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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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finalized. >> the plan had laid out months of major track work andk other repairs but that was tt before the federal government fv ordered metro to make m emergency fixs in at least three locations.locatins all of this as there are moree m track problems over thehe weekend. fox5's melanie alnwick joining us live from l'enfant plaza to explain.xplain. mel. >> reporter: good morning,r: yeah, another monday, right? here we aremo at metro. m there were two incidents yesterday that brought firehtir and rescue crews to metroo station.stat one was here at the l'enfantt plaza station.ti. apparent ply around 11 o'clock k in the morning there was a t little bit of they said it was a small fire sf that was caused by debris on the tracks that metroro employees were able to putout that out with a fire sunday night a suspected arcing insulator caused some trouble on the tracks.e turns out there was no smoke ske but single tracking during thehe investigation caused delays d once again for red line
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riders. riders it is one of the aers that the feds say metro must addressss first. firs those three areas.ose three area as we talked about last week. lw first the red line betweene b medical center and van nesses stations then the orange and silver lines from ballston tolln east falls church and then thene orange blue and silver linesines for potomac avenue station toe t what they call the d and g junction which is just pasthicht stadium-armory to where the orange line splits to le spli minnesota avenue.mi you may recall fta issued that t order last week to immediatelyma reduce risk to passengers and employees. we know the work will include cleaning track beds, fixing drainage and sealing cracks asna well as replacing parts of the third rail and those tho insulators as well. now, the traction power systemr also a big problem.robl today we are supposed to findin out whether there is going to be a better workable time lineml for these projects, for those first three projects that again they said have to come sai before the rest of the safe the track work. wor a lot of these p
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already in the safe track plan so it's just a question of moving them up a little bit bit and shuffling the others down.e. also by the way people shoulde h be keeping in mind that thehe metro closures at midnight m begin june 3rd.un3r live at l'enfant plaza, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. new >> ♪ >> 4:32 is the time. 4:3 today family and friends will ad begin to say goodbye to morales the third victim in a montgomery county shooting sho spree early this month.on on may sixth morales was gunned down at giant food inood aspen h eulalio tordil remains in jailni charged with her death and theth death h of two other people including his estranged wife.edf a man accused of torch t cherrying a couple in fairfax if county is due in court.ourt. police say andrew small s handcuffed and stabbed lawyeredl leo fisher and his wife inside s their mclean home forome several hours.ours prosecutors believe this washis
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alicia being fired from an arlington law fm. he's also facing charges inhaesi that case.e. the victims survived with serious injuries. injur >> happening today a call to t action from teachers in ward ind two. the washington teachers unionear is supporting teachers froms f thompson elementary and other ad ward two schools in a rallyly event. event. they're demanding the schools resume contract negotiationsegoa with the union. u also happening today theng t new mgm resort at national harbor launching a newaunc training program.rogram. the hotel partnered with prince george's county g communities college for a new dealer school that willllchoo provide potential candidates caa with skills needed to applyil ne for jobs at mgm casino's tablesb games the mgm in ing in harbor isbo i set to open later this year. yea >> high winds were stronge str causing major problems for our area. >> storm damage collapsed partpr of a building in northeast. nort the building was underas und construction and its open air
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nine it also snapped a powerd a line and rained down on a car. >> something on the backside putter enough pressure against that brick wall and it spread sa out onto fenwick street.kee we sent our dog in there as ahes precaution to make sure no oneon was trapped or injured inside.e. thankfully and luckily no one nn was inside.e. >> several trees went downes wen throughout the regionroug including this one at the national zoo. z. >> washington monument will bemo closed for part of the fart morning. it was shut down sunday due to d power issues related to theed t elevator. the monument has been closedn co several times recentd becausetde of elevator problems.r probms. the national park service plans to reopen the monumenton at some point today after the repairs are complete.omple. >> ♪>> >> calendar says may but it doesn't feel like it. gary mcgrady everyone askingsk what in the world is going on. g >> what up, right? r >> it starter raining and all ad of a sudden right back down toni where we were. wer >> gotcha'. i know
