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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> straight ahead on fox5 news5w morning breaking news.inking an amber alert, a desperatepe search under way for a missingsg three-year-old boy fromyear northern virginia.he why he could be in extreme >> and we are still rockingill the red even though the caps' c' chances of reaching thechin stanley cup finals appears to be dwindling.windling. >> good morning.>> welcome to fox5 news i ring the bell. they don't win. w i don't ring the bell theyl don't win.don' i'm beginning to think i don't i'm beginning to think i don'thi matter. you matter though.matt we're glad you're with us.s. >> i'm maureen umeh. umeh. holly morris, erin como, thursday may fifth cinco
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mayo. roads not trying to celebrateeba any kind of party td >> cinco de mayo its friday fday eve should be the best day ofe h the week but we have rain later. la in prince george's there's ageor crash on 50 eastboundon overturned truck 5 by 410. 4 >> we might need that cinco decc mayo drink right about now.ut >> never too early erin, that's always our theory, you know.know. >> yeah, i can get it, this can rain is so depressing and temperatures in the yuck zonee of 50's and even 60's. 60' there's nothing we can do about it guys.abou we just have to ride it out.ut it gets better, though.r, t we can see the light at thehtt h end of a tunnel. t it's a metaphor, right? here? r you go.u >> all right gary thank you. 5:01 is our time. tim several stories breakingl storie overnight. first from northwest d.c.orthwe. where a man threateningeateni suicide climbed to the bell tower of the national cathedral. police say the man went up the scaffolding on the outside ofute the cathedral just after midnight. he stayed up there for two and a half hours before safely saf coming down around 2:45 this5 th mo
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>> the spotsylvania countya couy sheriff's office they'ref's looking for a three-year-oldearl boy. his name is zion clinton amironi williams. police say he was abducted byy joshua christopher williamsams and is in extreme danger.ger. >> police say they are in a tan 2015 nissan altima with virginia tags. if you have any information,tion you are asked to call police. pl the man accused of killingng his wife and a rookie prince pri william county police officerceo is due back in court today. ronald hamilton faces first degree and capitol murderitol mr charges. police say hamilton shot andn sd killed his wife crystal backstab in february.ruar he then opened fire on responding officers killingilng officer ashley guindon. gui two other officers were also hurt. hamilton's lawyers say he is mentally impaired as a result of two tours in iraq. t >> in maryland a 39-year-old a man is dead after he was hitr hh by an amtrak train inra in rockville. police say the victim was hit va near nicholson lane around 4:30 yesterday afternoon butft
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behind a target store on bow avenue.en his identity has not been released the the train wasrain w heading from d.c. to no one on board was hurt.ur over to the district, the man accused of highjacking a metrobus and callingli pedestrian in northeast isan i being held without bond. bon keith loving made his firstir court appearance yesterday.e y he admitted to being high on k2 and pcp when he took control of the bus plowing it through a gas station parkingsta lot striking and killingling anthony pain. pain. losinloving is charged with sece degree murder. murr. >> sentencing day for a prince i george's county man who killednd his stepfather. he was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter ingh the death of joseph newell. james shot newell more than a dozen times back in 2013 in 20 following an argument overover yard work. w james was acquitted of firstf rs and second degree murder andegrd now faces up to 10 years in prison.on >> donald trump will bewi campaigning in west virginiavirn today, that's the next stateex to hold a primary next tuesdayud but trump is no
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it out with any primary rivals.riva comes after john kasichas dropped out of the republican ri presidential race.pres happened yesterday afternoon. this trump's status as the t gop. frontrunner hillarytrun clinton could be forced to testify under oath about herer o use of a private e-mail serverve when secretary of state. s the legal advocacy groupy g judicial watch created the proposal to force clinton'slintn testimony under the freedom ofdr information act and a federal fr judge approved it.ved it. a clinton campaignn spokesperson would not commentoe on whether she'd oppose the order. or >> ♪ >> clouds out there this morning. it's kind of cold, too, inn spots as we've dropped down into the upper 40's.0' let me show you bus stop stop forecast for at a because becau we're going to start in thetorti 40's and the 50's.0's. there's drizzle, there's mist, there's a few showers.w owe i think the headlines notes not going to be the showers thisrs morning.rn headlines just kind of howf how cool it is.coolt i temperatures upper 40's to low 50's for pickup. picku a
