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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f ea straight ahead on fox newsoxh morning the federal government r orders metro to make critica
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repairs right now. we have a live report on howep this might impact your morning commute. >> despite overcast skies wepite could actually wind upd spending a little bit of timeim underneath what, say it again, a what, the sun. sun shocker. >> good morning, welcome tod mo fox5 news morning.orng i'm holly morris. mor >> and i'm maureen umeh.en u today is thursday may 12th.h. erin problems already this alr morning. >> yes, we have a downed treeedt in northwest shutting downg d 41st stree volume starting to pick up.tartp good news is right now noo reported metro delays but iels t got you covered in thatthat changes. >> i know you do.>> >> let's talk to you gary g about a possible sun sighting. n >> just so you know the sunw t has always been there.haalways we just can't see it, right. rig that's what everybody says.hat association listen, a little lie bit possible today. it lope fullological start atart little trend, more coming up and then by sunday we'll see a ' lot of it but wait until youil y see the weekend i'll have that coming up. >> thanks >> the trial begins forins baltimore police officer edward nero in the deathin t
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in a pretrial hearing thehe judge determined whichdge evidence would be allowed suches as excluding medical testimony on gray's fatal spine injurynj as well as banning prosecutorscu from arguing that a knife in gray's possession was legal poss which prosecutors have arguedrg made his arrest unjustified.usti if convictd nero faces up tofacp 15 years in prison. campaign 2016, presumptive u gop nominee donald trump andmi house speaker nepaul ryan theyny are scheduled to meet at a but a trump seems to be heading intodg the meeting reluctantly.tant yesterday he told fox news he doesn't need the backing of baco ryan or other republican party he went on to say coming to anon understanding with ryan wouldya be nice but if no deal is reached he'd keep winning all'de the way to the convention. convt >> now to metro. new emergency orders fromgenc metro that could put the put brakes on its new maintenanceaie plan. >> the federal transit administration says firstrst metro must complete urgente urge repairs.repa melanie alnwick is live at the ballston metro station with s how this could impact riders. rd mel. >> reporter: well, goodep
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so we don't really have a time line yet for whenor these whe t repairs are going to be begin b but i can tell you that thehe orange silver line here he beginning at ballston going tong east falls church one segmenten between two stops an underground segment will beun one of the first to be taken f care of. it is one of those under u ground segments the federal transit administration saysadmii needs to be taken care ofs to before that big safe tracke plan can can begin. here's the other two.reer the red line between medical m center and van n. a lot ofer ann that work fta says has already been still at this time on the listhi and the orange blues silver sil segment from potomac avenue tooa what they're calling the d and a g junction that makes up the other two.he fta issued this directiverect wednesday to immediatelyesday e reduce the risk to passengerss and employees.mplo noting that from april 23rd top2 may tenth, just 18 days, there have been 15 what the fedst thef call safety events, nine ofs,in those with smoke and work will include cleaning track beds fixing drainage andra sealing cracks as well asg cr replacing parts
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rail and the traction power system. wmata chairman briefed the council of governments on the severity of the problems yesterday.yest afterward he said he agrees he a with the sentiments of dot secretary fox. fox >> if secretary fox believes bel that it is unsafe, i'm ine, i'm agreement with him.t with as you saw before, paul myselflm and the board have no no reservations about shutting abot down the system if it's not not safe. we are not sending trains out there and putting people ineople danger.da so, again, if the secretary seca believes it's unsafe, we have communication with him and areh able to verify that, no problem.ob >> reporter: of course therer: are concerns about insulatorsat and what some people called sparking thought they saw at national airport.rt. metro said that is what wouldhad be considered normal. con not an arcing incident but just some sparks as the train travels from
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another third rail.anot other passengers have told me m they've seen that kind of thing, too, but you cang, t understand where people wouldple certainly be more aware and ared little bit more leery wheny they see things like that. t also want to let you know thatnw today metro's new chief safety officer, pat lavin, will, w address metro's board for theoad first time and perhaps we'll wel get a little bit betteritet picture of the time line ofe lin these new emergency repairs. back to you. >> thanks, mel. the man accused of a deadly july 4th stabbing atin the noma-gallaudet metroga station has been indicted. jasper spires was indicted inwad the death of kevin sutherland sl and spires is set to be i arraigned on friday.ra he faces life in prison if if convicted.ic >> two men in jail chargedha with first degree murder inste the death of a transgender woman. arbra bethea and christopherhrth renier are accused of stabbing keonna blakely to death lastdea month at the red roof inn in both men are awaitingiting extradition from d.c.
