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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the designer smile by new colgate optic white high impact white. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> 5 o'clock is the time. is straight ahead on fox5 news5 new morning metro deals with more wh shut downs and delays as the agency's general manager gets g ready to unveil his new planew to fix the troubled system. >> and police still searchingoll for a federal employee they emp say shot and killed his schoolteacher wife outside ofuti a prince george's county high school. >> good morning to you.d mo thank you for waking up withwa us. i'm wisdom martin.i'm wi >> and i'm annie yu. yu. happy friday everybody. it is finally friday.finall fri >> finally friday.>> finly frid. >> and i will take the rainy rny forecast because it's friday. f >> because it is friday.y.
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>> and having said that, good mog rning to you again, garyga mcgrady. mcgrad >> yeah, i wish it were going wr to be better but it's justt's going to be rainy today. listen, i just posted -- iosd just tweeted out the mother'shet day forecast gary fox5 d.c.cast5 check it out. it's good, it's good. guys. >> all right, gary, we appreciate it now.appr in the news this morning, iforn you have to take metro's federal center southwestcent station this morning, it is mnig scheduled to open on time today. this all comes after an emergency shutdown at the station >> yeah, that drastic action was taken after two fire fir incidents at federal center.a fox5's melanie alnwickln joining us now live right now. n melanie, some good news aftere w a challenging >> reporter: that's right,orr: t annie, and we -- when we gothenw here this morning we saw large groups of maintenance crewsnce leaving. we asked them how it went. they said pretty good. they got everything done that ee they were scheduled to do.e so, that is the good news. n they're replacing hundreds ofhus insulators overnight. overn some of these guys working worki 12-hour shifts to get the work w done. some of what really needs toeeds be done with the way thingshe wt are going these the das now, take a
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caused so much of the trouble we had just incredible video here showing an explosion andsid arcing insulator insidens federal center metro station.ros it was just the beginning.begnig now, that was thursdaytas morning. by afternoon, debris on theebri tracks reportedly sparkeddly spd another fire and more smoke.e s this is the same issue that's t been plaguing the system,ysm, water infiltration into the tunnels, improper or missing insulation on cables and now obs after decades of neglectedle maintenance, smoke and firesna have becomnce all too common.n. metro general manager paull wiedefeld made the call to t close three downtown stationsn along the orange blue andlue silver line for the night. n >> sought video in theght vio in afternoon.n. that's when i decided again in talking that i was going to gngt shut down to replace thehe insulators. >> it continues to be a messcont especially after metro closed co for repairs for basica
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and basically slut down theal city for an entire day.n tire >> reporter: there were busus bridges from eastern marketrn mt from eastern market tot l'enfant plaza to helpo passengers get around thosed closures but most passengerses are resigned that these willes w probably not be the last. the l if you are planning on taking tk metro tonight or this weekend, w you'll want to go on this web site, another aggressive track maintenance plan is in placee for the weekend. it could mean some bus bridges, it could mean some partial shut downs and a lothu of single tracking a lot oft o delays between trains. t that could be sort of a sign a of what we expect to come when e we hear from general manager paul wiedefeld again later this morning about his big track maintenance plan for thein future.te melanialnie alnwick. back to you >> and speaking of the metroro general manager, paul,au wiedefeld will be in studio stu for a live interview coming up this monday on fox5 newsy on fo5 morning at 7:30. 7 if you got any questions for f him that you want him to you wah answer here's what you need todo do. do tweet it to us using the
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metro gm. >> ♪ >> developing overnight inlo alexandria the search for aia t killer. a plan was found stabbed last sa night in the 6100 block of lanconia road where he later died.died >> and this morning counselorss will be at high point highmo h school in prince george'sprince county as police search for a sr man they say shot and killedndil his wife in the parking lotking there. this is the man they aree they looking for, he is eulalio tordil.tordil. investigators say his his estranged wife gladys was atysat high point high school in beltsville to pick up hersville children. investigators say tordil alsoy s shot and injured another manther during the encounter.during the one of the victims' daughtersauh was just feet away as it all happened.ha >> she saw the shooting sotin happened. she came out of the buildingut on the side where the band room is and we just had to t pull her back in. hack >> she just was very shocked. so she was out of breath. the guy that specifically like held onto her to pull her h inside building, he walked
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into the auditorium, just very y shocked, traumatized from the ft situation. >> the man who was shot is sho i expected to be okay.e this happened as the schoolappet was preparing to host a a baseball no students were injured. inj >> in montgomery county now,me u police need your help to find a plan who tried to sexually sex assault a 16-year-old girlyear-d yesterday afternoon. now this happened along the 14,000 block of castle boulevard. bo he's described as a black male in his early 30's 5-foot nineoo to 5-foot 10, 210 pounds.10ou they say the suspect drove offro in a blue compact to mid-sizeze passenger four-door car. the final bill forl montgomery county's snows s removal and cleanup efforts is s more than four times what the wa county budgeted.coudgeted. that's why county executive exe ike leggett is asking thehe county counsel for an extra $31 million.1 the overall cost of winter win storm cleanup was nearlyearl $40 million. the committee met to discuss the proposal yesterday.oseste no word yet on their
