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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 16, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead mid may and still talking about temperatures int thete 30s. 3 if you're keeping your fingers e crossed, spring will show uphow this week.. >> ♪ tucker will be back with the full forecas bt.. metro racing the clock.lock today the transit agency was supposed to release a major safety plan, but that was beforr the feds stepped in demanding immediate fixes.ix what that could mean for the timetable. >> challenging political correctness, that's just notjust knowing what you're talkinge tag about. >> president obama launching aaa non too subtle attack on donaldd trump. trum it comes as the presumptive gop nominee fights off attacksk within his own party.ty. but republicans aren't the onlyo on
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division. we've got the latest from the campaign trailla. and later, an all out brawla on the baseball diamond.mond almost a year in the making. what led to the fists flying? good day at 9a starts now. ♪ i'm not getting anywhere nearern the ocean any time soon much m it's too cold. good day d.c.go day just after 9:00 o'clock on thisi monday, may 16th.6t i'm holly morris alongside ofsie maureen, steve and wisdom.. >> and first at 9:00 mother:00 h nature getting it all twistedwid up. come on, lady, what's up? aftea two weeks of rain finally saw f some sun this weekend but apparently it came at a cost. cs the return of we woke up to temperatures inrau the 30s.. so, will spring ever show up? p? for details tucker is back witht the first check of the forecaste good morning to you.od morning i know you're just thest t messenger. >> hi. i feel like a lot of drama inofa all of that build up.uild u
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this. this is just -- is >> i know. >> perhaps record coldd c temperatures this morning.atur we did it yesterday morning atri dulles. dulles. mix in the winds yesterday and s no doubt about it.ut definitely a chilly day and verv cool overnight here. h most of the area waking up toup 30s this morning as mentioned north and west. w but look at that.bulook at nice rebound now. now 53 in washington.hing 54 in leonardtown. dulles 50 degrees.0 de 50 out in win chest so we'll bee in for here's the good news. new much more pleasant conditions today than yesterday.than yte yes, the winds are back out of the north and west at about 100 to 15 but not 30 miles per hourr winds like yesterday.rd. and the temperatures should be a good five to 10 degrees warmerse this afternoon with plenty ofh y sunshine.nshi storm tracker radar not trackink much of anything.nyth clear skies and quiet conditions out there and again we'ree an looking at very very pleasantt afternoon and a dry afternoon ao and my advice enjoy today because remember the rain we hae the first couple of weeks ofup may? it's back tomorrow. tor all right.rit. >> great. >> i don't want to -- let's doet the forecast.orast. winds out of the west here andhe north and west at 10 to 20.
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in all nice day and again dryry afternoon. all right, guys, i'lling be bacb with the seven day.. ?, yes, it has more showers onen it but also a warmup and i thint we've got 80s out there, too. t we'll talk about that.'ll >> i'm sorry, what did you say. >> '80s.s. >> whoa. >> whoa. all right. i'll take that. all right.> ig will metro come up with w finalized maintenance plan tod today? >> that certainly the goal foryh the so-called safe track plan pa but the feds threw a wrench int that last week.ast when they ordered metro to makek emergency fixes how will it all shake out? hakeo that's the big question. qst melanie alnwick is live at willa he fan plaza with the very very latest on this mel?me >> reporter: good morning.orni the reason we came her to will r he fan plaza because this is on of the place that is had some trouble yesterday.rd little bit of smoke here and ae little bit of fire on the tracka from some debris.ri we know that that's been b on-going issue, right? thesese are some of the things that neen to be cleaned up around here. to stop these fire and smoke also yesterday at the bells
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incident as well.incides that one brought montgomeryroer county fire and rescue crews out to the station to check on reports of an arcing insulator t once there was no smoke but single track diagnose cause delays forl quite sometime during the investigation for those red linn riders and that portion of thef red line also one of the areas a that needs some extra tlc according to the federal transit administration.. those three areas that they sayy need to be done first. fst we've talk about this. t the red line between medical center and the vanness stations. majority of that was done butase then they wanted extended it ouo to vanness as well. w we had the orange and silveril lines from boston to east fallsf church. that could be up to 23 days3 day single tracking.ra then we had that second of theno blue, orange and silver linesve from potomac avenue to just pass stadium armory where the orange line splits off from the bluefru and the silver that could be major disruptionro there is with two stations closed.. possibly for 16 days. day passengers we talk to thisohi
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thinking about their commutingmi options during the extendedxtde repair work.. it definitely is a big dealg especially with the commute imu mean so many people ride theny e trains every day.. and for you to go from knowingmo that you have an hour to get tot work to maybe two hours now thee commute is going to be a lot. l >> i'm about to use my car. m cr that's the way it's we need to get the system fixed. >> reporter: some things thatngt are happening right away we knoe that the midnight closure of the entire system is going to beging june 3rd.ju we also know that some of themeo things that have already gonelre into place such as slower speeds and shorter trains in the coreae tunnel system here in theystem district try to also reduce some of those power draws that are causing some of the -- that --t those problems happening in thee downtown tunnel also working on changing out all of the insulators.ator things are happening. happeni while they're trying to put thit plan no place.plan no it's no that thepl easy. e they're trying to look at not n only the sections of track thata
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people are riding. what are the peek hours. hou how can we really just try totry work in i think it was a total of 15 surge areas that they neee to do with the least amount of disruptions.disrup now they've got to do these other three plans first, they're trying to figure out really howy to shuffle the deck a little ltl bit, and hopefully sometime thit week we know they are working oi it but from what i hear, guys,rg probably not going to be today.t back to you. y all right. all right. mel, thank you.mel, >> six past the hour right now.n happening today friends andtoda family of a woman killed in that montgomery county shooting spren will say goodbye.. public viewing they would foror morales tonight a 5:00 p.m. at. the shrine of saint judent catholic church in she gunned down in the parkingar lot of giant food store aspen an hill.ll the shooter eulalio tour daleda charged with her death and two d other people including his his estranged wife. we. also today virginia manod accused in brutal attack on a oa fairfax county couple is due in -- to go to prosecutors say andrew, posed as federal law enforcement officerf
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lawyer leo fisher and beat hists wife susan duncan inside theirhr mclean back in november, that's when w this prosetors say it was inors sa wi retaliation to his wife alicia being fired by fisher from ann arlington law firm. both vick testimony also today another teachersr rally in the district happeningh in downtown with teachers fromrm thompson elementary and ward tw schools participating.te they marched from thompson overp to metro center and then back to the schools.thch the teachers are demanding thatt d.c. public schools resumee contract negotiations with thes washington teachers union.eacheo >> donald trump may have justavj about locked down the republicaa nomination an evident by somet s conservatives to find someone s who can stop him.who divisions in both parties parti breaking why open as we get w g closer to the end of the primara season.. fox's doug luzader with theuzadh latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: well, donaldonald trump steams toward republican i nomination and talks aboutut possible running mates there's s still discord within the party.t the question is, who would be willing to take on trump
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do you stop donald trump if tmp you're a conservative? trump tp hold out like mitt romney areyre looking to recruit an opponenton apparently no one is willing to do it. i according to the washington poss everyone from john kasich to rising gop star ben is that so t to celebrity billionaire markk cuban said no. n no one seems to want to take one mission that party chairmanirman priebus says is doomed to fail.f >> they can try to highjack higk another party and get on thertye ballot but, look, it's a suicide mission for our country becauseu what it means is you're throwinw down not just eight years of tht white house but potentially 1000 years on the supreme c >> reporter: trump has begun h b to make uneasy piece with party leaders bike house speaker paulr ryan over the weekend the new n york times deviled into trump'sr treatment of women.trtmen just yesterday, president obamaa made a not so veiled attackttk during a commence many speech ah rutgers. >> i'm not challenging political correctness.rres that's just not knowing whatt nn you're talking about
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>> reporter: things are not so t smooth for democrats either.r. angry supporters at bernie abe sanders protesting delegateelege count at the nevada stateta convention that gave the state e to hillary clinton. clion security had to remove them. th. and new unease after pollser suggested a clinton trump matchup could be very close.lo >> and given the polls this week that show donald trump andnd hillary in key stateste statistical tide.l this race is much closer than anyone expected. expecte >> reporter: there are clearlyre nervous democrats and republicans looking ahead to november concerned not justus about the white house but thee u impact all of this could have oo the make up of congress.s. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. news >> national lead right now justg six points hillary versus donalu trump head to head.p o h come down quite bit. b >> the bottom line we don't knw know. we haven't known all season long what will happen.atill it will probably continue to c t stay that way. that >> allison is is back with akit check of the other storiesries making had he lines this had hls morning. >> that's guaranteed we don't know. don >> all righty.y. first up this morning, federal
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investigators are looking intoki what caused a deadly bus crash c over the weekend. this happened in loredo, texas.. a charter bus carrying dozens of people to a casino crashed on saturday killing eight peopleigp and injuring 44 others. 44 hers the driver survived the accide accident. the national transportation t safety board and texasra state troopers are both conducting investigations. now the road was wet from rainrr at the time of the crash. c but it's still unclear if the i weather is what caused it.. hundreds of people gatheredg for a private prince memorial at the jehovah witness kingdom homm in minnesota over the weekend.nd including celebrity sheila e, sinbad was there as well.el the invitation only event was ws again held in minnesota.sota prince died back on april 21st s at home at his paisley park his cause of death is still is under investigation.. back here at home, somee lingering issues in theissu district. dist thanks to this weekend's high winds.winds. mother nature not playing aroung
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causing a partial building collapse in northeast.hea firefighters say the buildingld was under construction at thet e time and open in the back. the bricks also snapped powerow line and rained down on parkedke car. car. fortunately no one was hurt. h but there have been some traffif issues in that area. let's go to canada now, and this is what happened to an an ontario man listen to her, a, woman listened to her gps.s. her car underwater right there.. according to media reports the directions led her down boatnoa ramp into lake huron last week. fortunately she was able to roll down the window and even grabn g her purse before she escaped.. now to the woman' defense because know what you're all saying, yeah, she was driving aa night and it was foggy.. so that's why she didn't see the lake. lake. >> i was saying maybe she was blond. >> i mean from a blond. >> as blond i can say that. >> okay.>> ok >> she's okay.>> s >> and finally, some fireworks w in
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and the rangers.and the have you seen this? calm down wisdom.wisdom wild brawl broke out during yesterday's game during they's d eighth inning. toronto's jose battista slidess second baseman -- >> oh! >> >> yeah. throwing to first.rowing well, his name is >> that's an interesting name it looks like rough fenn odor.en bad >> that's the search he left onf the field.e >> he got mad and they exchangeg words and, boom, odor bumps battista in the face.e. players from both team ran on the it took the umps 10 minutes to get things under control. the blue jays pitcher hit princc gets get get eight ejections during this ga game. this feud goes all the way backa to last year's post seasonll poa matchup between the two teamswo when battista hit homerun, then, flipped his bat on the way to first and they have longave lon memories in baseball apparently.
