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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> what as insurances can younsn give anybody at this point with circumstance, people's else feelings being what he they aret about the system that this is ti going to get done. >> one of the things i think is different with thisth approach , its un we're of the things i'm thinking about, is that we are going to have to be singlein tracking for a long period of time that will have major maj impacts we have to do it during commuter periods that's one of ' the issues. we will have to shutdown between stations occasionally, i think c that is five of the areas weeas have to do that t i recommend we shutdown at midnight seven daysd a week. with will have top continue to do early outside meaning shutting down eight p.m.. so, that is to give us the true time to get out there and do tht work that needs to be done. i think that we've been trying to do this while maintainingaini this level of service that is just not sustainable.
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>>fox 5 tom fitzgerald you saw y joining holly morris in thehe questioning then he hits theit streets to talk to metro riders. he joins us live from northeasto at them scene of this mornings track fire. get us up to speed on that fire. what happened today? >> reporter: and i know how much of a broken record this soundshs like but we are going to ky it t up for you once again. onc take a look. l we're on benningoo road in betwn minnesota avenue and stadium s arbor restages this all started this morning when we were told a fire occurred with a train involving a track, now the train was doing some test work on a portion of the track herere weekend repairs that fire was quickly extinguished fortunately nobody was injured we are still waiting for official cause ofaue all this. while all that was going on here, there's a switch problem outside of the
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heights station. that caused delays. that caused more problems this morning. there was also single tracking on large segments of the blue line and service on the silver line only went to market. as all of this was taking place live this morning the gm of metro, paul wiedefeld was live l in our studio taking questioning. we post attempted that online at fox 5 dc .com many of youany watched it.watc many of you saw it online. we've got lots of feedback. people said we were to tough onu the gm. others said we made it too much would you see ourselves at onene moment. but i will tell you this, we went out and asked people who did watch it they told us they give props to the gm for sitting down going into the studio and taking ever question that was ta thrown at him. 92 into he was the best thing that has happened. i enjoyed that. i nother doing the best they
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>> do you know we were fair or tough. >> of course, fair. >> i assume he's getting it from all directions. >> to me he's doing this job.s d a lot of them hasn't done their job and there's so many things going wrong with metro. >> i think it's damned if you do damned if to you don't if they don't have somebody superbody talking about it its going to it look bad if to you don't say to something to the public and youu have to say something. >> reporter: bitter irony of alf this today is this comes as the new safety star for metro,etro, begins his job today.oday we are told metro's safe trackae program is going to be finalized may 16th. we're expecting this is going to begin some time in june. j live in northeast. we'll send it back into you. >> all right tom thank you. people talking about it and theg streets also talking about it ot social media too. we want to show you some of the tweets we got from viewersot today.
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reaction here how 30 years of putting off critical maintenanci when no one wants to pay for it. that's a really good question. a lot of people want to know. general manager did tell status maintenance plan has to be soe drastic because of the years off neglect. let's take a look at another tweet here. here. completely unfair, that you expected us to still pay full f price with such huge interruptions to the lines while you fix them that's been a huge sticking point as well.king people don't like the fact that the fares have gone up and up over the years. paul wiedefeld told us interruptions are needed to ensure safety and they cannott cut prices because the fares are a big part of the funding to to keep metro running that's justht what they have to do. take a lack at the last onet t here. i have a lot of respect for metro's general manager he's been handling himself well can'i imagine the pressure he is feeling. a lot of people are saying thatn as well. w they are glad he's
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drastic measure.c we want you to share your tweets. get us to on facebook. give us and idea on what you think about his response to foxx 5 this morning. laura. >> thanks. see you up here in a second. prince george's county a lanham man is under arrest okay caused of murdering his owning father. the suspect 42 year old monday tea anthony police were called to his home that he shares withs his father on green field drive saturday night. they say anthony attacked his dad with a baseball bat during an argument. police found the victim suffering from trauma to the body and he later died at a hospital. anthony is charged with first degree murder and assault. police now identified abode found in prince william county as lopez, lopez disappeared last month. she was last seen oneen surveillance video walking into a cvs store on april 17th. 1 her body was later discussed near a ditch in lake rich park. an autopsy was completed last week