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>> ♪ >> it is going to be a wet one e showers come across the areahe e and just basically turn into a mostly rainy day out there.he here's where we are for yourarey bus stop forecast this morningt for ththe kids. showers this morning butng basically overtaking by some by rain and the rain will be withit us even for drop-off so upper 40's, low 50's this morning. mid-50's maybe upper 50's by 5s late this but we're stuck in clouds ands d rain today. temperatures out there righthert now 55 in town. most of the numbers are lower 50's around the region. reg notice showers are coming in arn from the east of us. u we do have the strongest of activity is over here along i-81.i- just issued was a flood a warning and that's foran southwestern sections d of frederick county, virginia and shenandoah county over there cou in virginia as well. and it's not flash flooding, fod it's just flooding. flood there's been a lot of raineea ln there and they're worried aand h little bit about some of the streams rivers and creeks.s rira do not cross water over theerve roadway, okay. o we had to deal with thatith t
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do not do n do that runs until 10:45 a.m. a.m. here's erin como, your morningrm commute on this what we love w v to say friday. f >> on-time traffic brought to bg you by toyota.u byoyot visit buy a for special offers. >> for fri-yay! loudoun county 28 north use aorh little bit of caution there.he aside from that things back tots normal. no road work on 395 lookingrkn 9 good on the northbound side tods the 14th street seet travel times in virginia vir looking really nice all green all good on our map. we'll hop outside for a live a look show you 95 north of north stafford. things picking up a little bitnu by lorton road. lton it's a little bit of a blurry camera. northbound traffic isrthbou traf increasing in volume but still l looking pretty nice.prty n in maryland drive times drive t cruising along without any a issues 95, 270, visitor fromto annapolis looking really niceeay right now. once you pass four tenure tn still. >> all the way past 295. past 295 is quiet. metro service has kicked inicked forhi
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all lines on time. got you covered if that changes.ges. any question at erin fox5 d.c. 5 on want to see what you're seeing out there as well.out ere back to you, annie. annie >> thanks, erin.nk a new plan to increase the size and strength of the fencegt that surrounds the white house h was presented to washingtonas planning officials yesterday.lse this was in a bid to halt to h fence jumping security this follows two incidents of to fence jumpers back in aprilil and several others the pasthe p year. the proposed 14-foot fencence would include handy climblimb features and intrusion intru detection technology.hnology. and the nearby memorialby ml bridge is also getting as al get face-lift. the national park servicervi released several concept cce images showing various plans p to rehabilitate the crumblingheb bridge. the four current proposalsfour vary greatly in how to r the draw span which is severely corroded but all all agree the bridge deck and piers and foundations wouldatiow need to be rehabed. rehabed. >> they come from that 52hecomeo different countries each wi a different story but all with the same dream to one day
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become u.s. citizens.izen 160 citizens will be naturalized this morning atze the u.s. patent and trademarkma office. department of homelandf homeland security luke mccormack willmcc provide keynote remarks. rem opera singer israel lose sat tow will also speak.ak. the all hallows guildlows flower mart will kick offer at the national cathedral. the event will feature vendors n floral did you plays and a chance to climb 333 steps to to ring the bell for the bell ringing chamber. chamb 333 steps. ste the event is opened to people p of all ages and begins thisges morning at 10:00 a.m..m >> ♪ >> coming up on fox5 news morning, new disturbing allegations are being made in the jerry sandusky case and they involve the beloved coach joe paterno.joe paterno. >> caps fans getting ready forey became five in their best of fie seven series with theesith penguins. they hold their head highd h knowing they have two of thee tf league's best on their bench.irn >> ♪
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fox5 news morning comes backomes after this. after this. ♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do. z. >> anonymous tweets are raising awareness about rape at two historical blackca colleges in atlanta. the user raped at spelman waslm expla
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raped by four morehouse college men. m. she encourage the schools to sco look into all of the cases.o al the student has not identifiedd herself.el school officials say they are s investigating the situation.itti in you revelation in theelae jerry sandusky sexual abusend appear s legendary penn state coach joe paterno knew ofjoe paw claims that sandusky molested me a young boy all the way back in 1 that news coming out of au of court case related to the penn state sex scandal. scaal right now sandusky is inn prison for sexually abusing 100 boys. >> the kentucky derby is this weekend and 22 horses have2 hors entered the race. only 20 are allowed to race. re. now, the early favorite is nyquist. exaggerator is the second choice.choice >> were pow thou pigeonsig tagged with led lights. light they twirled for a show calledwe fly by night. night
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june 12th.ju 1 >> ♪ >> coming up on fox5 newsg up o morning, we're beginning toinni learn more about what mighthamih have caused the sudden deathdene of the singer prince.r prin >> and the caps may be downaps three games to one but thishi morning there's a silver lining for caps fans to enjoy. y we'll have that and much more. m >> ♪ >> ♪ >> time now 5:12. fox5 news morning back afterft this. this.
