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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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challenge you to do the runningn man challenge like >> i'm sure they will.ll. > fox5 local news at 11 starts right now. >> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a deadly shooting at a maryland school, o woman killed, a bystander also l shot.shot this was a sad, sad event, which at this point appears to be domestic violence. tonight, the hunt for the killer, plus what we've learned about the chaotic momentschao following the shooting. explosions, fire and smoke. tonight two metro stations are closed for emergency repairs. what happened and what does thih mean for the morning and grab your umbrella forumbr tomorrow. it is a soggy finale to this workweek. > fox5 11 starts now.
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of the deadly shooting outside of a high school. >> thanks for staying with us,s, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony'm t perkins. this is the man they're lookingi investigators say he shot andnd killed his estranged wife gladys who was at high point high school in beltsville to pick up her children.. to del also shot and killed another man that encounter. >>reporter: the crime scene at high point high is starting to break down here and i'm going tn show you the victim's suv laying on the flatbed of the tow truck about to toe the car away fromay this high school and reopen thio high school back for students tomorrow morning. at this hours, like you said, the man hunt continues for the estranged husband of this motheh coming to this high school to s pick up her children thishis afternoon. we heard a couple shots and
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everyone was just crying. j we didn't know what to do. class was out for the day, but a softball game and rotc practicec were about to get underway at high point high when gunfire broke out. i was down at the field and out of nowhere they rushed us on -- we have a crate where we put alt of our equipment and they rusheh us in there. just before 5:00 an argument broke out between a mother picking up her children and a man they say had a relationshipi with the woman.oman they saw this conversation becoming more heated and beganan to intervene.inte the suspect drew aç gun, shot e bystander in the shoulder and then killed the parent. she saw the shooting happen. she came out of the building where the band room in is wes just had to pull her back in. she was just very shocked. she was out the guy that pulled her ba
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was very traumatized in thehe situation. the school on lock down as the police chopper and command unitt arrived on scene. it's very frightening. parents walking on pins andand needles waiting to see their children. one text from a student said inside, don't whether or imwet are hiding. i can't call you. please don't whether or yes atth no point was this an activen shoot erin side the school.hool at no point was this a barricade. this was a sad, sad event which at this point appears to be domestic violence. and tomorrow morning high pointn high will resume classes at regular hours. grief counselors will be on hand here at the school. as for that innocent bystander who stepped in to diffuse the situation, we understand hishi condition is now stable tonight. one last time we want to put upt this picture again. this is 62 year
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dill of maryland. he is a protectives service employee. he is the estranged if you see this man, give princ, george's county police a call. life tonight from beltsville, maryland, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > all right, also developingevl tonight. take a look at this incrediblene video of what appears to be,be, look at that, appears to be an e explosion inside the federal center southwest metro station. there it goes again. train goes by, bang, right there. tonight emergency repairs underway. federal center and capital south stations remain closed and service has been disrupted onn several lines.line so, how does the morning commutu look? fox5's teisha lewis joinn us life in southwest now with the latest. >>reporter: well, tony here wee go again. to understand a your question, the morning commute looks good. so far so good, what i can tella you is that commuters are takina the day gentleman view train
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after more trouble on the tracks. it all started here at federaler center station here in southwest and the flashing lights that you see over my left shoulder, take a look behind me. that means hat crews are out here working on the scene aftere hours after service was shutdowu between l'enfant and earn market station. incredible video shows this enormous explosion inside thehe federal center metro station thursday but h was just the beginning. by thursday afternoon, debris on the tracks had reportedly sparked a fire and massive smoke. the one, two, punch prompted widespread closures and frustrations. i saw the video in thehe afternoon. that's when i decided to get and talk and say to shut this down.. with my luck. i think it's unfortunate that it tibias to be a mess especiallyee after metro closed
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basically it the kitty for anhe entire day. thisre time, rail closures betwn l'enfant plaza and earn marketar stations prompted passengers to pack the platform in limb bolto capital hill resident beth spring was one of countless commuters forced to come up witp a new plan to get home on the spot. my husband is stockholder instoc traffic trying to pick me up right now. i can't get to school.cho i really need to do that becaust i need to learn to have a goodgd education to get a job andnd everything.ever metro's general manager paul m wheat feld says he made the call this afternoon to stop railrail service at several stations.ev what doer you want to say toto passengers who are losing faitht in metro's ability to have ahave week free with no problem. as you know, tomorrow i'm cominm out with a maintenance plan to get at these core issues.issu this is something that has been going, as you've read recently, for we have to get on top of thisont and the current appr