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talking about mid to upperpe 50's. a couple spots will make it up t into the lower 60's.r0's. clouds, a few showers thisrs thi a little bit of drizzle isdrizz possible as well.s wel not a lot but a little bittl b with the shower activity lateria on this afternoon.his afternoo not super temperature of 51 degrees1 degr right now here in town. tow see, i told you it was prettyret cool.. gaithersburg is 48.he i think these temrsperaturesres could trop off a little bit more.more we might have in the way of upper 40's for several areasre over the next couple of hoursf u or so before it's all said and done. it does look as we start to t get brighter for the weekend, fr not necessarily drier, butrier, brighter for the weekend as wetn head on through and a littletl bit more optimistic fortic mother's day as well and's day that's always good news. alw that's always what we try totr t do is bring in a nice mother'smh day forecast. we always try to do that.y to here's erin como this morning. i it's not quite friday but almost. >> on-time traffic brought toicg you by by visit buy a for f special offers.ers. >> it's 5:05. it'5:0 it's almost
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it's friday it's cinco de mayo. cin we just need to get throught the morning commute because ofaf we might see some biggerigge problems.proble on 50 eastbound we're trackingwn a crash out by 410.y10 it's blocking a few lanesanes involving an overturned truck. . right now traffic is stillti light so not seeing any major slowdowns. 50 westbound heading in from fro annapolis still nice and quiet i no problems in bowie.owie looking really nice as youe as u make your way out on 395 as well.. inbound traffic from thehe bottom side of the beltway totw the 14th street bridge is str looking good.lookgo all inbound bridges quiet right now, the roosevelt keyey bridge no issues there, douglas bridge also in greatgrea shape. a live look at some of our cameras.came let's see how traffic ishow tras shaping up right now.ow 270 flowing freely. a little bit more volumeore vome picking up as you make your way out past father hurley.ur we'll let you know if itt starts to cause any majoror slowdowns this metro is on time. tim that's your traffic. back to you. >> ♪ >> we are still following theil aftermath of al chaotic sceneis at
5:07 am >> a hummer repeatedly slammeday into the silver diner tysons tyn corner and then caught fire. >> several witnesses riskedne their lives to pull peopleto pup from the annie yu is outside the dinerhen this morning. what a scene that was, annie. an >> reporter: unbelievable.e. so, so scary especially if youyu were inside the restaurant atta the time. it was during lunchtime as well. the restaurant will be closede o for business for several days.ay they're hoping to get it t opened by sunday on mother's day but it's looking more likeki monday or tuesday and you know w they did try yesterday toy t clean up a lot of mess.f m obviously it's going to be awhile because a lot of surrounding areas were burned but you can still see some ofil the they also have this parking lot area cordoned off so you s cannot get through. tou this morning police still havetl not released the identity ofy that driver or whether he'sther' facing any criminal charges cl but we know the man allegedly ad behind the wheel was a cook a c here at the restaurant.he resta. he had been out on bereavementet leave for nearly a mov
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you're looking at cell phone video of the scene yesterdayesty it was shot by the witness. wnes witnesses tell us the drivere di hum erin tension nally rammedald his suv at least three timesea r into the front of the restaurant before it burst bur into flames. f workers as well as witnesses put an end to the terrifyingto t scene many jumping in to helppi injured customers.ngcustors one customer received cpr fromrm a witness after being pinned between the car and workers also brought out a knife to cut the seat belt and drag the driver out of thehe burning hummer.g h a total of four people weree w injured. all expected to recovercor including the driver. now, the cofounder of the of the silver diner tells us that the worker has officially beenn fired following this incident. he will not be returning toningt work.wo this is the first time they'vehe ever experienced somethingomethg like this in all the years that they have been opened andnd the co-founder also telling uses that they don't know why or or the motive behind the
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yesterday. that's the very latest here in tysons corner. back to you in the studio. >> unbelievable. annie thank you. let's talk caps now.s no their curse might be harder to b break than we thought.out. they fell to the pittsburghrg penguins last night three-two in ot which means the pens need one more twenty nine clinch round two of theou stanley cupnd finals. final the two teams are facing offs again this saturday only this timearda it's at the of coursee center. nt come on home field advantagedvaa we can do this. t >> just going make it all moreoe excite willing we come back exciting when we come back and win three straight.trai i still >> okay. >> america's ecuadorianrica community is making a very m unique request for earthquake relief and help from presidentet obama.a. >> and the justice department dm sets the stage for a legal leg show down with north carolinain and every other state taking tag sides in the debate over bathroom rights. >> time now is 5:09. oh, yeah, time to get up and
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doughnuts. doug it's work, work, work time. >> ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. to the women who know what real values are, fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly epared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. >> welcome back to fox5 newscome morning. the time now just about 5:11. 5:10 actually.uay. here's some of the other some stories making news right now. ecuadorians are asking thesking u.s. for help after last
