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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  May 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> rights now at 10:00 a security guard arrested accused of blocking a transgender woman from the ladies room in a grocery store. new details about what happened. >> and bullets were flying in a virginia neighborhood. tonight, homeowners are speaking out. >> and the two bullets went in, one went through the pillar and one went through the wall. >> ome the season finale of "empire" was so juicy. we have all the highlights. fan reaction. all live from the howard theater. "fox5 local news at 10" starts right now. . >> thanks for joining us tonight, everyone, i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm tony perkins. >> right over the top tonight a grocery store security officer is facing charges after allege allegedly attacking a customer. >> customer is reportly a transgender woman trying to use the growingry store woman's rm.
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tish a, what happened shawn and tony a disturbing story to report it happened at the northeast giant and if you look behind me over my right shoulder you can seat actual bathroom at the women's restroom and the customer reportedly transgender woman was attempting to use the been room inside the restroom. once inside we're told the security guard reportedly followed the customer and used physical force to escort the customer out of the bathroom. that's when an altercation ensued. the security guard was arrested for simple assault. what's interesting about this and working with my photographer norris if you go down there you see the hallway and this is where the customer -- and there had to be several witnesses at some point seeing what happened and it was also all captured on surveillance video. and also, tonight, "fox5 local news" learned the transgender woman is ebony bellchar. we had a
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social media via twitter we're waiting to hear back more information about what happene happened. what we did know the scuvle happened noon today finlt 300 block of eighth street and captured on surveillance which police reviewed before arresting the security guard. giant has released the statement saying "as this matter involves a third party that provides security services for giant and there's an ongoing criminal investigation, all inquires related to the incident at the 8th street giant should be directed to the local police for comment at this time,". we spoke with the national center for transtransequalty and this is another reminder that more education and dialogue is needed. >> companies can take the initiative on training not just their staff but any contractor employed with their company as well. educating
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the law is and that in their facilities transpeople have the right to use bathroom with gender identity and let them know under no circumstances is it okay to physically attack customers. and that was joanna defreno a transgender woman. this is reminder of d.c. to recap using whichever restroom they feel fit and transgender woman pick what identifies or suits their gepder identity. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> d.c. police tonight investigating a deadly shooting in south east near the intersection of mountain view and morris. someone shot and killed the 24-year-old victim and police oyvrd him as thomas merity the sixth shooting since monday in the district and three deadly. lease are looking for the gunman
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there's no word on motive. >> police are investigating several bullet holes found at two homes in mannasas. let's get right to "fox5" marina morocco live at the police department with the latest. marina. >> tony, police not saying whether this was random or targeted act however it was definitely something that spooked neighbors as they saw two bullets fly into their house. take a look at pictures. you see a bullet here in one of the bedrooms that pierce aid pillow laying on the bed and you can see the stuffing ever the pillow exposed following being shot at. neighbors got shot out and that's where majority of cars hit at car and shed those neighborhoods didn't want to speak on camera. the man that bedroom was shot at he says he was lucky not to be home last night. >> i went to my room and there's holes in my wall and through the pillow and it's right where i sleep. two bullets went in. one went through the pillow
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one went through the wall. now at this point police have not release aid suspect description other than to say a car was seen traveling down westmoreland in mannasas with no headlights on it as a sports car and they believe that's where the shots were fired fro from. live in mannasas, marina morocco. >> louis relusko pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter inside a rockville courtroom this afternoon. ralusko struck and killed noah leeota. he's facing up to 2350eu6 years in prison and sentenced at a later date. >> they cannot get marriedch the feds can't forcemer to testify right or wrong. >> you cannot do that shth is my wedding she's carrying my baby. >> wow,. >> wow,. >> wow is right. >> ome. oh,
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season finale did not disappoint. plenty of twist and turns and drama and great music too. >> members of the "fox5" morning team watched the final finale. holly morris, allison seymour and donny simpson watched it tonight at the howard theater. guys in all discovery tony and i have not seen the finale yet that was ome moment for us. >> that's crazy. >> we were like, what? >> lots of twists and turns tonight. >> so tony, and shawn, have not actually seen the finale yet. >> really. >> you're new for it. >> everyone dies. [ laughter ]. >> and who gets married is not who you think got married. >> no. >> that's why i give cash for wedding gifts. >> you don't know what's going to endp you cannot do anything too specific. >> don't say anything. >> no spoiler alerts for you that dvr'd and have not watch it whatever you thought you were going to
