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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the lon long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> and then there were two. looking at the numbers we can probably begin referring to
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donald trump as presumetive republican nominee. >> and one day after a bus was hijacked it's work on a plan to keep drivers and you safe. >> good morning welcome to "fox 5 news morning" i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. thank you for joining thus wet wednesday morning. erin i know the roads have got to be problems. >> 270 southbound reopened 109 after big crash and metro online that's good news and we're starting to see volume increasing and got you covered this wednesday commute. >> and so, exactly when is the rain going to stop gary? >> i'm not sure i have an answer for that question. you know it's always tomorrow. the next day, next day. we're stuck in it for the next several days and hoping this cycle breaks for the weekend. details, full forecast whether you want it or not all coming up. >> in the news ted cruz is out of the presidential race. he said last night he is dropping his bid after losing to donald trump in the indiana primary. >> before last night cruz vowed to stay in the primary until june and delegate count
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clear to cruz camp it was time to go. after cruz suspended campaign donald trump addressed suppor supporters. >> i have to tell you i have met some of the most incredible competitors that i have ever competed against right here on the republican party. >> trump still has 200 delegates left before he clinching nomination and despite his lead john kasich vowed to stay in the race. >> bernie sanders walked away the winner of the indiana primary and sanders says his camp has a path to victory and no one should count him outch the next primary is in west virginia on may 10 and dpopt forget for 24 hour cover ramming of the race for the whitehouse and latest updates in campaign 2016 download the "fox5" mobile app. in the district we know identities of the suspect and victim in yesterday's frighte frightening met pro bus hijacking. >> 30-year-old keith loving of north east is charged with second degree mur
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pain of northwest and police say loving boarded bus, then attacked the driver before taking control of the wheel and driving the bus through a graetion parking lot where pain was hit and killed. >> the incident is raising concerns about the safety of metro bus drivers. >> while the transit agency says attacks against drivers is down from this time last year the union representing bus drivers does not factor in assault on other metro employees. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live in northeast with more, mel. >> reporter: well, good morning, yes, metro says it's work on a plan to keep drivers safe. already it has installed more than 300 safety shields in buses and the plan is to continue to install those throughout the year. but the union says it want more police presence not just shields for drivers. also, drivers say this hijacking yesterday just an example of what they have to deal with on a daily basis. take a
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now this is cellphone video uploaded to youtube of other assaults on drivers from 2014 and 2015 and drivers long xlaivrnd they have to endure everything from being spat on, slapped, stabbed even tased it's become such a problem metro union members and management met a few weeks ago to talk about transit assaults and how to keep workers safe. here's a breakdown of the number after salts according to metro. last year metro says 85 bus operators were assaulted and look agent this year so far this year, 16 driver assaults compared to 23 this time last year and according to mets row's numbers assaults are down 30% from year to year. and again the union says that's just looking at bus drivers not station managers and other transit employees as well. also, union believes those numbers will go up as the summer months are coming upon us. and certainly they're looking for more