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month's. month's. quake. they are asking the obama administration tosk allow themle to stay in the united states illegally and work while their country recovers.un the u.s. periodically grants so-called temporary protectedte status to countrimpes ravaged by war or natural disaster suchte s as nepal following a 2015 earthquake.eart they're still working on that t in ecuador trying get that situation squared away. 5:11 is the let's go to chicago where a group of students and parentsen are suing illinois' largest l high school district becauseict school officials are allowingrew a transgender student access to the girl's locker room. r the lawsuit was filed l yesterday saying the school district and the department of education aresad isregarding dig students' privacy and creatingrn a hostile environment. envir the transgender student hasas been living as a girl sincein middle school and hasn'tg been identified.identified. meanwhile the u.s. government says northvernme carolina's transgender bathroom law violates civils
5:12 am
transgender people to use public bathrooms that conformco to the sex on their birth certificate.ate. critics say the law is discriminatory the u.s. justice department says theenay state is in danger of being sued and losing hundreds ofs millions of dollars in federalnd funding. that drama in north carolinaarol keeps getting layers and layer layers. you have artists and performers refusing to perform there. now they're in danger of beingrf sued. sued that's a lot of money.'s lot if they start suing northrt suig carolina that's a lot of moneyh they use for a lot of a lot of different >> north carolina is being theen example. >> exactly. exa >> wider iss >> thanks whiz. >> coming up on fox news morning new >> a new group speaking out against george place song roge p university's law school being'sl named for the late supreme court antonin s >> time now 5:12. >> ♪ >> fox news morning back after this. th >> ♪ >> ♪
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for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> welcome back. melanie alnwick down here in fredericksburg spotsylvaniatsva county where the spotsylvaniayl county cher rivers office saysho there is a child that could behi in extreme danger. dan he was last seen here at his his home wednesday night 7:00 p.m.. the sheriff's office says thate the boys mother was assaultedss before he was taken.rewas ta now, take a look at the pictures the little boy is named zion clinton amir he's just three years old. he's 3 feet tall, weighs w 35 pounds and he was last seente wearing a blue and white diaper with logos on it fromt fr the cars movie. mie he just turned three yearsree y old. his birthday was back on april 19th. now, again, police are saying s
5:16 am
abducted in words from their amber alert by joshua christopher williams, 28 years old, five-11, 160 pounds.60 pou joshua williams last seenla wearing a navy blue and gray sweatshirt with blue jeans. police initially put out an alert as well for their nissan n altima that they were traveling in tan nissan altima t 2015 model but say that car tt was found overnight.was found so far the sheriff's office off has not been able to tell uso tl where exactly that car was located.loca all we know is that no sign of s the man or the child once they c found in vehicle which is whyn e they are putting out that amber alert asking everyone tort take a look at these pictures.iu if they recognize anyone, if they saw anything contacton virginia state police or the spotsylvania county sheriff'sifs office. live in fredericksburg, i'mg, melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> kind of yucky out thered
5:17 am
you see the low clouds.ofe c fog is not really a problem. p i've been checking some of theme visibilities not a most of the visibilities aref th well over 5 miles this5 le morning. there is a little bit of mistyit drizzle falling in spots this st morning. i'll show you where there'sw yoh been ae couple little raintl showers, too.showeroo it's just not too nice.t toic temperature here in town 51 gaithersburg 48.rg8. baltimore 50 degrees. 50 de way out to the north and west, w temperatures upper 40's to0' right around 50.0. nothing too terribly cold buty c i mean we're kind of living oniv the chilly side of the countryry right now. detroit is 45.troit 4 chicago is 43. binghamton is 52. that other place up there in northwestern pennsylvania, i don't know what you'd evenow call that, it's 48 degrees there. not going to give them anyem respect. resp 54 degrees for raleigh. reigh here's where we are laterar lat today. i want to show you -- i thinki we're still in the cloud zone cz with the drizzle zone. zon couple of showers possible. psi most of the rain today will stay to the west of us, down to the south of us centered a ce little closer to the area of aro low pressure.w pur
5:18 am
looks like we're going to havere the area of low pressure atressr the surface, kind of shift offht to the east a little bit. b on top of this in the upper u levels pretty strong upper u level system getting going closing off from thero t atmosphere so with all that in mind, a better chance tomorrowor for more coverage with thee wi t showers and the rain, too.. so, again, drizzly, cloudy, little misty and a couple ofplef showers today but tomorrow is when we think more rain comes c back into the forect. for 72 on we have a chance for some for showers but we'll also get als g some sunshine there.shine there i think it's the weekend we thee start turning the corner as cor this area of low pressure willrl that track off to the east ofcko us. that will brighten the skiesgh just a little bit. b mother's day morning early a's d couple of showers possible asosl the front comes through.hrou front comes through, kind ofoug clears things out so theea rsafternoon will be if.rn i watch the rain kind of break b up here, okay.kay. so, the last hour or so the rain has really been breakingenb up. most of the rain is well back ie out to the northwest of us.
