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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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america can lose interest because mission of recovery i think we've learned as a nation is just as important. in miami, fill keating, fox > this is fox5 local news atat 11. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm marina maracco and i'm gym ' low kay and we start off tonight with the weather damage causingi problems through the weekend. we have seen trees tom over and are the pennsylvania of thenn buildingsy in the northeastno crumble during the high winds today. lindsay watts is on the scenen h with a look at the destruction. >>reporter: marina and gym, the percent wind from earlier isnd gone tonight, but the beginningt hole it left behind remains. it looks like thhee incredible m can came through here. thr taking a look at the rumble onrb the ground you can see we're att theç intersection of fence whic can and gallon definitely thankfully nobody got hurt. the building wasn't occupied and
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the time. this is one of several closese calls we've had thanks to rough weather. the weekend did not put mother nature in a bad mood. the weather has been so bad thed past couple of weeks. i guess this is the last thinglt to p to it of on. at the national zoo two downed trees stopped folks in theirir tracks. i was going to try to come upe and run out this wayment the ground here already soft fromm the rain when the winds started gusting. elsewhere even bricks were no match. we sent our dog in there just as a precaution to make sure no one was trapped or injured inside. thankfully and luckily no oneo was inside. firefighters point out thehe building is under constructioncs and it's open air in the back.bk something on the back side putut enough pressure up against that brick wall and it spit up and it spread out onto fence which can street. the grumbling bricks snapped aae power line and rained down on a parked car.. it's not the worst damage to ato vehicle we've seen
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look what happen to this trucktc when a tree tommed in northwest on saturday.on it looks like something out of a cartoon. > the owners took it in stride realizing the true catastrophe that could have been.e it could have been so much worse if someone were walking by orby they were in his truck at the time. they were going to say goodbye the truck anyway. we why are going to trade it in tomorrow anyway.way. after all the headaches many ara hoping we can finally put this nasty streak behind us.d it has been extremely depressing, but i think it's going to be great once itit subsides because you know howhow d.c. is, everybody will be out on the streets and enjoying themselves again. > nobody is going to be out on this street any time soon.t an you can see there are several barriers in place to keep people away from this area. there's still concern tonight about the stability o
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building and the potential for p another we were able toot talk to the owner here. he says he had planned to put it a coffee house and other retailer, but at this point he may end up just tearing down the building and starting from scratch. life in northeast, lindsay watts, fox5 a local news. > all right. giving you a life look outside right now and you can see really -- you can't see the temperature, but we certainly know that it was chilly out there it it wasn't just the wind. temperatures feeling more like r fall in the middle of may. gwen standing by hopefully telling us about a warmup. wa we're going to be a little warmer but still blow average aa far atrazine temperatures arees concerned. much improved, but we will see the winds picking up againgain tomorrow. be aware you'll have to hang onto your hat and bundle up inin the early morning hours as well. right now 54-degrees at d.c. an. more of the 40s are starting too take over. 48 at dull
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43 at martinsburg. and we are going to see to t areas of our west something we don't want to hear about, butut guess what we do have a freezere warning and a frost advisory ins effect. so we're looking at some frost tonight for some of our neighborhoods here and this kicks in from midnight until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. m i know everybody has done allon their planting of their flowers and everything and so unfortunately this is not welcomed and very, verye unseasonal for this time oftime year. so we've got this cold pattern that's settling in. the jet extreme well to the south of us. an air mass that decided to make itself well known and we are going to see our temperatures over the next few days some 10 to 20 degrees blow the seasonal average. 42 degrees for tonight, then. mostly clear skies. it will be a chilly make sure you're bundling up iff you're heading out. the week starts dry and sunny i'm happy to say.say. i'll let you know how long theow sun is going to stick around. we
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today. i hope you enjoyedqz it. it is happened again, anotherai, disruption on metro.on o this one involved the track issue at bethesda.a. workers checking out whether out there was another arcing incident, but there was no smoke or fire reported. once crews determined the tracks were safe, full service was restored. this last week, though, metro's gm release a plan to give crewss more time to complete some much needed repairs and maintenance on the rails which included metro down at every night at midnight starting june 36789 no9 to the district where police arr still looking for the person who shot and wounded a seven year old boy of the shooting happenee yesterday on 12th placel southeast and the boy was playing outside when someone fired several shots. was he hit in the shoulder. he's expected to be okay. the shooter ran off and policenp hope someone will provide a tip that will lead to his arrest. thousands of police officers and other law enforcement fromla around the countryw
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one place on the west lawn of l the capital. they joined together to take part part in the national piece officers service. i've been here several times. we obviously have a reel strong brotherhood, a brotherhood ofro blue here for the officers and their families. it's awesome to see the public come together in a positive light for police. so it is a nice thing to celebrate this week and see alll the public happy and support us. three officers died in the linee of duty last year.ea the memorial service today officially kicked off nationalf police week.ce still to come tonight at 11, graduates getting advise fromtt thein president.e the president gave thehe commencement speech at rutgers today and even something some subtle shots at donald trump. we'll be right back.
