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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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whoo-hoo! we have made it.we >> we've made it. w you're going to have a busy day of course.rse. >> unfortunately. >> it's always busy when it'sy s rainy and it's friday. fday. >> oh, yeah, everyone wants toas get into work early and starttat the weekend. wee >> have some patience.av >> the good news ise metro stop federal center they reopen at 5:00.00 they should be back to normal.or i'll let you go. gary. gary. >> what's up gary. g >> today stinks.>>oday [laughter]gh >> good stuff because finallyuf this weekend for mother's day we get on the other side ofthde the clouds and the rain.ouds ahe that's all i'm going to tell gol you now. more details coming up. u >> stay tuned. in the news this morningew metro's federal centerfe southwest station is scheduledso to open on time today.ay that's from metro's gm after gaf an emergency shut down at thet e station >> a very challenging day and that drastic action taken after two fire incidents atts federal center.fe fox5's melanie alnwickwick joining us with the verythe v latest. good morning, melanie.or >> reporter: hey, good, good morning. and you know when we got hereere at federal center southwest,ouwe we saw a number
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crews leaving after spendingter quite a bit of time working overnight in the station they tell me they replacedce hundreds of insulators andulator that the work is all done so they do expect there should be e no delays with opening here atth the federal center this and the other stations thatth were shut down overnight asight well but take a look at theat t video that caused all of this trouble yesterday.esterd it is just incredible showing s an enormous arcing and smoke ans incident inside the federaled center metro station thursdayrs morning but this was just the by afternoon, debris on the tracks reportedly sparked aparka fire and massive smoke. ske now, this is the same issue that's been plaguing theeeaguing system, water infiltrationiltrao into the tunnels improper or missing insulation on cables and now after decades of neglected maintenance smokema and fires have become all tooect common.comm metro general manager paul wiedefeld made the call to close three downtown stations along the
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line overnight. >> video from the afternoonngli that's when i decided again a that i'm going shut this downsow and replace all those insulators. >> i think it's unfortunatet'uno that it continues to be a mess s especially after metro closed for repairs for basically shutls out the city for an entire e day. >> reporter: so, there were, the buffed bridges from easterndges market to l'enfant plaza toza t help people around those t closures but many riderses butyi resigned to the fact that t these will probably not be theye last f you're planning oning taking metro this weekend wee there are going to be widespread service disruptionspt to start an aggressive stancee a on maintenance. you'll want to check some ofe those disruptions begin ateg 8 o'clock tonight.onig also, later today general manager paul wiedefeld isiefeld going to release his trackis t maintenance plan to the publicel which we expect will mean an little bit more pain for for riders at least in the short sho term.rm back to you guys.guys. >> melanie, thank you. m all right.el we want to let that you knowt yw metro gene
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wiedefeld will be live in our o studio for a live interview this monday on fox5 news fox5 n morning at 7:30. we want to know do you have a question you want him to y answer. tweet it to us using #ask metro gm. >> in prince george's countyce g police have are searching for e man they say shot and killed his wife in the parking lot of high point high school.oint police say around 4:40 you'llou little yo' tordil got into at ta fight with gladys tordil whiledw she was waiting to pick up her h children. a man who saw what was goingt wg on tried to help and that'snd t' when police say tordil pulledl out a gun shot the bystander bta and then shot gladys tordil asda well. the man who was shot ists expected to be okay.ka this happened as the school thes was getting ready to host aos baseball game.llame. fortunately no students weree injured. new reports claim that joem paterno knew as early as 1976s 9 that jerry sandusky may haveans been abusing children. the judge says the claim was clw that
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paterno he had been molestedd by san dunn dunn according to reports the orderrr sites claims by unnamed by unnad assistant coaches that theyy witnessed inappropriateppropria contact between sandusky and children. the next officer set to goff to trial in the death of death freddie gray may have his fateee decided by a judge and not agent jury. experts say lawyers for officer edward nero could be cld concerned that a jury mayth a j reach an emotional verdict in the trial they will say police i officers often choose to have a judge hear their case when deciding whether their actionsco were reaso >> remains of a baltimore army corporal missing since 1950 sin0 will be interned today atoday arlington national cemetery. david j. wishon jr. was only onl 18 when he left for the war.forr he will be buried with fullull military honors. also today, a specialpe honor for a d.c. firefighter feg who lost his life in the
