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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead fox news morning two special police officers faces potential of spending time in jail for beating death of a man outside med star washington hospital september erin today we're expected to learn more about the fate of the man accused of killing montgomery country officer noah lee ot aand it may be overcast and gray but there's less of a chance they'll see rain. "fox5 news morning" starts now. >> happy wednesday we thank you for joining us i'm holly morri morris. >> i'm maureen umeh it's wednesday may 18 it's national golf day. >> for who knew. >> the whole team is here. erin como will let us know what everyone will be facing during the commute this morning. gary tracking today's forecast. i don't know if it's
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golf forecast nonetheless maybe you'll be on the links. first though here are the things you need to know before you head out today and we'll start with a race for the white houxts republican presidential contest is over and trump took home a vick 20ry in oregon and photo finish in the democratic primary in kentucky, hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck clinton narrowly won claiming victory with a tweet and sanders is in oregon and won't do much to slow down clinton's march to a nam nation even though he's not dropping out of the the race. >> its with a meeting nine months in the making. megan kelly sat down one-on-one with presumetive nominee donald trump. it was first prime time special called megan kelly presents. it's the first interview between kelly and trump since she questioned him as remarks at the first republican debate in august. take a listen if kelly asked trump if he made mistakes during the
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>> you have made mistakes in the campaign you said the retweet about heidi cruz is a mistake. >> i guess you could say she's fair game she's very much involved with the campaign. >> that's --. >> trump did go on to say he regrets some of the language he used on campaign trail in reference to opponents but says he was only responding to attacks made against him. >> happening today members of fairfax country fire and ems team will meet to discuss bullying in the force. it comes after the suicide of firefighter nicole mittendorf last movement before her death mittendorf was topic of several lude and vicious posts on the fairfax underground site. the posts had nothing to do with her death but they put a microscope on the web site and cyber bullying within the force. melanie alnwick joining us live from annandale with more on the story, mel. >> reporter: good morning, and yeah, there's also a lawsuit agains
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alleging sexual harassment and hostile work environment and now fairfax country board of supervisors wants outside party to take a look at what is going on inside the fire department. board of surprise visors chair woman sharon bolava says the board of supervisors directs them to assess third party to address the working environment inside the work environment. workforce morale, mental health assistance and communication issues going ton owe say that the fire chief fully supports this initiative. you may remember of course how could you forget firefighter nicole mittendorf committed suicide in the shenandoah national park. they believe online bullying and harassment contributed to her stress. the underground site called her names and discussed herself life and trashed her. other female firefighters say they received the same
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treatment after posts became public knowledge. fire chief richie bower says the department has zero tolerance bullying and said there could be consequences to those involved. fair fame did its own internal investigation and said there was no prior knowledge in the department of what was being said online about nicole mittendorf. also said it will begin a task force working with union and also other employee groups to discuss workforce issues, morale, those sorts of things. also wanting to do a little more on stress reduction and suicide prevention. we should let you know that the group that plans to meet here today a grum of female firefighters said they were not bullied or harassed. live in fairfax county melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news" you. >> to the fight over the right to bear arms in the district. a federal judge ruled yesterday part of d.c. new gun law is likely unconstitutional and the judge ordered d.c. police to stop requiring individuals to show "good reason to get a perm
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general plans to appeal that ruling. >> and two officers were indicted in the death ever a patient at med star hospital center. cliffton montgomery and charles brown charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of james mc bride. he died last fall after getting into a scuffle with the officers while trying to leave the hospital still in his gown. the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide saying he died from a broken neck caused by blunt force trauma. >> the man accused of striking and killing noah liotta at a traffic stop is due to be in court. he is expected to plead guilty to vehicularants officer liota's death later this month gustapo is facing six months to five years behind bars for that incidents. >> a series again the mets would be a battle on the mound
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matt sherzers making a return last time since last year's no hitter. this time a different story. he and the mets, aka score could strike out ten in the end the nats fall short. they lose this one 2-0. >> all right. not a bad start to the morning. but you know could be a little better. >> could be warmer. >> i'll throw that out there. >> look at the glass half full. >> i think we need to wait until june to have may so you know. >> here is where we are on showers this morning. north and west. dry in the city now. just a few clouds out there. we get closer here. hagerstown, you're still dry. it's rain to the west of you here. certainly frederick county dry and northern sections of frederick country eventually rain. 53 this morning. showers. look here's the deal. there's a chance pretty much any day that we could have a showers. most of that concentration will stay north and west and we could have a little