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this morning record loworning rw temperatures we're flirtingur with out clouds north and really d.c.wi north and out to thend west,t, too. there's a frost advisory, there's a freeze warning goingfe on back out to the west of usto and north twest of us. i don't think we have to worryow too much about that because of the clouds. look at numbers this morning.nig we get another 35 for dullesor that's going to tie a record. rr may or may not. m n gaithersburg 39.hers here in town we're 48.8. cold in manassas, too, it's 37 degrees. not very may-like.ay-like. see clouds. those are just on top of us now. i think these should break up.uu we'll have a little bit of cloud cover in spots when thehe sun comes up a little after 5:30. then we'll end up with lots of u sunshine today but doesn'tsn mean temperatures are going to respond accordingly or getrd back up to may values, typical p may values. we should be about 66 or so abor today. good amounts of sunshine sof suo that's not going to be a's n problem and we'll have breezy not windy.not windy. yesterday was windy.y. today will be a little on thee breezy side so that will keep k it a little bit cooler. c are we going to turn then t corner this week? no, not
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really. full forecast coming up. let's get to erin this mondayy >> 4:36 right now gary taking a look at our monday morning m commute. behind me there's constructionst 395 north.39 starts around duke street pastpt keep it to the right.ept to the they should be picking up the let's switch it over for ach look at our map. if you have an early morning mor flight to catch things quietng on the way to rage reaganage reg national. things looking good on the wayn to bwi marshall. msh no problems on bw parkway. pkw thing on the way to dulleshe tou looking good. no issues through mclean m this morning. your maryland commute 95 south5u from the icc to the beltway iney great shape. shape none that of typicalical congestion. same story as you head out 270 t past frederick into urbana you're great down to the spur. 50 cruising in to the beltwayo t from 301, no problems fromsro annapolis near virginia driveniv times all the way through tou stafford manassas centreville what they should be. t i got you covered if any off y that changes. cng tweet me with
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erin fox5 d.c..c back to you wisdom and maureen. >> more than 12,000,0 transgender service men andr sed women are still fighting forigin the chance to openly servenl ser their country. cntry >> and police need your help finding a thief who is goinga t around taking packages right off your neighbors' front porch. >> i'm holly morris trackingor the big stories trending this morning. one involves the presumptivere gop presidential nominee andenti his track record with women.hom another has to do with the official team sport of the t free states. >> as we head to break here's a live look across t bhe dmv. d time rht now is 4:37. 4:3 we need to fight the power,ow fight the weather, that's whattw we need to talk about.k abo >> i know, right. know,ht >> we're back in a moment. >> ♪ z2022z
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>> 4:40 is the timely we'reis t back checking stories that arest trending with right now. >> holly morris checking out m our realtime news tracker.or good morningme, holly. hol >> good morning everyone onmorn this monday morning and right now donald trump blasting thestt new york times for a huge article it came out with over wv the weekend. the times profiled trump'smeof interaction with women overn wi the past 40 years claiming the e republican presidentialic candidate has mistreated womenmi both in his personal andersonan professional for his part trump called the t times a failing newspaper andin tweeted the media is on a wip ow hunt against red hot chilly peppersep canceling more shows afterft their frontman went to thefr hospital over theon week.eek. the ban
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l.a. radio concert after he aerh was taken in an ambulance complaining of severe stomach sa pain. the band says he has the fluas t and they've canceled an icelen heart radio concert tomorrow. and congratulations to thegt maryland men's and women's wen lacrosse teams.osse the men are on to the quarterfinals of the ncaaof tournament having taken out quinnipiac yesterday and therday lady terps advance to the nextat round after a win over johns hopkins. hopkins. both terps teams are the number one seeds in the tournament. >> go terps. >> fear the turtle. tur >> exactly. >> thanks coming up on fox news morning, disney reigning reign supreme at the weekend boxe at b office.ox >> a number of people acceptedel the challenge of climbing cli stares to raise money for aaise good cause. >> as we head to break on thisri monday morning, oh, yeah,oh yea, getting you in the mood to get the day going. goi. live look outside across the region. traffic moving little chilly, though.ho