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montgomery county.gomerycount >> nats fans went to the park tr last night witnessed mlb history. max scherzer struck out wentt batters. that ties major league record for strikeouts in a single game. scherzer joins the life of roger clemens wood and randy johnson. >> ♪ >> hey, listen, not much has has changed weather-wise for usise u but little subtle things haveng and it will help us today to tod warm up and get just a littlet e bit of sunshine.bit sun we're still going to have some m showers,, too maybe as,, too maa thunderstorm. here's where we are thishere morning. it's pretty mild out there. the uniform temperatures across the area. 56 for baltimore, manassas 57, culpeper 58, fredericksburgcksbr 57. so, northwestern neighborhoods i are in the uner to mid-50's as-a well.we we're sitting at 58 degrees 58 d right here in town.right re i watch out for a little reduced r visibility this morning, okay., some fog, a little drizzle, dri cloudy skies.cloudy i think at 8:00 a.m. well a.m. l have cloudy skies, a little drizzle here and there.nd tre
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62 degrees. still cloudy for the most part t at lunchtime today, aay, a temperature of 67 degrees.s. after lunchtime we'll start tow get a little bit of a break in the overcast. that will allow some sunshine.uh temperatures lower to mid 70'sid out there. the a few showers. swe not much coverage thisovag afternoon. maybe even a thunderstorm,ndst too. to that's details on youretailsn yr forecast. now the details on traffic tra coming up here. here's erin como.n c >> 5:07 right now.right no >> visit buy a for special offers. o >> and let's go ahead and take'g a look at our commute. cmu large downed tree affectingffec our commute.oucommute. the road is completely blocked o 41st street at military road.y a military road is not affected. a keep to it 39th or 42nd to getht around that one.t one police are at that location.thao a lot of flashing lights. we'll let you know if thisnow causes any major trafficraff backups this aside from that we'll go ahead and take a live look 66 as you head from virginia, traffic isri
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route 29 to the beltway. beltwa. little bit of volumelittle bit increasing on the eastbound side as usual but nothing not significant enough to causeican any major slowdowns.y once you get to the beltwayhe bl traffic is looking good on thed inner loop and outer loop.r lood no issues in tysons right a quick look at our maps.ur map i'll show you your marylandr ma drive times.iv we are all green on 95, 270 2 and 50 coming in from annapolis.anpolis. we'll let you know if that changes and take a look at 95d cotaming in from virginia next. maureen. mauree >> heads up for drivers inds upr maryland. get ready for extra patrols extp today. state troopers will be out inopt full force to enforce speednfors limits along i-70 all the way to i68 in garrett county. c comes one month after theer t speed limit was increasedd li along several highways ing seven maryland. today will be the first ofll b several high visibility initiatives planned for thisannr >> coming up on fox5 newsoming morning, the arrest of aest o suspect involved in a high speed chase from massachusettsus to new hampshire raised someaisd concerns. >> some of us love eating it i but is chipotle reallye r
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tetrad additionatotraditional f. >> baby you can do it. we'll get through this don't worry about it. 5:09 is our time. t fox news back after this. thi >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back. here are some of the otherome stories we've been following today. a high speed chase ended with whaset appears to be a new hampshire officers beating a bti suspect on his head after he surrendered. the video was taken by fox news helicopter and it shows i the moment when a suspect asus climbs out of his pickup trucki and laid down on the floor after 100-mile police chaseeha that crossed two states. affluenza teen ethan couch u will remain behind bars.emai a judge rejected his appealpp saying couch must serve outse the full sentence which isis nearly two years in jail. jai couch violated his probation for a drunk driving crashra there killed four people. u.s. poultry workers forc forced to wear diapers on thewer job because they're not given gn enough bathroom breaks.reak the report says the employees, they defecate on themselves thee baffle while handling thehi 80 percent of the employees inen alabama say they cannot go tohe the bathroom when
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is better for your waistlinestle mcdonald's or chipotle? a new study found that they haveth a higher calorie count thane cot places like mcdonald's oral bow gang goals. study found that the averageve meal at chipotle and panera bread 200 calories higher than t a typical fast food meal.d ml >> so here's to the big mac. [laughter] >> i wouldn't take that studyt a and go start eating any of that. >> backtracking a little that t poultry story, veryto, disturbing. >> disgusting to say the least.le >> all>> all right. scratching chicken off theng list too. coming up on fox news fox nw morning more and more of youe oy seem to be enjoying air travel and your time in the friendly fn skies. >> as we head to break -- liveal look across the d.c. we're getting it going on this thursday.thsday. 5:11 is our time right now. now. fox5 news morning back rightac t after this. >> ♪ >> ♪ make your day supreme th
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>> aviation employees protesting in front of theng i white house today. they're calling on the obama administration to enforce u.s. trade agreements by denyingy deg norwegian air international'snas application to serve in then to u.s. they say the business planusess ignores u.s. trade policy andoly threatens u.s. jobs. j >> air travel satisfaction t hits a 10 year high accordingra to aar survey. researchers say thats say t satisfaction about airline costs and fees improveds anfeesd significantly over 2015. alaska airlines was the topthto rated traditional airlines fori the ninth straight year. jetblue was the top ratede r low cost carrier for the 11thhet year in a row. >> ♪ >> no satisfaction with thissf weather. man, it's like a broken record, gary, but maklie it it stop. >> i don't even know what toow t say anymore. amo >> i know. >> sunday -->> sun >> sunday is great but it'sreabs going to feel not like may. m it's going to feel like early april. >> gary give us a little hopeitl here. >> i
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this point. >> i know.>> >> it's starting to affect metoc mentally as well.ell. >> there, there. [laughter][lau >> okay. >> all right.>> goodness. no, listen, bus stop this morning, 50 to 66. 6 more fog and drizzle.ri it's not chilly out there. itrei doesn't feel like that at all.ta after school it's a little it'al warmer. i mean, not that 70 to 75 iss warm but it is warm comparedom to where we have been, so i used a little lie sens little le and put warm on it. a few breaks of sunshine as well.we i don't think everybody seesink the sun this afternoon buton some of us b will. temperatures this morning t played to upper 50's. you can see acroshis t the region -- look how mild it is in columbus ohio. 62 degrees there. the detroit 55.det chicago this morning is 61 ands up to new york city it's i almost 60 here's the deal for saturday. i think saturday morning istu pretty good. y'tually saturday's not allrdura that bad. we're going to see someee s sunshine on saturday and thennde as we get into saturdayy afternoon there's anothern ther' front coming our way.ming way.