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said how she was killed but her death is being investigated as a homicide. so far they have no suspects inn the case. up ahead in tonight's health watch heroin addicts turning to over the counter anti diarrhea medication to get high. >> never heard that before. okay. a new app mental health by prompting you to talk to yourself. we'll explain how it works and how it could help with stressful situations hey sue. hey there, you know what aa glimmer of sunshine that is about it out here. i know this isn't going to seem like its from the breaking news d we are in the record books fof 13 days in a row with measurabla rain that's the longest we've l ever gone here in dc. we had a little bit today. there could be a little bit more in the future. let's take a look at the evenine forecast and give you an idea o what the rest of this workweek is holding for us. fox 5 news at five will be right
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back. ♪ ♪
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abuse of this medicine in thishi manner cans lead to abnormal heart rig themselves which cantm be it really is. a new study takes a look at a trend on twitter communities of eating disorder supporters. they are present on other social media sites as well. community frequently use thefreq hashtag pro anna, which is short for pro anorexia. references to thigh gap, bikini bridge. worried about negative influence especially onioning people. urging parts to monitor for pro eating disorders language in their child's online activity.vy >> something you here openly talking about and
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ask users to record a voice message eat venting about ant issue or to reflect on their day. that message is analyzed and then the app tells users whether they sound happy and kale coupld or in need of support. the idea here is to get people talking aren't to make them morm aware of their feelings of of depression anxiety or otherth mental health. sometimes you don't realize that tour there. i think it's a good idea talking about it even though you might m feel weird or if you don't havee anyone to talk to you know. anything can help. i got to say we don't need an app to tell us we are sad abouta this weather. i don't think anybody is too happy about this dreariness. >> i did enjoy the weekend, sue. >> mother's day was
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we even had had a little bit ofo rain early morning mother's day i know i slept three i don'tle know about youpt guys. >> that keeps us in the streakhe with 13 days in a row of at least.01. while its not that damp out here now, its not that wet but it does feel a little bit damp and you can really tell the sunday is trying to pop through but but also on radar we are seeing one or two showers here and there.. tonight is not going to be that wet. we have very spotty light s showers around. it looks like there's a shower over northwest dc but we are not seeing anything right now.ow. up toward hagerstown couple ofsw light showers, a few showers f passed looksew like the bay aprl bridge going over to the easter shore. mostly its just a lot of clouds with occasional peek of sunday and you peek of sun. last week a stalled front just towards the
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we go for ward we'll had were likely to see a spotty shower here and there boy what a wetet start. in april we had two inches of raining total for the month. that was under between may first and 8th, we're almost up to three inches of rain so real wet start and there is that record with 13 days in a row. we may keep that going becauseau we'll have more rain tomorrowin just mostly cloudy. high pressure is going to keep that front down to the. a spotty shod more clouds than m anything else. that will change tomorrow. it will be a little bit weathers day in terms of temperatures feels on the cool side. temperature 62 degrees rightig now. we know the nats are going to ba taking on the tigers at 7:05. i don't see anything that wouldo cause any kind of cancellation or postponement or delay. could be a shower around. by the
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and inning maybe a spotty shower. but hopefully the showers will miss the ballpark as well. l. that's the last thing everybodyh needs out there.t that is a look at your evening forecast. keep the rain gear handy.dy. we are going to see the frontal boundary sending another wave og rain. by you are arehour hour. coming up up a few minutes we'lw look at the seven day as well. laura, sarah back to you. i'm going to tend to my mushroom farm. i think it's almost time for harvest. [ laughter ]. >> meanwhile check this out. some incredible incredible images out of colorado.orad a massive tornado touching down over the weekend. this twister torr through theer city just incredible t video he. it did damage some buildings and
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least five people were injured although we understand their injuries were minor. forecast force say more stormsoe are on the way. incredible half mile while twister there. >> tornado in colorado gavelora these teens a prom pictureic they'll never forget.r take a look at the terrifying back drop there. the couple says the monster twister touched down while theyo were getting ready for the big dance. when they found out it was a safe distance away they decided to pose for a photo in front of the storm.the that's what people do they go out and take the pictures of the storm. that picture quickly went viral and we're talking about it so. >> i wonder if it's the same storm just different locations.l >> oh it is the same storm. okay. >> coming pup here rarere r principle we'll yay is up for sale. find who owns the purple rain contract. and how much they are selling it for.
