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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we have a few more rain writing days left before we finally get to experience a sunny warm-up. >> say it isn't so. we with make it a few more days, gang. >> good morning to you, happy tuesday, thanks for joining us i'm holly morris. >> tuesday, may 17 national smoothie day. >> enjoy yours. >> who knew. >> erin and gary standing by. details on weather and also commute this monday morning. and we'll get to that in a moment. first news. desk overnight search for shooter in northern virginia and a man was shot around 2:00 this morning in the king's town area of alexandria and it happened prayly lane and collings immediate way. the man shot is expected to survive. >> this morning d.c. leaders and people live iing in several neighborhoods want answers and justice after a wave of gun violence. >> two people killed in alarming stripping of shooting shootings. most killed in south eekt. joining us live from the sixth disstrict mrooetion police station whatwe
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now. >> police we understand are still looking for suspects in this case. there's been 20 homicides now in ward 7. so far this year. and as it turns out there are lnl 8 this time last year so certainly a large increase in homicides there and d.c. police tell us the department is moving up normal summer crime deployment to now. the first shooting just before 1 p.m. at the valero gas station texas avenue south east. there was an argument, scuffle that a man on knees firing towards someone beping road and return fire and the man struck and killed. a witness tells fox5 another man ran up and took the gun from the guy on the ground. a large crowd of grieving family and friends gathered across the street and fighting broke out at one point. 3:30 another shooting a few blocks away 4 and b street southeast a woman carrying groceries killed in front of her home. d.c. police tell us this
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appears to be retaliation for the first. >> we are horrified but what we saw today. it's a level of violence that of course acceptable in the city and we are going to put every single resource, police and otherwise, in the neighborhoods to get rid of this violence. >> sources tell "fox5" the woman who was killed may be the mother of the texas avenue shooter. d.c. police did have a lookout for a red hopped a. not much more than that in terms of information about the us is inspection. now, last night chief linear told us about the number of violent crimes and shootings down in this area. apparently the lethality of the shootings is what is adding to the homicide spike. >> families of two missing teenagers from fairfax will go to par mar today to the place
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the teens were last seen. >> they wept missing from homes may 11. authorities say the pair took a cab fairfax to ta truck stop in jess up maryland and were last spotted there may 1 2. they will handout flyers at the truck stop. they believe the teens left willie and are together. the family is concerned because she's in need of medication she did not take wither her. >> arlington county police are in need of a man whop raped a woman. she was asleep edgewood street when the attack happened. the victim is 25-year-old woma woman. she says she saw someone parked in a car near her home and believes that same person is her attacker and broke into her home. >> today defense attorneys are scheduled to resume presenting their case in the second freddie gray trial. officer nero is face aggravated assault charges
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>> he said officer nero helped load gray into the van. >> if you ride metro get ready for a slow commute. >> original m and blue and silver lines are ordered to slow down part of ert to resdaws the arching electrical insulators and smoke incident playing system. each train will travel at maximum speed of 45 miles an hour. metro engineers believe by slowing down the train they can reduce how much electric power the trains use. >> happening today members of national transportation board is meeting to discuss the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. it killed eight passengers and injured 200 others. the engineer may have been distracted before the train derailed. they were traveling more than half the speed when the crash happened. >> washington monument will reopen at 9 this morning crews finished repair
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elevator yesterday afternoon we're told computer chip on elevator control board needed to be replaced. >> gary mcgrady okay not the most cold start to the morning and not spring like if you catch my drift. >> i know what you mean. it would be nice if it it was in the 60s. >> showers across this morning. let me show you bus stop. the kid owes this morning need to plan for this not nearly as nice as where we were yesterday. 48 to 55 pickup time. we will have showers as well. i think showers pretty mitch once they get in here and they're going to start coming out across by 6, 7 a.m. areawide. later on, we don't warm up much after school. 54 to 5 58 depends where we ar are. 58 in town. lower to mid 50s. clouds and rain. it does look like the first part of the day just so you know is the rainest of the day part. so i'm not saying we dry out this afternoon.