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have started a transit lives matter campaign. live in northeast i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:04 now d.c. police are serving for three men that robbed a misdemeanor. take a look at video. police say they drove up to the misdemeanor, hopped out of the car with guns and attacked mcdonald's employee and jumped through the drive through window robbing the place. if you have any information you're asked to call police. >> well, you know, listen, it's not very nice weather-wise. lots of clouds. drizzle, too. there may be a few showers from time to time. let's look at temperatures this morning. today will be cooler than what we have been the last several days around here. we were obviously in the 70s on monday with severe thunderstorms. yesterday we managed up into the 60 s and low 7 0s. today looks like we're stuck in the lower 60s. starting off this morning in the 50s. a few spots right at 50. most o
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most of us are lower to mid 50s. we're 56 here inside the beltway. and we'll show you rain on and off last night and early this morning it's moving off to the north aaron northeast. right now i really just see clouds and drizzly conditions out there. it's making for a still a little bit ever a wet morning commute and erin sedin stayed of walking into the studio she'll be with that in a secon second. through the day parts you get the drift here. clouds, drizzle, temperatures only lower to mid 6 0s. 65 for a high today. that might be optimistic we may be 63 for a high before it's all said and done and i believe there's going to be a chance of showers. it won't be heavy or anything like that just passing through especially late this afternoon. speaking of traffic. it's wednesday morning. erin is in with that and it's already a busy morning commute. . >> that's rights, 5:06 we're tracking issues. fire activity has sutly road shut
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stephanie drive. caution as you may make your way in that location. fredericksburg a crash in virginia right now. this could slow you down on three east near nine mile run. caution as you head out in that area. however fredericksburg 95 northbound look going right now and once you get to stafford things are quiet, 610 to 630 and let's get ought of the way and show you green. i'm fearful things turn yellow and red pretty soon gary with all of the rain coming in and drizzle and slickness to the morning commute. roadwork right now in the outer loop new hampshire avenue to university boulevard. let's hop outside for a live look at that and show you a camera of the outer loop now despite the work zone you can see volume is light. we're not hitting any major slow zonesyet because of congestion by coalsdale road you see heavier than this time this morning. metro is on time and i'll let you know if that changes grab umbrella and patience got you covered this rainy, drizzly, wednesday morning ride, holly. >> a
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by a transgender teen over the bathroom policy is asking federal appeals court to rehear the case after the court's ruling a transgender teen must be allowed to use the boy's restroom at the school and gloucester county school board argues decision impearls privacy right of all students. >> washington capitols celebrating playoff run early at georgetown university hospital. new mom little ones will get a capitol 1 cap and the mascot will give out that gift. we give a shout out to d.c. owner and chef silverman. he won aaward. he owns rose's luxury try to get a reservation there, not. you have to show up right something oh, man it's a hot place no the less in southeast he boat beat out arlington peter chance chang and four other chefs from philadelphia and baltimore. silverman won for his restaurant.
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luxury best restaurant in the entire country in 2014. >> coming up on "fox" news morning handwritten lyrics from a small band from liverpool england goes up for auction. >> and president obama traveling more that 500 miles to meet an 8-year-old girl whose letter went viral. >> let's take a live look outside on this wednesday morning. 56 degrees right now. you know what? it's yucky outside that's the official term. no the less we'll get through it together. stay with us you're watching "fox 5 news morning" sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> closing arguments continu continuing today in the trial of alleged serial killer franklin jr. in california known as grim is sleeper and he's charged with murdering 9 women and teenage girl over a period of two decades. franklin pleaded not guilty to the charges against him and prosecutors say dna and firearm evidence linked him to the crime. and they're seeking the death penalty. >> navy by dr. seal remembered as a hero this morning after dying in combat against isis in northern iraq earlier this wee week.