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grab a sweater. you may need a jacket.acke time now is 4:41. fox news morning back after this. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. it's just about -- actually itu is 4:44. 4 firefighters in washingtonas state spent their weekend battling two both are separate sections off northwest washington combinedomi they burned more thand tha 150 acres of land. l >> communities in canadamuniti assessing the damage after the r massive alberta wildfiree there.ther the fire destroyed somestroyesoe more than 88,000 people wermme0e forced out of their homes. out in the area of fort mcmurray mcr more than 1600 buildings weregsw destroyed. could take weeks to startke wee planning for families toieo return to the area especiallyspl since small fires are still a s flaring up. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> all right. live look outside right now at 4:44.4:44 the wind was ho how howlingng one of my neighbor's tree wasr's blown down and that's how bads b the wind w
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>> it was insane. we were talking earlier, itli, t was sunny, you thought it was warm when you walked outsiden yo and it was like oh, no, back inside, gary mcgrady.rady. man, winter making a comeback ab all of a sudden it felt like.sui >> the snow was not far away.wa snow was up into pennsylvaniaena yesterday. i was outside most of the i kept telling everybody don'tbd complain about this.complain it's snowing up there inp the in pennsylvania and it's may.ia a wow. hold on let me go back to go to this. i wants to show you pictures. 48 degrees reagan national. r that's not too's we get to 48 degrees in thes ine morning in may.morn that's not a big deal. dea we would be colder but cloudst d have come across. dulles is 39. 3 if you're in there suburbs sub today you're going need to needt start off way jacket or a o a sweater. at least i do believe. bie temperatures today warm upes top into the mid 60's. 6 we'll be breezy not windy okay. okay not like yesterday.te lots of sunshine. of nshi a few clouds towards the latter part of the day. i think we'll start off way offw few clouds, too, here this here morning once the sun startstart coming up a little after 5:30. tomorrow back to rain. r temperature tomorrow for ther most part only in the
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we'll top at about 60 here in0 e town for tomorrow. torro here's some cloud cover i'll show that you in just aus second. look back out to the west. wt. another system is lurking there, so eventually todayyoday more clouds and a chance of chac some showers back in theack in t forecast for tomorrow. tor some snow showers embeddedded in -- see it coming from thefrom north and west up there. tre most -- look, the snow didn'tt stick, at least i didn't seeidne any that was sticking up into sp pennsylvania but it waslv but ia definitely flying out there yesterday. and last night.and here's where we are thisis morning.g. a lot of cloud cover here but cb that will begin to break upak once the sun comes up so i'm anticipating lots of sunshineun today. today. futurecast shows the samecast thing. but look what happens as weens e start getting into tomorrow. tor tomorrow morning perhaps a few showers around for commutes fors and it moves on across 1 o'clock. futurecast is showing a littleng bit drier in the afternoon. i think it will still be kind bi of showery all day long. l here's your forecast for y today. enjoy the sunshine we startnshi off cool, 53 at 8:00 a.m..m in town we'll still h
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40's out in the suburbs. suburbs breezy today, not windy.dy temperatures with the sunshine basically getting up into thett mid to upperin 60's.0's tomorrow looks right on at about 60 degrees.degrs. early showers wednesday andower then perhaps a little bit of ail sun and clouds thursday, friday,.fr right now it looks like the t weekend is a bit unsettled.ed. here's erin >> for once i'm going say i'llai take this monday morning forecast.. i'm excited to see a rain freedi monday morning commute. thanks, gary.y. >> you got it. >> right now 4:47 we have thishi ongoing construction. should be cleared soon. b it's from the overnight ridee . 395 north duke to seminary sem road but traffic is lightning up. it's in the causing any majorsi slowdowns and keep it to theankp right.righ that construction had beenon taking outst the left lane.t la. we'll show you what elseha els you're up against around theunde area this morning.orni more road work on the innerhe i loop. this is in montgomery countyme c after georgia avenue sonue s caution as you make your way from wisconsin, connecticutonct towards that point approaching c colesville. you can see the outer loopp plenty of green.