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wrong. because we were not anywhere close and you should have heard the collective gasps and screams when several different things happened at the party right? >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, especially at the end whether a cliffhanger, literally. >> that's why i always watch sitcoms. tis, 30 minute, i'm done i know what happens. now i have to wait. >> it started off great. we thought it was dream sequence with jamaal but he was actually home and can walk. it's a win/win. >> whether jamaal lives or not is not a story line. we thought that would be a big one. >> i need to read the summary of the three morse mep i don't understand that part. >> i don't not at all. >> did you get that? >> no. >> we'll move on. >> it was a fun party tonight. >> it was. >> you all have a good time tonight? >> yes. [ cheers and applause ]. >> these are our die hard happening o
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a lot of people were so shocked they're like we're out. as soon as the party was over, show was over. these are die harts hanging on that love the show and we had a great time. >> it was wonderful time. i want to thank you all for coming out tonight and thank "fox5" for doing this where magic 102.3 and sister stations. >> lomo and quick wherever they are in the photo booth or d.j. booth thank you very much. they're all packed up. thank you quick, thank you mo it was a party. it was a party. we have to get up in the morning holly i don't know what we'll do. >> what's your secret johnny. >> i don't get up in the morning any movement i don't go to work until three now. oh, man it was great throw and fun to watch it with a lot of people, too. >> it was one. >> it was fun. >> energy and vibe was great here and always good when you bring the green eyes. >> thank you, so sweet. >> that's what happened at the howard theater tonight. we want alone time with donny now. he's our friend. back to you guys
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holly is flirting with doll any and allison is trying to get alone time. >> oh, man. >> this is what happens. >> we watched "empire" we have a loft inspiration. >> we nvrments. >> be cool. >> more live from the howard theater coming up we appreciate it. >> we had a good timeier as well. >> we had a great time out there. >> still to come tonight he caused a security scare when he drove a pickup truck on to the national ball and claimed to have a bucket of anthrax. why did he only get a ticket. >> and update to a search for a dog stolen out of a car. that dog is back with the ow owners tonight. so who got the 10,000 reward for finding her, that's next. hey, sue. >> hi, tony and shawn, we had a lot of clouds today and not a lot of measurable rain whavrment we have left tonight is a little drizzle and spotty showers. so, do you get to break out the sunglasses for thursday? i'll have a first look at your forecast when "fox 5 news" at 10 comes right back.
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>> sad news to bring you about the terrible crash silver diner tyson's corner. 74-year-old andrew sharon died from the injuries he suffered in the crash. sharon was one of three people hit as think were walking into the diner earlier this month. police say samuel abuto r5e7 reachly crashed into the silver diner and poured liquid on himself and set himself on fir fire. abuto is recovering at the hospital and faces several charges including destruction of property. closing arguments begin tomorrow in the trial of one of the baltimore police officers charged in the death ofddie gray. officer edward nero they say arrested illegally gray last year and filed secure anymore the police van with a seatbelt. his attorneys claim he was not involved fat rest. he face as salt. a verdict is expected
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monday. >> park police find the man that caused all the chaos on the national mall yesterday and claimed to have a bucket through of anthrax. people were asking how come there were not more serious charges and investigators say osborne never made any threats and he was just concerned he had been exposed to the substance at a farm in virginia and the incident turned out to be a false alarm and police say he may be suffering from a mental illness. >> new tonight at 10 a boston tearier stolen from someone's car in downtown d.c. has been reunited with the family. maggie is her name. she was taken around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. rashida smith found the dog in her carrier in the pet worth area and her tags were taken off. that's when rasheeda contacted the dog's owners. whom ever stole the dog road the metro to pet worth station realized they had a dog and left it
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maggie's owners gave rashida a $10,000 check for finding the dog. >> how incred sibl that. >> pretty amazing. >> it's amazing and the good news the dog is back safe and sound with the own rz tonight. >> yes. >> let's take things out now. we're revving up a cool and cloudy day in the district. guess what? changes are coming. sue palka i hope that means sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> it's got to be it, right, shawn. we had what feels like non stop clouds and off and on rain most this month and that has been now about 15 days of our month that we've had measurable rain. today is not one of the days measurable rain was picked up at the airports where we do measuring but there was more rain out norm and west today running long interstate 81 corridor and what's left tonight last drugs of system passing on through. might be giveing a few spotty showers and areas of drizzle to sox you. we have been seeing that head on over to eastern shore that passed through
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little while ago. you can see that there. we may have picked up measurable rain at reagan international. still a few spotty showers maybe found up here to the north and west. and we'll keep them in the forecast overnight. it's not a lot of rain. but, we do have better news as we go forward. this frontal boundary skaled and just to the south is promoting all the clouds and waves of energy riding around the front. tomorrow it gets a kick down to the south. in the short term overnight we'll still have clouds and areas of drizzle and when you wake up tomorrow morning they may still be there. as the day goes on, we think the clouds will start to break especially in the afternoon. so, that is some good news. planer for tomorrow, still a lot of clouds, maybe patchy drizzle. 8:00 in the morning, 55. but by the time we get to noon it's brightening up, 61. and by the time we get to 5:00, 68. it should be one of the warmer days, too, since we have not had an 80