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>> let it go!>> >> 99% of the people on thatthep field had no idea what they werw fighting about.ting about. >> can i just make a commentom this has nothing to do with anything. >> sure. >> i would not want to, a, gettg punched in the face and have my glasses fly off. that would be embarrassing.rrasg >> i'm pretty sure the glasseses sponsor. he can get a new pair. p >> and i hit his glasses off.esf >> and you're on i was tube.. >> the memes are endless. endle. >> he's paying his fine.s >> that's all i got.. >> you got it. >> reaction still pouring intoou the controversial white househiu decision that ordered publicbli schools to let transgenderer students use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender t identity. this morning we are talking tong two members of the local local community impacted by the deba debate. >> first one food you might be eating that's giving you road rage.ra what is it? we'll check in with dr. oz coming up. 9:13. ♪
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me jane likes to mix things up.
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e. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit feel free to enjoy. ♪ the north carolina bathroom bill one of the hottest debatesa in the country right now.e hontg on friday a joint letter frometm the department of education andt justice went to public schoolsos directing them to allow transgender students to use use bathrooms matching their genderg identity or face losing federal funding. now the letter gives guidelinesi to ensure that quote transgended students enjoy a supportive and
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non-discriminatory schoolriry s environment.envi this has been very divisive issue in the tar heel state anda in our own backyard for thiswn b matter. this morning we wanted to knowea how the local trance jentte community is reaction to go thih news and the president'ssint guidelines and why this is suchc an important joining us now life is riley ril knox who identifies as as transgender woman.. good time friend to the show ofo good day dc here and january nay fletcher who identifies as non n binary or gender inquiry.nder i. i say good morning to both of bo you. >> good >> janay i'll start i would venture to say there art lot of people watching this ts morning that have no idea have never heard the term non binaryb or gender inquiry.. >> yeah, for mow my gender can'n be put into a box.. like mail or female. fal it's very fluid. that's what it means to me it matches night fluid did the witw gender and and >> on any given day you can identify more as a male orr female. fe >> i don't connect with maleness but some days i feel furtherurtr from being foe mail than on them
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>> one thing that is very clearr for the first time there's a t discussion about all of thisf t going on and it's coming from the top. the president himself obviouslyo issuing the or.her. so what was your feeling when you heard president obama comena out and say, this is whats w schools needed to and if youdedo don't do it, you'll be be penalized. pe >> i think it's wonderful tonder have an ally especially in the president. a new year's back when he said our transgender brother andnd sisters when he was speaking ana that was the most wonderfulrf thing to have him as an ally. i love seeing that.ha >> what about you?? >> it's good support of the of system. i know it means a lot to young transgender students and trancee jent people in general to hear h that. >> it's a good support system ss but do you believe that it'sli going to make difference?ifre >> i don't know.>> i because --becaus >> i'm sensing that.ha you're like it's great that heit says that.says tt. but -- but >> it's great but so manyeat buy possible that are opposed it tor i always think it's crazy that humanity towards
9:19 am
makes someone else feel likeee they are being attacked. like how, you know, towards meam is an tack on you. >> i don't get that. t >> i think there will be a lotba of push back from lot of from l different schools who don't wan to cooperate.. but i think the trance studentee safety should be a priority witw every single school. >> i know that we've talk a lott about this in our own newsroom about covering this issue fromuo all different angles and thed te question that keeps coming overg and over again is how will it work? you know, who polices iti how does it just all go down? d? >> because how do you know,no like, someone going stand theree at the restroom and say, you can go in. you can go can let me check your birth sorry.or it doesn't make lot of sense to me. if we're going by what's on someone's birth certificate erti imagine this working into a men's >> that might cause moret t cau questions i think.moqu >> exactly. >> i also think about the factkb that like, you know, people aree worried about themselves but whb is there to protect the trance c jent people?nt peoe? >> um-hmm.>>m-hm
9:20 am
walk into a men's restroom likee this, like i don't think thatnkt would go over so well but theret could be also some bashing or -- >> right. i think it's fair to sayit fai obviously most people look at la you and they think my gosh,y g she's so beautiful.eaif they're not lot of question whether you're a man or woman. w >> what about those people whoew don't really identify with either.either >> my question more is for you.y the difficulty in how deciding d or making it work and not havinn someone question you.. >> well, i usually go through gh like the women's bathroom forhrm now like i started transitionini and it will be become difficultu later i think there should be b more jenn neutral bathroomsooms overall and that would likeouldk build the safety for jent not conforming people as well ass binary trance people. >> i'm glad you brought up thatt one answer could this be there'e a bathroom for people that are transitioning or trying too figure out what they identify. but some
9:21 am
jent community don't want that t they don't want to be made to m feel different.el dif it's important for them to beorb able to go to either the male tm bathroom or the female bathroomr why is that? >> i mean it's validation.alidn it's'segit if they feel like i wanting toag into this bathroom they shallths feel safe and i'm not going toio be attack.k that is their choice much it'sui not like -- there's no blanket k trance person. pso everyone is very different just like very different men andennd women but they still have have facility to use the restroom because we all do that. i think it is valid. val i think there should be transgender bathroom and roomoom for trance peopling to whiching ever bathroom they feel like. safety overall. >> i think a lot of the push back obviously comes from fear. people don't understand it. i >> yes. >> they don't know what it is. and fear always drives that. so what would you say to someone this morning that's watching and says, you know, i'm afraid to a have my chi
9:22 am
you know, they're not going to understand -- sexual predator ii going to go in you know what i mean.know >> the other thing is, the tra inform s community is new to low of people but we've been aroundo for a long time.r a loim i've been living as woman for 11 years. and before i transitioned, iiti, would go into the men's restrooo and people would look at me a m you're in the wrong restroom rem because i was starting to look a little different.if you know what i mean. >> more feminine. >> exactly. we've been around for forever. v this has been going and on. ando it's an issue now people areeope more aware. >> oh, i think fear comes fromos lot of different things an lot of miss information.ti >> um-hmm. >> so i think people shouldk pe educate themselves more. because there's more to worry tw about than someone using the bathroom, and what your kids ara going to think. think so, um, because children aren a really accepting.. they're also trance kids and kid jent nonconforming.or people who aren't just open to the idea tran
9:23 am
>> pedophile don't just targettr people of opposite second. son it could be a man in the men'sth room with a little boy.. >> every transgender person isro not automatic a sexual predator. >> exactlily isn't't rg >> one of things that is thethit most helpful when you all comeom in and talk with us about it sot we really appreciate you doingod that.that >> thanks. >> and people so open with we love having you. with that we'll have more good g day on the other side of the break. don't go anywhere.
