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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ this is fox5 news t morning. >> straight ahead on fox5 news morning the man accused of terrorizing the residents ofdens two counties and murdering murde three people is due in court today. >> federal transitransit administration issues a series of emergency of directives forte metro transit.o rans what's wrong with metro andnd can can it be fixed? today tody fox5 lopes to find someind answers from metro's general manager. >> good morning documentmo welcome to fox5 news morning. today is mon5 day, may 9th, i'm holly morris. mri >> i'm wisdom martin today. tod is that national women'swomen's checkup day. the goal of dan the week is tos ensure that women are healthy ha and up to date on
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checkups. >> doing great except for thisac handep. >> erin let's talk about thele commute already this morning.t' >> it's already a messy morning commute despite the fact we don't have any rain.adya we havveeny a r live look fire s checking out the tracks onracks benning road.benning you can see activity there. benning road northeast shutortha down at the 3300 block. b we're going to keep you keep y updated on that and let youet yu know if there are any metroetro delays in regards to that asrdst well. >> okay, all right. okay, all r >> and we have to check in with gary because -- we reallyea don't want to hear about theeaau rain, gary. >> i know. the work week is unsettled but b it's not necessarily i'll explain in the full exp forecast coming >> sounds good.>> happening today, the maryland m man accused of shooting sixotg people and killing three ofhree them during a two-day shooting t spree is due in court in rockville.rockvie. 62-year-old eulalio tordil is facing several murder charges. police say he shot and killedle his estranged wife on thursday then on friday police say heeaye shot and killed two otherth people in what appears to bers b an attempted carjacking.
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tonight a vigil will honor the victims last week'sk' shooting spree.ting s. it begins at 7:00 p.m. at the goshen united methodist churchtd in gaithersburg.sbg. the victims rights foundation fn is organizing the it put together a fund for theft families and survivors. survivo. prince george's countyce g police have not officially released the name of a plan a found dead in his lanham homehah this weekend. wke all they would say is that theod man was a retired postal worker. the man's neighbors on greenfield drive say his nameism was kenny but that many calledal him pop and he was in his 60's.'s. neighbors also tell us the us victim was home with his sonis before he was found dead.d dd. police say this murder is an i n isolated incident. incen >> police are searching fore ar the person who stabbed a man at a bus isn't that northeast.'t the attack happene td aroundd 12:30 sunday morning at the minnesota avenue metroavenue meo station. the victim is expected too survive.survive. police have not said who was w responsible or what led toed that metro now under a federal f order to get its act together tt after last week's troubles at at the federal center station.ta >> and major disruptions a
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ahead for commuters as metro's o general manager tries to getes the system back on track. fox5's stephanie is at the federal southwest station and she joins us now with ne >> reporter: good morning,ter: guys. yeah, we are learning a lot more about thursday's two fire e and smoke incidents here ate the federal center southwest soe station and we're finding out fg that it was far more serious s than many of us knew. turns out it was an exploding eo insulator that caused the firetr at federal center thursdayhuda morning. federal inspectors said it sai sprayed firing metal and ceramic projectiles onto the platform.plat the federal transitderalns administration blasted metroet managers for allowing trainsg t to keep running.p rni it said metro didn't notifyfy fta of the incident, didn'tt adequately inspect the trackshea and that the rail operationsrati control center denied a request from maintenance tonc take the damaged track out of of service. it was only after
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smoke incident that metro shut down two stationing for emergency repairs. metro must prioritize safety before operational convenience mitigate fire and smoke risk improve emergency planning and preparedness and conduct a safety standdown by march march 16th, all of this after metro general manager paul wiedefeldie unveiled his plan to addressddrs safety concerns and conceand rehabilitate the system, theystt safe track initiative willativel squeeze three years of workth into onere year. wiedefeld characterized it like a miller to mobilizationr saying it would mean inconvenience for all area te f commuters. it's going to begin in june jun with different stretches ofetch track shutting down atown a different parts of time toenpart address those safety concerns.on metro will also close atlose midnight on the weekends andkena there will be no more extended n hours for special events. now, this safe track plan islani supposed to be really reall finalized by may 16th.d by there could be a few tweaks or changes in it.changes meanwhile metro is definitelyefl feeling the pressure from theom feds to address t those concernn in the safety directives of
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federal oversight said thataidht they could take away federal money from metro if thosethose things aren't done on also saying that it could c choose to close certain t portions of the lines if theyhe feel that safety is at live at federal center, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> paul we'd field will be'd life at 7:30 this morning. if you have any questions fortio him you want him to answer tweet it to us using #askas metro gm and we will ask himl ah live today at 7:30. meantime gary mcgrady isme d here toy talk more about the weather, the rain that's constantly seems to be in our or lives although yesterday was great. >> i know it was good for mom. i know you have folks that that warm up your car but my car was chillily. cllil >> you think so. >> you didn't -- didn't >> i didn't even notice.idn'en n >> it's hashtag good to bee wisdom.wisdom. that's all i'm saying. say i have no problem with it or i o anything like