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> president obama made historyt today becoming the first sittino president to speak at t a rutges university graduation ceremony. the president used his h commencement address to talk abtoout today's political climam and he didn't hold back in talking about the republican party's presumptive nominee for president. >>reporter: president obama: started his speech by saying there's not much that i'm afraim to take on in my final year off office. so today he went after donald trump and all he stands foror without ever mentioning him by name. one of
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him on his pain slogan make america good again.good he said the good old days weren't all that day. president obama then made his th case to the roughly 12,000 graduates as to why he believes trump's isolation, his policieso will be bad for americas. temporary bans on us and building a wall. it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. but president obama saved his hs most skating criticism for the very end by directly attacking some of trump's favorite talking points. he said the system t is not rigged more people need to vote and he said experience does matter. it matters for doctors and pilots so it should matter for politicians, too. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not keeping it real or i telling it
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that's not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing whatow you're talking about. president obama did stick up for another republican, former secretary of state condo lisa rice. you may remember she was invited to speak at rutgers commencement two years ago but she backed out due to student protests. today the president said those protests were misguided and it's bad for democrat row situate when we're unwilling to listeno to the other side. si > the washington monument willl be closed again tomorrow morning. it was shut down all day becausu of power issues related to the elevator. you may remember the elevator has been closed in recent timese because of the elevator, including twice in the lasthe l month. during previous elevator issues visitors have been forced to walk down thousands of stairs. a they plan to open the monumentom sometime tomorrow after repairs are making.aki it definitely feel like may outside. no, it doesn't. doe
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long the chilly temperatures ara going to stick around. ound.
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> it's kind of striking when s you think of what we saw from lindsay watts that we saw at att beginning of the new cast, the problems with the weather, theae winds certainly accelerate rating the problems. the ground is so saturated overe days and days of rain it hasn't had a chance to dry out it makes the roots of the res veryç wee. unfortunately that's what wha happens. we keep our fingers crossed we don't see any more of that. we have gusty winds in the forecast for tomorrow, but we've at least had a couple of days ts get a about it of trying. we've had more rain in the forecast once we get into theino early part of the week and wewe get past our monday. fare warning, folks, that thoset winds are going to be pick up again. it's been cool and chilly. we haven't been able to get to t where we should be in esmololbe formulation t of our temperatures. airports today, upper 50s,
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60s, some 17 or 18-degrees blowo the seasonal average.aver it's getting cool, too.. 49 at baltimore. we've got 49-degrees at dulles this hour, manassas at 48, frederick bug to the south at te 54-degrees and we're going tooig continue to see that cooler airr settling in fact, areas to the west and the northwest unfortunately dealing with frost advisories and freeze warnings, which i hate to be the bearer of this news unfortunately i've been talking about rain and then the winds and now i've got to talk about this cold air, an artic air mass settling in.n. i'm sorry to say, but this kicki in at midnight until 10:00 tomorrow everything that's been happening for the past week artworks w actually the past couple off weeks has been well off the mare in terms of what we should have sociably. it feels like it's march or something or september. winds are finally going to improve for tonight
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will. they're going to pick up allup over again and we're going tog get back to the gusty conditions. a ridge of high pressure settling in. good news, a thumb's up for monday. we're going to have some sunshine, but mostly sunny skies, temperatures still in the 60s. i'm going to suggest, i just tweeted out that you should athu least have a sweat error at least a light jacket in theacke morning hours because it's going to be very much on the littleitl nippy side. here's the warm front we'ree're going to be dealing with, a low pressure system riding along the front. tuesday, wednesday period we're back to the wet weather again. we're going to have to deal with steady showers. temperatures will gradually start to rise into the laterter part of the week. highs tomorrow expected to beedt into the mid 60s, a few upper 60s on map there so not all bad. by mid did i about 57-degrees. by the time we get to the 5:00 hour,
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once again it's try dry. that's at least on the upside. we want to tell you about a big day, weather day at nats park. we hope you come out and joinoin some of the weather team outeam there. a dollar per ticket is going to a very good cause, to the lou a and lymphoma society and that we hope you will support becausepot we're going to be out there doing some good stuff, especially helping that greatt r cause. thcae forecast for tonight, a chilly 42-degrees, mostly cleara cold, patchy frost and tomorrow 66, but with the sunshine.unsh but it will be very much on then windy side.side here's a look at that fox5 seven day forecast for you. you can see as our temperaturesp really lingering into the 630s and kind of trying goat to that 70-degree mark.a jet extreme well to the south of us letting the cooler air into the week. we have a couple of nice dry days as we hit wednesday and and thursday after a couple days ofs showers on tuesday and wednesdan ford by the time when get to the endd ofhe
