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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  May 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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after another day time shooting and southeast dc. >> a man rushed to the hospitali and died after being shot multiple times. paul wagner live tonight on then seen. >> reporter: jim and sarah, dc police are hoping this is not the beginning of a trend troubling trend you may recall monday five day time shootings in the span of four hours two people killed. now today here at 1:00 in thehe heart of anacostia, we're not far from martin luther king avenue in the big chair just to give you some perspective. a 24 year old man was shot to dc police say by a teenager with dread logs who ran from the scene. >> as dc police were on the scene detective appeared to be focused on a sedan that ran off the road on on to the sidewalk as well as a hummer and a pile of clothes. shortly before 1:00 officer from the 7th district
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down for the sounds of gunshots. 24 year old man was taken to tho hospital where he was pronounceo dead. police say a black male late teens shoulder length dread likes was seen running from then scene after the shooting.otin elected officials to the scene that is become king all toooo common. police spent hours onhr mount view placing evidence markers inert strew around thest clothing on the ground and a hummer parked at the curve. white also came to the scene. he's running for the ward eight seat on the dc city council. >> i think dc state of emergency as it relates to crime and our it's too casual, to common people need to be outraged, the police the community, mayor city council everybody got to geto ge involved. there's a solution to thistos problem but it takes more people to get involved, man. and it's too much fighting going on in the street, man. violence is becoming
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into. >> reporter: those two murder that ihose mention that were cad out on monday one of the victims was tracy cooper. she was shot on the front lawn of her home on 49th street southeast. last night dc police arrestederr her son, keith coop personer charged him with attempting too retaliate against the people he thinks murdered his mother. late today he was released from dc superior court with an order to stay away from this people. he was placed on high intensityy supervision. live in southeast paul wagner fox 5 little news. >> new at six the manning who caused chaos on the national moh has been find. park police say the man is kevin osborne from spotsylvania, he's received 20 -- 250 dollar ticket. threats.made he was just concerned. he had been exposed to the stains while at a virginia farm. turned out to be a
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and the man may be suffering from a mental illness. suspected drunk driver accused of killing montgomery police officer appeared in doubter. pled guilty to see i can hickan leer manslaughter inside a courtroom this afternoon. aft he struck and killed officer noah leotta last december. he is facing up to five years in prison. he is expect haded to be sentence haded at later date.lae a young man given a thirdir chance at life after receivingng kidney trans plants was kilterl today his murder learned he will spend four decades in victim. he was sentenced in montgomery for first degree murder. judge sentenced him to life spending all but 40 years in prison. eilled harris during home invasion in silver spring.prin over a playstation and two tv's. >> jonathon was the other half
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i have two heart. one in heaven and one right here with me now. so, the only thing that i can say is that knowing jonathon, he would say, mom, stop worryingor about me.t and that's what i'm going to trt to do. >> says part of a 32 person kidd 93 transplant exchange he was among 20 patience hads that receivessed a kidney. into supra a group of fairfaxfax county firefighter gathered to tend rumors their department is dealing with bullying and harassment.ha allegations come after suicide i of the fire fight. female firefighters say following her death negative attention has hurt morale. >> never once was i treated any differently because it simplyus
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since graduating i've been received with open arms no matter where i am. men and women of this department have taught me everything i know. i've never been judged by anything other than my character and my personal work ethic. >> spite public statement from s the female firefighters outside consultants are expectedded totd investigation her death to dermoma widespread the legitimatess of bullying are. >> dc fire department is wrapping up a day long emergency drill involving a scenario thatt played out two weeks ago. the drill is stimulating a traia crash an vehicle derailing leading to has a star did you see chemical spill.l. jumped traction and spilledpil material there. officials say the drill today at medstar georgetown hospital, the mock decontamination of people o exposed to hazardous chemicals. >> this is the first time we pue it together. the parts are working together r very well.