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the ball leer is responding to critics and politician now getting involved also. what is coming up, jim. >> we're talking about bryce, bryce harper, he wants to make baseball fun again who could blame him after the. this bryce ended up in the history book without a singlee hit. that's coming up in sports. ♪
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy
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e in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me >> a contract featuring a rare signature from prince isrom expected to sell for thousands of dollars the a at an upcoming auction. a super fan purchased the the documents of his first exclusive deal with creative artists industry. she paid 10 thousand dollars then. now she's selling princes p signature for 30 thousand
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dollars. the head of the music department said he thought he was a client after helping them close aping production and tour deal for his movie purple rain. okay my am meet hit wayne way weighed is in hot water with basketball fans upset for shooting around during national. it happened saturday against toronto raptors. he spoke about the controversy saying he comment no disrespecto he wast preparing for the the game. typically he likes to make finao shot before lining up for ther national anthem but he kept k missing. they are going to head to toronto for game five. >> missing. >> i don't care, though, if that happened during the star spank dwelled banner,. you don't do that. >> respect. >> absolutely.
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exactly. we're holding justin bieber accountable. it is monday, right? >> all right. we're talking about bryce harper, some disrespect. i think the cubs a little bit,, bryce harper says he wants to to make baseball fun again. who can blame him after thee chicago cubs made a mockery of the game. maybe one of the reasons, the manager. madden said, in fact called it spare baseball. it worked. harper didn't score a single time during yesterday's game against the cubs.agai the stupid suits they had on the really loud suits that was his h brain child. look at his facial expression he's saying oh, this is awesome. but the cubs paid off for harper
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books of the yesterday alone 7 a.m. appearances on base by virtue of six walks. 10 walks in total 13 walks in that four game series alone the nat hoping to write the ship tonight. they're going to open up three against the tigers. all right elimination on saturday and winning the caps are catching fire at the rightgt time. they look like a cohesivs unit. play like the best game in the league forced game six tomorrow night. the caps won that game in 2009. we won't talk about whathat happened in game seven s we'll worry about game six. s >> i think we brought our game to a different level. better than than the first four. i think we're going to have to go further than that to keepp playing. >> finally the moment 100 years in the maki
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shawn there for anything. in fact, she could be the caps good luck charm. she road and o the sam bony during the game five. she said she's never been to verizon center, never been to a hockey game that changed on saturday. this could be, because, she turns 101 tomorrow, all she al wants for her birthday is a caps. >> she better be on that samboni. >> she also hates canada forgiving us justin bieber. i'm sure she knows who he is. >> i have a feeling she's with it. >> 101 years old.ld >> really awesome.lly the fact that she's out that. good for her. >> i like her jersey. >> yeah, she's rocking it, isn't she? >> coming up paul ryan and trump dray drama let's get
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house speaker would step aside if trump asked him to. ron nick ka. >> reporter: flags were on the flag pole hanging from people'so homes leaving residents feeling thankful more damage wasn't done. we'll tell you how many homes hm were hit and how you can protect yourself after the break. >> you don't have to vote, you have a responsibility to have a vote. >> i sat down with vicece president joe biden to discuss s several issues including thelu supremdie court nominee garland. and why its been two months ands still there's no sign of a confirmation hearing. ♪