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you're released. 46 degrees for manassas --sas 50 degrees. 51 for winchester. f wincheste hagerstown right now is 48. and up in frederick it's it' chilly up there, temperature sitting at 41 degrees.gree it's almost the upper 30's. in terms of where we're goinge'g to be today, i think we start off this morning by seven,y sev, 8:00 a.m. we're not going togoin see much sunshine.unin we might see a little when it comes up, all cloudy skies there.oudy could there be a spotty shower at seven or 8 o'clock thisr 8 morning? yes. but i think it will be real spot fee. fee. 64 degrees for lunchtime.chme a few showers possible, morebler showers in the afternoon than the evening, 66 degrees.6 gr the greatest chance of showers o to affect our commute will beoum the evening commute, okay., oka so, it does look like the the morning will stay mostly trytl if not completely drive.el here's erin como mondayrin coona morning.rnin you still hate me?at >> on-time traffic brought toico you by toyota.yoby t visit buy a for special offers. o >> you denied our friendship
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earlier.r. >> dramatic pause but no garyus i do not hate you. i just like to give you a hard u time over rain. r fire activity we're trackingityk 3300 block ofin benning road northeast. this is just west of 295.. fire crews are inspecting thein tracks along the metro routero r on benning road so you can seeee several firefighters out there, a stopped metro train.ra crews inspecting the train andrn the tracks after a fireir between minnesota avenue and stadium-armory station on the oe middle of the tracks rightcks rt there. we'll let you know if this is going to cause anytoausa major delays for your metro m commute this morning. morning. right now they don't have any reported delays or station stati closures. we'll certainly keep yourt posted but again a very active e scene as those fire crewsire inspect the metro train as well as tracks at thishis location.cati. again 3300 block of benning ben avenue northeast between those let's switch it over for ach look at our maps.ok in addition to that fire activity we have accidents accid slowing us
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crash activity 270 north before 124.fore this is as you head towards frederick this morning. morng southbound side still quiet.nd l none of the typical congestion just yet this morning by the truck scales. sca crash activity ought inctiv manassas 234 prince william prim parkway right now is closed on the northbound side at sudley s manor drive.manorve back to you holly and wisdom.iso >> happening today, marylandng officials t will unveil the newe driver's license.ense >> this is what the currentur ones look like. take a look.ook. but the new driver's licensesen are actually being hailed as hai one of the most secure i.d..d cards in the nation. nat there you go, that's what our current license looks likeoo l right if you live in maryland. the redesigned cards have h security features to protect against identity theft and and counterfeiting. the last time maryland updatedad licenses was in 2003.003. they also feature the iconicco maryland symbol.ym coming up on fox news
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morning, if you sell a drink to a pregnant woman you could find yourself in trouble withf e the law.e l >> a number of mountain states e clean up after severe weather.e >> and as we head to break,reak, there you go,. >> ♪ smooth jazz. ease into the monday feeling.e this is a live lookmo across ths d.c. region.d.c. r time now 5:09. 5:0 fox news morning back right after this. ter this.
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>> ♪ >> back now 5:10 and the thew democratic race for the whiteac house goes through northern virginia today.rgin hillary clinton the cli the presumptive democratic nomineeee will be in loudoun county thisos afternoon. she he will hold an event atvena the mug and muffin at stonefin t ridge village center toter discuss the balance betweene work and family.wo clinton has similar stops in sti can kentucky tomorrow. tomro ly. >> this year's tax season may be over but here's somethinge'so to keep in mind for next year. a your chances of being auditedud by the i.r.s. is going up.p. that's because it is -- it hopes to hire hundreds of newndf employees for tax
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the wall street journaleet joura reports last year the agencyst saw an 11 year low when it came to the number of taxthe nu enforcement workers. wke >> pregnant women looking to have a good time may want tomayt think of visiting new yorking nk city. it is now illegal for bars to not serve alcohol to pregnanto p women in the big apple.inhe b according to the city's human rights commission guidelinesli keeping them out of bars or denying alcohol promotes "judgment and stereotype."reoty. >> and speaking of having a good time, mariah carey looksaro like she certainly did at the bar mitzvah this weekend ateeke this particular one. the pop star sporting a dress as that leaves little to theto imagination.imaginat what do you think holly thumbslb up thumbs down.up thu >> i have one of those in several colors. >> okay, all right. oka also on display her 35 her karat engagement ring from f fiancé james patrick.atrick. >> i don't have one of those. t. even if i put all my ringslly rn togethert
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>> right, right. right coming up on fox5 news morningor dwyane wade facing criticismti after some say he disrespectedrc an entire nation.anntir >> now as we head to breakd tork let's take a live look outsid outside. dry right now but it will be wet later. later gary will talk more aboutorab that. fox news morning back right after the break.