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♪ >> if you're headed down to theh national mall and you wanting ta up in the washington monument.d. um-um, look at the web cam web c >> it's closed today becauseodae on-going elevator issue. i bob barnard live on the nationae mall with the latest.llh the good morning, bob. >> reporter: hey, maureen, mauen good morning to you. m to it's an electrical issue with wt the system that powers the fiftf eight, and so right now and since saturday, the washingtonag monument has been closed. it was discovered saturdayy morning and so the monument wasw closed saturday, yesterday andta this morning while they're stilt working on the row pair. p as you had he look up at theat e monument it's a beautiful day.fl we can show was unfortunatelyory the visits will not be able toel see today. tay we have a live picture from up m there looking out over the mall, and so it is closed right now as crews are working to fix the issue. they're hoping that perhaps itas will be able to be reopened today that the elevators will be repair and be working sometime t today but it's
9:27 am
and tourists coming heregere visitors who are hoping to getgo up there and see that beautifulf site are getting the word thisos morning that it's not happening. here's some of their reactions. >> we were here before but we never went up.wentp. this time we were going to try.r >> reporter: what have theyave told you. >> not a whole lot. not that the elevator is broke an io down. hopefully they'll open it atoptt some point today. i'm assuming. >> reporter: you'll come back.'l >> oh, yeah. yeah. oh, yeah, we're here for the d day. >> apparently, the washington monument elevator is closed.. so we're going to tried to tryie engraving and principling now. >> reporter: disappointing.poin. >> y disappointing and they saii that the steps are open but they won't let us do the steps.e >> my little boy has never beenr to d.c. so we were hopining to o i don't think we're going toinko walk it. >> reporter: no you don't wantan to climb those steps.. >> in fact, there are steps ares there but they're only for emergency purposes. you can really use the steps. s it's elevator only it's beent'ee
9:28 am
that way for long time much joii us mike with the national parkk service. mike, the latest do you haveouav people in there now and you'rewy hoping is it right to get itt opened again the elevators eleto working sometime today?oday? >> correct. the text are in there workingor right now it's a matter of aste soon as the repairs are finish and as soon as we can certifyanr that it's safe, we'll get it g i back open again for visitation.t report roar do you know what tht issue this time? you've hade h problems throughout last year or so similar problems with the elevators. is it the same thing or is itr i something different? do yount? know? >> don't know at this as soon as the techs are doneece went get the report back fromaco them we'll know specificallyfica what it is. but this time it's antileak ail kayly issue.ssue we had electrical issue lastue l time but we don't know whether e at this opinion if the two are o related. >> reporter: you won't know if f there's big fix need or kind off every time having to work on thw little fixes.le fix you were telling me you believei that perhaps this stems from the earthquake even.. >> well, premature to go thatgoa far. what we are loin
9:29 am
in the process of contractingtrt for an in depth assessment to take look at all of the systemse in the -- in the washington monument. take look, see if any of these f are related. see what the bigger fix insteadd of these individual band-aidsbad maybe there's something larger that needs to be done, and it could be due to the delays when it was closed or when the cracka were opened and those veryse ver sensitive electronic systemsys were exposed to here humidity than normal because there wasl moisture getting in.bere >> reporter: moisture, crackse,k created by the earthquake, maybe moisture getting in and doingndd damage there.damage >> correct. we'll take lock at l like i said getting ready toea contract for that full blowntull assessment hope to have that tha report back by sometime earlyly summer.summ. which will have i know long hooh term recommendations for us. u >> mike, thanks very much.s ver. with the national park service. the monument is closed as ofds o this hour.our they're working on the fix the f hoping to get it opener happense sometime later today.oday guys.ys
9:30 am
would walk if they had the i option. i would still do it.l >> i would.>> when you go over in europe you y got to climb towers and go up go hundreds of stairs. >> i would total dollar that.laa >> what about people with bad ligament. >> you're out of luck. >> old man duncan over here. >> it looks pretty from up f u there, tuck.there, the weather looks nice. >> gorgeous that view from theae camera absolutely beautiful.utul blue sky you saw in bob's live l shot it looks like beautiful daa and eighths beautiful day.s auti just cool out there.just cool might want a jacket here.ter in fact strongly consider a c jacket as we got winds out ofds the north and west att a temperatures in the 40s lone 5 50s. later today mitter to upper 60sp and kind of early spring feel to our day. d 53 in leonardtown 54 degrees.deee 50 frederick, dulles 52 manassas going to be very pleasant day. . low humidity. hum lots of sunshine.nshin just a little cool for this timt of year with highs expected to be in the mid to upper 60s.. however, with lots of sunshine h and temperatures warmer thanme yesterday i think it will feel l little better than yesterday any the winds won'tbe
9:31 am
strong as they were yesterday. y we had little bit of cloud covev early lost that cloud cover andr in for great afternoon againon with that early spring feel outl out there.he rain showers south and west andt we'll get what we call overrunlr warmer air trying to get in herh during the daytime hours tuesday. and we'll get some cloudssoloud tonight and then eventually som rain showers as a frontal system a warm front an area of low pressure get organize along then carolinas tomorrow so tuesday ty and wednesday look great andat a gloomy kind of throw back toow o what we had around here the lasl couple of weeks with the chancec for some showers around tuesdaye and wednesday. all high pressure winds again out of the north and west.e no won't be quite as blustery asst yesterday but still some som breezes. 60s out there and dry. yes, our average daytime highshs 75 degrees. deg little bit cooler than average.e a dry day if you got plans tola get out in the garden that kindd of thing later today.hing there's future cast at 6:00. still looking at sunshine. nice sunset that rain showernho activity starts up tomorrow.or it will be kind of with us hereh on and off tuesday, tuesdayay night and wednesday. w
9:32 am
tomorrow. but we are looking at a lot ofo great and gloomy skies out there for the tuesday and wednesday wd time frame. there's your seven day.s getsyo better thursday 49 day ay a warm up.rm up and after showers next weekend.e i do think the pat learn willeaw flip a little bit and we may, w, may just in time for weather day do 80s around here. so we've got nice temperaturespe to look forward to next week. wk it will be a nice warm um.l be >> thanks, tuck.>> t >> come on next week.on nwee thanks, tuck.thanks, 9:32 our time right still a head on good day the the return of fish mooney. jada pinkett smith talks to us u about her gotham come back. b what it's like raising such a sh famous family, and her ties to maryland area. >> very cool. first talking footer safety with dr. oz. where is this all this slumplu come from that we eat all the t you know those grab and go sanao witches at the convenience convi store, are they really okay to a eat? we'll fine out.ut. it's 9:32.
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jane loves to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings like chocolate and almonds. now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy. z2025z
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>> slip and is a staple atlip cocktail parties.ti do you know where the shrimp yo buy at the supermarket comesrkec from. that's one of the topics dr. oz. is investigating this week andsk not the only one looking at fooo safety. dr. oz joins us now live from l new york city. good morning, dr. oz, how arez,w you today.yo >> good morning.>> good morn >> i was just reading about how much shrimp they consume in las vegas, 22 million pounds a year. about 60,000 pounds a day. day a
9:36 am we got get all the shrimp from somewhere.some >> well, just to put in numbersn game that people can relate to t 4 pounds per person per year. p a lot of shrimp we're eating. 90% of the shrimp comes from cos overseas. overseas they grow in these big vats ins farms and because it's not so high jenn nick sometimes theyomt have to give antis to treat tat infections. chemicals and pesticides into it the water to treat it.reat they find all kinds of crazy things and roden hairs an like.l so when we get that shrimpt coming into this country it'ss impossible for our government tr keep up. we only inspect three to 4% ofh% all the shrimp coming in whichnn raises the question are we t really getting all that we'rete' paying for? so we do our our homework.ho we learn and we actually send aa group out, investigator out andt a shrimp boat in louisiana tona see how we actually grow localw in this country shrimp and how a when you catch it in the wild iw tastes we'll walk you through how too fine the right shrimp in theimp store how to tell if i
9:37 am
and by the way frozen shrimp isi just fine. show you thou cook them to makem sure you get the most bank fortk your buck. >> is there any way withoutany w giving away all the secrets thaa will be on your show, is therere any way to know or to get freshe caught shrimp like u.s. shrimp.. as opposed to all this stuff coming from from overseas? >> it has to be labeled so yousy can fine out from there.ther but you can actually look at th slim and if see if the body of the slim is that firm. and smell the shrimp. one of the smart test things too do. if it smells like the ocean it has the real shrimp and it has omega threes. >> dr. oz tuning in i've got ava four-year-old who loves shrimpes i'm a little alarm.ittle a tune in to see what you'll say l about that. you also talking about grab anda go those gas station food itemse we very convenient especially when you're traveling with theti family during your weekend wee breaks or summer vacation even.. >> i love them, too, they'reooth they're called conveniencell stores for reason.ed
9:38 am
