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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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in april to discuss whether information was transferred to a network. the investigation might be in its final tajes. on friday, the clinton campaign issued a statement acing hillary clinton has offered to answer to any questions that would help the justice department completee its review. we hope and expect that anyone h else that was asked would do thh same. earlier this week clinton said l she hasn't been contacted by th fbi and isn't worried about the investigation. have you been contacted by the fbi or your representatives beee contacted by the fbi. fb >> no. > any indication that yourour private server was hacked by for earn hackers. >> no. they are pushing back saying say that clinton's irresponsible behavior as secretary of state and her deliberate attempts at showed she lacked the judgment h and character to be president. fox news also broke the story that row main and hacker he easily breached clinton's e-mail server three
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cooperating with the fbi in itst investigation. in washington, i'm garret kenny, fox news. > this is fox5 local news at 11 good esmolol formulation again,or than. thanks for just. he ' matt ackland. and i'm teisha louie.loui spread from prince george's fr county to montgomery the suspect was captured c yesterday in aspen hill at one e of the three shooting scenes. fox5's lindsay watts is life tonight at police headquarters e with the latest on the t investigation and just how the victims are being remembered. lindsay. >>reporter: matt and teisha, montgomery county police held a press conference right here andt provided us new details about the shooting spree. investigators confirmed that the suspect, eulalio tordil did noti know any of the four people he's accused of shooting at the malla and the grocery store. police believe in both locations he was trying to steel a car and
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strangers in the process. pr also tonight we learned that two of the people shot risked everything to help a stranger. one of them lost his life and he was remembered earlier today much. > a community in shock gatherea here at clarksburg high school where malcolm winfield's two children attend.tten no one more devastated than winfield's family. their emotions still so raw. >> he didn't just shoot myt my brother he shot all of us. mom, put the tv on oh you can hear the story because i'm driving and i can't watch tv. > soon after that ' got the call. my brother is dead. family and police confirmed co winfield died helping another hl shooting victim, a
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say eulalio tordil attacked while he was trying to steel ag car at the mall. malcolm winfield gave his life for someone he doesn't know in d order to protect her from a f preed take iter.ter. the other man still critically r injure was also trying to help.. in an instant after the female m victim cried out for help thesee two men acted selfishly and heroically. not only coming to her aid, but likely saving her life. li these men are here owes. o the way malcolm died wasm d consistent with the way he livel i'm proud of him. h we're so proud. and what you're looking at now is a photo of this second persoc killed yesterday. 65 year old claw dina mow lean a, the woman saturday in aspen p hills grocery store parking lot 6789 on a go fund me page her he family rights she was an active member of a church. ' was the sweatest mother, was m always laughing and joking and
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manufacturing. she will be missed more thanore words can ever say. sa we're life in gaithersburg ga today, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > one day after metro's management anouned their massive maintenance plan to fix the rail system, well, the federal transit testing for who the spots, reduction in the use of electrical power and an increasc in dealing with water leaking le into tunnels. the fda also blamed metro employees for placing a higher priority on keeping trains tr running than safety and ordered a quote, safety stand down so that all staff could be retrained in proper procedures. any violation of the directive d could lead the fda to withhold
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financial assistance. metro release a statement today saying the general manager met with the fda this morning and is committed to implementing the th new directive. by the way, we want to remind you, metro's general manager paul wiedefeld will be life here in our studio on monday for fox5 news morning o at 7:30. if you have a question for him r and we'd like to hear it, all i, you need to do is tweet us using the hashtag ask metro gm. gm turning now to the forecast andd taking a life look at side, we i got a relieve from the chilly wet weather and it was beautiful. the sun made an appearance this afternoon. let's check in with gwen to look at the mother's day forecast. i can only hope that we get an appearance from the sun come co together. we will get a little more sun tomorrow and that's someç goodp news for all our mothers.
