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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i'm maureen umeh.nmeh. >> i'm wisdom martin helpingti you get a good start to your y rainy dreary day.y ry d we'll start right now withow wit erin como. good morning to you, erin como. >> good morning to you.good it's friday what a great day of the week. >> always.ay alw >> unfortunately we havenfor drizzle around the area wetre roads again. good news is all of our our interstates are quiet but we b e know what happens when rain moves in. we got you covered and let's a l blame it on gary. >> always blame it on gary. >> wash, rinse repeat that's what we're doing with there doit weather today,h just basicallyi stuck in it.stk in better for the weekend. weend. we'll talk about that.'ll that's coming up, guys. >> thank you, gary. g >> let's get to some breaking bg news from northern virginia.rngi story police desperately wantten you to see and hear.ea an amber alert for a a three-year-old boy who may beoyy in extreme takenner? takner? case broke overnight in spotsylvania >> melanie alnwick is joininglnk us now by phone with details d on this story. melanie, what can you tell us.te >> reporter: we can tell your: w the last time anyone has seen three-year-old zion clinton
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amir williams was -- the spotsylvania county sheriff's office again in their wordstheiw said that he could be in extreme it is believed that he is with t a man joshua christopheristoph williams, so with those same sam last names we can assume that ae there may be some relation.n. however, spotsylvaniaylvani sheriff's office has not said s that at this point. joshua williams is five-11,e- 160 pounds and we're also toldol that he apparently assaultedssed the boy's mother and then tookk the child. now,il they did flee in a 20 viennese san altima tan with virginia tags not too long ago a we learned that the vehicle had been located but so farut police have not been able to ae tell us where that vehicle was located.lote so, we are working to try tot get that information fromonro detectives but it is a critical case here.ase h we he do have pictures. ptu i know you guys have them, we t have them on our web site as
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well as people want to look at those and share them please tm l because again, we don't know k t this point whether they arein still considered to be in theeri spotsylvania area or in the oin northern virginia region so s that's why it's important that everybody get that informationor out there so we are again headed to zion williams is theas little boy, the three-year-old's last known location and he's little,e'litt guys. he just turned three. tee his birthday was just back on april 19th.ri so, a little guy and they said that really seems like all he al was wearing was a blue and white diaper with some carsith c from the movies, the disney movies cars logo on it so a little guy, 3-foot -- 3 feet tall, 35 pounds sole, we're poue going to get down there and thee we'll get you whatever wte information we have as we getwew it. back to you. >> mel, your phone cut out ature the beginning of this.of t you said he's been missing for how long. >> reporter: he's been missing since 7 o'clock lastclst night.
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we'll check in with you a bityot later for more details on thisas breaking news story from fro spotsylvania county. >> 4:32 is the time.:32 is t a man threatening suicide isde safely talked down from thefrom bell tower of the nationalationa cathedral. police say the man climbed the scaffold and stayed up there s for about two and a half hoursos before coming down around aun 2:45. he's now in the hospital.pital. >> godwin middle school willn mi open on time today.en on time td that is the word from school soo officials after a man wasan w found shot there last night. n that man later died at theat hospital. the school says the victim wasst not a student or a staff a s member there.he police this morning are stillg s searching for a suspect.ching it is the second homicide ine two days in prince william wil county. >> happening today, the manng accused of killing his wif teife and a prince william countyam c police officer will be back in court. ronald hamilton faces first degree and capitol murdernd charges in the death of his wife, crystal and rookieooki officer ashley guindon. gndon two other officers were hurters during the incident. hamilton's lawyer
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mentally impaired because of two course in iraq.q. >> steven vander brill wasan found guilty in the death ofn ta grace mann. man the two were also roommates. defense argued event vanderventn brill suffered from aro delusional mind but the jury said he was sane.e sane. >> two fairfax county teachers r accused of killing al four-year-old girl in their sherri digs and lisa campbell cm charged with misdemeanord withde assault.saul police say the alleged abuse a happened last month in alexandria.alex police are concerned there may e be more victims. victims. >> and then there was one.erwas ohio governor john kasich ending his presidential bidsidet leaving donald trump as theonalr only remaining gop candidate.. kasich's announcement comestom following senator ted cruz's decision to bow out onon tuesday. on the democratic side, frontrunner hillary clinton could beocll forced to testify i under oath.un it surrounds her use of ads h