selling gas they're not foodoo stores.or so they have a different culturl than a restaurant would have.t h so that means you got to do thee homework yourself not just aboua issues by hygiene but when youuw go in there to make it mak convenient for you they stack fr the food up a lot of time. if something is supposed to be cold, and it's in the top of af big stack it's not going to be t the temperature it's supposed t' be. by law it needs to be 41 degrees or cooler if it's supposed to bo cold. cold so pick from the back of theom c case where you know it's coldol get to the bottom of the stack,a don't pull the stack apart by messing up the pyramid pullingng the bottom item without being careful you can cold versionsrss somewhere in that case eat those foods. while i'm on the topic realm quickon road rage newest camee outlooking why people havee emotional patterns where they wt get very an grow.w correlated in some cases to as parasite called tox souplesx soe moses, and there was new studyew that showed people who have car accidents six times more more locately have this parasite. pas which is what women are careful about with kitty litter actualll under cooked meat.cook cook y
9:39 am
use temperature probes to maketu sure you got the right stuff.. >> if you meat rare you could be a nut on the roads? is that t what you'rehe saying. >> you can become the animalni that you're eating.thou're >> that's what the psychiatristt who's are studying this arere saying. actually a diagnosis called irrational frustration -- ear ration anger diagnosis that'shas correlated were this parasitear it's linked to road rage and a accidents. now you have an excuse for youru anger. >> exactly g dr. oz, you'll be in dc as well soon. s >> i'm coming down on thursday.u i'm going to be working -- i'll- be on capitol hill talking tot legislators. sometimes we get it right and ad remarkable to see how manyee how democrats and republicans camelm together to vote on this kara bill the opiate at diction billi designed to help americans deal better with a crisis that iss at hurting our country number one e cause of accidental death in america now is from overdose and there's now potential governmenm support for treatment.reat i'll be there talking to lot ofo folks. i'll be with you guys in studioi
9:40 am
>> looking forward to. looki we love when you we get a visit from the good dock.oo >> bring the shrimp but don'tutd pick up from the convenienceni store around the corner.ound t r >> be careful if you're drivingg we don't want road rage.e. >> thanks, dr. oz. dr. oz. >> always a pleasure.easu >> dr. oz show weekdays atkday 1:00 right here on fox5. on f he'll be joining us later thislt week in the studio.week in th >> i'm shock by the shrimphehr thing. >> i'm a little disturb by that. >> oomiaks gore.ore >> i did love shrimp before thaa segment.. >> i eat my steak rare, mediumm rare.rare >> no wonder i explode on the oe >> before we move on let's talks about this.out this. big charity that happened on hap friday. it's the annual will power gameg at rocky hill middle 15th annual will power game perg and this was parents versusts teachers in basketball but really a fundraiser to fightht cancer. it was name after a faculty meam died will sang he died ofdi o pancreatic cancer 15 years ago.. now, coach theresa tip pitt puts this on every year f they raise $15,000 thon friday night we nht played the basketball
9:41 am
would shave her head and she d did. coach tip pitt shaved her head h right there at the basketballke game right in the third quartera she did it they raised $15,000.0 in fact in the 15 years sincerss they started this they raisedhei over a $100,000. $100, it goes to different charitiesri to fight cancer.igance kudos to coach tip pitt. pt. that's our little basketball bas team the parents the old men out there. >> how did the knee hold. ke >> pretty good.>> p i sat out for awhile after i wai ran.. was was the >> 67-sketch we ended in a tie. >> you guys are >> old man basketball you can end in a high. if we younger we'd keep playingp but at some point you got toot t shut it it do >> it was great cause. the coach does an amazing jobamg with this every year.ea getting the parents and all thee people to come together in thehn gym the place is pack. is kids have a good time.a good tim they raise lots of money and all goes to charity. >> um seive.m seive. >> congrats to you.>> >> all right c.>> a still ahead in the fox beat t
9:42 am
best selling game to the bighe g screen. kevin sitting down with the case of an grow birds coming up nextx wait until you hear what theyouw say about the oscar winner guesg star who barely has a single sin line. ne time now is 9:42. 9:4 ♪ ♪ z1zqjz
9:43 am
9:44 am
z2026z ♪ if ther
9:45 am
how come we don't ever hear this battle cry. >> i don't know.>> >> maybe we have. >> what would a mighty eagle battle cry sound like. c >> maybe i got an idea.. something like ahhh! >> i'll bet it's more like caca. that's what it's more like le scientifically. >> it's little more subtle like a more majestic like ahhh! ahhh! (bird sounds). >> hello, world.. >> stop making mighty eagle noises. like running a nursery. absolute child care.. >> someone has anger issues. >> that's a clip from the angrya birds movie.rds mie. it's based on the game of thehe same name. which has become one of the
9:46 am
popular apps ever. it stars jason is he day kiss as the voice of red and frozen stas josh gad as chuck. kevin mccarthy got a chance to t sit down with the two to talk tt about the movie. >> check it out.t out >> when they launch you and you get the sound effect of you screaming --g -- >> yes. >> are you back ago it way from the mike. how are you voicing that.e you n >> no, that is literally -- gosh that would be a nut to watch th video of that.of that that is me probably eyes closedo they would describe what's going on and then just doing it. kind of picture it in your heada you have little bit by that by point understanding we did it almost chronological we'd doublu back on stuff.tu of the visuals and what's whipping by me and where i'my ma headed. that's just screaming all outllo and then yeah the geniuses thata you know, take all ourllour individual voices and put us ala in the same room or on the samem mountain top they probably addea those effects after the
9:47 am
i didn't have to philly likellyk move away from the thing. thing i do thing i may have done my own underwater -- i've always ay been a little -- do -- fromro maybe like dj jazzy jeff and tht fresh prince.e something on one of their early cds. >> when you were younger in youn kansas city did you try to lifel to people and tell they were yoe llwere underwater.we i can't come to the phone right now i'm underwater. i got to go. >>me si'ean penn is grunting tht whole >> the whole movie.. >> are we speaking telepathically or you're just -- >> good talk.ood >> you're never in the room with him. him. >> no. >> he comes in for couple of hours and does this. does someone grunt for him whent you're shooting -- doing yourour dialogue. >> the way it works every role r somebody always -- one of the oo creators, director, producers os the other side of the booth feeding you you're never really working witg any of the sounds.ound >> right.ight.
9:48 am
>> what makes the editing of an 98ed film so incredible because at the end of the day you haveth to mix and match everybody'sbods responses to each other and make it seem, you know, seamless.s. >> i did bum nap him when i wasn chuting last guy on earth inuy malibu in january just for lunch. i happened to go somewhere and o saw him outside smoking a zig row. i was like hey, how you doing. i >> hey.>> we're in movie together. >> i was like, we are? my god,g you did it.t i only heard he was making going to do it. i didn't know it was official. o i was like that's amazing. azing and then we both were like, you know, old men being like, it'se' really hard, harder than you think. i know. i'm always winded the next day nt and, yeah, even all thatllha grunting and breathing andhingnd huffing and puffing and all thee stuff he has to do in the thirdt act as well that action pack p third act, you know, it took itk out of him just like any of us u much he's human. han who knew?ne >> all right.>> a the angry birds movie hitsie hit theaters friday.. kevin survived the wind inin hawaii.ha >> right. >> poor >> paid to just grunt in agruntn
9:49 am
>> if you're two time oscar winner --nn -- >> all right.ight. >> 9:48 our time.e. coming up next we are taking the highway to the danger zone. ze it's of course in honor of 30 30 years of top gun.op g can you even believe it? we'll' be right r bac ♪ ♪
9:50 am
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i know we just met like, two months ago... yes! [crowd cheering] [crowd cheering over phone]
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♪ still great song. 30 years agost today the iconic film top gun hit theaters in 1986. the film starring tom cruisee celebrating the 30thhe 3 anniversary with new blu-ray anr digital hd version.sion now if you've never seen it, i i don't know who you but it is about two nave pilotst best friends and love to push p the envelope. the movie actually really skyy y rocked tom cruise's career andrd it's not just the movie that's a hit. the sound track is just ass successful as the movie itself.l it has big hits like take mye breath away we just heard, kenny loggins danger zone w
9:53 am
gets you going and of course, you've lost that loving feeling. >> i'll take care of this.. >> you never close your eyes ana more when i kiss your lips. there's no tentness like before in your fingertips.ip >> ♪ >> you're trying hard to show it, baby, but, baby, believe mee i know it. you've lost that loving feeling, whoa, that loving feeling. fling >> got to be one of the best t b movie scene.ce i actually saw tom cruise one o late night wit jimmy fallon. do you think you can still doano it. >> he pick a girl out in theirl audience and sang the wholehe w thing. he was there for the lip sync ln battle it was really great.alret that song is one of the most
9:54 am
recognizable part parts of top n course we can't forget some of m the top quotes. >> of course. some of the best known, right? maverick, i feel the need -- >> the need for speed. >> goose completed it, that's right.. >> iseman.>> you can be my wing man any time. >> charlie, listen, can i askn,i you a personal question.ueio maverick, that depends.en. charlie raw good pilot? pilot? maverick, i can hold my own. o isn't charlie, great.. then i won't have to worry aboua you make your living as a sing singer. maverick, it's i can tell you but then, i'd hv to kill you.ou and of course -- do you haveou v favorite quote. quo. >> the first one.>> isn't really.ll >> i just remember the hand h slap. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> right. odd angle.odd angle >> i love the volleyball scenels playing with the boys that wassw some pretty good stuff. sff >> tom cruise looks good for 30r years. >> i love my favorite, goose, you big study, take me to bed oo lose me forever. goose goes, show me the