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>> federal police officers accused of killing his wife k outsideil of highpoint high schp last week andoi then shooting fr more people the next day ordered held without bond. bon >> he made his first appearancea in court the 63 year old used a gun that 23 failed to turn over to authorities after this wife w took out a protective orderctiv against him.m. paul wagner joining astely fromn rockville tonight with the t story.y. hey, paul? >> reporter: laura and sarah wew want to say right off right offp now, that we have updated information on one of theon o victims that you what should th on thesh montgomery mall friday morning. this person who was coming to the aid oaf a woman being a w carjacked was shot four times. that man were told is now in serious condition but his conditions improving according cot states attorney johnttorne mccarthy said that man was in surgery today with a bull letll being
5:29 pm
this crime spree may have beenes over by the timepr the police moved in for the simple fact that this man, this federal police officer had lost his glasses during a struggle at that strip mall in aspen hill and he lost some of his ammunition. when tordil was taken into custody last friday afternoon prosecutor john mccarthy says the 63 year old was not armed. the gun was in the car. c and he could not see having lost his glasses in the struggle with claw dean in a melina. >> i'll go back to what i said in open court i think he feltelt because his glasses had been gla lost in the struggle he didn't d feel he could adequately see to drive that's what he said in court. >> reporter: he also told the judge tordil lost a magazineine clip in the struggle as well. tests show the same gun was useu in the shootings of all for a victims and montgomery county. undercover officer found the cac in the strip mall
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and mccarthy says the tag was recorded multiple times on license plate readers in maryland and virginia. in the after maths of thef shooting at highpoint higteh school and violence att montgomery mall. police also new how he wanted it all to end based on notes foundn by law enforcement. >> did come into the possession of the police prior to the apprehension of mr. tordil. the information in those notes was known to the police beforeeb that that is part of the reason they took the precautions theyhy did in that shopping center in determining how they were going to take him down.own. because they knew what wasw what contained in the notes. >> reporter: there had been questions about information kepo from the public after police sac he shot his wife. w the description of the week he was driving was not released for fear he would ditch the car andd since he had turned off his cell phone, police were unable to track him.track in addition, prince george'sn, county police say p the information they
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tordil was a danger to himself and other officer he might encounter. not the general public. both john mccarthy and princecc george's countya angela alsobrooks addressed those questions today. >> i'm not going to second guess what they did.he you know these are dangerous situations and again, i think the chief will explain to you, y i've met with him and talked to him he'll explain why they did e what they did. these are some tough calls. these are some tough calls. >> i think there's a response we can look at it and whenever a life is lost, i think it's incumbent upon all of us to says what can we do. it was very rapid. it was unfolding so quickly easier to say in behind sited s tosses what should havee happened, the truth is two law enforcement agencies princet a george's county and montgomeryog did a good job. >> reporter: tordil was tor attempting to steal the cars the women he shot
5:32 pm
and in aspen hill. >> reporter: we did ask prince george's county police for cy permission to talk with the wit police chief out there today and get his version of what happenee there with the at tempt o findpo mr. tordil. but they declined our request for an interview. live in rock 56 paul wagner, fof 5 local news. >> a lot of new information on that today. a string of fires homes in virginia has residents nervous. >> ronica cleary is here withe information about what happened and how you can prevent this from happening to you. >> reporter: very unsettling two american flags it is a sad situation thankfully no lives we have hurt. fire was set to three american flags along donely drive this past thursday night. now, finding remnants of the flags that once flew from their homes was unsettling. i
5:33 pm