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>> welcome back. time now 5:14. the federal center metro station in southwest is s scheduled to open on time this h morning after fire and smoke s filled the tracks.lledhe t d.c. fire says debris on the t track caused a fire yesterday y afternoon.afte now, the fire came just hours after an arcing incident or insulator incident near theindet same station. stati >> let's talk hockey.oc washington capitals coach getting some nationaling so we're talking about barrybout b trots. he's one of the thr
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award as nhl coach of the year y after leading the team to the league's best regular season record. the caps were 56 and 18 and eight setting club records for r total victories and road wins.on the winner will be announcedounc in june during the nhl awards ad in las vegas. hopefully he'll be coach coach of a championship teamhip by then. >> got to get it done.o geit d >> got to get past this secondhe >> got to win three in a row. >> yeah. >> here's what it looks like out there this morning. the rain is off to the east ofef us. the rain is off to the west of t us and we do have at leastea some flash floods -- not flash floods, i want to say flood say warnings out here westerngs her sections. this is i-81 right here going g down. you see west of front royal. technically speaking, this is a flood warning in place for southwestern -- just southwestern parts of frederick county, virginia, right there and then down through all of -- prette y much all of shenandoah county.ou it's been a
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up and down this corridor hererd and so basically what we're wre getting is the potential now -- it's not flash flood worth but over the next couplehx of hours there could be some streams, creeks, rivers rise up, potentially out of theirfhe banks and create a little bit l of flooding. flooding. that's what we're really what wy concerned about here.ncer this is where the heaviest oft the rain is coming on down and d we've had a couple nice littleel cells moving basically fromly f northeast down to the dow the southwest. everything is rotating around a low pressure to the south of the us so everything is rotatingotat back down into the area of lowa pressure. so, right now the heaviest of this is right along i-81.rit aln one more time, there's the --he the warning.arng it's 55 degrees here in townn tw gaithersburg is at 52 degrees.2r baltimore is 53.3. everybody is coming in prettyin much low he to mid-50's. noing too terribly cold aroundol the region and we're all kind al of the same temperature 55 in town now.ow raleigh is sitting at 50 degrees.50 degre they've had some very coolhad mr conditions the last couple of o days as well.ys as here's the weekend forecast. fos 70 on saturday but a little bit of sunshine in the
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afternoon. mother's day looks great. middle 70's and someay sunshineh here's specifics on that's speci mother's day forecast.'s 55 or so. look, there could be an early ar shower with the front coming through but i don't think it'st a big deal.a bi dea most of us stay dry and then ant we progressively get more and md more sunnier as the day progresses am i just put thissti on my twitter page, gary fox5 f5 d.c. check it out in more detail dl and see what we're trying to provide for the mothers this thi mother's day. it'smo been so awful.o a let's bring in some good stuffds for mother's day. wet all over today with rain. ri temperature of 58 degrees. 70 degrees tomorrow with some showers and then we brightengh things up for mother's day which is what mothersh typiiscally do. d looks flies on monday, 75. 75 -- -- nice on monday, 75 and next andx week can we crawl back to 70 degrees.70 degrees. >> yes. >> erin como puts in her h order. >> friday morning we just needi to get through the it's going to be rainy, it'sai i going to be congested but istedt want to start you off with afit look at metro. met a lot of people curious how metro
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a. federal center southwestl ce caused big problems. good news for the morning ride.ri blue orange and silver linein have normal service resumedes between l'enfant plaza andn l'ed eastern market.ea so, things are looking good. federal center southwest thatntt stop is opened so we will letill you know if anything changes cha but so far so good for metro. moving over for a look at oura u roads right now still dealingtid with road work in loudon county.un 28 north between 67 and 606. an6 drive times looking nice in virginia. delay free in stafford on 95 northbound.nort 66 eastbound from manassas ands centerville and i'll let you know when thatw green board starts to turn yellow and red but so far io like what i'm seeing. wham in maryland as well. 200 to 495, 95 south problem free 270 and 50 coming from annapolis. if you have an early morningor flight travel on the way toheay dulles reagan national and bwi quiet. earlier crash bw parkway at 197 cleared.
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typical delays pick up.delaysk . any questions at erin fox5rin f d.c. on twitter.wtter back to you annie and >> all right. time now is 5:19. 5:1 let's take a look at some of the other stories you're engaging with the most on most n social media this morning withit our realtime news tracker.s tra first up, a scientist -- or - o scientists rather say that california is overdue for a major earthquake. earqu that scientist says a section a of the san andreas fault hasas u been too quite for too long toog and that pressure has been building up thal fault linep for moreth than 100 years. >> meanwhile the presumptive gop presidential nominee twee tweeted a pic that's cause cse something on cinco de mayo he took airpack cherry with the tacoheac bowl with the caption i lovethe hispanics.i some are calling it trump is not popular among hispanic voters.anic >> federal officials are nowal o trying to figure out howre o h prince died.inied. investigators say they found thf prescribed opioid medicationd me on prince and in his hi. now officials haven't publicly i said what killed prince. the results from hi a
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haven't come back just yet. meanwhile coming up onile mu fox5 news morning it's not looking too good for thein return of nba'sg reigning m.v.p. m.v. we're going have more on thatort plus a recap of the nats-cubs nu game. game >> time now 5:20. fox5 news morning will be right back. ack. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 5:22 is the time.>> 5 that means it's time to servet' up a little sports breakfast. we're going stas orrt on thert e diamond and the two bestond records in baseball face off at wrigley field last night.ig kyle hendrick he pitched six pcd scoreless innings, ben zubris zi drove in four runs and the chicago cubs beat the the nationals five to two in theo
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opener of a four game the teams face off again thisgan afternoon.afternoo meantime the yankeestimehe s they're playing the orioles. ool coach joe girardi the manager argued from the dugout withug the third base umpire over a nonbalk then he got in the ump's face. f guess what happened next? girardi got tossed. he's gone. g he would eventually return toll the dugout. the orioles went on to win one-nothing.on let's talk about someome basketball now the toronto raptors they wonrs last night over the miamieia heat. toronto made just 42 percent2 pn of its shots chaired to miami's 49 percent. 4 but that didn't make a difference. if i'difference.di bad news if you're a warriors wr fantastic steve kerr saysc steph curry is unlike to playiky in game three of the western conference semifinals inn portland tomorrow.omor curry was out in game two lastea night and he continues to to do -- to work on his knee in kn the weight room. rm.
