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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.oxm >> straight ahead, we'retrd, following breaking news. egyptair flight ms804s804 disappearing from radarar moments after entering enterin egyptian air space.yp air >> today maryland lawmakersayar will sign the toughest drunkghen driving law in the country.w te it comes one day after man who killed officer noah leottaa entered a guilty plea. guilty pa >> things are expected to bed mostly dry today but saturday, r oh, man, the rain is coming could get drenched there.drched gary will let us know exactlyxa what to expect.o expec good morning to you everyone. ee thank you so much for joiningoi us. i'm maureen umeh.i'm >> and i'm wisdom martin.arti today is thursday may 19. gary mcgrady will talk erin como is busy with wh we have some stuff happeningtuff on the interstate. before we get to that we want w to talk about breaking news. egyptair plane travelingir from paris to cairo crashed crad into the m t
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right now crews are searchingea for wreckage and debris fromrifr that plane.lane >> egyptair flight 804ht 4 vanished from radar 10 minutesin after it entered into egyptianni air space.air ace. the cairo airport's lastirport't contact with the plane was 10 minutes before itht went off radar. two hours later a signal fromigr the plane was picked up. u the signal is thought to haveo a been an emergency beacon. >> french president francoish ed hollande did speak with the w egyptian president by phone.res both men agreed to closely clo cooperate to figure out whate to led to the disappearance and a crash. crash. >> 66 people were on boardle w that plane. plane that number does include 56lude passengers and 10 crew0re members. me we're told three children werere also on the plane including ilu two babies. most of the people on board wereth egyptian.gyptian. there were also 15 french citizens, one british citizen cz and one canadian. canad back here at home breaking g news in d.c. homicide investigation under inv way in the 800 block of southern avenue southeast. ave a man was shot ande killed kle around 2:45 this morning. orni now, there is no word yet on a suspect or motive in the
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>> also in the district, a disi, grocery store worker chargedkerr with assault this morningault accused of attacking aacng transgender woman.. >> the woman says the gourd the wouldn't let her use the't woman's restroom in the store. fox5's melanie alnwick isck live with that story intory i northeast with the details. mel. >> reporter: good morning, and you guys this pretty much happened out here in the t open. this giant has a restroom inestr the front. here's the men's room here and then right down the hallwayal here's a women's room inm question. now, giant says that this wasas a private security guard, not a company employee. empe. and that d.c. police reviewed rv security video of the incident d before deciding to make an mak arrest for assault. now, this is ebony belcher a 32-year-old transgender woman. w around plan to on wednesday she said she tried to use thehe women's restroom at the giant tt here on h street in northeast. according to the police reportto a security guard followed her t and told her she could not use in restroom. rtr the belcher says the guard the g pushed her towards the exit thet door and out of the store.nd o the guard was arrested forard we simple
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the incident also beingo investigated as a possibleossi hate crime. cme d.c. law does allowllow transgender people to use the restroom that corresponds with h their gender identity. ide customers we talked to are supportive of miss belcher. blch >> it's not his business. bines why does he care? what's he protecting?ng >> how did he even know that kno she was transgender.nsnder >> that's also an assumptionalso there the security guard g should have handled it in a better manner that was -- that agreed with whatever the w person did but an altercation,ei yeah, that doesn't make sense s unless something else e happened. >> reporter: now, the national center for transgender equality says thiseq is a reminder that more mor education is we did reach out to giant and gt a spokesperson told us again a there this is a mad for their t third party contractor and because of the ongoinge criminal question the companyst can cannot comment anyment a further. live in northeast, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local
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>> happening today, maryland governor larry hogan is expected to sign noah's law. >> [inaudible] >> well, it's been more than ana month since the maryland general assembly passed the legislation.le noah's law is named for montgomery police officer noah leotta killed last december to create stricter penalties forenl drunk drivers. the driver who hit deleotta pleaded guilty yesterday toterdo vehicular manslaughter.cular mag police investigatingting several bullet holes found at two homes in manassas. mas bullets were shot into thes wedroom and bed of one home. and a car and a shed ofd o another house.another hou they'll not saying if this is a random act or a targetedted act. >> montgomery county high reatol is being threatened onomh social media.ed paint branch high school's
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principal miriam yarborough says a threatening tweet was sent out against the school.ins. >> in a message to the painto te branch community she says themus school is working closely withst police to make sure studentsurst and staff are safe. nationals get a curly w over the new york mets. the nats demolished them in a seven to one win last night.stht they're in first place in thehe national league east.eagueas they play tonight again in new e york. >> new york city? flats on a a roll. roll >> gary mcgrady, there youy mc are. >> here i am. a >> good morning good down here but you think i'm >> magic of television. telis >> you're close enough. >> what does that mean,es tan, wisdom. wisd >> i'm saying you're closeg youe enough to do your work, that'sw' all. >> okay, it. >> no shade intended. >> i got love for you.o >> let me just haveot a sip of p coffee. listen, it's pretty good out.. the bus stop forecast this fecas morning for the kiddos allll dry. well, it'