5:19 am
60 today.. 60 tomorrow.60 tomorro then again as we get towardsow the weekend things warm up a bit. here's erin with the traffic. >> do you think that outdoort o happy hour is possible.ossi >> say that again.t agai >> is outdoor happy hour h possible. >> when would that not beuld thb possible.possib >> do you need an umly.ed a uml >> when do you need an excuse. c >> there you have it.>> the right now we'll move over to moo our thanks gary. taking a look at 50. a >> happy hour. >> delays building on theelayili eastbound side as you try to try make your way to work today. t two lanes blocked 50 eastboundsl by four tenement an overturned t truck at that between 295 and the beltway bel you'll hit that slow zone. 270 on the southbound side plenty of green cruising pastisp the truck scales.uc things still looking very nicelg as you make your way down towards gaithersburg this morning. and then inbound traffic onnboua 395 in alexandria is lookingriao really nice.real let's take a live look outside at the beltway see how thingsow are shaping up we're not seeing any issues onse the outer or inner loop rightnno now.
5:20 am
make your way across the acros wilson bridge around the american legion bridge problem free the top of the beltway aste well. not seeing any issues, no typical congestion yet out by yt new hampshire avenue. ave totally got you covered ifed if that right now inner loop and outernr loop volume is light metro is mo on time. t grab your umbrella on your way u to your stop. you might need it for some of that light light dri that's your look at traffic.ra holly. holl >> coming up on fox newsfox morning you have a chance tou ha win more than $400 million.40 the odds may not be in yourot bn favor but you have a chance. >> jennifer hudson posts a a questionable tweet about theonab tony awards and is then too tn t slow to pull it down.n. >> 5:20 is the time right now. >> ♪ the fox news morning isnewsg back after this. >> ♪
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>> happening now a massiveng mas wildfire continues to engulfont an entire
5:23 am
hot dry conditions are making mn it difficult to put out the flames in fort mcmurray alberta.berta. officials admit efforts toad stop it from spreading haveng hv failed and the military isitary being called in to help. h so far the fire has destroyed or damaged at least 1600st 160 buildings including homes. homes >> it's frustrating and as a scary as it is to leave your home, it's not as frustratingsti and scary as to find that tha you're trapped by your home. hom >> we had basically twoally two minutes to get home grab ourra r stuff and we had to leave.. >> the area is also home to canada's main oil reserves reser which are the third largest iner the world.thworld. however, right now it does not appear the fire threatenstens those reserves. >> developing details in thede death of prince.e. investigators are looking into claims an addiction and paind p specialist was called to the singer's home hours before he was found dead. dd. dr. howard cornfield is knownno for his work with a syntheticet drug to
5:24 am
investigators are also looking l into whether cornfieldhe responded appropriately whethnat he was asked to help the pop p star. star. >> here's a question for you.esi are you feeling lucky today?od >> every day. day. >> the powerball jackpot now now up to $415 million. >> okay, the odds of winningning are one in 292 million.illion the next drawing is onxt drang n saturday but it is a far cry c from january's massive $1.6 billion jackpot which washw split by three very luckyery lu winners.nn >> former american idolandol contestant jennifer hudsonn taking her frustrations with this year's tony award nominations to >> the singer made herr made broadway debut last year inin the color purple but hudson hudo did not receive a nod for n featured actress in a musical. many say she was snubbed andas d hudson seems to agree. she replied to one fan onied twitter by saying "my presencerc was used for my celebrity noteb my i'm not surprised. hudson's last appearance atnc the broadway show will be next week.ek >> hm. >> you're entitled to
5:25 am
if you get snubbed a little aitl okay. >> i feel bad for anybody that was in any productions ownerions hamilton. >> i know, right. rht >> it's all about them.he >> yes. >> for now. >> 5:25 and gary, i'm feelingeeg like this is how noah felt. [laughter] >> right?>> how many days are we into the t 40 days and 40 nights there yeah, i mean, i wish i had h better news.ews. i wish i could do something about this. i can't.i you get stuck in this pattern and you tend to just get stuckt in this pattern agend that's tha what happens.pens. yesterday we were into they wer 60's.60's. today we'll be lucky if we get g to 60, okay. drizzle and mist this today it does look like a like little bit of drizzle, a, little bit of mist from time to time. there's the chance of a spotty shower. i do believe tomorrow is theroit better chance for rain more coverage of the that didn't mean we won't have a couple out there today fromodm time to time. kiddos at the bus stop thisbus morning, it's a little chilly, i upper 40's to low 50's.0' after school only mid-50's to-5s right a