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is not working as we're all seeing. we have to be much more aggressive. there are safety and liability issues. it means with a two track system that you have to take the track down. that's what i'll be explaining e more tomorrow. we've been keeping a close eye on the scene out here. what we can tell you is that truck loads of equipment have hv been coming to the station. what are they doing? they arear replacing more than 100 insulators. paul whether it feld sayssays service will be back up andnd running as scheduled comeo tomorrow. the crews will work overnight tt fix the problems and also do a very thorough review to make sure none lie ahead. teisha lewis, fox5 local news.ns paul whether it feld will be in studio for a life interview coming up this monk on 7:30. if you have a question you wanta him to answer, tweet it to us, use the hashtag ask
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now to community, detectives are investigating an attemptedd sexual assault. take a good look at this sketch. police said this man tried too assault a 16 year old girl yesterday afternoon. it happened at an apartment complex on castle boulevard inbl the briggs cheyney area.a. if you know anything about this, call montgomery county police.oi a spotsylvania county man is ins custody he's accused of kidnapping hisg son and assaulted his estranged girlfriend and the mother of his child. the sheriff's office tells us that josh yeah williams and his ex girlfriend went for a drive. investigators say he attacked her and then drove off withh their three year old son. they issued an amber alert and then canceled it when they learned the toddler was dropped off at a relative's life. they later arrested williams. the urgency that was created byr his former threats against thest child, i think all of those combined along wi
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good police work by our detectives and those assistingsi us lead to a successful resolution in this case. captain jeff pierce says williams gave up piecefully after investigators found him in a home they had under surveillance. not everyone is seeing rain at this hour but we'll all be al seeing it in the day tomorrow. it starts as showers and the intensity increases for a rainyy afternoon and evening.veni most of the rain tonight is wese of interstate 95 and et cetera a on the light side although it certainly looks like closer to hagerstown you're starting toço get some more moderate rain atnt this hour. showers will continue to fill in as we go overnight. go but we also still have to waitha for a system that is spinning just to our south. a big area of low pressure to start moving a little bit.movi and it's going to start coming up the coast tomorrow which iswc why the rain is going to be increasing, what to expect, temperatures on the chilly
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51-degrees, showers at 8 in the morning, moving from east to westst. by the time we get to the noon hour it's wholesale rain.rain a temperature of 56-degrees. i think it rains even as late as 11:00 tomorrow night.morr can we finally cut the patternpa off and switch into something warmer. we'll have forecast soon. the olympic athlete h was tryine to add space on his body. there are still a lot of
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like that. this is an amazing story. we'll be right back, everybody. [ soft music ] e.t. phone home. when you find something you love,
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> it has now been more than 34 hours since thisbe chaotic sceni a up her on fire after the fire repeatedly slammed the vehicle
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into a silver diner in mclean.. tonight police are still notot saying much about that driver. we do know he worked at the restaurant, but investigators have not released his[# name. or a possible motive. he was hurt, along with three others. police tell us no charges will i be filed against him until hee recovers from his injuries. today witnesses told us that some bystanders risked theirsked lives to safe the victims and the driver. the whole thing was up in flames. we heard a bang and then we came out but he repeatedly rammed the building and there was just flames and chaos. they had the driver on the t ground. they had pulled him out. he was resisting. i don't know what he was tryings to do. but he had him on the ground and they were trying to subdue him.. a spokesperson for the dineriner says the workers are cleaning u the mess. they hope the restaurant canan reopen in time for mother's day. knew at 11 tonight, more detaile into the investigation of prince's
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the star tribune the preliminary autopsy findings show they had percocet in his blood. bl the drug enforcement agency andd the us attorney's office joined a local investigation after a prominent addiction doctor revealed prince representativesr reached oup to him for help. the federals are now cracking down on e cigarettes. e cigarettes will now have n federal oversight and will have to follow the same regulations as other tobacco products.rodu they must also have health warning. these new rules take affect in three months. e cigarettes turn nicotine into a liquid vapor. kfc is getting in the beauty products business.busi the fast food chain is releasing -- it sounds like adsl joke, but it's a real story. they're releasing nail polisholi that is edible and
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tastes like chicken. the company claims it's, quote, finger liking good. have we verified this? it comeo in two flavors, original and who the and spicy. >> shut up. it comes in spicy, too? yes. right now it's only available in a limited release in honk con.ok no word if it will be release ie the us. the boll is labeled with edible, but it's not clear if it's save to chug from the bottle. >> this is crazy. so when you look at it like this, the calories are probablyo less. maybe there's a benefit there. h but somebody who works here, i won't say how it is, butç she posted, this is gross. is but if i was going to get friedd chicken i'd go to pop eyes.yes. not eat at kfc edible nail polish. maybe the thumb can taste like a biscuit. >> with hone?
