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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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to unveil a new program withl the hope of making your lifea better. >> and technical problems continuing to plague one of t the district's most popularct tour'sist attractions.ractions fox news morning starts right now. >> and good morning to thank you for joining us. i'm holly morris. >> and i'm maureen umeh. today is love a tree day in i case you're wondering treeri t huggers everywhere come o the whole team is here ofe e course erin como is here tomo ie let you know what you're goingy' to face during your commute.r c. >> and gary is tracking thisis a cool, let me just say, no,ay, n cold morning. morning we'll have more from erin andn gary in a moment.n aom first here are the things young need to know before you headre d out today. >> today metro's major maj maintenance plan known as safeaf track is supposed to beupposed e finalized. >> the plan had laid outn months of major track work andoa other repairs but that washat before the federal government gm ordered metro to make m emergency fixes in at leastfiina three locations.atns all of this as there were moreem track problems over the over the weekend. fox5's melanie alnwick melie joining us live from l'enfant'en plaza now to explain what's going on now. mel. >> reporter: good morning.orte
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plan was going get pushed backhe and now we're hearing they're te going try to meet that deadline, theirself imposedlf deadline of today to releaseelee more details of the plan. p but yes, over the weekendhe w there were two more incidentsnc that needed fire and rescue rcu response to metro stationss both of them sunday.mda one here at 11 o'clock in the morning yesterday at the at t l'enfant plaza station wheretate there was some smoke that washas caused by a small fire on thehe tracks because of some debris apparently there. tr metro officials were able toale put it out with a fire extinguisher so d.c. rescuees crews didn't really have to do d much except come here and make r sure everything was all let's also talk about bethesda. metro station there also had a problem.ob that was sunday night. nht a suspected arcing insulator iul causing trouble on the tracksbl there. turns out there was noreo smoke but single tracking tra during the investigation.nvesti. caused delays once again foray red line riders and the reds d h line, yeah, that is one of theot areas that the feds say metro m must address first. f red line between medicaled center and van ness stations.s . we know that could
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weeks of single tracking butingc we're not sure exact when that t is going to then the orange and silver lines from ballston to east to falls church and then thenhe blue, orange and silver linesiln from potomac avenue to justus past stadium-armory where the orange line splits off tospliff minnesota avenue or benning road. road. that could be 16 days of work there. now, fta issued the order lastd week to immediately reduce thee risk to passengers and and employees. we know the work is going to t include cleaning track bedsck b fixing drainage and sealing s cracks as well as replacing aseg parts of the third rail and the traction power system. per s now, again, we hope to findd out later today what the timehet line is on those first threeir projects and then also how the rest of that safe track plan p the is then going to fall into place. today is the deadline that metro put upon itself, not n sure a hundred percent ifercenti they're going to get it done gei in time but that is what thes we hope is. everyone needs to know getw get their plans in place ahead of af time for how they're going to gt get around through the t sign
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they try to get metro back up b into good repair.ep lie at l'enfant plaza, i'mlaza melanie alnwick, fox5 local locl >> public health leadersh l praising the obamaprai t administration for its latest move in the fight against herin win addiction.n a >> the administration hasn proposed doubling the numberhe n of patients doctors can treat ce with the drug used for used fo withdrawal. for years doctors have longe fought to lift the currentur treatment cap of a hundredencaph patients. many saying the cap limits cap m actual access to >> happening today, people, peol will pay their respects to oneon of the victims of the of the montgomery county shooting shoot spree. claudina molina was shot andas a killed in the parking lot of af giant food store in aspen hill. hill. police believe she was anelie se innocent victim of ann attempted carjacking.arjack eulalio tordil is charged withew second degree murder in herree u death. molina's viewing is tonight. isn her funeral is tomorrow. the family has set up a gop a g fund me can account to helpo h pay for funeral expenses andxpe for her two children.hild a virginia man behindehin brutal attack on a couple ispl expected to be in court
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andrew assume mel is accusedis c of torturing a couple in fairfax county. police say he posed a -- posed e as a federal law enforcementnfce officer and then handcuffeddcufd and stabbed lawyer leo fisherfi and his wife unside their mclean home. he. prosecutors believe this wasor in retaliation to his wife wif alicia being fired from an arlington law the victims survived butd b suffered serious injuries. iur >> the washington teachers w union isas expected to hold h rallies tonight and tomorrowto nidemanding d.c. public schoolss resume contract negotiations.on teachers from thomas thoma elementary school and two other schools want d.c.p.s. to.t come umkp with a new collectivet bargaining agreement.rgaing agr. one of their demands is fair is pay. earlier this month teachersh chr from several other elementary ey schools held a similar rally. r no word yet if or when d.c. wn pass plans td.c.p.s. plans to g the drawing board.awinboar the new mgm resort at national harbor launching ang new training theai hotel partnered wi
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prince george's countyce g community college for a new dealers school. it will provide potlldeentialen candidates with skills neededes to apply for jobs at mgm's casino table games the mgm national harbor set to open later this year. yea >> the washington monumenthi closedng for part of the morning. it was shut down over the weekend with purchase issuesith related to the elevator.teto the the national park servicek ser plans to reopen the monument mon at some point today after repairs are complete. >> ♪ >> hey, how about it? i mean,im have you stepped outside yet? dy it is cold out there,cold ohere especially out in the suburbsub this morning.this m temperatures are coming in,ing n well, you know, severalev degrees below normal. nma a few clouds later on todayn t but i think it's going to beoi t real, real nice. temperatures will be in thel beh 60's, so definitely on theitelyn chilly side for may. but it will be dry and believe e it or not it's one of our of first dry mondays in quitenui awhile. awhi you got to go back to theo latter part of may beforeay bef that -- i'm sorry, the lat
