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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead freddie gray death led to days of pro tets and violence and you can try a case against one of the six officers charged in his death without mentioning his name. >> how about little attitude. anger and emotion as bryce harper uses choice wordsel yelling at umpire after last night's win. >> 5:00 is the time now. good morning to you, welcome to "fox 5 news morning" i'm holly morris today is tuesday. may 10. >> i'm wisdom martin, maureen umeh is off. erin como is
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talking roads. so far i like what i'm seeing gary mcgrady said rain is moving in and you know what that can do. get early start and enjoy quie quieter commute right now. >> this rain coming up from the south looringz hartder as it moves on flew. i suspects, 7, 8:00 near the district. more details coming up. let's get to the news now. governor larry hogan scheduled to sign a bill this morning it will actually eliminate copayments for birth control and contraception and it will provide insurance coverage for emergency contraceptive plan b and men looking to get vasectomy will no longer have to pay a copayment. >> fight over north carolina bathroom bill far from over yesterday north carolina governor filed a lawsuit over the controversial hill he's fighting to keep alive.
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hx b 23 is for use bathroom on your birth certificate and the law they have a violates civil rights. >> we're seeking court order declaring hb 2 restroom restriction impermissionbly discriminatory as well as statewide barron enforcement this is about dignity and respect we afford our fellow citizens and laws we as people and can'ty enacted to protect them. some say people are overlooking rights of non transgender people. all be zig naitd gepder neutral is the bill. it heads to the state senate. >> pretrial hearings set to begin for baltimore police officer edward nero in the death of
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last month a judge ordered colleague officer garrett mill to testify against nero. the officer is facing assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office charges -- in office charges and the trial is set to begin tomorrow and gray died a year ago in police custody. >> we've been ror reportsing for weekends on elevated sours of lead found in water sources at d.c. public schools. >> and officials are under fire because of concerns and they're speaking out exclusively to "fox5". joining us now outside minor elementary school northeast with more on the story. melanie. >> good morning, yes, we came to minor elementary school this is one of the schools that has had elevated lead levels in two roupts of testing and one last month and one last october. and they've since been fixed but it's the kind of issue that pops up and when you look at records it really does kind of leave a few gaps there. parents really don't know praps how long student may have been
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exposed before the testing was done before filters instead and it's a good example of a little bit of information can be as distressing as none at all. d.c. mayor of education and direct to have general services are apologizing now for so they recordkeeping and poor communication with schools and parents and during the most recent around of water testing elevated levels of lead were found 17 sources and twelve d.c. schools and there were 37 3700 tests done as well. dgs reports are not complete and some schools say they were never notified. we were testing and taking action and not reporting it and we needed to do that. i apologize on that. >> what i'm focusing on how do we never do that again and apology making that error and causing manic and scare some parents are feeling about this. >> the city has been testing bringing water in schools
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2007 for lead. it's now expanded tests to cover all possible drinking water sources like sinks, sink faucets and spic et cetera too and protocol is to put filter on 'retest. if it comes back high and continues to come back high they would take that water out of service until it can be remediated somehow and the city says it has new tagging and tracking information out there and so that it can better inform parents and schools and also ambulance to get all testing done by june 17. live no northeast i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> showers south this morning have not made into d.c. yet and they're moving in our direction though. i'll show you radar in a secon second. temperatures out there not chilly. 55 gaithersburg and 57 fredericksburg and culpeper 56 in town and we're 59. where is shower activity this morning. look tat here. heavy too in the track has it moving up to the
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it's good rain and concentrated heavy spots. we'll move down further. spotsylvania heaviest is on door step about to move on through. and it will continue to work up i-95. chancellor, heart wood, fredericksburg, missed heavier batch there and showers in the area they will continue to track in our direction too. there's a little bit of light rain shower activity to the north of us as well moving across the northern areas. you can see once again that heavier slug coming on up showers possible for all day parts today certainly this morning at noontime and this evening showers around temperatures only making it up into the middle 60s hey it's tuesday morning erin como is standing by with a look at tuesday morning commute. visit for special officers. >> quiet, 95 northbound prince william
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your way dale city to springfield interchange. light volume now. i'll let you know when that changes. looking back to maps. traffic looking good on way into the district. problem free 66 arlington and things look going on 7 and no issues on 50 inbound inside the beltway or 29 5. quiet 50 to eastern avenue and bottom of beltway past laboratory road. taking a look in frederick now as you make your way to maryland traffic looking nicetown on the southbound sid side. no volume truck scale as we typically see and no alerts for metro f that changes any questions reach out to me on twitter@erin fox d.c. back to you holly and wisdom. >> white house administration is worried about funding for zika virus. josh ernest says it's urgent we get funding for virus so doctors can complete reserve and keep the virus from spreading and 425 people across the u.s. have been diagnosed with zika.