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we find the system is working correctly and quickly.uick so if we're real event were to okay cure we are ready to deal a with that. >> officials say was to make sure government and community agencies are ready to protect po the public in the event there t wouldhe be a real 48 train terrl many with hazardous spill. >> yoga pants and skinny jeans, popular pieces of clothing band in one school district. dis one states effort to get new parents more paid time off. o more on that. hey sue. >> hey there jim and say remarks i think everybody is ready to see nor sunshine i have some in the forecast. but tonight its kinds of cloudy there are light and spotty showers one of thoseo is right over downtown dc. shawn and tony are live at the howard theaters with a big crowd gathering for empire finale we don't want that dr
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around there any longer. high guys. >> this is beautiful historiciso howard theater. >> i am going to get our empirer stroll on, i'm going to get my cookie stroll. the crowd right now is huge. there are people out here readye to come in and see the finale tonight and look who else is here. i just did my cookie stroll. get your tucker walk on. on. the tucker walk. talker is here to do his walk. go ahead, do the tucker walk. >> tucker walk. >> go ahead, tucker. tucker has fans doing the tucker walk. so much fun we're having liveg outside the howard theater. we'll be back with more fox 5 local news at
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>> dc police have joined thece search for a dog that was stolee right from someone's car in then middle of downtown dc. >> tonight that doggies maggieht her owners offer a 10 thousand dollar reward. the young boston terrier was taken from the car. the owner left her there and they broke into the car. she was hill when she was takenn and she needs special medicinesd they are putting flyers out in the hopes that someone spots heh and returns her. >> we had a group of friends out last night looking hoping she was in an alley or even a dumpster or trash can that someone had dropped her. but, now there's a black markete for small adorable dogs. >> question many of you have why was the dog left in the car, the couple says it was because they were running errands at the time time. >> so there's a little back lash, at the same time people,. >> its still a
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and here 10 thousand dollars isl a lot of money you consider the thousand dollars as matt acklank reported before those dogs are they are going to out bid the black market. >> where matt was at that's a busy intersection, someone basin enough to do that during the dag when a lot of people could see, you got to be careful withef you're pets. >> absolutely. covering your backside isel getting a lot of t back lash. >> blag out in north the new hanover county schooloo system wants to band leg b beginnings, skinny jeans and tight fit finger pants. there's a loophole the clothingc has to be covered with a top offer >> it takes me 45 minutes to ges out of t the school parking lotr the fact that our school is over populate attempted and that the bathrooms or falling apart. >> well that's a really interesting point. the board of education sayson student feedback is
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might not be able to honor whatr students want. i don't recall that everver being a major issue. i remember going to school they were bang open today shoes andnd shorts that was distraction, its a very good ... schools have to concentrate on n some of the things that matter t these days, clothing maybe not m so much.. there may be good reasons why. we are just not seeing it rye now. >> one city in ohio. >> starting full time employeesp will get six months pay maternity and paternity leave. its the first in the nation to t offer six months. >> the rest of the world is far more generous and values that first couple of years in some cases many of the european nations are two years. i think we're behind the times. i think this is just a step to catch us up.p. >> employees received full
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leave. leave run with family medicalal leave if the employee wishes. >> in that's amazing of the twoa years in some places oversees. wow. >> baby steps. >> w i didn't mean it that way w it worked perfectly. [ laughter ] >> all right. let's talk about the empire season finale party. it is under way at the howard theater. >> we are live on the red carpet there's a look at what is goinga on. big a lot of people showing up. we see people doing the tucker barnes walk. wal we of course will check in a little bit later. ♪
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>> all right.>> a empire fans brace yourself tonight is the night fox 5 is live at the howard theater
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the empire party. >> who's getting married.ri they are live on the red carpet as they await the answers too those questions, hey guys. >> hey jim, hey eyra, we are going to get the answers in fact. >> let me tell you something,te no.ll no. no. i bet we don't get all the answers to those question #s.uet and there will be new questionse tonight as well. >> we are life outside the howard theater. we are on the red carpet. look at all these people.eopl are you guys ready? >> all right. >> come out here. show them your shirt. team cookie. >> anybody seen lieu shuts?
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>> some of the guys are team lucious. this is going to be an excitingt show. stuff is going to go on here. we're going to find outin what happens tod jamal. do you know jamal is going to live or do you know he won't survive? >> i think jamal is dying. >> who's going to get married, cookie and lucious or hakim. >> cookie and lucious. >> the telephone wins.s. -- devil wins. let's also show you who else is here guess who shows up. i don't know what they're going to do tomorrow morning, wisdom martin is here. kevin
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>> thank you guys so much. >> all right. all let me ask you, is this your cookie look? >> clearly, we are very excited to see everybody out here. we've got our own holly morris. all right. is this your cookie look loo tonight? >> yes it is, no i'm giving out about boo kitty tonight.ight -- boo apps boo kitty. >> so, you come down and stand outside and wave. >> we're going to be allison and holly will be on with us tonight at the news at 10 kind of recapping everything. kevin andca annie are live on social media. so be sure to follow us on twitter, snap chat.