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we're definitely trending in trn that direction and we're we' definitely trending towardsg tor sunshine, remember that? wet? e haven't seen much of it mucof i cloudy this morning.ning temperatures for pickup 50 top 0 55 so a little on the coolool side. si we're warming up today. tod up are 60's and low 70's and we'll be trending towardsg tar sunshine today, all right.ig some morning clouds, yes. afternoon sunshine.shin 57 now here in town.n. gaithersburg you're 52. martinsburg 51 and winchesterr 52 degrees. okay. why is it not completely dry? ? there's a couple of light rainii showers, sprinkles all thisklesi now -- most of it south off d.c. the heaviest of this and it's ai not heavy at all really comesy c out of charles county, extreme t southern prince george'she county, northern parts ofrnrn p calvert county there. there. this is all moving to theall moo east. it's heading out.'s h we're going to end up being bei dry. again, trend is for sunshineshie today. here is maureen and back up to wisdom, too.. guys. gu >> ♪ >> all right, now to breaking bk news this morning on the thi roads.ros. i-270 northbound nearhbou nea clarksburg is an area youu might want t
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>> now, this comes after a, is c very serious accident aid overnight.ovght. fox5's annie yu is live withit new information. annie. >> reporter: hey, good reporter morning to you, wisdom andgowioa maureen. yes, this accident happeneds cid nearly three hours ago now.go n straight ahead is where it whe occurred here on northbound norn 270 at route 121. 1 you can see they have closed clo all the lanes down.nes own. it's about a mile up from f where you're looking at here. h they have been allowing some tractor-trailers that werewere sitting in some of that of that traffic from earlier to turn ea around and they've been bee turning back onto this merge the lane here but this is where you will be forced to exit at exit 18. 1 all traffic must exit police are at basically every point -- at detour points to pot make sure you get around thisths safely. we did learn some newom n information about this crash. it involves vehicles. we know two people were injured transported to holy crosnostr hospital but maryland police telling us that one of the cars involved, a disabledd,d vehicle parked on 270 and atnd a
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hit from behind so we're still s trying to sort out thatsort o tt information. but right now what you need to e know is that i-270 at exit 18xi is where you will be directed dr off on the roadway. toadw back to you, erin, for more on traffic. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit rabuy a for special offers.ffer >> thank you very much, annie.e very important information asntr you head towards frederickrederk this morning from montgomerymony county. again as annie mentioned allti l traffic being diverted to exit i 18. 121.121. from 121 you can take 355 north until you can hop back hok onto 270 after that closurelosu point towards ramp from 121 to i-270 north70 n also closed.lose getting reports of rubberts orub necking on the southbound side e of 270 and we usually get aal lot of congestion this time of e morning sole southbound s traffic needs to be aware tone add some extra time as wedell.l. we'll let you know as soon asnon they're able to reopen that to t stretch of interstate.of ierst stalled truck 270 on the southbound side past democracy boulevard on the spur.ev and then as you make your way wy out on the beltway road workd wr outer loop after new hampshiream
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traffic leading towards thatowaa point. no major backups yet. y but definitely want to factoraco in some extra time to geto around that area. a police activity in theli a district southern avenue sn southeast remains closed.ins ose both directions at chesapeake use barnaby road to get around that. taking the dulles greenwayeenw #drive for charity all tollslls donated will be given to charities throughout loudounout county. we'll keep you updated on that a one. may be a good day for the dulles greenway. genway. back to you guys.backyou >> ♪ >> coming up fox5 news morningni two years after being b kidnapped by the terror grouprog boko haram two of the missing m 200 girls are found alive. >> and taxi cabs in washington, d.c. will nowc. wil perform this service.orm th sere all in an effort to competeom with uber and lyft. and l >> live look across d.c. again a it's a little damp outside. things will warm up nicelyil today. time now is 5:09 and it is 57 degrees.. fox news morning back afterng this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:11 is the time. t happening now members ofbers congress celebrating. the 19-year-old was found w f yesterday wandering with herday baby in waa remote nigerian forest.fore she's the first of the girls the to be found since the mass abduction. while her discovery givescovees other families more hope thatha some died the teen said some died in captivity others beingsb held hostage. hos a bombshell accusationccusao came as donald trump appeareddoa on the hasn'ppt in the show las night on fox news channel. >> trump and sean hasn't inean n the discussing reports about trump's treatment of women. wom >> i looked at the new york times. are they going to interview juanita broderick, paula
5:12 am
case it's about exposure, inxpor another case it's about abo groping and fondling andd touching against a woman's's will.wi >> and rape. >> and rape.>> and >> big settlements, massive >> in other trump newsn other tp candidate released his hit of potential supreme court nominees yesterday and topes contenders include judge steve colison and judge diane sykes. k >> looks like d.c. taxi cabsca are saying if you can't beatt them join them. the sacks see cab commissionab s is launching x class. deliveries for lunch hours. coming up on fox news n morning rents prices going uprec across the region but you'll you never believe how much you need to make a year just to jus rent a two bedroom apartment two right here in the district. >> a lot of money i'm sure. as we head to breakot a live l look outs