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a extension with the team. and strasburg can opt out of the deal after third or fourth season. so far this season strasburg thrown 58 strikeouts and 49 innings and led national league in strikeouts in 2014. >> and somebody has got a little potty mouth. bryce harper erupted last night after getting ejected from the game in ninth inning. harper joined teammates on the field though after clint robinson home run and he pointed at the ump and yelled at him using choice four letter words. he'll number trouble for that by the way. >> celebratory choice words. >> yeah. >> 5:08 now and coming up on "fox" news morning, new reports about alberta wildfire suggests things may not be as bleak as we were led to believe. >> and warmest, sugary treats about to c
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sglment as long as it does change the flavor. >> let's take a live look across the d.c. region. little hot rumbling on tuesday. 5:09 right now. fox news morning back after this
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ooh 5:09 trying to figure out how student within make up scams after a bomb threat with a note found in the health center. they were also called in to put out a car fire. it referred to dispute between university administration and janitors. last year 35 janitors were laid offer. >> colorado movie theater shooting victims lose a battle they cannot show home land security memo dated months before the attack warning theater rz they could be targeted by international terrorists. cinemark never shared it with managers to up security. they believe cinemark should have done more to be accountable. >> u.s. state department says it cannot find emails from hillary clinton. former it specialist. brian
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server while sevblingt state. republican national committee wants state department to turnover emails and clinton text messages and state department says there's not documents to support their request and fbi is investigating classified information miss handled courtsey of clinton's account. >> world's first vaccine against mall aria could be approved by 2018. the vaccine would prevent against the disease more than two months. trivlz vaccines are being done where mill aria is prevalent. >> sweet news for investors in krispy kreme. said to be taken private for 1 billion. that works out to 21 a share. company's 1100 stores across the world will continue to be operated independently. >> what did you say holly. >> as long as they taste the same i don't care about all
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morning" if you are bruce springstein fan and live anywhere in mid atlantic we have great news we have to share with you. >> as we head to break let's take a live look across the d.c. region. time now 5:12. "fox 5 news morning" is back make your day supreme with dunkin's new bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> nearly 09 buildings sure vivrd a wildfire. and more than 30,000 people were evacuated in canada prime minister acknowledged those that helped people displaced. >> and i would like to reassure everyone that the federal provencal and municipal governments are doing absolutely everything we can to
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community. the government of canada is continuing to match red cross donation and we would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support to date. >> and nobody was killed in that fire. officials say they hope they will know soon when residents can return. >>. >> i want to know when we can return to dry weather. >> one week at a time gary one week at a time. >> one day at a time. >> one day part at a time. >> we'll start off with radar this morning. and a frontal system down there helping to kickoff a little fuss this morning. and getting showers going this is good rain down flew the south and if you are down here tweet me gary "fox5" d.c. i want to know how heavy this is
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i-95 few showers northern tier of maryland counties there along 70 up into pennsylvania more light activity coming from west to east over the mountains but this is the concentrated area where there's pretty significant rain coming up. spotsylvania you're about to get real wet. showers across and heavier as it tracks north as well. i think as it gets closer to the city it looks like it weaken as i little bit. i don't think we'll see this much heavy rain towards d.c.. and that's helping calm a little bit. 55 degrees gamer burges and acoing the region cooler hear. binghamton and new york city and pittsburgh 51. high pressure east of us and that's bringing moist ocean employee around. it mild conditions. temperatures in 60s and 7 0s and next
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this front there's nothing to move it along one way or the other here. it's set up across the mid atlantic. more of the front looks like showers and clouds. future cast sees this this morning too. watch the clouds come through. showers lunchtime and perhaps a little drier for the evening commutes. there may be a few showers around adds well. the possibility showers and thunderstorms coming across here in the area toovrment unsettled more clouds and showers today up to 65 to 68 today wins northeast at 5 to 7 miles an hour. perhaps warmer tomorrow 73 thursday and upper 70s thunderstorms on friday drier sunday, here's erin. >> i'm tired of the treadmill i need nice afternoo