not wish to be identified she ie showed me the remains and damage done to her driveway. allen another resident whoseesid flag was burnt he said when hedw walked out of his home on thursday morning he simply sim thought his flag had been blownw off by the wind to realize hisis flag had been destroyed by fire. >> reporter: how did you feel. >> not very good. from a couple of standpoint one from the of course the danger to the house having something burn like that. the other just you know the fact that we are destroying american flags. doesn't feel very good. >> reporter: fairfax county firi and rescue department whether op not these arear connected it iss ongoing investigation. inv the investigation will determint whether these incidents will beb considered now the pio for the department suggested keeping the area in i front of your home and door welr lit to help prevent incidentsens like this from happening to y
5:34 pm
now, if you have any information please contact fairfax countyrfx fire and rescue. we'll have their phone number or our website back to you. >> it has been three monthsonth since supreme court justice antonin scalia died leaving a vacancy on the highest court inn the lain. the white house you is hou increasing pressure on the republicans to give theire t nominee a chance. new poll shows americans suppore a hearing and vote on merrick garland's nomination. i sat down with a about several issues including this one: judge merrick garland , president obama pick to fill supreme court vacancy. the announcement was march 16th, nearly two months ago.ths since then, he republican control senate has taken no action to pursue confirmation hearings. vice president biden once the chairman of the judiciary commite
5:35 pm
aren't doing their job. >> you don't have to vote forot him, you have a responsibilityes to have a vote u. republicans say they don't have to siteting what they call the biden rule. biden's own words from 1992 when he was chairman of the senator judiciary committee and bush was president. >> it is my duty that if a i supreme court justice resigns tomorrow or win the next self weeks, or resigns at the end of the summer, president bush would consider following the practice of a majority of his predecessors in not, in not name a nominee until after thefter november election is completed. >> why should republicans in this case act or feel any differently? >> laura, that's not what i said. i said, unless he's going to consult and i went on to say that he should send someone up.. >> if
5:36 pm
statement, the then goes on to o say if a president press an election year nomination senate judiciary commit should notot schedule confirm nation hearinga until after the campaign seasons over. >> i presented more supremeore court nominees than anyone living. every single one got a hearing.. ever single one got a vote in vo the committee. com everyone got a vote on the floor of the united states senator ant they did it in presidential election years.el so that's the biden rule callede the constitution. >> valarie jared says the president has fulfilled his constitutional it's time for republicans to fulfill there's. >> republicans to take this unprecedented stains over thisdt year sets up a slippery slopeer for what is next of the the fact the evening antonin scalia s passed away they said there would not be
5:37 pm
who the president nominated they wanted the people to weigh in is ridiculous. >> john stewart says quote the white house is now dropping all pretense that this is about anything other than campaign >> now, when it comes to biden's statement in into, there was no supreme court vacancy to fill, there was no nominee to consider and the senate never voted tod o adopt a rule to delay hearingsei until after the election.ction. according to the blog no president in the past century cn has had a supreme court nominee go un confirmed on the grounds that it was an election year. vice president says republicans are acting against the the constitution it is effectedtings the supreme court. since antonin scalia death they are dead lock, i did state with the vice president including his cancer initiative and the did this of his son which
5:38 pm
anniversary is this month so we'll have that part of the interview tomorrow. >> very interesting to see you o know at least in today's story the politics of going back and forth who said what at what time. you know you got to choose youro words --s >> it is a matter of semantics,s he said things after that t statement too, so, its a mattert of semantics here. and the white house wants theirr nominee to be heard and for ther people to decide. and that's the bottom line. >> absolutely. >> tonight a striking admission from house speaker paul ryan. the republican says if trump tru asked him to he would step downo as convention chair. he first mated comments during t meeting with reporters in the milwaukee. since trump is the likely presidential nominee he would he make the move out of respect for the convention. this comes after a week after he mentioned reluctance.nce. the pair are scheduled to meet and capital hill on thursd