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not forecasting one for tomorrow but we may get up to 70. currently 60 now. mid 50s in both suburban areas still coming in east, northeast loading up with clouds and high temperatures today in mid 60s. we think we can do getter than that tomorrow and also think it's going to be a fairly dry day. and boy do we need. it because it definitely kind of gives you the blues when you have all of this rain around. but it's causing problems for kids playing spring sports. caityln roth is live in northwest with more an that dilemma. >> hi there, sue, i've been trying hard to put a positive spin on weather. we really thought of everything. your allergies are getting better and it's not hot and humid yet and truth is it's gone on with more than just a nuisance and the kids that want to play spring sports and parents that want to go to soggy field and watch them. earlier
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people have to be fed one this. we went to george down area northwest d.c. and you'll the kid out there on the soccer team have been anxious to play with all weekend and more so than just the weekend it's been lack of opportunity to practic practice. so many days during the week it's raining and they ket get on the field the biggest problem with the rain is not leslie kits are play in the rain but fields themselves get torn up ease limit o. we talked to one of the board of directors for this stodard school soccer proom and couple kids out there. kids are in great spirit and they just want to play. some of this video this evening were playing on turf. there are turf field across d.c.. there's just so few. all of this schools are kind of having to share any of the turf time we get we caught one
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everyone for practice, here's what they had to say. >> when we have rainy days the grass fields are not playble we need to respect the feels and don't damage them such that they won't be able to plan a fruit tire and kids missed practices and that's disappointing to everybody. >> well, it's really annoying because lot of games and practices get cancelled. and oh, your cleats get dirty it's just a pain. >> what type of weather do you prefer to play soccer in. >> sunny, like hot. beach hot probably. . >> does that make it year. >> makes me get in a vibe. >> those kids are in good spirits. the director of the soccer league we heard earlier said actually it's not them that makes the call every day or weekend if they can be out on the field that's part of -- c. parks and recreation program. it makes it ease your for them and obviously a big
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certain day or every other day we had inxwlem enter water. rain in the forecast and will cause more problems. i'm sure sue will talk about this more in the extend forecast and we'll start to turn a page by middle of next week and hopefully everyone can get out and play soccer or ball whatever it is tone yain shawn i'm sure it's not just soccer teams suffering but everyone that wants to be outside. >> everybody. i mean i want to walk done the street and stand outside for a little bit. >> yeah, really. >> without rain falling on my head. thanks, caityln you. >> why donald trump is making a move on the cam page trial. >> back to finale party. hi, guys. >> hey, as soon as two just wrapped up. oh, i'm on a roller coaster holly ome i can't stand it. >> serve so quiet because everyone was going like this. >> om sext right! we'll have a little fan reaction coming up next from howard theater. "fox 5 news" at 10 continues
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we're back after
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>> it's part of trump strategy to appease and un few the republican party. meanwhile democrats dealing with own growing rift within the party. more opt race got white house, sarah. >> tony, shawp, let's start with the republican side. presumetive party nominee donald trump with picks to replace justice scalia. this is an unusual move behind a presidential candidate. he is writing to earn support of trump also met with henry kissinger in manhattanto
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past have done looking for advice on foreign policy from the gop elder statesman on world affairs coming one day after trump says he's on to speaking with north korea's vick tate or. >> our president gets nothing from such a conversation and kim young ungets prop canada he will use for years. >> and hillary clinton is trying to do the same. but her opponent won't go away. bernie sanders easily won the oregon prime youry last night and hillary clinton barely won in kentucky. she still has a wide lead in the race needing 100 delegates to seal the deal for the nomination. >> that may be true based on mathematics. that democratic convention in philadelphia will be a real donny brook what everybody thought the republican convention would be. >> it's perceived unfairness regarding parties handling of the primary process. sanders
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violent over the weekend throwing chairs and insults at the democratic national con veption. a sign that the democratic party is at odds, tony. >> seems like things shifted now. >> especially with the republican party and now maybe the democrats at the convention. >> coming up. coming up why female fire fighters in one local count didn't with speaking out deend ifing their apartment. >> i have a question for you to how many pullups can you do. >> so many i should not brag. >> well, this fairfax county teenager just set the world record. wait until you hear mow nanny he did. it's coming up here on "fox5"news at 10. go ahead, tony, we'll start no now. >> all right. >> one. >> one. >>
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that,
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energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me >> woor back with a look at tonight's top stories. >> a security officer was arrested at a d.c. grocery store.