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outside. >> maybe today might be dry enough to get out there. as you head into the district things looking good chevy chase and problem free silver spring and things good inner loop prince jorming across the wilson to alexandria. we'll take a look at maryland commute. outer loop now traffic flowing 95 to georgia none of that typical morning volume picking up yet. bw parkway 97 to powder mill road. no issues 95 southbound. look at all the green. volume it is building we can call this slow down. northbound 60 to 610 give yourself extra time in staffor stafford. traffic picks up to bottom of beltway. if you're taking metro good news across all rails and no alerts to report metro buses on time and no congestion slowing us down yet. let's look at 66
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your way past the very and ametro station. volume increasing nutly street to beltway. once you get on the beltway traffic quiet through tie on and mcclain. we'll let you know if and when that changes. grab umbrella and patience for when the rain kicks in. back to more traffic in a few. >> 5:19 and stories you're engage gauging with the most on social media with realtime tracker and first up emotional reunion between two brothers they were separated which younger older brother was a teen and game out as guy and ran away with another man at the time and parents told younger brother he went missing for years they believed his brother was never found. as an adult he became suspicious about the story. and contacted detectives that told him his brother was alive. they were in touch with each otheren recently united. >> the boss throwing out dates for summer arena tour including stop here in d.c.. bruce springstein will perform nats park september as
5:20 am
of 7 city summer tour. >> and finally he's here. kentucky derby winner nyquist arriving in baltimore. next up for the champion running preakness he's expected to win in quest for triple crown. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" she has not even gone to prom yet but this high school student is already preening to college graduate. >> very nice. also a question for you would you be willing to pay more fa faxes to kids in your neighborhood can go to new updated schools and lawmakers in one local county plan to debate that question later today. >> as we go to break, though, another live look outside across the d.c. region and another wet one today. it's okay. we'll get through it together. 5:209 time now we're back after this ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are,
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you real value every day.
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>> happening today meeting with lawmakers to discuss displexia a common learning disability. they'll discuss ways to ensure students get the resource these need and hearing will feature panel of witness who's will discuss theirq research and experiences with dyslexia and also today montgomery county council meeting to discuss changes taxes to provide more money for school construction. officials say the county is in desperate need for new schools educational facility improvements and discussing providing funds to rental assistance for needy residents. >> a smart high school student from michigan getting her degree from community college and two years before she finishes high school she's doing well. okay later this morning this week rather nora ramos will walk across the stage for a graduation ceremony at the community college at the aim of 15 she has two associate degrees. >> i was taking college clas
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first semester didn't plan on graduating at all. my mom started looking into it and was like wait a second you like taking classes you might as well get your degree. i was like oh, my goodness that's a good idea. >> so ramos plans to take it easy in junior and senior year by taking model, un and few more college classes as well and she hopes to major in counciling and become a high school psychologist one day. ramos graduates from high school in 2018. >> she'll be a doctor by the time 2020 right hhd. >> no worry there's. this picture sparked fury on instagram a pregnant finness up instructor lifting weight before birth emily watson is legit from north carolina she said she never felt stronger other healthier until now. it's not an illness at and the body is capable of this things. she
5:25 am
>> are those real weights on there. >> i think so. >> wow. >> the problem is maybe people not as fit as her would think they can do that and that might be a problem. >> i don't even think i could do that. i'm not having a baby you're not suck it in then. let's go ahead and talk now can gar. >> i what's with all the baby news i don't know if you're trying to tell me something certainly you're not. here's what's going on out there right now. we have a few showers too i want to show you temperatures quick. upper to mid 50s, 57 heavy rain and fredericksburg dry and rain on the door step an you can see the trend here moving this line to the north and northeast.