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we had basically a dry may around here. h temperatures again this morning starting off a bit ontig the chilly side. we have a frost advisory todvis the west.the w we have a freeze warningeni farther to the west and yound see how temperatures now areres starting to drop a little bite north and west.nd wt. we've got a little bit of cloud cover that seems to beeems breaking up a bit so dulles isss down to 37. winchester 37. here in town we've come downow to about 45 degrees or so and ad i do believe there's a littleitl bit more room for some ofr these temperatures to drop offrp over the next hour or so. s there's your forecast.orecast. it's monday morning. m let's get a look at yourt a ok r traffic out erin commute -- erin. e >> on-time traffic brought to bg you by oy visit buy a for special offers.ffers. >> renamed me as erin commuten c so thanks i'll take it. right now the good news is the t commute is quiet if that you're taking metro no alertsrt across all six rail everything looking good. metrobus on time as well. w you know we got you coveredov when that changes thisen morning. t
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seeing. elrport travel also like whatav i'm seeing on the way tothe wayt dulles reagan national and bwi. bwi. northbound construction on 395n by duke street cleared so allll lanes opened southbound sideoute should be cleared soon byy seminary.semina we'll certainly keep youcert posted on that one.n that one maryland commute lookingla com really nice right all green across-the-board.the-o same story for your virginia vir drive through stafford, daleor city. a quick look outside i want todw show you 270 problem spot s later in the right now 270 as you make yourey way from frederick to the spuros volume definitely increasingy is but nothing yet to cause any a major delays. d we'll let you know if and when e that changes.thhang back to you holly and maureen. m >> donald trump is blasting blat the new york times for a huge hg article that came out over theac weekend. >> the times profiled trump'sum interactions with women overns w the past 40 years claiming the republican presidential candidate has mistreated womenen both in his personal ander professional for his part trump called the times a failing newspaper andng tweeted that the media is on a witch hunt agains
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>> the democrats will be d battling it out in two statestae on tuesday.uesday both oregon and kentucky. ktuck >> hillary clinton and bernieone sanders were both stumping in kentucky this weekend afteree victories in indiana and west virginia for sanders clinton cln is trying to stop his momentum.momentum >> i voted to bail out thehe auto industry and he voted voted against it. because i wanted to save those millions of jobs.obs. i guess if -- if you were to t evaluate our positions i thinknt i came out on the better side bs of that. >> in virtually every nationalnl poll, in every statewide poll, , we do much better againstga trump than does secretary >> clinton does lead sander by nearly 300 pledged delegates00 p going into tomorrow's primary. >> coming up on fox5 newsox5 nes morning the democrats arethe looking forward to the kentucky primary on tuesday. tsd but a number of democraticra voters out west are crying are y foul then want a recount.nt a rt we'll have more on theore discussions which led to
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>> and as as we head to breako b let's take a live look acrosscr the d.c. time right now is 5:08. 5 it is a very, very chilly 48 degrees. you got to bundle up as you y head out this monday. mda fox news morning back right after this. >> ♪
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>> 29 people are dead after alea series of isis attacks acrossacs the attacks happened yesterdayys at a natural gas plant northla of baghdad. of bag this late of the string oftr violence comes as u.s. officials are publicly toutingyg the international coalition's success against isis. president obama spent parttn of his weekend addressing the graduating class at rutgerst er university in new jersey. jery. he urged the graduates to t pursue positive change in the ie world despite challenges from f student loan debt to overseaso e turmoil. the president also took jabsooo at donald trump.d ump. he
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build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, ban muslims from the country is a betrayal of american values. >> vice president joe bidenesid and former house speaker johnse boehner spoke at notre dame's commencement. the two jointly accepted an award given to prominent catholics. they talked about thealabou challenges that exist inex politics today.od the vice president says in allre of hissi years in political lifl he's never seen political animosity this bad. b security concerns ended crn the nevada convention this t after organizers said thegani si event turned unruly and unpredictable. tensions between organizersween and some bernie sanders supporters led to chairo c throwing and security orderingns the group to leave. lea sanders supporters hads had demanded a recounter of all of a votes that gave hillarys th clinton a victory in nevada. they also booed california senator barbara boxer.barbar coming up on fox newsew morning another automaker said it
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mileage on its vehicles. >> 5:11. >> it's a chilly start to our to work week. w make sure you bundle up.p. fox news morning is coming c right back. right back. >> ♪
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>> welcome back.el it is just about 5:15 on this monday:1 solar powered plane making ane journey around the world cameorc to an unexpect the stop in oklahoma.oklahoma. impulse two is on display atis p the tulsa internationalnation airport inclement weathert weath diverted the plane's fightne from kansas city to tull s solar impulse two has beeno making its way around the its w world since march of lastayrch t year. the aircraft is scheduled to cross the atlantic to europeuroe and north africa.. >> just about 5:15.5. looking at a live picture out there. th it is cold. c kids you'll need a c
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definitely maybe even a hat,lyae too, at the bus stop today.p let's go ahead and can check cac in with gary. with . i actually wore a knit cape a k myself this morning.self thi i was just gars y tweeting out a picture that said what isat wrong with this picture thatture i'm wearing a knit cap in the middle of may. >> you know what, i don't have v answers. i don't come this morning with i answers as to what the heck is c going on around here. >> i'm surprised.urpred >> what's that. that. >> i can empathize with this.hi >> i hate it, too.oo yesterday it was breeze that t could blow us all away and its a was cold.ol snowing up in pittsburgh and inr here's where we find ourselves this morning with theseng wh t temperatures getting colderngr and colder.lder washington we're down to 45. gaithersburg 39. 3 dulles you're flirting with a'r record this morning.cord you get do town 35 out here, h it's going to end up being a tie for the record morning low. anything below 35 is a new n record.record temperatures across the region, binghamton is 30. is new york city that's not too n t bad relatively speaking, 43.akin detroit is 39. columbus is 33.mbs 33. so, there's cold air that has tt settled on in.