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was an add vice or. he's third american combat casualty since we deployed forces to iraq in 2014. u.s. responded the attack that killed keiting with f 15s and drones which dropped more than 20 bombs. president obama will make a end up in flint michigan this morning after 8-year-old wrote to him asking for moment of his time. president will visit a food bank, take part in round table discussion of crisis and take a peek at more than a thousand and people during his trip. president obama, and residents hope he will visit -- his visit will shine light on the nightmare they've been living with two two years. this is his first visit to flint since water crisis began. >> 3-run ninth inning in kansas city brought the nationals down. tan error lasted into the
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inning and was relieved. eric housener grouped to fielders choose to make it 6-4. he got through the rest of the upping and turned to to johnthon papelbon who served up back-to-back singles to start the night. after omar and fonte struck out there was a pinch hit and single to the left side to knot the game at 6-6. >> remind me where papelbon was in the picture. >> when i find out i'll let you know. it doesn't add up. >> a new study suggesting one minor change. it could actually help you get more sleep and doesn't involve prescriptions or pills. "fox5 news morning" back after this
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the whitehouse small they are morning. ted cruz bowing out of presidential bid after losing indiana primary to donald trum trump. his announcement dime many because in the final hours ever the race in hosier state he insist head would stay in the race until june 7 and democratic side bernie sanders clinched win in indiana and november election will be between trump and clinton more than likely. >> so do you have a few extra thousand and bucks to spare do you come see us. no, if so you could be proud new owner of handwritten lyrics by john lennon they're among hundreds of items up for auction this month. they're expected to fetch 3 to 5,000 and lady gaga first piano is up for auction. you need space for that gary if you bid on the piano. >> i have just the spot. in the solar yum. right. hey. that's where you put that things right. >> one word
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would hear this morning, solarium. >> and maureen likes the word moist and moisture we're dealing with this morning and we'll be dealing with it again we're stuck in this pattern and clouds will stay with us. we'll have basically drizzle around here for the next several days. i deposit mean to talk about fire activity. i can do that if we need to. i would much rather talk about the weather. this morning we have clouds in place and showers out there and we have some drizzle too. temperatures out there i'll read them there we go 56 for d.c., 54 gainersburg and 53 baltimore. notice temperatures all around the region this morning stuck in the 50s. winchester here's a cool spot out there this morning. you're cool anyway but 50 degrees actually cool temperatures. pittsburgh 52. columbus is 45. binghamton is 45. here's the deal today. area of low pressure south of us and i think the heaviest and most prominent rain showers stay to the south ever us clou
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shower possible and this we'll get locked in with an upper level area of low pressure and then we'll very reflection of the service and really what it means for us is the clouds and showers and drizzle, this chilly pattern is going to stay locked into place really until friday. maybe lengthiering into saturday. i'm going to leave some showers in on saturday i think that's that's possibility of the high tomorrow turz with a little sunshine, 2. right now mother's day, hey, hey, looks, dry, 75. and here's the setup right now. we're just kind of in this business area of low un-- low pressure which is unsettled for us and again that's the trend for the next several days. and here's the 7 day forecast. oh, erin i have a question from twitter this morning. from maryland fire fly i think what is was@maryland fire fly why is it so awful here and we're stuck in this bad mastery parent. i can get all meterological but i'll stick with that. >> somebody who suffer from terrible allegeer jury and gets allergy shots
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felt so much better because of the rain. that's the silver lining. >> it helped. there were record high levels of pollen and nastyness out there. >> right so that's the only silver lining for me for the rain. as far as travel times right now if you head to the airport this morning things on the way to bwi looking good on bw parkway and 95 northbound problem free 395 now as you make your way beltway to the 14 street bridge and things on way to reagan national looking good. if you head out to dulles traffic is quiet on 267. no problem there. 66 looking good. and on the inbound side from mannasas all the way through centerville. all let he know if and when that changes and we however have fire activity in prince william we're tracking. sutly road is being diverted captainer rain and lawn veil drive. something to keep in mind as you head out to that location in fredericksburg. this crash scene we're tracking is in place, 3 east near nine mile run blocking the shoulder and traffic 95 northbound moving alonlo
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fredericksburg to stafford this morning. metro on time and i'll let you know with whether a rainy commute starts to slow us down. back to you. >> 5:19 let's look at stories you're engaging with the most on social media. with realtime news tracker. >> italy highest court ruled that stealing small amounts food to stave off hunger is not a crime. and the judges say rights of survival prevails over property of extreme hunger and mall nourishment and told citizens in a civilizeed country not even the worst of men should start. >> and next frozen fans cannot let it go. but this time it is for a good cause. the #give elsa a girlfriend is trending to give disney lead interest a female love interest in the sequel. so far disney has not commentd and finally house this for a solution to homehomeness. a church in hawaii aplanning on putting up about a dozen of these little igloos
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solution until more affordable housing is available. it is ideal for oahu high temperatures and easy toe transport place to place. >> 5:20 now coming up on "fox" news morning a man arrested of contaminating food at several grocery stores. >> who done it. that has baffled fbi for decade and agents may be close to figure uing out who committed biggest art fest in u.s. history. >> and a live look outside it's wednesday. and it's raining. yet again. not sure there will be relief any time soon. gary will give us an update when we come back. stay with us, 5:20 is the time. bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> prince jorming county police need your help finding a suspected peeping toppling. look at this surveillance video you see a man peeking into a
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march. if you recognize him call police. he's facing charges for trespassing and being a peeping tom. >> a police officer in trouble accused of abusing a child is stemmed from incident that upper marboro home back in december. >> officer francesco mar let was watching girlfriend's 3-year-old while making din erin at some point he allegedly hit the child causing the child to fall unconscious. he has been suspended without pay pending outcome of the trial. >> drum roll please. google has announced its next self driving car will be a mini van. the company plans to begin outfitting 100 chrysler pacifi pacifica hybrids with own auto muss driving software and it's larger than self driving car google has become known for it will allow for features like hands free sliding doors. and google hopes to have the vehicles on the roads for test drive by the end of this year.