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you inspire us to bring you real value every day. >> ♪ >> we're back on fox5 news morning. now at 5:15 getting you caughtyu up on the big breaking news ofiw the day. the an egyptair plane traveling from paris to cairo missingro mi believed to have crash intoo the med train tr the the plane disappeared from radar about eight hours agors two hours after it went w missing what is believed to bevo a distress signal was received s from the plane. egypt's military says noays official distress call was sent out by the pilot. p 66 people were on board.oard no americans. >> ♪ >> listen this morning is gn there's a couple showers outcoue there but no big deal at all. a. most of that is d.c. south.. otherwise a few littleit sprinkles around.les
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across the region we go, it'so,i a little cooler back here. 40's detroit, columbus,olumbu pittsburgh so there's cooler coe air out here. basically they have clear skies, okay, so temperatureskayp have been allowed to get ato g little we're still under the cloudsl uc here but it does look likeok l morning clouds and sprinkles s begin to break up and we're w going get some sunny breaks asaa early as afternoon, earlyearly afternoon, maybe even by latebel morning, okay.g, okay. we'll watch at real closely.lose i don't want to bee overanticipating how early the y sun is going to come back out o but it does look like it will lt get out for the afternoon aftero hours.ho tomorrow looks really nice. lots of l sunshine.un we'll stay dry.we'll y rain is still scheduled to arrive this weekend becausend b there's a storm system comingstc out of the deep south here and as it tracks along, trends t with models now are holdingelno the heaviest of the rain toher the south of us for thehe weekend and sometimes whatomet happens with these showers isrss we get so much rain down tono the south it really limits theyt moisture that comes all there t way up here to d.c. so, right
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like saturday is going to beoint wet but the trend again is to at keep the heaviest of the rain to the south of us.s. so, we'll have rain in theain area and then farther north n you go away from the storm, ittm primarily is going to end upp being showers on saturday. here's the specifics for theor e weekend. saturday 63.turday 6 little bit of sunshine.f ssh still a few showers around onro sunday. so, we won't escape rain on o saturday or on sunday. here are the clouds in placere this morning. t this again, just ma couple of light showers out there. forecast for today looks like ll this. 54 with some clouds to start. sa little chance of a light sprinkle. spri no more than that.t. 66 degrees at lunchtime. lunti 71 for a high -- 71, 72 for a2 high today.od real quick look at youral quicky seven-day forecast.ven- we're trending better nextter nt week. here's erin como. >> right now gary we continuee c to track breaking news. 5:17.17 this serious crash lab outsh lao there since about 2:30 this0 morning. morn 270 northbound all lanesan completely shut down.mpletely s traffic being diverted during dr that accident investigation
5:18 am
121. use 355. runs par local 270 as an70 as alternate this the ramp from 121 to 270 north is also watch for rubber neckingr n delays on the southbound side. we also have police activity pi inside the district southeasteat southern avenue is closed bothnc directions at chesapeakepe street. you can use barnaby road to get around that. notice the bottom of the beltway inner loop as you head e towards 295 still in weren shape. 50 also moving along withoutg w any major delays just yet. inner loop between kenilworthenl and bw parkway dealing withlingh road work in prince george's county. ly watch out for somely wat slowdowns there and also #drive for charity. charity. if youcpk're taking the dullesl greenway today want to let everyone know all tolls are kno going to local charities soties doing a great thing by taking bk a drive today.a drive t we'llod keep you updated.u upda right now metro he is on time t or close to schedule. sch i'll let you know if and whenife that changes. that maureen and wisdom.n and wis >> time now is 5:18. 5 let's take a look at theat stories you're engaging withyout this morning on so
5:19 am
with our realtime newsimne tracker. >> first up a former aide to democrat presidential atndidate hillary clinton testified behind closed doorsiei for two hours yesterday in the i first of a series of serieof depositions about clinton's use of a private e-mail server r during her time as secretaryecre of state. s now the aide's testimony isai partde of a lawsuit broughtit against the state departmente st by the conservative legaliveeg advocacy group judicial watch.u. >> also on the democratic side a bernie sanders campaignrspaig manager is accusing the dnc claire woman debbie wassermane w schultz of working against his candidate for personalsol reasons.ason he said she's purposely made events like democratic debates b more difficult for sanders.ande >> and finally some discouraging news for d.c. residents' wallets when you talk about spending money thisut morning. new study says you need to sy make $119,000 a year to affordor a two-bedroom apartment inpart i d.c. now the report followed thewe u.s. department of housing's hog guidelines that say you should o spend no more than 28 percent8 e of monthly incan come on rente and since the average cost off a two
5:20 am
almost $3,000, you need to3, yon make some big bucks to afford a living in this city in the nation's capitol.on's pit >> yes. >> all right. >> we already knew that though. w we knew it was >> coming up, womenp,om firefighters in fairfax county u disputing claims of widespreadea harassment and bullying.nd >> verizon workers plan tola take what they're calling a theg day of action as 33 fight forig a new contract. c >> as we led to break liveeak look across the d.c. region. >> ♪ time is 5:20. all right. does this music get you movingov or put you back to sleep.le. >> i'm wide awake. awa >> get a cup of coffee, all right, back after this. 5:20. work it out, work it out. >> ♪ and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news morning at 5:22 this morning. women firefighters in 5 fairfaxf county are working to disspellpe rumors that bullying andlyg harassment are problems withinet the department.