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it's going to be a little bite t warmer today. and the wind is not going tond g be blowing so hard.o h i still think that since we're going to be kind of living onf n the northern edge of this areaoe of high pressure at theprre a surface it could still be ae little bit on the breezy sideezs but i don't think it's goings g to be windy like what we hadhatd yesterday. we're certainly going to be dry lots of sunshine, a few afternoon clouds. c but really, really nice. the best monday in awhile actually. next couple of days lookinge of like today we're 66. tomorrow, uh-oh, rain comes back in, cloud cover and cer temperatures will only be in b the upper 50's to really thee low 60's. 60's. clouds this morning have comeine on across, so it doesn't looksno like when the sun comes up an e little after 5:30 that we're thr going to be completely sunnytely but it does look like thosee tho clouds are breaking up just ag t little bit so we're going tooi have lots of sunshine today.e t high temperature again stillpera cool for this time of year. there's no doubt about we're running almost dalmo 10 degrees below normal. nma winds will be out of the westou at about 10 to 20 as opposedpp
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were getting0 yesterday.esterd. seven-day forecast is shapings h up like this.e this 66 today. cool breezy.reez tomorrow it does look wet. w not all day but it does look dso like we'll is some showers and rain coming on across.oncr temperatures only in the 50'she to right around 60 degrees.0 dee we stay cool even on wednesday, a few early showers.ers. 66 degrees. thursday sun and clouds. 66 degrees.66 friday sun and clouds. cloud hey, hey, we're finally up to u the lower 70's. 7 looks like an unsettled week. here's erin como. >> 5:17. a live look outside in thek ou district. this is new york avenue at new jersey avenue.rsey avenu traffic increasing a bit butea b no major slowdowns just yet on o any of the secondary. of the quiet by capitol hill.set things also looking goodbyoong g around the white house.ou we'll switch it over for aswitch live look actually from ourm live look to our map. m there we go.ere we'll see how things arere shaping up.apin u construction zones lingeringge 395 south after seminary roadin you can see the green on the map. watch for a little bit of alitte slow d
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some lanes aecte northbound side however reallyel good news there.good news all lanes reopened overnightvern construction wrapped from thetin bottom of the beltway to the wth 14th street bridgee you're inoe were shape across the freeway. w no problems by the third t third street tunnel. no reported delays for all sixoa lines of metro right now.ow we'll let you know if and when that changes.that metrobus on time and the youre o ride for an early morningly mor flight looking good on the way to bwi marshall.arshall. things quiet on the way tothe wt reagan national and dulles. dul not dealing with problems on 270 southbound the inner loopbo or outer loop throughun mclean. looking gooduter across all area all bridges including the wilsonludw bridge as you make your wayyou e into the alexandria.into t any questions at erin fox5ox5 d.c. on >> time now is 5:18. 5 let's take a look at theooat stories you're engaging withagit the most this morning onst thiso social media with thern realtima news tracker. >> wisdom is in the loft withm that. >> good morning. we'll begin this morning with t the news thathi nelson mandelaan who spent 27 years in prisonn p for resisting white rule inten south africa was first fst arrested because of a tip froms the cia. that headline comes from an a interview with
5:19 am
shorting before he died.eforhe d that agent claimed that mandela was a "dangerous communist and considered at andd threat to the west."reat tthe we six players and coachesd got the boot from yesterday's rangers blue jays game after a bench clearing brawl. it came after jose bautista bti was hit by a pitch from the rangers matt bush. matbu then bautista split into the rangers odorf. thankfully it was the lastast time these two teams will meet l in the regular season.ea and a woman in florida should recover just fine r despite being bit byec a small s shark who just would not givest up.e now the woman came out of thet f ocean in boca raton on sundayn n with the 2-foot shark stilll attached to her arm.edher ar the shark actually died whileal the woman waited for emergency y crews but it did not let go of its grip.its grip. the moral of the story is wetori know that sharks bite and theyhy hurt i'm sure but you alsoou a should not mess with a
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baseball player named rough r neck ordorf.rd stay away from that >> lesson learned. lea wisdom martin.sdom >> words of wisdom. wf wi >> i know, right.>> i k >> we'll rename that segmentt s words of wisdom. wis >> there you go.>> >> thank you. t >> coming up fox news morningor a terror drill leads to an actual bomb scare.tu >> and the most popular video vd site on the web adds a little at bit of social media to itsts app. >> and as we head to break, bre here's a live look outside. outi live look outside the d.c. d.c. region.gion okay, we got this music mus are you up and out? get going. that's right.that rig macarana to the bathroom.athroo it's monday morning. mni cold outside. outsi we're going warm it up forwa you. fox5 news morning back afterk at this. >> ♪
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> it's 5:22. we're learning more about whator caused a stadium in england tond be shut down over the weekendhed because of a suspicious
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device.device. >> manchester united's soccerr s match canceled after a suspicious package was discovered inside the haven't tv new. the stadium was evacuatedvaat about a half hour before the 3:00 p.m. kickoff. kko once the stadium had been h b cleared a bomb disposal unitos u carried out a controlledontrol explosion. turns out the device was a very realistic device usedse during a past safety training exercise.exercise. the white house's newe wh guidelines on transgenderes o students is touching offn a firestorm on friday theda department of justice andnt ost education sent a letter too every school district in the country stating thatatin transgender students have fullun and equal access to all bathrooms. locker rooms and college dorms. texas and north carolina are fighting the obama administration isis threatening to withholdo wit federal funding from public pli schools that do not >> general motors tellingng dealers not to sell thousandshos of suv's because the gas mileage wrong on the windowwron stickers. estimated mileage