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that is gross. pardon me while i eat my nail issue for a minute. > that's disgusting. some more rain maybe laterer tonight. >> maybe later tonight. showers in the morning, steadier, heavier rain mid-morning to evening rush andh then showers after that. we book end the day with showers. tomorrow is probably going to be the heaviest rain we've hadith the exception of thunderstorms that we got earlier in the weekment i'm not expecting thunderstorms. i'm expecting just rain with jus this one. but kind of a moderate pollen washing rain. by the way, pollen was stillll moderate for trees, and for mold. i just got the funniest tweet in that i have to share with you,, will it ever stop? and then look at the picture, noaa called. he's picking us up in minutes. you got me when you put cats on twitter. at the bus stop make sure you
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so chilly out there. we're talking a lot about the rain, but not about the fact that this is so far blow normal. normal 72. after school ofier rain.oo rain gear will still bel neededd we've been watching rain kind of pivot up through the northernhe suburbs and down through thehrou west and that's where the raint is at this hour. we'll see it continue to fill in a little bit later.ate our area of low pressure spinning down across north carolina and we'll eventually start i've got to tell you someome indication that this is going to be a slow mover which is whyis it's going to take all dayll tomorrow and a part of saturday to get this out of here. this one is slow. it may take a kick from the saturday night frontal system to get it to completely exit theoml area. the drizzle that we have willhae change over to showers and the showers will become steadier rain as we go
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and friday afternoon and evenind pretty wet. these are the high temperatures today. hello early march again and how about that temperature trendend with the average high being 726789 we're still cool tomorrow at a nice spike on saturday because we will have some dry hours. it's not completely rain freakmp but ale whole lot than tomorrows going to be. saturday is doable. sunday 75, monday 75. next week is looking much warmer and much dryer. meanwhile still 50 at gaithersburg, 55 for d.c., nort, winds are continuing now. it's been an east wind but now n we're seeing the north windsorth come in. again for the saturday forecast of 70-degrees. some hit or miss showers around maybe early in the morning a break. saturday night the showers that we on sunday are really going to be for only maybe an hour in the morning. everything is looking reallyreal good for mom's day. we're going to wrap it up
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our seven day forecast. one more look at mother's day. as we head for a high temperature of 74.of it will be a slow climb. we'll in the 50s. we break for sunshine by noony and jump up to 65. next week looking fantastic. i can't rule out a shower or twr on wednesday.on but they'll be no complaints after we finally get to 82-degrees. brody over to you for a look at sports. i've been wondering when the may flowers are going ting to come in. it's everything i've been taught as a sham.ham. madden said there's no problem with the guy enjoying a game.e. any time a guy plays hard iard respect that. of course madden would say that. he has his players dress in came and he lived in a hip i fan forn fun nice. the two best in baseball.
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bottom of the fourth, bases loaded, a base hit to righto field that brings home two runs, but harper showing off a canon. a perfect throw to anthony rendon, harper also had a basese hit and three walks. the cubs, though, they had three more in the eighth. jason werth connected on a two-run homer, but the nats los 5-26789 up the street, orioles and yankees. going back, can it p? nope. at the wall, times it perfectly, makes the catch and gets the easiest double play in thehe world. he's like wait, what. the bottom the tenth, runners on the corners, fly ball, centercet field. is it deep enough? the catch is made, throw to home, gets it in, the orioles win
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innings. reynolds was drafted by the ravens. there is a way reynolds can play football and serve out his five-year naval commitment in the off season. if nick simmons has his way, tracks athletes body will look like nascars. he has auctioned off nine inches of space on his shoulder. he has protested the uss committee saying that athletes can't wear logos on their body ies. tony, you're a company man, howm much to get a little fox5 on the forehead. >> a whole lot. we'll be right back.
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struck golnid at a yard sale. he bought some old school anyone tend dough scales for two bucksk each. one is extremely rare. only 200 of them were ever made. after some research he figured s out what he had. -- sold it to a game store owner for 75 bucks. by the way. he played the game and it's terrible. they came out with this thinghis with a power pad and you run on it. >> you know the game. >> it came out as track and field later. > are you sire just. >> this was rare because it it became a different game.iffe > it was not a good game fromfm the beginning. >> for long jump can jump offff the pad. go as long as you want. always check out the yard sales. > do we have the picture of add space on my head?
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it looks like as donald trump secures the nomination, another door has shut. >> mark burnett, we asked -- >> your former host donald trump, would he have a chance of coming back to "celebrity apprentice"? >> if he loses, i don't think he will do what he did before. harvey: i hear arnold is fantastic on "the apprentice." >> did you hear that from arnold? [laughter] >> allasandra ambrosio had the classiest nip slip i have seen in a long time. her boob comes out but she looks like a work of art. >> she looks like the statue of david, but without a dress. >> and likely without a penis. >> alec baldwin, showed up with wife hilaria. after an incident


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