5:23 am
can can you think after the family of firefighter nicoleyo mittendorf say online bullyingul and harassment from otherfr o firefighters contributed totred her death last month. mon the women firefighters say the negative attention has hurt morale and diminished their standing in the community. commu >> never once was i treated any differently because of mycaf gender because it simplyt s didn't matter to them. since graduating i have been received with open warms no w matter where i've been. b the men and women of this department have taught me everything i know.ytng i k i've never been judged by anything other than my character and my personal work k ethic.c. >> outside consultants areut expected tosi investigate mittendorf's death to determine if the allegationsif a of bullying are true.e tru >> a former army intelligencente analyst is appealing her conviction for her role in the wikileaks scandal.cand chelsea manning was convicteded in 2013 for sending classified s material to wikileaks while to h serving in iraq.serv the army private who used to who be known as bradley manning m changed his name to chelseae toe after making the transition tohe a woman. that'wh
5:24 am
name. >> in the district today, moreoy picketing by verizon union workers. members of the communicationshei workers of america will protest outside verizon v location on 13th and f streets followed by rally at lafayette park across from the white the house. the group wants verizon toeriz negotiate a fair contract agreement. workers also went on strikeon s last mon protesting at a united airlines flight attendance attee provosting at more than 14 airports. they're pressing for a newng contract. njoying eoyited is e record profits and they want p the company to prorovide them am industry leading contract. ctr flight attendants have been in i federal mediation for sixdiatn o months. >> feds say an interest ratesa like is likely next month if if the economy continues to cones improve. now, this is according to theo minutes of their most recent meeting in late april. now they were encouraged byy developments in the economy eco and financial markets in apriln feds voted nine to one to keep p rates unchanged saying threats from the global economy slowed down -- from the globa
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>> ♪ >> hey, listen, let's startet'st with the bus stop forecast for this morning, thursdayorning thu morning. couple of sprinkles out there. i'll show you radar here iner just a second but right now iowi expect that for the kiddos k we're talking 50 to 55 degreesde for pickup time between abouteta 6:00 a.m. and just aboutus 8 o'clock or so.k or after school 64 to 70 andnd we're anticipating some some sunshine. won't that be nice? it's i certainly going to be dry outlyg there late this afternoon.fterno couple of little passingpa sprinkles can, light showersgh coming on through and most of this -- you see a couple thereoe through the city and then downn towards the south and to theo southeast. most of this, the heaviest oft o this, the largest area of rain headed over to the eastern shore now. temperatures later thisures latt afternoon upper 60's, low 70's. won't that be nice? frederick i you're going top out about 71 degrees.71 deg fredericksburg 69 degrees. culpeper 68. manassas and again we are trending tndin towards more and more sunshine n today.
5:26 am
in places this morning but i mor think by the afternoon, justnoo, about all of us are seeing the sunshine and it's just goingt'jt to get better and betteretr through the day. d friday looks nice, okay. o we're trending towards ards a really nice day tomorrow. tomor weekend right now still lookslll wet and unsettled especiallyec on saturday.aturda we'll have that weekendl have td forecast coming up in just a few minutes. few mi right now let's get to erin. en. busy, busy morning for you outor there. >> very busy morning.usy m had. breaking news. ea we've had team coverage witherae annie yu at this crash scene csh closing down 270 northboundorthn all traffic diverted to 121. this is a deadly crashy c investigation now confirmed con with police that one person pero did in fact die from thiss crash. a disabled vehicle was hit by another vehicle cominged on 2700 northbound. for this investigationnvga uncertain as to how long this l morning this portion of 270tiono will be closed.ll b let's take a look at our map. you can see all of those carshoc being diverted to exit 18,8, 121. 121. if you wander to avoid getting g stuck in the backup leading to 121 exit before that point a
5:27 am
father hurley and take 355 take straight past that closure.losu notice the southbound sideund s also getting delays, a rubber ae neck delay down to about 26 miles per hour between 109 and 121. 121 we will have more traffic intrfc just a few and keep you updated on that deadly crashon c investigation. invest wisdom and maureen.sdom a >> 5:27 is the time.>> 5:2 coming up on fox news morningsni the d.c. health departmenth changes its policy to try and prevent heroin overdose deaths.hs. >> and a bike, beer an wholer lot of fun. we'll tell you what you needou n to take part in this weekend's celebration of belgianat culture. >> we're going to break now.o kn live look across the dmv. dmv everybody starting to get up g and get moving, cars hittingitti the roads. the ro we're back in a moment.t. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> back now at 5:30. if you're just waking up with usst, there is breaking news toe tell you about. about an egyptair jetliner traveling g from paris to cairo is missing and believed to have crashed into the mediterranean sea.ea that was almost nine hoursou ago. right now crews are searching sc for wreckage and debris froms om that >> egyptair flight 8044 vanished from radar 10 minutes0t after it entered into egyptianno air space. 66 people were on board thata t plane. we have a live report comingt c up shortly. short >> good morning to you.morning u thank you for waking up with uth us. us. i'm wisdom martin.i'm wiom m >> and i'm maureen umeh.nd i it is thursday may 19. may we have erin como and garynd gar mcgrady standing by.nding weather and traffic coming up cp on the 5s in just a moment. first we want to get back to breaking news story