5:24 am
sixers one to 2 miles per mil p gallon too high. too high the problem affects all 2016 chevrolet traverse gmc acadia and blue skies enclave models.od gm will contact owners tors address the problems new stickers with the correctith mileage started arriving at dealerships.ersh youtube testing autubtest messaging feature. ftu the company wants you to bee able to discuss the messaging option will onlylo be offered to a small group of g people at first. f if all goes well messaging msagi will be included in a futureut app update. updat >> looking for a new pet? this eight-year-old bull e bullet weighigs a whopping 1,000 pounds. karen chef posted a craigslist g ad trying to find the animal ail new home. h bullet is house broken and is ai even okay to be allowed in the house. i think we should probablyho mention that he's a bison. bis i don't think we've said that yet. bullet can be yours for just
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>> yeah, no.h, n >> can you really house break a >> not that one that big especially.especi i think of like a bull in a buln china shop. >> he's a gentle bison.ntison. >> yeah, no. no. no. >> does he sleep in the bedhe with you. s >> sorry bullet. ry >> you need a king size. >> gary, let's talk about thiss crazy weather called winter.inte >> i read a little story about t bullet the bisonly he apparently likes to be on the bn couch, too, and he started him h from just a calf coming up, so --so >> gary he's the size of a couch. couch. >> i know, now he is, yeah, y but he doesn't know.'t that here's what's going on. o 45 in town. t chilly out this morning.uts morn 30's out in the suburbs. subbs. dulles you're down to 37 degrees, gaithersburg 39.39 i keep saying dulles becauselleu dulles is flirting were it a record. frost advisory just back outry to the west of us and then a t freeze warning farther out toutt the west. th western maryland and into west virginia. here's your planner for today. 53 degrees by 8:00 a.m. chilly. ch still in the 40's out in the suburbs. 61 at noon.
5:26 am
about 66. it will stay breezy, not wind. w lots of sunshine and dry.nshindd here's your forecast. fecas how about traffic thisic this morning. erin como is in with that. >> 5:26 straight tup and we have construction and somestru growing volume in a lot of ourf inbound road work 395 south after seminary road should bery wrapped up by the 5:30 half b hourly wy e'll keep you updatedd live look outside if you'ree heading in towards centrevilleel this morning, 66 out by 234 by you can see those taillightsht right now. traffic definitely increasingin but as you make your way fromray that manassas through throu centreville no major slowdownsls just yet.stet a look back at our maps. maps. asides from that area where areh volume is increasing you canng u see 95 coming in from dale dal city also slowing. slowing. we'll keep you updated and y take a look at that maryland m drive next. back to you in the studio. >> ♪ >> coming up on fox5 newsup on s morning a local union plans to s rally today in hope of restarting contract negotiations. >> and today a number of your neighbors will start n the firsf day of dealer school.l. we're going to explain what that means coming
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>> meanwhile as we head to break here's a live look lk across the d.c. time now is 5:26 where it's it' 45 degrees so, yes, it is coldid out there. nonetheless let's get going onn this monday kmv.da fox news back right afterfter this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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heyadded more nonstop airline straight-shot flights than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. ♪ [clap, clap, ding] >> straight ahead on fox newsmow to learn more about metrose't mt safe track program just one jus day after riders were forced
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to deal with even more service disruptions. a rounds of severe weather o spread damage and problems across the region leading to ant drastic drop in temperatures.emu and another day of uncertainty surrounding the elevator at the washington fox news morning starts now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.>> goo y thank you for waking up withkint us. i'm wisdom martin.wisd >> i'm holly morris. morris. today is monday may 16th. 1 it is also national love a lov tree >> and i love trees.ovees >> uh-huh.>> >> we all love trees. we al yeah, you know who else lovese trees is gary and erin butn that's not what they're heret ty for. they're going to talk weathereah and traffic coming up in justin a second. >> that's right. tha gary is indeed tracking thiss unseasonably cool morning. >> yeah. >> they'll both join us. first here's a few things you need to know before you headfo out today. >> today metro's major maintenance plan known as safewa track is supposed to beposed to finalized. >> the plan had laid outd months of major track work and a other repairs but that was tt before the federal government gv ordered metro to makeo m emergency fixes in at leasts int thre
5:31 am
now, all of this as there weree even more track problems overs the weekend.e weekd. fox5's melanie alnwick joinswick us live now from l'enfant plaza to explain. another monday, another metro problem, mel. m >> reporter: well, so far soel good here for monday morningr m but sunday was a bit of a disaster in some places. p i use that term loosely. loose it wasn't really terribleally tl situation but let's talk aboutut l'enfant plaza h sunday about 11 o'clock in thek morning, this is where we hadree some smoke and a track fire trak because of some debris on the tracks. d.c. fire and rescue crews didrs respond here but they weren't needed. metro employees were able toploe grab a fire extinguisher andherd put that track fire out here. or certainly, though, notug something that you would want to have happening.toe ha and then later on sunday sun evening at bethesda metro station another incident requiring fire and rescueirin crews responding, these from montgomery county. there was a suspected arcing a insulator we should say s causing trouble on the tracks. now, turnsho out there wasn'tre
