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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 4, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, indianandia makes it all but official.l. donald trump now on the clear path to a gop nomination. mogul cleaned up in yesterday'sy primary forcing closest rival ted cruz to call it quits.. metro facing more safetyaf questions after a man attacks a driver, highjacks a bus, thenuse hits and kills an innocent a bystander.anr we'll have a live report. america's backyard finally n getting a facelift. facel it's one of d.c.'s most popularr landmarks and for while one of its biggest eye source but thatt could also change starting tod today.toda first, though, more of thehg same for mother nature. natur so when will we get a break in i this cycle? good day at 9a starts now.. ♪ long time ago in
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far away we had good day and then we have it now, too, timeo, now 9:00 o'clock on thiss wednesday.wedn may fourth known as star wars day. nobody is feeling me right now. i'm wisdom holly morris, steve chenevey --- >> what?ha >> i'm maureen umeh by the way. >> maureen umeh ladies andad gentlemen. >> you got to do it. >> may the -->> t >> we don't have time for all of that. ya'll kill the bit.ya'l >> let's move on. o we'll have all our storiesus in just a moment but firstmomenf mother nature, man, that lady ii stuck in rut. in r >> she is, right.>> she so far this week we've pretty pe scene sporadic sun little cloudy skies, plenty of rain, so more s of the same today? or will we finally break the streak? for f details tucker is back with theh first check of the forecast. >> breaking the caps losings lon streak but we're not breakingg the weather streak right now. >> let holly do it in her yodaa voice.ic >> break it we will. (lau
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>> 52 these temperatures stuck, we'rek stuck in a rut. and we'll be in the mid 60s 6 later today. t that's it. mid 60s for daytime highs cloudc cover drizzle more of the same s with a forecast that's nothat's changing a whole lot any time t soon. light shower activity out therea early maybe a littlect drizzle.i most of the rain won't berain wb terribly measure al today. tay it will be on the light side. little area of low pressure right here an front hanging upau across the region that will be responsible follow the light shower activity much that's' tha weather and friday's weather ass well. the pattern not going to changec up a whole lot any time soon.n. 65 today. t blow normal temperature wise. w. winds out of the northeast fiveh to 10. keep umbrella handy. han light shower acts have the andcd drizzle later today.. most of the it should be prettyp light not expecting severe weather that prelim we hadatreli severe weather we're not going t to get hail or big thunderstormr today. offers, guys, later, i'll breake the caps occurs. o this is big. over to you.over t you >> go ahead, holly. break it
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will. >> move on.>> m >> break it we will. w >> all right.>>ight. look let's talk politics nowitic something far more serious in so the race for the white house he may be the presumptive gop nominee he would still havell trouble winning the election inn november.mb the polls show half of ted cruzu and john kasich supporters in the hoosier state say they won'y vote for donald trump.p. nonetheless, trump's win did force rifle ted cruz to end hiss presidential bid.tial b here's what he told hished supporters about the decision. >> and so with a heavy heart bub with bound less optimism for the long term future of our nation we are suspending our campaign. >> no! >> cruz' as announcement shock h lot of people.peo he insisted that he would stayty in the race until june 7th. junh >> all right. let's go to the democratic sided now.
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for bernie sanders.anders however, hillary clinton is h still expected to clinch thenche nomination as sanders likely cannot earn the number of nbe necessary delegates. deleg for more on last night's results want comes next, fox5's political reporter ronica clearc joins us live this good morning to you and ronicad we talk about this earlier.arlir >> yes.>> y >> ted cruz washington a z ted cruz a couple of weeks age teams up with kasich. k then the following weeh.k he pis carly fiorina and now he's he' quitting. >> it has been -- ted cruz hasrh been in the news cycle quite a i bit lately.bit l you know --ing.--in >> now he won't be in it at all. (laughter).. >> he's out of the race. he'oute when he gave those remarksseem yesterday, he was clearly c presenting the picture ofture himself for future elections.s. thinking about his future inutui politics and i just don't think he wanted to get down and dirty -- it's been and obviouslv he's been a part of it i thinkti just said enough is enough. ug >> after this debacle can he cae possibly go -- four years fromrs now are we going to forget thiss mess?me? >> absolutely. >> you think so.
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half of those exit polls showol people will not vote for trump r there are a lot of republicans b really upset about what hasha h happened in this race.n thisace so we are not -- ted cruz is cru definitely has a long future ine politics if he wants one. one he represents the establishmenth in a voice that a lot of peopleo believe in. believ if we didn't have 17 people at7 the start of this race ted cruzz might have become the nominee.e. this whole election has justus been a extremely unusual. usu so this is just the beginning bn when he gave those remarks tks yesterday i said this is a manha who wants to stay in politics.ic >> but here's the thing.s t you said he didn't want to getto in the muck. i disagree.age earlier he made this speechs spe calling donald trump a serial s liar wept on on weren't.. where were these comments monthn ago when it might have made avea difference before donald trump d cemented himself as thentedself >> those were crack in the armoa that came ce out >> absolutely. >> on the day of the indiana primary. that was because, you know, this whole thing ab
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being involved in jfk'fk' assassination.inatio i think for cruz was maybe justj a little too much.e too m i mean this wife has been the bn victim of some pretty ruthless then to bring the father into it. i think that maybe cruz wanted to wash his hands of it and he a also can't really -- couldn'toud win. after losing in indiana, i meana it was wase so you might as well walk away, you know, when you can. >> republican party has hugeubc challenge right now, because weu ted cruz out of this now, gop n leadership is basically callingl for unification now and saying s look get behind donald trump bup very polarizing issue right nowe there are a lot of republicans i that don't want to support sup donald trump. donald t what does the party do at this point. >> with preibus last night the chair of the rnc tweeting out ww are unifying behind the partyth and we need to essentially get g behind this presumptive nomineem the efforts are there but ie b don't know that the party willil you know, the efforts there arer to unify but will the voters respond? will people, allergyel people vote? will they either, allergy gop
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the idea of a trump candidacy oa presidency will they vote forote hell larry or not show up.p. that's something i'm not sure ns about just yet. >> let's talk about the tabou democratic we don't have much t bernie sanders won. won >> yes. >> he's like the little enginein that k i mean --n >> right. >> he just keeps going, but is,b it going to matter.r. >> he said he'll stay in thehe thing in the end. it helps him that he wouldn'tim last night. what he's going to tried to trio appeal to the super delegateselg and say, look f i continue toinu win maybe i don't have theon't victory in delegates withoutes you, but this is why you shall u change your your it is important to note that hee is still behind hillary just in the delegate count from them the votes, you know, of the people,, but he's going to stay in thistt race and last night's victory'sv gives him a reason to do so. >> contested convention could bt the democratic one.atic one. everybody thought it would beou republican >> yes.. >> we haven't been able to ae predict anything about this any campaign. >> right. >> thanks ronica.>> t >> thank you. in the district now, renewew calls for improved safety onet board metro buses. bus
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highjacking.highja 30-year-old keith loving now faces second degree murder in dr the death of 40-year-old anthony pain. he was struck and killed by the bus after it plowed through awe gas station parking lot in northeast.he police say loving had first attackeattacked the bus driver.k union that represents the driver says attacks against metro busus operators are on the rise and ra metro needs to do more toor t protect them. the melanie alnwick is live inlive n northeast with details. det good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning. morng you know metro has been under aa federal safety directive sincetn last june. not just to improve rail safetys but to improve bus safety, too. not just for drivers but also bt for passengers.pager part of that initiative metro m has started installing bus bus shields for drivers. drive they're up to more than 300 nown they will couldn't to do thattoa through this year. get up to 30% of the bus fleet.f let me show i was little bit ofi what bus drivers say they haveyv endure on a daily
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>> you're looking at cell ton cl video up loaded to youtube oftue other assaults on drivers.. 2014 and 2015 bus drivers reporp they had to endure everything from being slapped and stabbed b even tased. even tased. we know there have been somen s shooting as well.ell. metro union members andnd management met few weeks ago too talk about safety on transitra assaults and how to keep busoee drivers and passengers now, metro did give us somee statistic.statisti metro says that there were 85e 5 bus operators assaulted lastas year and then so far this year 16 driver assaults compared tood 23 this time last year so by metro's numbers assaults are down 30%.0% the union disputes that sayinges you're not looking at the entire transit union about stationon employees and other transitrans employees as well in their words they say certainly has gotten they're also asking for more as police presence but i can telll you according metro remember they did
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resources to put more officerss back into the buses and also ono the trains.ein they say they've got morey crewe getting ready to graduate fromr the academy.e cade one more thing.e more thing they are working on getting new uniforms neon yellow to increase visible. vi let's go now to my colleague bo barnard in hill crest heightsigt for more on passenger reaction. >> reporter: hey, melanie man we're in the naylor road metro o recent survey of employees fromf top to bottom on the bus side od metro said, yes, the safety andd security of bus operation socias security their number oneheir n that's what the riders are whati telling us here as well thishis morning. you mentioned those bus shieldss we've been here for more than an hour and looked at every bust ey that's gone by. by. haven't one scene one of thoseef plastic barriers that wouldha wd protect the bus operator, but, b the riders will tell you they yt got on the back of the bus and s they essentially keep theiree tr fingers crossed because yous don't know who is getting on thn bus with you.s with so what are they say in terms of securityha
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quality of and the security ofuf their ride. here are a couple people we ppl spoke to this morning. >> it puts a whole newew perspective and spin being able to ride the buses and getting og i mean considering the fact that there have been so manyee incidents here in the last the s couple of months with peopleh being attac attacked. a bus drivers being attacked nowke someone taking a bus and, you know, someone being hurt behindd that. i just think that metro needs ts step up, the police presencerese throughout the system period. >> there should be like police l metro transit on the bushe undercover like they have the lh marshals on the that way the presence of metro will be there and they cany actually see what's going on and address the issue at that mome momen. >> reporter: and also provide a deterrent knowing that peoplet who get on the bus might beig getting on not with fellow flo riders but also undercover police as you heard melanieelan mention metro says it has it stepped up its
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on the buses we just saw metro transit police motorcycleotcl officer here. so there is a police presence.ce but, guys, when you likee anywhere go into a mall, movie theater, into church hop on bus, it's an open ride in a sense the person behind you pays the faire and you keep your fingersou fin crossed that they're not in a i state of mind that could lead l teamings are things like we sawe yesterday, guys, in northeast dc. dc precarious time for anybodyioim riding metro right now on the te rails or on the buses. b >> you're exactly right, bob.g, also we want to mention themento suspect involved in this is dues in court today and also bobo bob mentioned and melanie mentionedi this, too. 30% of the buses they're trying' to put this protective bar 83 around the officers -- around--n the drivers of these it seems like a low number whene you consider the fact -- i know- this has been going on for longl time. i talk to the union many, manyam years ago and this was an issue back then to now to have the hae goal of just 30% and not haveav officers on, it's just -- it seems like too low of a number n
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for drivers who are just doingsu their >> it seems like an insurmoun insurmountable task to reallyabe protect the drivers and passengers. what do you do, put a cop ont u every single bus or train? youu know, it just seems impossible.i i know you got to starto somewhere. a shield on 30% of the buses,us start there.artre maybe increase to 100% at some point. >> i'm sure budge has somethinga to do with it as well.s >> absolutely.>> absolutely. >> it's not metro's only woe. >> you're right about that asou well. all right. 9:13 is the time. allison seymour back with a check of the other stories making headlines this morning. m good morning, allison.ll >> good morning to all of yournf and to you. let's check on the headlinea now. first up, everyone inn municipality in alberta, canada has been ordered to leave. l to e this is all because of al e of terrible wildfire.dfir it has destroyed enableds theree entire neighborhoods. in fact the whole area more than 80,000 residents have to leave l fort mcmurray. an official there says this is the biggest evacuation in theio history of the province no serious injuries though havenj been reported.been rep that's got news.