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shawn and tony that security guard on the wrong side of the law when he decided to take matters into his own hands. apparently what happened next is disturbing the security guard went inside the bathroom and physically escorted the transgender woman outside the bathroom while the store was on and customers were passing and now that security guard was arrested and there's a lot of outrage. we'll have more for you coming up. marina. >> and police in mannasas still investigating a drive by shooting that happened late last night on a residential street. two houses riddled with bullets and one bullet piercing a pillow in a bedroom. thankfully no one was inside at the time. right now they have no suspect. back to you. >> a suspected drunk driver accused of killing a montgomery county police officer pled guilty to vehicle manslaughter today. a police officer hit and killed noah lee ota
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he'll be sentenced at a later date. >> two time transplant recipient was killed two years ago and the suspect in the murder learned his fate. he was sentenced in montgomery country for first degree murder and the drug sentenced him to life. he killed 6-year-old jonathan harris when he broke into eye silver spring them to steal a playstation and tv. >> jonathan was the other half of my heart. i have two sons. one in heaven and one right here with me now. and so, the only thing i can say is that knowing jonathan he would say, mom, stop worrying
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>> and that's what i'm going to try to do. >> harris was part of a 3 32-person kidney transplant exchange. >> fairfax country firefighters tonight are working to dispel rumors that their department is dealing with bullying and harassment. and this as the department deals with the suicide of firefighter nicole mitten doorch who was found dead last month in shenandoah national park. online bullying and harassment from other firefighter contributed to her emotional distress. investigators have not made that and the negative attention hurt moral and standing and community. >> never once was i treated differently because of gender it didn't matt to them. since graduating i've been received with on arms no matter where i've been. men and women of this department taught me everything i know. and i've never been judged by anything other than my character and personal work ethic.
10:34 pm
statement from the female firefighters outside consultant are expected to investigate mitten doorch's death to determine if allegations of bullying would be wide spraet. there were others in that accident. females chat it experience bullying as well. >> still to come tonight fans are talking about tonight aetion "empire" finale. >> plus find out why. >> is that right? >> did you see timberlake. >> yeah. >> is that right. >> yeah. >> really? >> wow. >> and so there's a magic mirror. >> i'm getting two. >> you don't need one. >> how this high tech gadget can help you lose whaiingt. >> attention travelers if you think airport lines are long now, well, just wait until summer. airlines say they're expecting about 2
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fly between june and end of august. that's a record. so be sure to back your patien patient. well no record lies because of showers and they could cut back more and the company stock dropping wednesday. meanwhile wild ride for overall market stocks dying after federal reserve may raise the interested late and those losses mostly vanishing by end of trading someday. >> it may not be in financial shape the nation's capitol is in physical shape. naming washington d.c. the fi fittest city for third straight year getting high marks for access to parks and walking trails and low 1340ebging rate. >> hopefully lawmakers will focus on fiscal fitness too. we can dream, can't we? that's business
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don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> the gun tre zimmerman used to shoot trayvon martin was awked and zimmerman plans to use the money from the auction to fight black lives lives matter. >> d.c. fire department wrawpdp a day long emergency drill involving a scenario that somewhat played out for real. it had a vehicle derailing and causeing a hazardous chemical spill. earlier this month a freight train scrumpied tracks rhode island avenue and spill
10:40 pm
material. officials say today's drill at med star georgetown university hospital was planned long before that incident and included mock decontamination of people exposed to chemicals. >> this is first time we put it altogether. plenty of lessons learned and fine tuning with exercise and we find the system is working confidently and correctly and quickly. if we reel it in it will occur whether accident or intentional we're ready to deal with it. >> the goal is to make sure government and community agencies are ready to protect the public. >> coming up tonight at 11 we'll head back to northeast d.c. a security guard was arrested and accused of bloc blocking transgender woman from kus using the ladies room in a grocery store. >> and your wedding day is supposed to be happiest day of your life it was quite the opposite for one couple. wait until you hear what happened that already has them headed for divorce. we'll be right back.