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sprained right knee outined rige against the blazers.the aze warriors they lead the series two-zip anyway.ny >> and a very touching momentchm for the wife of will smith.. smith was completing aompletin master's tree he if theer's university of miami when he of e was shot and killed in last --a and last night his wife accept p they had degree on her lateerat husband's it was her first public appearance since he was shot in -- she was shot in each of her legs on the night ofn thnigh april 9th during an alleged road rage incident that turnedia deadly. smith was just 34 years old. and track athletes bodiesie will look like nascar teams.. two time olympian in the 800 meters auctioned off auctiof 9-inches of ad space on hisn h shoulder for $21,800 on ebay.ebay simmons has protested u.s.. olympic committee rules that rus can't -- that say athletes can't wear logos on their bodies. this auction is only for the i right shoulder.righ the left is already reserved t
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company he owns.wns. okay. >> that's i know the nba is puttingut logos on their jerseys nextt year or advertisements.ment anyway.. gary what's going on?hagoin >> hey, man good to see you annie. thanks for hanging out with us s this morning.isni >> hello. >> showers are out there andre o the rain is going to startota moving on it's not too terribly bad inad the district now. just give eight little time.ttl. all this is going to fill in. fl what you see lurking out back along the eastern shore and s towards the ocean coming o onn around. arou it's going to make for a wet w day out there. issued for awhile ago flood warning. not a flash flood warning. warni we're interested in streamstestd and creeks and rivers here.ks a this will go until 10:45 a.m. am southern and southwesternrn s sections, frederick countyfredec virginia and most ofostf shenandoah county in virginia vi along i-81 and that's wheret'wh the heaviest of the rain has r been this morning. forecast calls for rain. rai rain at 8:00 a.m..m. rain at lunchtime.unchtime still rain around at 4 o'clock.o' i think by 4,
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this will begin to get a little more showery start breaking up just a little bit. e temperatures today stuck inures the 50's. all day long. here's erin como. >> 5:26 right now gary and ourur roads are still quiet. road work cleared loudon county. wait north back to normalma after 267 and 606. and 6 i like what i'm seeing int m sei terms of travel times on 270 south. none of the typical morningor congestion just yet from fm frederick down to the spur. the you're quiet through quihrou gaithersburg and rockville.ocil speeds checking in what they the should be in the mid 60's. bhe m i'll let you know when thatt changes. ch the rest your maryland commutemu 95 and 50 moving along withoutit any problems this morning. morni same story as you travel from tm stafford up 95 to thep 95 t t springfield interchange.nterange 66 inbound and 267 all green gre and that's exactly what we're wa seeing on our map right now.ig n and if you're taking metroing mr thithis morning, good news t-alt stationed opened no problemso ps after yesterday on the silver sr line blue orange is back toor ik normal as no issues on the red line soe we're seeing good things froms m e
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i'll let you know if thatw t changes. grab your umbrella on the wayela to the stop and some patienceate as this rain moves in. i'm worried all the green g could quickly turn red. i'll let you know. back to you. >> coming up on fox5 newsg n morning, the highest electedle official in the republican in tp party is taking his timeisim before throwing his supportup behind any candidates.andida >> and wedding season isding sss almost here.ster just how much exactly is thes price tag that comes with w saying i do? you'll never n believe how much people areple shelling out these days. >> ♪ >> all right. 5:27 is the time. time. fox5 news morning coming backg c right after this. his.