9:55 am
home. (laughter).augh >> clearly i'm the only one o who's a top gun fan here.. >> oh, my gosh. g i haven't watch it in years. yes >> great movie one of those o movie you wonder if it came out now probably kind of tame forf what movie audiences want now. >> have you been to a navyav football game?am >> no.>> no. >> in annapolis they still use last time i was there they usehy parts of top gun movie clips tos get the football game >> it's a great, you know -- kn- >> they'll be doing the second one. >> we'll see -- >> 30 years. >> they're doing second one. o >> gary bruckheimer says they're on board with it as long ason a everything falls in place tomale cruise will be a part of itt isn't wow.n't >> it will be interesting 30 in3 some years now. >> retired navy guy now. >> the movie -- i don't know hoh they did this on this budget 30 years ago, $15 million to make k the movie with all of those of o effects and the plains andains d everything. >> okay. >> it made 360 million. milon >> nice. >> no points for second place.. >> 20 so
9:56 am
ice. i can keep going.. i just love this movie. >> how many times did you seeu it? >> i don't know how many times o but i remember i saw the first i time i was on o >> maybe you'll watch the new one. new version. >> did you blush the first timet i remember just likehe the litte romantic parts i thought i was i like pretty inbound out by it. b i was like, what, sixth grade. >> oh. >> i was older and i was all down with it. (laughter). >> still ahead a lot more for you.yo jada pinkett smith and fine oute more what's happening with nothn just her tv live but her personal life as well. wel gotham that's kind of big deal.l >> very big deal.ea >> returning to the roll back it the spotlight again.o ott ag >> that's coming up. also, it is before we get to coffee time countdown to the big finale terrence j will join us to talk about the new dating show and coffee time coming up. >> all right.ight. coffee time good day dc if you've been eyeing our cool goog day we have new good day
9:57 am
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>> the biggest interviews onigge good day at 10a.go >> we're bringing the star power this morning. mng we're talking with jada pinkettn smith about her return to goth gotham. baltimore roots and that oscars controversy. >> also all new at 10a actor model teren j and super star producer mark brunett join usetn live from new york city to give us sneak peek into
10:01 am
reality dating show couples. >> plus, empire finale threee re days away.. gabbie gives us her ome moment.n what will happen next. nex talk about cliff hanger. han the 10a starts now.s now. dating shows on the beaches with beautiful people on theiful beach. but we have not seen a datingt show with beautiful people oneol the beach where they are all --l it's gone. it's over there.r re they're, there was a picture pte behind us a minute ago. ago >> they're on their cell phoneso texting each other on the beachb because if you're on the beach with beautiful people what elset would you want to do but haveuth phone in your hasn't. >> they're taking selfies andela pictures so they can zen it to nobody. >> we have the creative genius u behind the show on our showhow little bit later this mornings we'll fine out why. >> mark burnett came up withbu survivor.rn >> and every other show oner sho television i think.televi the biggest reality probably on of the most successfully reality and still on. o
10:02 am
fault. faul >> i'm just saying.usying. >> thanks for staying it wussfo for the 10a today. all perspective wis. we're all set to take good day y out side. we want to celebrate our first f glimpse of sunshine all month. h want to do get out and break ouo the tank tops and shoots. s we remember rudely awake ken byb temperatures in the in the 30s n this morning.this morni it's not going to happen. >> instead we sent tuckert t outside in our place because iti makes sense that way.t way. live in northwest now. hi tuck. >> hey, steve.>> hey, st nice breeze out so teasing the hair just little bit. t. getting that nice wind flow outw here, and i am -- you can probably hear it in my mike. mik breezy and very cool.ool. but bright sunshine and it'sndt' beautiful looking day. so at least after, you know,, u weeks of clouds and rain and r even yesterday a lot of cloudsls around looks like beautiful dayl as temperatures will top out int the mid 60s let's get to the to numbers and, yeah, steve said is mid theirs overnight now looking at 4 degrees in still cool for this time of yeao it will be this afternoon.ftnoon but at least we're headed in thn right
10:03 am
wise. 56 in quantico nice warm up out to the west.toest. dulles up to 53 in the mid 30s s few hours ago. 50 in frederick. winds north and west at 15. a 1. the arrows showing the windhe direction and i can tell you thl breezes are definitely backre dn around herite, but and howeverow lots of lots of sunshine and low humidity so it really doesn'tlle feel terrible out here withit again daytime highs expected tod jump another 10 to 15 degrees.5 so we'll be in the mid 60s maybe upper 60s in few spots by lateat think afternoon storm trackerrak radar nice and quiet a fewuiet a clouds it is absolutely stunninglyingl beautiful blew out here as far h as the sky right now looks gre great. and the nice blue and green andg across the region we shall be ib for very pleasant afternoon witt lots and lots of sunshine ande a high temperatures still a littlt blow normal but mid to upperpp 60s.60 there's your seven day. d hey, guess what? we got more gr rain showers in the forecastast tomorrow and wednesday.ed so enjoy today.oday as looks like that rain returnsr by morning time tomorrow andorro
10:04 am
wednesday. all right. guys that's the latest from outf here. one day we'll have good day d.c. outside. one day soon maybe next week. we back to you. >> may be. at this point i'd rather it ber rainy and cold.. don't tease me with beautiful. f i want it to be warm and sunny.n i want both.want b i'm getting greedy at this t point. despite the cool temps wetho are on the hunt for the song off the summer.the chances are it's already out. new study shows six of the lasts 10 were released before so here's a few of the songs ini the running of course justin timberlake's -- ♪ >> can't stop the feeling. >> that didn't come out ine outi april. >> that just came out. tt ju justin berber sorry that's beenb out for that can't be the song of thehe summer.summer that's not --at not >> old. o >> rihanna work. >> sounds old.ld >> zane pillow talk.. >> doesn't sound summery. >> that's already out.. >> here's zane's. >> you're right.e r. steve, this is not summery.. >> the song of the summer has ts be upbeat, right? and fifth f
10:05 am
>> ♪ >> oh, yeah, okay. >> hmm.>> h okay. it's summery but it's been out.o it's kind of cute. cute i can work from home with him. h >> is that who fifth harmony is right here with the glasses.lass >> you're interested in her.e in i'm interested in the --- >> harmony.ny. >> hello. >> ♪ >> so two songs -- >> want the word work in anyn summer >> good point.>> good poin good point.goodoint >> excellent point.oi >> i'm voting jt right now. >> i am voting for harmony. >> tell us what you think shoul be the song of the summer.g of tweet us using the #gooddaydc. >> all right. r let's check what's 10ing five past the hour right now.urg first up, did you watch snl ovee the weekend drake was awesomeso hosted snl to promote his latest album that dropped two weeks age and spent a lot of time making g fun of himself during the dur performance poking fun at hotline bling and being a canadian rap
10:06 am
one of the highlights was a skit mocking trump. inspiration for that sketch came from the new reports that trumpp would use the names john barono or john miller to praise himself to reporters.. another exit mocked trump overmo his vp picks a little bit ofit o that one. >> bruce springsteen!rugs >> i mean come on he's the bosss you're the're bos he was born to run. run >> he's a democrat. docrat. >> he is a god! >> what about john kasich. kasic >> he's smart, experienced, heid can help us in ohio.hio. >> he said he's not interested.t >> he's a loser. >> figure bat loser. what about nicky haily. haily >> also not interest.ntes >> ted cruz. >> hard no.>> >> paul ryan. >> said not right not you will w butt he'll see in you hell. >> donald trump denieden allegations he acted as his owno spokesperson.ok i will say if you watch the show youtube one clip drake when he wraps about this inner feelingsi toward other peo
10:07 am
>> all right. right. >> check it out.>> >> google it. ge it. >> let's stick with that tvh tht theme. e. the simpsons finding new ways ts stay relevant even after nearlya three decades on television thit time homer simpson went live. l >> during the last three minutee of last night's episode of the e simpsons homer simpson answerede audience questions live.ns l long running animated series used modern motion captureapture technology which track theck the movement. real actor who tracks homer's's voice. vo how do we know it was live. check it out. >> to prove that we're live, on saturday night live, last night, dre was terrible. tri now to take your calls.. >> homer end the the segmentheet saying the cast of empire will answer all the unanswered questions.qu season finale for the simpsons n 27th season airs next sunday sun right here on fox5.. >> remarkable they can keep onee going and going and going threeg decades later.ter. >> amazing.>> amazi >> los angeles tv station ktla coming up fire to pub
10:08 am
shaming their weekend morning meteorologist.ogt it happened during saturday'sy' morning newscast. meteorologist lib per thai chana wore a black dress on saturday a that seemed to cause quite a qui stir a lost people apparentlyarl e-mailing ktla slamming chan fof her choice of clothes some saying it look like he washe wearing new year's cocktailai dress.dres someone at the station must havi greed because during the one ofe her weather reports, anchor chris bureaus handed her gray card began. everyone seems to have a opinioi but a lot of people are upset ut th didn't stand by theiry t anchor and made her cover up. u a lot of people sounding off son about this. abou erika says i was watching andch was annoyed it happened. happene if there was an issue with whata she was wearing address beforeor she went on.. if viewers don't like it changea that channel.nn if happened that to me to work w would go to hr for sure.ur inn pope yes address it in the t middle of the newscast.scas >> friend and i just hadd i jusd conversation about the how theow fits many newscasters wear thest days. they all look beautiful seems like they're leaning towards lea cocktail attire.iltt just an opinion.