5:26 am
this. if you see lightning or hear thunder certainly send me a tweet. i would like to know. gary "fox5" d.c. on that and will continue to move up i-95 and if it holds together this may cause more problems for the commute. certainly will a little if you come out of southern areas this morning. showers after school as well temperatures 60 to 67 big range north and west. here's erin como with morning commute. tuesday morning 5:26 i asked what everyone was listening to on the ride to work will said he made to work and he's going with 90s smashing pumpkins with melo mood. traffic look going in district. mrepttive green on the map. 395 inbound beltway to 14 street bridge. 29 a5 north and southbound crossing over the maryland line there. letting you know if
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that changes 95 northbound at speed looking good. current conditions are good with no, i significant delays. that virginia commute is next back to you. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" aclu taking on battle in gender equality debate and new target is d.c. schools celebrating a new law of free contraception. >> dmv. time now 5:27 we'll be back after this
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>> maryland will become first state in country to afford free contraception foremen and wome women. >> and bryce harper has emotional melt done as he hold a number of four letter words at a major league umpire. "fox5 news morning" starts rite now. >> good morning and welcome to "fox 5 news morning" i'm holly morris. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> welcome to tuesday edition of "fox5 news morning" and we already have something interesting on
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wash your car before we head out and coop you posted. >> it's a bit jury job. somebody has to do it. >> it's not a good time to wash the carneyway it will be nasty the next couple days. big showers. thunderstorms too i got confirmation of lightning to the south. thanks for twitter feed on tha that. details where it's going and may brush the city coming up in a bit guys all right what's happening in the news today let's talk about it a new bill giving maryland women and women free access to birth control it eliminates comaiments to girth control and contraception and d.c. public schools getting pushed back as they prepare to on all boys public high school american civil laborties union whants
5:32 am
girls high school or top up as well. if d.c. s opens all boys school the same opportunity need to be provided as well. the school is set to on this fall. feds in the state of north carolina in a legal show down. suing each other over the bathroom law. it banz transgender people from use bathrooms that don't match gender on birth certificates and justice department says that violates hivl rights sgleing three delaware teens facing criminal charge this morning accused of taking part in beating death of 16-year-old amy joiner francis. joiner francis was beat to death last month at wilmington high school a 16-year-old girl is charged with involuntary manslaughter and two others face conspiracy charges hears are set to begin with nero in the death of freddie gray. last month a colleague was ordered to testify against near
5:33 am
oxt officer is face aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and amid con dmukt office kharpings and trial is set to begin tomorrow. he died while in police custod custody. >> we've been reporting for weeks on elevated levels of lead found at some water sources at d.c. public schools. >> officials are on fire because of concerns speaking out sdlusively to "fox5". "fox5" melanie alnwick joins us live from minor elementary school north east with more on the story, melanie. >> wisdom and holly minor elementary school is one of those that had lead test that came back high it's interesting because it happened different spots different years and it's been unpredict i believe where it will poup and where the school community will have questions. city officials told "fox5" they're making changes in protocol the deputy mayor of education and z.c.'s director of general services now apologizing for spotty record keeping in poor
5:34 am
occasions with schools and parents and during the most recent round of water testing elevated levels of lead were discovered 17 sources in total of twelve d.c. schools there were 3700 tests in all but d.c. s records are not complete and schools say they were never notified and city has been tes testing school drinking water for led and the city expanded tests to cover all water sources like sink faucets and spic et cetera too and city protocol is to put a filter on 'retest skours source. deputy mayor miles in told us last night a new tagging and bar coding system will better track tests and retests and also in a post to washingtonians department of general services say these new tests will be done before june 17 and it also promise today would immediately do any remediation needed and post those results for community to see and also said that it would be working with the charter
5:35 am
do the same sort of tests and retests and remediation as well. live in northeast i'm melanie alnwick, fox 35 local news. >> certainly not good for commute coming to south taking you to radar to show you showers and thunderstorms too. i want to show you this say pretty impressive line coming up from south to north really along i-95 and off towards bay and line situated west to east you see that. this is still south pretty much of fredericksburg and getting closer to spotsylvania getting rain now. you see second line further south, south of beaver damn there's a little lightning and i suspect lightning we're not picking up through spotsylvania and it's moving into southern parts of fredericksburg. that's pretty good rain. as it gets along i-95 it should weaken a bit and should bring us
5:36 am