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for dinner or lunch or brunch o something of that we're going to begin with a looa at our highs for todays. we hit into the mid to upper 600 today much we should really be in the low 70ss, but you knownow what, it is warmer than it was s yesterday. so that's at least a plus. keeping an eye on our radar now. we've got a few light isolated showers here and there to deal o with for the overnight hours and that's the same story for the te early part of tomorrow and and that's because we have a frontae system coming so we're keeping an eye on that. it won't stick around for too long. we will have some sunshine at least before the afternoon aft hours. 58 in the city t. winds are fairly light. winds will pick up foretop as well. tonight 54-degrees. we've got some clouds and some d light showers as i mentioned. as we put it altogether for tomorrow, the sun will return re for our moms and it will even be warmer. i'll have the full details. still to come can at 11, president obama advice to new college g
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> college graduation season isa upon us anddu earlier today president obama was the commencement speaker at howard university one of the reel hu's here in d.c. the president told graduates that the country is in a better place today than when he graduated college more than 30 years ago.s ag let's get the latest now from fox's richette son. >>reporter: i used to joke about being old.d. now i realized i'm old. it's not a joke anymore. in his first 2016 commencementcm speech saturday president obamaa tells howard university's graduating class the united th states is a better place todayr than when he he graduated college
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america is by almost every measure better than it was whent i graduated from college. just the past 16 years we've come from a world without marriage equality to where one n it's a reality in nearly twoe dozen countries. and stay with me now. raise relations are better sinc i earlier in his weekly address to the nation and noting theth mother's day weekend, the president pressured congress too pass his agenda. if congress can make a holidayhi surely they can back it up with the things that give it meaning that includes maternity leave, paternity leaving, accommodations for workers and a decent minimum wage. on average small businesses have to pay more than $11,000 foror each employee in federaleral regulatory costs al
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that's before the tax bill comel in and that's before these new hire healthcare premiums are due. in his graduation address, the president acknowledges his term is ending with unfinished itemss the president will also addressr graduates at the air force academy and rutgers university. in washington, rich edison, fox news. > still to come tonight at 11 it's going to start feeling like spring > gwen is back with the mother's' day forecast, plus details on a warmup, yes, yes, in the week ahead.
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> done, done, done with thehe rain.ra done. rain, rain, go away. hashtag. i guess rain is better than the cold, but it seems like it's just every day. the umbrella is in my briefcase every day.ever i think the only thing it's beee great for is keeping the pollen out. >> that's true.>> > and i have been feeling much i didn't even think about that aspect. it's always a bright side. > you know it. i know that this positive spinpi is going to be great weather for the next two weeks. okay, matt.matt your another pushing theush envelope the next two weeks, gee. all right, two days. >> all right. let's sea what we can do for matt matt.t. tonight, clouds continue to move in. a little bit of drizzle, someom light rain here and there.ere. some of you already may be seeing some of that.ha that's what's going to behat' happening in the overnightover hours.
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keeping a close eye on radar.raa we've got some winds to speakto about, though.ab they're going to get a little gusty. next week we get back to another unsettled weather pattern withpt some rainfall again. that's the early part of the week at least. temperatures started to rice. we were into the 50s, getting into the 60s.60s. we're gradually getting up there and we'll be even warmer tomorrow. these temperatures not too farto off thoe mark. we actually had you be into thet low 70s or so. but as you can see on radar we are seeing some few lightew showers that are moving through some drizzle now. a little bit of instabilitynsta seems to be kicking in a about it. can't rule out in the overnight hours that you might hear a rumble of thunder or two. it's very possible. but this is all associated with a frontal system that's moving true. we have a little bit of disturbance here to the north that's kicked in. kic we are looking at light overnight showers, light mornino showers as well.l. very, very light in nature,natu nothing too heavy, so just youut know it will be it of the
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the afternoon. it will be out of the way in thn morning hours.urs. you'll be able to take mom out.. we still have flood advisories in equal if, though. that's one thing to be aware of. this expires at noon on sunday. temperatures into the 50. the we had a few 60s on here.ere. 54 at baltimore, 55 at gaithersburg and frederick 58 at dulles, 58-degrees at culpeper. and we are going to be warming up to the 70s tomorrow. so that's not too bad. overnight tonight, upper 40s, low 50s and that is what it is across the board with the light showers that we'rthe going to be seeing. winds right now are calm. there's nothing happening now, but tomorrow it's going to be a different story.di we're going to see the windsthe that are going to get a little l gusty side. if mom is going out with a haft sorts then you have to make sure that she's aware are of that. pulling away in the back side of it, a few isolated showers, bute the frontal system is
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trigger for the that early tomorrow morning out of the way. ridge of high pressure buildsig in. we're back to of to some sunshine. here's a look the at temperatures for tomorrow, into the low 70, upper 60s.per as i said, the winds will pick up. 5 t t degrees for tonight putting it altogether for you.y. we're talking some light showers overnight. a little bit of drizzle here and there. once again i can't rule out't r maybe an isolated thunderstormue overnight especially to the north. 71-degrees as we take a look at tomorrow.. early morning showers and thens we are talking sunshine by thete afternoon and for mom tomorrow o looking pretty good. by midday we'll ebb at 68, 71 by the 5:00. 5: here's a look at the fox5 seven day forecast.y monday, tuesday, wednesday, a little bit of rain and then o after thatf we're back toack sunshine not all bad. we're be back right after the break. so stay with us.