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today president barack obams will visit flint,id michigan.ic visit families affected by lead poisoning due to the contaminated water in flint. f back in march, an eight-year-ola girl wrote a letter to the president and the first lady ana she said that a visit from themm would quote lift people's peo spirits.spit the president responded praisins her courage to speak out on behalf of the children of flintt some relief for commuters cm this morning as the mark brunswick line resumed servicedr following days of delays del resulting from csx48 trainin derailment over the weekend. the first marc train its way through northeast about two aut hours ago. a as crews wrapped up repairs onrn the tracks. track the csx reported 16 cars wentar off the track in this accidentcc with some spilling hazardous materials.ri meantime the cause of the the c derailment is still underll uer investigation. new alarming research this i morning it reveals that medical mistakes are not as uncommon asm you might have thought. t according to a new study, medical errors in
9:15 am
other health care facilities ars now the third leading cause of deaths in the united states.n th claiming over 200,000 livesives every year. yea medical mistakes, remember. remm heart disease and cancer thecert only two more common causes. and finally, a boat captainc just hanging out on a dock ina k alaska he saw something a littll shocking. check it out. out. huge hump backed whale.. uh-huh. uh it popped up next to the dock.oc >> coming up right here, dude.e. >> the person filming his nameam is sigh williams.illi i just want to see it. boom! >> this is a dream of mine because i really want to go on o whale watching trip but perhapsp not like this.his. sigh williams filmed the wholeie thing as u can see and whilend we're seeing it he posted itdt online.line >> whoa! >> wait a minute. waia m just one more time. doody do.. yikes!yi >> there it is. >> wow. back to you.back to you. >> i don't know i want to stando that close. >> i know right.>> i >> incredible. >> i don't want any part of th >> a lot of whales popping up wh.rywhere >> okay.
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>> very cool,, though. still ahead new detailsnew a about prince's plans on the daye that he died.. how his schedule may shed newhew light on what caused his suddene death. >> going green. the national mall is finally fin getting a much needed makeover.o we'll show you what's in storesn coming up next. time now 9:16. 9:16. ♪ there's something to be said for exploring the world around you.
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♪ >> nip 18:00. just in time for summer picnicsc the national mall getting attin complete makeover. >> multi stage restoration ofra the mall is entering it's finalf stages with fresh sod being lail to give the ground a fresher greener appearance.rae annie yu down at the mall with t first look at the changes g morning, annie.g, annie. >> reporter: good morning.r: this was much needed makeover ie you it's a massive undertaking going on out here. her crews have been workingking throughout the night, throughouu the early morning hours laying l down this sod here.d h we were told by mike, with thehe national park service that this sod 522,000 square feet of it o was sitting in new jersey at off 1:00 o'clock this morning.rni they drove it down here and herh they are laying it down. acres of lapped here over the neck five weeks they'll beweeksl working on this, and this is the final phase.l phase. focuses on the areas between tha seventh and 14th street nort
9:20 am
the third to seventh street portion is already don so in five weeks, all of this it going to be done but the fence log romaine up for severalorev months so that the irrigationigt system can do its job and theobt sod can do its josh as welchs w this is a $40 million project. e they're working they are wayr this way.y but this is a good look of the infrastructure and it's quite an impressive situation going on o crews had to basicall basicallys four to 5 feet of damaged top soil before they began this, and this new irrigation system thatt they got going on here it'sere going to be able to use u rainwater as opposed to dc to d water.r. the sod will absorb the waterhew better as a result, and it's i just very impressive.ive mike touched on this in thehis n 8:00 o'clock hour but this is i $40 million project that started almost five years ago and it wat necessary as many of you knowu o who live in this area, the national mall lawn was bit of aa eye soar with lot of the weeds and grassy patches and dirt anda things locate that.
9:21 am
makeover for our area, and, they're telling us that this thi will be done in time for the inauguration come early 2017.01 so that is good news and we're w just all really excited to see this lush grass in just severall months. back to you in the studio.u ths >> that answers my question. qst i was just wondering about jul july 4th. i guess that's a no go. >> good question. queio >> it will be ready.eady also, guys, also remember theem festivals that gone here in thet summertime. they really had to sort of dumb it down a bit because of all ofl this going on but it's going toi be an exciting 2017. >> sure will. wl. >> annie, thank you. >> brighter at least.r ateast >> yes. >> greener.ener nine confidential 21 receipe now. r ming up later high school prank that got football player in serious trouble with the laww does the punish many fit the crime.e >> first a new study confirmingn what we already know. k most teens are in fact addictede to smart phones. pho so what it means for your family life and ways you can limit the
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♪ all right.. new study reveals what many parents already know. most teens have a smart phone addiction.addictio one out of every two teens teens believe they depend too much ono their mobile devices. nearly 60% of parents worry thaa their young ones are addicted. the study also shows thee sho te quarters of all teens felt theet you were to respo
9:25 am
social networking messages msa immediately and four out of five check their phones hourly. researchers say the poll paintss a changed portrait of family fam life but they do not believe the smart phone is all doom and dooa gloom for normal familyy relationships. they suggest setting limits op internet surfing unlimited pos you have an undying you were to check mobile device go for a* fa walk instead. >> i don't think if you check ii hourly is a problem. probl if you check it for an hourr non-stop. non-stop. >> an hour through the nighthrou when you're supposed to beto b >> i do have those set your limit things not that the dinnee table much that's all good.oo. >> absolutely.>> another study shows people spenw more time on tech devices thanct they do exercising not really aa surprise there. t. reebok found that people spendes less than 1% of our lives exercising. >> wow! wow! >> 42% of our lives on an iphonh or mobile device.. the study also found that nearll 30% of our lives will be spentee
9:26 am
our time is spent socializing with family and friends. frids i feel like we should stands up. (laughter).ghter) >> the four of us are all are a sitting.sitting. >> eight hours night 33% of your life is slept away. >> okay. >> 1%, think of all the fit appa we have. we h the exercise equipment we buy b the gym memberships, the, clothes.clothe only 1%? 1%? >> now you take the app with yoy to the gym to work out and rider the bike.the bike. the phone is right there with you.. >> we lead more sedentary lives, plane and simple. simple. >> that's the bottom line.the b. >> still ahead cap america week continuing.ui captain sitting down with howard alum chadwick bowes man bringi g the black panther to the big thg screen for the very first timefs time. >> if you're a fan of true crime drama people versus oj simpsonon stay tuned we'll got real lifele prosecutor marsha clark. she'll join us live next to tall about her brand new book.ook. >> first though tucker is backsc with a midweek forecast and howd long we'll have to put up wi
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these gray skies and wet weather. oh, man it's looking bad out there. 9:26 is the time. ♪
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>> 9:29 is the time.>> 9 big game for the caps tonight.he >> huge game. not quite panic time just they do need to win to sigh thet series or they could be facingen possible elimination game at a home on saturday.aty. game four in pittsburgh tonight. if you want to watch in d.c.. with a bunch of other caps fanss
9:30 am
you can watch the game for free at verizon center and they'llnd have the game up on the jumbo tron. doors open at 7:00 o'clock.'ock. it's free if you want to go down there. go ahead, ring your cow bell.owb >> hope it works. works >> it's working.t'ing we're winning to congrulations for bryceor harper. the nats star just signed new multi year deal with underith armor. ar it's a 10-year extension that i believed to be the largest endorsement deal ever forver f baseball player. player. harper originally signed withedw under armor back in april of 2,011. (applause). >> all right. rig two university of maryland maryd basketball players dancing theis way to fame.e. they appeared on the ellenen degeneres show yesterday afterry they helped popular rise ther re running man challenge dance dce craze.craze. started by two high school kidsk from new jersey but video posted by these of two them doing the i dance went viral with over 12,000 likes on instagram
9:31 am
>> i'm surprised ellen is notllt doing it. >> look at that.. >> maybe she open her show thatt way. way. >> she's an awesome dancer.. yeah. >> throughout the aisles.s. >> exactly.. >> that's pretty cool for thesec basketball players.yers >> that's fantastic.taic i wonder how their jumper is. jr >> one of them jumped over theoe couch.. >> pretty good.y good. >> legs are still in good shape i don't know about the shot. >> we can talk about anything ao but the weather.ea >> we'd like to any way. >> tuck, this is just a rut weut can't get out of.f >> you know what you got behindd you. >> more clouds and more showerse >> you got a cloud show, >> what's. >> you got a cloud show, bro. >> that dance is reminiscent of what you pull on friday nights.t i think they took it from you. . >> clouds and showers,los an temperatures in the mid 50's. i we're only going to get into the mid 60 60s today with more light rain more drizzle, more of the same here for the next ---- honestly not only today but tay tomorrow, friday, trying to getg it out of here by the weekendnd but, yeah, gray