it's all said and done and you got the gist, southern areas southern commute this morning and a little challenged by that and temperatures out there fredericksburg 57 and 55 mannasas and here in town we're hover around 60 we're only up to 65 with more showers today erin como has a look at the tuesday commute. >> 5:36 now taking a look at springfield interchange behind me from vdot camera and traffic flowing 95 northbound to upper loop and however debris partially blocking ramp not causing major sdlo doupz and let's take a look at maps. bag of mulch spilled. that was issue taking out the lane and look for a mess out there to dirty your car up. aside from that 95 northbound looking good bottom of beltway and south of that point heavy traffic i-95 northbound in stafford between 630 and 610 slow down from congestion and extra time there and if you take metro this morning no alerts reported and i have you covered if and when that changes and mets row buses
5:37 am
time as well in the district and volume is increasing and right now in frederick very heavy traffic as you make your way out past the truck scales on 270 southbound and taking a wide view you can see 50 inside the bement way look going if you head in from annapolis and 50 quiet outside the beltway got you covered if that changes 66 inbound looking good mannasas and virginia. that's traffic. back to you. >> coming up on "fox" news morning an age old practice could put your newborn at risk for sids and slowly but surely more americans and american companies implicated in panama paper taxi vacation scanned. >> as we head to break let's take a live look across the d.c. region. don't forget umbrella today. yeah. going to be a wet one. again
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something a lot of parents do swadle baby and help them sleep it's a practice that can be deadly. swadling babies may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. risks went up more when a swa swadled baby was placed on stomach to sleep. it's recommended to use wearable blankets
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sacks instead. >> snoring and lag of sleep may reduce the risk of breast cancer survival. researchers found that women with breast cancer who senato senatored more than 5 night a week and slept less than six hours each night where twice as leakly to sdi from the disease. this latest study highlights importance of good night sleep for breast cancer paint. exercising can give your brain a boost and it can help you distress and brain remain healthy as you age. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" they're smiling now it was stressful and memorable weekend. >> a live look ais cot dmv. time now 5:41 back after this k8is k8
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♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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>> residents in eastern colorado kleping up the mess after tornadoes touched down over the weekend. a family of six survived one of the tornadoes by hiding in their basement although the house was damaged they're grateful they were not seriously injured
5:45 am
last night after the tornado hit and terrible. terrible. >> it was behind a building and i thought it would reach our house started off as -- and got bigger and big erin started getting wide. >> while this family was lucky to escape the tornado out any injuries five people in colorado town were hurt during that storm. >> all right. >> so we won't see anything like that that's good news. we should quit explaining about little rain. >> right both thunderstorms south. again we don't have to worry about that. more severe weather this afternoon and evening and unfortunately way west under the circumstances us they had a lot in oklahoma yesterday, arkansas, annapolis you're 60 and baltimore 55 and nortrn
5:46 am
over to new england kind of chilly. there binghamton 37. warm on friday. let me just say this. it looks like it will be warm on friday. we've got to get front to the north of us. once the front comes north of us that will put us in the milder air and unfortunately by friday afternoon warm front goes north and we're warmer here and it looks like we will be mid to upper 70s and with cold front knocking on the door sweeping through that may left up the atmosphere and create more instability and provide showers and thunderstorms. we'll be watching friday for that. here's where we are this morning on future cast. we know we have showers coming up from the south and few thunderstorms up imbedded in that as well and moving on through making for a challeng challenging morning commute in some areas. future cast not so the bullish on rain or any thunderstorm activity this afternoon and this evening but i have to believe there's at least going to be a little bit shower activities just too unstable out there with clouds in place too and mo
5:47 am
thinks hey there may be a couple thunderstorms moving through as well with frontal system in the area and that's challenge the next couple days exactly where is this frontal system going to be. it's south of us today. it gets closer to us tomorrow and then bilateraler part of week it will lift up north making it lot more unstable around here and forecast for today looks like this just showery out there and when it's not raping we'll have clouds. temperatures will be only in the mid to upper 60s for highs today and don't expect much improvement and matter of fact don't expect much improvement until we get to the sunday so it's a bit of 50/50 weekend again showers possible saturday and drier sunday. i'll tell you now early indications are next week it don't look that great either. >> here's erin como. >>fy new middle name i would scold you with new name. cigar write
5:48 am
>> thomas gary. >> learn something new every day. >> slow out there coming in from baltimore. 95 southbound crash between 175 and 32 causing red zone columbia park road to 201 dealing with heavy traffic there. and headed to maryland looking for virginia heavy traffic 95 northbound 630 to 610 and prince william you slow down towards spring field interchange because of congestion. and at us one caution around that intersection and as you head out this evening nats take on tigers 7:05. traffic m street and south capitol. that's traffic back to you. >> in arkansas a judge has resigned amid accusations
5:49 am
