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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> and gearing up for a great day here. erin como is here letting you know about the commute. >> and gary mcgrady will have the forcast we'll have more from them in a minute. here are things we've been tracking today. let's start with politics. now to the race for the whitehouse. republican donald trump took on eye victory in oregon. >> it was a photo finish in the democratic primary in kentucky. hillary clinton and bernie sanders were neck in neck and clinton barely won and sanders won in oregon and it doesn't slow down the march to the nam naix though sanders said he is not dropping in the cais. >> megan kelly sat down with trump for an exclusive interview. she addressed contentious feud which played out on media and he responded to touch
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and she asked if someone hurt him or wounded him in the past? >> when i am wounded i go after people hard. okay? and i try to unwound myself. >> most kids between the ages of 6 and 16 have been bullied at some point in their lives. were you ever bull writeed? >> no, i was not but i have seen bullying it and it doesn't have to be as i child i know people bullied when 55. >> and when you're 45. >> i don't blame you you're doing your thing. >> he has regretted some abusive language he had but said he was responded tactics made against him. >> and -- before mitten door o of's death she was the topic of several lude and vicious posts on the fairfax and post had no to do with her
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put a microphone microscope rather on the web site in cyber bullying in that force. melanie alnwick swroyns us now from annandale with more on the story. morning. . >> it wants and outside opinion on what is going oned in the fairfax county fire department. in a statement, chairman said the board of supervisors directs the county executive to retain outside third party consultant to assess the working everyment within the fire and rescue department. focusing on equal employment issued, workforce morale, mental health assistants and communication issues saying that richie bowers is fully supportive of the initiative. nicole mittendorf committed suicide last month. they believe online bullying
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and harassment con trimented to her distress. anonymous posters on the underground site called her names discussed herself life and trashed her. other female firefighters received the same treatment. after it became public knowledge the department has zero tolerance on bullying and harassment and said there could be consequences for those involved. fairfax country fire department did an internal investigation and concluded that the department had no prior knowledge of what was going on with nicole mittendorf and online posts. it also has done task force that will continue working with the union and employees on workplace issues. and mission, will also talk to the fairfax country firefighters and volunteers about stress on the job and suicide prevention. live in fairfax county i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:33 is the time. happening today. day five in the trial of a
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baltimore police officer edward nero charged in the death of freddie gray. closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow. officer nero is charged with assault, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment as well. >> two police officers krimton montgomery and charles brown charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of james mc bride. medical examiner ruled his death was a homicide said he died of a broken neck caused by blunt force trauma. >> a 27-year-old taleb was charged with rain and sexually battery it happened in april and took place mannasas campus he was fired a week after accusations were reported to police. the driver accused of being drunk and striking and killing noah lee ot athis year is sa
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court gostatpo is facing six months to five years in prison. >> the city is buzzing with excitement about "hamilton" because it has an upcoming assistant at the kennedy cente center. if you want to score tickets. >> beginning 10 a.m. this morning hamilton die hard can purchase 2016-2017 season subscriptions to kennedy center which will put them first in for the 2017-2018 season tickets. got that? also making it possible to score the could have napt tickets for pulitzer show when it dae because in d.c. june of 2018. >> ten years from now. >> quirks get in line and make some contacts. >> what is going on with the weather. >> no doubt about it. here's where we are this morning. i just checked look teing observation for visibility across the area this morning. no problems out there. i think the lowest was down to 4 miles. so i'll continue to