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of duty. of dut local 36 will mark the one the o year anniversary of lieutenant kevin mccray's death by's dth b dedicating a fire alarm box atox the intersection of seventhe and o streets in northwest. nore mccray died responding to anreog apartment fire in northeast. inh he was 44 years old. o >> let's talk politics now. house speaker paul ryan ryan sending a strong message toesget the republican party n an interview with cnn paul ryanaulr says he's not ready to support s donald trump as the republicanli nominee for president.rede ryan says in order to supportsup donald trump, trump would have h to unify the republican party. >> ♪>> >> listen, i know we're tired're of this rain and drizzle and cloud cover. cer we probably have been tired ofto it for the last several days but we do see a bit of a o change in the pattern finally fl coming but it's a bit of an uphill battle because todayauset more rain is coming through.ou. probably will end up being the i wettest day of the week inof th terms of it being just kind of
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long. temperatures out thereatur starting off in the 50's. we're 54 in town now.. dulles is 52 and gaithersburger is sitting at 50 look at the rain back out tok the east of us.stf it's rotating around lowrod pressure so all that is goings g to be moving over the heaviest of the rain right nowhn is along i-81. i-81. we're rainy today. t we're cool today andol tod and temperatures only into the really the lower to mid to mid t upper 50's out there skindreo of rainy and wet, no the a great commute. erin como is in with that.witht. hey, erin.ri it's friday.ri >> that's true but you canu can take your rain we don't want that. th four a-36 grab your umbrellagr u and patience.atienc rain moving in and that could put a damper on our friday f morning compete. crash activity after 197 watcheh for that slowing you down. slo not a whole lot of volumee right now but if you're headedea to bwi i suggest 95 northboundon so you don't have to worry d ha about slowing down past thatowna scene. road work loudoun county 28 north between 267 and sully suly road. ad
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good news is all of our majors m into the district still quiet. . 95 north in stafford looksd good.good. 610 to 630 problem free f through dale 66 eastbound 2ro34 to 29 and 267 dulles toll road eastbound etbou side cruising along without any problems. same story in maryland. myl 95 south and northbound from f 200 to 495 looking good. 270 south no worries 121 torieso the spur you're quiet by theou truck scales as well.k scal 50 west as you head from annapolis quiet 301 to 495. inside the district new york avenue looking good.oo metro set to gear up forr up service that is on time at 5:00. i'll let you know if that changes. back to you annie and wisdom. ws >> coming up on fox5 newss morning the fort mcmurraycmur wildfire explodes to more than 210,000 acres leaving morelving than 8,000 people out of a home. >> former naval academy quarterback keenan reynolds may have just received some of the best news of his life. l we'll explain when we the time now is four:37. fr: happy friday, everybody. everyby we'll be right back. htac
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. time now 4:40.ti more than 80,000 people in the canadian town have left their homes due to a massive m wildfire burning near the alberta town of fort mcmurray.
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thousands had to be airir lifted.fted. >> keenan reynolds might ben re able to chase his nfl dreamfl d after all.ll reynolds was drafted by thehe ravens in the sixth round.ou reynolds might be able to playib football and still serve outve o his five year naval commitmentit in the off season. >> ♪>> let's take a look at thetake other stories you're engagingngg with the most on this morninghii on social media with ourit o realtime news tracker. tra the fda announced they plan tola regulate e-cigarettes in theiget same way as traditionalal tobacco products. now, this means that the sale of e-cigarettes to children isn now explicitly banned.anned. announcement comes in light ofto a survey that found e-cig use u among high school students skyrocketed from 1.5 percent in 2011 to 16 percent in 2015. 2 >> maryland and delaware arearee both up for a u.s.a. today. tody travel award this time fore f their boardwalks.oardwalks. the ocean city and rehobothh beach boardwalks are among 20ng2
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today 10 best reader's choice poll. boardwalks are vying for the title in california florida virginia and maine. m kendall jenner's rainingaini pick got over 3.5 million.5 miln likes was trumped by aped by photocell lena gomez and joeomed bidejustin bieber.ier >> winning lotto tickets. lot >> it's not us.>> i >> which is the sad p still a chance for you to win $450 million so we still got ala chance. it might be very small bute vert there's still a chance.nce. time now 4:42. we're back in a moment. mom we would be shining stars if srs we got that money. >> yeah. >> big stars. skin more radiant?