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>>♪ >> you can hop on the couch and dance, too. >> in kas you have not seen this we made this video for justin timberlake brand new mass single can't stop the feeling. >> you have some moves. >> our own kevin mccarthy showed the video at the film festival. justin loved it and today gave us a shout-out phone facebook. take a look. justin shared the video with his 39 million fans and said our moves were impressive. by the way that's matt taylor. you can check out the entire video at our web site
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and on our "fox5" d.c. facebook page. >> thanks for the love and we lover you back. >> sure do. >> i think he is incredible. he's very down-to-earth and amazingly talented and great when he hosts saturday night live. >> he is good. >> i'm embarrassed to think that on television. >> yes, yes, that was a cute video and great to see all of our fantastic friends and their phenomenal moves. >> we were the ones that started dancing five night before that we did running man thing and had a nice reaction. >> totally. >> and then they decided we'll do one and we'll send it to justin timberlake. >> stole our ideas
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>> and i can't participate because i only know how to do mom dancing. >> i'm happy to tell you about a sunnier forecast. >> when you wake up tomorrow morning you may not see the sun. >> okay. >> so temper your enthusiasm but bring in on big for the afternoon. >> we'll see it eventually. >> and only in proyvt thursday starts with clouds and we see clouds beginning to break up as we get to noon hour and beyond. short term here we go few clouds around tonight and maybe a little drizzle hang around not later tonight but first thing tomorrow morning a spotty shower cannot be ruled out but it will be short term. because clearing should begin by afternoon. and it looks like friday will be fantastic. and lots of sun and temperatures in the low 70s. still looking like friday is best day of the week and preparing
10:47 pm
it looks soggy and sounds like everyone has something they're doing to do saturday and it's last thing they want to hear b we see the trebd breakdown a little bit nat have a game and they also make tat part of the weather team. we're especially grateful for one dollar for every ticket sold will be given to the leukemia and lymphoma society they do the most amazing reserve on tremendous problem we have with leukemia and lymphoma and we think the weather will be coop riteing. meanwhile another cool one today and should be age to do better than that tomorrow 70. clouds to start. dry day. friday looking great 73 we'll feel pam period by friday night and rain coming in saturday. short term rain drizzle and showers passgo
10:48 pm
put everything in motion i don't see anything coming behind this batch of rain out towards western maryland and in fact you can see the clouds breaking up just a little bit. again, slow process for us tomorrow. temperatures tonight still in the mid 50s to 6 0. we will see one more last trouvr coming through tomorrow and that should be the end of it maybe a spotty shower. clouds should break up into the afternoon and sunshine should rule as weak area of high pressure builds in thursday and friday. it will be nice to see temperatures getting close to 70. we have not done that much this month. there is a high pressure over new england and it's been stuck for a while and now high pressure builds in closer to our area getting rid of clouds and help our temperatures into the 60s and 70s. weekend forecast though the problem we have is area of low pressure and southern moisture associated with it traveling from tennessee valley over to the
10:49 pm
we know preakness will be run this weekend and so many other people have plans and starting you friday 11:00, saturday morning, we have showers in here. and as we go through the day there could be moderate rain. one thing we were hoping that's as far as out as i can take future cast and we're hoping as they get the preakness underway main and lighter showers with temperatures of 60 at most time of 6:45. let's wrap it up with "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast and talk about saturday being soggy but it looks like sundays feet toorz a few showers early on and temperature of 70. nis row covery. a few showers to deal with in the monday, tuesday, time frame look at those temperatures, 72 to 75. weather day next week. 82. if that happens that will be first 80 degree reading month. jim, that will be a nice thing to achieve. that's for sure. over to you. >> you know what, aim big, aim big, dream big, shoot nor the stars. thank you, sue. >> as far as the caps are conc
10:50 pm