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plentiful this morning. 56 here in town. mannasas down to 52. mannasas 52. dulles 52. they're not flirting with record low this morning. mar tipsburg 49. we can drop of a little more in town. perhaps we get down to 54 for actual morning low. showers are light. they're moving in from west to east now. give it more time and wet pavement out there. here's erin with a look at commute. erin como. >> 5:06 thanks gary grab an umbrella you need it this morning and patience once the rain moves n crash inner loop bethesda near rockville pike we have a news crew there and we'll get you live video from that location as soon as it becomes available. right now no major delays. actually let's look at video now. it's ready for you toy take a look at. al
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tractor trailer in the distance blocking shoulder with the cones. i would say allow for extra time. you see traffic to the left of of the screen getting by. but it could be a little while before that gets cleared up. a look back at maps faw void the roads and take metro today. metro is on time right now across all six rails i'll let you know if that changes light volume stafford and quiet dale city and looking good on 66 and looking at 270 next. any questions@erin "fox5" witness twitter. maureen, holly. >> the pro immigration group mrenz to rally to hold obama to his world to protect immigrant families. >> this comes after immigration enforcement launched a nationwide deployment to deport mothers and children. this meeting will be held today and move to the white house. >> george mason university does not need state approval to name law school after
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justice antonin scalia. they were scheduled to vote on the new name today. council will now vote on whether it has authorities to consider the name change. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning". merit garland preparing for another meeting on capitol hil hill. >> and downing of airline flight 17 suggests a state sponsored cover up . >> as we head to break♪ today will be the day they throw it back to you♪ . >> we're throwing the weather back. mother nature send us something else. time now 5:08, wet again, folks, sorry about that. that's okay. make it a good tuesday, anyway, "fox5 news morning" back to yo you, after ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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>> today voters hit the polls in kentucky and/or or tore for the democratic primary. hillary clinton needs 143 delegates to clinch nomination and bernie sanders needs more than 900. reps head to the polls in washington state next tuesday. >> new evidence suggests malaysian airlines flight 17 was shot down by russian missile. satellite shows it's headed to missile launch site five hours before destroyed. they have i maintained united states of america reen craneian missle is responsible for the crash. >> u.s. government is trying to help libian government reduce terror attacks they plan to give them weapons to battle isis and other groups libya asked for exemption from u.s. arms embargo. >> a school district in rural mississippi ordered by a judge to desegregate. over a legal battle since brown vers
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of cleveland divided by railroad tracks and dividing white and black families. there's an all black high school and middle school slightly more than one mile away there's a white high school and middle school they and they now must integrate into one middle school and high school. >> today rhode island senator jack reed plans to meet with president obama supreme court nominee garland. and senate republicans have refused to hold those hearings. fill the seat should be left to the next president. >> coming up on fox news morning. floyd mayweather boxing scene coming back. he says this is the only person they would consider fighting. >> as we head to break. a look across the d.c. region♪ i found myself a cheerleader♪ . >> time now 5:11. 56 degrees. all right. get your groove on. get yo
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talking about? >> "fox5 news morning" back after this enjoy the music♪
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mmmm, yoplait. >> this was a scream in maine, in may, with snow. >> they don't want to either. >> some areas saw as much as 2" making it biggest speak to fall for this late in the season. >> better them than us though. >> see we're not getting that as all about perspective right gar. >> i it's pretty. >> okay. >> oh, gary. . >> where are thousand. i'm where i'm supposed to be be from what they told me. >> go. >> snow on pennsylvania sunday.
