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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> thank you for joininging us i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin, it's the fourth, may the force be with you. >> 270 southbound serious crash closing 270, 109, traffic die verdict we hope to have to opened in the next 15 minutes they say. >> she is busy, gary is busy because it's rainy, gloomy and nasty. >> i'm afraid people will through stuff at me when i'm out and about. the weekend forecast is coming up, guys. >> thanks, gary. >> ted cruz is out clearing the way for donald trump to be nominee for president. >> cruz announced he is dropping bid after losing to trump
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before last night cruz vowed to stay in the primary until june. and it was time to go. after cruz suspect suspended his campaign trump addressed his supporters. >> i have to tell you have i have met some of the most incredible competitors that i have competed against right here on the republican party. trump still has 200 delegates left before lynching the nomination and despite his massive lead john kasich vowed to stay in the race. >> bernie sanders walked away the winner of indiana primary and his camp has a path to victory and nobody should cut him out the next is may 10. and the race for the whitehouse and updates in campaign 2016 download the "fox5" mobile sglap and also this morning we now know the name of a man
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hijacked a metro bus northeast and the victim killed. >> 30-year-old keith loving is charged with second degree murder in death of 40-year-old anthony pain along many helen boroughs avenue and he attacked the driver of the metro bus before jumping behind the wheel and driveing a bus through a gas station parking lot where he struck and called pain. >> incident races concerns of the safety of metro bus drivers. assaults on drivers are down compared to the same time looingt year. >> union representing drivers says more needs to be zone to keep them safe. melanie alnwick is live in northeast with more, mel. . >> good morning, yeah, metro bus drivers say they deserve to be safe at work and passengers deserve a safe ride as well. after yesterday's hijacking which ended up right here at the dumpster here where the passenger was struck they say it's another scary example of safety issues and concerns. here's a little bit of a look of what they have to deal with on a daily
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>> and now what you're looking at is cellphone video uploaded to youtube of other assaults on drivers from 2014 and 20 15 and the union says it's become such a problem that they met a few weeks ago to talk about the transit assault and keep workers safe and they began a transit lives matter campaign and they installed safety shield on 300 buses and expects to continue that so by the end of the year there would be these safety shields on maybe 30% of the bus. and the union wants more saying "the list of incidents of metro workers being spat on, slapped, stabbed, tased or shot, continues to grow longer every week and will only grow longer in warm weather if metro continues to ineffectively address this issue" last night metro looked at staltics and said assaults are down 30% from this time last
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but again metro driver's union says let's wait and see how the full year plays out and concern about the summer months. we'll have to check on that on one. by the way they say what they want is more police presence for bus drivers and also for metro station managers as well. back to you guys. all right. 4:34 the time national transportation safety board blasting metro. they released findingsen the deadly smoke incident at the la plaza station. and the ntsp issued 33 recommendations for metro♪ all right. we've already it was gloomy and nasty and rainy outside. >> yes. >> too moist for me. >> ugh. >> and the moistness. >> oh, please. >> will continue throughout, too. i'm discourad wh
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this morning because i see no clear path to sunshine okay for the next several days and i'm hoping we get a little around here. maybe sdpa, hopefully on american's day. okay? that doesn't sound optimistic, does it? 56 in town. we're stuck in the 50s. we'll warm up a little bit. really we'll warm only into the lower 60s. and showers we had overnight since moved northeast. there is a little drizzle in place out there this morning. really i believe that's the trend today. just clouds, a lot of drizzle from time to time. maybe a shower or two passing through. we'll go 65 degrees. we're stuck in this pattern and it looks like we'll be stuck in the pattern for a long while. it does not make for a good morning commute. here's erin cuomo with a look at roads this morning. is this wednesday, already, erin? >> we made it to hump day, 4:35. breaking news crash activity had sh d
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can see traffic no longer diverted to 109 and continue on 270 south and some residual delays and heavier than this time of morning and crash involving a karif fordier and limo bus. we'll let you know when things go get back to normal. aside of that location we're also seeing other crashes you need to be acquire of this morning. fire activity in prince willia william. sutly road closed both directions and fredericksburg another crash scene now we're tracking 3 east near nine mile run. caution there. watch for wet roads. let's us know what you're seeing reach out to me @erinfoxdc with any questions at well. wisdom. >> let's talk hockey. pittsburgh penguin player suspended for his actions on the ice moon. chris la tank is out for tonight's came for his interference on caps forward marcus johansson. tonight is game four in the stanley cup semi-finals. >> the
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modern gay rights movement will receive a federal designation. >> and the bike program expan expanding to a key part of prince george county. >> i'm holly morris tracking other stories trending this wednesday morning including some of rock and roll's greatest all said to perform on the same stage. details next. >> "fox5 news morning" will be right back. caress presents the world's ♪ first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. caress love forever. ii can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients.ter. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger.