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>> straight ahead on fox5 newsth morning, metro is forced toet shut droown more stations overnight to deal with morewith fire and smoke inside the tum. t police search for apolice federal employee they say shotpt and killed his schoolteacheroolh wife outside of a prince a p george's county high and a man who says he was abused by jerry sandusky makes a disturbing allegation allegatn against joe paterno.agai fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you. g thank you for waking up withr wu us. i'm wisdom martin.m wi >> and i'm annie yu. happy friday.yriday. we're helping you get started sd with your best foot forwardward today. >> that's right. >> absolutely. >> that foot on the gas or at brake. >> on the gas rightn now. n i don't want to jinx it.n' i like were i'm seeing ont the
5:31 am
metro is on time this all stops opened but gary is going to squash all my dreams with the rain that's movingai into the area. >> look its a fake smile.n s ke that's all you can do a at thiss point.t. it's so awful out there. notaw good today.fu lots of rain in the forecast.or you're not going to like itng te but we are slowly climbing outl of this.of t things get better, i promise, pe guys. >> all right, gary. g let's talk of news now. metro's federal center cen southwest station is scheduledio to open on time at a andnd that's the pledged fromhe p metro's general manager afterera a emergency shut down at the dne station yesterday.yeerday. >> drastic action taken after a two fire incidents actt federalt center. fox5's melanie alnwick melanie k checking things out right inhing you for us. mel, this is some good news. n >> reporter: that's right,ter: and you know, i think a lot of metro passengers are also hoping that rain will hold offod because it does seem thesem t days like every time it rains, there is some kind of a track t problem here on metro.etro. well, i can tell you that thet federal center station here isni back opened now.back opene there was about a 15 minute mint delay in getting the gates opened but we knowes thate know maintenance crews were workingor very long shifts overnight overt
5:32 am
insulators, more than 300, 40000 insulators is what i'm told'mol they replaced along the three tr stations that were closed clo overnight.overni take a look at what caused all of this trouble yesterday. yestd we had just an incredible video here.o something that we haven'tg the really seen too much before.chef normally we see the aftermath aa but here we're seeing what's seg going on with these arcing insulators causing us so much um smoke and fire.e. this was thursday morning andni just the beginning of the by afternoon, some debris on dri the tracks that reportedlyepte sparked another fire and more smoke.ok again, same issue that's beensee plaguing so many of thesef t other stations and systems. stes water infiltration into the tunnels improper or missingsing insulation on cables and nowcabw after decades of neglected nle maintenance smoke and firesnce k have become all too common. cmo. metro general manager paulau wiedefeld said he consultedon with the department ofen transportation after dealing that video and made the call to shut down three dow
5:33 am
stations along the blue orangeea and silver lines for thees for t night. there were bus bridges from busb eastern market to l'enfant plaza to ferry passengersasng around the closure but again a a lot of passengers resigned tod o the fact that this is notthis in going to be the bthe want to let you know that there is a very aggressive aggrs track maintenance and repair plan going on this weekend. on h they're calling itth're interestingly annie and wisdom o is a reconstruction so i think that is really where thingsal are going toly be going now as s we go into the future.ut we're going to hear more on the track maintenance plan from general manager paul wiedefeld at 11 o'clock thiso' morning. but if you are planning onlanngo taking metro this weekend,eekend please make sure you check on on its web site so you know how kow you may be affected by these delays. back to you. >> all right, mel some good, l e tips the metro general manager paul l wiedefeld will be live ine studio with us for a live l interview coming up thisg u this monday on fox5 news morning. nrn he will appear at 7:30.:3 if you have questions for him, h we want to know them. let us know by tweeting it to i us using #ask
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>> 5:33 is the time. t this morning counselors willng be on hand at high poin ct high school in prince george's in county as police search for a a plan they say shot and killed ke his wife in the parking lot.arkl the man they're looking forng f you see him on your screen, hech is eulalio tordil. investigators say his his estranged wife gladys was atys s high point high school inoo beltsville to pick up herle to children.childr investigators say tordil shotilt and injured another man during then counter. one of the victim's daughters ds was just feet away as this happened. happened. >> yeah, she saw the shooting sw happen. she came out of the building o on the side where the bandf then room is and we just will towi pull her back in.pu she just was very shock. s she was out of breath.h. the guy that specifically likef held onto her to pull herl her inside the building, he walkedew into the auditorium just very shocked traumatized from the fm situation. >> the man who was shot ishot i expected to be okay. these happened as the schoolened was getting ready to left a t baseball game. nhost a baseball game. no students were
5:35 am
>> reports say joe paterno knew as early as 1976 that1976 a jerry sandusky assaulted children. the claim was that in 1976 a boy told paterno he had been pah molested by sandusky. sdusk according to reports the order also cites claims by unnamedy ud assistant coaches that theyt t say witnessed inappropriateropr contact between sandusky and children.children >> the remains of a baltimore bi army corporal missing since s 1950 will be interred today at arlington national cemetery.. david j. wishon jr. was just 18 when he left for the warhe and his remains were recentlytly identified. today 7,819 americans remain unaccounted for from ther fromhe korean war. w >> let's talk politics now. polt the highest ranking member of the republican party snubbed likely gop nominee ton trump top yesterday when he told cnn c that he was not ready to ready support trump as the nomineeumat but it looks like the two maywoy be patching things up in a meeting slated for next