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there were a few places up there i think just east of cleveland where they did have accumulation. happens it was close us to. right here around the city see all this. that's just ground clutter. that's not rain. back out to the west it's starting to move across. temperatures dulles 52. frederick 50. here gaithersburg 52. >> hoor in taken to 56. this is not cold enough for snow. bing ham town 48 and columbus ohio 50. area of low pressure stays primarily south of us. but the warm front stays south of us as well heaviest
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district. we'll have showers here don't get me wrong we're talking about probably less than or up to a quarter inch of rain before it's all said and done. 58 for a high today. warmer tomorrow. we'll still have showers for the first part of the day. it looks like into the afternoon we'll get into drier air. that will bring sunshine out for us. look at all the rain back out to the west. 100% chance of rain today as all of this has to come out across. forecast looks like this. showers and cooler today. with temperatures obviously only mid to upper 50s. couple spots may touch 60. no warmer than that though. some showers tomorrow for first part of day. we get into afternoon sunshine and few clouds possible on thursday but it does look like much nicer as high pressure builds in thursday to friday and temperatures there lower 70s. right now the weekend not that great. showers, thunderstorms possible saturday. there could be a few spots of moderate to heavy rain in
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thunderstorms. and right now i think unsettled for sunday. but a little better than day. here's erin. with morning commute. >> well, 5:17 now let's take a look at what is going on. metro delays you need to be aware of. switch problem outside west falls church because of that we have orange andville ver line delays in both drek and no alerts for the other four metro rail lines again orange, silver delays switch problem outside west falls church we keep you post on that one. eastern avenue picking up. reports we may have a crash at that lobe. have not seen anything in the cameras. right now heavy volume we'll keep you posted on that situation. 50 inbound seeing roll you'll increase inside the beltway. light volume 95 north between 6:30 and 6:10 and virginia droyv times dale city in the clear. 66 east and 267 let's take a live look outside and show you ho29
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up that accident and delay. i was telling you about you can see it there blocking should erin it appears not seeing traffic getting by. we'll take a look at what is going on. 295 southbound eastern avenue crash causing big delays. updates to come. avoid that stretch of road and keep to additional secondarys in the area. any questions for morning commute@erin "fox5" d.c.. i'll tweet the information about this csh and metro delay delays, mature and, holly. >> 5:18 is the time. wisdom checking out news time real tracker. >> first up country and super star amealo favara passed away the 54-year-old suffered a heart attack. he combined mexican american folk and pop tunes. he earned ten singles on the billboard hot charts and during 1990s he was used in rangler jeans and coca-cola
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partnered with miller lite to title his album life is good. . >> next up boxing. let's talk boxing. boxing champ out of retire. floyd money mayweather is willing to fight if he can fight conner mcgregor. both have been taunting fans with boxing very mma max-up. however mayweather says any fights would be done under boxing rules. mayweather retired 49-0 career record. >> and finally if you like comic books and super here row rows, warner bros. is in the work of movie spin-off with he her. with this superhero. or villan. however you wants to take it. would likely star margo and female superheros and villians because the world needs more comic book superheros. >> we have not had a superhero
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movie. >> there's enough to last us until we're dead and come back. >> super martin that's what i'm going super martin. >> i'm all about it for the right prison. >> thanks, wiz, more about what may have lead to deadly bus crash in texas. >> and teams bigger is betser when it comes to one kind of vehicle that american families prefer. as we head to break let's look across the d.c. region. getting happy. this tuesday morning. if this doesn't get you going i don't know what will. the weather is not so greatch the weather certainly is "fox5 news morning". we'll see you on the other side. break
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the driver sure vivrd the crash. it was on the way to acasino. >> the portion of the campus is blocked offer as police investigated. and then cents in and wind up blowing up the package it was unattended shopping back bag. there was nothing threatsening found inside the bag. >> bigger is apparently better when it comes to transportation. . >> research found 28% of women age 35 to are having three kids or more and the trend has created trend for larger vehicles according to motor trend suv sales are booming and account for over half of passenger calls sold in america and mini van sales totaled 5 500,000 units. >>
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cadillac escalade seems top morning americans. it was top large luxury. >> more than half visited the retail chain making it the most popular store in mcdonald's, number two spot subway, starbucks and walgreens rounded up rest of top five and while walmart tops list target came in sixth. >> hard to believe i thought target would be higher. >> i don't know across the country i'm going walmart. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> midwest. >> farry? >> what do you say? you target person or walmart? >> i want to tem you that there's some things go to for both but probably more consistently somebody that doesn't like to go to big box stores at all. >> gary. really? >>
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considered big box i don't think so. i think costco and sams probably big box. lie like those two places grea great, $150 store that's what i call. it mannasas 5 2. dulles 52. here's what's going on out there right now. just ground clutter right around the radar site. see how it's diminishing that's ground clutter. ground clutter doesn't move either. that's how we know it's not ground clutter and showers it starts to move west to east. they increase not only in coverage but intensity as well and looks like probably within oh, the next hour maybe hour and a half, all these showers kind of over take the area and make what is dry commute now into basically wet commute. showers this morning. showers around at lunchtime and still a few showers looking like for the late afternoon and possibly for the commute. however i will say this that
5:26 am
evening commute does look drier than what the rest of the morning commute looks like once the showers get here. that's a little something for you erin to keep in the back of your mind. once the rain gets here it will be slower out there. . >> i don't like the sound of that. thing are already slow and rain has not hit the area yet. 295 northbound crash before eastern avenue. they temporarily had all traffic blocked. right now that right lane getting by and left lane blocked and delays solid all the way north at 50 to that point and coming inbound things for a few miles 50 inbound to 295 jammed. let take a look at maps right now and show what you you're up against this morning. in addition to that metro problems. problem outside west falls church. delays both directions orange and silver line. we you have covered for soon to be rainy tuesday morning commute. that's a look at traffic. back to you, maureen and holly. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" today we're expected to learn
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deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. >> d.c. council subspits proposal to change mayor bowser homeless shelter plan. as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. nothing gets me going like up town function. love me some bruno mars. 5:27 the time now send us any music suggestions you may have and don't forget in fifteen minutes we'll talk on facebook about what you should or should not share on facebook how about that? we'll be right back.