5:32 am
during the investigationng t inv caused delays once again for dea red line riders and this is this one of the areas that bethesda t needs to be addressed first. fit the red line between medicaled center and van ness stations.on the orange and silver lines from ballston to east fallsn eaf church and the orange blue andeb silver lines from potomac p avenue station to just past stadium-armory where thearry whe orange line splits tolits to minnesota avenue or benningbenng road. the fta issued these ordersedth last week. we know that work is going to t include cleaning track bedsck bd fixing drainage sealing cracks as well as replacing parts of the third rail and the traction power system. sys so, when that initially came cam out, metro said, you know, k that might push our safe trackek plan back a little they weren't sure when theyeren were going to have it readyeady but metro board hearing at thete end of last week they said theya they were really hopingal they're going to try to push puh that safe track plan out today y even though the deck has beens shuffled a little bit they the want to give people plenty of pf time to know what kind ofknow plans they need to make duringg all these serv
5:33 am
live at l'enfant plaza, i'm plaa melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> 5:33 is the time.>> today family and friends will begin to say goodbye to claudina molina morales. m a public viewing is scheduledch for 5:00 p.m. at the shrine ofhf saint jude catholic church indec on may sixth morales was moral gunned down in the parking lotot of giant food store in aspenspen hill. eulalio tordil remains in jailnj charged with her death and the d death of two other people p including his estranged wife.if also happening today, a tod man accused of torturing atur couple in fairfax county isy due in court. c police say andrew small posedll as a federal law enforcement officer and handcuffed andufd stabbed lawyer leo fisher inside his mclean home he prosecutors believe it was in retaliation. the victims did survive thatrveh brutal attack. att >> the washington teachers washe union is expected to hold rll
5:34 am
demanding d.c. public schools resume contract negotiations.egi teachers from thomasho elementary school and two other schools want d.c.p.s. to.s come up with a new collectivelee baltimore anyone agreement. one of their demands is fairs fa pay.. earlier this month teachersea from several other elementaryley schools held a similar rally. r no word yet if or when d.c.p.s. plans to go back tooac the drawing board on then t teachers con also happening today the hay new mgm resort in nationalatio harbor launching a trainingg program. they partnered with prince george's county community's college for a new dealer school. it will provide potenti calide i candidates with skills needed w to apply for jobs at mgm's casino table games the mgm national harbor is set to open later this year.ea >> washington monument will bete closed for part of theart of t morning. it was shut down sunday due tou power issues related to the elevator.elevat monument has been closednt has o several times recently because of an elevator problem.blem the national park servicese plans to reopen the monumentonum at some point today afterome those repairs are complete.ete. meanwhile the unofficial unf start to summer is
5:35 am
the corner and d.c. councilwoman mary clay iss making sure that the city is ready. at 10:00 this morning she'llni s resume her tour of the city's ct pools and splash parks. the committee overseas parksrsea and recreations.crtions. >> meanwhile we'll have to wear wet suits unless thes temperature warms up gary.ur >> it's not unusual to haveunusa some cool weather in may but i i mean, come on, this is coldhis s out there. it does look like in terms of o our work week we're going to to start off dry so that's good.soo obviously it's a chilly startlla as well.ell temperatures this morning in a i lot of locations out there,, as a matter of factas a temperatures out there in most locations this morning areonthim starting off in the 30's. 3 dulles you're 37 now. annapolis 44.napos 44. let's see. let' quantico is 41. and hagerstown is 41.wn there's a little bit of cloud o cover coming across thiss morning but i think we'rebui going to be in for a lot of lot sunshine today. tod breezy not windy. windy. winds out of the west at 10 to t 20. temperatures getting up to about 66 today. tay. cold by ma
5:36 am
here's erin como. traffic time. >> 5:35 right now and taking a t look in stafford, big problems o 95 northbound.orthun debris reported just after 610. large tire tread in thee ti roadway taking out a centerkingt lane. please keep it to the outerhe right and left lanes as yound make your way fro lm fredericksburg through stafford this we'll certainly let you know when they're able to get that cleared out of the way. we're already starting to see a increased volume especiallyec once you hit dale city. hitale t so make sure you give yourselfel extra time on 95 andn northbound this morning comingnt in inbound from virginia.ou 395 sndouth seminary road road work though there and dale and d city s things looking good on 267. 2 green zone 28 to virginia vir seven this morning and as for your maryland drive time 270 south 85 to the truck scalesruca slows. 50 coming from annapolis ann you're.. same story past 301. 95 south looking good. goo bw parkway problem free. fre got you covered if and whennd w that changes. any questions at erin fox5rin f d.c. on twitter. back to you guys.yo >> ♪
5:37 am
one of the world's largest lar drug makers speaking outg against the death penalty. >> new study suggestsugge roughhousing with yourngh y children, roughhousing around an i should say is actually a sayac good thing. >> makes them tough.. >> ♪ as we head to break thise morning, live look across the t dmv right now, very -- we probably can't slow you slow y because it's cold outside.utde >> and we don't love it.n't >> we don't love it at all. all. fox news morning back after aft this. this.