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i'm taking a more astistic license later this afternoon may be a couple of breaks of clouds to bring us sunshine. could happen in places we had some yesterday and i think later in the week we could have sun poking through. but not much. it will stay dreary and gloomy with temperatures in the 60s. there you go. look at highs today. here's erin como with a look at traffic. hi, erin. >> 5:07 sounds like gary needs help in his step dreary wednesday morning. following northeast section the districts street closure 700 block of 21 street north east northbound side at the intersection of g street norm of bening road. give yourself extra time to get around that area. 29 a5 looking nice covered in green. montgomery county still tracking active work zone inner loop between georgia and university and inbound traffic now on 395 looking good northbound between duke and seminary despite
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zone taking out a lane. maryland driv times all clear and good 95 icc to beltway and 2370 from the spur and 50 inbound. we have you covered in and when the congestion or crashes pop up. holly. >> arlington county manager proposed 2.8 billion capital improvement plan for the country yesterday. >> the money would go to maintain the county i existing infrastructure and design a brand new community center and fitness center and it would be used for commuters on columbia pike and moving forward county will hold several work seeings and public meeting before adopting a plan and this is expected in jewel. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" the politics of social immediate today mark zuckerberg meets with people that say their side of political world is not being told on facebook. >> and five years after repeal of don't ask don't tell u.s. senate makes history with latest con formaition of obama nominee. >> a
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oh, yeah, you know you love the 80s. . little hall and oates. can't go for that. not loving the weather. team now 5:09 we're at 55 this wednesday. back after this.noe ♪ l
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>> happening now "fox5 news morning" at 10 a officer fata fatally shot an unarmed black woman quit his job. dante sesh inwas off duty when she shot a womanch the a judge later acquitted him of manslaughter charges. he gave his resignation days before the hearing to determine if she should be fired. >> thousands strabded in a income subway stop due to a massive fire under the train tracks. more than 150 responde
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fire that broke out. one firefighter was hurt and no one else was injured. they're trying to figure out what caused the fire and no world on when service will resume. >> canada wildfires turned costly. alberta lost 1.2 billion barrels of oil a day over the past two weeks. and right now fire fighters are still battling the wildfires. thousands had to be evacuated and they have no idea yet on when they can return home. >> mark zuckerberg meeting with prominent conservatives of facebook head quart he's today. facebook promotes progressive views over conservative ones and former facebook news editor says news editors placed a liberal agenda. and prohibits bias. >> coming up on "fox5 news morning" the dramatic story after a family held hostage for three months. >> and a funding proposal to fight the spread of zika. >> as
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look outside across the d.c. region on this wednesday morning. time 5:11. >> is that rain you're hearing. >> one thinking on the roads. i don't know. we're back after this more new news, warm, traffic, coming up ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free,
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it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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>> we are fol breaking news at 5:14 a earthquake has struck ecuador this morning near the same area a devastating quake struck last motion granted we don't know of dam or injuries at this time. we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning and bring the latest details as they become available. >> this next story makes awe appreciate rain more. this is a dust storm as it approaches the phoenix metro area. dust storms typically h
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during the summer when monsoons fire up. this storm forced multiple closures along 60 mile stretch interstate 10 southeastern arizona and southwestern new mexico. live look outside on this wednesday. little overcast. little cool. gary we're pretty much used to. it winds will change. don't tell me june. >> okay. moving right along here. look at the top line. you can see this top line on headline. >> sglae may gloom. >> it's what it is may gloom. you think, okay, okay i see a little lights at the end of tunnel and then it goes out. so, you know, i don't know what to tell you. it looks like if we get one good day this week and it does look like it will be friday. this may goom continues until june. very little if any sunshine today most of us don't see sun. maybe some of us will a li
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bit. friday super nice though. and weekend goes back downhill again. sorry about that. it looks wet. saturday the wettest of two days. 55 degrees. holly mention it's cool out there this morning. some spots in lower 50s. pittsburgh 50 not that you're watching us if you were not it would be 50. binghamton 4 1. detroit 46. columbus ohio in the 50s as well. high pressure for friday. once this high pressure builds in we were hoping and everything was indicating it would build start really building in tonight and be with us tomorrow. now it looks like it's delay delayed a bit and starts buil building in tomorrow and takes hold in a good way on friday and brings us 60s and 70s with enough sunshine on friday we may below to mid 7 0s. that will be super nice. then again more low pressure coming at is us for the weekends. saturday looks wet the way it's shaping up now. we could have moderate or spovts heavy rain on saturday. 64 for a high temperature
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surprised, 68 degrees. little bit better or little drier on sunday. still showers have to be incleared in the forecast. look where rain is this morning. mainly tracking norm:00 a.m. west. we'll keep a close eye on that and see how much if at all it affect the metro commute. 53 this morning with showers s there could be a light shower thoughts the day. any part of the day today. really we get into the latter part of day. afternoon, we'll be dry. >> maybe a few drizzly spots.-i temperature gets up to 60 or so. and if you dare look at the 7 day forecast. 60 today. 70 tomorrow. tomorrow is not bad it won't be great, great. mostly sunny and 72 friday. 64 saturday and weekend all downhill. here's erin como. >> 5:17 now. taking a look at drive times. maryland traffic slowing down on 270 south as you come in from frederick. 85 to 80. yellow zone once you get to gaithersburg and rockville things on closer to the spur.