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>> all right. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. today is tuesday, may 17. in case you were wondering it is fashional smoomy day. >> i was wondering about that. >> good way to start the day. our whole team is there. erin como i'll let you know what to 235eus during the commute and cigary is tracking today's forecast. whether you want to hear it or not we'll have more from them in a moment. here's what you need know before you head out today. checket
5:31 am
begin in northern virginia where a search for a gunman in s underway in the king's down area of alexandria around 2:00 this morning brady lane and collings immediate way. the victim should be okay. investigators have a vague suspect description to go on right now. >> this morning, d.c. leaders and people living in several neighborhoods want answers and justice after a wave of gun violence. >> two people were killed in alarming string of shootings monday afternoon. most of them happening in southeast. "fox5" melanie alnwick joins liver from the 6th district police station with what we know today, hey, mel. >> good morning, so imagine this. d.c. police we're dealing with 5 shoot ningz a span of four hours yesterday afternoon and now here in ward 7 there's been 20 homicides so far this year compare that to 8 homicides this time last year. and that in part is what has d.c. police moving up the usual summer crime deployment.
5:32 am
now to may rather than waiting until june. that first shooting happened in 1:00 in the afternoon before 1:00 at the valero gas station texas avenue southeast an argument and scuffle and man on knees firing towards someone on bening road. there was return fire and the man was struck and killed. and a witness tells "fox5" another man ran up and took the gun from the guy on the ground. a large crowd of grieving family and friends gather add cross the street fighting broke out at one point and then at 3:30 p.m. another shooting this one a few blocks away at 49 and b streets southeast. a woman carrying groceries killed in front of her home. d.c. police tell us this murder appears to be retaliation for the first. people in the neighborhood are nervous. >> when i looked she was on the ground. i mean, i saw them during the shooting. i mean i saw -- i ran for cove cover. >> people are getting shot up and killed and it shouldn't
5:33 am
that lady was walking in her house with grossyes she should not be dead. >> now, sours tell "fox5" the woman may be the mother of the texas avenue shooter. d.c. police had a lookout for a small red honda and nothing more about the suspectsch the number of violent crimes and shootings are actually down. however, it seems more tem are actually dying from their gunshot wounds which is what they attribute in part for mom side spike. i can tell new ward 7 current council member he vet alexander and gray ringing for that council seat are asking for more of an action plan before the summer months are upon us. southeast, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:33 the time. also in d.c., d.c. council plans to overhaul muirial bowser. >> bowser's plan is t
5:34 am
her idea was to lease private property for homeless shelleders in weech ward and council alternative plan would be to build the shelters on the land the city already owns. now the move would save the district hundreds of hill millions of dollars and city council could vote and finalize proposal as soon as next month. >> happening today national transportation safety board will meet to finalize what investigators believe to be the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia. a new report suggests engineer may have been distracted by radio communications before the derailment. now those communication he's to do with another train that was hit by a rock. >> and if you use the orange, blue, or silver metro lines you need to add more time to the commute. train operators on those lines ordered to slow down. that's part of effort to reduce arching electrical insulators and smoke incident playing system. each train will now travel maximum speed of 45 miles an hour. metro engineers believe swe
5:35 am
much electric power the trains use. >> oh, i almost hate to say it more rain is on the way. not far away. starting this morning bus stop forecast how to get the kid s prepared. umbrellas, rain showers. showers move across during the morning hours. that could lead to wet bus stops out there. here we go in terms of showers this morning showers before school and showers after school. it looks wetter before school than after school. more scattered showers later today. stromtracker radar shows ground clutter beginning to break up and we start seeing showers moving in. mostly south and west now but it won't take long for these to over spread the area. when it's not raining today it will be cloudy. temperatures will only be mid to upper 50s. so a little on the chilly side with these winds and rain. wind comes in northeast 5 to 7. he's