5:38 am
5:39 am
sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> good morning again.rnin i'm maureen umeh back witheen your health watch. time now is n largest drugmaker in the u.s. taking a stand against lethal injection. pfizer has taken steps to make sure none of its products arects used in executions.xeti the company is limitings lim distribution to a select grouper of wholesalers andlers a distributor.stribu those companies must agree not to resell those products for lethal injections. injec a health alert for men whoow want to become fathers. fertility experts say menrt should try to start a family before age 40 to avoid fathering children withldren wih serious illnesses. iness they say men are not as imprune to repr
5:41 am
rigorous play say roughsay h and tumble play teaches kidsched to handle their anger. helps them burn off excess energy and leads to better behavior. research shows how kids practice important social skills like depressing likdepr aggression and sustaining reciprocal play. p in other words knock goes kids r around. they like it, they need it.e it >> they can handle it.hey ca >> they can. builds character. chacter. >> little bit of anything isg is were. >> moderation. >> yes, yes.>> y >> there you go. all right.l righ coming up on fox news morning,og a meteorologist is forced o o cover up and hundreds take the ultimate climb to help raiselp r money for charity.hari >> and as we head to break, b live look across the region rego right now.t now cars starting to fill up onl up the roads. it's cold outside.. >> ♪ >> we're back right afterack gh >> ♪ >> ♪
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me >> ♪ >> hey, all right, so we just want to tell you about this. over the weekend, this isgh eerocky hill middle school inin clarksburg, maryland. myl they held their 15th annual anna willpower games where parentsme played teachers in as ed basketball game.baskball i took part in this event.his ev this year we raised more than t $15,000 in one >> nice. >> all that money raised goes g to clarities to fight cancer. the event started 15 years ago to honor one of the workersrs there will sue who lost his losh battle with
5:45 am
>> that's your cheeringin >> that's my daughter.t' the event raised more than --ha >> it was packed. >> i know, i know. >> $100,000 -- more than a0 hundred thousand dollarsd that's what they've raisedt over the 15 year period.r ri coach theresa tippett agreed to shave her head if they raised $15,000 that night and t she did.e d they shaved her head.hehea yeah i thought there was a theas picture in there of her getting her head shaved but herv maybe there's not.ed i still got plentyyb of hair. we'll get that picture for you f later on but coach tippett was amazing.g. she organizes this event every she shaved her head bald.ed all for a good h cause. cau great cause.great cause >> good for everybody.d fo >> it was amazing. it was am >> if you shave her head. >> no, no,. >> you didn't. didn't. >> i didn't do that. >> i miss undergrad anotherno faculty member had to kiss theis it was good event. was >> wow. what did you have to y >> i just had to show up.tow u >> he had to run up and down d the court. crt >> make it up and down the dn court, yeah good cause though.