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that. right now looks g i didn't have problems coming in at all this morning. rain to the northwest of us. i'll show radar in a second. temperatures this morning 55 in town. and lower 50s north and west. leonardtown you're 52 a cross the bay from cambridge 52 as well. temperatures on the cool side this morning and gloomy. stays gloomy today so you know. showers harder up towards hagerstown and i'll watch these this morning. there's a good lukely hood most of those showers this morning will stay north and west and not impact everybody with the morning commute. staying cloudy today. some showers. we only get to 60. i think you can hear aerin the tone in my voice it's not g i'll have the full forecast and talk about the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> we made it to wednesday, gary, hump day. that's good news. there also good news we're crash free around the dmv and we have construction overnight lingering and inbound traffic affected 5 duke between duke and seminary road and
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caution there. one lane blocked. as you can see the scene green on the map north of that to the 14 street bridge you're in the clear. more roadwork continues upper loop route 1 and upper loop richie marboro give yourself time for that portion of the roadway. it's on or close to schedul schedulement more traffic in a few, back to you maureen and holly. >> 4:37 is the time uttering the words segregation brings up images from the civil rights era during the 50s 60 tz and why a new study says we could head back to that direction. >> and controversial abortion bill admitting rights of women is one thing you're away from. >> and tracking other stories this wednesday morning. historic day on the floor of the u.s. senate. and find out why the person who would have been wiz card's lottery pick will now call d.c. or maryland or virginia home. >> a live look across the
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region today, little pressure princele for you janet jackson sneet we're hoping to get you pumped up on this wednesday morning. fox news morning, back to you
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>> 4:40 is the time now. the stories trending on social media. >> the realtime news tracker with holly morris. >> happy wednes
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the music world mourning loss of legendary jane little. died sunday after collapsing in atlanta. she was basis for atlanta symphony orchestra. 4' 11" she successfully managed to play the bass which stands more than 6 feet. she's hoping the begins book of world record will recognize her the longest tenure with one orchestra. >> in a controversial bill allowing families of 911ic victims to sue the country of saudi arabia. they view threats from saudi ar be aia to pull from the economy. it gives victims families the right to sue in any role the saudi gavrment may have played nat tack. the senate is urging the house to follow suit. finally nba draft victory for philadelphia 76ers they earned the number one pick
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for our home team the wizards got 13 pick and went to phoenix soups as part of a trade. >> remains to be scene whether that was a good deal or not. >> is it good or not. >> it doesn't matter all i know the sixers will waste it like they did the last four or five they stink. >> at some point it has to turn around when you're the worst team you get the first pick. >> they've only been back for decades it's all good. >> wizards at home tonight. >> good point. see you holly. >> coming up on "fox" news morning one auto maker believes in guest you hocked early and what they're doing to make sure your children stay local customers for life. >> as we head to break♪ a look across the d.c. region. time now is 4:42♪ all right. fox news morning back after this
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>> 4:44 the time breaking news from over seas more than 200 families believed to be buried under mudd in sri lanka. 16 people were found dead in the mudd and 180 rescued days after torrential rain on that south asian island. 4:45 is the time as we look liver outside. it was decent this morning and i'm not going to start complaining i'm going to toss over to gary and let him dot talking. >> let me dot explaining for you. >> we ran out of things to say about the weather we'll let you just talk. >> i came in this morning and started looking at stuff ands i was like no, not again the the reason i say that we were hoping for sunshine this afternoon. that does not look like it will happen. we were hoping for a beautiful day tomorrow, looks like it will not happen. okay? we're
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until friday. i'll show you the 7 day forecast in a second. here's the morning commute her here. we're dry now. visibilities down a little bit. but, again i'll keep checking through the morning hours. have not seen any problems with those. i think the lowest i looked was about 4 miles or so. we'll keep an eye an rain too. coming into northwest neighborhoods. washington county along 68 here in haag rz town and cumberland. these may oar may not drift towards frederick county and could make it to montgomery county and it looks like most of that will stay north and west. numbers this morning, 5 5 reagan national and lower 50s bwi. here's the weekend forecast this has not changed much. it looks wet on saturday. it really does look wet. in some places may get heavy rain. a little bit drier on sunday. maybe peeks of sunshine. still wet on sunday not quite as wet as it will be on saturday. big showers and storms to the south of us. you can see this area