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showers, maybe even some even se thunderstorms, too, and behind,n the front on sunday, it is it going to be a lot cooler.oo the winds will be kicking upp 10, 20, maybe even 30 milesven s per hour out of northwest. there will be snow up in newe sn york state.tate. >> what. >> on sunday.n su >> wait, what? there yeah, the i'm telling you.i'tellin so, cooler for us but it willwi be dry with sunshine. here's the specifics on the scii weekend forecast.weekd foreca 74 on saturday.ur we'll have some sun and somend m clouds but we will get a dry d start of the day.. showers and thunderstorms thu coming in the afternoon.ftno much cooler on sunday.un we had to lower this to 64 degrees. i think northwestern areas onrns sunday struggling to get to 60 degrees the way it lookst los with this really chilly airy mass coming our way and as we get into next week, some ofex the long term models suggestodeu we're back up around 80.d 80. >> yeah. >> i'm sorry. i don't buy it. >> not happening?do h >> i'm a little gun shy atn y this point. >> i believe. because i'm a glass half full hf kind of girl.kind >> and that's great.>> a i encourage you to believe b because that's all we have h lef
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>> we ow only have hope. problems erin como aboutn cu to tell us to you. >> that's right.>> coming up on 5:17 right nowightn and you can see the flashinglasg lights behind me and largeehin downed tree northwest section ofrt the district between chevy chase keep in mind military mitr road is i to get around the 41st streett e closure keep it to 39th or o 42nd.42nd we'll let you know as soon as they're able to reopen it. right now a pretty big messig ms they have to clean up.e tolean we'll take a look at our maps. p we're not only dealing with that problem this morningor we're just dealing with typical congestion building into the right now 295 is in greatea shape. problem free on 395 as you can come in from alexandrialend towards the 14th street bridge.idge volume building in stafford on 95, 95 north 630 to 610. to 6 if you have an early morning mor flight traffic on the way too bwi reagan national and dullesnl is qui i would just get an earlier ear start in those typical
5:18 am
locations and if metro is yourro mode of transportation across as all six lines right now we areoe delay free.dey f i'll let you know if thatw if tt changes. things are also looking goodlso on the yellow and silver lines. as you make your way out inut i northwest though aside fromsi f that downed tree we'ree tracking we showed you thee sh t live look things moving alongina just fine on the rest of your yr secondaries problem free onre the outer loop, no issues 95ssue to georgia avenue. ave let you know when that normal nl congestion kicks in and the k inner loop right now branch nowc avenue to the wilson bridgen b flowing freely without anyit any problems.oble outer loop back to normal. norma they repaired a pothole by ritchie marlboro so traffic inro all lanes moving along without any problems.ems. back to you maureen and holly.nh >> thank you erin.>> time now is 5:18. 5 let's take a look at the stories you're engaging withu' g the most this morning on social media with a realtimeitha news first up, report for d.c. state hood from democraticod presidential frontrunnerti hillary clinton. she says the nation's capitol is denied a voice in its own democracy. her statement comes weeksatemen before d.c.'s primary.