5:36 am
morning with a look at the morning commute. >> 5:35 and 295 not a place you want to be a crash between 50 and eastern avenue taking out two left lanes one right lane getting by and 295 this morning deals with backups of congestion. avoid that area. let's look at maps. avoid inbound 50 as well. you could see those delays from the maps you see that long line of red. 295 and 50 exit 202 save yourself time this morning. and 202 also going to start to backup. your best bet is to leave early if this is part of the normal route. we'll let you know many things get back to normal 295. as for metro commute switch problem outside west falls church causing problems delay both directions orange and silver line plan for that as well and any questions @erinfoxdc rain moving in and that cause askeditional problems. >> reserveers are one step closer to tracking zika
5:37 am
closer to tracking zika vaccine. >> and battle of the bulge may have more to do with what you do and not what you actually eat. >> and as we head to break live look outside across the zmv. time 5:37 back in a home. ♪ stand by me
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>> i'm maureen umeh back to health watch. major step to fighting zika virus scientists say they cloned the virus which is crucial in finding a vaccine. they're testing a vaccine on mice at the university of texas clinical trials could start fall but it will take several years to offer the general public a vaccine and some are using a form of small pox vaccine. >> treating acne may have to do with what's in cups green tea. women that took a green tea supplement had less acne around prob laem areas mouth, nose, chin. >> if looking to shed pounds exercise not diet 20 minute walk
5:41 am
risk. exercise reduces risk of stroke and several cancers. now they're saying it's exercise not diet before it was diet not exercise. >> just wait it will change next week. >> do both right. >> exercise. >> you need a heavier pen. >> okay. i'll work with that. >> put weight on that. >> okay.. >> all right. >> that one arm. woo, something else. >> coming up on "fox" news morning a new study suggestions most of us are addicted to wasting time and we love doing it in one particular way. >> as we head to break here's a live look across the d.c. region and time now 5:41 it's 56 degrees outside and it's going to be another wet day folks so grab your umbrella. "fox5 news morning" back after
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>> it's 4:45 coming up on that in 30 some seconds police are serving for the man that shot a man in alexandria. this is live picture braillely lane in kings town area. the victim was shot 2:00 this morning. we'll update you throughout
5:45 am
day. right now we'll talk with mr. gary mc grade quloy has the wonderful news that it's only going to rain for a couple more days and then be beautiful. >> it will. >> you're getting me all choked up. > that's what i thought. couple days wet here and end up thursday, friday, looks gorgeous. the way it's shaping up now and weekend goes downhill a little bit. i'm sorry i pushed the button too quick. there drying out now. tucker came in this morning and he said he had sprinkle as long the beltway. couple sprinkles in the area now. look at it coming in west to east it will be here. let's see it's approaching 6:00 now. and i would suspect by about 6:30 or so earlier in some spots it comes across and affects the entire commute. reagan national 56. dulles 57, bwi marshall 52. most read thingz morning are in the 50s. showers today. we're only going to top out
5:46 am
when it's not raining it will be cloudy. winds coming in northeast and that keeps us chilly today. tomorrow we'll have showers at least for the first part of the day. that's greatest chance of showers tomorrow with little sunshine tomorrow afternoon drier air original to south and temperatures should ago loued to get up into the lower to mid 6 0s. see high pressure that's what bring us super great weather latter part of the week. thursday and friday okay as high pressure builds in drier air and sunshine temperatures will go 60s and 0s. i think here in town 70s. 70 to 75 degrees thursday and friday. look at all the rain back out west of us. 100% chance of rain today and you see how it moves through little drier this afternoon and i do believe even this afternoon we have a chance for a shower here or there. and more numerous this morning and more scattered in the afternoon all right kind of lunchtime wright in middle there tiping point is lunchtim
5:47 am