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police arrested a man suspected of contaminating food at several anne arbor grocery stores. it was a combination of mice poison. hand cleaner an water on on food bars three locations over the last two weeks. according to the fbi the suspect was taken into custody. yesterday following tips from public the fbi is working to determine if any here stores in the anne arbor area were targeted. >> and it's a who done it that baffled fbi for more than a decade and who is responsible. in 1990 thieves broke into boston isabella stewart gardner museum and stole 13 valuable pieces of art worth half a billion dollars and also took museum security tapes. fbi agents are now searching suspected mobster's house in connecticut belonging to 79-year-old robert gentil and agents have questioned him. >> he laughed and stated that
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nuttin, nuttin. >> and the art has never been found including works by recommend brants and mow say. that's amazing i love. it tell me more. >> i like it. i like it i don't like the weather. >> we don't like the weather one bit. >> you know what i'll shoulder the plame on this one. >> we know it's not your fault it's a bad message you have to bring us every day. >> why. >> 52 to 5. >> every single day. >> easy maureen. >> every blasted day. >> 60 to 65. kid owes out there this morning not that great. i don't see any substantial rain coming our way. visibilities are beginning to comp a little in spots. but lower in other spots. mar tipsburg quarter mile and hagerstown a half mile. temperatures in the mid 50s. martinsburg sitting at middle 50s this this morning as well. cloudy, drizzly. look there could be a shower or
5:26 am
two andbation lick we're stuck in this yuck. winds northeast 5 to 10 keeping temperatures in the 50s 60s. here's erin cuomo wednesday morning she has the commute. >> 5:26 now we'll start with you a look outside. traffic is picking up on 270 southbound. watch for slick spots from light rain coming down. and the left joan rain from last few days. southbound side volume increasing as you head past clarksburg this morning and headed to the spur. i would give yourself a few extra minutes there. a look at maps. let's see what we're up against this morning. like what i'm seeing so far as our majors are concerned. traffic on way to bwi looking good on bw parkway 95 northbound and 95 south icc to beltway quiet and traffic on way to reagan national good and problem free on the way to dulles and i'll let you know if that changes. 66 eastbound from mannasas through cents areville this morning and 95 dale city problem free. a closer look over prince william we're dealing with
5:27 am
sutly road right now stephanie drive. traffic diverted can't bury plain and long dale drive. make sure you're prepared to detour that location. as we head south to frederick fredericksburg this morning crash activity i in place 3 east near nine mill run. things looking good on metro. i'll let you know if that changes, maureen. >> coming up on "fox" news morning indiana vortz throwing a wrenches in hillary clinton's plans. >> culture of inefficiency. that is the main cause of problems on mets row transit. >> and taking a live look over the d.c. region we're in for gray, wet, overcast day. so the weather is bad. maybe the music will perk you up, get up, get up, get up, it's 5:27 fox news back after this
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>> from the beginning, i said that i would continue on as long as theres with a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say, it apub that path is foreclosed he's essentially making donald trump presumetive gof nominee and we have that and more straight ahead on "fox5 news morning"
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>> good morning to you and welcome to "fox5 news morning" i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, may 4. and i'm erin cuomo with the rain that's been hitting the area all week i'm worried about another rough xlut however now i'll say roads are quieter than monday and tuesday and keeping fingers crossed gary i don't want to blame you for another up rise. >> it's not that bad. drizzle. cloudy. we stay that way. and we stay that way for the next few days. brighter weekends ahead. keeping my fingers crossed guys. >> i have everything crossed, toes, fingers, everything. >> 5:31 he is out ted cruz ended presidential bid. he lost the prime heirty to trump. >> with cruz out trump is presumetive nominee. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders walked away from indiana primary winner and his camp has a path to victory and no one should