5:36 am
>> ♪ showers out there.s ou they're going to start really sr filling in today.fillg in it does look like it's justt's j going to be kind of a wet day. d you may not get rain all day at your house but on and off onf you will. there's just no doubt about that. a lot of rain coming aroundn cod low pressure. i'll show you the big picturethi in just a second.g a ond. i did want to highlight thisighi specific area. that's kind of where 81 meetsd f 66.s it's west of front royal. higher elevations there. ofs of f sections of frederick county,rede virginia, most of o schenn tow what county under a u flood warning until 10:45. not a flash flood warning. warng worried about streams, creeks and rivers here. do not cross water, you know, standing water, flooded areaodee in your car.inour c just don't take that risk at all, okay.l, good news is some of thef heavier rain is moving offoving there. big picture shows look at this t shrug of moisture coming in m
5:37 am
pressure from the south it'se s' rotating around that.tating a it's a rainy day t it's going stay cloudy wereoudyw it's not raining and we'llng a have temperatures on the cool side, only low to upper 5 kind of a big range but that's t where we are. wet all day.ay here's erin como.o. >> 5:37 right now and taking aan look at our drive times things are [inaudible]ble] not quite red yet but we arere seeing a lot of volume kicking c in at that location. at loc as you make your way inboundnb four is moving nicely from 301 o to the beltway in prince i george's county and five is atyi speed from clinton to theon t beltway. we'll certainly let you knownl if that does change.ha let's hop outside right nowoutsi for a life look. loo inner loop out by braddock bdd road picking up just a little bit of v outer loop quiet and as youu head out on 66, 66 just beforeuo the beltway increased volumeas as well but nothing majorng m slowing us down. d metro is on on i'll let you know when thatw wht changes. annie. anni >> ♪ >> coming you on fox5 news n morning, president obama and the first lady spend part oft their eveng
5:38 am
men and women and their families.mili >> also sunday is mother'so ndai day. have you gone shopping yet? e 'cause coming up we take a look at the costs of one of america's favorite days. >> uh-huh. >> ♪ >> time right now 5:38.righ we're going to have a check ofho weather and traffic coming up.p. and check this out.s out. you are listening to justin timberlake's new symbol can'tbo stop the feeling.stop t fee it just dropped today.drod fox5 news morning will beng wil right back. sounds pretty good.y d. >> ♪ >> ♪ bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> all right, well, thisll weekend it is all about theit moms and celebrating mot iher's day. showering mom with those giftshg means big bucks for retailers. t >> this year americans willricaw spend about $21 billion on mother's day. most people spend money on m dinner or brunch, cards as c well. americans spend more money on my mother's day than valentine'svae day which means we sure do d love or o then a gooand that's a good thii moms are >> i always like homemade homad cards. card save a buck or two >> my kids do that.>> a lot of people give me grieve m for this but i give >> i'll take money.ey. >> this is how i feel about valentine's day fathers dayrs dy mother's day. mother yes, you should celebrate itebri with a exchange of cards but don't overdo it. every day you should tell youru mom, dad your lov
5:42 am
>> i agree 100 percent. every day should be mother's beo day, every day should beay shoul valentine's day.vale you don't have to spend like lie that but you should appreciatedi them like that. tha coming up next let's talk star w star wars has a new han solo. sl >> magic mike is about tos abt become a live musical. livmus we'll let you know where'll le you'll have to go to enjoy it. >> great. >> the time now is 5:42.ime fox5 news morning will bening wl right back.rigac >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> well, we made it to friday but unfortunately all we madee it to more clouds and aun batetb chance of rain out there forhe the full so, don't worry, though, t getting better for the week.forh i'll show that you here in shoer just a second.ju 55 here now in town. cincinnati is 46.s detroit is 48. up in buffalo it's 45. boston not bad this morning at 47 degrees. they still have a lot of sti clouds and a very wet patternwe up there as well. wl. little bit milder through theth nation's midsection. msect this is where it's been sos bee nice and even hot the last the several days.s. look at winnipeg this morning, g 68 degrees, all the way upthwayu into southern parts of canadaf n as the warmth has just been bee building. okay, mother's day forecast,th of course mom you're the few morning showers possible early. y. but i think it's super s widespread.wi i don't think it's a problem.thn lots of sunshine on mother's day especially for thees afternoon. temperatures get up too 75 de
5:46 am
in the fox5 weather cn high pressure off to the easthe of us. this is what happens next week. finally the warmth comes backmec with a bit of a pattern changeaa as we get this high shifting shi off to the east it will allowl warm air coming up. we'll bust the clouds andbu we'll have temperatures next week in the 70's and the 80's. . that's what you can look's whalo forward to. still showers back out to theo west along these have been pretty goodve bt showers, too. prompting a flood warning outg there, not a flash floodod warning, a flood warning f that's going to go until about 10:45 this morning.orng satellite picture shows all shos the clouds and underneath this a big footprint of rain.prin we have some showers back out sb to the east of us. u they're working to the west so those going to come on acrossn a and this is the forecast foras today.toy. 52 degrees. d 55 at noon. 57, we're only go togethery go t make it up to about 58 or soab s for a high temperature. rainy and wet all day long. lon and this is more rain thanain t what we've had the last coupleao of days, too.of d i mean, this is some