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>> welcome back to fox5 newsme b morning. time now 4:45. n federal center in southwest isnt d ck opened after fire ander smoke filled the tracks.rack d.c. fire officials tell uss ll that debris on the tracksra caused the fire yesterdaye afternoon.afte earlier that day there was ann arcing insulator incident thaton caused problems as well.ell. >> meanwhile some virginia residents may be smiling this morning. more than 40,000 tickets sold wo tn prizes in wednesday'snesd powerball drawing.drawing. two of those tickets were worth $50,000 each. both tickets were sold aticere 7-eleven stores, one inne i virginia beach and one right ong in our back with regard in regdn woodbridge, virginia.bridge, vi. can you believe it? since no se one matched all six numbers toms win the jackpot the newest new mated total for tomorrow'sorro drawing is now $415 million.llio >> hm. >> i will be getting a few. >> there's only one person on this set that lives ins i'm just saying
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this is ocean city right now.htn pouring rain just like it isit seems like everywhere else inere our region. ocean city he is not in ourur region technically it's in the n state of maryland.of marylan >> i've just gotten used toen ue this now. >> i know. >> i have my rain boots andot slicker by the door every day. d >> hey, this is what it feelsls like -- >> like seattle. this is great for my grass.ra >> my grass is like this >> my grass -->> my gr >> my dog goes out into the intt yard she's lost.os >> don't forget about pollenutol washing away all the pollen. >> yes, it's helped all the allergy sufferers. >> look at you being allat you a >> it's like you laugh so you don't cry.n' >> exactly. >> reagan national iseaga 54 degrees, dulles is 52. i 5 now, guys, look, look, don't -- stop looking at your yu stuff now. look at the forecast.. this weekend forecast how for about that. >> more rain. r >> mother's day.>> >> sunday, yay! looks amazing ai on sunday.un >> look through the rain,n,
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>> look past the rain? 'causeh? i can stand the rain. >> tomorrow looks showery but tomorrow afternoon it lookst los like we start to slowly kindlowi of turn the corner, okay. sunday, sunday morning i'mning'm technically leaving in a slight risk of a shower.ho but we're going stay dry, d, okay. 74 degrees on mother's day. how about that? >> whoo-hoo! >> yeah, erin como nice purpleer this friday morning this is obviously this morning onisning futurecast we have showerscast e coming basically all this is workings w from the east to the west wes which is kind of unusual butal t area of low pressure is to thee south of us so just watch what happens.en this is noontime today.od no better.ette it's just rainy all over the place. so up and down i-95 out 66, up 270 if you're traveling to thevg south, if you're traveling to the north or east or westr w you're going get wet and it andi looks like for the most partostt today we're just going to beoi e wet with a chance of showers, se rain showers obviously moving mv on across. once this shrug of rain gets to the west of us, later on lato this afternoon and t
4:48 am
evening, we will start a bitl sb of a drying pattern. patte this is tomorrow morning atornia 7:00 a.m.00 a notice clouds are still here. hr we're stuck in the showershe shs tomorrow morning but as weow mne progress through the day, it looks like tomorrow, let's all keep our fingers cross, crosssss everything possible, because pbe we could have a little bit ofav sunshine breaking through and that will start the change inha the the low pressure area will pull out. see this little bit of rain o r sunday morning, mother's daymoty morning? there's a cold front. it's going to come on throughcoe and as it comes through, thereoe could be a couple of showers kicking up along the front,nt okay. ok it does not look like it'set' going to be a big deal at alll a and most of mother's day,motherd really let's be honest really all of mother's day we'reot going for it. temperatures in the middle 70's. putting my foot down drawing drg my line in the sand. t s we're done with this stuff after tomorrow. tor next week looks warmer,ar temperatures back up aroundun 80. morning commute here's erin. eri >> please just just sae