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here. we have high pressure that builds in quicker than it will do. doesn't look like that will be the case. clouds today, showers today, and we'll have a couple of drizzly spots. temperature of 60. notice where the rain s this is 7:00 this morning on future cast. and again most of that wants to stay north and west. looks like primarily it will be a dry xhult for the metro area. and as we get into tonight still cloudy, possibility of a little drizzle and shower activity out there. again i don't think it's a wet day. i think there's a chance of shower here or there. some clouds still in the forecast tomorrow. but it will be dry. and friday, looks gorgeous. and again, we get into unsetsled weekend. i'm lose my voice, here's erin como. >> that's because your voice is mad ought for talking so much bad stuff gary. >> yeah. don't you hate when that happens. >> we match perfectly. >> inbound traffic now 395 duke to seminary we have construction and as gary mentioned more showers today
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know from all week what rain is doing to the morning commute. aside from that additional roadwork and a crash. it's on the shoulder inner loop after bw park way. because all lanes are on it's not causing major problems. it's out there. upper loop roadwork after route 1 reign caution there as well. we'll let you know when the roadwork clears. however you can see the green on the maps. sutland parkway inbound is quiet. no typical cop juston yet. we'll take a live look outside and see how things are shaping up for the early morning ride as you head on 270. 270 south 121 to father hurley wide on none of the southbound congestion yet norm of that point by the truck scales same stories, light, quiet, light volume. little increased volume pigging up in stafford on 95 coming in from virginia. we'll have more traffic in a few. any questions all my friend on twitter @erinfoxdc. back to you wisdom and maureen. >> the plan
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largest lessless shelter cautioning conflict. >> the counsel ill voted on a different plan than the one bowser proposed. that resulted in a heated change. >> good morning to you. d.c. leaders are very passionate about this and they have one goal in mind and that is to close d.c. general shelter the city's largest homeless shelter it's on how they want it to close that they disagree on. and here at the wilson building yesterday there ways heated council meeting yesterday where the council voted to over plans to shut down d.c. general by opening smaller shelt rears round the city opening 7 neighborhood based shelters and council voted on a different plan from the one mayor becauseer previously proposed. and under the new plan shelter locations would be changed and the shelter would also by or use eminent domain to require pr
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council shareman it would save taxpayers 165 mill joan and it's not a plan the mayor agrees with and two reporters standing nearby heard a tense conversation between the mayor and council mran. take a look at this tweet from a wamu reporter who heard the conversation and asked the chair noon confirm it took place. according to the reporter mayor bowser called mendelsohn an sxlestive liar you know we can't close by 2018. we asked about this and got reaction yesterday. take a listen what they had to say. >> believe me i heard worse. it was a private conversation. >> well, what i conveyed to chairman and i'll convey to everybody, that the council can make its own plan which she voted on today, but they have to tell the people the truth. and you cannot tell people we can close d.c. general 2018. >> i think i'll only say this, that's the the mayor was upset over some of thele
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before the council. >> now the chairman believes his plan can be implemented right away and he can guarantee d.c. general will close by 2018 a plan he says would save taxpayers 165 billion. that's the latest at the wilson building northeast d.c., annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> 4:a5 1st time a former police officer is charged in the murder of 2011 shooting death of anthony lamar smith. smith was shot and killed by then officer jason stock limit now, new facts reveal shocking evidence in the case. that evidence includes a dashcam video. a gun recovered from smith's car had officer stockton's dna on it. >> charleston south carolina a federal probe launched into the police department over eye controversial involved officer shoting. it was captured on cellphone video firing 8 times as walter scott a black
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a traffic stop. slager's trial on state murder charges is scheduled to begin in october. >> also, south carolina the state passed a bill yesterday ban ago portion after 19 weeks and it's now 17 state pass that ban and legislation allows exceptions only if the mother's life is in jeopardy for the doctor determines the feet cuss not survive outside the woman. average 30 aborgs are performed 20 weeks or beyond. >> millions of people who quork 50 to 60 hours a week without paying over time will now get paid under a new law. >> today, president obama will unveil a new rule to let full time salaried employees earn over time if they make up to $47,000. 476 dollars a year the goal is to boost pockets of low and medical income workers. it's been exactly 62 years since brown v. board of education and there's evidence of board resegregating. they're becoming