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>> wisdom you are just here to look good. >> best jacket ever. >> back to you guys. we'll see i was little bit later on. >> see you guys later. you would think we've never been on tv before. [ laughter ]. >> so many people down there had jacket on. >> it is chilly. i didn't see any umbrellas umbre earlier in the 5:00 news theresr was a little drizzle, that's the bus kill we don't need tonight n on our empire finale it should be allot of fun we'll be recapping that later tonight. and recapping the weather i have a change guess what, still kindd of murky out l i think if we see any showers going through the rest of the night they will be very isolated confined mainly mi west. a couple that have been a bit more persistent than others, i think you are going to like ouro weather headline are you ready for the big reveal.ev here it is in three, two, cloud, are going to break
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bit tomorrow maybe not so much in the morning. but the afternoon should be much sunday year and that will help our tell me temperature get up to 73 degrees.. bonus we're going to do it agaii on friday.on there will be a little bit of cloud cover in the morning. more sunshine friday. 73 degrees nice and dry out for a couple of days. we will need to dry out too, because i'm sorry to say i can't keep that streak of two days of sunshine going into the weekends, saturday so, still looking wet. temperatures today little bit i mean proved from yesterdayve getting into mid 60 fortunately. tomorrow 70.tomorr 76 is average for this time off year. it is still a little chilly witw lack of sunshine. 64 degrees. still need a jacket. here on may 18th, 59 already in frederick.k. 55 for martinsburg. i don't know if it's a mistake or not when i looked at the battled more washington climate data baltimore had a low of 37 last night crazy cold. spotty showers. primarily west of dc.
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i want to get urge a little bitt closer tracking lighter showers right in the districts. they've been persistent, beginning to dry up quite a bit didn't see umbrellas down towarn the howard i didn't see anythina falling when i was out in front of northwest dc. i think those are going to be oo the way. we'll see how many of these showers are pushing out parts of loudoun county could produce aru shower for you the next hour or two.two. certainly bigger set is that with this staled frontal boundary still in place we don't completely break out we'll have clouds and pot tea showers later to a little bit of improvement tomorrow, one last trigger, maybe west of dc and then somen clearing and sunshine forine thursday afternoon. really great finish.inis skies will look like this in the morning. more clouds. by noon sunday starting to take over. by 5:00 sunshine for much of the area with temperature of 68 degrees. that should help us
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for the high tomorrow here in the district. upper 60 to near 70 foreverr where wells.e great to get a dry day in the pipeline because this is what is next. area low pressure going to be tracking across the tennessee valley over to the coast southern storm system means thea have a lot of moisture right non saturday is looking wet. sunday improved a little bit. weekend forecast with the rainn and maybe some significant raint for parts of the area depending on where that low track 62 degrees. sunday brighter at 70 degrees and we'll have a few showers but i think those will be confined to the morning as we kicks our system out of town. definitely you can see thehe difference that the sunday makes, temperature spikes by 10 degrees when we get the sunshinh going. we should have more sunshine on monday with a shower possible. i transition tuesday and then into wednesday into more of a may m like pattern when we see the big baseball on sunday that's because it oceanauts weather day, fox 5 weather t
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care of that for them. t we have a lot of kids coming out we teach them about the gamehe then they watch the game. best part about this year one o dollar from ever ticket is going to go to leukemia and lymphoma society. >> thank you, that's one of o o our favorite causes here. >> the weather looks like its l going to be icing on the cake that day. >> we usually have real low seel weather.athe lightening. >> i know. should be good. >> we'll be right back. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do.
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w up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> welcome back everybody we ar live outside of the howard street for our empire finale party. and as you can see the crowde that is grown behind us.ewn b and folks are all excited.xcit >> it is going to be a great night. of course the season
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empire coming up on fox 5 at nine clock. we will be back at the studio 10:00. we are partnering with the folks at radio one, magic. don knee simpson is going to be here. we got annie and kevin live tweeting and snap chatting wehat got you covered. >> there's wisdom martin, allison seymour, kevin mccarthyc they are all out here. are you guys all excited about the big finale? >> we want to thank the folks as the howard theater. they have been, the second timee they hosted this for you it is a beautiful theater.ful check us out. u >> foo follow us on all our social media '80s if you take pictures send them to us as well. >> backs to you guys. >> we'll see you back here
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little bit. we hope tonight,ht, enjoy the night then you comeyo back here at 10:00 and watch uses. n>> you dated 7-day forecast for you were trying to chase theas t rain out of here saturday. jim lokay's birthday, it's a its national holiday. hol a little horse race up the road. need that to get a little bit better. tomorrow and friday lookingng great. >> institute a.nsti thank you, sue. >> we'll see you tonight at 10 .
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: more high jinx. chris brown kicked off an airplane for hotboxing a jet and now he says -- >> he kept asking my homies for an 8 ball. harvey: it's a good bet the pilot who called the police wasn't trying to score an 8 ball. >> each to his own. harvey: here's the difference. you don't want the pilot getting marijuana smoke. >> unless he has the 8 ball as well. >> waka flocka, posted a video of a child locked in a dog cage. >> you want me to bond you out? >> your guys' parents never played these cool tricks on you guys? >> no. harvey: maybe i grew up differently and you grew up differently. >> how so? harvey: women can vote now, for example. >> megyn kelly did an interview with donald trump ye


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