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yet from 95 all the way over to the spur. more road work on the outer the loop out by pennsylvanialvia avenue.aven so give yourself some extra e time as you cruise from maryland four all the way up through ritchie marlboro. mor airport travel looking goodki whether you're heading to t reagan national watch forationac construction zone.h co 395 inbound and bwi trafficraff looking good on bw parkway, 95a5 route one, no issues on thess way to dulles.uls. things on 66 looking goodngoo problem free right now throughhu dale city on 95 northbound.orthn and 50 inbound all the way t through bowie as you make youray way into the beltway looking loo guilty our secondarieseconri downtown quiet shape. got you covered when thatco changes. any questions at erin fox5n d.c. on twitter.c. oitter. back to you maureen ando maur wisdom.sdom >> police in the district are te still looking for the personng who shot and wounded a seven-year-old boy. shooting happened saturday on sy 12th place southeast.ouea the boy was playing when someone fired several shots.hots police hope someone willeone w provide a tip had leads to lea that person's >>
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sulice hope surveillance videoe can help them catch two peoplewo who broke into a car may six mas in the 2100 block of vermont avenue in northwest.orthst the burglars could be seenuld ee going behind the bar and bar through a back storage room. anyone with information isor asked to contact police there.he staying in the district, police looking for a packageng p thief. take a look.take a loo the suspect can be seen onn camera swiping a package thatact had been delivered right offed g the porch of a home ine northwest.h police say the incident tookideo place in february along theon 2700 block of 28th street. stree they are now releasing thehe video in hopes it helps leadel l to an arrest. a >> it was an emotionaltional gathering on capitol hill.ill. thousands of police officerspolr and other law enforcementnfcemet members from around the aund country gathered on the west thw lawn of the capitol. >> they came together toy ca attend the annual national natia peace officers' memoriale of service. the service honors members ofeme law enforcement who gave theirae lives in the line of duty.y >> i've been here severalenere times. we obviously have a real r strong brotherhood, a brotherhood of blue here fore ho the officers and
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families. >> awesome to see the publico come together in a positiver in light for police so it is ait is nice thing to celebrate thisrats week and see all the publicub happy and support us when they t come out to these events asas well.well >> 123 officers died in thes line of duty last year. today's -- yesterday'srd memorial service officiallyce oc kicks off national police week. disagreements within the department are preventingnting transgender men and women from serving openly. onl >> ash carter says>> ash implementing a policy foror transgenders to serve openly ope is "complicated."li carter's comments come monthsome after the pentagon launched a review. the military was set to lifto l the ban on may 27th. transgender service membersder v are still waiting.are st a pentagon spokesperson says a a decision will be made in the spring. >> president obama spent part oa of his weekend addressing thein graduating class at rutgers clas university in new jersey. jerse >> he urged the graduates
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pursue positive change in the te world despite challenges from f student loan debt to overseaso s turmoil. >> most of his speech will be remembered for his jab atis donald trump.rump he explained why he believes trump's isolationist policies pl are bad for america. ari >> the world is more m interkented than ever before. b and it's becoming more m connected every day. day building walls won't change that. >> the president also saids s experience he said it matters to doctors do and he said it should matter for politicians as well. wel >> now while the president wassi at rutgers, vice president joe biden and former house speaker k john boehner each spoke ath spot notre dame's complement.ement. both men talked about theout th challenges that exist in politics today. >> governing in my view is the e search of the possible.possible. politicians these days are constantly being pushed tous to promise the impossible andble this being a presidentialsint election year,
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hearing a lot of impossible >> you said that politics is a full contact sport. i agree. but father, to the detriment dee of the nation in my view and iia think john would agree with me, it has recently become ae blood sport. s >> john and i -- i >> the vice president says ine r all of his years in politics pit in his political life he's never seen the political animosity.ity >> donald trump and joe biden attended an event inve pennsylvania last night butia l not for political reasons. rso the two attended graduation ceremony as a parent andart grandparent. trump is supporting his daughter tiffany trump. vice president biden wasiden w supporting his granddaughternddg naomi biden.i ben the women were among the 1500 students graduating from theg university of pennsylvania.nsyl. hillary clinton inintoin kentucky. the democratic frontrunner isicf making a final push in theal put state ahead of tomorrow's primaries. pr yesterday she was inimyest louisville speaking t