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>> ♪ >> breaking news right nowakin with metro involving metro. i the orange line is single tracking right nownv l between stadium-armory and cheverly.rly. the blueline single tracking. tn the reason you can see on youror screen crews are out inspecting the tracks at a train after an early morningorng fire. fire it's unclear exactly where that fire occurred. that train you see is stoppedou on the tracks in the 3300 block of s bckenning road roa northeast. erin como is going to have gng t much more on this in just a moment. mome >> wild weather pounding parts
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tornado in eastern coloradoor this weekend packed winds of 135 miles an hour causing several injuries and damage tors buildings. the same storm now expected tod drop hail, rain and even snowven from the rocky mountains to the eastern planes. a tornado also reported in illinois knocking out power to thousands. >> big black wall coming thiss way and you said, things don'ton look good, let's park the cars r in the shed keep them out ofhe the hail.d >> in all at least fou rea f tornadoes were reported ineptedn that region this weekend. w >> ♪ nothing like that headedke t our way, right? rig >> no, no, you see that whole sky turning wrapping aroundd that thing at the upper levels, big severe weather w outbreak for texas, mostlyy northeastern texas up into oklahoma.ok it is definitely springtimey and we're getting into thatnt primary season of severe weather. we 50 degrees here in her nothing like that for us.lihat 43 for frederick you're down to 41. manassas you guys 46. fredericksburg is 52.2.
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is 54.4. boston 46.bost not a problem up and down the t northeast corridor down scottr o south either back out to theo t west there's a little bit oftleo shower activity. aiv saint louis this morningt lo coming in at 67 it's probably close to ouro o high today.hi we'll have some showers. showe little bit of sunshine earlyhine this morning. 68 degrees. high68 tomorrow 67. 67. showers both days. d this is not -- this does not look like lost rain. rai when i say showers i meann showery. here's the deal on the jet d stream. today and tomorrow, it's dropped down to the northeast the so we get temperatures in theine 60's. but at least upper 60's, okay. o now, we're going to see some som changes to the jet stream thank good n. it will movel back to the north of us wednesday through and to the ant rest of the week and into thenth weekend, too, and that willt wil allow 70's to return. ret so, it's not looking quite so dreary with the rain as what w we had last week, okay. oy. temperatures will be on the wil mild -- and maybe even byve friday we could be uppere u seventies to around 80 degreesdr
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clouds are moving in.ds they're thickening up a down to the south. again, once the sun comes upomeu we'll probably see app littlepp bit of sun, at least some ofom us will and the clouds wills wil completely come on across andcr we're talking about showers later on this afternoon andon a this evening. there's kind of a stalled outtao frontal boundary to the southuna of us and along that front thehe next several days there's t going to be a chance for somea n showers. so, it does look like by laterat today cloudy skies, showers, shw passing by. passin temperatures will make it up w into the upper 60's here.ere. north and west only lower to t mid 60's.0's. winds will be out of the westes at about five to 10 miles perilr hour. we're unsettled the next n several the way it's looking, showersrs around on wednesday.ednesday. i don't think there's a greatin chance of rain on wednesdayedne but i'm going keep it in thehe forecast.. then we get right on throughhr the rest of the week showerswees possible.ssible. maybe by sunday, maybe bybe b sunday, erin, we're going to gog dry out again. a here you y your turn.your you take it from here. h >> i don't have good newson't either. 5:17 and we have breaking newss gary. live look behind me.k hind this is along benning road. roa fire crews investigating an
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earlier fire and they're the checking out the tracks and and the stalled train on the metrone line on benning road. r because of that, we are seeing n delays across metro as they sake a look at that we havehaweh single tracking and somend som limited service. servi let's switch it back to a lookch at our maps from this live ifroi look. look. also on the roads you're goinge to need to detour around 3300ro block of benning road.ning rd. traffic is not getting throughhr also a for metro right now rig because of the disabled trainhe that you saw at d stadium-armory stadium-armory in cheverlymory single tracking on the orange og line between stadium-armorydium and addison road single tracking on the blueline andine the silver line is onlyine isnl operating right now between b wiehle reston east and easternne market so across those threehosr lines anticipate delays thisip morning. we'll let you know as soon as they're able to resumowe normalr service but as for now wakingow up to a rough metro commute. com crash activity 270 northorth between -- just before 124 as4 s well. we tweet me any questions you have at erin fox5 d.c. d.c back to you wisdom and holly. >> ♪ >> thanks erin. time now is 5:18. 5 let's take a look at theke a lo
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the most this morning on social media using ourcial m usg realtime news tracker. t first up, a common bloodmo thinner may increase the riskses of dementia. demen we're talking about the drugg warfarin and those who take toak it treat a heart conditionon flown as atrial fibrillation.ili researchers say the risk rose r when the drug levels were consistently too high, too low or taken erratically. >> nba star dwyane wade facingyw heat this morning after hes mo took some shots during the canadian national anthem.nt wade reportedlyd into line int with his teammates during the star spangled banner. bne wade insists he wasn't being disrespectful and it's something he's done his entireoi career. the league has reportedlyy spoken with the miami heat h about this incident.out th >> and final only the best wisdom for kim k. >> of course. >> the mom of two waking up to a 12 piece orchestra in her living room on mother's day. d all thanks to her hubby kanyeubk west of course.f crs the group played several songs s includ
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daughter north's favoriteave movie "frozen."frozen." >> i was going to do that buto t they were all booked up. aooke >> exactly, right.xactly, right you thought of it too late. >> yeah, thought of it tooh, tho late. late >> same in my house. house >> coming up on fox5 newsox5 morning pitchers are beginningeg to give bryce harper the barryhb bonds treatment. >> after nearly 20 years inea the big leaguesrl a celebrated pitcher finally manages to geto one of his balls over the wall. b >> and as we head to break b here's a live look outside across washington, d.c.ashingtoc time right now is 5:20. fox5 news morning back afterkft this. this.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> this morning's sportss breakfast the nationals fellls f to the cubs yesterday four toayo three. >> if you watched the game youd probably noticed that bryce harper didn't get to swingict go very much. s the game was somewhat histori historic. the cubs walked bryce harper wal six times.