5:19 am
passed legislation to allow a the cremated remains of women who served as air force pilots in world two to be buried inurin the arlington national natl cemetery. it will go to the president'ssis death.deat >> 72-year-old woman from india making headlines thises ti week for giving birth to her first yeah, you heard right, 72 rht, years old giving birth to herrto first child. although she and her husbandb say they have always wantedsantd children and are fulfilling allg life long goal some media m outlets reporting the couple cou got pregnant in order to stakeek a claim in a controversial family property dispute. >> #crazy.>> # >> coming up on fox5 newsn fox5s morning the deployment off american troops to easternasrn europe is being criticized bycid russian leaders.russian leaders. >> research suggesting yourc don't need all the extras whenx it comes to raising children.hie all you need is this one thingsn to give your kids the bestyour k start in life.start >> as we head to break, live, lv look across the d.c. region r this morning.thisning time now is 5:19.:1 we are a
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thursday we're back right after this. >> ♪ ♪
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>> we are back now at 5:22.ckowa happening now more pieces of pc the missing malaysian airlinesir plane have been discovered.een e this according to theng malaysian they say two pieysces of debrisb found off the island are almost certainly from flight f 370. the missing jet vanished ing je march of 2014.01 the u.s. has joined the georgian army and britain forant two weeks of military it's a move that has angeredasng russian officials who call thefi decision to hold the exerciseise so close to russia's border provocative. they also believe theelieve t exercises could destabilize the region.the the u.s. says the exercise is ec meant to improve relations between georgia, the united uni states and britain. bri >> the man accused of killing ol three people at a colorado colod
5:23 am
been ruled mental eightlyig incomment to stand trial.ent a judge ordered 57-year-old7-yeo robert deer to the state dee psychiatric hospital. his mental health will be atreviewed in augus ht.n august. a former south carolina carl police officer is free on bondrb this morning after being mor indicted on federal civilal c rights charges. michael slayinger is accusedslay >> experts are calling it a crushing blow to the payday pay loan industry.l beginning july 13th google will ban ads from payday p lenders this after increased ins pressure from consumer the banning applies to lenders l for ads for loans due withinue t 60 days. google calls the ads deceptiv >> parents what's the best thing to -- you can do foro your child it may not be what ia you think. >> forget music lessons lso sports, the best thing to give them is a nie
5:24 am
new research finds that it's the best way to prepare themhe for a bright future.ut another important factorortant r buying a home in an area with good schools.choo experts also say the study highlights the widening incomeie gap in america. america >> so a nice home. hom >> now i would -- i wouldn't wn' say nice home.ce i would say a stable homee where your child feels safe. s >> absolutely. >> where it's a constant andcons they don't have to worry about y it, that's the best thing youthg can give your child.rhild >> agreed. well said. >> gary mcgrady, maybe a may home with a roof because theau rhawn keeps coming down,s cominw you're going to need it for protection and it. i >> i would argue that youue tha would need a home with a rooftho even if it's not raining r because that's just me. >> i like a home with air conditioning because i'm anticipating summer temperatures. my wife had the heat on yesterday. here's visibilities thisis morning. frederick at 3 miles. ite city is it 3 miles asics well
5:25 am
and in some spots they're downrw below -- winchester is down a d quarter of a mile there sohe s that's about the lowest point they've gotten to.gotten to. baltimore is 1 mile.or 1 m there's low clouds and drizzle and a little bit of fog in i'm not anticipating any typey t of a dense fog advisory. dse f it's 58 in town.8 t everybody coming in basically,al a few spots middle 50's, most m sports in the upper 50' 5 we've had a couple showers swe down to the south but they've t' moved farther to the south andha really dissipated so all we have here now is a little bit of drizzle out there in spots. s shouldn't be a big deem i big di think 8:00 a.m., 62 deg. cloudy at lunchtime. we'll get some breaks in the overcast later on thiser now, not all of us will seef l s some sunshine but some of ust su will see some sun and some a s blue skies. blue skies it will be pretty nice later today and that might kick off k a couple of showers, even a thunderstorm is possible scattered around. a high temperatures today lowertol to mid 70' mid 70's. of course where the sunshine suh pokes through it will be athro little bit i th
5:26 am
here in town with limited with i sunshine late we're going get into ans drier pattern erin como is here with a lookh l at your traffic. traff >> i am gary. 5:26 right now. n i could definitely use somee sunshine. nshine. take a look behind me.k behind . this is a downed tree that weeha have been tracking northwestorst section of the district south s of chevy chase as you headou hd towards friendship heights. hgh forty-first street blocked at military road. good news is military road m which is a little bit busier traffic is moving just fine movu there to get around the 41st 4 street closure use 39th or 42nd. 42nd we'll take a live lookok downtown.down traffic is cruising along just s fine k at 16th problem freeblemf just a little bit of volumee building.buildi traffic just a block away by ay the mcpherson square metro mro looking good as well 16th and i. let you know if any major slowdowns kick in in the in in district. i want to show you our overall e drive times as you make yourakey way into the district for worktw this traffic is looking good exceptee for 95
5:27 am
in stafford. s you'll hit that usual congested zone north of that tha point in dale city stop-and-good traffic towards theshe springfield 66 however and 267 moving 267 m along without any maryland same stories. stories things looking good except 95 e on the southbound side clear 270 southbound little bit ofou congestion picking up towardsndw the spur.the spur. holly.ho >> thanks erin. coming up on fox news morning, nats ace max scherzer h entered into major league baseball history.istory. >> researchers make aesea discovery about stomach fatoustm and why it's so hard to get rid of it.rid of it. >> and as we head to break, 5:27 is your advertisement live look across the d.c.k ac region. listen, playing fun music m throughout the morning. if you have a song you want tott hear don't hesitate to tweete us or post it on facebook and a in about 15 minutes we'll havee our commercial commentary onmmey my facebook page. pag i think we'll talk about abo what's a cool thing to wear in the workplace.lace. fox news morning back right bht after this. after this.