9:32 am
expected for the time being. bei 53 in baltimore.ti 52 leonardtown everybody in the mid fiefs we're hanging out witw temperatures a little bit on thl cool side with the cloud cover v and the drizzle out not much measurable rain at then moment. i don't think we'll get a lot ot measurable rain today.oday keep an umbrella handy if you'lu be out for any period of time o later this afternoon we'll see a few showers pop up.owpop u what's happening a little area t of low pressure along our old front which is hadn't hangings n out right about here down alonga the delmarva peninsula that will be responsible after daytimeay heating to kick up a few showe showers. but much like yesterday, youe might get a peek of sunshine orn things might lighten up for an hour artwork but the real themel around here with the patternatte featuring cloud cover and cool c conditions remains intact.nt there's bigger look.oo northeast winds today.od that's today's forecast.orec that's tomorrow's forecast. fors that will spin right down pivott right down into the mid atlantic tomorrow and kind of reinforceii the cool conditions and theons d shower activity around here fore both thursday and friday. frida all right.all i mentioned that little area of low pressure slipping offshoreri and we'll watch our next one ir just showed you on st
9:33 am
feed there drop into the regiong and so drizzle showers remain in the forecast today, tomorrow, friday and then this upper level low this weekend we're hoping that it's far enough offshore we get little sunshine by saturdayb but it will be a close call wele could have some clouds and showers into saturday as well.yl there's future most of this stuff will be reala light this afternoon. after i don't expect more than a few one hundredths of an inch ofan o rain by late today and there wee are at 7:00 o'clock tonight.onig scattered showers across thers region not expecting severetingv weather that's good news and non expecting sunshine.she. that's not such good news anygon time soon. wednesday, thursday, friday mory of the same.he s gets little better by saturday.t much better by mother's day on o sunday with temperatures in the mid 70s and i think we'll keepee sunday dry.sund look at early next week. finally some springtime warmthar and sunshine to look forward to by early next week. wk. guys, toss it back to you. y stay tuned.ay tun. 10:00 o'clock, we are going to break a curse that has been inin this town for 43 years. (cow bell). bell) >> i'll be watching. watchin >> can't
9:34 am
by we that means a couple of uso in studio.tuo. but you'll have to tune in andei see who that is.see >> all right.ll rht see ya tuck. tuck. it was trial of the centuryl and marsha clark was right in rt the middle of it california prosecutor became a nationalatil name during oj sim upon's murdee trial that sensational case and clark's eventual loss wereloss recently the basis of the hit fx true crime drama the peopleheeo versus oj simpson.sim in it clark was played byyed b actress sarah paulson who earner rave reviews for that portrayall sin the simpson case, clarkase,c toward the country serving as an advocate for domestic violencee victims and delivering div motivational speeches.peec she's also an author and her new book but defense is out now and for more about it we'll talk tok marsha clark.rk she joins us live from new york city this this good morning to you, marsha msh clark. good to see you and let's getang right to the book. it's fiction.on what made you decide to right a fiction book and what's it abo about? so i've always wanted to
9:35 am
kid. this particular book actuallylak goes back to my roots as a as a criminal defense lawyer. lawye that's where i started mostre id people don't know that, before b became a prosecutor.tor i work criminal defense lawyerr samantha brinkman the lead of ld bloody fence is a gutsy criminai defense lawyer in los angeles al who has a tortured past and has kind of twisted view of justice. she views the law as a as suggestion she's pretty muchuc free ignore and does. does. in bloody fenn she takes on a celebrity case involving thenvng murder of two women by the the suspect who is her clienterli decorated veteran lapdap detective. she takes on the case because ii is high profile.e. she's hoping to pull herl h struggling practice into the bib leagues but in the course of coo defending this detective she discovers a secret that turns ta her world upside down. d >> how much of this did you pull from your own personal life? i mean there are inches of this t sound like your time with the oo simpson case. >> well, i always eau draw inu all my experience to be hone
9:36 am
i've handled so many, you know,k thousands of cases from thehe defense side as well from the prosecution side.e. so i mean i draw from all of that to write all of nightsig book. i have series i wrote before b this based on a prosecutor the e racial night -- rachel knightheg series. i went to the other side of the surtroom to show you the defense perspective on thingsi based on the experiences i've e had.xpha >> what is being an author an provide you that your former f profession did not? >> the ability to control the ce out come. (laughter). >> there you go. >> marsha, you've written this.s this is fiction but you alsou as wrote very successful book abouo the oj simpson case. c for those of us in tv sometimesm we're asked questions aboutio a certainly experiences we've hadv and we jokily say it will be inl the book some day.e day when you were serving as ang prosecutor and defense attorneyr were you taking notes like somes day i'm going to put this all ia book or was that something thatg came to you after the fact?eac >> way after the fact.act. way after the fact. f when i was working as a lawyer,w you knw,
9:37 am
doing trials, that's all i was s focused on, and that's all i wai thinking about and i actuallyll had no clue that i'd ever be writing about anything becauseig when i was a kid i wanted to write crime fiction but i got bg older and realized that thatd tt might be a dicey proposition ini terms of making a living. liv so i reall really never thoughtt wind up being able to realizeli that dream, so it's really greay to be able to do that.. >> i'm interested to know if yos watched the recent show tethat w such a big hit about the oyi son trial and if you did, did theyhe get it right? >> you know, i wasn't going tott watch it 'cause i didn't want tt relive the nightmare to be nmarb honest with you but then i justj had to see what they did. and they got the big stuff right. i mean, they really did.really . the big issues.ues. the way race played such a bigig part in the trial.. the sexism involved neverdev thought anybody would talk about that because certainly no oneine did back at the time. time. so they really got that rightt r and i thought the performancesfn were just amazing. sarah paulson incredible.. incredible.ible i don't
9:38 am
consult with us.hs. any of us about it when they di and i don't know how she manageg to channel how i was feeling ono the inside but she really did it incredible.ed >> marsha, i know during thatin time period you were so vol will he tide. you know, for how you handled hd the case and i thought it was unfair.unfair what do you think is the onek ie misconception people will haveav about you? you're an author nowt and certainly get glimpses glimp through your work.rougur work. what is the biggestat is bigg misconception you think people o have about you from your time as a prosecutor till today?? >> that's really hard for me to know, because there were quite a few. maybe the main one was that, um, i was -- i think maybe a sense e that i was kind of cold or unfeeling, you know, because, bc you know, up like most like m professions when you walk intoan court, do you have to have ahave poker face.poke fac you can't just be who you are oe the outside. not nearly as much. there's certain degree to whichw you have to pull back and be a very professional and i thinkhi that gives an
9:39 am
that, um, is much more, um, kind of rigid and tough than i really am i think.hi i'm not sure.. >> that's good. >> i have question. i mean, because your name is so synonomous with the oj simpsonim trial and you've done so muchso more than just that, but then b you even have people like use continually bringing it back upk and asking you.. how do you distance yourselfrs from such a defining moment inn your life?if >> you embrace it.. >> well, you know, i reallyy don't. t. i mean i can' i do what i what i d i live my life. l i moved on.ed i'm writing crime fiction.meon i'm really enjoying writing it.i i especially enjoy writing samantha brinkman the criminal i defense it's great to take the perspective from the other sides of the courtroom.. i just keep living my life. l >> all right.ight. marsha clark, author of bloodyy
9:40 am
thank you very much for yourve time. we appreciate it.we a have a great a gre >> thank you. you too. all right. >> fascinating. >> first of all how much timeime has gone by since that wholeha thing you about the oj simpsonon case the precursor to whato w twitter is knowledge everything was televised and it was allsea eyes glued to what was happening the latest developments. >> yeah. >> big names came out of that. >> some eventual big names backb then they were may not have beee big names they turned into bigd names because of theirhe connection to oj sill son.sill n >> still on tv.>> s on >> how prince's schedule the dad he died could give new clues n what it was that killed him plus justin beiber sued again. we'll go live to tmz and get all the details for you neck.eck. it's's 9:40. the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok.