sentences for male defendants. joe joe bauchmann resigned yesterday after authorities found thousands of naked pictures of young men on his computer an update on president barack obama panama paper scandal worldwide corruption case involving rich and famous and 36 americans are not tied to the scandal caused of fraud or serious financial miss khiv and some have been up indicted or convicted in this case and others sued in civil cases. >> fbi looking for serial bank robber underwood bridge. this man robbed a bb & t bank mar 1 and think they think the again last week. agency is offering reward of a5,000 for information that leads to arrest and conviction in that case. >> a student stabbing another student at montgomery county
5:50 am
high school. and one grabbed a art tool and stabbed another student and that student suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. >> montgomery country residents that live along the proposed purple line route taking legal action against the project. >> they filed a lawsuit against maryland transit administration claiming being short changed when it comes to fair price from a land needed to build the line. they want the agency to fairly pay them for part of a rail line that goes down the road to private property. >> property will be diminished and train will be relatively close to our house. >> more residents are thinking about joining the lawsuit and the maryland administration has not commented ot
5:51 am
16 mile purple line will extend from bethesda to new carlton. >> and the student identified as isis is disgusted by the incident. she posted a heart felt message on facebook page. yearbook committee insists it was honest mistake and school super intend enter was misidentified as a former student whose name was isis. they launched investigation and asked students to return the year books so the problem can be fixed. >> smelley problem levering residents frustrated there after a trash schedule changed and some say it's been weeks since trash has been picked up. >> residents were notified on april 27 trash and recycling pickup would be reduced to once a week. it was supposed to take effect may 2. >> many say their crash was
5:52 am
picked up in two weeks. >> they came and got some trash and the rest was still here. carla moved her trash in her garage and now it's led to mice. >> change in meet forz a good cause. once they hit $500 transportation writes a check to homeless shelter and former annapolis mayor came wupt idea achb even if women are not parking at meters they encourage pedestrians to feed them anyway. >> many are telling gap to get fact right after this new ad campaign celebrating 196 launch year in what appears to be then and now side by side poster the company used wrong space craft it was supposed to be "apollo 11"which went to moon in 1969
5:53 am
shuttle. easy to get them confused righ right? >> sure. >> not. >> nasa did not launch first shuttle until 1981. >> major fail. >> all right. 5:353 the time a little girl in texas wrote excuse note to get her out of school early and it actually worked. her father surprise set with the school saying it's obvious according to this the letter was written by a child. the school district is looking into the is dent. >> a story you see on "fox5". amy was due three weeks from now and on saturday afternoon drivering with family she went into labor and her husband called the doctor who told you them to drive to shady grove hospital and baby evan had other plans and was ready to
5:54 am
come now. dad called 911 and he and three other kids helped bring the ne newest edition to the crowd. >> i was saying that she's in labor and stevsh coming. >> everybody took an active role coming out and. >> we're happy to report they're all happy and healthy and there's a family of six. what a story they have to tell good on bike or scooter ride and read a book and watch a favorite tv show and and the list
5:55 am
and this could be elementary assignment i got from my school teacher it would not have worked if they gave it to me i would have mistoday up. >> all right let's do facebook fan of the day. this is jessica. she calls her savl a loyal "fox5" watcher. >> jessica says let talk weather. >> down south watch closer there's been thunder and lightning and and all coming up to south. some comes from d.c. area passing east of us and will continue to track showers and heavy rain it gets further north little more stable up here and cooler that's tending to trend these showers lighter as they go in our direction and topping ou
5:56 am
here's erin. >> i was updating maps we approach the 6:00 hour in the district. burrows avenue to pennsylvania avenue sutland parkway jammed alabama avenue to south capitol and give yourself extra time there taking a look at maryland travel times and we have a crash 95 southbound between 175 and 32 causing red zone and closer look at 270 and virginia drive times with next look at traffic i get an earlier start as rain moves in back to you. >> thanks, erin, name change for king of beers and just for the summer. ahead at 6 what budweiser wants new labels to say. >> fresh off the red carpet kevin mccarthy liver in london. his interview with jennifer lawrence. >> as wed head to break a live look outside across region time 5:56 we'll be back
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snrvr straight ahead at 6 demanding answers lead tainted water still a big concern at d.c. public schools
6:00 am
you in on the details. >> live look outside on this tuesday morning i keep hoping that you know maybe tucker will tell us about crazy sunshine and maybe we'll do that weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:05 in meantime gray clouds. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to fox news morning maybe next week. >> up in baltimore another police officer charged in death of freddie gray will be in court for pretrial proceeding. officer nero trial is set to begin tomorrow and last month a judge ordered colleague officer garrett mill to testify against him. nero is face aggravated assaul assault, reckless endangerment and nis conduct in office. gray i dad to over a year ago in police custody. >> the maryland plan that killed three people and injured others on a deadly shooting spree that spanned two days in two maryland counties


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