10:09 am
>> meanwhile anchor who hand he the sweater took to twistero tsr apologize he tweeted i complet completely understand meant in jest but i see how it seemed. s i am sorry.i sor i hope you will give me another chance.. >> all right.. >> was eight bit? >> no.>> >> i think he thought --hought - >> i think he thought it was h joke. >> they were getting edge maless people didn't think it was did appropriate what she was wearing. wearin this will be funny because theyt kind of joke around on that shos and he hasn'ted her the sweater. >> have you ever seen ktla theyt wear like -- she was actually aa dressed compared to like whatt they wear sometimes.sotimes. they wear like very -- like tanl tops almost.tops a >> a lot of anchors wear tank wr tops on on >> miami regional.iol >> there's nothing out of the ng norm for what you would see inle that mark.that mk. >> i don't think ktla had ktla problem with what she washe was wearing. originally when i was looking a the story, too, that wasn't evet the original dress she was going to wear. the dress she was going to weara didn't work with the weather wall. wall it was a back up one she put put that one on beau
10:10 am
there. >> they have the number one morning show in los angeles. i don't think th tey're worried too much about >> we're talking about them talo across the country.across. you're're okay. >> how about we stick withbo fashion and talk about the greae basketball team that is thell te philadelphia 76ers because 76e u they're getting new uniforms.. starting next season the sixers will wear classic lookingoo jerseys in their primary colorsr and there will be one bigone difference.dieren jerseys will have ads on them.he the team made that announcementm today. to the ticket company stub hub wilw have logo on the team's jersey starting in 2017.01 white uniforms will be for the f home games.home gam blue on the road and red as ann alternate.ternate. the jersey are not the players p wilt chamber lane and dr. j they're retro jerseys from thero old championship years.ea >> bringing back the shorts, tht too. >> they had to bring back moreac than that because they suck.uck. >> here's my question. queio they stunk for years. >> stub hub logo on it but doess it also who whoever make the the shorts logo or champion or nikek
10:11 am
>> i'm sure they have that logol they'll get that money, too.ey,t they're not taking any moneyon away. >> they'll look like nascarcar drivers pretty soon. >> sleeved versus tank tops.tant >> hate the sleeves.e thslee it looks cheesy.chees always too tight. tight they look goofy.ook not a fan of the whole tightight sleeved too little too shirt. it throws lebron's shot off. sho >> i think the shorts could beud little sho >> really? ry? >> what? >> they don't need to be at yout knee.knee >> go back to 1983.98 >> yes, they do. do >> they're too long.heg. >> i didn't say they needed to be that.behat. i just said a little shorter. st above the knee.ove th k a little above the knee. >> okay.. >> my opinion. >> all long shorts for lebron -- throw lebron's shot o >> the shorts help you move m little faster, too.. >> they cause drag. too much material.ater >> russ sill wilson deliveringir the commencement speech atmech university of wisconsin.ty o he attended wisconsin. he spoke fun at himself forse f throwing one o
10:12 am
interceptions in super bowluperb history. take a listen. >> of course, i'm also here too share some things i've learn. l things like if you're dating aaa woman that's way out of your y league ask her to marry you. (applause). >> if you can throw a football 80 yards for some reason peopleo think that's pretty cool. c and if you're playing new pyi england patriots in the superhes bowl and you've got 26 seconds n left and you're down by four,y , and it's second and goal on their 1 yard line, try not to throw an interception.cept >> aww. in his speech wilson urged the graduates to always be preparede and keep things in perspective. >> there's some very wisdomdom actually likes in the world of r sports. >> i leak his whole he ends up at wisconsin and he'' super bowl champ it's all good.g >> he's a likeable guy. >> he stole that quarterback draft class. >> he sure did.. >> speaking of graduation andata commence many there's new studyn that shows you might be mht misjudging how close you you actually are with your frie
10:13 am
the study had people list theirt friends and say whether theyth y were close friends or not.. then researchers asked if thosef friends how they felt about theo person in return. ret what do you think the resultinku was? about half those people po disagreed about how close they y were.we i'm not your close friend. frien someone might think a certainer person was their best friendes f ever. when really that person vieweded the relationship as an acquaintance.aice good wow.. >> big surprise to lot ofe tootf people. 95% of the people in the study t assumed all of the friendships were mutual. >> wow. >> that's tough.>> i don't want to do that study.dt >> no.>> that can ruin friend ships realp quickly. >> all right. still ahead at 10 a rocker rushr to the hospital much the biebshe has a revelation.. wis can't wait for that and whoa is katie perry kissing? we'ren' dishing at 10:30. 1 >> all right.. but first terrence j and mark brunett team up for a datingatg reality show. they're live neck.k. back aer
10:14 am
break. break. introducing oikos crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable.
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10:17 am
i don't know when the next manow is coming but when you put 12ut women on an island it's going g get a little nutty. >> olympic, here we we c >> now the next day they've hadh time to settle in. i how are the dates moving along?o like are they actually like running like the three amigos. i how does that work? how do yo you -- it's just an insanean situation. i don't know how i'd be able toi like handle that. tha >> like do i need to back off? f let her have conversation with.n when do i step? am i being too aggressive? am i over steppingn and she feels like she's not sht getting any time.ane that is very overwhelming. >> that's so auction >> it's a lot to think about. ao because like seriously guys. >> really? >> okay. that's little look behind scened of the new fox dating show coupled.up the show puts new twist on the reality staple and that's tha because unlike shows like the bachelor, this time women actually have all the power. new guys are flown to the la
10:18 am
each week and the girls get to o decide if he's worth pursuing or not. t. audience also gets a look atooka what happened off camera thanksa to smart phones, of course. c the new show is the latest fromm emmy award winning super mark mk burnett the man behind survivor, apprentice, the voice, just to name few. f think like a man star terrence e is the show's host. so they are definitely expectinc big things from the show. i think -- -- >> good pairing. >> what the new twist in thisw w because there's lot of datingatg reality shows out there there whole texting thing.e teing somehow i think the texting tti itself is supposed to become a a character or cause controversy r or quarrels or whatever. >> guys will be flown in or allb guy is going to be flown infl every week. wee >> several guys. sal guy >> several guys will be flown in every week. >> how to get the women get to t choose.choo >> do they all get to go for thr same guy. >> i don't i don't know. we have a lot of questions so qt the good thing is we definitelye can get some answers because bec both mark and t
10:19 am
now. good morning, gentlemen. gentlen >> what's up? >> good morning.d >> what's up? >> hey, so we were just asking n kind of explain exactly how thet show is going to work and what w kind of makes this showho different, you know, from other dating shows. >> all right.ig. i heard you have questions. mark and i have answers much h here's what it is.t is you see these other type ofer t shows. one guy standing there on thedi top of a mountain looking downow at all these beautiful women ana saying i want you while thele t other ones go home and cry inn their pillows.their that's not what this show is. this show empowers women.erwome. women get to make the choice ono who they want to date.o d so we have 12 beautiful women. these are accomplish women,ccom they're successful in theirn t lives. t e only thing that they're tha looking for is making that reala romance and that love. love we fly in on a helicopter and a speedboat a new guy every show.s the guy pulls up. all 12 of the women date theate guy. gu the women then get to choose ifs they like him. him you know what, i didn't likeidtl this i'm going to left and i'm
10:20 am
wait for the next guy or oh, myy god, this is the man of my dreams, i love -- mark you're so handsome and they get to go at a the right and pursue it furtherr and from there, the show is -- dual will the of watchingching couples as they become couplesec and they move on threw their relationships and the singles back at the bunk lows get to to date new guys episode. episode that is couple in a nutshell. >> what say does the man have in it. it he's just this object.hisbj >> he gets to date 12 women. w >> it sounds look the guy is guy still winning.nni i'm just saying. >> listen, it's like real life.l the man has no say. >> that's >> but he can date as women aswm he wants it doesn't matter. mte that is like real life. lif >> that is reality show.ty you're right. >> once the man gets chosen and the man is dating a woman, ifomn the woman changes her mind, she can send him home back on the helicopter he came on an
10:21 am
back in and wait for the nexthex guy to arrive.rr >> so again just like real lifef they send us packing and go gett somebody else. >> that's right.>> t >> yes, they can. c. >> finally we've got some menotn that are connecting with how h women really think.nk. now, how does the whole textingg come into play? because i knowk that's a big part of the show. >> well, you know in real life,l if you went out on a date the first thing you're going to do o after the date you'll text youry girlfriend and say here here'ss how my date went and that's whas we wanted to allow them to it's to get those text messagi messaging -- text messags goingg back and forth. fth they use the phone to send sen photos. ph they use the phone to pho communicate with each other. one of the guys liked one of tht other girls that didn't choosets him and he sent a text messageee to her to see if there was stils a chance.hanc they used the text messaging however they wanted to sendingng photos all types of things. we didn't put parameters on itsi which makes the
10:22 am
went didn't give them any rules. what if two women as just alluded like one guy, do they, have like a death match they gog into some sort of a ring andof d fight it out. how does that work? if two women are dead set on one guy? y >> they can get really mad andym it's a lot of texting back and forthwith little have it trill whether or not the women sensitive to the other women and uh-uh see that play out on theut show, because some of the women just -- they decide i just -- i want to fall in love with thisit guy, but he ends up with anotheh girl, and so it is like reall life. >> really is.>> really >> does it end in engagements or marriage proposals or -- >> spoiler alert. there are several couples that potentially be together. togethe this is not like going to be end up with one man and one woman. there could be several couples on this show in various stages
10:23 am
>> i love you you guys are really specific onc your questions.stns. >> we want to know how this wo work. >> how did you pick theid y ladies --la >> more details. >> how did you pick the ladies c got some people i want to senden your way? w >> next season two we'll takewwl them. >> this is very funny on then te screen here but the word couplee as if we're a couple. cou >> you guys are per match. mat no doubt about i mark, anythingn that you touch seems to be goldg when it comes to reality tv i'mm curious when your mind worksindw when you fina finally settle onn idea. when you were doing all star sta addition maybe people find lovel endears sorried island byland b singing their sales pitch or p o something like that.g like just throw all your shows intowo one x. >> wow! i'm going to hire you ay my producer. >> done.on >> see you g >> steve just got a job. (laughter).(lau >> be in new york in threen re hours. we'll talk. >> listen we've got two singleso that are ready to go on any shoo that you guys have going.oi seas
10:24 am
>> i'm all down for going to gng paradise much put me on island somewhere bring men my way, i'll do it.. 7t coupled premieres may 17t 1 17th -- >> it's raining men.g men. >> hallelujah. >> couple primaries may 17thimae 9:00 p.m. right here on fox5.. >> looking forward to the show. >> 10:24 is the coming up little bit later, fiss mooney returns to gotham. first the actor who brings herer to life jada pink cell coatcellc smith will join us about the the comic strip drama and what goese on in her life. >> bob bar gnar joins us liver with the details of that next. .