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yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. ♪ it may be. we'll get to justin beiber into just a minute. new clues what caused prince's death reports of cocaine j wantt his roll, washington roll his h schedule could be in play now ii helping investigators also 50lso ken forced to apologize afterlot mocking a man with autism andm justin beiber another sorry forf him. him >> for details we turn to tmz's dax holt live in the los angeleg newsroom.wsro. good morning to you dax.orning o how you doing, buddy? b >> i'm very good.>> i'm v how about yourself.. >> we're doing good. w let's start off with prince obviously new details are coming out now. this is spilling bowel phonesp call made on june 20thil, 2011 2 in regards to possible cocaine c elements in regards to prince' p life. can you tell us more about this?
9:44 am
>> well, what i want to tell yot about a story we just posted where prince was apparentlyen supposed to meet with anh a addiction specialist the day after he passed away. so it sounds like a rep for repr prince reached out dr. howard corn felled a national authorita on opiate addiction. called him and said we need to e have you in here because there'e grave medical condition thatmedi prince is dealing with rightg wt now, and he could not clear hiss schedule on april 2 sent his son andrew over inste instead. who andrew also works for therkr clinic.clin andrew went down there and an andrew was the one that actualll made the 911 phone call saying y he had found prince's lifeless body in the elevator.vator this is pretty crazy turn of tn events that, you know, obviously there was a big issue that prince's reps were dealing withi they were trying get it solved, and apparently not quick enoughe as what it appears to be. to you guys were able to get aa lot of information dax coming -n
9:45 am
when these records were releasee and that goes back to i thinkbai what kevin was referring to thaa phone call back in 2011. 2 are we going to hear more -- do you think people will actuallyll start opening up now about now a prince and his condition if infn fact it was a drug addiction ini the past or are we going to havo off records that are release rel idea. id >> i mean, i think, you know,, k certain things are coming out slowly. i think that he had a very v guarded group of friends andf fn family that would even know any specific details. but, you know, these are thingse that are coming out throughut th phone calls and records and, you know, police stuff.tu i mean all of this stuff isuf suddenly coming out and i thinkt it's like michael jackson iton took a long amount of time ofim before details were released bua at the end of the day i think ww got clear picture of what wentaw >> dax, did anything come abouta the phone call made on the t 21st of april in regards togardo the 17th-year-old claiming to cn be prince's son that wanted wane attend the funeral. fun is that just gone now as well.sw >> you know i don't know if tha' went anywhere.we i know that phone call was maded
9:46 am
10 the funeral.. but i don't know if it went anyn further past that. t then again, you go, okay, well,, is there going to be a paternity test taken or, you know, to figure out if that was an actual legitimate child. chi if so, then that whole willho might then get the turned into another --r -- >> drag in the courts for long l time film i don't know if theym followed it seemed like it was not credible at the time.edib >> 50 ken making a lot of0 ke headlines for his pictures andis video. % a picture of money afterft bankruptcy and now a video thatt doesn't make any sense anyense whatsoever. >> this is video really cameea c back to bite him in the butt but he posted video he was at ann airport walking through spottedd a 19-year-old kid working likekl the janitorial stuff, and and basically went up to him, him started kind of a harassing video taping kids these days she show up to work high. she's got the video camera inera the kid' look at his eyes are so dilatedl what drugs are you
9:47 am
turns out that 19-year-old actually has a form of autism and as berber guess and heand posted this video for his for millions of fans that follow hio and the family very upset about this. is you've embarrassed our son.ur s he's got mel condition.on. and really made 50-cent lookook pretty bad they were waiting foi an apology.pology we'll look for a million bucksic from you. and 50-cent did come out with an apology.apoly. he issue it.he issue and this is what he said.what hi it was certainly was not my up y tent to insult him or the or disability community which isni great source of strength in in america. i've apologized personal toll him and his family.m d hi then goes on to say, while thehi incident at the airport resultel from unfortunate misunderstan misunderstanding, i am trulyan sorry for offending the young man.fe by doing that apology may have avoid addvo lawsuit and clearly 50-cent doee not need to deal with anotherhnh lawsuit. la >> no. >> or court dealings at thisur point. >> no. >> dax he said he personally hpn apologized to them.olog are we allowed to assume he mete with him. him we don't know any details onailo that
9:48 am
kid or the familiarly.iliarl >> ooh won go that far.oh won g. i don't think he met with them.e >> okay.>> okay. >> maybe he did make a phonemaho call or shoot over an e-mail. >> dax speaking of apologies, ao and lawsuits, what's the going e rate for having your phoneho smashed by justin beiber thesehe days? (laughter). >> well, there is one guy goingg after justin beiber for smashina his phone and he wants $100,000. basically, beiber was in houstou nightclub the other day, and wad doing i guess a beer bong. bee did not go so well and according to the lawsuit justin wound up u with beer all over him. because it was a pretty funny incident. one guy capture the whole thingt on tape on his cell phone and according to the lawsuit says lu that beiber destroyed the cell l phone smashed it up so hep so he couldn't get his sim card back.c the guy is saying he lostlost thousands of priceless photos po from his trips around the worldw his grandma's hundred birthdaydy he lost a bunch of contacts sos he's missing out on certain cer commissions that was work andon he's saying, you know what, ig,u want a hundred thousand dollarsl for the smashed up cell phone.h. >> all right.
9:49 am
would hand him my phone and say smash away my friend in i kneww the hundred grand was coming w down the line. >> tmz airs 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 6 p.m. right here on fox seventy s two five. >> going rate a hundred grand. >> six -- 9:49 is our time righg now. coming up next today, may be mae star wars day but you know whatw tomorrow is?morr >> what's tomorrow.omro >> cinco de mayo. >> and wait until you hear how h much people will actually spendd to party. >> tequila talks, you know. ♪
9:50 am
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♪ all right.ri despite history the fifth of mam in america is a party celebrating mexican culture and heritage it's not too bad for fr retailers either.r. lauren simonetti breaking downag the business of cinco de mayo. >> reporter: cinco de mayo m marks mexico's rather irrelevana victory over the french francohc mexican war. war it's commonly misunderstood as
9:53 am
mexico's independence day. however, north of the borderf te it's an annual monday maker for retailers. fee teas broadway the nation'sa' largest celebration takes placee in los angeles. >> cinco de mayo is the culturau experience of consumer base anda how hispanic consumer is havingv an influence on our culture cinco de mayo is social holidayy people are going to enjoy theeny day just because it's cinco de e mayo 50% of the sales of cinco n de mayo come from wearableeabl product. people actually putting on hats, glasses, on body wear to decorate >> reporter: of course, liquoriq play as huge role in thehe festivities as wl. researchers say more peopleeeo drink beer on cinco de mayo thaa super bowl sunday or st. o patrick's day. constellation brands representst popular brands like corona and ma dell, they sold just short of 150 million bottles of beerf b leading up to the next can holiday in 2015.
9:54 am
>> we use cinco de mayo to kickc off the summer selling seasonea for us. u it is one of those windows ofins time you can start to enjoy the outdoors. >> without a doubt cinco de mayd is the biggest day for tequila too. to bars and restaurants are buyingy that week because the nature of the way tequila is made thoughah plants were planned eight yearsn ago and long process ofd lo maturation for the plants.tion p >> reporter: restaurantt business also sees spikes in aln thing mexican according to thent california avocado commission,s, 3 million pounds of avocados are consumed on may fifth and you au can't have dip without sales of tour at this time till la chips rose to throw $.8 billion last year during thg first week of may.ek o m in new york, i'm laurenn simonetti, fox business.ines >> all right. still ahead on good day at 10a, celebrate safely. >> chadwick bowes man howardwesr university alum turned marvelare super hero. kevin sits down it black panthek little bit later on and singer n estelle you know her from empirr she's
9:55 am
tomorrow night of she's going tg join us this morning.thisorni >> let's do coffee time on goodo day d.c.y d. if you've been eyeing our cool c gig good day mugs.d we have daa new good day d.c.. dunkin' donuts mug to give away. perfect cup for that greatha gre dunkin' donuts coffee head on to over to fox fox5 dc/contests.. one lucky winner but hurry you u only have from 11 a.m. to enterr and the rhyme right now is 9:555 we'll be back with more of goodd day on the other side of the break.