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the next is west virginia may 10. don't forget 24 hour cover ramming of race for white house and latest updates in campaign 2016 all you need to do is download the "fox5" mobile app. >> also this morning we now know the name of mana us coulded of hijacking metro bus in northeast and name of victi victim. >> 30-year-old keith loving is charged with second degree murder in death of 40-year-old anthony pain. love ago tacked the drive, jumped behind the wheel and drove the bus through a gas station parking lot and that's where he struck and killed pain. >> the incident raising renewed concerns about safety of metro bus drivers. >> drivers long complained about what they endure on routes and metro says safety is a priority and un yoon presidentialing drivers say more needs to be done. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live in northeast with the details, mel. . >> good morning and metro says it's working on a plan to keep drivers safe that includes installing more than 300 shields in buses for those drivers. and well
5:33 am
continue installing those shields throughout this year and drivers say they would like more police protection. here is just a small look at what drivers say they go through on a daily basis. >>. >> what you're looking at is cellphone video uploaded of drivers 2014 and 15 bus drivers long xlaichbd they have to deal we everything from being spat on, slapped, tased and it's become such a problem metro union members and management met a few weeks ago to talk about transit assaults and how to keep workers safe. we did ask metro about the rate of assaults on drivers. here's the break down of assaults that they gave us yesterday. saying last year 85 bus operators were asoughted and so far this year 16 driver assaults compared to 23 this time last
5:34 am
to metro numbers assaults are down 30% year to year. and now the union says that's only looking at bus operators and if you factor in a station employee and other transit workers as a whole numbers are higher than that and union believes that as summer months come on as we get to a full year those numbers are going to go up as well again. they're asking for more police protection, too, also they started transit lives matter campaign. live in northeast i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:34 is the time and ntsb given metro 33 recommendations to improve safety and they came out they all came out of the find fringz last year's deadly smoke incident la front plaza ntsb says metro didn't follow own operating procedures and poor inspection and maintenance lead to the incident. >> pittsburgh penguin player us is spened for his actions, chris la tank is out for tonight's game
5:35 am
interference on mark is johann san. it cautioned injury write to his upper body. tonight is game four in stanley cup semi-finals. >> hey listen temperatures out there this morning cooler than where we have been the last couple mornings. not cold by any means. 50s in city. 56. winchester 52. fret ricksburg 58. leonardtown 52. we'll warm up a little bit. we won't warm up a lot today. we'll be socked in with clouds. drizzle from time to time. a passing shower certainly is possible. i mean it's not probable. chances are not as great yesterday or monday but we have that in the forecast all right. it should not be too terribly wet other ran in drizzle and damp conditions. wind today will be out of north east at 5 to 10 miles an hour. that's forecast. i'll have details in the extended forecast coming up in a bit. i would tell you it's a little tease if you like today you'll like the next several days and
5:36 am
right now let's check with erin cuomo and see what's going on with traffic. >> 5:35 now i double checked metro they're on time. if you head to the airport as you can see i like what i'm seeing with all this green on the map. traffic quiet own way to bwi, reagan national and dulles. no issues there. 35 cruzing beltway to 14 street bridge and problem free on the beltway inner loop. let's take a live look outside and show you how 50 is shaping up if you head in from annapolis. just outside the beltway volume increasing and nothing terribly slowing us down yet. same storied in the bement way as you make your way towards 2 295. 25 southbound much better toda today. yesterday by eastern avenue we had flooding issues and today things are getting back to normal and again 50 flowing freely. i'll let you know if and when that changes that is your traffic back to you wisdom. >> coming up it's back to school for thousands of teachers in motor city after a two day walkout. >> forget sleeping pills a new suggestion changing
5:37 am
thing there's a new suggestion changing this one thing to get a better night's sleep. >> all right. "fox5 news morning" is back after
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thank you so much. did you say honey?