5:23 am
history that that's happened's h and on top that of bryce o harper was also hit by a pitch just for good measure. measu a career changing game for new york mets starting pitcher bartolo colon.olon. over the weekend he scored his first home run. run first one of his it happened during saturday's game against the san diego padres. colon he has been playing iningn the major leagues for 19 years. one of his teammates checkedeshe his pulse after he rounded theod bases the make sure his hearte a was still beating. bti >> love that >> yeah. >> he's like oh my gosh i'veh never had to run bases all at once. >> they probably were like oh my goodness is he going to make all right great news forfo the university of maryland'sylds lacrosse team.cros the terps were awarded thehe overall number one seed in thee tournament thanks to saturdays a night's big win over rutgers.ute the terps extended their winning streak to 13. other local teams clinching ancg spot is navy. ny. >> a doping scandal involvingoli russian olympic athlete
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appears to be growing.. yesterday on "60 minutes" cbs interviewed a former russian rus anti-doping official. during the interview he said a the least four gold medal winners from the winterinr olympics in 2014 were usingus steroids.eroids. when asked about the report r world anti doping spokesmanpo ben nicholls said he was awarels of the allegations. s olympic swimmin tghe champin michael phelps and his fiancéeia are bieb a baby boy.e bieb phelps is in arizona training ta for the rio olympics. ompic phelps and johnson got engaged n in february of 2015. 25. boomer, i like that name. n soul singer lauren hill sen facing criticism this morningcii after a weekend performance ince atlanta where she arrived two hours late.urs this is video of that performance from saturdayda night when hill finally gotlyot started she only performed for f 40 minutes before her mic was
5:25 am
cut off. #money back?, right.ig >> i saw her, she came up to u this area one time and she was s late for that show and it shoan wasn't very good. g which is very disappointing.po >> i'm sorry about that.'m we s have fair skies thiski morning but clouds are coming on in and temperatures areres a definitely a little bit on theet cool side out there. we haveweav some spots in the lower 40's. 4 i want to show you theou forecast for today. tod winds will be out of the weste at about five to 10 miles peresr hour: increasing clouds, too,so and we'll have a chance for a fa few showers out there roaming r through the area as well.l. now, this morning we'rehis in starting off again on the cool side. temperatures out there loweres e 40's in some spots north andth a west.. gaithersburg you're kind of going back and forth.and rth. you're 41, one hour, 43 ther,3 next hour, you settle back too 41 degrees.41 deges. you get the gist t you see how the temperatures north and west are down in thein lower 40's.wer near town we've fallen down to 50. we could drop a little bittle bt more but clouds are starting srn to move on in and given the next three, four
5:26 am
be mostly cloudy by 9, 10dyy 9,1 o'clock this morning. mni showers a good possibilitysi later on this afternoon.fternoo. we could have a spotty showerav around this morning be ut realll this afternoon is the best ie bt chance of a few showers coming m on across. acrs. there's your monday morning forecast. here's your monday morningr commute and traffic and allmd ta that good stuff.that good stuff. erin como is in for that. >> metro gary 5:26 right now, n fire activity on the tracks.e tr this is right near stadium-armory along benningarmb road. what happened was metro was running -- they were doing doi track work overnight on thehtn weekend. they ran a test train. tin that test train got stuckot right here. it start add small fire.dd sma r that fire completely underely ur control but this train isl but t stuck on the tracks right near stadium-armory after that fireer between minnesota avenue and stadium-armory stations.tations. they're trying to get thato tha train moving and unfortunatelynf once they do get it moving mov they need to run a test train ti which is going to cause delayssy because it's going take some te time. let's show you the metro rail lines that are affected thisffec morning. because of the disabled train ds we have single trackingngrack between stadium-armory andory cheverly on the orange linee l between stadium-armoran
5:27 am
addison road on the blueline bll and silver line is only operating this morning between n wiehle reston east and eastern mark. if you take any of those linesin plan ahead this morning andorng anticipate delays from metro. mt we'll keep you updated. upd any questions you have to help you get around this morning atng erin fox5 d.c.. taking metrobus may be a b better bet to save yourself y some time this monday morning. back to you guys. >> thanks erin. coming up on f>>ox newsox ns morning metro gm paull wiedefeld will join us todays t to discuss the ongoingss theng problems with metro transit. trs >> and the big powerballll winner may be from the garden ge state but this morning there'sor a new millionaire right herehter in our >> and as we head to break on bk this monday morning, let's getts it started, people. ppl it's monday. mday. live look across the d.c. t d region. region. the time is 5:27. fox news morning coming backin right after this.s. >> ♪ >> ♪
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> straight head, fixing s today fox5 news will ask metro l gm paul wiedefeld some tough questions straight from you about the future of thet th transit agency. a federal agent accused off using his training to killing tk three people and injure threeree more while terrorizing twori separate counties goes before c a juoudge today. and it isn't over.d it isn'o we need to prepare ourselvesre for the possibility o of even more rainy days. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox♪5 news morning. i >> good morning and welcome toae fox5 news morning.orni a