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
♪ 10:27 the time happening no the great graffiti wipe out department of public works alona with council members businessrsb owners and others joining jni together to declare walls of graffiti happening right now ono t and sixth streets northwestorh just the beginning of the six te week effort to clean up graffiti in the nation's capitol. c >> in bethesda live look fromoo congressional country club lookb beautiful, doesn't it.oesn'tt. >> um-hmm. >> tiger woods talk wig the media this morning quicken loanl national tournament.rnent the tournament will be atenll b congressional june 23rd 2 through june 26th.throu jun >> go back in the district now.. a major push to make sure kidsuk can get two and from schoolm s >> this afternoon will mark the
10:28 am
first ever man the block.lo. fox5's bob barnard is findingini out more about that down atown t freedom plaza. good morning, bob. b >> reporter: good morning.ornin. they're making announce many fof one day action for after schoolh these are folks who representnt some of the charter schools inoo our city. ou they're basically saying they'le ask volunteers from thes om t community satisfy members fromem the charter schools you'reter sr hearing from students anddes a charter school leaders to get oo the street corners near theea school to go to the metroet stationstations the bus stops tc basically show a sign ofn support, a show of support for r students who use public pli transportation to get to ando from school. s so that they can get to school s and focus on their studies notts their safety. they're basically saying thatayg almost every day it seems it someone is being attacked on o their way to or from school. bullying, fights, robberies andi what have you, and they basi basically want dc police to dedicate school resourceresource officers to each of thers t different high schools and theya want metro transit police to pol have a more visible presence ate
10:29 am
kids feel safer to reassure thee parents that their kids are safe going to school and coming homee from school. s this a program that started atrd one charter school on capitol oc hill they're now spreading it ti all different the charterha schools again, today it's goings to be show of force with all out there locking arms, near the schools trying to tell the kidse and their parents thatand th everything is fine.everythi but they really say they want w the city and the differentheiffe agencies in the city to step itp up as well and keep this goings every day, guys.y g so the kids can learn and feel f safe while they're learning. len >> that is the key. k still ahead on good day rockayoc star anthony, rush to the hospital.ho hot chili peppers front man. we'll have an update on his condition. condition. she kissed someone and she likes it. katie perry seen schmoozing.chi. isn't somebody liking her songbo or not. we'll fine out.. justin beiber offering up for aa explanation for what fans thinkn is odd behavior, i think the bare foot what happening thing could be characterized as good day celebrity dish served up next.
10:30 am
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10:33 am
>> all right. let's do celebrity dish.rity d >> lead singer of red hot chili peppers is in the hospital.l anthony, had has beenee hospitalized with the intestinai flu. the band had to cancel a pair oo performances in los angeles bass player flee had to announce thee bad news to fans on stage in los angeles.le he is expected to phil make a p full recovery soon.. >> wish him well. >> hayden pan tear is back inari rehab seeking treatment for postpartum depression the seconn time in seven months themohs t national star has soughtt treatment. pan tear announced the news on twitter and she actually said -i something to this effect.sff well i'll tell you this. this. last fall she check no rehab, um, and then had some difficulti did he with postpartum depression.depressi i think maybe now we have what'a going to be posted on twitter? r >> let's go ahead and see
10:34 am
there it is. this is what she s postpartum depression i've beene experiencing has impacted everye aspect of my life.e rather than stay stuck due to unhealthy coping mechanisms i've chosen to type to reflect holistic klee on my health andeh my life. wish me luck and we do. >> best of arthritic her as we well. >> double whammy the show justay got canceled. >> yes. >> all right. r >> tough time for tim >> let's talk about rapper tygag he got candid about his split sl with kyla jennifer.ennifer at lax tmz chatted him about tho break up went asked the tmz photographer if their ages played a he said no.he said n he said sometimes people justplt grow apart.ow apa he says he'll always love her.oh he also opened up about his baby momma blac chyna and rob sayingn everyone deserves love. >> interesting >> we want to talk about thesebe stories twice much that's whye t we're pausing right they're in the prompter twice. >> double dose.ouble >> it was we're just pausing and reflecting.
10:35 am
that's what we were doing. what tell the people awet that's our story.ry >> it looks like katie perry and orlando bloom on the m o okay. yes. this comes after photos surfacea last week you probably recall oo the a lister actor getting cozyy with selena that's the despite the proof from thero t photos katie perry shot down the she says they're relationship is smooth um-hmm. looks like it.lo yesterday the pop star was spotted locking lips with bloomm while in cannes for the filmil festival.. so looks like things are going i to go well for the two lovewo lv birds for now.for now >> all right. r see this goes back to what steve and i were saying, steve you sve call it first. f you said she probably just fellf or something at that lady just s fell no him. >> selena.. >> right. fell on his lips.ips. >> i often fell head first intoi another guy's lap. it just happens. h >> if you trip. >> they were tripping all righti you're right. >> clearly they were tripping.we >> all right. >> one month.
10:36 am
performed her new single me tooe while promoting her new album a thank you on the tonight show.ho however the 22-year-old singerln fell victim to her towering i'li heels rile while grabbing the wa microphone at the end of -- >> oh! >> down goes trainor. (laughter).aughter). >> down goes trainor. >> you instinctually laughed atl her. >> there you go. >> that's how you handle that.h miracle. >> wow.ow >> jim mow fallon as he said heh got out on the floor with her. that was pretty cool. reassuring her grab the mike isi always a tough dance move to nail. bless her heart.rt >> big fall. my goodness.. >> he made it all good. good >> he's a professional much he's the best. e bes >> how is this for wedding gue guest. mclamar the singer crashed ara wedding in dc this weekend and he said he did it so because hih mom put him up to it
10:37 am
the singer actually documentedum his adventure on snap chat at one point you can see him danc dancing to his own hit thriftitr shop. he was in town for white houseth visit. he appeared alongside the the president during his weeklyeekly address. >> do we know who who's wedding it was they crashed. crashed >> no, we need to get that ont o good day.goay that's hysterical. >> mcla my can't come by here. e >> crash the party. party >> in case you haven't noticed d justin beiber's behavior a bitrb off lately.y. we saw him walk the streets of boston bare foot, feed squirreli and sit in trees.t in trees >> it is national love tree dayt >> that is true. tru he was just ahead of it. of >> that's right.s r >> he also made a recent ren statement he will no longer beho taking photos with fans. but his most notable change his new face tattoo. >> no. >> tmz is reporting beiber isn'n acting like this because he isse lot of himself but because he's' found himself. beiber has had an epiphany andy decided his focus should
10:38 am
nature and religion not partyi partying. >> hang out with sheila leboeufe by any chance. any >> what is going on? >> cuckoo train just stopped ins boston. bo >> all>> finally while overseas promoting upcoming trolls movie justinn timberlake paid a visit to euroo vision 2016 to perform his newis single can stop the feeling forf the first time.rst time. check it out. ♪ >> clearly this backgroundacro singer as well really cannot stop the feeling but guess whatw they're not the only ones wene couldn't stop the feelingfeelg either. we put together our own rendition -- are we doing this t yet again of justin's can't stop
10:39 am
there we you can't check it outer -- youu can check it out on facebook feb page or website and see justin's reaction to our music video. let us know what you think. #gooddaydc.ddaydc >> almost the same. s >> almost the exactly. >> you know what you couldnow ay mistake us for his back up back dancers i think actually. >> all the hot ladies.adie >> we needed someone to meghann trainor a move there. >> i know. >> if it had gone on much long longer. >> absolutely. our producer chris, >> he knew the words.or he was jt. j >> we know chris. >> we should play that videohatd every day.every. >> we just might. might. >> i know. you think they're not. tre n >> there's chris. >> bust move >> signature move right there.ri signature move. >> i'm sorry, wisdom. wis >> you going play that every d day. >> every day. followed by your performance ofe prince as well.ince awell >> yes. >> new song of the summer.
10:40 am
every day with with it. >> there you go.>> >> hit it. >> chris you own the dance floor with that move. i'm just saying.just sg. >> more to come on the 10aome o1 today. toda still ahead at 10 the wrath of h the villains there are only two episodes of gotham left. we're learning what to expectt when mooney returns with jada pinkett smith. our interview of her coming up next.