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seeing more wet weather.eath we're keeping you up with the umbrella unfortunately. at least we're going to end up seeing a nice day for yourour sunday for you. excuse me, for your monday for you. much like it was today with the sunshine, but once again with those winds intact.act. let's check in with sports and see how they're making out. thank you, gwen.gwen making out pretty well. crab cakes and football, that's what maryland does. you might want to add lacrosse to the list. five different teams, on top of the heap, maryland terps. the top seed in the women'somen tournament as well. the first team in ncaa history to accomplish that feet. here's the men's number one taking on begin piece officers acquisition. this game was all about rambo. rambo splits. the terps up 2-h 1. the final seconds of
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terps up.terp a turn over, the terps are out running all alone. some great passing here.ere. gets it around to who else, round to rambo, the terps win 13-6. navy, another maryland teamteam taking on fourth seed yale in connecticut. now down 4-3, patrick keen and from behind the net. a back hand off a spin, a greatt move. that ties it.t. this one is back and forth throughout the navy. able to hold on case i read.d. the mids upset yale 13-10. they'll move on to the second round. yet another maryland l school, towson they're in the tournament. one of those five maryland teams taking on defensing national champion. the top shelf, 19th of the season. fourth quarter up towson up. the tigers lead the defensing clamps trying to hold objection to the for
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huge upset, towson beats number two seed, denver 10-9. final round play, sunshine, glistening off the water. jason day the leader since round one. lead all day today. then par four 12. another lengthy birdie put.ut. a birdie 16 as well. day, the par put, he's going to tap it in. days' son there to greet bryce harper campaign to make baseball fun again has become a movement. he's recruited other players too the cause. including the dodgers we go.we we have to make baseball fun fon the fans and not everything so personal. his mbfa campaign
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you have to love marty mack fly here, 1955 not ready for look. fly ball to second. steven drew in for sedan any murphy. loses it in the sun.ç the nats trail by two. drew is like come on, man. i have shades on, but they don't do that much. bottom of the fourth, a collision at the wall. both players down for the count. zimmerman comes all the way around, the inside the park in home. they would be okay, including stanton. unfortunately for the nats he was okay. the nats lose 5-1. more kids on the field in baltimore. manny ma chat oh doing his part off the field. on the field he does it here. the bottom five, two run shot, gives the birds a lead. darren oh day couldn't keep the lead. give it away in the eighth, first j
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nova south earn. one deep to left center, veryte, next batter, miguel contactigu prepare a, the same spot unfortunately. back to back to win the the o itself lose the first time since may 4, 6 to 5. that does it for sports. > still could tomorrow t at 11t 1 #, the safe of the day. how fire crews came to the rescue of a baby duck. coming up next. [ soft music ]
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i want to show you this one.o this could be the most adorabled story of the night. at least i've been told to ethanol did you it's adorable.d you be the judge. montgomery county fire and rescue tweeted out this note on. crews were out doing safety
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community when they came across a duking trapped in a storm train. he looks like a caterpillar. we are talking about animals. riley maybe has too much fun at doggy daycare because he wouldeu rather spend more time there. he was on the loose. he made the one mile trek to go find his friends at daycare. do you have an issue with riley. >> i'm a big dog fan. but not a duck fan apparent limit before i saw it was a duca and i saw the picture i had no d indication it was a duck.uck it looked like a caterpillar to me. this big caterpillar. > gwen is back with a final a look at the forecast coming up p next. stay with us. .
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> one last check of what we're seeing this week, we're starting offng t tomorrow pretty much like today.uch that means it's dry with sunshine. yea.. but it's going to be windy, wi also. that's iana. temperatures will be in the 60s. a little bit warmer than
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not quite as warm as it was onn saturday. we're going to see a little bit of rain once we get into the tuesday, wednesday and then dryh once we get into the later part of the week for thursday andan friday. > at least the wind is clearing out some of the allergies out of the air. summer is allegedly on the way.
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- your shot. [laughter] [electronic music] [cheers and applause] - thank you very much. welcome to tosh.0. i am your host, daniel tosh.0. [laughter] from the point-oh family. today's show is glorious. the average homeboy gets a web redemption. noted anti-semite mel gibson pops by. and apple sent me a new ipad and all i had to do was promise them my firstborn son. all right, back to the drunk guy, corner pocket. [laughter] that's a scratch. that's probably why all the cues are bent.


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