5:26 am
planner forecast is lookings lo like this today. obviously cloudy. cloudy. when we don't have drizzle wezze may have a shower here orer o there. otherwise just cloudyud and cool. winds coming in from thefrom northeast at five to 10 mileso l per hour.r one more really -- well,el actually counting today, twoodaw more really yucky days.da we get a little bit better astea we trend through the weekend.. here's erin como. it's friday eve.y e. almost your favorite day of the week isn't it. >> almost my favorite day of the week.the . unfortunately we have problemswe on metro. red line right now residual delays to glenmont.ys watch for delays there as youyse led out on the northwest north section of the district on metro. >> [inaudible] [inau overturned truck blockingedk a few lanes near foureafo temperature little bit of yellow zone leading towardsowar that scene as you make youreou way to the beltway. beltway 50 westbound towards the the beltway still quiet and freere of congestion. same story too 70 south as you make your way from frederick fri
5:27 am
i'll let you know if and when thatw changes. >> ♪ >> coming on fox news morning, another state seems poised to p fully legalize marijuana.ijuana >> and if a federal judge gets his way, we could all soon learn more about democraticti presidential frontrunner hillary clinton.linton ly. >> time right now is 5:27. oh, yeah.. >> ♪ let that music settle in a little so sweet.weet. fox news morning back rightac after this.after >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> braking right now an amberig alert in virginia for aht three-year v-old boyir believedo be in extreme danger.ange who he may be with and whatnd wa you should be looking out for. murder on the grounds of ath local middlee school as police investigate what does this dot o for students this morning.ning the washington capitals down three to one in theee t playoffs after a tough loss ingn pittsburgh. they head back to d.c. to keep k their stanley cup hopes alive. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >>♪ this is fox5 news morning. g >> good morning and welcome to fox5 news morning.orni i'm wisdom martin. marti >> and i'm holly morris. holly r we'll have weather and trafficra in a moment but we're goingre gg get right to that breakingreak news out of virginia. of virgini an amber alert issued iss overnight for a three-year-olded boy in spotsylvania county.nty. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is i there live with the we're hearing the
5:31 am
the boy is in extreme danger. de >> reporter: yes, that is i the way that it was w characterized on the amberhe amr alert that was sent out by b virginia state police and the spotsylvania county sheriff'sy ' office and they say it was at this home here where thate he little boy zion williams was with his mother.her. they say that the mother was assaulted before her child wasas taken from we wanted you to take a look l at the little boy.e boy again, he is just three yearstha old, barely three, just turned r three back on april again, his name is zion clinton amir williams.ilams. he is 3 feet tall, weighs only 35 pounds and police say that st he was last seen wearing a blue and white diaper that had the cars characters on it. so, very distinctive there.he they say he was abducted byy joshua christopher williams,lia, 28 years old
5:32 am
lot of information.mation. they do have the same last las names but police have not said i whether indeed they are are related or not though oneug could draw that conclusion. joshua williams said to be 5 feet 11-inches tall, 160 pounds.po he was last seen wearing aen w navy blue and gray sweatshirtwet and blue j now, they were traveling in a 2015 tan nissan altima. altima. that vehicle located overnight, though the sheriff's office so far hasar hs not responded to our request ree to tell us where indeed that tha vehicle was found and what ahat time but we do know that therete were no signs of either of o them when that vehicle wasth found. so, again, it is a criticall case. they want people to take a te look at these pictures andre they would say that if you have any information on theon oe suspect or the child, pleasele call virginia state police or the spotsylvania countya cou sheriff's office.ic you can get all thatha information of course on our fox5 facebook page.e. back to >> a man threateningsu
5:33 am
is safely pulled down from the t bell tower at the national natil cathedral. police say the man climbed the scaffolding on the outside ofont the cathedral just after midnight.mi he stayed up there for two andrf a half hours before coming down around 2:45. 2 he is now in the hospital. >> godwin middle school in dale city virginia will openin on time today. te tod that's the word from schoolm sco officials after a man was w found shot there last night.igh. that man later died at thehe the school says the victim wastw not a student nor a staff sta member there. there police this morning are stillini searching for a suspect. spe it is the second homicide inide two days in prince williamam county. >> it was a fiery scene at the e most unlikely of places. places. the silver diner, a classicic tysons corner eatery, this after a hummer repeatedlyeatedl slammed into the building yesterday afternoon.da >> fox5's annie yu is there is e this morning and there arerere still lots of questions aboutnst this. annie, what can you tell us?yotu >> hey, good morning, wisdom wio and holly.and you're right, there are still s a lot of questions including why he did this. weno