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sunshine for mom on sundaynday gary. >> that's all i wanted to do.d d >> crash did clear in anne in ne arrundel so good news for yourou commute. bw parkway northbound after aft 197 both lanes opened cruisingan along without any problems.esou noant seeing any delays on 95 northbound.rt loudoun county road worktyoad wk continuing on 28 north between 267 and 606 a little bit of caution in loudoun county thisou morning. we'll take a live look outside. ou 395 cruising along from the bottom of the beltway to thethe 14th street bridge. same story as you mak se youre y way across the wilson bridge. bg we are problem free there as well. the inner loop and outer loop. . metro gearing up for servicear that is on time atin 5:00. 5 i'll let you know if thatw if ta changes back to you. >> nearly five until ondollars l set aside for the benghazi benaz investigation is uncanvestigatio accounted for.n >> this comes after themes aftee department missed a targetntis last year to establish aabli special unit to review benghazi documents.zi docum now, the unit was supposed toup be operational last union june. ju the chairman of the houseairmane select committee says he commi sought the additional fundingun to
4:50 am
faster but senior obamar obam administration officials havetic accused the committee of dragging out its work to try to damage out hillary clinton's presidentials candidate. >> notorious in stiff armingus i congress and not cooperatingoori in this case i think they have engaged a bad faith effort toff slow roll with the benghazi bghz committee and then blame theblah benghazi committee forttee f dragging it out.ut >> the state department hastm provided close to 100,000o 0, pages of documents to theof d committee. a final report is due next month. a source familiar with theam investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server says the fbi has interviewed clinton's top aberdeen. aberdeen was one of clinton'slis closest aides during her teeng e you're as secretary of state.s. it's not clear if other aides a have been interviewed or whenr w or if hillary clinton will be interviewed. >> an isis attack in iraq wh
4:51 am
came as a surprise according to pentagon press secretary sre peter cook. cook says the military isli still trying the figure outur how isis managed to as seem as bell a fighting force of 125f men plus vehicles without being detected. detec charles keating is the thirdhehi u.s. service member killed in combat in iraq since 2014.ce 201 >> the obama administration is commuting the prison sentenceses of 58 more federal >> this is part of a push to pus revamp the criminal justiceril u system and ease punishments for nonviolent drug offenders. s so far president has commuted cu 306 inmates.30inm the vast majority of those he sentence were for drug crimes. >> 4:51 is the time right now.en let's talk about somethingabouts happening in virginia. vgi some fairfax county residents rn have a new unwanted neighbor, nh a bear. that's right, a bear has been seen roaming around parts of mclean. a few nights ago dr. michaelr. m leon udo says he noticed a niced trash can was flipped ov
4:52 am
the trash bag was moved.moved now, he thought it was a bttle bit strange so hele reviewed his security systemec video and he spotted a bear. bea wowow. >> i. have two children, 10 and 12. the younger one is on thes t small side and this happened just after 10:00 p.m. last .m. night or the night before. and then i -- they're notot coming out of the house untilout we have this situation undertior control. >> the doctor called animal al control. co they told him they can't dot anything unless the animal ani harms someone. that seems a little strangee stg but okay. >> they're in their territory. o >> that is true.hat isrue. >> remember the little guiletlee darted past security to reach ta pope francis during his visits v in who could forget that rightha r 80. 80. >> right. >> she handed a note to thea noe pope about immigration and instandly became famous a face f of the movement.heovemen >> she sent a similar letter lte to president obama and a yesterday she got a chance togoh meet him. six-year-old sophie wase invited to cinco de mayo may celebration at the whiteion the house. she was identified as aid champion of immigrationrati reform. re
4:53 am
undocumented immigrants werents not allowed to accompany herompa because of their immigrationon status. fox5's marina marraco talked to sophie last fall. f here's what she had to sayd to s about immigration. >> reporter: what is it thatr: i you want the pope to knowno about your daddy. >> that the immigrants like myse daddy, that they're hard workers. workers. >> president obama called hismad inability to push immigration ii reform through congress one of the most frustrating aspects of his >> all right, well just how juso much exactly is the price tag pe that comes with saying i do? >> hm. >> too much. >> you know, you said that, not me. your wedouding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life but it comes at aom a hefty cost.yost. experts say the 60 billion aion year wedding industry knows how to drum up sales and setet expectations and while manyhilen couples have a budget, they say 61 percent go over that