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ry some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning i'm maureen umeh back with health watch. first up startling study regarding the care you may receive from your doctor.
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medical errors should be considered third cause of leading death in the u.s.. more than 250,000 americans die each year from medical errors ranking behind heart disease and cancer. speaking of medical care a new study by centers for disease control find nearly one third of anti buy otics prescribed are not appropriate for the conditions they're supposed to treat. nerd many times precipitations are not necessary. experts say this have a factor in rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria. >> trouble catching shut eye. sleeping pills may not be the answer. instead experts say cognitive behavioral therapy is best to reboot sleep pattern and believe therapycy is good we for people to tackle insomnia ditch pills and mind-set. >> or change schedule whichever works better. and close eyes. >> exactly. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" more business deals between
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conditions timeized we'll explain when we return. >> and i never thought hip-hop would take it this far♪ dahadaha♪ you'll nev believe hoy far the culture has truly come in 2016. ly live look outside over the d.c. region. get ready we have a gray, wet, day on the way. we're back after this, dahadah♪
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>> a historic african-american in baltimore is naming morgan state university a national treasure. it was founded in 1867 and one of the first universities to offer a college education for african americans. the school's president says he's excited and honored by the designation. >> broadway musical hamilton continues its march into history it hauled in a record 16 tony award nominations and hit flavored biography of u.s. secretary broke the record previously held by producers and it was handed out on june 12. >> lot of cloud cover this morning. we're not seeing real rain on radar. just a little dizzily condition and visibility reduced
5:45 am
locations. reagan national 56. dulles 55. bwi marshall 53. you get the idea just about everything out there in the 50s. 50 for detroit, chicago, right here in the north east we have a trough of low pressure and that if you will opens the door for cold are air to come in. today we're under the influence of norm easterly winds and that locks in the cool air coming in from northeast and all the chilly air over the atlantic. that does appear to be the trendch the reason is because we have been stuck in this pattern now for quite a while. and deep trough of low pressure coming in and looks like as we get into tomorrow even friday we begin to see what we call a cutoff area of low pressure and that doesn't mean anything necessarily to you at home other than it's really a stuck pattern and when that happens it's sometimes hard to get this pattern out of here and i do believe as we get into the weekend, things will start getting a little better. until then, at least through friday, that means
5:46 am
guarantees here and at least through friday we'll have clouds and few showers around and it looks like friday seems to be best chance of getting real rain around here and over the next few days otherwise cool cloudy with drizzle possible from time to time. weekend forecast looks brighter and saturday i'm still going to leave showers in the forecast on saturday because we're under the influence of that area of low pressure aloft getting better for mother's day. i hope this is not wishful thinking it looks good it will begin to get into sunshine and drier conditions sunday and this time of year once you get the sunshine in here you can get temperatures quickly going into 70s. future cast watch it a passing shower from time to time is possible. clouds round tomorrow with drizzle. watch what happens on friday. more substantial rain comes on auto cross and it looks like of the next three days friday is going to be the wettest. other than that we're cloud, drizzle, again a few
5:47 am