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> welcome back to the world. w do you remember your name? y
10:43 am
name is fish mooney. >> bleep. >> they must be holding her hdi prisoner.ison >> you put your son in front ofo that girl's safety.y. >> it's my responsibility toity make it right.make it right. >> the boy is the threat. >> you have failed. f >> oh, no. >> you made a choice your father did not. d >> we need to know what you know and you're going to tell me. ttm >> all right. >> fish mooney going hard corenr right gotham has been all about thellt rise of the wrath of the villians and even though sheoh wasn't member of the batman's original rose gallery, few haveh been as popular as fish mooneyon tonight we just two episodes of the second season left, she'sefe back. back. >> that's right.>> last week we got the chance to a sit down with the actress whoctw has made the character unforge unforgettable. jada pinkett smith went talkmitt about her, we talk with her her about everything from her returr to the fox drama to raise yourou kids in the hollywood spotlightl what she does in her free time.t check it out.
10:44 am
us today and we are super excited that you are returninger to gotham. >> oh, thank you. thankou i'm super excited, too one of my favorite roles. rol >> so look what can we expect to see when fish mooney returns to the scene?ce >> oh, well, she's new and improved that's for sure. the fish mooney that you knew before times a hundred. so she's the 2.0 version, yes, so if we thought she was wickedc and terrible and horrible befo before, she is beyond now. >> really. >> what happened to make -- what made her this much more bad. >> watch.wa yes. she returns with new -- with new things.thin >> any time woman returns withit new things --ng >> well you know.>> >> it means something. >> right. you get what you get. >> what he will rooly drew yould back to this role? you said you this is one of your favorite roles.s. what drew you backo
10:45 am
>> well, you know, like i said, it's like once bruno who is the -- he's the creator of the e show when he came to talk to meo about what he was planning to do, i was like, i like that. th. so i was like i'm down. dow like i said before, fish mooneyn is one of my favorite characte characters. i mean it's wonderful wonde opportunity to be able to joinn the cast again and have fun in n this way. so it was -- it's really as re blessing and a pleasure.leas >> all right.ll r what else you've been working on in your down time.owne. when you weren't being fish mooney. mo you had a little downtown.nt what else you been doing. d >> she's a mother.>> she she has no down time. te >> that's true. >> that's true.>> >> that's real talk.. i've been creatively also, you know, have a little role that ii did in a rated r comedy my first rated r comedy called bad momsam which comes out in the summer t i'm excited about christina applegate and mila kunis andis when he good time doing that.oig i was able
10:46 am
project in and then there's a ts couple other projects thatjectsa you'll be seeing in the fall. >> well, you are anything but at bad mom obviously.. what do you find is your biggest challenge, though, in being a mom? >> um, i mean for anybody i meaa when you have multiple children and just knowing, you know, eac, child needs something different, so it's really being present and aware and dealing with each child separately and reallyy being able to help give that tha particular child what they need and also kind of getting yourtig own stuff out of the way as far as how you were brought up andhp maybe what you needed because, e you know, my kids are living ofg living in totally differently environment than i did growingtg up. up so, you know, you really havey to -- i really have to adapt tot what their needs are. a so, you know, all of those canse be challenging but you know it'' just comes with the flow.elow. you just flow.low. you just ju flo >> all right. allig you have some t
10:47 am
maryland in >> i do.>> do. >> yeah. tell us about your connectionscn to i mean, do you miss -- how ofteo do you get back? do you miss m the area? >> oh, i'm back in maryland alld the time. th my mother still lives there. >> oh, okay.h, okay. >> i was just there. so, yeah i'm back in maryland ml quite bit between philly, maryland, new york, d.c., yeah,a we're there quite often.en. so, um, i don't really get an ga opportunity to miss it. so i'm there enough not to haveh to miss it. i >> that's good.ood. that's good. goo that enough not to have to missm it before you go we want to aska obviously once of the things weg love most about you you're truet you are who you are and you're not afraid to speak your mind md and you were very outspoken out about the oscars, and just whatw it's your thoughts on where youu think that stands now and do yo think that we're because of people like you and because ofbo what happened that maybe we'll see some change?ng >> you will absolutely see s change.ange no
10:48 am
there's ban lot of talk andalk a people are moving forward, a lot of, arc lost changes happeningng and actually you'll be hearingeg more about that in septemberteer because we have an initiative ii that we're doing with my brothers keeper that's kind ofko tide into all of that so bringob me back and we can talk about that in september in more depthh >> maybe it can be one of thoset times when you're in the area you always have an open anpe invitation to come see us in thn loft here on good day d.c. >> absolutely. >> come on in. >> thank you so much. >> i'll take you up on that.nk >> awesome.some thanks jada. >> we'll stay on that.. >> yeah, we >> make her come in the loft. meanwhile you can catch gotham featuring fish mooney's return tonight at 8:00 right here onn fox5.x5. >> interesting. interes >> time now 10:48.w 10. coming up more behind the scenes drama. one episode of empire left.ef we're counseling down to then tt finale. that's coming up up ne.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
♪ >> we are just three days away.y three days from the season twosw
10:52 am
boy, do they have leave us with doozy of a cliff hanger. hge toran today jones who plays play porsche is here with their ememe moments an preview of what tot t expect. >> empire fans my heart is stils pounding from that unbelievable we going to get into that just t moment. jackeen want to introduce to aeo very special guest with usit today. >> we cannot wait to dig into cliff hanger empire big bosse bs executive prows dear eileen.eai. thank you so much for being muc here. >> thanks for having me. >> now, we love having you herer but we'll get right to that lucious jamal fight and crisisri in just second. first here's gabbie to bring yob up to speed on an omg moment. >> ♪ >> omg moment of 17 is bang, bang.bang. >> stop, no! >> it's not just that jamal gets shot. shot. first of all, lucious and jamal get into a big thing and luciouo says something awful as he often does. es >> you ain't nothing to
10:53 am
disappointment and the day youou die from aids i'm going to celebrate. >> jamal takes the bullet in ble order to protect his father. because jamal has always and will always care more for lucious than lucious could evere care for jamal. jam. >> the episode ends after jamalj is shot.ho >> no new york city, no, jamal! >> i'm sorry -- >> wait in the surgical waitingl room. >> cookie. coo >> get out of the way. >> what seems like we're at thet apec of family drama with this t episode and leads of course of o jamal shooting.ja let's go right to the lucious te and jamal fight. fight people will be talking about what lucious said that was ad aw tough scene. s. >> we break these stories down d and the writers new very early on jamal was going to jump in front of him and wind up takinga a bullet to save his father's fe live. just about a month before we really put that script intocrip production danny strong even were sitting on the set talkingl about the scene,
10:54 am
to me, we need to earn it more. they have to have fight. really deep, ugh the fight thatt goes to the core of the issues s between them so that when jamalj takes that bullet for lucious,io it's even bigger. big he's taking a bullet foreman whom he loves deeply but also a hates. hate >> yeah. >> up until this point we'veth been wondering about frank andnk how his death would come into io was that always the plan to p surprise the audience like that. >> always, always. it's so twisted that luciousus effectively killed her father and then sought out free tore gathers and took her under hisis wing. something has got to happen. >> then there's louie vuitton v the fans are dying to know whoow push rhonda and is it ever goini to come out.. >> clearly rhonda is starting tt wonder about it.wonder there's going to be a big consequence of her flashbacks but the question of whether or o not this is a true memory or o
10:55 am
that easily resolved. >> eileen i'm going to be self l fish for a second. son we finish with a episode. eso i'm looking forward to therdthe finale. is there anything you can telltn me about the season two if you y until. >> there are two big things that you'll need to know right away.. one is will jamal be okay? and the second is, is hakeem hee actually going get married? sos what i'm going to tell you isou there will be a wedding andding there will be a marriage.age. the if you until system notntils going to be an ending, it's a beginning. >> hakeem is not getting >> i see it's lucious and cook cookie. >> okay. so we'll have much more empiree finale this week on the 10a. you can catch empire right hereh on fox5 this wednesday at 9a we do our ome on thursday.huda whew ask it will be a good one.d >> all right. rig >> lots of questions. >> came down to this.ame let's check in with folks areola saying on twitter when we talk l about the song of the summer.. everybody had their yeah.h. >> wisdom perhaps this one fo
10:56 am
you. song should be let's go crazyety honor of prince this summer.sum >> love that song. >> sleighs any song out there being 30 years old.ears old >> agreed it's a goodie.. >> justin timberlake should beah the song of the summer.eum >> a lot of people. it i want everyone ya'll at my nexn party talk about a jam session.i we are fun, ward seven is home. you're >> meteorologist was dressedroas like she had just rolled in fron the club grabbed a cup of coffee and came to t come >> what's wrong with that? (laughter).. >> i used to do when i waso en w clubbing 20 years ago. ago. >> last one. lt on okay. >> thanks everybody. thanks ev >> keep the tweets coming. >> i think if it was maybe not n be jeweled dress. dre >> sequin dress.d >> i was trying to thing of the word.word be dazzled dress. dre >> if just a black >> and on a saturday morning. >> no sequins tomorrow. >> note to self.ote no sequins in the
10:57 am
>> wisdom, keep that in mind.n we'll see you bright and early y tomorrow morning.torr enjoy the rest of your monday. >> stay warm. man, turn on the heat.
10:58 am
10:59 am
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it's mag nnificent makeover week live on "the wendy williams show" s. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. wait until you see what he looks like now. my girls always turned out. slam bam thank you ma'am. now, here's wendy! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: hey, now. welcome to


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