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annapolis and buoy no problem. all green, all gx i like to see this in virginia. rights now quiet sdes spite volume in dale city. 66 problem free and let's look live outside and check in with other roads. right now 95 dale city to 123 increase the volume could slow you down a smith. queue eight cross the wilson bridge. quiet inbound. any questions for the morning commute on twitter we would love to hear from you. 5:18 metro is on time. back to you. >> let's take a look at the stories you're engaging with the most on social media. >> wisdom is checking them out with the realtime news tracker. >> first up we talk about this the senate con filling the nation's first openly gay leader of military it was. eric fanning will serve as secretary of the army and his confer maition was delayed several times offer the dispute to
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he said he supported the appointment but want add insurance from the white house terrorists from guantanamo bay would not be transferred to for the leaven worth in kansas. senator roberts reassured that in private discussions. next up, bernie sapd certifies refusing to apologize the chaos supported after igniting the democratic they said he was unfairly denied delegates. he received death threats and asked sanders cam tape pain to condemn the violence. finally there's no stopping jt. justin timberlake can't stop the feeling on the billboard top 100 list that's the fifth top spot as solo artist and it's one dance hit. move over drake. justin timberlake is on fire.
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it up as a ring tone. >> changing it. >> i can't stop it. >> you can't stop it. >> coming up "fox5 news morning" can an illegal drug be the key to helping people deal with depression and we're not talking about marijuana either. >> we all lived through wind gusts this past sunday was an example a whole lot windy here. nothing compared to what one manner durd. >> and as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. okay. this is got to get you going. little party song. getting ready for work or school today, time 5:20 we hope you're being cheered with the music we're plague this mornin morning. "fox5 news morning" back after this. sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> welcome back to fox news morning. this map larry howard pacen facing multiple kidnapping and robbery and firearm
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after holding his family hostage in the florida home three months. howard allegedly threatened his family with a shot gun and he has denied charges. >> road closures near the capital after a man drove his truck on the national mall and told police he had anthrax. investigators say the man never made threats he was just concerned he was exposed to the substance. turned out to be a false alarm and mental illness may be to blame. >> also here locally senate voted yesterday to advance a bipartisan compromise that would provide 1.1 billion to battle zika virus as it begins to threaten continental united states. the amendment is attached to two unrelated spend bills given final approval. 500 cases of zika have been reported ft. u.s. so far. >> and shock for one customer at a lowe's who was bitten by a 4 foot long copper head snake he was shopping in the lawn and
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serpent. they called 911 and around 500 people a year are bitten by poisonous snakes in north carolina. >> you've probably seen it online. it's blowing up on social medi media. two weather receivers on top mount washington on top 100 miles an hour winds. the men look look rag dolls. record breaking wind tore through the area monday. wow, check that out. talk about resistance workout. >> seriously that is crazy. >> wow. >> mean while, that low's story you can say home depot. >> yeah, no garden for me. >> all right. all our gardens are getting watered that's for sure. >> wow, no doubt about it. hopefully we'll turn the spigot out and dry things out for june and then we'll complain about the heat and humidity.
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something you know how it s bus stop forecast i think most of the rain this morning stays north and west. but i still have to include a chance of shower or driz thl morning. breech for. it we stay mainly dry today. cloudy, cool temperatures 55 to 60 or so later on this afternoon. we still are stuck in the clouds. winds coming in from the norm and northeast. that keeps us cool. and we'll be on the unsettled side. visibility is not a problem out there this morning. i want to show you this we're looking at tower cameras this morning and it looks gloomy out there. but the fog is not a problem. lowest visibility is annapolis at 4 miles and that's not a problem at all. temperatures starting off on the cool side, 55 right now. dull cec 52. winchester 52. mar tipsburg down to 51. where the con step traition of showers are north and west. hagerstown showers to the west of you.