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>> back at 4:39 officials tacata are expected to recall 5 million detective and dangerous air bag inflators today. they can explode with too much force and spu shrapnel to passengers and drivers. it is the largest car recall in history. >> the national trust for historic preservation made an announcement that the historically black university located in baltimore was finded in 1867. >> he will designate stonewall in, new york city, first national monument gay rights. the tavern in greenwichville yaj was the start of the gay rights movement. good morning everybody i'm holly morris with a look at stories you're engaging with the most online already this morning. first up entire canadian neighborhood up in flames
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to evacuate from for the mcmurray in alberta and the chaos causing gridlock on the highways and witnesses say it began after a gas station exploded, fire crews are still working to put out the flames. next, frozen fans can't let it go. it is for a good cause. give elsa a girlfriend is tren trending to petition a female love interest in the film sequel. so far disney has not commente commented. >> finally how about hold time rock and roll. six of rock's biggest artists set to perform at the same fist val rolling stone, paul mccartney, bob dillon, neal young, roger waters during a three night concert in california it's dubbed old cella and tickets go on sale monday. >> who is all over that. >> steve and
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>> absolutely. >> they're asking for the time off now. >> cute name. >> thanks, holly. >> coming up, one of the largest spring festivals continues to be a huge draw for capital region does it may not look look spring at all prepare for a gray, wet, soggy day. sorry folks, we'll be right back ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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>> 4:44 is the time. ted you's no longer con it it happeneder after losing indiana primary dwroy donald trump. his announcement came as a surprise to many. even in the final hours of the state in the hosier state he insisted he would stay in the race until june 7. with cruz out it looks like trump is the nominee. >> a boy she $10 richer after finding a security fault in
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he could delete other people's comments off photos when he input -- help he pe out here. >> when he put in the code. it's too early for big words. >> which is why you got paid for doing that. he's a genius. >> in the rain. >> not impressive week. >> i'm not trying any more. i give up. > just give it to them. do what you got to do. >> i am. i knew this is stupid but i knew it -- with all that great warm we had we would pay for. it i knew that. >> what goes up must come down. >> that's exactly right. we're back stuck in it again. lower 60s. the last couple days we had sunshine. obviously. and trying to poke through. and the next today, tomorrow, next day, no. no sunshine. temperatures will be stuck in the 6 0s. reagan national 56 now. dulles 55.
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bwi marshall 54 and here's your weekend forecast. i'm leaving rain in for saturday. even though i don't want to. temperatures will be pretty chilly out there. mother's day. and i'm crossing my fingers for all the mothers out there we can finally dry things out a little bit and get some sunshine back in the forecast without having thunderstorms okay so here's the deal. future cast shows it's trying to show a couple showers out there. look i think that's the trend where there may be a passing shower here or there. and more significantly we're clouds, drizzle, stuck in pretty much for the next several days. and a few showers possible this evening, too. i believe to be perfectly honest with you it's virtually impossible in this setup for model are or any type of mode modeling to figure out where the passing showers are going to be. so with that in mind it is kind of broad brush the thing and say we'll have clouds and drizzle and they'll be a chance really for the
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for a few showers coming through. and tomorrow morning, clouds and drizzle again. as we start getting into thursday and friday. upper level storm system will have a little bit greater influence on us. i do believe the time we get to thursday evening, thursday overnight and friday morning a better chance of rain concentrate around the region and some of that could bring us decent rain, too. mostly on friday. and then lingering into saturday. again hopefully by sunday things will begin to change a little bit. rain passed us by. there's again the potential with the clouds and drizzle. 1st and foremost in the forecast today, 65 degrees. a few showers possible. winds ouvts northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. 7 day forecast, quickly if my button -- there we go. we're stuck in the 6 0s next couple days 72 saturday, 75 mother's day erin you're on twitter righting. >> yes. >> i'm on twitter too gary fox d.c.. >> what music do you suggest for the rainy
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>> i'm not good at picking music for anything. >> then we need somebody else. >> what's your break facting. >> yogurt and granola. >> that's not exciting. fire activity now. sutly road closed both directions, it's a rainy day, bacon, egg, cheese, and caution in this area. fredericksburg we have active crash activity now. 3 east near 9 mile run dealing with lane closure because of crash scene. caution there. 270 southbound in hyattsville all lanes were previously blocked 109 for a large crash. that crash does clear out in hyattsville on 270 south and residual delays and things moving from 109 to 121 as we take a look at virginia commute right now we're all in the green for 95 from stafford to springfield ipt change 66 inbound and 267. i'll let you know when that changes and we want to hear from you on twitter@erin fox d.c. let's me now how your commute is shaping
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back to you. >> 4:48 the time relief for commuters this morning as the mark brunswick line follows after derailment of freight train in northeast. annie yu is liver with an update. >> good morning to you mature each, wisdom, that's right we got the word last night from mark that service should be restored and run normally starting today. i have to tell you this morning, if you look behind me here. there's cruz working here this morning and we have an overhead shot as well of the crews and exactly where this disruption occurred. they're doing final touches this morning and we heard dril drilling going on. and workers doing something with what looked like a pick axe but it does look like they're almost done and we're told service will be restored today. meantime there is surveillance video of the derailment from sunday we can show you and it happened early sunday dozen cars veered off the tracks near rhode island metro station and slammed and piled on top of each