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was secretary of state.f a federal judge has approved a proposal by judicial why to t force clinton to testify undertr the freedom of informationnformi act. ac >> wow, listen, i know this isns getting old.tting clouds, drizzle, showers hereho and there and temperatures intu the 50's and the 60's and0's a that's for highs, guys. listen, here's where we ares this temperatures are pretty coolures out in spots. 58 frederick, in town wee settled down to 51.. we're not go together warm upo a lot and the way it'sto lookino this morning there are a few showers. there's nothing here too heavyie and it looks like what you'rehae seeing back out to the west of f us, that's fauquier countynty along 66, yes, there could be a shower this morning here inng the metro but i really thinky t if it happens, it will be light, should be spotty. spott shouldn't be a big deal at all. forecast looks like this. l drizzle and clouds, a couple, ol showers, too. we warm up to
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60 degrees.60 degre that's in town i can see us staying in the 50's through t most of the suburbs specialpe north and west.north and wes erin como wish i hm better hm b news in the how about you, you got any better news on this friday fri eve. >> we're working up to a veryy busy morning and i'm worriedri the rain and the wet roads w could cause additional problems. 3100 block of wisconsin avenuevu northwest reopened. reopene all traffic getting by after b t police activity scene had things slowed down and if you're making your way outngy in virginia right now our o majors into the district 95 north in stafford, then onceonce you past that point gettingha into dale city is quiet. is qu same story 66 east, 234 too centreville and 267 none of67ono that typical congestion yet fn y you're headed to the airport we have a crash bw parkway parkw northbound by 175.y keep it to 95 northbound ifboun you're headed to bwi. b we'll have more traffic inc just a few.just a few >> coming up on fox5 news5 new morning new questions areions being raised about the effectiveness of u.s
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>> ♪ >> 4:40 is the time. u.s. funded abstinence program m to combat hiv in africa is notsn working according to a newew study. the president's emergency plan p for aids relief was developedev to educate people aboutbout abstinence and hiv.iv researchers looked at theers lok number of sexual partners inartn the past year age at firstfirst sexual intercourse and teense a pregnancy and found there's no n difference between countriesweei that did or did not receiveeive funding. >> in california now you haveia to be 21 years old to smoke. s the state's governor signed agnd new law making it the second thc state in theis to raise the to e minimum age for buying tobacco c products from 18 to 21. california governor larryno brown imposes the same restrictions on electronic cigarettes. >> nfl player johnny manzielan
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to face a misdemeanor assault au charge. he turned himself in to policeop and posted bond.d b manziel allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend.rlie >> time now is 4:41. let's go ahead and take a look a at the stories you're engaging g with most on social media this morning using our realtimeusing news track first up just hours after after donald trump became the likely k gop nominee the conservativeminh web site red state urged the u e senate to confirm presidentsi barack obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland.arla site managing editor leon wolfr argued trump could not beatld nt hillary clinton and warnedne that she would choose somebodysy more liberal than garland.haga in the sports world a source leaked to us weeklyea that former olympian caitlynn ct jenner will appear on thehe summer cover of sports srts illustrated wearing nothingd we but an american flag and herg ad olympic medal. the cover hm celebrate theelrate 40th anniversary of her record setting decathlon at the 1976 t7
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and finally is jay-zs finally sharing his side of sid the story? now, reports are surfacing the rap icon is is recording songs that will reveal his version of eventsissn surrounding the rough patch inot his eight year marriage to beyoncé. that that shed light on in lemonade. beehive will surely be buzzin buzzing. >> more money. >> we've been had. >> yeah, i think that is more m evidence to wisdom's original oi call that it was all all promotional it was all f >> i feel so betrayed. bet can i go on. g o >> thank you, holly.lly. >> 4:42 is the time.he tim coming up on fox5 news news morning, a group of d.c..c parents meet with city leadersea about recent reports aboutut lead paint in water in the p ina city public schools. s >> time now is 4:42. 4 helping you jam out thishis that's right. olay. cinco de mayo. fox5 news morning back right
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>> ♪ >> we're back at 4:45 with breaking news.brea an amber alert issued in spotsylvania county is for a for missing three-year-old namedar zion williams. you -osee his picture on your ou screen right now police believe zion was abducted by joshua christopherso williams.wi his picture is on the right. rig they say he's in extreme danger. if you have any informationan abouy t where zion and joshua ju williams may be please contacteo police. >> melanie alnwick is coveringwk that story for us. meantime gary mcgrady is gad here to talk about cloudy, dreary, rainy. rainy >> nhing else to say. s at this point on this i mightnto need counsel. cou >> i'm telling you.ling y. >> counseling, counsel. >> seasonal mood disorder.l >> i think that's what theywhaty deal with in the state of the washington and seattle because b it's like this all the time. >> all the time. tim misty, cold rain. r >> that's why -- well, we won't get into that.t to that.