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>> straight ahead on fox newsgh morning, repair it the federal government orders metro to make some emeg,rgencygo repairs at three separate locations. so how will this impact your imp morning can commute? we'llmmutw let you and max scherzer makesr m history against his oldsld teammates at nats park.k. fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mr >> good morning to you. welcome to fox5 news morning.wsi i'm wisdom martin.i'm wisdom m >> and i'm hol
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it is thursday may 12th. 12t erin is here to talk a little lt commute. >> unfortunately busy already.ty volume increasing from 270 southbound.hb you know the drill wisdom.dom. metro is on time. we have a downed tree. t we'll get to all that of. tt >> let's get to gary mcgrady m so we can talk about theout the weather. >> we've had 15 straight dayshty of measurable rain, okay. okay. meaning more than a trace.ra and if we get to today, it's toy 16 days and every day we add we to it it's a new record and wed have the other record which iswh trace amounts we get to the g to weekend we'll have a newe'll record for that as well. thaas w so, look, i know it's been dreary.dr it's going to continue to beto dreary but a little sunshine sun today may get temperatures up into the 70's. how about that? it's thet' little things we're thankful t for now,hi just the littleheitte things. >> you're right, gary. you're g, >> good. >> in the news this morning,thet 5:31 is the time, let's talk's t about metro and a new emergency order for metro thatht could put the brakes on its new maintenance
5:32 am
urgent repairs. fox5's melanie alnwick liveie al at the ballston metro stationtra with how this could impact riders.riders. hey, mel. >> reporter: good morning.orte so, the way it appears is thats these segments that the ftaeg has been talking about aremealna things that have beent have b identified in their track safety blitz and paul paul wiedefeld's safe track plan.lan. it's just that the two t entities have differentif opinions in terms of what should i come first. come firs fta is saying no you'll do it d our way, you're going to take care of these three segments before you can proceed withou c that safe track planly so here they are.ey are first, the red line between medical center and van ness. then the orange and silverve line between ballston and east falls church as well as the orange blue silver segment.. the that's where the orange line splits.line spl fta issued the safety direct sat tiff wednesday to immediatelymey reduce the risk to
5:33 am
and employees from april 23rd a2 to may tenth, just 18 days, there have been 15 what the feds call safety events, ninent of those with smoke and fire. f work will include cleaning track beds fixing drainage filling cracks and replacing rea parts of third rail and and traction power system.ti we know transportation secretary anthony fax hasny threatened taking away federalyf funds or shutting down thewn the system if necessary if metro does not comply with the safety directives. they will not hess tight dogh that. we also know that again these aa segments were part that ofpart t safe track plan and if you kind of use that as a blueprint in terms of your you question of impact to riders, r yes there will be severebe impacts to riders. initially they were planning pla
5:34 am
single tracking from ballstonm l to east falls church so ith s looks like they're going to be doing some shoveling o shufflint deck. live in arlington, i'm melanieme alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> 5:34 is the time.>> happening today, the trial t begins for baltimore policere officer edward nero in the death of freddie gray. nero's fate lies in the handse s of a judge i not a jury.ury. a verdict could come in less i s than a week. w nero was involved in the initial detention of freddie gray.ay he pled not guilty to assault and reckless endangermentt charges. if convicted he faces 15 yearsey in prison. pri >> today family and friendsen say goodbye to one of the of the people killed in the mall shooting spree. malcolm fin fell wa winnfel waso help a woman.. >> a $50,000 reward is nowow being offered in a deadlydl
5:35 am
explosion. 2013 blast is now being called c a criminal act as investigators believe the fireoe that triggered ilit was arson.r. 15 people were killed andilled hundreds more injured.njur officials also found an inadequate emergency responsetee and careless storage of potentially dangerousange a motive in this remainsem unclear.ea >> nats fans who went to theent park last night witnessed mlb history. >> nats ace max scherzer didace it against his former team the t detroit tigers and scherzerch made sure they struggled allure night long much he struck out 20 batters and that ties a tha major league record for strikeouts in the game. he joins the likes of roger clemens terry wood and randy johnson. wood tweeted scherzer welcome w to the club.he club. and we knew this was coming. comi bryce harper suspended onepend game and fined for his outburst and returning to thengt field after being ejected.ct. harper is going to appeal that decision.. >> ♪ >> how about that? hey, guys, listen, tucker just walked in.