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i'm just saying. say i'm wisdom martin.i' >> i'm holly morris.>> i we're here to brighten yourghte morning. thank you for joining us.oining it's beautiful now butow b deteriorating. >> not as bad as last week i >> all right. >> that's all you have to say.y >> hold me to it. >> okay, i'm holding you to it. erin what's up with metro. >> 5: 31.>> 5: 31 you're taking a look at a at disabled metro train.sabled t crews are inspecting the train a and tracks after a fire. they were running a test trainet during the track workor overnight. it got stuck. a small fire started.e staed that fire is under control. c but the train is completelyplet once they get it removed andemov cleared out of the way theyay need to run a test train. tra because of that there is a lote of problems with metro right now. blue ling line single trackinggi between stadium-armory andadiumy addison road. we have single tracking on the orange line between stadium-armory and l we're also dealing with limited as much on the silverasm line.r only operating right now t betweenetwea wiehle-reston east and easternae market. anticipate delays across thosest
5:32 am
more problems as you make your e way out on the roads in thatoads 3300 block of benning road because of that fire activityfiv and the stuck train right nowuci traffic is not getting by andtib then we have a power outageerut metro he is reporting causing problems. farragut west 17th and iagut entrance is temporarily closedlo due to that power outage to to 18th and i streetntrancenc remains opened. ope we'll track all of these metrosm problems and take a closere a look at your roads next.ds any questions at erin fox5 f d.c. on twitter. ttt i want to help you plan your pla monday morning commute on the te tracks or on the roads. roa back to you holly and wisdom. ws >> and speaking of questionss and metro today metro's's general manager paul wiedefeldie will be live on fox5 news n starting at 7:30 this morning. g if you have any questions fore him that you want him toat yto answer tweet it to us using #ask metro gm.etro we'll ask him live today at 7:30. >> ♪ >> also happening today, thepped maryland man accused ofed o shooting six people andix peo killing three of them during a two-day shootin
5:33 am
in court in rockville. 62-year-old eulalio tordil is facing several murder charges.ha police say he shot and killed his estranged wife one o thursday. then on friday police say heidap shot and killed two otherd tw people in what appears to be attempted carjackings.ckin >> tonight there will be ae vigil to honor the victims ofici last week's shooting spree at 7:00 p.m. at the goshen united methodist church: there was ah: fund put together for thefo families and survivors of the t shooting. >> prince george's countync police have not officially released the name of a mane he n found dead in his lanham homeham this weekend. weeke all they would say is that the d man was a s retired postal worker. the man's neighbors on greenfield drive say his name hs was can kenny but many called him pops. he's believed to have been inveo his 60's.his0' neighbors also tell us the victim was with his son beforeif he was found dead. was police say this murder is an isolated incident.ent. today in north carolina aara crucial deadline over the state's so-called baro
5:34 am
law. officials have until today to t stop enforcement of the law limiting which public p bathrooms transgender peopleomse can use. last week the justice department told state leaders l the legislation violates thetes federal civil rights act. act yesterday on fox news sundayewss north carolina's governor gover accused the government of bullying.bu >> one thing the nation has too realize this is no longer justrj a north carolina issue. i this order, this letter by thehe justice department is saying that every company in thepany i united states of america thathat has over 15 employees aremployea going have to abide by thebide federal government's regulation on bathrooms.n bhroo. >> the bathroom bill has had serious economic repercussionsns with many businesses m boycotting the state like pay pal which has now cancelednow ce plans to bring some 400 jobs to north carolina. col now the odds of winningth the powerball is one in 292 million but one person inlit our area has done or i should say in the we are learning that the
5:35 am
in trenton, new jersey. j it is the seventh largest win w in powerball history valued at $430 million.$430 the winner so far has not come forward but someone in someone virginia, gary, did win a a million dollars.ol >> i forgot buy a ting. a ting. do you think we could get a >> it's a funny thing. thi it will happen again.t will hap >> okay, all i'll just wait until nextl justn time. here's where we are thisre's w morning. bus stop forecast for the kidsas out there. it's not bad this ts morning.rn sun is coming up and we'reup going to have some sunshine sunn but as we progress through the morning hours, the clouds areloa going to arrive.goin they're going to thicken upckenu just a little bit but it's at cool start out there. out the some spots lower 40's, other o spots lower 50's okay so oy there's a big range thisrage t morning in temperatures.pera it kind of depends on whered of you are. coldest obviously out in thein e suburbs. olter school mostly cloudy, aho few showers around, aro temperatures will be lower toilw mid 60's to the upper 60's for 6 a you believe can of spots out there. let me show you real quicklyuick where temperatures are now.perar it's 50 in town.0 in tow gaithersburg you're back downn to 41 degrees. 41 grees. 41 for frederick so a couple
5:36 am