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amounts of tech keel ya' and margaritas today. today cinco de mayo. >> from may the fourth be with w to you cinco de mayo. mo. whatever makes you happy. h >> i'm loopy. >> whatever you need to get tond the other side. sid temperatures out there --he - maureen says this is the worstor morning -- she says it's awfultl out there. it's a little mistyat and drizzly in town.n. out in the western suburbs we have a couple of showers outhowe there. i'll show that you here inthatoh just a second but temperatures kind of cool.nd of co 51 definitely light jacket jac required.required dulles 51.dues 5 bwi marshall is 51 degrees.1 ee weekend forecast is not toos n big of a change. chang cloud of rain for mother'sfomoth day. that grew on me. i'll change this.i' change this. but 72 degrees on saturday.esn . we'll have a little sunshine, lt some clouds and still some showers, okay but enough enoug sunshine it looks like to getlig us out of the 60's into thein te low 70's. 7s mother's day 75 degrees.'s really have d not changed much c other than this big monster b cloud of rain.ig it shouldn't be that wclay. be w i think that there's afr
4:47 am
system that's going come through early on sunday morning and it may just try too kick off an isolated widelyidy scattered shower, okay.r, okay. that's what i intendd that to ta be so just a slight risk of a a shower early, early on early mother's day. shouldn't be a big deal, okay.ia it does look like the trend isnd better this weekend. weeke we start trending in a drier direction. this morning couple of showersps back out to the west of us. it does look like that throughgh the day today, we're really rea just kind of talking aboutgbout clouds, maybe a little bit of bo drizzle out there and spotty showers. i think where the showers will be most abundant today will be t back out to the west and toe wen the southwest. sthwe not the deal for tomorrow. tomorrow the increases -- the -- chances for rain increasencreas because the upper level area aa of low pressure will be kindur of centered on top ofe us and s that's going to startero starter bringing in moisture off ofn moe the atlantic and that -- youha-- can see by saturday morning wenw still have a chance for cha showers and there's stilld ther going to be showers around here on saturday but again,, the tre
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saturday, sunday and intoay andt monday. a few showers around thisers morning. here's your forecast forr foreca today. only 60? some places willces wl stay in the 50's.ayn the >> what. >> clouds and cool -- i know, i know. winds out of the northeasttf at only about five to 10 milesvl per hour and a quick peak at your seven-day forecast. 60 today. 60 a few showers around.roun a little warmer on saturday. saa should be mostly dry on dry mother's day with some sunshine. temperature of 75.ere and then next week, whew,k,he reality finally comes back. bac 70's and even some 80's. here's erin.n. >> well, i guess i'll enjoy enj the cooler weather before weerer get that crazy 90's. >> you can't say you didn'tn't know because that's been thet'se forecast for the last several ts days. >> exactly. grab your umbrella and some a s patience another morning wherene wet roads could cause caue problems. tweeting out for everyone to ern let you know at erin fox5 d.c.od if you have any questions for fr your morning commute bw parkway on the northbound sidebe there's a crash between 175 and anne arrundel millsundel mis managed so caution there. cau also 50 eastbound heading out towards the beltway
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there's a crash at 41041 involving an overturned the right lane at thatri location is blocked.ti no major delays on 50 east oras westbound right now between bwen 295 and the beltway.e but just give yourself somef som extra time to get past thatt scene. aside from that as you makee your way to the airport airpo traffic looking nice right now as you make your what toy wt reagan national and dulles dul we're accident and delay free de there. let's take a live lookke outside.ou 95 as you make your way on the e northbound side through dalee city problem free.ree. really light volume right now.i. this is what we like to seeke to for this time of morning. certainly let you know when that normal morning canma congestion starts to kick in through stafford and as youl foa make your way towards theds the springfield interchange.nter in addition to quiet roads on rs 95 things looking good on 66. problem free on your commute inbound from maryland.d fr whether heading in from frederick or annapolis thingsisg looking out in bowie as well wel as silver spring. metro gearing up for service at 5:00 a.m. that's on time: maureen. >> elevated lead levels were found at capitol hill hill montessori school.ool. o