5:36 am
breaks were in the forecast f but they are for later on thists temperature out there rightur now is in the e upper 50's. 50' we're talking 58 here in town. in and around dulles about theou same, upper 50's.0' winchester a little cooler.oo some of the visibilities outthe there not all of them but some of them have been reduced downud to right around a mile or soe o but only a few spots. spo i just checked. i don't think the weathert service is going to issue anything on that.thisyt on no type of dense fog advisoryg r or anything. any even though some drizzle andrizz some fog is certainly possible this morning. 56 to 60 for the pickup for pku the kiddos and then after school, 70 to 75. to a little bit of sun in spots. s a few showers, maybe a a thunderstorm this afternoon.rm s here's erin como on thiss friday eve, erin.ri >> friday eve it is, gary. 5:36.5: breaking news we have been tracking out of north west. nor forty-first street remainsemai shut do you remember largeo fallen tree they need to getyo this ieas at miller to road northwest. military road traffic isd traffi opened to get around the 41st t4 street closure until they'reil able the get that
5:37 am
to it 39th or 42nd.r that will seay yo save you somem silver spring georgia of a 29iaf looking good at east-westg od a highway. no problems p you can see traffic flowing flog through those lights.roug we'll take a look at our maps l right now.ri metro is on time or close tolose special. ecia no reported delays. d got you covered in thatered i changes. any questions at erin fox55 d.c. back to you.back to >> 5:37 is the time.:37 is t tim coming up on fox news morningnig a bill recommended for decades for.. >> actually encourage you to y crack open and drink a coldri c brew every day. cheers to that story. sto >> as we led to break livebreakv look outside across the dmv. time right now 5:37. 5 we're right back right afterht a this. this.
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bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> good morning again everyone, i'm maureen umeh back with your health watch now at 5:40.d ur scientists developed a braintsel scan there can spotpo alzheimer's 15 years before the symptoms appear.pp researchers can now find and measure the proteins that t clump in the brain which causech the memory problems associated e with alzheimer's. scientists say early detection d means more effective therapy t for preventing its o
5:41 am
be found. a hormone that can doubleoue a person's risk of becomingoming fat has been discovered by scientists. scientists hope this can leadop to a bill to help stope a beer a day can keep aeraya heart attack at bay.het researchers say one beer can een reduce the risk of heartrt problems by a quarter. quart alcohol and other chemicals inhs the drink protect heart and h blood vessels. researchers warn against bingesa drinking because that ishat harmful to your health and to yd that we raise a bottoms up. >> always interesting whens they do these studies the studies keep changing, don'tg, d drink, then drink is healthy. >> not drink excessively.esve >> find a study.>> find >> i don't need one. one i don't drink anyway so ito i doesn't matter. we want to know was think.shi try us on social media.ia give us your opinion.pini >> 5:41 is our time. tim coming up on fox5 news morning r popular part of lunchtime inch the district is coming to one t northern
5:42 am
>> live look outside across acrs the d time right now 5:41. back after this.s. >> ♪ ♪
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than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪ [clap, clap, ding] >> severe weather causing major problems in parts of themi u.s. parts of texas, oklahoma and the midwest could face moreace o storm parts of kentucky are begin cleanup process. many homes were now destroyed d
5:45 am
as well as numerous businessesbu when tornadoes tour throughr t the state. now, late tuesday, it caused severe >> i don't go to church every c sunday 'cause i'm not an overreligious person. per god was with us yesterday.esay >> severe weather could also ao be in store for sections of north carolina. >> ♪ >> that whole thing is t shifting east.shif i did look and yesterday nordayn reports of tornadoes which is a good thing because the lastse couple of days we did havee plenty of tornado reports outor there. listen, how about our our weekend forecast, kind of ann interesting scenario showingho up this weekend.up ten part of sunday is dry.sunds d we're going to have some sunshine -- saturday pardon- me.n mperature 74 degrees but in d the afternoon oneg sunday -- sda saturday we're going to have a frontal system come throughmehr and that will kick off a few a w showers, maybe even a m eve thunderstorm. we are much cooler on sunday. sa check that out.t out high temperature on sunday mid -- 34 mid 60's and thes a wind is going to be blowingng 10, 20 miles per hour, maybe m
5:46 am
that and as i mentioned earlier, i think northwestern suburbs probably struggle onuge sunday to actually get too 60 degrees and up in upstaten ua new york they may even have h some snow flying up there andhee it could accumulate an grassygrs areas, too, in spots.po here's the deal for today'sorod surface. surf we're going to be mild. really warm respective whereve w we have been but if you think t about a 70 to 74 reading forng may is really just mild but id t took a little artistic licenseee earlier calling it showers today again maybe evenve some thunderstorms around this n frontal system.tal system. we'll get a little bit of sunshine poke through this afternoon and that will help to facilitate maybe a showerybew or a thunderstorm later on today.toda futurecast doesn't really seell any thunderstorm activity butrso i have to believe for us where w there's a little bit of sunshine, we could drive aourive shower or even a thunderstormerr out there, okay. o tomorrow morning more showers so and thunderstorms back out to the west of that lin
5:47 am