winchester too very, veryery, v close to the upper 30's. that sounds more dramatic. here's erin como.he very, very busy this morning.or. >> that's right, 5:36 right rig now. and we have a live look. look. disabled metro train track track work overnight. overnig they ran a test train. it became disabled.ab there was a small fire.e a sm it was put out by a firee extinguisher but right nowight n this train is disabled along a benning road.nn because of there, we havein single tracking on the blueline as well as the orangewe line out by stadium-armory and limited as much on the silver m line.r delaysd cause major while metro gets things backngsc to normal. to n as you can see fire crews thatet were there earlier cleared so er let's take a look at our maps. m traffic once again moving onovig benning road.g road benning road has been reopened west of 395. 3 traffic temporarily haltedrily l because of the firee ofhe f investigation. if you're heading out on theadin roads this morning crash activity 270 north.ty 2th it's just before 124.e 124 and notice the southbound sided none that of typical morningicar congestion as you come downs yoe from frederick through gaithersburg.gaithe we have crash activity as wellas in manass
5:37 am
234 northbound closed atnd csed sudley manor drive. caution there. typical morning rush picking up 95 northboundorn in stafford. we'll take a closer look thereke next. back to you. you >> coming up on fox5 news monday, apparently the only way to prevent a jailbreak inree this country is to constantlysty move felons from one jail to jai the other. >> and this should be on yourhi to do list this summer. s we're talking about this. about. what you're watching righting rt now. the largest fastest longest l rollercoaster in the world.r in. we'll let you know where it is i when we return. urn. >> and as we head to break as this morning, a live look across the d.c. region. timeni t right now, 5:37. 5:3 we're back after this. >> ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. 5:40 is our time.40 i let's go ahead and take a look at today's top health stories. i >> another confirmed case ofe the zika virus in connecticut.nt this is the fourth confirmedtheh case. the latest victim is a womanis m in her 30's. health officials say sheials s e likely brought the virus backk from the caribbean. the cibbean more than 400 people have beenee diagnosed with zika in the zikie united states.unitedte connecticut governor daniel dane malloy says the zika virus is vs a national health emergency. emn >> a new health study withdyith some alarming results. rul people who take the blood clot preventing drug warfarin may have a heightened risk ofneri developing
5:41 am
this affects people who usets the popular heart truck to treat atrial fibrillation.llat if you're concerned talk aboutet your doctor to talk about alternative medicines. m coming up what do you do you when you have a whole weddinga i planned but you no long are lg want to get married? mried? >> that's easy.>> ts ea >> well, you throw a party anyway of course right.ight we'll let you know who oneho jilted bride decided toride decd >> oh, boy. and as we head to break a live i don't knolivelook outside acr. region. time now 5:41. 5 back after this. >> ♪
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>> 5:44 is the time. t the blaze has burned nearly 398,000 acres ravaging theravage town of fort mcmurray. cooler temps are expectedxpecd allowing firefighters time toigo put out some hot spots. >> temperatures out thisemperatu morning at the big threeat thehr airports kind of chilly inof cli isn't spots. t dulles you're down to fore down example bwi marshall 45, in 4 town sitting at about aut 50 degrees or so much what'ses going on at the o surface? ce later on this afternoon we'll have some this is not -- this does not dos look like a big rainout. raino some of you may not get anyy noa rain today but there will be showers passing overhead afterft noon into the evening that
5:45 am
wet commute in spots. you see this frontal system sys kind of stationary now.s it's going to be lurking inngo the area for the next several s days. as long as it's around we'rear going to stay unsettled uns because it will be a focusl be s area, if you will, for someome clouds and some showers around so we're showery this afternoon, we're showery againra tomorrow. looks like we're a littleittl drier going into the middleinto part of the week but showers she will come back towards thear latter part of the week. pt of e today we're 68 degrees.8 gr again, some sunshine to start ta the day. looks like a beautiful morningea out there.out little cool in spots. spo tomorrow showers return.wersetu. temperatures will be againatur into the upper 60's.he upp0' it's going to be unsettledtl this week but not dreary and cold and drizzly like what ite was last week, okay.ka it looks like we'll continue'llu to have temperatures actually at warming up towards the latterte part of the week.part we'll it will get us into the 70's, maybe touch 80 degreesde by friday. look at the rain back out toe ra the west. the west those showers still have toowere come mostly cloudy today and thenlou we'll be i think increasinglyasl cloudy as we progress throughs g the day. th temperatures make it up intop
5:46 am
winds will be out of the west at about five to 10 miles peres hour. here's what everyone waiting to see. seven-day forecast. i know.dai kn that 68 degrees today.ees to 67 tomorrow. lower 70's by showers around on wednesdayedsd but right now it looks like l wednesday is mostly dry. d showers come back into thein t forecast on thursday, friday. fa friday is the day we get close o to 80. to we cool off a little bit on saturday.sarday. 72. hopefully drier on sunday.y dr at least we'll salvage part ofar our weekend.r weekend. there's your forecast.s yourec ly it's monday. m woar already talking weekend, w, right, erin? >> yeah, well we have so manyl o problems on metro already.lready i'm sure we're alreadye're a anticipating the weekend andti it's only monday mngorning. mni disabled train here alonge ang benning road this is riderri near the stadium-armory stop.yto overnight track work and they were running a test train. it became disabled. disab a small fire was put out viaia fire now the train is completelyn isl disabled. they need to get it moved. moved another test train because of bf that between minnesota avenueene and stadium-armory.or we are dealing with singlele tracking and limited service.ime let's take a look at our mapsoom and i'll show you exactly the tracks that are affected this