from time to time. temperature today up to about 65 degrees at best. wind out of the northeast, 5 to 10 miles an hour and northeasterly winds this time of year generally bring us gloomy weather. here's your 7 day forecast. now here's someone not gloomy, erin cuomo. >> hey, gary. look at all the rain in the area. may the force be with you. >> seems to be the quote of the day. >> well i'll move on. >> crash richie marboro road blocking shoulder and we'll start to see conest john pick up this time anyway, use caution past that area and fairfax this morning a disabled vehicle now. lawyers road between fox mill road and soap stone drive. caution there. starting to see volume pick up through mannasas 66 inbound and please give yourself extra time there prince william fire activity stephanie drive traffic diverted can't bury lane and lawn veil drive. detour and add extra time to commute and crash activity three east
5:48 am
should be cleared soon and volume picks up 95 northbound through dale city. a quick look outside see how things shape up 395. flowing freely watch for that slow down by dale city and once again you on up from the beltway to duke street. that's traffic. back to you wisdom. >> 5:48 is the time much needed relief for commuters as the mark brunswick lines stole ow owing a freight train northeas northeast. >> annie yu joining us live with an update. good morning, annie. >> good morning, holly, wisdom, that's right, good news mark letting us know that things will be back to normal starting this morning. and we've already seen a couple trains going through here. we had csx train pass through here a long way and 45 minutes ago a small freight train passed through the tracks. it appears to be a test run. we saw that csx train pass through. we're in the clear here. video from earlier today we have crews
5:49 am
they were doing drilling and final touches early this morning at the site of this derailment near rhode island avenue and 9th street northeast. crews were working days now with cleanup efforts because of the massive chemical spill. derailment happened early sunday and one by one over a dozen cars veered off the tracks and piled on to much each other it was a 175 car train and in route to hamlet from cumberland maryland gene news there was no injuries and about 750 gallons of hazardous chemical called sodium hydroxide leaked on to the tracks which caused closure of metro station and disruption to amtrak and marks service. we understand underground gas line was ruptured during derai derailment and crews were working on retears of that. they removed 15, 16 cars off the track and had to remove soil around the spill and rebuild the roadbed. a lot of work went into this of course this is causing concern.
5:50 am
norton toured the area the other day and now she's raising a lot of concern because they're moving hazardous chemicals through the highly populated neighborhoods. today she will be meeting with the federal rail administration to sort of talk about this. and also, come up with regulation she hopes for chemicals moving through the district of columbia. back to you in the studio. >> 5:50 now back to school for teachers in detroit who refused to come to work after two days the district told them they may not get paid over the summer. nearly 100 schools were forced to close and they chael up with 5 0 0 million in emergency fund egg and teeners are not happy with the plan for now it's back to work. >> new this morning mississippi ban on gay couples adopting children was thrown out. >> it was only state left in country that banned same sex couples as for a right to adopt.
5:51 am
many see this as a win. however they give businesses rights to turn away members of the lgbt community based oween religious grounds. >> and stonewall in in new york city will be the first national monument to gay right the tavern in greenwich village was site of 1969 up rising widely viewed as start of gay rights movement. >> cruiseship service timely a done deal between the cuban government and carnival cruise lines the deal was sealed yesterday and regular service happens between the island and united states and first passenger ship adoa brought in u.s. tours to miami monday. the first time such an event happened in 50 years. >> happening today. montgomery country police officers are honoring their fallen heros during annual fallen heroes memorial service. montgomery county police officer noah liotta will be honored in this ceremony. >> his inscription on the memorial wall was killed.