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rallies. ra clinton continues taking shots s at donald she says the country needs a nee leader who can work with thek we rest of the world and not build walls but build >> people from all over thee frm globe made the trip to new york city yesterday to race to the top of the world trade tra the second annual tunnel too tower climb was in honor of 9/11 first responders.esponders. about a thousand people climbed 104 floors and over 2200 stairs. the the climb races money too build homes for woundedou service members and and scholarships for firefighters fs children. unofficial start to summer a is just around the corner andrnd d.c. councilwoman mary cheh is s making sure the city is ready. y at 10 o'clock this morning m she'll resume her tour of ther f city's schools and parks.ks environmental committee. committee overseas parks andover recreation and during her tour t the councilwoman will make recommendations if any repairsti need to beon made. >> marvel reigned supreme at sue the top of the box office. captain america civil war bringing in an
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>> disney had the secondheon biggest film of the weekendee with the jungle book which has h made more than $300 million$300 since its release. >> brazillians getting ara glimpse of the olyzimpic torchlh as it makes its way to rio. r the torch's path crossed cross through major landmarks this weekend.weekend. torch bearers and olympic fansas say it's a historic moment for m the country. the 2016 olympic games will wil take place august 5th throughgh the 21st in rio de janeiro.. >> hey good morning. cold start out there. sta you know what, we have a frostea advisory back out to the westaco of us, not for the metro and a then further back out to the t west we actually have a freeze z warning this morning.inthis wow. how about that? pickup foricku the kiddos this morning a bit b on the chilly side. 37 -- generally 30's in thehe suburbs. suburbs. looks like we're in the 40's w here in town and inside the beltway so a chilly start.ta. sunshine,, we'll have a few clouds but i fw
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once it gets up six, 7:00 a.m. a we'll have good amounts of sunshine.suns after school 64 to 68.ol 64o it will be breezy, not windyotin and still cool, though with temperatures generallyat gener speaking in the mid to upper 60's. 60's. here's where we're starting wres off this morning.orni dulles continues to drop. t d if it gets down to 35 it ties it a record morning low.reco mor wow. how about that? baltimore ifal it gets down to 37 that willt wl tie a record morning low.ning here in town we continue tonue drop off a bit.. we're down to 45 degrees nowgr and you'll see againgain temperatures out there. out the. cloud cover on top of us, us, that's moving along, though.ho i think we'll end up beingp b sunny today. it's going to be breezy, notot windy. temperatures will make it upures only in the mid 60's, couple col of places 67 to 68 degrees. 68 r this is definitely chilly fory f may. winds out of the west about 10t1 to 20 miles per hour. that's your fork. how about some monday morningmem traffic. erin como, she's in with that.t. hey, erin. >> 4:55 definitely a chillier cl start to toda grab a light jacket you'll'l need it.needt. 3
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after seminaryon road. road. northbound construction didct clear. all lanes getting by.y. few extra moments as you make m your way from there 14th w street bridge down to theay beltway. we'll look at our maps rigridghr now. aside from construction aroundro the dmv we're not seeing anyin y crashes which is really goodod news. we have more construction onre c the inner loop after georgia grg avenue top of the beltway. bel outer loop smooth sailing.loop none of those typical delays del yet. road work outer loop after pennsylvania aside from that the inner loop o is very quiet as you make youreu way from branch avenue acrossecr the wilson bridge into alexandria.alexan indian head highway lookinghigho if. no problems on branch avenuenu either. we'll have more traffic in mor just a few moments. >> ♪ >> coming you on fox news morning, wild weekend weatherear leaves some damage behind in b the district. >> and solar powered planeol making a flight around the world makes anar unexpected stop. stop. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f >> ♪ >> straight ahead on fox newsox morning, metroahea leaders prebs
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to unveil a new program withl the hope of making your lifea better. >> and technical problems continuing to plague one of t the district's most popularct tour'sist attractions.ractions fox news morning starts right now. >> and good morning to thank you for joining us. i'm holly morris. >> and i'm maureen umeh. today is love a tree day in i case you're wondering treeri t huggers everywhere come o the whole team is here ofe e course erin como is here tomo ie let you know what you're goingy' to face during your commute.r c. >> and gary is tracking thisis a cool, let me just say, no,ay, n cold morning. morning we'll have more from erin andn gary in a moment.n aom first here are the things young need to know before you headre d out today. >> today metro's major maj maintenance plan known as safeaf track is supposed to beupposed e finalized. >> the plan had laid outn months of major track work andoa other repairs but that washat before the federal government gm ordered metro to make m emergency fixes in at leastfiina three locations.atns all of this as there were moreem track problems over the over the weekend. fox5's melanie alnwick melie joining us live from l'enfant'en plaza now to explain what's going on now. mel. >> reporter: good morning.orte


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