and done with. and game three of the eastern finelees penguins up 4-1 and caps are getting lover in the nhl awards department. and it should be a lock for best goalie and barry for jack adam and tonight you can add another general manager scott muk klee land and general manager of the year aworld brian mc klee land and he helped build the team for the best in the nxingt hl and the penns are the only team of the three still in the hunt for the staply cup. >> national golf day and today a group called we agolf con vermed on capitol hill. they were there and benefits of golf and 7 billion for u.s. economy
10:51 pm
the economic impact. >> it would be a great tournament and that's one of the classic portions in america. . >> ugs on or two. . >> talk about doing something for love of family and breaking a world rorld wheel you're at it. this fairfax county game i guarantee will make your arms hurt this is andrew shapiro. langley high school. he participated in a relay for life over the weekend. he decided to set a guinness world record for most pullups done in 24 hours. get this, 7306 total. >> wow. >> says he's inspired by american anybodyia warrior but by his dad allen who fought colon cancer. dad is grade i talked to andrew he said how are the arms feeling he said it's not arms
10:52 pm
>> he took breaks. >> he took breaks. >> it's in 24 hours. >> he did things like watch "star wars" to stay engaged and ate a lot of pineapple and sushi to build up energy and get quick energy hits. >> pineapple and sushi. sounds good to me. . >> congratulations. >> you guys know tonight was season two finale of empire and we had fun. we went to howard theater and hung out on red carpet incredible fans. >> now the show is known for surprises and music. tonight's episode did not disappoint. >> alley allison seymour and holly morris were there tonight. >> we had time to let it think in and it was a shocker. it was shockers i will say when it comes to the finance ali he. i can't believe we have to wait to find out exactly who --. >> i know,
10:53 pm
every prediction in the season two finale at empire. my hair kind of hurts because of it. >> we wanted to talk to a couple folks that watched us with it. this is denise. what did you think of the season finale. >> i can't imagine what was going on but it happened and we are waiting to see for the season finale and next show that will come up. >> i can't wait. i can't wait. >> i can't wait either i have a couple people here. did you have a favorite moment. >> yes, definitely when bobo kitty was getting beat it was awesome. >> spoiler alert, wait, what about you. >> the same. >> before the show started allison and i said how many people think they're fweting married. >> everybody was like yes ! >> we won't say what happened we'll say that didn't happen. that did not happen. >>
10:54 pm
we said, did honey booboo push rodza. >> boo-boo kitty whatever. >> that's reality. >> boo-boo kitty anika that was a twist in okay. so, nonetheless we hope you enjoyed the finale there's more tomorrow own good day we'll be dishinging it with ome. before we go can we all get ome on three, ready, one, two, three, ome! . >> back to you that does it for us from the howard theater. >> get some sleep. tony and i we deposit want to hear anything they wanted to say we have not seen it yet. >> all right. stay with "fox5" live on the finale as allison and we have more comin
10:55 pm
news morning" and also you can catch d c. rapper tammy money performing hit single she'll be
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slv there's a new device on the market the magic mirror that's because the full length mirror hemz you track weight loss it's called naked fi
10:59 pm
erin fitness take tore use in your home. sensors scan your pod yain scale sits in front of the mirror and rotates 360 degrees as you rotate own the scale the sensors create 3d maps of your body. once the image is complete the data is september to an app that you can access on your phone naked by the way can be preordered if you want for $500 the device is expected to be available next year. year. >> how does it help you. >> i don't know because it made that guy look --. >> maybe that's your motivatio motivation, oh, i can look like that. i wonder if you can adjust it so a i want more abs or more something else you never know. >> all right: the news at 11 starts right now. >> right now at 11:00.
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prince william country going right through one of the bedroom walls. we're live with the homeowner's 'action. >> this is not going to stop. another daytime shooting in southeast. >> did you catch the season two finale of empire tonight. "fox5" held a viewing in northwest. highlights as news at 11 starts right now. >> we thank you for joining us at 11 i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> a grossy store security guard is under arrest tonight accused of attacking a customer inside a giant store in northeast d.c. >> customer is reportedly a transgender woman trying to use the grocery store's women's restroom and "fox5" tisha lewis is liver with the latest. >> tony, shawn, it happened at this northeast giant and in fact if you look over my right shoulder inside that woman's


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