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy! ♪ oh, the drama. dra get ready for it on good day atd 10a. 10a. >> it's the mother of all returnreturns. empire fans this
9:59 am
we have exclusive preview off tonights' episode. epide >> start on empire we talk livel to grammy winner estelle about a the show. sho her music and her trip to thep t d.c. region. reg >> plus he went to howard andd now he's on the cusp of superupr don't miss our interview withew chadwick bowes man about his super role in captain wow. what a wednesday.what the 10a starts right now. ♪ >> running mate. >> the caps may be on the icema toy night.nit. >> they need help.>> they need h they're in trouble, steve.inuble >> we have the help for them. this morning. mni >> what you got? >> shenanigans. >> like many people in the d.c.l region tucker born and raisedd long time resident. he feels the team is cursed.d. >> okay.>> okay >> they have not yet won ahave n stanley come.stany com >> not the only d.c. team peoplp think is cursed. isursed. >> we have to start one small s thing at a at t one team at a >> we enlist experts to help h remove this occurs.occurs. >> okay. >> okay. >> it's boiling over right now. >> (cow
10:00 am
>> ut-oh. ut-oh. >> i feel a chill in the air. a >> all right.>> all right. here's what we're about.e a i have been a resident of this region since errly 1970s and wed have never won a stanley cup.eyp in fact we've never come close c except for one year. before we talk about breaking this occurs, let's talk aboutout the curse that is the caps. c let's take look at some numberse all right. you ready? 42 seasons thishis hockey team has been in town.n. one stanley cup appearance in 1998. 10, 10 capital collapses sinceee '85. that's when they leaving thevint series in the playoffs and comed up short.. 10 capital collapses. collapses they have not been past the second round since 1998. 1 how long has ovechkin been oneeo this team. >> not long enough.otong >> exactly. since '98 and they are one and seven against the penguins inenn the playoffs.fs listen i got nothing again theit penguins this is about allison,
10:01 am
holly, about lifting a curse.ur >> breaking the curse. cse. >> lifting the curse. >> i have invoked my magic sti stick. >> whoa! >> and i'm bringing it to life.f as we lift the capitals occurs c once and for all. >> shall it begin? b >> shall we read our spell?pe >> let's do'so it >> and the spell starts like this. definitely, definitely, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble, skin of a penguin into the cauldron you go and play off defeat soon you will know.. >> crosby once was fast, alwaysa on the go, now i occurs you with legs like molasses maybe you now 68 slow. >> goalie matt murray locate a t wall you have have been, move m over max, but i occurs you too crumble like the wall of berlin
10:02 am
the playbook.k >> oh, amount, my, captain,in ovechkin on eagle wings you wins shall soar for on this very ver night a hat trick you will sco score. >> to you nick backstrum, may your hands be like butter and may every pass be an assist to make penguin plans shatter.ns s. >> to you be placed with thebe p spirit of a bear standing tall t and strong in net many penguinng shots you shall >> help me out holly. >> double, double, toil andoil a trouble may the caps break therk chance came of their recentir rc trouble and with these words wes mumble and hope for a fenn begin victory will surely crumble! >> yes, go caps!! >> curse be l
10:03 am
>> is that a adlib.dl >> give it all we have and goodg luck to the caps. >> and ring the cow bell andlnd back to you. you >> oh, my gosh.y gh. >> the cow bell that's going tog do it. >> i think so, too. >> definitely >> nice spell, shakespeare woulw be proud. >> i got to do something.omethig >> i'm praying with you, too. >> bless us father for we haveov sinned.nn >> i was not part of that. t i don't believe in curse.t be >> i didn't either. i >> i don't want no demon to come get me.. >> i'm a little worry they'rehee amateurs.. >> yes. >> something else might gethils cursed. >> i know. i kw >> in the meantime.ntime >> hoping for the best. thanks to mark off they help us bringing in the costumes.osme they helped us out a ton. t >> very nice. >> great people to work with. >> slap shot making an an appearance. >> well done. >> you do a good witch, holly. >> maybe not my first time as as witch. i mean.i mea >> oh, man.>> that was fun.thas f >> thanks for sticking we us fof the what way to get the show show starte
10:04 am
caps play tonight so wishingois them the best of luck came fourf in pittsburgh tonight back homee saturday let's check what'set trending right now on this rig wednesday morning.esdamorn first up politic the race to tho white house smaller this mornini after donald trump primaryrima victory in end and last ted cruz's decision to drop outo as a result.ases many trying to come to terms t with the realization that trumpt will liking and republicanublica nominee.nomie this is the headline on the newe york post this morning.ning. asking readers can you believe it? and then there's this. t the new york daily news.ew warning the death of the republican party.ty do we have the daily news dai nw headline?adline >> there it is. >> aww.>>. >> adding injury to insult fori ted cruz as if having to suspend the campaign bad enough he texat senator force to do deal witheat this mishap i tweeted last nighn i fop it awkward. accidentally hitting and elbowing his wife three times in 10 seconds. >> when i first saw this this ii going to go viral andal immediately it did. >> one, two, three. thr >> oh, man
10:05 am
>> i called them elbow hug. >> elbow love taps.ap >> okay. >> all right. there's some other dudes to tald about this morning in theng in district there are new calls fof improved safety on board metro m buses following yesterday's ded deadly bus highjacking. 40-year-old annie pain was pn w struck and killed when a highjachighjacked bus plowed tha gas station parking lot in lot northeast d.c. police arrested 30-year-old keith loving.. loving is facing second degreede murder charges and today werg aw spoke to metro bus riders whoidr say more needs to be done to don protect the riders and they're t not the only ones in danger ther union who ept ares the driversri says attacks against bus metroro bus operator social security onc the rise and metro needs to do t more to protect them as well. aw as if this story wasn'ttorys disturbing enough already, aftet the bus hit the man in the gasnt station parking lot people nearp the accident scene just pulledld out their phones, their cellir c phones and took pictures andresd recorded video instead ofadf helping the victim.m >> i don't get that. >> it's the world we're in. in. like people are stressfultrsful situations you
10:06 am
you find the nerve or time to to pull out your cell phone andl pa take a picture instead of eithee helping or getting out of harm's way. it's weird.rd you guys talk to someone earlier who had specific name for it, i, didn't he.'t >> it's very technicalvery thnic psychological names for pattern behaviors. they say it's in people whetherr you're a helper or you're not.. some people --eoe >> it's inn eight.ig >> some people will help andopla some people will not. obviously there's contributory factors safety issues. issues. a lot of cases what he said wasd is that no one takes own are ini ship of the scene.ce so off lot of people standingin around.. maybe people assume somebody called for the only way to kind of harness that and make sure that thehat people who need it get the helph is for somebody to step up andtp take charge and say, you call 911. 911. you go do this and delegate thee authority to get the situation i under >> inn hernialy we always need leader.ader. >> yes.>> y >> you can't just assume that somebody else has taken the lea in a situation.on >> i pray if i find myself in af situation where i need helpe neh people don't come and start anda
10:07 am
i don't even know what is worstt actual injury or insult it to.ut >> this is disturbing actually a saw the man was in terrible tri condition but did not not technically pass away until heil got to the hospital. laying there and people walking up and snapping pictures.s. >> now that -- there's somethint wrong with somebody. s i can see if you'rome like oh mh gosh this seen is happening letg me take a picture of it i guess. >> what do you do with that y d picture after the fact? i meana this is not something that's ths fun. it's something tragic that justt happened and you going takeoing picture and save it and share ie with your friends. >> whatever. it becomes --it becomes - >> you know what else it d it i dee sense advertises us to people's pain and suffering ande i think that's why in weird wayy when something huge happens andn you see all these deaths, youeay know, it's almost like we need e the body counter to be higher to match the level of shock that we had to the previous event, and, thing like this in my opiniony n help feed into that. tha but any who.ny w all right.all ht moving on, this next story s we want to know if you think tht punish many fits the crime heree 1984 old high school student
10:08 am
he's facing a lifetime on thee sex offender registry for senion prank of all thing.of allhing now started with photo senior hunter oz born scene in the redr circle right there allegedly exposed himself in that photo po which was later sold to parents and students during footballg fb games and then published in the yearbook and distributed to ann additional 3400 people. peo osbourne was booked on 69 misdemeanor counts of indecentt exposure and one felony count of furnishing hurtful items too minors that. number could rise whether otherr who saw the photo decide to dec press charges a lost studentst t say the situation is being blowo out of proportion and they're circulating online support in i support of osbourne. does this punish many fit the te crime? >> i say no. i think it's --t's >> i think it's over the top.s p clearly he should not have donee this. this is a publication.licaon i don't know how difficult it was to so what he was actuallyca doing there. it's a little bit too m i mean, again, nobody is morey s strict thai
10:09 am
it's ridiculous what he did.. >> horrible decision.rible dec >> he wasn't trying to hurtis to anybody.anody. >> he was trying to be funny. t >> i think he needs some punish many but this may be too much. m >> for him to be branded forests of his life i think it's a little much. muc it's normal for new parents town take paternity and maternal wili the navy when their humans babies are born but now somen companies in england arengla offering paaternity leave for le hit owners. us pet insurance provider pet plan several people were offerer pay time off to care forare purchase babies. b don't expect it to happen in tht us any time soon.. after all u.r a is the only advanced country inu the world that does not guarantee paid maternity leave. >> i just going to say. >> you can get it for the petss first. >> yeah right.h ght >> then move on to people. >> whatever. new twitter campaign that ha
10:10 am
hit frozen is really taking offo calling on the animated film's producer to give else is a a girl friend the idea was first r tweet beside a teen on saturdaya the user saying imagine howin iconic that would be.e. since then the hash tag give elsa girlfriend has beend has b retweeted nearly 2,000 times. ts i mean this is a cartoon, right. >> right.ig >> i think -- i say nope. >> i don't see disney doing it.i >> not even that, i don't thinkt disney should.sney as i said, i know this is i controversial. it's a i have a hard time complaining i to my daughter she's coming cin about true love kiss ands relationships and where dos andd babies come from. fro i don't think that a cartoon iso the place to do this. let me talk to my daughter as ir see fit within my home toome t explain things like this to hero the cartoon is not the place toe do it. it. absolutely not.lutely not. i don't think it's a good idea.g i don't think disney should waid into it at all. a >> we'll go from howard to howdo hollywood.ywood chadwick boseman you know himh from movies like he was in 42,2, jackie robinson now he has a
10:11 am
role as black panther in captaia america civil war. w kevin was the only localy loc reporter to talk to him aboutimo the movie and howard universityi we'll have that coming upgrade taylor's dance off with holly heart thrown.hero demi lovato collapse back at a nicky man nature.ure. kanye makes a bold promise about his new tour. celebrity dish all coming up next. next.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
♪ 10:14. more important than the timingha is the date.ishe dat >> right.>> right >> the fourth of may otherwise e known as star wars day. d. >> right.>> may the fourth be with you. you. unofficial fan holiday the t franchise and for people like pl our good friend kevin mccarthy r who has an extra reason to geek out today. >> do it. >> party actually started ated a midnight comedy central launchee star wars song hash tag askingag fans to come up with star wars
10:15 am
themed song title.g title. they'll force star wars thercstr force awakens on demand localanl restaurant is inviting to youg y come celebrate the day with them. them eat the reach and oyster bar is featuring star wars menu and mua dressing up as their favoriteite characters.acte target and wal*mart arert a celebrating with star warswi sta promotion.prot the official website may the fourth references can go back to 1979 the dye took off once the internet started connectingonneg fans. kevin will watch one star wars s movie today. >> can you guess which one ithih is. >> empire strikes >> the last >> the very first one.>>on >> the winner is, holly morris. congratulation your prize you pi get to give celebrity dish.h >> it's just because i've heardd him say so many times, it's the, best one in the franchise.. and yoda i am. all knowing. knowing. >> you shall do the celebrity d dish all the stories like that. >> celebrity dish time with yoda. >> that we will. that weill.