5:34 am
over the last two years as a asa cook and he was on bereavementee for about a month before heor h showed up here yesterday.teay police have still not released the name of the person andson a whether he's facing any criminal charges this morning.o. but we have cell phone videoid from yesterday. it was just a chaotic sceneic se that unfolded outside this silver diner here in tysons tysn corner. co witnesses tell us thrne driverte of the hum erimer intentionallyy ran into the side of the diner. workers jumped into action to help injured customers.tomers. >> so, i started doing compressions and he coughedeou and said, oh, from me doing the compressions on him and a then i can hear his daughteraugr say, okay, he's responsive resps now. >> reporter: now, workersr:, had to even bring out a knife ki from the kitchen to cut the cutt seat belt loose and drag the a a driver out of the hummer, the, e burning hummer and we're told a
5:35 am
that a total of four peopleeopl were injured with all nonlife-threatening injuriesat so that is the if newenark all expected to recover includingdi the driver. now, the co-founder of the sill very diner tells us thatha business will be closed forill o the next several days untils u they can get all of thiss fixed. fixed. they're hoping by tuesday ofng b next week that they willy will reopen but again, still don't know why the worker or the exworker now did this did thi yesterday afternoon.y afrnoon. that's the latest in tysonss corner.corn back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> listen i wish i had betteret news for you in the weathereath department but it does look like we're going continue withog this same old trend at lea
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>> saturday we're going get a little bit of sunshine. bit low pressure is start on saturday to kind of drift off to the east and once this happens, we will get some improvement around here. so, we're still going to call for clouds, little bit of sunshine, a few showers possible on saturday, all right. but it really begins to improve onndt e sl , unday., nn there is a possibility onsibi mother's day morning that thisam frontal system comoring downingd from the north and
5:46 am
kick off a shower. sho most of the energy should stayus to the north of us. so, is there the possibilityre of a t shower? yes. yes does it look like everybody isok going to get wet mother's day le morning? no.r's that's not the way it's way it's looking and as this fronthi comes through on mother's day,td things get a lot g actually we begin to see some sunshine. sunshine. temperatures will be up into wil the 70's and some of that t humidity will get pushed awaypuh and there's really at this t point no chance of rain on mother's day afternoon andy afte into mother's day evening.othe so, it does look like most oft mother's day is going to bengo nice. here's the'she t again, a few showers early ear morning on sunday.un partly cloudy by lunchtime.unti temperature up into the middle e 60's and a big rounds ofounds applause, please, becauseec temperatures will be in thees we mid 70's for mother's day. i like that erin. e and we're going to have a dry d afternoon, okay. o that will really will be the wi first day out of the next n several that i can say isan s going to be dry. b dry at least in the afternoon.ftno clouds today.od sh
5:47 am
butter really it looks likeoks l just clouds and a little bits at of drizzle and mist here andt ra there.ere. tomorrow, watch what happens, wh on futurecast tomorrow, more rain comes in and it looks it ok like some of that could beofhat moderate rainfall. rnf here's the seven-day forecastev so you kind of get an idea of what is happening real quickly i over the next several days.erald trending better through theh t weekend. next week, monday 76, tuesday t 80, wednesday 8 nothing more to moo >> i'll take it. i'll save my outdoor running for next week gary. i'll save my indoor partyingin for system for this afternoon. red line expect residual rel delays. in addition to that we havete been tracking this crash forra quite some time. tim 50 on the eastbound side heading to the beltway as youayo pass 295 getting to theti beltway you're going to hitu're the slow down.the two lanes blocked right now at 410. 410. crash involving an overturnedne truck.truck. also an inbound crash on four. 410 gets a lot of volume onceolm
5:48 am