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north carolina from cumberland and no injuries. that's the good news. it left 750 gallons of hazardous chemical called sodium hydroxide on the tracks which forced disruptions and cues were working for days now working repairs on ruptured gas line as well as removing those tracks and those cars and then rebuilding and removing that as well. so, crews working hard to get this restored and we understand mark brunswick line will be operating as normal today and moving forward we don't know the cause of this what caused this derailment and congress woman eleanor holmes norton expected to meet with the transit administration or railroad administration excuse me to talk about the derailment and come up with regulations when they're transporting hazardous chemicals through the districts. a big concern she's expected to address today. back to you in the studio. >> all right. annie. thank you for that update
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teachers in detroit will head back to class after a sickout. dozens of schools closed. it's ad with assurance by michigan law makers to provide 500 million to restructure city public schools by creating a new district. teeners say they are not happy with the plan. >> if you think the lines are long at the airport you should know you soon could be waiting long areaen that's all thanks to tsa shortage i new study found they reduced air force over the last 10% and the change is while the american airlines was booming. 1,000 passengers missed their flight to chicago o'hare in march because of long tsa lines. >> it's a tsa precheck now and that helps a lot a friend of mine took a picture of the line in new york and he said the tsa precheck line was longer than the regular line. >> precheck might not be the best option either as you heard officials laid off 5,000 tsa
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passengers would register and 9 million people showed up. and long lines are not keeping tour friingt traveling to d.c.. city set a new tourism record last year. more than 19 people visited the nation's capital nearly a million more visitors than 2 2014. one of the big events that attracts people is the cherry months only festival held each drink and city tourism says visitors spent more than 7 billion a 4% jump from the previous year. >> nightmare stories of nurses giving drugs to the wrong patients and surgeones removing wrong body parts dominated headlines about medical care and alarming research shows that those cases are not as rare as previously thought. according to a new study medical errors in hospital and other healthcare facilities are now the third leading cause of death in the united states claiming over 200,000 lives every year. heart disease and cancer are the only two
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causes. >> another alarming health headline cdc reveals nearly one third of antibiotics in united states are not appropriate for the conditions treated. cdc says misuse of this drugs fueled rise of antibiotic resistant material which affects 2 million americans and kills 23,000 people every year. most misused were in the treatment of short-term respiratory conditions such as colds, sinuses and ear infections. >> a new report from and it could knock down economic growth in china and middle east by 2050 and this report found water or lack there of can damage xheez in multiple ways by cutting down business efficient icy s and harming sit accepts and purr spurring is natural disasters. >> john san and son john
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insists its prod rukt safe to use despite a ruling against the company this week. health and beauty giant is appealing a $55 million award a jury gave to a woman that climbed the powder led to her ovarian cancer on top of $72 million ruling earlier this year to a family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer. johnson and johnson has not paid any money in any case. there is a link between tall come powder and ovarian cancer. police officers are honoring fallen heroes during the annual fallen heroes memorial service. noah lee ota will be honored and his inscription will be unveiled at this service. lee ota was killed while conducting a routine traffic stop. also happening today in montgomery county university of maryland and city of college park celebrating launch of a bike sharing program and the program provides more than 120 bikes throughout the campus and
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city >> clouds, drizzle, fog, that's really the trends over the next several days. here's where we are with the bus stop forecast for the kids. watch out. visibilities in some cases reduced. it's not a widespread issue i'm watching to see how low it goe goes. cloud drizzle is the trend. a few passing showers as well. after school generally cloudy. there will be a few drizzly spots and showery spots too temperatures making it up to lower to mid 60s. here are visibilities now again keeping an eye on it it seems problems are west i 81 call pepper up to 2 1/2 miles and couple low spots this morning you might find a little problem with reduced visibility, fog if you will. 56 in town. 54 gaithersburg. winds out of northeast that keeps us locked in with chilly temperatures. actually the next several days. here's erin cuomo with a look at wednesday,
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>> well, 4:55 now and rain moving in and another rough morning commute. right now there's fire activity in prince william. sutly road remains closed and stephanie drive. caution as you head out through that neighborhood this morning. crash activity in fredericksburg, virginia as well and three east near nine mile run use caution and there's crash activity at that location. taking a look in mar nar in montgomery country this is not hyattstown -- this is in hyattstown 270 southbound temporarily completely shut down for the morning ride this morning and it has reopened 270 south and traffic getting by and there's a residual slow down. things getting back to normal 355 as well and traffic moving better than we were seeing 15 minutes ago and as for maryland commute on majors, 95 south looking good 200 to 495 and problem free 270 south, 121 to spur and 50 west and great news if you head in from annapolis. yo
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down yet. things are moving fine on 50 pass kenilworth. i'll let you know if and when that changes same story in vir vr the commute. all majors inbound through mannasas, centerville, false church and 257 at speed. metro gearing up in the next few minutes and they're on time writing now or close to schedule and as annie told you brunswick line things getting back to normal this morning. i'll let you know if and when that changes sweet me with your questions of the commute @erinfoxdc. >> and two men held up a misdemeanor restaurant. >> president obama traveling to see a little girl's letter that went viral. back after this
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>> with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the lon long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> and then there were two. looking at the numbers we can probably begin referring to


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