10:16 am
when we thought this year metea gala couldn't get any better we discover tailor swift and tomnd had a dance battle 26-year-old r grammy winner andaminne thrive-year-old avengers star sa took to the floor during the ti's bring them out, bring themm out and they brought it out. o check it out.ut. ♪ >> okay. you know what, right -- he heldh out on me. we all we did was two step. s he's got some moves. moves i like it. i li >> it's pretty g your two stepts was impressive, too. impressive it was. >> they're moving near live nr i flame there. the candles made me nervous. nes drama, drama, drama.ra last night nicky minaj posted ps this photo of herself and dem my lovato at the met gala to hertoh instagram.ram. u
10:17 am
nicky did not tag demi in the post and demi noticed. niced demi posted this photo to her instagram page with the captionn "this picture pretty much summem um my first and probably lastas met hash tag cool, hash to go g not for me and hash tag what good" demi posted this picture.. the caption reads when you aren't mentioned in a post buts you didn't do anything to the person.person >> what? >> are they so thin skinned? ki maybe nick catch forgot.. >> we need to give them lessonss on how to be thicker skinned. >> exactly. >> met gala gossip doesn't stopt fashion blogger voiced her dislike for sarah jessica parker's met gala look saying sn she did not follow the gala'ss theme. well the actress caught win of f the post and took it uponn herself to leave a note defens defensing her wardrobe choice.
10:18 am
always welcome thoughts but i'mt a stickler for the theme and pap close attention to wait meansitm every year with great considerations, research andreca conviction.nv she closed her lengthy postengtp saying, perhaps you sit sim -- sill plea doesn't like what ikew wore which is completely feignln but you can't accuse me of notcn paying close attention andnd adhering to the theme withemeit respect and warmest regards.ds. >> okay, wake back up. >> exactly. >> are we moving on from the meo gallon today now. now >> we're moving on to kanye. >> can we go back to the met gala. >> can way west is going on o his life of pablo star willr w start this fans.ans. he hopes his tour inspires the fans the same way george lucas'' star wars franchise inspired ine him. inspired he is.ed he . west debuted this seventh studih album the life of pablo in i february during his mass suv sos out madison square garden easyas season three show. sho >> the only downside it's
10:19 am
available on >> right. >> all right. allight speaking of tours, six of thesih biggest names in rock they'llhe converge on a site of the coachc chill la festival in october. or rolling stones, bob dylan, paull mccartney, neal young, rogeroger waters and the who. who are you? who, who who --- >> nobody. nobody eek get nothing for that.t no crickets or nothing.cric no applause. >> all right. let me move on then.. all of them they'll play ata what is being build --ui - (applause).. >> really? (laughter).aur). >> really? >> day late. >> fired i am not by -- inspires i am not by the being billed as a desert trip. mega star line up will play between october 7th and 9th a 9 each act will play a full set that's right a full set singlein day general admission will cost you $199 and three day pass p ranges from $399 to $1,600.1,60 >> okay. here's the question. quest >> a hundred thousand people
10:20 am
saying turn at this time down. . >> listen how much are youuch au considering going, steve?g,te >> not enough to pay $1,600.1,60 >> you can get one --ne >> the low end. >> really? really? >> we thought you would be awoud shoe in.shoe when we first heard steve and sa tucker are all in. >> somebody wants to -- to -- >> i know he was going to say gs that. >> get him to old coach ella. >> kick start old coach ella. e >> if you go to festival you'reu to the getting close to seese ts everything.everything sometimes it's better to see ono band you like and get up close.e >> sometimes it's must about tht festival experience. i agree with that. >> listen, adam levine is one supportive hub. h he's so supportive of hise pregnant wife that he revealedev he's pregnant, too. the maroon five front man took n to instagram where he and hesss wife posed shirt less bearings g their stomachs in a adorable new snap. week 20 and i'm finally poppingg hash tag i'm pregnant, too.
10:21 am
joke. in the caption one month agone m levine confirm his wife'sif pregnancy in a sweet instagramnm pick of his pregnant wife laying out in the someone red bi keen k 19 wearing a los angeles lakerss cap which he captioned my twoo favorite laker fans. fs. >> good for you.for ci special. >> yeah. very how about we wrap this up wp with little beyonce'.it >> let's do it. >> beyonce' is turning herni her lemonade into watermelon.lo she announced she is investingin in watermelon the company is called watermelon water without the vowels. beyonce' says her invest many in the company is an investment int female leaders, fitness, healtha and american farmers. farme for the roar the companyny watermelon water does have aave drop of lemon juice in it. >> um-hmm.>> um-m now it all makes sense. >> exactly. >> it makes sense. ike >> watermelon with no >> only beyonce' can take a word and take the vowels out and out still spell the same thing. >> all right.>> >> there we have it. a there >> there was lemonade t
10:22 am
the lemonade.. >> absolutely. >> there you go. t >> okay. >> thanks guys. thankguys 10:22. coming up later a local finalisf from food network star back to o try to do it again. ain a new cooking competition. first though he is joining uss i live in the kitchen.itch he's a have have a guy we'll g w chat with him and wish him well. >> we're celebrating first responders on this internationah firefighters we'll be right back.ack. ♪ introducing the fusion of exceptional taste with the benefits of our probiotic yogurt. new activia fruit fusion, with the exclusive probiotic bifidus regularis. delicious and good for you. new activia fruit fusion.