5:46 am
great cause fighting >> did you win the game.idou w >> the game ended in a tie in a which is amazing. azi >> get out of my shot wisdomut o martin. holly, you can stay. >> thanks . >> [laughter] [lahter >> see. >> she makes me look she makes me look good.koo i say just stick around forroun the whole deal here. you. see the cameras moving now.vingn >> that means holly get out of the way. >> i don't know what it means. i'm not saying anything temperatures outside are a little cold this morning. mni it's 45 degrees. 4degrees. maybe you don't want to getdon' out of bed.out of i don't know. i'm not saying but the sunshine's nice. n reagan national is 45.s dulles flirting with a record ar this morning 37.ning could be down to about 35.bout if it gets down to 35 it ties it a record. if it gets below 35 it break i b the record.the bwi marshall is starting tortg come up now. their record slow 37.lo 37. really just the fact thate fa t we're flirting with records onos may 16th is kind of a big deal d around here. h notice pittsburgh is 37, snow was flying through pa. central and northern sections of pennsylvania
5:47 am
nothing for us. u i don't think anythingdon't thin accumulated up there.cumu it's just too warm but snowt s was in the air.. binghamton 30 degrees there.0 de it's a real cold mondayda morning in may, all right. mall it's going to be dry today. the first monday morning inmondy awhile. aw i think you got to go back to bo the latter part of april.ofpril not so windy today.od just winds will be 10 to 20 ando more rain is in the forecast fec by tomorrow.orrow. so, enjoy the sunshine today. ty 66 for a high temperature which is still well belowtill wl normal for this time of year.ea tomorrow we're going have rain showers moving through and itvia looks like a lot of us willot ol stay in the 50's tomorrow. tor i don't know what it is, wehat , just can't get a warmup going.o. some clouds this morning toorni start,, o give these another couple ofoue hours. i think they start breaking up g and we'll end up with good g sunshine because of this guy bas right here.righ high pressure in along the northern edge of edg this high it's still going toilg be a little bit breezy today. again, westward 10 to 20 miles t per hour but it is goio ng to be dry and look for a lot of o sunshine today withns today temperatures in the 60's.n th 6. here's your planner forecast. fc 53
5:48 am
that's in the city.e c i think out in the suburbs you're still going to havell goa 40's. breezy at lunchtime,, 61 degrees. again, 66 for a high 66 f a high temperature. it will stay breezy all afternoon.afternoon. wet 60 tomorrow again somee folks tomorrow, sorry, you sorry only are going to be in then 50's. early showers on wednesday but d it looks like a dry afternoon,eo 66. sun and clouds on thursday andry friday. we finally make it back up into the lower 70's by friday. f right now the weekend doesoe look a little bit unsettled unst both days saturday and here's erin como.ri com monday morning, erin. >> oh, monday morning it is.t we're starting off i with a livl look in virginia. vgi this is 66 eastbound by the visitor's center.tor' traffic looking pretty goodokin right there. you'll hit some stop-and-gostopo traffic especially once youpeci get inside the beltway in the arlingtonly we'll keep youl ep updated. a little bit of slow down by 234. let's switch it over for ait look at our maps.ap in stafford problem 95bl northbound after 610.hbou there's a large tire tread in the roadway taking out away center lane.ce you can see a long line ofin yellow leading up to thatohat point. thing starting tsl
5:49 am
you're mixing in a lane a closure with typical morningni congestion so be ppa once you get into alexandria ald this is o other side so thede se inbound side of 395 looking lki good. however 395 southbound afterboue seminary road still dealing dli with watch out for that c slowing s things down. down. you're good across the wilsonos bridge. no problems on the key bridgeeye coming from georgetown.rget as you can see dale citye cit things also slow on 95 on the on northbound side.ou sid and then 267 looking good.ngoo in maryland we do have that usual slow zone on thee the southbound side 85 to the truck scales in frederick.ri. once you hit urbana thingshi start to open up f you'reou taking metro today all metro m rail lines on time right now.ign no issues reported across the six rails. i'll let you know if and when ad that changes.nges metrobus on time. tim congestion picking up in the in district. more traffic that just a few. wisdom and holly. >> it was an emotionalt wa gathering o be captor hilltohi yesterday.yestda thousands of police officerss of and other law enforcementr members from arolaund the the country gathered on the west w lawn of the capitol. >> the national peac
5:50 am
the service honors members ofems law enforcement who gave their t lives in the line of th >> i've been here severalen her time. we obviously have a real strong brotherhood,erod, brotherhood of blue here fore h the officers and their the families. >> awesome to see the publico come together in a positive post light for police.ole. so, it is a nice thing tohing t celebrate this week and seeknd s all the public happy andnd support us when they come out to these events. >> today's memorial serviceice officially kicked off nationall police week. wee >> disagreements within theemtsi defense department preventingren transgender service men andrv ad women have serving >> last week during a stop attot the air force academy defense secretary ash carter saidr s implementing a policy for transgenders to serve openly er is "complicated."mplicated." carter's comments come monthsmet after the pentagon launched aund review of the ban prohibitinghig transgender military according to a report in the a e blade the military was set toliy lift their ban on transgendern g
5:51 am
but transgender service svi members are still waiting. wti a pentagon spokesperson says a decision will be made thishis spring. sp donald trump and joe bidenon attended an event invent in pennsylvania last night.lvan las not for political reasons r the two attended a graduation gu ceremony as the parents and a ad grandparent.grandpar trump was there supporting his daughter tiffany trump. vice president biden was there b supporting his granddaughternddt naomi biden.omi b the women were among the 1600 t1 students graduating from the t university of pennsylvania. hillary clinton worked thetd campaign trail in kentucky.enck the democratic frontrunner is f making a final push in theh in e state ahead of tomorrow's tomros primary. yesterday she was inerda louisville speaking atpeakin churches and attendingches a att rallies. clinton continued taking shots s at donald she said the company needs a leader who can work with thek wt rest of the world and notot build walls but build bridges. s >> people from all over theom ah globe made the trip to newma york city yesterday todey ster participate in a very specialpei race to the top of the world thw trade center. cte it's
5:52 am
than 2,000 stairs to get to the very top. it honors the firefighters andes first responders who lost l their lives saving others on on september 11th.em the money raised helps buildpsui smart homes for serviceorer members who have beenhave b seriously injured in war. >> well, marvel reigned supreme at the top of the boxhet office captain america civilca c brought if an estimated eimat $73 million. >> all right.>> bringing its worldwide total to $940 million in just under u two weeks. wee disney also had the second theec biggest film of the weekend with "the jungle book" whichooki is now made more than $300 million since its the last surviving membervim of the movie cass blanca has died. french actress madeline la bowlb was 92 years old.92 yld. she has a key moment on screen singing the french nationalenat anthem in response to nazisazis singing at rick's cafe. c la bow never became a starer b after that but worked for years in there french filmre f industry after the >> red
5:53 am
frontman kiedis has beenhas hospitalized. the band canceled ae ba performance last night in los angeles la radio station sponsoring the event saidai kiedis is experiencing extreme stomach pain. p >> los angeles station comingtin under fire for publicly publicl shaming their weekend morning mg meteorologist.orolist. >> actually happened during saturday morning's newscast. nsc meteorologist liberty he clan ha was given the forecast when anto anchor handed her a gray g cardigan. you can see it there on live tv. tv. clan was confused asking theonfu anchor what's going on.n. to which she responded.esponded we're getting a lot of e-mails.e- they e-mailed the tv stationta saying it looked like she waslok wearing a new year's evea cocktail everyone seemed to have an haven opinion on this one.inio a lot of people are actually upset at ktla that they didn'ty' stand by their anchor and made d her cover up.. >> wow.>> w.