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isolated from white peers. according to government accountability office this means students that attend high poverty schools do not have the same access to students in other schools it goes against the lands mark decision of brown v. board of education to ensure every child has a fair shot at success. >> 31 athletes could be banned from rio summer owe limb 34reubgz. the athletes are us is inspectioned of using drugs. international olympic committees retested urine sample from 2008 games and those raised suspicions on dozens ever athletes. >> zika virus is on the mind of machby headed to olympic games in brazil. from a conflict of how much to spend battling the virus in the united states. white house needs 1.9 million to develop a zika vaccine. house republicans say their bill and white house has shifted from unused ebola
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funding. >> tesla motors is seeking to turn kids to future loyal tesla buyers. the car making is offering free test drives of toy version of model s. mini model s is designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 8 it's a replica of the luxury car complete with a sound system. it's sold out through july you. >> to be able to pay for. it i had a big wheel when i was a kid. i didn't want one as an adult. >> let's talk weather with gary mcgrady. >> wisdom, if you drove the model s wow want that car. >> if unbelievable car i ever driven. >> wanting and affording are to twivrp ball games. >> come on, man, sell some of the bentleys you have in the garage and you can get one of those. temperatures of 55 degrees notice morning. >> where are you laughing? >> why is everybody laughing? >> 52 baiming irzburg and 54 fredericksburg and we're dry in the city
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showers are. i'll zoom in a little bit. hagerstown you're dry now. these showers are close and kind of creeping in your direction. extending back up to chambersburg. frederick, dry, montgomery county dry. coming down 2 0 along 70 all dry. again this morning yes there may be a shower for the morning commute. and i do believe most of it will be dry. watch for a few drizzly spots as well. and that will be all day long. 60 in town now. gaithersburg 63 for a high and annapolis 62. hope foring a little sunshine this afternoon. really doesn't look like now it will happen. so when it's not raining just a little bit, not when we have showers around. it will be cloudy. few drizzly spots too and staying cool for may. this trend continues. here's erin como with a look at morning commute. hey, erin. >> good morning, 4:55 now problems spots in the district. northeast section a fallen tree is taking out the 700 block of 21 street northeast on the southbound side. northbound lanes on and this is
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right at the intersection of g street north of bening and give yourself extra time to get around that intersection and there's crews out there now. roadwork lingering in montgomery countsy and inner loop between georgia and university. outer loop plenty of green. none ever that typical morning congestion picked up yet. as you head from 95. if you take an early morning flight. quiet. same story reagan national and dulles crash on the shoulder bw parkway and inner loop and outer loop after route one that shows you down a smith. use caution there. aside from that in the district. 295 look going none ever the usual congestion and inner loop queue eight cross the wilson bridge. i'll let you know if that changes. 359 from alexandria northbound you hit a roadwork zone. gearing up for service right now that is on time. more traffic in a few. back to you maureen and wisdom coming up the battle for democratic nam
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continues to show a glils of the voting populous. >> and dams from for the mcmurray wildfire burning in canada could cost the country billions. >> and a quick look at this morning's stock futures. this monday morning international flare. hoping to get you moving this monday morning. "fox5 news morning" back after
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>> straight ahead fox news morning two special police officers faces potential of spending time in jail for beating death of a man outside med star washington hospital september erin today we're expected to learn more about the fate of the man accused of killing montgomery country officer noah lee ot aand it may be overcast and gray but there's less of a chance they'll see rain. "fox5 news morning" starts now. >> happy wednesday we thank you for joining us i'm holly morri morris. >> i'm maureen umeh it's wednesday may 18 it's national golf day. >> for who knew. >> the whole team is here. erin como will let us know what everyone will be facing during the commute this morning. gary tracking today's forecast. i don't know if it's


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