5:47 am
to be with us but we will dryl y out. some showers tomorrow butorrow b increasing amounts of sunshine in the mother's day looks good.ay look. 80 next week.week here's erin. e >> i'll take the 80's leaveke t' the rain. 5:47 right now. n >> we need to dry out.o d o >> good, i'll take it. inbound traffic in prince george's county a new crash c 210 north at berry road. r five is looking good at speeddt from clinton to the beltway notw problems there.proble t as we take a look at virginiair travel times 95 in staffordff getting the typical slowdownlwd right now out by 610 and thenhe again prince william parkway to 123. moving over for a look in over fairfax right now, light volume increasing 95 northg 95 n from route one to the beltway.ew so, a little bit of caution oaui give yourself some extra time. t we'll hop outside for a live a look show you exactly what w you're up against.u' you can see traffic picking up towards the bottom of the beltway. outer loop top of the beltway montgomery county is still quiet asop you cruise alongal through georgia avenue.uga no big problems.roblem little increased volume out byeb new hampshire metro he is on time.he i tim any questions
5:48 am
commute or your weekend atute or erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. twi i want to help you navigate nigt around the dmv. dmv back to you, annie.nnie >> thanks, erin. nearly $5 million setarly $o aside for the state department t to aid in the benghazi a investigation is unaccountedio for. this after the departmenteptm missed its own target datearget last year to establish astabli special unit to review benghazi documents. now the unit was supposed touppo be operational last june. >> the house select selt committee's chairman says he sought the additional fundingnan to finish the investigationnvti faster. senior obama officials havema o accused the committee of of dragging out its work to try to damage hillary clinton's cli presidential >> the obama administration is notorious in stiff armingstif congress and not cooperating coe in this case i think they havesa engaged in a bad faith effortaif to slow roll with the benghazi z committee and then blame then bh benghazi committee for dragging it out.ging it out >> the state department hasen provided close to 100,00010 pages of documents to theumentso committee which is expected toed produce its final report next month. a close aide to hillary
5:49 am
by the fbi as part of aparta federal investigation intonvesti clinton's e-mails. uma aberdeen has been one of clinton's closest aides duringug her tenure as secretary ofry o state. it's not clear if any othery aides have been interviewed. the fbi and justice department have been investigating invti whether sensitive informationve that flowed through clinton'swe e-mail server was miss was handled. >> the pentagon speaking outtagi on that deadly isis attack attac that killed navy s.e.a.l. s.e charles keating.chs keating. a pentagon spokesperson sayson r the attack was a surprise andpre if anticipated events may have turned out differently. earlier this week in arizona aro flags were flown at half-staff - to honor keating. keating he was the third u.s. service. s member to be killed in combat cm in iraq since u.s. forces.or returned there in 2014. 201 and happening today,and hapn hundreds of law enforcementnfore officers firefighters anders and members of the community willty gather at delaney valleyey val memorial garden for the 31st t s annual fallen hero's day. day. among others prince george's county firefighter john ulmschneider and detectiveneid d jack ca
5:50 am
remembered for theirme sacrifices in the line ofcr duty. the ceremony kicks off atery ki 1 o'clock and it is only a statewide ceremony in theid nation that brings togetherngs all segments of the publicthblic safety community.ommunity and during the ceremony cern after each 2016 fallen hero is that remembered his family will be presenterd with a aprted replica of the fallen hero's h memorial and a resolution fromur the maryland general assembly. >> some fairfax countyirfax t residents are little bit littlet nervous about their newestabout neighbor. apparently a bear is roaming around in mclean. a few nights ago from michael mc leon udov says he noticed a notd trash can was flipped over andne a trash bag was moved.a h ba now he says that the same thing happened again thisga morning. he thought it was a little a lie strange so he reviewed his security system video and he sys actually spotted a bear. a br. >> i have two children, 10 andnd 12, the younger one is on the small side and, you know, this , happened just after 10:00 p.m. p last night or the night before
5:51 am
the house until we have this situation under control.atiound. >> the doctor called animaltor a control. he says they told him they the can't do anything unless the animal harms someone. so, the doctor says he's h frustrated by the agency'sgenc response and they didn't offert him any advice on how to to protect his family. famil >> well, president obama, thesi, first lady and a number of o celebrities were at joint basejn andrews yesterday to mark the t 75th anniversary of the u.s. o s and the fifth anniversary of joining forces.g f >> now they were joined by nearly 1500 service membersembes and their families. famil joining forces is a nationwidene initiative calling all americans to rally aroundd service members veterans andmber their families and to support s them as well.el the president discussed whatesid led to the creation ofen this initiative.inittive >> thousands of veterans weres coming home and struggling toglg find jobs. children constantly movingy m from school to school. s and these are stories you hear u about every day but they're ones that the rest of the country wasn't always hearing.