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> i probably know being a d.c.. sports fan has been an exercise of futility. just as one of the teams in the duv is going to contend for a a title they let you down. the caps seemed to be a sure inn for the stanley cup finals. but as what has come a tradition d.c. they fail to
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expectation facing elimination i in game five tonight against the penguins. un a see of red at the verizon center hoping to will to their team to a game six. si first period, alex ovechkin. what a shot. the capitols on the board early taking a one-nothing lead. le the second period game tied at 1. the tj oh she makes it 2-1. justin williams mean for mr. game seven makes it 3-2, the capitols and braden also pi, some apacing savings, 30 of them and the caps 3-1 to force game six. coming out, be aggressive from the start. sta i think good start is always important in games like this. ti we got the first goal in power play. i mean also puck management ast well. we were
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period. i think we managed the pub fairly well. between the two hours we were here hitting the boys going, we were loose, we were excited. we were confident. well, as the old saying goes, how do you eat an elephant, oneo bite at a time. here's what we have going for game six tuesday night in pittsburgh, 8:00 p.m. and if thh capitols can pull off the road win, the series will shift back to verizon for a decisive game seven. going into today's kentucky derby i had one winner in mind, the most handsome and faster and definitely most intelligent, his name, brady's cause. br i did a lot of research into his breed did i stock, how he would run at the derby. d okay, i really just like him because he has my name. the 142 kentucky deb bee and wee focus on the hats. why do you need sunglasses iflas your hat is that
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it looks like over kill. i don't know what's going on here. that is going to hurt. the favorite nyquist winning. turned it on in the stretch. nyquist is a perfect ate for ate. this horse has never lost. lo the same combo trainer and owner that won the kentucky in 2012. brody's cause finished seven. his run was awesome.. obviously we were going to stic it to him. i love that the way we fired out of there and he saturday down behind candy to give t him a breather. this horse is really somethingll and we're really lucky to be part of that much the nats trying to stop three slideree taking on the cubs.ta they made the trip to chicago ci rooting on the nats. i like that in enemy territory. ben reviewer hasn't played since openingda
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lays a double into the corner. it gives the nats a 1-0 lead and then top this, ryan zimmerman, game tied 262 unties it knockinn home danny espinosa. the nats take a 3-2 lead. 5-5, bottom seven. into the right, bryce harper fighting some birds. fighting the ball, a 2-run score on that. t once again the nats lose another one, third straight to the cubs 8 to 5. this is from the file of stuff i'll never, ever do. this is sprint skier leo take lo you fare flying down a run atun night with just a small head hea lamp lighting his way. this guy is absolutely bongers. watch as he goes through these canyons and trees barely missing them. he has what's pretty much a a nightlight illuminating
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this is entry into a g pro contest with a top price being $20,000. you'd have to pay way more. mo he's flying. the best part is he's wooing the entire time. the trees. i just don't get it. why in that could have gone bad very quickly. we would have had it all coveret on film. at least there's a record of it. there's no excuse. it's all for $20,000. maybe he'll win. he won last year. he did something less crazy. i think he had to up the anti. >> god especially us next year. no light. gotcha. back in a moment.
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gwen, the >> let's take a look at what'sa going on for mother's daymoth because it's important. a few showers early in thein morning and then they're out oft the way.e very light in nature, however.tu then we are going to get some gt sunshine and we are warming upp to 71-degrees for mothers tomorrow. it is going to be windy, be aware. but we have some sunshine, veryy unsettled the early part of the week.we >> the 70s look great. yes, looking forward to it. i won't see you tomorrow, but happy mother's day to all you mothers out there. hope you have a great day. good night,
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