temperatures again stay in 50s. we're headed to 58. showers for first part i day tomorrow 65. great on thursday, friday. more unsettled as we head to the weekend. here's erin with a look at traffic. >> rights now dealing with big problems crash 295 southbound side you can seat right lane is getting by. left lanes had been blocked. looks like traffic is starting to move a little. these delays are not easing this is just before eastern avenue and after 50. let's take a look at maps. i can help you get around that. traffic is not moving quickly. 295 and 50 exit 202 long line of red 50 inbound jammed several miles leading to 295 and well north 50 at this point. not a place you wants to piped yourself this morning. i would leave early to get around that one. incident shoulder inner loop rockville pike disabled tractor-trailer from an earlier crash. traffic picks up in bethesda leading towards
5:48 am
avenue. typical delay 181 to 118 and north of that point frederick to truck scales also a slow down. soym sorry in virginia north 95 dale city to 13. slow zone south stafford jammed 610. 66 still in good shape and 267 in good shape and dealing with closer look at that volume building to the truck scales. don't forget we have metro delays, orange and silver line problem outside of west falls church turning out buzzier than we see this typical hour. i have you covered erin "fox5" d.c. back to you wisdom and holly. >> 5:48 is the time megan kelly sits down in exclusive interview with trump. >> kelly's first interview with the nominee since last august gop debate and in preview trum trumpp talks about being bullied as well as his response to attacks throughout his campaign. >> most kids between ages of 6 and 16 have been bullied at
5:49 am
some point in their lives. were you ever bullied. >> no, i was not. but i have seen bullying and bullying doesn't have to be as a child. i know people are bullied when 55. >> can happen when 45. >> it happens right? but you have to get over it. fight back. do whatever you have to do. i've been saying during this whole campaign i'm a countser puncher you understand that. i'm responding. i then respond times maybe tin don't know i respond strongly. but just about all cases i've been responding to what they did to me. >> you can catch the full interview and more on megan kelly presents tonight at 8 p.m. here on "fox5"and megan tell by will join us live this morning on good day d.c.. >> okay. saw some. also in the news pro immigration group casa plans to rally today. hold president obama to world he will protect immigrant families it comes after immigration and custom enforcementment agents
5:50 am
nationwide effort to deport whim and children and unaccompanied minors. >> this will infrikt more pain on immigrant families it's held democratic national committee and will go to the white house. >> low income household students will get federal grants to get clem courses for credit of the. part of program obama administration begins to plan this summer. do you allen rolement program is designed to help students from lower income background. 44 colleges are expected to participate. >> more trauma for george mason university efforts to change the law school name aft late justice antonin scalia. the state planned to vote to approve the move and recently virginia state attorney says the university doesn't node state approval to name law school and now state council of higher education for virginia will vote today on whether or not they have a say or not. >> former partner
5:51 am
law firm in baltimore secured 6.4 million settlement from baltimore in wrongful death case of freddie gray has a new job. paula has been confirmed by senate to be a judge on the u.s. district court of maryland and she was nominated by president obama back in march. >> popular bethesda barbecue stand is closing doors and the deli has been around 15 years and owner arnie says he decided not to renew the lease earlier this year because of slow businessch the store's building built in 1924 and years ago was known to residents as browns. country designated it as historic site. >> let's talk sports now okay. golden state warriors taking on oklahoma city thunder in game one of western conference finals. >> all right it was tough go for usually on fire warriors. final score 108 to 102 and big take away here warriors struggled to make shots last night and super star steph
5:52 am
curry had a bad night making 9 from 22 from the field and big headline disputed call right here or lack there of. westbrook dribbles off the court and calls a time out and drags his foot. it's nba they all walk in nba they're loose with the rules. >> if you take less than four steps. >> right. >> you're doing good in nba. >> exactly. >> let's talk about what is happening on the ice. game two of eastern conference finals penguins host lightning and big play coming less than a minute to go. tampa bay turns it over in neutral zone and brandon russ takes it away and sets up for this one timener front. first career playoff over time goal. penguins win 3-2 and series end one. >> going on record staying with the caps out i careless about the stanley cup you. >> turning it off. >> yes. >> i bet you care about this guy's hair. >> washington nats allowed