5:47 am
stadium-armory in cheverly c single tracking on the.g on the. a line between>> stadium-armory and addisonison road. single tracking on thele blueline and silver line t operating between wiehleween wie reston eat and easter east and n market. power outage at the farragut ft west seventeenth and i streetnteenth entrance closed because ofce that power o cutage. use 18th and i streeteet entrance. entr that is still opened. is be prepared as you head out to o the metro stop this morning. mog notice all the green on our t gr map as you head out on thosehose secondaries around farragutd fra west. traffic is starting to increase an earlier crash did clear, 270 north before 124.. typical congestion north of that point by the truck scales u on 270 southbound.bound. in manassas this morning there t is a crash 234 prince william parkway, the northbound sideunde remains closed at sudley manoryo drive.iv as we take a look at ourk at o virginia drive times, 95 north typical congestion 630 to 610 and then inhen maryland things are lookingoo good
5:48 am
south, 70 to the truck any questions at erin fox fox5 d.c.d. >> questions remainn surrounding the decision to transfer el chapo to a prisonn closer to the united states. st. experts on both sides of the border say it's minimumays mi security it's in a region controlled bynb el chapo's cartel. carl. back now in the united the d states where officials sayhere legal settlements between penn n state and former coach jerryoa j sandusky went as far back as a 1971. now this was 40 years beforeearf his arrest for sexual abuse ofso boys. this is the first confirmation i of the time frame of abuse claims. the disclosure comes as penns p '78 state's president psi criticized claims that formerore cogent knew about the abuse as far back as 1976. 197 21-year-old running back gregory bryant has -- was decla
5:49 am
day after he was found shot inht a car in west palm beach.ea the case is being classifiedng a as a homicide. hom police are looking for anyor witnesses to that shooting. sot and closer to home this morning an investigation continues into why a carnival cl cruise ship hit a passenger pseg walkway when it arrived in baltimore yesterday morning. mo. no, no one was hurt when the ship made contact with theco t gang way. but pieces of the plank brokenk apart and damaged a few parked r cars. cars the ship also sustained someed s damage. passengers on board say theyhe heard the crash and felt some sm minor shaking. sking >> an arizona plan is facing manslaughter charges after a deadly wreck which killed theckw sister of former supreme courtee justice sandra day o'connor. >> police in tucson saytuon 24-year-old jared barns wasjares driving under the influence ilun when he crashed head on into a car driven by 77-year-old anneyo day. day was also a former state senator. >> in pennsylvania, a highlvanig school student's prom night proi was a night to remember butbe b not in a good way. anita wolf
5:50 am
a way from attending her prom because she was wearing a suitwn instead of a dress. dre wolf says she's a lesbian and doesn't wear dresses and hasnd h only worn shirts and pants in the three years she's attended e her high school. >> west point says this photopht is under investigation.gtion. it shows 16 black female f cadets isn't uniform with their fists raised whiled whil posing.posi the image has spurredpu questions about whether the gesture violates military restrictions on politicalitic military regulations prohibit pi partisan political activityitcty while in uniform. uform the cadets were part of the t class of 2016. 26. nearly a year after he was s shot and killed inside inside historic south carolina church u reverend clemente pinkney will be honored at the nationalhe nat cathedral. >> his widow will accept hist degree during wesley theological commencementlo happening pinkney was a student at the seminary when he and eight others were killedha in 2015. 2. during today's ceremony aeremy a personal letter from presidentee
5:51 am
>> happening today iny maryland, a new center to help victims of human trafficking trc will celebrate its grand g opening. >> the support advocacy freedom and empowerment orme o safe center will provide services to adult and child survivors of labor and sex trafficking. university of maryland and o university of marylandar baltimore teamed up for thee te project.t. today's grand opening beginsd op at 9:30 this morning at the university of maryland.arand. also today in maryland,d, the naval academy going high goh tech. the school is debuting a newg an exhibit featuring interactiventi touch screens. a massive map of school s grounds and area dedicated toarc its graduates and hundreds ofed photos highlight life onife campus.. now if that isn't cool enoughl g the academy is alsoemy islso celebrating the launch of google street view so you cano check out the school withoutit ever setting foot inside.nsid >> pretty cool. pre feeling a little adventurous.eno if so you you might want tot to plan a lip their up to ohio. that's where you'll find the world's tallest fastest and longer
5:52 am
it opened this weekend at cedar point amusement park.usemr those brave fluff to hop ono p board will shoot nearly 20 nea stories high before falling fali 215 feet at a completelyomplel vertical 90-degree angle. ale oh, yeah, you'll be doing this at 75 miles per hour. h >> eat lightly before gettinghtf on board.. tonight in prince williamnce county members of the citizene n police academy alumnilumn association will honor policeorl officers killed in the lineled l duty. duty >> they're hosting a memorialosa for friends and family members of fallen police officers. oicer this particular event beginsveng tonight at 7:00 at the dr. ajferlazzo in woodbridge.dbi the tribute will follow fallen n prince william county policeoun officer ashley guindon. gui she was shot and killed while responding to a domestic callesa in february. febar two other officers were alsoels injured in that >> a memorial in the districtine to honor four fallen united states capitol police officersol who died on the job. >> the memorial service is pia being held at thel be congressional auditorium audor atrium. it s