5:39 pm
virginia working to gain more o the women's vote. loudoun county is considered ada swing you count in a swing at any time that is why she met m with young families there toil talk about the struggles they face. president clinton says there'syt no such thing is a a one size fits all solution in solvingolvi equal pay, child care, special needs and paid family leave.eave her visit to stone rich is part of her breaking down barriers torr. >> 2016 games are officially under way in florida.. first lady obama. the competition for woundedunded veterans was created by prince harry more than 500 athletes from 14 countries are taking part in the competition. coming up the dance craze made popular by a pair of terpsr flares players is making rounds. law enforcement officer stepped up to the challenge making theit own dance
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♪ group of maryland biologist are showing off their moves inion expected running man dance off. off. >> very very good. all right no so good laura and sarah this view we've become accustomed to gray we got more gray skys in the forecast.ast. we have full fox 5 forecastt coming.. cooling weather remains in place. 62 degrees right now as you take a lookout we won't did he climbing out ofn lower 60 for a couple days. full forecast when we return right after   this. vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes
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>> remember this back in august a earthquake rocked the region causing 200 to 300 million dollars worth of damage. i remember that video. they played it over
5:44 pm
it was felt in over a o dozen states its cause puzzled scientists. new research is she had ding ha light on a possible cause. >> i remember when this happened i was up at state college self miles, we felt it up there. quite the event. and now the map behind me shows where major fault lines are in the region. this is where the major place that the earth continents sit on meet. the shift is what makes the earthquake comes right at thoset fault lines. crow closest to washington, the closest one to washington d.c. over a thousand miles away. generally speaking here in dc we should be pretty safe from earthquakes. why did we have that one in 2011? >> scientists from theen university of north carolinain believed they have found the answer. they say all denser rock far below the he thinks
5:45 pm
breaking away upon which we sit and sinking down into the earth not to worry these are quickly replaced by mole 10 that cools o to form new rock. however, this process puts stress on certain areas of the f plate that we sit on and that can lead to buckling and shifting below the earth's surface which we then on the earth's surface feel as an earthquake. now scientists blame not onlyy the virginia earthquake on it but several on the major earthquakes across the east e coast have been blamed on this. they also warn that the process is still ongoing meaning earthquakes could shake the dc region once again in the future. here are just a few of the major once new york city in 1737. of course virginia the most mos recent one 20110.8. the biggest
5:46 pm
back to you.ou >> wow. on that note. thanks, mike. >> i grew up in san francisco cisco. >> always on alert there, right. >> we had the drills under the desk growing up. you know how to roll with that w don't you. >> right.. >> it happened here too.o. >> we laughed over these lawn chairs the pictures you remembeo the earthquake here. >> structural damage, still build ding back from, right. all right. can't really see much though as we take alive look outside we still got the haze. a gloomy one which is a shame. we had one bright spot mother's day
5:47 pm
beautiful. you can see haze see sun peaking through. let's go straighter to the map.. shower pattern continues not going to be raining all day alli week. each day has a chance of those e showers. tomorrow is a cooler one. one. then we warm back up the best chance thunderstorms to ahund company these showers will be ai day, pretty strong cold front comes in friday. friday afternoon and evening we'll be on alert with heavy rain along with thunderstorms.nd so, we are in it again. this wet patterns just refusess to break as we go through the tu seconds week of may. no storms out there right now. one light shower moving throughv northern sections of dc. there is still some drizzle maybe not heavy enough for umbrella. all showers earlier were curtis see of warm front. north of the washington area was right now. this warm front causing severe weather outbreak across portions of the southern planes.