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i took a sneak nooek your office it was not bad this morning. >> just like that it changed we have metro delays for you. if you take the orange or blue line single tracking between mc fear sop square and federal triangle some unschedule the track work watch for delays and that says through tonight's closing. we'll keep a close eye on this that mrng again affecting orange and blue line. in addition to that as you make your way out dealing with a closure in prince william. pipers lane south of 28 closed because of tractor-trailer near the tracks. you need to detour around that one. notice 95 looking good towards 395 now and virginia drive times quiet in stafford picking up through dale city 95 northbound look going 66 and problem free 267 and maryland commute slowing as usual by the truck scales 270 south and thing outer loop by georgia any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter
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>> coming up on "fox5 news morning" you're few minute away from being able to get tickets on what will soon be the hottest show in town. >> and sun screen may give you less protection than you think. >> let's look live across the d.c. region imagine the morning mix now madonna she's good to get you going on a wednesday, rig
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it could slow you down. a live look in prince william next. and we'll be back with a little more traffic. back to you guys. >> 5:38 is the time. coming up on "fox" news morning and may be safe for to you eat. and the farming that's a different story. >> 30 of the lest athletes in the world have been band from performing at the summer olympics@
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>> i'm maureen umeh and researchers in england found active come bone tent magic mushrooms helps patients with symptoms. they're urging people not try the drug themselves. >> national academy of sciences say genetically engineered crops are
5:42 am
animals. they found gmo crops, safe farmers in united states money. gmo farming is not only creating food but super weeds resistant to bugs. >> and is your suncreen living up to protection. consumer reports investigation finds spf presented on bottle may not be the protection you're getting on skin. out of 65 sun screen locations tested 28 tested below advertised protection levels. i guess the information there is beware if you buy sun screen may not give you full protection. so. >> double up. >> and reapply often. >> it's been a while that we needed. >> no you need it every day that's the myth even when it's hot out. >> when cloudy 'rainy. >> you can get a sunburn in the clouds. >> missed that memo. >> i'll give you my dermatologist phone number. over time pay could become a reality for millions of under
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compensated workers. >> a live look across the dmv. time 5:42 back after
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>> this morning, we are learning more about last year's amtrak derailment. that killed eight people, in philadelphia, the national transportation safety board says the trains engineer, made a standard human error, 12 month investigation revealed the engineer may have been distracted by radio chatter
5:50 am
about an emergency situation involving another train. >> in the event of distraction, we may take attention away from the primary task. to tend to the interferance, when it comes back to where we were, may have lost the place or forgotten about it. >> going more than twice the speed limit when it jumped the tracks. positive train control could have, could have stopped the train altogether when it recognized the train's dangerous speeds. >> former st. louis police officer charged with murder in the 2011 shooting death of anthony lamar smith. smith shot and killed in december 2011 by then officer, jason stockily. but now, new facts reveal shocking evidence in the case. that evidence includes dash cam video where he is hurt heard saying he planned to kill smith. gun recovered from smith's car also
5:51 am
>> charleston south carolina federal probe launched into the police department over controversial officer involved shooting. now, officer michael slager was captured on cell phone video firing eight times at walter scott, black man, who ran from a traffic stop. on state murder charges, scheduled for october. >> south carolina state passed bill yesterday banning abortion after 19 weeks. it is now the 17th state to pass the ban. the legislation allows exceptions only if the mothers life is in jeopardy or if the doctor determines the fetus cannot survive outside the womb. on average fewer than 30 abortions a year are performed at 20 weeks or beyond. millions of people who work 50 to 60 hours a week without getting paid over time are now going to get paid aunt new law. >> today president obama will unveil a new rule that will let full-time salary employees earn over time, if they make up to $47,476 aea
5:52 am
pockets of low and middle income workers. >> thirty-one athletes could be banned from the summer olympic games in rio. athletes from 12 different countries suspected of using drugs. international olympic committee said it retested urine samples from the 2008 beijing game. those tests raise drug suspicions from dozens of athletes. >> if you commute to washington from parts north, you probably won't be surprised to learn the worse bottleneck in all of maryland is the merge between i270 and the capitol belt way. dc based research group out with it new list of the 30 worse bottlenecks in maryland, the experts say it will be a decade or more before any significant relief is realized along the i270 corridor. >> new study out will make you want to become a ceo. just that some recall. >> you needed a study for that? >> needed a stot l. now, apparently they make 355 times more than the average worker. we needed a study to find that out too? >> from the duh files. >> c