4:50 am
at three locations, two waso was outdoors, one was a john j tour's sync.'s the drinking water appears nowrw to be safe. saf water sources at 12 d.c.. public schools tested positiveov for elevated lead levels.el >> as many funds that comet come into the schools and everything this problem shouldel have been resolved.esolve >> i think it should have beenth taken care of if they knew thekn lead was here and this is an old building.uildin they should have been checkedke this. >> asking the city to do athe full test of every school, every water source in ther so school to make sure that we w cover every building where thegr kids are going to be trying toeg learn.learn. that's true with charterh schools as well as traditionalal schools. >> officials plan to retestlan o all d.c. schools before summer m camp begins next month.gins nex. and just hours after thoseot results were released d.c pants took that's right a town hall to voice their concerns. a lot of parents were upset ups about how d.c.p.s. is handling g this iss they say there's been a lackhere of communication throughouthr the >> d.c. water meeting came them same day president obama
4:51 am
visited flint, michigan. it was his first visit to theo t city since the drinking waterer became contaminated with lead.hd the president met with met w residents and took a sip ofd toa some of the city's filteredtere water to show that it's now safe. fe clean water is the basic bas responsibilities of the government. >> i will not rest and i'm going to make sure that thesure leaders at every level ofel of government don't rest until u every trop of water that flowsts to your homes is safe to drinkoi and safe to cook with and safe s to bathe b >> michigan state lawmakersstats approved an additionaldditional $128 million to address the crisis.cris >> a high school montgomeryscho county is promoting awarenessot of sexual assaultsin on collegee campuses. >> students and residents gathered at walt whitman hightmg school in bethesda to share their own personal stories andid take that's right a group a discussion. the documentary at the huntingyt ground which details howai h colleges are handling theg t increasing number of sexual assaults taking place oning ace campus was also shown.wn >> it's important for them to understand that they can be in
4:52 am
under the influence, in dangerae of being attacked sexually or harass evidence sexually anda so for them to exercise exercis caution when they're entering t relationships and try to makehe thtrem healthy and equal. >> the women's a cappella cappel group also performed until itedi happens to you.ha that's the lady gaga songg about sexual abuse and wasxu alsoal nominated for an oscar this past year. >> in today's health watchh wath baltimore based sciencecien research company developing ag a vaccine for the zika virus. harris biologicals hopes to t begin clinical trials thisals fall. it could take two years or even three years of trials of ts before researchers know if ahe vaccine is effective.ecve the cdc is concerned zika cases in the u.s. will spike wie this that disease zika has beena hasb linked to serious birthus bir defects. the connecticut woman whoho underwent a face transplantra five years ago after being attacked by a clime pan see he h is back in a boston hospital hoa after doctors discovered her h body is rej
4:53 am
transplant.spla. doctors were trying to wean to w her off the antirejection drugtn she has been taking since here 2011 operation.raon now in a statement she sayshe s she was fine and didn't known'tk she was having a rejection episode.ep she's happy for the contributions she has made. men who eat a lot of fattyat foods may feel the need for an afternoon nap.afternoon na researchers found men who eatho a lot of fatty foods are more like to complain they're tiredla during the day than those whoin don't n contrast there tha was n clear connection between the men's carbohydrate or protein intake and problems with daytime sleepiness.s. >> 4:53 is the time. 43 is students have lunch at school so but what about dinner? dinner? because one prince williamone county high school is servingser up dinner for free.ree. >> since february garfield high school has been providing i meals at 4:00 p.m. mondayda through thursday.hursda the school qualifies for aua u.s.d.a. program because moreaue than 50 percent of the0 percente students are on free or reduced priced meals.eals