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limit. li >> about three-quarters ofuarts people told us they had aus thea budget. that's good.atood. but about two-thirds of those t broke their budgets, some bytsse quite a bit. bit and that's not a good signn especially since people in pe order to afford their weddings i often dip into savings, theyhey dipped into retirementirem accounts, they dipped into into investments and that's not aot good thing.hi >> experts also say you can usually bargain with vends v like photographers andke p limousine >> sure can. >> or do like i did and just haveus 10 people at your weddind all related to you. you >> immediate foam only.ediate f >> immediate we got a lot of responseot o to last week's "empire" finale f party give away.vey. if you didn't win you can try again today. you could win admission forsionf you and a guest to fox5's fox5' big "empire" season finale party may 18 at the howard how theater. be there along w
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allison seymour and holly morris and many more fox5ers f will stop by. sy. >> go to our contest pagete p between now and 11:59 p.m. and5m enter for a chance to win.for 250 winners will be selectedeec by random drawing on may 9th. may 9th is a special day. d all guests must be 21 or older. compete rules are at are you going stop by.u >> sure not. if it's done by 6:30 i'm good go to go.too. have to be in the bed by 7:00. >> ♪ >> hey, listen get ready forli it all the rain is not hereer yet but it's going to get here h and it looks like it's just it't going to be a wet day out showers definitely likelyfini across the there let's look at radar kind of showing you was got on. in city and along 95 it's notalt too bad but you see the rainbut is lurking back to the east ofk us. this rain this morning, it's m ving from east to west. eait's not unheard of.eard low pressure is to the south the
4:56 am
everything is rotating aroundro that low pressure so it does itd look like these showers willil continue to come on acrosscr real quickly into the city. cit later today just expect rain,ai cool conditions and when it'she' not raining it's going to be to cloudy or drizzly.rizzly temperatures middle to upper 80's. some spots only in thenly the lower -- did i say 80's? 0' middle to lower 50's.0' some spots only in the lowhe low 50's today.'soday. here's's >> i call that wishful thinking. >> a freudian slip.iasl >> light jacket umbrella needed. active zone 28 north betweenet 267 and 606.06 aside from that i like the lik e green on our map in virginian vr all green all good on 95 northbound 66 inbound throughndh manassas centreville fallsille f church and 267 problem free. f same story as you cruise out crt in maryland trying to get intotg the district. 95 on the southbound side asid you comee in from baltimore. 270 from the truck scales all s the way down and 50 west0 wt looking really nice right if you happen to have an early r morning flight to catcho traffic on the way to
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reagan national and dulles all green on our i got you covered when thated w changes for our friday morningym ride. back to you. t. >> ♪ >> 4:57 is the time.>> 47 is the coming up on fox5 news new morning, metro deals with more stations closed and overnight repairs after fire and smoke s are seen at the federal centeree station in southwet >> and everything is ready tog s go in kentucky as race fansans prepare for the derby and aby a chance to win some money ate mo the we're back after this but afters first here's a quick look at stock futures. >> ♪
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the designer smile by new colgate optic white high impact white. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> 5 o'clock is the time. is straight ahead on fox5 news5 new morning metro deals with more wh shut downs and delays as the agency's general manager gets g ready to unveil his new planew to fix the troubled system. >> and police still searchingoll for a federal employee they emp say shot and killed his schoolteacher wife outside ofuti a prince george's county high school. >> good morning to you.d mo thank you for waking up withwa us. i'm wisdom martin.i'm wi >> and i'm annie yu. yu. happy friday everybody. it is finally friday.finall fri >> finally friday.>> finly frid. >> and i will take the rainy rny forecast because it's friday. f >> because it is friday.y.


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