5:31 am
overseas massive search under way for the wreckage of ann egyptair flight that crashedra into the mediterranean seaedrane overnight with 66 people on board.ard. fox's doug luzader joining uss live from capitol hill with the latest on the search for onr that flight.ght. doug, what do we know at this t point? >> reporter: well, the search ponts here.ts h this really is a mystery in myse large part because this thi aircraft disappeared really right at cruising altitude attua 37 feet. it's very unusual to have an aircraft break up at altitude ad or have some kind of a o a catastrophic issue arise.ssue ai general we see that happenap right after takeoff or right before landing so that's kind t of part of the mystery here. but the search will continueon in the water here because it hes appears as throw this aircraftaf disappeared just as it was approaching egypt somewhere inrn the eastern med.astern med you have a lot of ships h converging on that area, no doubt anav o intensive air searc will be under way to determine d where this aircraft was.t there was a authority atrity distress signal was received.ei. that was the word used by it may very well likely bee
5:32 am
activated if, in fact thehe aircraft broke apart andrt a entered the water so that's so s kind of part of the mysterythe y the fact that we didn't evenidne hear from the pilot apparentlypl prior to what appears to have been a catastrophic loss ofoploo this aircraft. acr >> doug luzader with theluzadere information on that we appreciate it document 5:32e3 is the time right2 now.ow. we're also followingwe'r breaking news here locallyheocal this morning.orni you're looking live at ae homicide investigation in theonn 800 block of southern avenuen ee in now, a man there was slot to wao death just hours ago no word yet this morning on a mg suspect or a motive in shooting. >> closer to home a grocerycery store security guard facing fin charges after allegedly attacking a transgender woman at the >> d.c. police say the sayhe altercation was caught on surveillance video after sheftes tried to use the women's bethent room. >> melanie alnwick with the detailies on this story.s on thy good morning, mel.ning, mel. >> reporter: guys, yeah, so you can see the bathroom rightet here. here it definitely complies with d.c. law because it's a multi-s
5:33 am
means it can still be labealled as women's or men. now, giant says that thisat ts security guard is an employee ep of a private company, not ann employee of giant, also as youoy mentioned d.c. police reviewedee the surveillance video beforello deciding to make this arrest ars for assault. now, this is ebony belcher a 32-year-old transgender woman. n around noon on wednesday sheness tried to use the women's restroom at this giant on h street in northeast. according to the police reportto a security guard followed her and told her she couldn't use that restroom. tua sat r there was an argument thenth belcher says the guard pushed her towards the exit door and ad out of the store. the incident is also beingng investigated as a possible hate crime. cme d.c. law allows transgender trae people to use the restroom that corresponds with theirith r gender identity and customers co that fox5 talked to are generally supportive of ms. belcher. >> i'm shocked 'cause i came through and i didn't -- iidt --i didn't see nothing but just toot
5:34 am
here so close, to like i saide you listen to the media andmedi all that's going on about thehe lgbt you should know that --ha to know that it happened so s close and i -- i -- i feel that no one should get g assaulted. >> better educate theirter ate h security guards of what'sua allowed and not allowed and where their domain extends and doesn't extend.xt >> reporter: the national natio center for transgenderransnd equality tells us that this isss a reminder to more education tma is needed. n giant's corporate told us thateo because this is an ongoing criminal investigation, theyth cannot comment any further oner the incident. inciden live in northeast, i'm melaniem alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> coming up on 5:35 on thison t thursday morning, garyniga mcgrady, you're going to be youn the bright spot tore us todaytou because you're talking aboutng a better weather. >> yeah,be man, two thumbs upthm because we're going get somegoin sunshine back here. i know we'nsve gotten a littlenl bit the last couple of days
5:35 am
but, hey, man, not we're going to go temperaturespe into the up are 60's and loww 70's. 70 i'm going to show you theing to highs today but let's get tot' t the numbers out there righte rht now. 57 in town. little cool. i mean, it's not cold by any any means. means. maybe you start off light jacket, light sweater,ck something like that but as weett progress and certainly by the early afternoon you're goingte to be able to shed that as wrnea get up into the upper 60's ands the low 70's for highs today. td just a look at the satellite sal picture here, clouds are still i in place for us up and down i-95, okay. oka but all indications are theseret clouds will start to drop offpff a little bit, break up and allow sunshine late morninge m early afternoon is when weoo wh start to see most of the sunshine break later today, up are 60's, loww 70's. that's where we're going forheoi highs today. t annapolis 67. here in town, i think right around 72 degrees or so.s o may take a little longer to lge burn off some of the clouds. s farther to the souomth tou fredericksburg you're up to're t about 69 degrees or so. d that's your forecast. fec weekend details coming up.