4:54 am
have the opportunity to haveoav dinner at home. >> it's something that theyy would know it's taken care ofaro and they don't have to worry about it. it. >> the school serves up to 200o meals every night and there's no tiff vision of low incomeonw or high income students. they're all welcome if they're ' in an after school activity.ctit >> great idea. >> well, today is cinco d cincoe mayo if you didn't hear hea maureen talking about it thisth morning and that means it's a ma party celebrating mexicanng man culture and heritage.erit >> it marks mexico's victory over the french. f it's commonly misunderstood as mexico's independence day.nd it's a annual moneyep maker for retailers. >> cinco de mayo is a verys er social holiday people are going to enjoy the day justt because it's is this companyompa day myo.dayo 50 percent of the sales of o cinco de mayo come from fm wearable product people p actually putting on
4:55 am
glasses, on body wear to t decorate themselves.el >> and of course liquor playsuol a huge role in the festivitieses as well.el researchers say more people drink beer on cinco de mayo m than super bowl sunday or even e saint patrick's ick' >> it's all good then. >> yeah. >> the weather doesn't matter. t >> that surprises me.hat no big deal but it does doe surprise me. m let's see.see that's every day for wisdom. wis here's what's going on out there.e. >> dry guy. >> what's that? that? >> i completely missed it. mis >> he's the dry guy. guy >> i know.w. but i was just trying to beg to facetious.ce >> okay. >> here's showers out thereers this morning a-few.ning winchester you're getting aish will of light rain up and downta 81 but basically out towardsly western maryland -- look, most s of the shower activity ishor ac going to stay there today off to the west of us.f u that doesn't mean we might nothn have a shower come across, acrs, light it could happen. couldpe but mainly clouds and cool highs, too., t look at that.lo a lot of 50's out there. the that's just not -- that's justsj not rig something
4:56 am
lots of 50's as we're into may. may. cinco de mayo and we're may talking highs only in the in upper 50's. do something about that erin >> i'm busy celebrate where did you go i'plan where did youl cinco de mayo. near 410 an overturn truckn truk involved in a crash.von state highway administration letting us know if you head to h the beltway you'll pass thatyouh scene. sc volume still pretty light so no major delays.elay make sure you slow down through that active accidentccin scene. inbound 50 looking good. lking no slowdowns near kenilworthenrt yet. ye things on the way to then the airports looking good, 395 goo 3 inbound problem free. fre let's take a live look at maryland, 270 on thend, 27on t southbound side we arehbound sid cruising along as you make me your way down past frederick down from the truck scales toca the spur, no issues there. tre certainly let you know if andyo when in does got you covered on this rainy r cinco de mayo celebration
4:57 am
metro gearing up for serviceing at 5:00 that is on time if youey want to avoid those wet roads.. >> coming up on fox5 newsx5 n morning questions about thetiono attack in benghazi continue tono plague hillary clinton and now c there's word that she may soones be forced to answer questionssts publically.blically >> heartbreak in pittsburgh as the caps suffer another loss in their quest for the stanleyst cup. oh, man.oh, as we head to break here'se' a quick look at the stockhe stok futures. fox news morning back after aftr this. this.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> straight ahead on fox5 news5w morning breaking news.inking an amber alert, a desperatepe search under way for a missingsg three-year-old boy fromyear northern virginia.he why he could be in extreme >> and we are still rockingill the red even though the caps' c' chances of reaching thechin stanley cup finals appears to be dwindling.windling. >> good morning.>> welcome to fox5 news i ring the bell. they don't win. w i don't ring the bell theyl don't win.don' i'm beginning to think i don't i'm beginning to think i don'thi matter. you matter though.matt we're glad you're with us.s. >> i'm maureen umeh. umeh. holly morris, erin como, thursday may fifth cinco


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