5:53 am
bryce harper to make a fun cameo appearance on the tonight show she took part in the game of cash phrase and they faced off against andy sanburg and model. happener and fall on claimed victory despite nat slugger having a hard time for the phrase mic drop. >> usually drops the bat after he hits a homer. >> good point. back to business tonight as nats take on mets in new york. how about we've heard this phrase before how about netflix and chill. >> thought you would never ask wisdom. >> turns out americans are spending more time binge watching than hanging out with actual friends. >> are they watching because i'm not sure netflix --. >> tv is on. >> average american spends 1:40 a day watch thiring show and 38 minutes a day socialize. we spend twice as much time with remote in hand than with humans
5:54 am
forget about exercising, our fingers are getting the biggest workout americans spend 6 times more time watching netflix than hitting the gym. >> i can't do that. >> that's a lot of tv watching. >> i can't do that. >> i don't have time to binge watch if i do i fall asleep in the first ten minutes. >> after one episode i'm out. >> out. >> let's go to facebook fan of the day today. it's hillman says he watches "fox5" every morning while he does his girls' air hair. i love that picture. >> he needs somebody behind him doing his hair. >> exactly. >> if he takes the hat off gary. roll with me on that. >> he said his girls grew and torrey loves tucker barpz. if you want to be the next facebookp fap of the day post your pick below this picture. >> that's a great one i love i it. >> hey what better way to cheer up a rainy tuesday than
5:55 am
free smoothie. >> i'm game. >> in honor of national smoot smoothie day smoonly king is offering free 12 ounce caribbean way smoothie whichever way you say it. >> i say caribbean. >> i say yum. >> the offer is good at all d.c. locations 11 to 7 today. that's awesome i love that. where is closest smoonly king. >> let's see what we can put together. >> 11 to 7 right? >> oh. . >> come on. >> call them. >> see if they'll make exception. they may bring us one. >> maybe we can then promote i it. >> like we're doing now. >> exactly. >> you know what we're doing talking about anything about but the weather. >> did you see it. >> anything but the warm it's avoidance tactic. >> as this gets here we'll dry out a little bit. here we are. you see the showers coming across this morning and they'll continue to be with us as well. right on through the morning commute. once it g
5:56 am
it will stay wet. okay? temperatures outside this morning getting an idea we're up to 57 now d.c. and dulles 53 up a bit too and bwi marshall sitting at 52. in terms of where we are now the next several days it's 58 today clouds and showers. listen showers for the first part of the day tomorrow 65 and thursday, friday, sky she bright and drier 70s come back at least for a couple days and unsettled for the weekend. here's erin talking about what will be a wet morning commute. >> already problems already gary 5:56 you can see a stalled bus blocking left lane and two right lanes getting by. 2 95 southbound crashed 50 and eastern avenue cautioning huge slow downs, 50 inbound 202 is also backed up. really slow moving traffic there you can see how jammed we are exiting 202 saves you time 295 and 50. we
5:57 am
and silver lines because of problem west false church. keep it to "fox5 news morning".
5:58 am
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breaking now in fairfax county the serp for a gunman. coming up whether police are telling us about the victim and suspect. >> while in the district more violence five shootings and two people killed in broad daylight all within hours of each other. this morning the police chief is speaking out. >> before we get to news a live look outside on this tuesday morning. it's may 17. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> let's get to "fox 5 news morning". >> search for a gunman underway in fairfax after a shooting collings immediate way. that's kings town area of alexandria. one man was shot and is expected to survive. so far no word on motive and police are a vague suspect description. >> search for justice and answers continues after a wave of gun violence in the city yesterday. >> two people killed and terrifying string of shootings on monday afternoon. most of them in southeast washington. "fox5" melanie alnwick joins us now liver with the sixth


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