5:53 am
there will be several roadal closures in that area. a starting at 6:00 the followinglo streets will be affected byy this.. indiana avenue in northwest, not third street to sixth streett in northwest.orthst the roads will reopen aroundd noon.on >> happening today, marylandyl officials will unveil thewilleil state's new driver's now, the new driver's license are being hailed as one of thedo most secure i.d. cards in the nation.on >> the last time marylandyl officials updated that licensetn was back in 2003. the new cards also feature iconic maryland symbols.ymls >> this next story shows us sho there's a silver lining behind every dark cloud. a new york city woman whose womw wedding was actually calledal off turned her misfortune intoun an opportunity to give back. former bride to be uri soon couldn't get had your deposit h back so instead she invited dozens of people in need toee t enjoy it anyway.nyway. she hosted
5:54 am
fortunate families. fie >> some other people can feel happy or some fun adding toddint their mother's day weekend and d that would be w >> i think it's a very selfless act and it's act i something that i greatlyg th i g appreciate. i'm sure everybody who is going to be there appreciatese s it. >> so many actual weddingctua guests also helped with the luncheon.. >> ♪ >> that is one of the coolest o things i've ever >> good for her. i'vood >> yeah. time for our facebook fan of f the day.ay today it is angela. angel she says she watches fox5 every morning while sipping her cup of joe. joe. >> don't sip it, just go aheadhd and guzzle it.d le that's what we do. angela wants us to know thatt we rock as do you thank you so much. what a great picture. ptu for your chance to bee tomorrow's fan just leave aea comment below angela's photoelah on our facebook page. y > yesterday i was telling myda son i was like we have got tolie spend as much time outsite as oe we can because it's going rain n all week. w >> you already knew that, did t you. >> i took a peek.ek >> listen, she's
5:55 am
last week.last week. last week was awful. awful this week was kind of of unsettled i think that's aha better word for this week but b we'll get some showers around a here. how about today? as wee increase the clouds thisuds is morning, it will be mostly cloudy. cl to cloudy this afternoon.udy th. i think this afternoon isthis going to be the best chance of getting some showers coming across. not everybody gets wet and ify e you do, it's not going to beoto for very long. these showers will be passings through. that will be the trend.behe highs today will make it up into the upper 60's out there. again, after lunch i think is the best chance of showers. shos 68 for a high here.igh her some spots north and west will l only be into the lower to mid 60's as these clouds thicken up. you're starting off chillyg offl this morning. spots out there this morningther in the suburbs especiallyia north and west down around 40 degrees. deg 68 today.68 today 67 tomorrow.omro wednesday i'm going say someay showers around even though i thg don't think it's a greatt th chance of rain.ance o rai thursday more showers in thers e forecast but look, we warm upm into the middle 70's. upper 70's hopefully by friday. iday still some showers possible on
5:56 am
saturday.satu temperatures there lower 70's. hopefully we dry up by sunday. n with some sunshine, 71.1. >> man. >> there is a rain drop ona rain every day. >> i know. not good. >> gary. >> all right, let's get over to erin como because she's been really busy this morning.og >> a dark cloud over delays on four of the six live look at a disabled train. . they were doing track workackork overnight.ov test running aer it got stalled.ll there was a fire taken out byeno a fire extinguisher.inhe now it's disabled waiting toai t get moved out of the way. way crews inspected it. they need to get it cleared. crews on the groundworking t hard between minnesota avenuehe anind let's take a look at the track t lines affected right now. stadium-armory in cheverlymory v single tracking on the. t a line. single tracking outplay line. silver line operating betweenete wiehle reston east and eastern market. switch problem affecting thero red line and delays in bothbloth directions outside friendshiphip heights an earlier glenmont glem bound red line train within w delays.
5:57 am
rails and the roads.ra keep it to fox5 newils morning.. 6 o'clock hour coming right up up. >> ♪ bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'. stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery...
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6:00 am
rampage in montgomery county. cu thithis as the suspect is set to appear in court. cou >> it's may 9, 2016.,01 weather and traffic for youic fr coming up on the 5s at 6:05 6 and good monday to i'm allison seymour.m alson >> and i'm steve chenevey. chene well can up to fox5 newsox5ew morning on this mondayg on morning. breaking news involving metronvm right now. orange and blue linesge ande affected. had to do with a fire fire overnight on the tracks.ra melanie alnwick joins us nows n live from northeast with the story. mel, what happened? happe >> reporter: we can tell you wey they were doing some weekendee track work here and this is on o the sort of the orange andnge blue and silver line and justndj after here is when the orange oa line splits off and that's whyhs you can see some single s tracking going on right nowng ow and the inspectors looking atooa this they were doising track workck r this weekend and they werekend t running test trains as they normally do before regular revenue service and at some s point this train right hereer became there was a small fire. f we're told that that was put tth


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