delays picking up after dowerftr house road in prince george'se' county. as you head towards the bottomto of the beltway you'll lit thatli slow zone south of that pointhan in stafford same thing betweenhb 610 and 630.0 an a live look outside at our cameras right now.tow as you can see we are starting g to see 66 congestion pick up u those taillights headingil towards the beltway. 234 to 29 centreville typicalyp morning congestion right now. no crashes to report but get but an early start from virginia vii as you make your way 95 way northbound and 66 inbound. inbou things looking good on 395n 5 however from the beltway as b you head towards the 14th the 1h street bridge and all of oure df inbound bridges including the te roosevelt douglas key still in i great shape this morning.ning that's your traffic. back to you. >> 5:48 is the time right now. n charles keating was remembered at his high school alma materer in phoenix az. keating died on tuesday during fighting with isis in an iraqi i town. he was 30 years old.ld >> keating was a graduate ofat
5:49 am
at a track meet keating's's former coach shared memories. me >> charlie made the decisionecio to serve his can country whenoun he was just a sophomore inmore high school. sch he was an elite runner whounr competed on this very track 12ra years ago let's rememberber charlie for his service to his country, his love of track andck cross country and know that he a will be missed. >> arizona governor ordered ord flags to be lowered to half-staff in honor of keating. keat the oldest world two veteran died tuesday.uesday frank livingston was 110 years old. livingston served as a privateee during the allied invasion of italy.aly. law born in 1905. 1 one of seven children and grew w up in northern louisiana.hern l last year he visited d.c. toed.c be part of the pearl harborarbo ceremony at the world war iiheod memorial and he also visiteded the white house.e >> in california now you nowou n have to be 21 years old to old smoke.smok the state's governor signed
5:50 am
new law making it the secondond state in the united states todte raise the minimum age for buying to be back colee b products from 18 to 21. california governor jerry brown also imposes the same restrictions on electronic meanwhile california ise ca like to vote on marijuana mij legalization in november.on in . it's known as the adult uset u marijuana act. act. the measure legalizes lal possession of small amounts ofoo marijuana for adults,du establishes tax rates and a and structure for farmers to growrsw it. it also creates the frameworkra for a statewide distribution system. system. worrisome new results regarding lead water levels -- elevated lead levels were w found at capitol hillpil hi montessori officials say led was found atld three locations.ocations. the two were outdoors and onereo was a janitor's sync.'sc. all three sources have beenrc hv taken out of service.t of servi. the drinking water appears topps be safe. s water sources at 12 d.c..c public schools have testedte positive for elevated lead lead levels. levels >> as many funds that comeunds m into the schools andchoo eve
5:51 am
have been resolved. rol >> i think it should have been taken care of if they knew theif lead was here and this is ae old building. building. they should have been checkedch this. >> report now and asking thenowk city he to do a fullin test of s every school, every water eve w source in the school to makee se sure that we cover every eve building where the kids arehe k going to be trying to learn. len that's true with charterith char schools as well as traditionaldl schools. >> officials plan to retestls pr all d.c. schools before summer m camp begins next month. begin and just two hours after thosese results were released d.c.sed dc parents took part in a town hall to voice their concerns.c now many parents are upset u about how d.c.p.s. is handling l this they say there's been a lackn ac of communication throughout thr the process.the proce all right.ssall ri students have lunch at school,oo we know about that but what butw about dinner? because onecausee prince william county highilli school is serving up dinnerner for >> in february garfield highhigh school has been providing pvi meals at 4:00 p.m. mondaym.on through thursday. the school qualifies for a u.s.d.a. program because moreece than 50 percent of therct of the students are on free
5:52 am
reduced priced meals. >> many of our kids here don't k have the opportunity to havetyov dinner at home. >> it's something that theythe would know it's taken care of ce and they don't have to worry about it. >> school serves up to 200 to meals every night and there's ae no tiff vision of low incomevi and high incan comesi students.e they're all welcome if they're ' in after school activities. actt garfield high is the firstld h school in prince williamil county to do this. >> ♪ >> all right, guess what day, it is? >> hola.ola >> cinco de mayo. m >> it's commonly misunderstooduo as mexico's independence day. however, north of the bordere it's an annual money maker for retailers. >> cinco de mayo is a very v social holiday people areay going to enjoy the day justayus because it's cinco de mayo. 50 percent of the sales of cinco de mayo come from wearable pro people actually
5:53 am