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>> back now 10:24.>> montgomery county, lifeme pictures, police officers getting ready to honor fallen heroes during the annual fallen heroes memorial service. it's due to begin in a couplryef minutes at 10:30. 130 among those to be honoredose montgomery county police officer noah leotta. his inscription on the memorial wall will be unveiled at this service in a few minutes. leotta was killed by suspected e drunk driver while conducting an routine traffic stop inic s december. >> as they gather to remember the fallen todahey a day to honh and celebrate firefighters.ef it is international firefighterg day and we reached out to you tu share more about theut t firefighters in your life. lif we've gotten a lot of greatat responses on our fox5 d.c. facebook page including some ofm these little lengthy but you can see the pictures of the firefighters and their families. >> this is tim, firefighter tim shift let. >> okay. okay >> this is michelle who iss posting her brother robert,ober volunteer firefighter for 20
10:26 am
>> great picture there. >> nelson simpson prince george's county. >> anita price's boyfriend.nd >> and tracy magee's hub princec william county firefighter dan n magee.e he's been with them for 10 years now and she thanks him for h everything does.erng doe >> we're celebrating all fire f fight today's. ryanks for everything that dove you. if you will like to have yourke special firehafighter honoredor continue to send your pictures u in and we'll do what we can tott share them on social media and d if we can on the show as well.l. >> okay. >> always appreciative for thepe people that are willing to doar that for sure. 10:26 right now.htow still ahead on good day, the black panther unmasked.k kevin sits down with chadwickh i boseman to talk about the new tn movie and his dc ties. coming up next.p next.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ >> who the hell is the other t o guy. >> i'm about to find out. >> whew! >> that's deep stuff rightdeep there. i can't weight to see this. the black panther finally makink his first appearance in thepear marvel universe. chadwick boseman bring the character to life in captainn cn america civil war.vil kev got a chance to sit down with the howard university alumm and joins us now to talk about a it. >> that's right. t >> what's up kev. w hau' know you're excited. >> can't weight to see it. weig >> i've actually gotten moren mr excited.exci >> are you going to see this. >> yes. >> t
10:31 am
far.far out of the 13 films.ofhe 1 mcu. iron man, thor, captainr, ctain american, avengers, you have hav different universe, x-men-m universe all different but veryy very cool and chadwick bowes ma who plays black panther you knok him as jackie robinson amazingin act. t. 39 year old actor mayor taking black panther spin off movie and ryan queuing gary is directing that who directed creed and fruit veil station.veil stati 29-year-old director it's reallr really cool to have a local guyy playing this epic character. >> yeah.eah >> i spoke to him and paul his co-star who plays the vision in the film as well to talk aboutbo special effect sequences butuees also what is howard universityrt done for chadwick boseman and that connect he still has withh the school that he graduatedhe d from. check this out. >> you have epic runningng sequence in the film. fm i was they aring out about whene bucky is on the motorcycle andce i'm wondering how that scene was filmed, how
10:32 am
running in the suit. >> how are they doing thoseng te moments you go over cars.r car >> how are they doing that. tha >> you do as much as you can with the stunts and then, um, aa far as how -- there's alwaysays some kind of trick to a wire ore something that you have to getat on to make something like thatne happen.happ. >> obviously you're not running as fast as car so you're runnini maybe on something.. >> oh, that's cool.ool. (laughter). >> and for vision's make up i spoke age of you will tran.l t partially cgi but also partialll real makeup on your face.rac how much of it is actually really on you? you >> it's all real except for thee lines that, you know, the sortor of circuitry of the costumeosme continues on to the makeup and d that is done in post.os but i am spending my days purp purple. >> you're from d.c. went tont to howard university which isversys amazing. i want to ask you about youru journey from howard to now. n >> i'm really proud that one ofo the writers of
10:33 am
pantherish social security from howard. ton has see coast is writing the new black pantherishes. which just started a couple days ago.ago. the march issue so there's a a well new series so i'm proud of those connections but the fact that black panther is how war oo the page and also howard on the screen, um, i think it's a prouo moment. >> very proud moment.roud m it's great for him and he is one ofs the best parts of the film.. people have been tweeting me iss black panther a cameo. cameo no he's a major part of the film.. spiderman is a major part of the film not a little cameo you saws the trailer.rail. ant man is a big part, too.oo >> isn't that funny, ant man. >> that is funny. that's steve's type of joke.e ok i was waiting fog steve toog ste deliver that.ver th >> the movie opens tomorrow night at 7:00 actually i'll havv my full reviewto
10:34 am
make sure you see it in i max and directors live in studio on friday russo brothers fromro cleveland great directors theyte were doing comedy i think one oo them you, me and did you pre you prior to this and comedy shows, community -- the show communityy interesting to see they're jumpj >> the question i have thateha we'll ask them on friday, maybem you know, in a movie like this pick an arbitrary number. say it took a hundred hours toot film that movie. how many hours it would take in post for all the effects andts a everything. >> i think it's longer in post.s again i can't speak for them. te i'll speak on my little smalle s movie i made with my two buddiei we shot it in two days, 150s, 1 hours of editing.tin so i mean i think that -- i tt think a lot of the post stuff, u you have to understand when thet make movies they have somethingi called a second units which goeg to direct scenes when they're we not there and show them the dale lease of what they shot.of s they have so many peopleeople working. i don't know.t i would say editing and the post is probably more. p >> all the eroffects.. >> especially this is a effect e driven film.
10:35 am
when iron man and more machine c are flying that's digitallyally done. done. spiderman has a lot of digitalld effects. ef it's very very cool but the guy who plays spiderman tom holland can do lot of flips himselfse that's why he got the roll.ol he's very acrobatic. good to know when auditioning.ig >> i can't wait until you seeai this.this. this is better than every a gingers movie.s mov every spiderman movie. >> wow. >> not as good as the darks the knight.knight the dark knight will still s reign. >> i'll wait for your review. yi >> i can't weight to see this. i >> you'll flip out.ut. >> you and i black batman versus superman but this is on different level.differleve >> can i go back and say i go by something about howard.g ab >> yes. >> it's amazing how many success their actor. >> tare gentleman gee p. henson. >> lance gross was here the other day.otr da >> i need to go to howard. >> las alonso and avatar and and fast and furious movies, chadwick boseman taraji on empire got nominated for an oscar. >> i knoho
10:36 am
responsible you are.u are you already know all these the people. save your tuition money. mon >> graduate on time and you'lldy get half of it back they're neww incentive.. >> well... >> amazamazing student obviousl. >> thanks lot, guys. appreciate it.. >> queue the beats.ueuehe b >> ♪ >> you guys remember that.memb >> oh yeah. >> we're talking estelle. that's american boy and we'llndw chat with he is still about her music, her role on empire andira her trip to d.c. >> empire fans get ready for aoa jaw-dropping episode.piso we have your exclusive preview coming up next on good day at a 10a. we'll be right back.ack. ♪ hey mom, i could use some basil. 10a. we'll be right back.ack. ♪ oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary. life is mucho, and grande.
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♪ >> okay. it is mother of all returnser lucious and the lyon family coming face to face with his mom. the one he said died. remember that one? but that's just one of the jaw-drop opthinp twists ahead on tonight's's episode.ep if this exclusiveis previewview doesn't have you racing for ther tv tonight, i don't know whatt a will.. here's jones who plays porsche c and james hamilton with more.e. >> now that we have 2ceo'sces running for empire there's no telling what will happen next. n that's a lot of cooks in theksn kitchen.tche >> it makes the kitchen moreore exciting and will laura and hakeem stay engaged? e >> i doubt it because hakeem is a pimp.p. then there's lucious mom alive m and well.and wel i think we all know what andre a next move >> i cannot w
10:40 am
that next move is.ove and will we ever find out who w pushed rhonda? i can't wait tot see what's in store for the necc episode.od >> here's a sneak peek at what'a coming up. >> anika, where do you want toto us put this. >> you can put it right over p i there. anika is moving in all the babyb stuff, and a box almost falls on her. >> watch out! >> in that moment she felt that she was pushed. pus >> are you okay.>> >> andre has been saying i think somebody pushed you.somebody p i don't think you fell. she now sees it for herself.. >> i thought you fell. i tho i thought it was an accident.idt >> i thought i did, too. >> ♪ >> it's okay. this is her family. ♪
10:41 am
>> lucious' mother is actuallyy alive.alive >> he alluded to the fact thatec she committed suicide and video. just when you think you know ayn person all along his mom wask m alive. iv so it's a real shocker to the >> we think that is the finalal lie but, you know that ain't tht final lie with lucious. >> she knows this man isn'tws perfect but she loves him.she l. when you love someonewh you l unconditionally you just acceptc it all.. >> my mother did did try toid tt drown me. dr she put a gun to her head and ha pulled the trigger and told an n eight-year-old boy it's his fault she's the way she is. >> i can't she can surprise him any more. really lucious she keeps onus sk loving him. >> i think ya'll understand howh dangerous she really is. ♪ >> even the tight the first family of music she has such aha gift of gab. of she will ll
10:42 am
anything.hi she'll sell it to you.u this is the first they'reirsthe' acknowledging, yes, we're messes up and we have issues and we'rew broken and we're all of thesef t things just like any family buty as a family you pull back pull together and you bounce back.k. granted the lion familiar hasr s had other things like shooting o people in the eyes and killingnk people with candlesticks but they still a family. and they love each other. >> ♪ >> hot, hot, hot., you can catch tonight's episodei right here on fox5 at 9:00 p.m.. then join us on 10a tomorrow for ome. we'll recap our favorite moments of the show. i think there will be lot of b o moments from that show. whoo! whoo >> d y
10:43 am
let's move on. got more drama.more drama more stuff for you much she's fu popular artist on both sides off the atlantic. atlanti you know the one her huge hit he american boy, right?ight? >> ♪ >> there you go. we're talking about singer estelle. es you might know from herght kn fo appearance alongside jussie jus smollett on empire performing pm conquer are and she's certainlyy conquering everything sheueringh touches. she joins us now by phone tooneo talk about what is brin bringinr to the metro area tomorrow andro good morning to you, >> good morning.morng what's happening?what's happenig >> we are doing great here.e do so good to have you here on gooo day. so you have been one busy ladyad we're talking music, acting alln of your awards.wards. how do you keep it altogether? >> you just keep moving. literally you keep been working releasing recordsnc and doing tv and everything. ery so it's been busy and then justj happy to be working. >> indeed.>> indeed and of course you've been on ben empire which we just saw a clipi of you and jussie singing.e sin what was that experience like?