5:52 am
so, michelle pledged that ifd she became first lady she'dady h help share those stories far and wide and challengell americans to stand with you. >> yesterday's event called avet celebration of service waservice held at the air national guardir hangar at andrews. and >> all right.ll r just how much exactly is the price tag that comes withtaes saying i do?saying i >> your wedding is supposed tos be one of the happiest days ofth your life but it come es at a very hefty cost. now, experts say the $60 billion a year weddingn a aw industry knows how to drum up tu sales and set expectations and while many couples have acoups a budget, they say 61 percent of o them go over that limit. l >> found that aboutnd tout three-quarters of people toldare us they had a budget.t. that's good.'s goo but about two-thirds of thosef broke their budgets, some by,ome quite a bit. bit and that's not a good signn especially since people ince p order to afford their weddingsei often dipped into savings, they dipped into retirement retr accounts, they dipped intoy dipd investments and that's not a
5:53 am
good thing. t >> experts also say you can usually bargain with vendors v like photographers andlike limousine we were just talking about ourmt weddings. >> i did not go over budget.r b >> i definitely didn't.. >> i had a spreadsheet. had >> oh, did you?>> >> i met every total deadline. a >> i had a spreadsheet.eadsheet it was 10 people. that was it. 10 people.10 p all right.all r let's talk about nail polish, pl shall we. kfc getting into the beautyea product business.uces the fast food chain is releasing nail polish that ish t edible and supposedly tastesdlyt like chi >> my ifnessly the companyheompy claims its "finger lickingnger c good and comes in two flavorso s original and hot and spicy. aoti it's only available in aavaible limited release in hong kong.hon no word if it will be released here in the u.s. the bo bottle is that labeled te with the word edible but it'st' not clear if it's safe to cloget from the t that is gross. >> some executive is sittingexec in a room saying lay i got a g bright idea, i got a great idea. let's make edible nail polish ei and we're going to make millions.mi
5:54 am
all right, magic mike, thet, live version coming to sing to city. who's happy? annie is happy. hp channing tatum announced a newew live stage version of the successful stripper movie franchise. the actor says the live show leo will launch in march of next year.year tatum is not set to appear in a the live show but hindered todet fans he hasn't totally ruledllul out the possibility.possib he's not coming. >> yawn, yawn. yaw >> disney and star wars have found their han solo. actor aid alden will play hany n solo. it's expected to be called hanal solo story. >> 5:54 is the advertisement4 it is time to say good morningio to our facebook fan of the day. it's shantara jackson. jks she says she watched fox5ox since she moved into the area in 1999. >> she says she loves the entire fox5 news family. thank you so much. thanks for waking
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every morning for a chance toino be tomorrow's facebook fan ofanf the day just head to our fox5 f facebook page and post a selfie and comment below her bow photo. >> let's talk a littlealk a ttle "empire," shall we.e, we got a lot of response tof res last week's empire finale fin party give away. a if you didn't win you can try ty you can win admission to youn and a guest to fox5's empire season finale party may 18 at m1 the howard theater. theat >> donny simpson plus little psi mow and quick silva will bequics there along with fox5 hosts allison seymour, holly morris and. more fox5ers will drop by.5ers p go to the contest page on between now and 11:59 p.m. enter to win 250 winners will be selected byecte random drawing on may 9th. mayth all entrants and guests musts be 21 years or older. or older. complete rules are at >> gary, we've got more of thev same todayof, right? >> yeah, more rain today.n we've just been
5:56 am
and drizzly.rizzly more substantial rain today. you see it lurking back off toao the east of that's moving west.oving it's going to come on just expect wet today, okay. o we do get a little bit better. e we start crawling out of this ca pattern this weekend.ern ee still some showers tomorrow. little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. mother's day.ay (applause). >> thank you gary.>> >> next week up to 80 degrees u or so p on tuesday and wednesday.esday. >> moms thank you. >> yes. >> moms >> i've beenyw working overtimet you didn't know it but i'veut been working overtime. wor over. >> you did a great job. our maryland commute two slowmut zones 270 south 80 to the 80 truck scales and 50 inboundnbou approaching can kenilworth. kenl heading from annapolis orr bowie you'll lit that as youu'lt head into the beltway this int 295 typical volume increasingncs out by eastern avenue on thevenu southbound side and princeou george's county 210 north atno a berry road a crash that couldt c slow things down. thi we'll certainly keep youee updated right now metro is on time. that's your look at track. yr la we'll be back in just a fumeus m back to you annie. annie >> ahead at 6:00 a consumer c
5:57 am
we have a pacifier recall tor rt tell you bo you.tell you bo you. >> plus results are in from asu new study that suggests the t traditional happy hour couldco be facing last call. fox5 news morning, wisdomsd martin annie yu we're herewe right now. steve is coming in in a few a f minutes. minu we're back in just a moment. mom >> ♪ >> ♪
5:58 am
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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ahead at 6:00 metro latest l set back another fire on theiret tracks this one caught on camerr coming up a big announcementem today about a large scale repair job on the aging transit system. also the list of top o republicans who refuse to backob drum is that growing. growi also trump under fire for tweett about a taco bowl and hillaryd l clinton wasting no time using ig to her advantage.tage. latest from the campaign trailn straight ahead.stht >> live look outside on thishi friday, may the sixth.ixth make sure you grab that umbrella before you head outdoor anotherr rainy day on tap.n tap big question when will it end? e weather and traffic coming up ou the 5's ap t 6:05.:0 good morning i'm annie yu in for allison seymour.. >> i'm steve chef 15. 1 service has resume at metroro southwest staying after anft emergency shut down yesterday.ry >> drastic action taken aftercte two fire incidents at federal fl fox5's melanie alnwick joiningoi us now with the veryni latest.e. good news for commuters thishi morning, mel.rning, mel >> reporter: that's right. r. good news and also talking to maintenance crews they seemedy d like they were pretty relievedr they were able to get


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