and perhaps if the line comes le through quick enough on friday, we could have a little l bit of sunshine for tomorroworrw afternoon into tomorrow tor evening going into the weekend.ek here's your seven-day you forecast.reca 73 today. 77 tomorrow with some showershoe and some thunderstorms.eror showers a few thunderstorms on saturday again, and then muchh cooler as we get into sunday.un. here's erin como. >> 5:47. waiting for that sunshine sunin taking a look, you can see can crews working to get this large tree taken out of the way that is taking out a portion of 41stak this is northwest portion ofti the district right near military road. good news is traffic on military road is moving just fine to get around this keepisee it to 39th or 42nd.42nd we'll let you know as soon as they're able to get thatleo ge cleared but it looks like they have quite a bit of work ahead e of them for this as you can see traffic again a on military moving along.lo. we'll take a live look outsideut 295 southbound side by easternen avenue traffic is flowing buts i it looks like we might startik to see some of those typical t delays kick kic i'll let you know. k northbound side looking good.loo south of t
5:48 am
bottom of the beltway pastwa p laboratory road still 295 inbound as well.el we'll take a look at our maps. indian head highway betweenen old fort road and kerby hillil road nothing atypical.pical. slow zones in have a have in hav stafford through 95 northboundoo and 95 northbound through dalee city. 66 east in good shape.. same story 267. 267 tweet me with 93 questions at at -- tweet me with any a questions at erin fox5 d.c. d >> the water in their children's school tested 600 te times lier than the accepted level of lead.vel of lead. parents asked to meet with mee school and city officials toicls discuss how they're going tohowo resolve this problem.solv right now the city is in the is midst of a 30 day testing tti period of all 113 d.c. schoolsch for lead levels.adevels. >> many parents are wondering why the city just installed ital water filters -- wondering whydg they don't just do that. t
5:49 am
services only installs the the e filters if there are dangerous o levels and their focus is on testing at this time. time. >> i understood that the problem is the fountains may over time get lead and so having filters in them is a a good pre-emptive measure aseasua well as a way to keep the leadpl out once it's been discovered. o >> what we do know is thatis given the number of times that we've tested here at paneere elementary school and thechoo number of water sources thathat we've tested here that it'st's unlikely that there is a large l scale contamination that ismina coming into the building.nte >> the chief operating officer c for d.c. public schools went w on to the lead contaminationtama is most likely happening --appe- went on to say that the lead tha contamination is most likelyos k happening at the point of exit i from the water source so srce filtration is the best way to manage the process. the p d.c. officials working to prevent hate crimes againstte the members of the lgbt community. a community meeting tuesdayy night. the goal is tome
5:50 am
gay bisexual and transgenderranr people with information andh resourceins to stay safe. >> dozens turned out for thatutt event the the meeting included e members of the d.c. police p force and metro transit police. >> when any one of us areof us targeted, when any one of usnef are the victims of a hate bias crime it does impact all of our abilities to live ourur lives ton feel safe in thee t city that we pay taxes in and id the city that we live in inn i there were 70 hate crimese 70 ht reported in the district inn 2014.20 29 of those victims were wer target because of their sexual orientation.orat an additional 15 were targeted based on their gender gde identity. >> startling new stats about n d.c.'s homeless population.ess o annual survey by the councilounl of governments found d.c. hasnd. seen a 14 percent increase in homeless people in the past pt year. year while almost every other partsto of the region saw reductions. number of homeless families infs d.c. also sored to more than t 30 percent over the last year.aa that is more than the number of homeless single adults.du cit o
5:51 am
jump is due to d.c.'s policyol of providing year round accesscs to shelter for >> logan circle residents andess business owners comingness together with d.c.'s policepolie chief to discuss efforts touss combat crime in that area. a during the meeting chiefeeti chi lanier talked about thealked abu current state of crime in theofi city. >> she says so far 75 percent of the homicide cases this t year have been closed with an arrest. >> actually we've made a lotlly of progress and we're looking l pretty good going into theing ie summer. summ this is the beginning of kind oi of where we start to see t spikes and last year where we started to see spikes. right now we're in good shape.e we want to keep that it way, though.though. i think the most importante thing is our biggest crimerime issue has been robberies. robbei we started out in theutn beginning of the year upg of tea around 30 or 40 percent.0 perc so we dropped that down to around 9 percent right now. n very we just got to keep the t pressure you know, we can't --know >> the chief was asked about a metro crime and how she feltheel about the recent crime spike cre on
5:52 am
she said "it may not be politically correct to sayect ty this. they have good police but not n enough ."gh . it's a vitamin that's beensb recommended by doctors foroctoor decades to help prevent birthveb defects but a new study s suggests it may be possible to actually get too much folic acid. new research shows very higheryg levels of the vitamin in mothers' blood were linked toed a higher risk of autism in in their children. chi but some experts areertsre questioning this new research. . they say the findings are preliminary numbers based on ame small number of families seenies at only one hospital.pita food truck fans will be truf able to enjoy them in alexandria. the city council is givingou them a six month tryout neart three metro stations. braddock road king street andtr eisenhauer avenue.nh the trucks will be thereauksl between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and each truck can stay theretae for up to four hours.ours now, the new program will wil start within the next month.ton >> all right.>> a listen to a new ad by designer calvinner l kline is under fire thiser fe
