday to 80-degrees. i'm looking forward to that,to that is for sure. > that's your seven dayt's forecast. over to you. to >> i like that 80.ha > thank you,t sue. after the bad taste of the sweee ofç the lowly phyllis at home there was no place like the roao for the nats. tonight a chance to go five andi 0. we'll take you to the top of the fifth. bryce harper with the braces loaded. grounds into a force out. that ends the in incorporate. he's 0 or 5. only one for his last 236789 wes take you to the sixth, wilsonson ramos has runners on the corners. ramos to deep right field. he falls down as the ballall bounces over the fence. ryan zimmerman scores, game tied up at three. then just two batter's later. over lorenzo cane and off the wall, ramos is going to score to make it 5-3678 it's one
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extra base hits for the nats. not bad at l all. but then bottom the ninth, we take you there and jonathan papp ill one has thrown his secondro safe of the year allowing two runs. it is now tied up as we speak 6 all. the orioles hosting the yankees. two outs. rounder, up to the right side. a diving stop. he tosses lewis receive reno. flarherty is safe at first. it's all fundamental. bottom fifth, does it again deep to left field for a two-run-run shot. that's his eighth of the the orals win it 4 #. the pens will be out defensive tank. he was suspended one game for the hit to the head to johan sen. his absence will be a huge losse for the home team. it has been a heavy hitting
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that changing if his team is too be successful. the hard hitting game, it's a fast game and unfortunately that ends up in a a little bit of head contact. when we're hitting and when we're forechecking we're playiny fast. look at the stats i think we had 58 hits for the 236789 when the capitols are playing that way that's our best hockey. they can head over to verizon. the doors open at 7, the game starts at 8:00.0. here's what i like about you. >> what's that. i can't tell if a team has won or lost until you get to the end of the story. >> i got to get you into it. > i've always said it's a surprise. thank you, jim. jim you're welcome. > coming up tonight, the incredible rescue of a mother and her young children from a burning billing. stick around.
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> you got to look at this,ot caught on t camera, us air men helped rescue
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from a burning building in south korea. take a look at this video, a mother and her three young children were trapped on the fourth floor. nearby air men helped to rush to the scene. they stood blow with rescue blankets and convinced her to start dropping her children, including a seven month old out of the window. do we see it? here it comes. wow. all three children and thend mother ended up going out the window. amazingly the air men -- well, they know what they're doing. they caught them all safely. nobody was seriously injured. isn't that crazy to see? i mean, it's like the hearteart dropping moment.dr imagine having to make that choice, okay, i got to throw myw child out the window. you got to trust the people one the ground.nd > absolutely. that is terrifying.terr that is insanity. it is.s. let's talk about a happy reunion right now in the district. lour renne a certify vino went a into labor two c
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her contractions were coming so fast, she couldn't make it to the she called help. d.c. firefighters arrived theyhy helped to deliver her baby. earlier today she dropped by engine company number four on sherman avenue northwest to thank the i've been on the georgeon washington for less than a year now, soç this is my firstst delivery in the field of a baby. everybody of everything went very smoothly and pretty easily actually. i think anybody can do it. he thinks anybody can do it. is that right? a little l babyl boy, david christopher. mom and baby are doing justt great. it will be a special mother's day for her. how gorgeous. that does it for us, stay tuned tmz is coming up next. we'll see you tomorrow night at 6, 10 and 11.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so let's talk about the stupidity of fashion. kylie jenner looked great until she started bleeding from this dress she wore last night at the met gala. >> the point of the met gala is to wear something so crazy that you bleed. that's kind of the point of the whole thing. >> yeah, it is. >> what a stupid point, dude. [laughter] >> kate upton is officially off the market. she showed up at the met gala wearing a humongous engagement ring. >> she's engaged to her boyfriend. >> justin verlander. >> guy has $150 million. >> every girl wants some security and every guy wants a girl with big boobs. >> no, they don't. they all make money. they're fine. she's not with him for the money. >> she's with him for the money! >> probably the biggest young hollywood party ever after the met gala. beyonce, bradley cooper, justin


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