5:36 am
to maureen and hey, guys.y, gs. >> breaking news this morning ti o roads just a few moments agoea we found out that someone hasmee in fact died in that accident ac on i-270 in clarksburg.rk >> lanes have been shut down hao for several hours.severaurs. fox5's annie yu is livesiv there with more information on this story. >> reporter: good morning,ni goo wisdom and maureen.nd maureen that's right we're justig we' learning some new information in here that this is now a fatality. the accident happened aroundpend 2:30 this morning and it actually happened on 270 about27 a mile from where i'm standing d closer to route 121. it involved two vehicles,o vic maryland state police lettinget us know now that one of the cars was a disabled vehicle parked on the road when it wase hit from beh the driver of the striking sik vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital and -- with with life-threatening injuries and we have just learned in then t last several minutes that heert did not make it.nomake the driver of the vehicle that h was hit from behind was also transported withh nonlife-threatening injuries. police are letting us knows k that alcohol was not a factoroto in this accident. meantime this crash has caused
5:37 am
shut down as you mentioned. all northbound lanes closed c here. you'll be forced to exit off ext at exit 18.t 18. and then you can work aroundk ao this scene and you can alsoo take 355 can which runs r parallel with 270.70. as this crash investigationestia continues, obviously this is ob going to cause quite a disruption to your commute.ur please approach this area slowly. they have the cones out.av they have the flares out asaress well, but traffic is now backed up.cked up. so, you just want to approachppc with caution and very slowly. s and for detours and more onn traffic, let's head to erin como. >> thank you very much, annie.y. 5:37 right now. n great information 355 parallel to 2 to avoid getting stuck in thatch backup at exit 18 to take 1211 over to 355.55 exit before that point att point father hurley.ur hop on 355.hoon 3 take 355 up to 109 from that t point you can hook onto 270 ont0 northbound around that closure u scene. because it's a deadly crashy cra investigation we don't have any word on when they're goinghe to be able toy' reopen any of o those northbound lanes butno
5:38 am
one. notice the southbound delay as well. it's grown from 80 to 121 right now.ow mix in typical morningal morning congestion with a rubber neckbee delay and that's what you're's w up against. please use caution there. in the district as well police o activity southern avenue isn avi closed both ways nears near chesapeake street.eatree use barnaby road to get aroundro that. that let's take a live look. loo this is for a homicidee investigation.inigat police at that location. lat barriers set up. so again barnaby road the bestar bet to get around that thisnatht morning. we got you covered on that c one. right now metro is on time. t we'll let you know if anythingtg else pops. you can tweet me at erin fox5n 5 d.c. with any questions. keep it to fox5. we are back in just a few. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the's air force says a b52 bomb areir crashed in gaum in the aircraft was deployed toeple gaum from north seven people were on board the plane at the time of thean accident. so far no injuries have been reported. the incident is currentlye eny under investigation.tigati father and two children dead after an amtrak train hitit a pickup truck in mississippi. officials say the train hitit the vehicle yesterday evening. >> now the accident happened 25 miles northwest of jackson. officials say there were nos sar injuries to the crew or thee tw 127 passengers on board. b after several weeks of delays, l house republicans are moving a m forward with legislation toon t help puerto rico's debt.o's debt a bill introduced last nightst will
5:42 am
territory manage the $70 billion obligation$7 lawmakers had hoped top write tw legislation that could pass both the house and the senate s before puerto rico defaults on a $2 billion payment due inion june. you've heard of tour de france, right? how about to your de. a touring being and bikeg be festival sponsored by the new belgium brewing company. >> i liked your hack again.agai >> it's a free festivalt'a fr featuring a morning bike rideik before a day full of bikel of shows and beer. this is the 17th year of that >> sounds interesting.nd >> it does. >> probably will look >>interesting as well.g as coming up on fox news morning mi local clarities get much needed help today. all you have to to is drive. >> as we throwed break a live look outside on this thursday o morning. hey, the sun is up now. now. i like this song. kirk franklin's smile. hope you're doing that this morning.'r 5:42 is your time of it is i 57 degrees. going to be a great day. day claim it.
5:43 am
we're back after this. >> ♪ ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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>> here we are temperatures out there this morning in the low to mid-50's. right here in townre m we'ree' higher than that, 57 degrees.7 . we had a couple lightig sprinkles move through.ou we start off with morningrng clouds. it will be mostly dry.. by 8, 9 o'clock, i think we'rei' talking about dry conditions.on. certainly cloudy.y c as we progress through theess u day, though, it does look likeoe the
5:46 am
west around this high pressure p wins the battle, okay. oka so, we're finally going to getng some sunshine and good amountsdn of it later on this afternoon.o. futurecast confirms that.onfirm the clouds this morning atds thi 8 o'clock, again, mostly dry, could there be a sprinkle? prin? yes. we've had a couple of thosecoupt this morning. but as we progress through theh day today, the sunshine starts to break out. kind of ignore this. i don't think this is a big b deal.. anything -- i think it'st' overdone. there may be a sprinkle hereprir or there but that's about it aut way out to the west.est. but look, by if you have, 6, 7 o'cloc...five, 67 o'clock we shb in good shape.d sha certainly tomorrow thert sunshine is going to be with us.aith late in the day tomorrow we could get a little bit of anli b increase in clouds ahead ourad o weekend storm that startsta moving on in. speaking of the weekend storm,no this is 8 o'clock saturday morning. definitely cloudy.lo rain starts coming hack.omin h there is trending now in someowo of the modeling that showst s most of the heavier rain stays to the south of us on on sa