5:53 am
accompanied may $12.4 million on average last year. the average worker makes around 36,900-dollar. now, that's up from 2014 when the average worker was only making $36,000. all right, in 2017 companies will have to disclose how much their ceo's make compared to the median compensation of their employees. >> everything olds is new again at ford. car and driver reports the blue oval is bringing back its mid-size ranger pick-up truck in time for the 2019 model year. surprise expected to be below $25,000. ranger once kid of the mid size truck selling 350,000 unit all the way back to 1999. >> really? i didn't know they had gone away. i like that truck. new this morning. want to get married? that's what the script says, not me asking. new study says it is good for your health, and in marriage will lower your risk of becoming a alcoholic. scientists say marriage lowers the risk by 59% in
5:54 am
in women. there is one caveat, though, alcohol abuse happens in marriages where a partner is cheating or one person already has an alcohol problem. okay. >> funny stud thinks morning. are you burning the midnight oil? working odd hours? why, yes, scientists say if so you ikely noticed aside from being tired, blue, and having weird eating patterns, there is a new down side. >> oh, more. >> wonderful. >> knew study finds people who work irregular hours have impaired cognitive function. >> oh, that explains a lot. >> will mess with your memory, ability to learn, and concentration. the good news, the impact is not permanent. scientists say working regular hours will reverse the damage. >> now, that was the funniest study of all of them. that's when it affect us. >> okay. hey, listen, it is time for our facebook fan of the day. and today both of these lovely ladies are celebrating their birthday. >> oh, okay. on the l
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she turns 31. and on the right, that's ankle leak. today is her 30th birthday. we hope both of you have a fabulous day. and thank you very much for watching. have a great and fabulous birthdayment happy birthday to you. facebook page! >> listen, weaver showers, mainly north and west, everybody else is cloudy. visibilities are fine. most of is above 4 miles. so don't worry about any fog. little drizzle from time to time today. clouds, showers, and here is that forecast. couple of drizzle spots, up to 60 degrees. what's going on with may? i tell you, this is a dysfunctional may if i've ever seen one. sixty today. seventy today. seventy-two, friday looks gorgeous, okay, then into the weekends, saturday, definitely looks wet, some showers still around on sunday, so, you know, we've seen better weekends, then again, seen better may's, too. here is erin como wi
5:56 am
at your hump day traffic. >> than i -- thank up, gary, walking in from the traffic office. a lot going on at 5:55, tracking down tree. live look northeast section of the district. this is a portion of the 21st street between h and g. just north of betting road. large tree, work truck at that location, a sign letting you know it is closed, give yourself some time to get around. see car making its way around that tree. however, most lanes are completely block there, that is that portion of 21st street. we will keep you posted on that one this morning, we move it over for a look at the maps, we have several other slow-downs this morning, 270 south coming out of frederick, jammed up by the truck scales. and inbound traffic, very slow to do you remember house, and the usual spot, we go ahead, take a look at those, virginia drive time next. more traffic during your 6:00 hour. back to you guys. >> all right, ahead at 6:00 big cities and big bucks you need to simply rent a two bedroom apartment. we'll tell you where dc ranks.
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concerns any service into a controller for smart devices inside your home. local team sets world record for the most pushups. and we've got all of that and much more straight ahead at 6:00. pushups. that's what we are talking about. >> as we head to break, live look outside across the dc region on this hump day. time is 5:57. i love that song. that's getting me going. good jams. fox5 news morning back right after this. don't go anywhere.
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this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 cyber bullying center stage today in fairfax county. >> this coming a month after a local firefighter took her own life after allegedly being harassed on line by co-workers. >> plus debate continues over plans to shut down dc's largest homeless shelter is. the mayor even cursing at the council chairman. live look outside. it is wednesday morning. may 18th, crossing my fingers, we get little sun today. weather and traffic coming up on the 5:00 at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison. >> i'm steve welcome to fox5 news. developing overnight, middle school montgomery county target of break-in this morning, police tell us somebody broke into lee middle school in silver spring, just before 2:30 this morning, and that's when the burglar alarm went off. investigators say it appears th


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