5:53 am
disgusting and even a form of porn. >> we can't show you the entire photo but this is the image with the caption i flash f in my #calvin klines.s. the picture there was taken atte ground level.nd the part we covered is the model's underwear.nd it's visible through her open ho skirt as if you were lookingu wi up an open skirt. skirt is this fashion forward or is it distasteful? >> a lot of people are goingpe to see he that and say that s t the fashion industry is always y on the edge and cutting edge edg and they're trying to doing to o things to make people talk butek that's disgusting.isgust it is inappropriate.inappropriae i get what they're trying toy'r do. do they're trying to get people talking and that's whathat's wh they're doing. doi >> calvin kline has always alw been flown for the provocative ads. do you remember the mar mark mak ads and bieber.iebe >> they like to get peoplepl talking about it.g >> we're not going to talkotoing about
5:54 am
we're in on your game calvinal kline.kl let us know was think.hi hit us up on social media of m course. >> 5:53 is the time and we'reis getting a first sneak peek of the upcoming netflix reboot voltron legendary defender. den. it hits netflix on june 10th ju0 with a one-hour premiere episode. there will be an additional 10 22 minute episodes. the it shows princess alura, hink, lance and >> never heard of it.errd o >> loved it.ov >> check this thi out first major test of the so-called hyper loop a major maj success. su the propulsion technology was ts tested in a nevada desert. deser the company behind it hopes to t create a transportation systemte made of pods that traveltra through tubes at speeds of up to 750 miles an an hour. sounds like fun, doesn't't it's based off of one createdret by tesla's elon musk.k
5:55 am
work other brakes.rk oer b stopping is an issue. iss >> let's go ahead and say gooddo morning to our fox5 facebook fab fan of the day. sherita cookie whiting.e whing >> she's celebrating her birthday. happy birthday to you cookie. ci >> love the picture, love the lt pose. love the for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to ourur fox5 facebook page.ookag post a selfie and comment c under this photo. remember those days, gary,er when it was sunny -- >> i didn't know what thatid was, you know.n' listen, here's what's goinghere on. i wanted to show you this.o it's a little gloomy this morning. we have a little bit of visibility reduced in spots. temperatures are in the 50's and down around thetla i-81-81 corridor seems to be kind off the worst where it's hovering hr right around a mile or below. b seven-day forecast showstho warmer temperatures today. t we'll be up to the lower toemp e mid 70's with some sunshine inii places, okay. oy. just so you know.juu maybe a shower. even a thunderstorm possible. not everybody, not ery
5:56 am
later on this afternoon.ftnoon just so you know. >> can you dedicate the placehee 'cause that's where i want to t go. >> where it's not. wre it' >> where the sun.un >> your house. h you'll get some.u'et s be patient. pie >> what's happening on thet's roads. >> metro is on time. let me get out of the way. we have delays 95 north in stafford, 610 the 630. the south of that in inn fredericksburg traffic backing up 95 northbound and north ofou that point dale city to 123 as you cross the occoquan slow s moving traffic. same story 66 eastbound.asou 234 to the car rest area you aay jam and again on 66 as you get inside the beltway from seven fe top sycamore street through west falls church give fal yourself extra time. t in mad 95 looking good from gd the icc to the beltway. 270 by the truck scales and 50s5 inbound once you hit columbiaoli park road a lot of slow moving m traffic. we'll keep you posted.oste that's your look at traffic. tfc back to you. >> ♪ >> ahead at 6:00 george zimmerman sparking controversy. what he says he's going to do with te'he gun used to shoot
5:57 am
kill trayvon >> do you have any old apple a products that you may havee forgotten about? some could soo be worth thousands of dollars. . we'll fill in you tell you in tl what that's about. that'out. before we do that we're goinge'g to go to break and give you a a live look outside because theece sun is going to come out att some point in our >> ♪ >> love me some heart.ea >> got a lot of heart thisrt thi >> we do.>> w d >> time now is 5:57. time back in a moment. ent.
5:58 am
what happens when an all-encompassing brain scan is followed up with an all-embracing hug? what happens when the world's latest surgical technology is combined with caring for the world's newest mother? what happens when you match cutting-edge clinical trials with a gentle touch? you get extraordinary medicine and remarkable care. novant health and uva health system are proudly partnering to bring better care to every patient.
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>> the fed ordering emergency od repairs for three criticalr locates within the metro rail system. >> baseball diamond belongedall to max what a night it was. how he joined the ranks of some of the league's great ofs the players. pyers. >> and a live look outside. osie let's see.see same as it was for the last 14 days. days there is your live look.r live a little cloudy out there.he it's thursday may 12th. 1 weather and traffic on the 5s at 6:05.:0 good morning to you, i'm allison seymour.lison se >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mi we're going do something aboutoa that weather in a coupleeaer i minutes when tucker and erin e join us on the us the first though happening today t the bench trial for one of thelf officers charged in the deathhag of freddie gray begins in baltimore. edward nero will go before a judge. he was involved in gray's initial detention and arrestdete in april of last year. yea nero's trial expected to last lt


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