5:54 am
social media people e-mailinglig stations over stuff like that.l. >> i have to say i agree with ah the people that are a little th upset that the station didn't sd stand by her because that verytv same station probably told herbd to dress like that. so -- >> not cool.ot cool. >> not cool.>> >> yeah. >> let us know what you think. w >> all right. >> 5:54 is our time right now. n facebook fan of the days, let's do it. rosalie ya'. she says she grew up watchingatn fox5 with her mom and grandmom a and now she gets to do so withh her beautiful daughter.ghte look how precious.lo for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment below lea's photo on ourn facebook page. what a great picture. picture great smile both of you. >> ♪ >> wonder if they're going to gi be smiling when they walkling outside today. >> no. >> 'cause they're going have to be bundled up. >> you can still smile in the si cold. >> it will freeze that way. >> yeah. >> in this weather >> yes. did you say you wore yourou mittens and your >> my knit cap. i put my seat warmer on and and preheat
5:55 am
>> i understand.>> i get it. >> listen its 53 degrees atees a 8:00 a.m. this that's chilly.that's chi still in the 40's out in the t suburbs, all right. r plan for it. breezy today. not windy. temperature of 61 degrees. noontime. noon 66 for a high temperature.rare couple of spots will be 67, 68 hopefully. couple of spots will be 64, 65. 65. so, there you go.there go generally in the 60's. 6 here's the next seven days. d looks wet tomorrow.wet toorrow. rain comes in tonight.nig early showers wednesday.. we should be dry wednesday afternoon into thursday and friday. right now, and i don't -- honestly i don't have a lot ofon confidence in this't weekendee forecast at this point. pnt it doesn't seem to be mucheuc agreement with what's going to o happen later on in the weekin tk and into the weekend.into so, right now we're going to gng go showers possible. psi each day saturday and sunday s right around 70 degrees. 70 gr we got a few days to figure fig that out.ut. here's erin last look at your -- not last--l look at your traffic butic but there's many more looks at l at traffic on this mondayaffi morning, right >> that's right gary. tha >> how many more have youe
5:56 am
>> several.>> several. too many to count gary. to too much of a good thing there. 5:55 right now taking a look ak at our 95 northbound past 610 large610e tire tread in the i that is taking out a lane and le causing delays.g day you can see all that yellow right there.right th give yourself extra time toime o get through that area.roh th then in alexandria stillndria sl dealing with this road work w zone on the southbound side by still seeing a lot of green on e our maps. things through oxon hilln hill looking good on the inner loopnr and outer loop.d outer loop let's take a live look outsidek right now. ri some volume is increasing on your inbound routes into theound district this morning comings from maryland and from virginia right now.ight now you can see traffic lookingookig really good at canal. can no problems there.he wide opened actually. i like what i'm clara barton cabin john inside c the beltway problem free and and across the key bridge a little bit of volume increasing from roslyn into georgetown butow b nothing atypical right now or that's causing any major cau slowdowns. same story on the 14th streetth1 bridge. we'll certainly let you know you if that changes.i metro is on is on ti any questions at erin fox5 fox d.c. on twitter fox5 6 o'clock
5:57 am
hour will begin when we come wee right back.righ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at 6:00, metro's safety once again in agi the spotlight.potlht final maintenance plan set to be released today.eleased today. we're live with the details. das >> president making history. mas his message top a group ofup grad
6:00 am
of this year's election crystal clear.lear >> live look outside.ive look o. not too bad.too no raindrops at this moment. it is monday morning, may 16th. it's chilly out there, downy ouh right chilly start to theer dayd definitely want to grab aant toa jacket as you head out theyoad t door. we'll have weather and traffictr for you on the five at 6:05. good monday morning, i'm allison >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mi let's get you started right off the top. t a virginia maniac chewed a brutal attack on a fairfax fairf county couple due to go too he posed as a federal -- posedae as a federal law enforcementnfoe officer and then handcuffed and stabbed lawyer leo prosecutors believe this wasorse inli retaliation to schmuhl'schs wife being fired by fish forty s three an arlington law firm. f andrew schmuhl's lawyersaw reportedly plan to usese involuntary intoxication as a defense claiming schmuhl wasschh so drunk he didn't know whatdn't he was doing much


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