5:52 am
he was condition douking a routine traffic stop. >> in prince george county university of maryland and city of college park celebrating launch of bike sharing program that provides more than 120 bikes throughout the campus and city. >> lsht a happy reunion in the district and we're talking about lorana sorabia she went into labor two weeks ago and contractions were coming so fast she could not make it to the hospital and called for help d.c. firefighters arrived on the scene and helped her deliver the baby. yesterday, she and her son dropped by engine company number four on sherman northwest to thank the firefighters. >> i've been on the job less than a year now. so this is my first delivery in the field of baby. everything wept very smoothly and pretty easy actually. i think anybody could do it. >> anybody except me. because i'm just saying. >> her son is named christophe
5:53 am
mom and bay baby are doing just great. >> awe. let's take a look at say hello to the facebook pan of the day and today it's the jones famil family. here they are in sunny florida. jealous of the sun. celebrating their daughter's graduation from college which she did with honors. >> they're there in florida and graduating with honors that keeping up with the jones. >> eye like it. >> they say she missed fox5 while away at school but we want to say a big congratulations to you and for your chance to be a fan of day leave a comment below the jones photo on the facebook page. >> that's great congratulations wonderful, wonderful. >> greeting for you this morning. >> okay. >> may the force be with you. tongue and cheek day to celebrate all things "star wars" of course. >> check out the may 4 hash tag pop-ups more meanings in pictures than you can counts. there's a cat, always a cat, it's always a cat
5:54 am
back to the cat. >> that's was my best yoda by the way. >> if you can just surrender to the force. >> look at him in his suspenders and die ties. >> it's celebrate around the world. >> i see that. >> what's that thing. >> adak. >> how do you know that? >> i want to know how you know that. >> i had to pull out my "star wars" knowledge. my dad had them. that's request i knew that. >> i thought i liked sar wars. >> uh-huh. >> i got you. i got you. >> very nice. . >> they get quicker. here's where we are this fine day. cloudy conditions. drizzly conditions. sometimes i'm just at a loss of words sitting here. temperatures today will only warm up to the lower perhaps mid 630s. i hope w
5:55 am
it's kind of one of those days the clouds takeover drizzle and some spots takeover and we may have a shower pass around. i don't think that we're talking about anything substantial with rain today. that's the way it looks. it will be cloudy and dreary and drizzly and damp. you know? >> all those words we don't like. >> right. >> gary. >> you better hope that -- that's darth vader. >> i got you. >> there's a lot going on here. >> we had to get the you could bell in because when i didn't they lost. >> better. >> okay. >> i believe in superstitions. >> erin cuomo give it to us. >> i love when wisdom plays a little bit it's a did garage vader. >> i'm not playing. >> that's the scarier part. >> there you go wednesday morning light rain could cause issues for morning commute. watch for slick spots. fire activity in prince william and traffic is being
5:56 am
can't bury rain and lawndale drive. that should be cleared in the next half hour or so. 95 north prince william parkway to virginia traffic is getting sluggish at that location as they head to the bottom of the beltway coming through. we'll take a look at maps now. aside from that we're seeing other slow downs and problems and disabled vehicle between fox mill and soap stone drive and prince george county heads up inbound commute. 410 backs up this time any way and richie marboro road a crash takes out the shoulder. crash activity 3 east near nine mile run in fredericksburg. good news if you take metro right now. no alerts across rail lines. if you take the brunswick line things getting better after freight train derailment sunday had things all slowed down this week. we'll let you know if anything changes. right now i suggest grabbing
5:57 am
extra time to get around. keep it to "fox5 news morning". 6:00 hour coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> straight ahead at 6 good news for passengers all trains back in service this morning pour the first time since that derailment. and that first train is expected to pass by the accident scene any minute now. plus. we gave it everything we got. but the voters chose another path. we're suspending our campaign. hear me now --. >> that bam shell means trump is on way to show down with hillary clinton but bernie sanders says not so fast. >> and giving you a live look outside. this is staying pretty much the same so far this week. we made it to wednesday, folks, it's may 4. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". ted cruz out now. he crew his name after suffering a loss from trump in


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