5:48 pm
oklahoma, it still has a warnina attached to it.tached t i mention this because the video coming out of there from the past hour out of parts of oklahoma city around i35 a large tornado, tons of damage, probably be talking about thatt as we go through the rest evening. looks likes ef2 or three there. temperatures in the 60s. cloudy cool damp kind of evening. we'll have the same thing tuesday. high temperatures to the north. showers as early as tomorrowrow morning. then probably a second round ind the evening. here how it place outer fox fox future cast, there's some rain, light for the drive in. there's our break. later tomorrow night, chance for heavier bands of rain coming through as sections of the storm keep rolling on it. waves of rain early tomorrowly t morning. and and then probably after dark tomorrow night that's tuesday.ts the rest of this evening isolated shower through the n
5:49 pm
clock hour. its very very spotty.pott even by 11 p.m. maybe drizzle. majority of the overnight is dry until tomorrow morning.orni lows overnight mainly in the 50s. temperatures don't go too much above the 60 degree mark early e tomorrow morning.tomo 65 by the afternoon. here's the 7-day forecast. warmer temperatures, showers in the forecast, tuesday, wednesday, i think best chance i to be outside is thursdays because during the day we lookwe to be okay before more rain comes in at night. nig friday thunderstorms arere possible. looks like we'll finally see the sun there on sunday. sunday is our day. and then showers return to the forecast on monday probably at least a little pour, warmer than last week. that's your 7-day forecast. sarah and laura back to you. >> can't say we didn't have spring. >> i know its true. let's head over to tony and shawn for what is next. for hey guys. >> i'm tired of all this. >> at least we had nice weather for mother's day. >> is it it
5:50 pm
>> a rough looking. e-cig rets are growing in popularity, last week we told t you about new regulations. today a new study shows increase in poisoning. what you need to know coming up at six. >> coming up why is the mayor of new york city calling for a boycott of chick-fil-a doesn't have anything to do with the size of the sodas nor the t transfat we'll take a look at that plus other top stories at fox 5 local news at six.
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>> in maryland the naval academy is going hi-tech. a new exhibit including interactive touch screen. area dedicated to graduates and hundreds of photos highlighting life on
5:54 pm
now if that isn't cool enoughool for you the academy is celebrating launch of google street yoreu can check it all out. check it it out in school without setting foot inside the school, which is pretty cool. ♪ >> officers new york polices ne department are joining in on the running man challenge. nypd was challenged by new zealand police force and posted their version on the officer staged the running man dance off with a group of students from brooklyn.n. locally the montgomery county park biologist tennis instruct t force took part in the running man let's take a look. ♪
5:55 pm
>> wait for it. there we go. everybody, and it's just amazing. >> it's just funny. >> how this is gone crazy, new zealand police force challenging new york. it's crazy.zy. >> when there's a thing there'sg a thing. and this as simple one. o >> and this is the thing right now. it will be something else next week. >> the thing of the moment. [ laughter ] into 17 us your7 running man. >> yeah, absolutely. tweet us. >> sarah and i need to do ours. >> no, i'll probably slip and ad fall. [ laughter ]. >> certainly, i won't speak forr you i won't look that cool. >> all right a. thanks for watching fox 5 local news at five. fox 5 local news at six after the break.
5:56 pm
and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> no bond for the federal police officer ac caused ofer terracing the region with the t shooting spree across two spr counts. it is good to have you with us i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. tordil is facing multiple charges including first degree accused of shooting six people and killing three.e. tordil shot and kid his he is stranged wife outside theirheir daughter's high's then on friday, fox 5 was life when police arrested him after he killed two more people at two different shopping areas in montgomery county. tordil made his first appearance in court this afternoon. fox 5 paul wagner joins you had us live from rockville with the story. paul. >> reporter: high tony right ofg the top we want to tell you that the second male victim is doingi much better. states attorney john mccarthy telling us today that the mane who was shot four times was in surgery today to have a bullet removed. that his
6:00 pm
improving. we also want to tell you that ww learned some information today i 30 appearsnf that this crime spe may have been over by the time that police moved in for two simple reasons: this officer tordil had lost his glasses during a struggle and couldn't see very well and he lost his ammunition as well. when tordil was taken into custody last friday afternoon,, prosecutor john mccarthy says the 63 year old was not armed. the gun was in the car. and he could not see clearly. ce having lost his glasses in the struggle with mow lena. >> i'll go back to what i said in open court i think he did not feel because his glasses had god lost in the struggle he didn't feel he could see to drive. that's what i said in court. based on conversation he hadonvs with the police. >> reporter: mccarthy told therm judge tordil lost a magazinee clip in the struggle as well. ballistics test concluded thecoc same gun was used in the shootings


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