5:47 am
we may be kind of the northern h edge of the storm or the or t northern part of the storm. them we're still going to be wet onto saturday, okay.ay, okay. but maybe we escape the t heaviest of the rainfall thatnf scoots by down to the south of us. that is the is the tr it's not a guarantee yet but yet it is trending in thatg ha direction. we're still going to say it'sg i a wet day pretty much all dayucd long. lo we're going to have showers around, rain. 63 degrees, that's about the the best we're going to be able to t do on saturday because theause t winds will be coming in fromll the north and th be northeast.ot sunday a little warmer. wme we're back up into the uppero eu 60's and the low 70's. sunshine in spots on sunday sun and i'll say this, too. t the trend for -- is for a for drier sunday, so if that trendtt continues, maybe just a few a scattered showers out there onto sunday and most of the rain rai will be coming in on saturday.da we'll watch that.'ll tch this morning just a couple of o sprinkles. most of it has passed off to the south of us.uth of u you see we're still stuck in stn the clouds here. the rain -- most of the rain r is well down to the south of us. forecast for today.ay definitely morning clouds. c suwi
5:48 am
afternoon.afternoon. e mperature with the sunshine upper 60's and low 70's. 7 it really looks like a nice afternoon for us. u tomorrow the late day clouds.ayo we're up to 74 degrees.4 deee looks wet on a few scattered showersedho sunday.sund better for next week. nex wee here's erin with a look atoo your traffic.raffic >> right now, gary, we have aowy lot of breaking news.s. 5:48 and you can see behind medm sun returning so that's good news. right now unfortunately deadly d crash investigation has allgatih lanes of 270 northboundthbo completely shut down. a annie yu is out there withhe w live team coverage.ere. right now they're diverting divg traffic to 121 exit 18. exi things are backing up leading top point. i suggest if you're heading towards frederick exiting atickg father hurley boulevard takingan that to 355.o from that point hop back onto ot 109 to get on 270 north. we'll let you know as soon as y we get any worasd as to when t w they're able to reopen any of 270 north. nth watch for southbound rubber necking. heavy traffic southbound fromsod 80 past 121. let's take a look at our maps. southern avenue closed rightsedr now southeast section of theeasn
5:49 am
both directions neartionnear chesapeake street.trt. homicide investigation.tition. use barnaby road southeast as an alternate to get aroundy tg that. let's see if we can forwardorwad our maps and show you a lookk in northeast.ea. fallen tree right now beachow b drive completely blocked in bckd both directions right nearight cheryl drive northwest andnd bingham drive northwest.orwe you'll need to detour aroundroun that one. metro is on time if you want w to use metro all six lineses reported close to schedule. back to you maureen and wisdom. >> we know virginia tolls virgis collect money for the state.y fo today all of the money t mon collected at the dullested at te greenway is going towards igoin something pretty special.prettys >> it's called drive fort'call charities and several charitys c are benefiting.nefitg. joining us are members of two o of the organizations getting gti money from this event.ney we're talking about rocklandocan parker from the maryland freearf clinic and the march of this sounds like a phenomenalhea idea because you're getting all the money and all theneall people have to do is drivedrive through. >> yeah, it's pretty simple.s im this is our 11th annual dullesll greenway drive for charity. drif as you come through pay your toll we're going
5:50 am
that money to six local charities and the dulleshe d greenway scholarship program. po two years ago we had hollyly morris out here rocking a yellow vest. vest. hopefully tara and i can make cm do. >> i think you will. i i think you will. so people just drivei through.u can they give extra money ifon they want or is this just ahis regular toll is all you're you asking. >> did that they want to give extra money, we'll take that.t t our goal today is to raise $330,000. we'll need 70,000 cars to comeom through on the dulles greenway.nway. so, you'll get a faster a fas commute, you'll be moreou'll ber productive at work and you'll ad be able to give back to the t community. >> we're talking about scholarship money that will go towards -- it's going to beng tb spread out but one of the b one places is local high schools soo out in the county. cnt >> yes, what we do is we havedoi a scholarship we give one senior from eachh loudoun county high school s $1,500 for them to go to can can college and there's no requirements, no certainer fields, no gpa or anything anytn like that. it's based on being goodas citizen and how they give backw to the community, what we'reha
5:51 am
>> tara, tell us little bit about how the money helps thethe community at lamp or helps your group. >> inova children's hospital hos as a family support specialistrs in the neonatal intensive carevr unit and through the march of o dimes family support program, pr my partner, sara donahue and ie are able to provide comfortde co and support and educationalducal opportunities to more thanunit 10,000 families each year that find themselves with a child c in the nicu in our region.egn. >> how does this even come d about? how did you say, okay,oe we can make money via tolls? ia who came up with this because bc it's quite brilliant actually. >> well, the owners of theers t greenway, when they took overhek 11 years ago, this isthis i something that they do withdo w all their toll roads.oads. >> okay she so they wanted totet bring it here to the unitedhe ui states because they ownwn different toll roads inent tolla australia.australia. this is one of the things they like to do is give back to theke community. >> all right, well, well appreciate you guys' efforts gur and put those yellow vest
5:52 am