10:44 am
everyone is like what is itt is like? is it hard? it's like le exciting. >> it's exciting and it's prette easy. you get wrapped up like do youro best on the show and then it'sn kind of over in a minute. a min does that make sense? y yeah. yeah. >> it was very easy. eas i'm very cool with jussie. i knew of the cast members ibe worked with taraji in an old video. vi so it wasn't -- it wasn't new. it was just like they're myre m friends, cool, all right. i can do this, you know. know. >> estelle, the show empire really took america by stormy last year. y big in he know land or arer people following in england? ng have you talk with folks back there to see if they watch? wat >> oh, yeah equally as big. b everyone is clutching in the uk too. i watch it every week.very w it's a brilliant show. it's pretty economical
10:45 am
of gripped everybody. it's a row latable story it'sats about family so it makes sense. >> were you nervous being how shobig the show is in england ad here. he were you just i'm used to this kind of stuff.kind of stuf >> a little nervous. again, it was the way it wentayt through the roof.f. it's a different type of story,o you know.yo k i think lot of people asked meed after i was on it, is it true, is it close to the musiche industry? and i was like,, definitely seemed -- had its moments.m it's a tv show in real life. it's a little close.lose >> were you going to be back ono the show. >> with empire you never know.w. i can't even call it. i'll just say -- wait and see. >> all right. estelle we have we know you'veee got a show coming up at the bethesda blues and su
10:46 am
are you doing all right all favorites like american boy,noy hint, hint.hint >> of course. i have to do that song. we have fun. definitely one that you stand ua and not sit down and observe.ere whatever you doing if you'ref coming out tomorrow night make m sure you come to hav funav those shows. along it's one of e >> on good day we like to spilll the tea. we're wondering who is your you favorite american boy or do you have a bow you can tell uss about. >> it's changed over the years.s i have, um, i can't even call il right now. right now i used to have a hugee crash on chadwick boseman he was really exciting hearing him talt about being in the new black b panther movie.nthe mov >> we were just talking to himgo on good day. d he went to howard universitynive here in id.c. so you know we can make a little something something happen wheno you come into the good dayme se. we'll have chadwick come and yod guys can see what jumps off. o we make
10:47 am
estelle.te >> look, come, connect me up.e u i'm a huge fan. >> we might come up with a lovee spell. we have spells around here.el ao >> estelle let me ask you let something. so many times i'm sure fans hav come up to you, fans of yourf y acting and your singing and sing probably star struck and maybe they stumble a little bit don'tb know what to say.knowhat to s what's the best way for a fan to approach someone like you soikeu that you don't think that't tnka they're crazy and you might havh a conversation with them?he >> oh, no. >> did we lose her.e her. >> you scared her off. y scare >> oh, man. >> i'd say so. estelle if you can hear us weedr we've love the connection.neio certainly we're glad you were gu able to join us. to jo her show again at the bethesda d blues and supper club thursday u night.nigh check her out. it's always 8:00 p.m. is the.m time by the way. way she's a wonderful singer. if you only know american boyrin you're missing i think she might be quasie quai single. >> there are a lot of us holly.l i'm telling you.i'm tell it's a revolutioinn
10:48 am
>> holly with her book ofoo spells.sp be carul >> i'm praying s li you'll like me when it workl out. (laughter). >> 10:48.>> time to get cooking. coo we are going to go into the gooo day kitchen. the come back kid food network star finalist chris will join u live in the kitchen next. nex he's about to star in a foodn ao reality show. he's making a business of thisf these days. es first he's going to whip up ahi little dessert for us and sharea his secrets. his se we'll be back.l b ♪
10:49 am
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♪ time to enter the good daydy cafe. cafe we believe in second chances ouo next guest finalist on season 1 of food network star trying tory get his own show on the food fod network. well didn't happen that time bub he's back to compete in new n competition called food networkk star come back kitchen.chen now this competition will be hosted by valerie we are tine nellie and tyler florence previous competitors of foodti d network star will get back b together and battle against eacc other for chance then be one season 12 of the actual foodood network star.twor s if it sounds confusing
10:52 am
chris is joining us here in thet loft. how you doing. thanks for having f >> you went on the show thet on first time. this wasn't your first show. sh. you tried get on hell's kitchent and made it through therough t auditions for that and you wentn on food network star.. >> i did cut throw kitchen. kith >> that's right. >> which man when you watch that show that throws wrenches in tht plans don't it.s do >> you got to think on your feeu a lot. definitely. i have a mobile kitchen caterini company. >> right. >> stuff always happens. electricity stops.try stops. >> just like live tv learn how h to roll with it.t. >> you go on to get your own you show you didn't win when youn were on before.we on be >> yes. >> now you get a second chance. exactly. like, upping, i like to think t they brought their favoritesav >> of course you have to beatouh everybody else that didn't makee it. >> exactly. then we have to go back on theo regular season and try to try t compete all over again.ete all a >> all right.>> a >> let's talk cooking at theook same time. what will you be doing today. ty >> one of my church members crc actually this sunday was like i don't like decaffeinated coffeee i can make a dessert out of thht
10:53 am
>> so i decided to -- soundsnds like a good >> i decided to make flour lessl chocolate cake.cholat i did a hab with nair rogen thank you very much with bakingg candy and brandied dark cherry.r >> stepping it up.ppg it >> with coffee in there. >> explain the flower less cake. what do you if you it in it. >> what is it?t is i >> it means gluten >> so all the gluten lovers will absolutely love this cake. >> it's made with egg and yolk.y right here we have some he s chocolate and butter.oltt you want to mix that it's well w blended. >> all right. >> want me to mix this while you're doing other stuff.tu sure. go ahead and do this. t over here i have egg yolks,ol sugar and vanilla extract. eract you just kind of want to whiptwh that until it becomes a nice n pale color.c >> okay. >> and we'll whip that real go good. and then over here i've alreadya whipped egg whites. this is really simple recipe bym the way. >> it seems like it
10:54 am
sound like when you hear about it. >> we whip egg whites until they form soft peeks and mission itii altogether.togeth. be gentle with it fold it and a right now let's see, go ahead ae and dump this in the mixture miu you're doing. dng >> i'll turn this over to the ti expert. do you wanted to the mixing or e dump it in. >> that's fine. fold that in there.ld t >> you didn't know you would ku have an sift tan on the show.n o >> no, no, this is great. >> every good chef needs a goodg sue chef. cf. >> yup. do you want this to cool down an little bit and whip in your eggg whites.whites. >> okay. put your oven on 350 and bake i for about 20 to 25 minutes untit it's nice and clean in theann t middle. i have some here.have we'll go ahead and plate up --p plate it up today. >> lease see how it works. >> i cooked in these domes i didn't like the shape so i kindk of cheated and cut it out. and t >> that's fine.ha is it we'll take our brandiednd cherries and put these in here real quick. >> put those on the bottom. botm >> if you like brandy, this iss definitely a great one doe
10:55 am
while you're settling this now n when it comes to the showto t because you obviously the goalvl to have your own cooking show.w. >> yes. y >> so what is going to be the te theme of this show that youthat want? what would you do on youu show? what's your hook?yo h >> i'm glad you asked. aed so my pov is party food on the night. ni i'm a caterer and that's where e think i fail my first time.sti i was trying to do what iohat i thought would be good for the t show instead of being who -- w - being true myself. >> common mistake p cateringe pn food is what i.ha to i do party bites plated p dinners. dinners. that's what i. to i want to teach people how tw entertain in their homes.. quick parties foods that you cau do on the night. that's what we're doing today.'. >> i love it. le is this a change.a sounds like a little bit becausc you learned from what didn't work before.wo bef >> yes. >> but is the whole concepton different from what didn't work' before? is this like whole neww concept you want to try thishi time? >> you just kind of tweak wrack you were going in the firstoing mace? ma >> no. the first time i was like tryiny to, you know, elevate, modern food with, you know, molecular as tron me i
10:56 am
that's where i failed a little l so,, i just put that there.he you see you can do it any kind k of way, and would you serve thaa at a party?ty >> well, i won.l, i won i would totally intimidated byab that. seeing you do that i feel better about it. >> you want to try it.t to >> i absolutely want to try it.t >> dig right in. right i if you want you can pour can pou yourself a little shot. s this right here is darker dar cherries i have in brandy b soaking for like a week. >> we have 45 seconds left inon the show. chris we wish you the best ofe f luck. >> yes. >> we hope when you get your own show because we know we'll winwn please come back and we'll cookk with you.. >> somebody said pour yourself a shot?sh? (laughter).aughte >> i heard that. >> yes. >> best of luck to you.. >> dig right on in there real r type if you're chocolate loverla this is your >> oh, man. >> chef, you have out done yourn sell. >> she's going said shut thet t front door that's how good itowg was. >> wait, come on over here
10:57 am
come on in here.. >> bring it on. >> my gosh. come on in here.. >> bring it on. >> my gofrom the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days.
10:58 am
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crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable. it's "hot topics" live on "the wendy witness show." >> >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all "hot topics," all week long, all week. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] yes! yes! ♪ thank you for watching! say hello to my co-hosts, my studio


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