hats on glasses, on body wearea to decorate themselves.elves. >> liquor plays a huge role in l the festivities as well.s asel researchers say more people ppl drink beer on cinco de mayoo than super bowl sunday or sda saint patrick's day. interesting.. now mo's southwest grilleweg is joining the fast food restaurant isuran giving away free t-shirts and five dollars burritos. burri mo's is asking customers whatmea do you do when life gives you limes? make a margarita. margai if you put a twist on thest oth famous saying then you can winaw an opportunity to run mo's m social media account.edia accou are you applying for a job? okay.ay interesting. hey, time now to say good morning to our fox5 facebook fao fan of the day, karen s. ford. f you are our winner. karen says she has watcheded fox5 almost every day since sin she moved to the d.c. area in i 2000. >> she says she loves the crewt so much so thank you forso tha u watc
5:54 am
we appreciate it.ate i >> we sure do.>> we re do. for your chance to ber your tomorrow's facebook fan of the e day head over to our fox5 f facebook page post a selfieel and a comment right below karen's great photo there. t >> all right.ll r let's talk about the caps. despite --desp >> didn't work. >> tying it up and getting too overtime, washington could notu hold on last night. nig falling to the penguins and now trailing the series three to one it looks like the spell we cast we didn't cast the spell, e we were lifting the curse.heur that's what we were doing.oing whatever we did, it didn'tt work. we can only hope now for a f caps victory on saturday andy a then of course two more m victories after that in orderer to actually wi win the >> are you going to do itot again today?od >> maybe we need to bring in a professional. i mean not that we're not professional witches and what arelocks.oc >> war
5:55 am
>> i thought that would work. w >> i believed they were going win.g high no doubt when i went tot t bed last night that they werethr winning. in all honesty i thought theyugt were winning. >> i'm already taking griefing f because i refused to say that ta certain city's name. everybody's all -- a >> i'm beginning to think iohi don't matter when it comes to cs the caps winning >> you don't. don you thought did you.yo >> i believed.elied. >> the bell's not working anymore. >> i got get a new clapper. cpp >> it's bigger than the bell.e l after all they haven't been past this round,. rou >> it's so hard to get emotionally vested in this anyny more because you're justou're poking harder with these goss. showers along 81 this morning. i i don't anticipate a lot of rain today. spotty shower here or there. otherwise cloudy a little bitude of drizzle, some mist neare misn places tomorrow more showere activity for itac looks kind of wet tomorrowr actually. you get into saturday, a few f showers.showers. sunday we break the curse.ur sunshine comes back, drier.ri
5:56 am
>> right. it's mother's day and thenhe next week we're back up wherer'u we want to be upper 70's tos right around 80 degrees or so.r >> nice. that sounds so throughout full. >> unless it changes. chang then i'll let you know. i'll le. >> all right erin como what'shtw going on.ha >> 5:56. 5:5 metro red line back to normalk l which is good news g no more delays. things getting back to schedule on friendshipriendship heights. grab your umbrella. ure spotty showers. prince george's county a lane an blocked by 410 an overturned truck. any other seeing big delays aseg you head to the beltway and also your inboundth commute onmu 50 coming from annapolis stillpl quiet. quie we'll hit some more congestion n as you pass 202 this morning. mg taking a look at our inboundur u commute as we make our way out on 395, you are slow from dukeme street to seminary road right now. let's take a live look outside t at that delay as you come in in from alexandria heading hea towards the 14th streetrds th bridge. really heavy traffic rightvy t now. it's just a mess of slow slow moving cars right c we got you covered. cover keep it to fox5 news
5:57 am
up.up. >> ♪ ♪
5:58 am
new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating.
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> straight ahead at 6:00ea 6:0 breaking right now in i spotsylvania county, they, desperate search for a missing g three-year-old boy.ree-ye who police believe he is with.sw a live report on this amber
6:00 am
alert coming up. >> capitals on the brink ofals t elimination.el tough loss in pittsburgh late last night. we'll break it all down, we'll w take a look ahead.he next game will be at verizonizon center.ce >> got to be good, right.ig a live look outside on thisde os thursday morning.uray mor it's may fifth, cinco de weather and traffic coming upinu on the 5s at 6:05. 6:0 good thursday everybody, i'mryby allison seymour. seymo >> and i'm steve cy. welcome to fox5 news morning. mi hope your morning is off to a.. >> start. let's get to an amber alert. a it's been nearly 12 hours hours since a three-year-old wasold ws last seen and he's thought toth be in extreme danger. dange >> melanie alnwick is live with the latest. the what's going on.wh >> reporter: good morning guys. wer: can tell you that this ists the home before zion williamsoni three years old was last seenlat and the spotsylvania countya cot sheriff's office says they sayst believe he's in extremereme danger.danger. part of that is because we are told that the boy's mother was assaulted before the child was abducted from the home.roe hom now, take a look


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