money today and it goes to goest lots of local clarities.larities >> hopefully with the power ofhf fox5 we'll be able to get 70,000 people out here.e out >> yeah.>> y so go on out. on o good job, guys.go thank you very much for joining us this >> thank you very much.hank >> best of luck in your efforts to get thates 70's0' thousand people out there. there >> make sure our photographer puts some money in the tollsmone when he comes back.whencomes bak >> all right. a rig we'll charge him extra. extra [laughter] [l >> thanks a lot, guys.hank the time now is 5:52 and:5 let's take a look at theook t stories you're engaging withagii the most this morning onmost t social media with our realtimehi news tracker. wnews >> all right, first up how uho many news people does it takeake to name a super bowl the quarterback? turns out more tt than three. cnn's anderson cooper "60 minutes" lara hogan and msnbc m michael steele stumbled over ara question about cam flute ton fte during celebrity jepp deal. all three members ended up eed passing on the question. t queso proving they probably weren'tba tuned into this year's superar's bowl. bowl >> in music news guns n' rosesos confirmed allison change and
5:53 am
for their upcoming northg noh american act. alice in chains will warm up the act from the end of june o n to early july. kravitz who last played withyedt guns n' roses when they t performed a 1992 version ofvers his song always on the run in i paris will then take over forver the opening act for stops inn late july. >> the mother of dragons has proved to be the mother ofherf franks too. t >> what is that. >> let me explain. amelia clark who plays din. ineras -- i know what game of thrones is. i don't watch it. it's on'shbo. this person was caught smearing dessert on a sleeping p coworker during a break from filming in season six. s dessert is a lot sweeter
5:54 am
>> this story,, i have no ideay, what that --, okay.ka >> just like the cam flute tonan story with the three people. t they didn't know who cam fluteaf ton was. >> nor game of thrones on thise end.of >> time now for our facebookouro fan of the day. d. charlene bates we know who shews is because she's right there s on the screen she says she watches fox5 every morningx5 evy while she gets ready for work.ow she says it's part of theart te morning routine. rti >> she says she just loves herve fox5 family and we love you back. she is 61 years young.. beautiful lady.tifu if you want to be our next facebook familiar of the dayamif post your pic right underneath u charlene's beautiful picture.tue happy thursday to you miss bates. hope you have a wonderful day.wl >> gary mcgrady got someom weather for us.we >> lay, what kind of rock are you guys living under if youiv don't watch game of thrones. t >> one that -- one >> children.hildn. >> yeah, three children, baseball, homework, cooking,ng, cleaning. >> you can't carve out like 30i0 to 45 minutes. mutes >> we're too committed tooo other shows like "empire."
5:55 am
have to pay for hbo, right. rig >> i understand. i'm surprised you haven'td yo found someone to give you thehe ghost subscription that youn can use but you have to have ato smart known to be able to doto t that, wisdom. >> his dumb dumb phone. >> there's showers out there. so super spotty this morning. mni we'll pull this out just all tha little bit. i know everybody's not a game gm of thrones fan.ones f here's the showers down in t north carolina.heno that's where the bulk of this is. clouds are breaking up sohi so trending today towards thear sunshine returning. can i get some applause erin como. como. >> whoo-hoo! >> 72 for highs today, windss y, out of the north at five to at i 10 miles per hour.miles r hour. morning clouds, no tout aboutut that but afternoon sunshine. ssn tomorrow looks good.morrowooks . just a few clouds in thelos in afternoon. 72 today. 74 tomorrow.74 tomorrow. looks wet for saturday.s t fo only lower 60's. 6 better on sunday but still ati chance for some showersho possible on sunday, even onn monday.mond sun comes back tuesday,, that's getting closer to 80. 8 and weather day out at natst nat park is wednesday.edsd temperature there 82 degrees. 8r
5:56 am
>> right now 5:55. deadly crash shutting down all l lanes of 270 traffic forced to exit at 18. 1 i suggest exiting at father hurley. take to 355 and then you can hook back onto 370 north at 109 that many will save you savy some time this morng. southbound side looking pretty d good. headlights comingin towards us with stop-and-goop traffic from 80 down.rom 80 d speed restrictions back at mcpherson square because ofof that delays on the orange bluehg and silver line to new carrolton and largo town center. we got you covered this morning. ottypical congestion popping upp we'll check back in withop youwu with your traffic at the a 6 o'clock hour.6 o'clk ho back to you maureen and wisdom. >> long t.s.a. lines still ant.l issue at airports nationwide.s d there's some relief in ahead at 6:00 we're headed to bwi to fill you in. >> good turnout at last night's "empire" season two finale more on that with steve andve a allison who was there last
5:57 am
night. she was everywhere.veryer we'll talk about that after the break and as we gobr to break, live lookout side s across the dmv. dmv we're back in a >> erin is dancing, everybody.vy she's feeling good this thursday morning. >> ♪
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what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. >> ♪ morx5 news mor >> straight ahead at 6:00 a0 a midair mystery.tery breaking overnight a-flight-f from paris to cairo disappearsie from radar.frar right now a desperate search a c
6:00 am
site. >> locally big mess on 270 in o montgomery a deadly accident there t causing major backups thisg jors morning. we're live on the scene with what you need to know. >> first though a live lookk outside on this thursdayrsday morning.morning. it's friday eve everybody, may 19th. we'll have weather and trafficea for you coming up on the 5'sn t5 at 6:05. good thursday to you, i'mou, i allison seymour.allison se >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. m. let's get to the breaking newsto right now from overseas. tw ovs a frantic search under way fordr a missing egyptair flightai believed to have crashed intotoh the mediterranean sea off the coast of egypt. the plane was headed fromheadedm paris to cairo when itairo vanished from radar shortly sho after it entered egyptian airpt space. 66 passengers and crew were onee board including one child and two babies. no americans were listed ass passengers.passengers. >> this of course is raising c the possibility of a terror attack. at let's get right to it. fox's doug luzader is live is with more on what we know sonoso far.fa doug, good morning. what do we know?what >> reporter: good morning.m


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