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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead on fox5 news morning, a terrorism or a mechanical failure? an international team ofan investigators is working tokingt find out exactly what happened e to egyptair flight 804.04 >> a man convicted of murdering saundra levy is plan p to go point the finger back atfk capitol hill during his upcoming second trial.on >> take a live look across the dmv on this friday morning. mni enjoy the sun and warmth of today because tomorrow therow t skies are expected to rain to r down on all of us.downl of us. good morning to you.goodning welcome to fox5 news morning. m. we're so happy you're with us.ou i'm holly morris.or >> i'm maureen today is national bike toik >> so, gary will let us knowwilt if it's a good day to bike tooeo work, erin will update us ons all modes of transportationpoat you might be taking to work. wor they'll join us in a right now we want to get back gt to that breaking news in news alexandria.exandria police are on the scene of asc o shooting in a parking lot.ot >> fox5's melanie alnwick islank joining us live with the details.
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on the scene but what can yout u tell us? >> reporter: yeah, not a lot, guys. all the fairfax county policeyol will confirm at this point iss n a person shot but we can tellel you certainly looks like aooks very serious crime scenerime sce investigation here. we're at the very top of theinh hill here off of richmond highway. the city side apartments at huntington and you can see c this is the parking lot here, hr the entire parking lot is l taped off and you can see theee police activity towards thetowae back there. looks like you know, some mobile crime processing going on and thend en there's a large wooded area woo back lined this parking lot and a path that takes you to tke the huntington metro station. so, we don't even know the k exact time that this happened.ih we can tell that you fairfax faf county police put out notification about an hour orut so ago, a little more than ann a hour ago and when we got here h it was certainly a lot of l folks had already been on the t scene and we're not seeing a se lot of people coming out yet. ot i did talk to one guy who was trying get his car out of her
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work this morning and one of o the detectives told him, yeah,ea that's probably not going toot o happen, it's going to beng to awhile. so, the indication that we getng that certainly something verylyt serious happened here in termsrr of that shooting but no confirmation yet as to whethero this was indeed a homicide. homd so, that is the latest here late from alexandria. back to you guys. g >> melanie alnwick reporting aln live for us this morning. 5:02 right now. n let's get updated on theonhe continued search for egyptair flight 804. we just learned that the greekne military has pulled their ship from the search effort.ff this as questions of what w exactly caused the planed the pa carrying 66 passengers tong 66 o crash into the mediterraneanit sea. >> the jet was about 175 milesu1 from the egyptian shore whengy it disappeared from radarpear without a distress call. c investigators say the planesay h made several erratic turnsns while losing altitude and thatat can mean several things.hing a catastrophic mechanical orhal structure failure a bombing orr a struggle over the controls in the cockpit. the ckpit. egypt's aviation minister saysiy the possibility that the jet t was downed in a terror attack
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is high. hh >> possibility of having a a different action or -- having hn a terror attack is higher thanht the possibility of having a technical. >> we just learned of breakingig news. ne egyptian state tv reporting that debris ha ss been found ini the mediterranean sea.nean this is a new report. repor it's unclear whether the items i are from flight 804.. investigators are running run background check on thend che o passengers to see if any off ano them had lynx to >> the fate of a baltimore bti police officer charged in the death of pretty good pretty good now in the hands of a ps oa judge. >> closing arguments were held yesterday in the trial of officery edward nero. he's charged with assaulth asul misconduct and reckless endangerment.daer prosecutors say here in rowsay w arrested gray without probable e cause and then failed to faid secure gray in a police vanole with a seat belt. the defense claims nero actedrot reasonably and didn't doidn' do anything wrong.anyt wrong. a verdict is expected on monday. nd prosecutors in the case against two virginia tech students accused in the january murder of 13-year-oldend nicole lovell may release new details ab
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plot to can kidnap and murderure that seventh grader after she climbed out of her window for h a midnight rendezvous withous w them in january. 18-year-old david eisenhoweris and 19-year-old natalie nat keepers are scheduled for aor hearing later this morning.or keepers and eisenhauer who arewa both from maryland wered engineering students at stunts virginia six months ahead of hisf h retrial defense attorneys foref the man accused ofen killingling saundra levy say they intendynt to present more evidence that points to californiafornia congressman gary couldn't did it. the 24-year-old whoho romantically was linked to thed congressman she yesterday attorneys for ingmar argued condit had a reason to kill levy. >> a department of justice says caleb bailey used a minor to produce pornographyduce porno pornography a machine gun wasa found in his home when authorities exexcited a search s want earlier this month.r is m bailey is due back in courtk i c next
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noah's law is officially ifi part of state governor larry hogan signed the bill yesterday.ay. the law puts ignition ignit interlock devices in the carshe of those convicted of drive d under the influence.ce. it came after noah leotta whoho was struck and killed by a drunk driver last year.erast ye the man accused of killing killi officer leotta has pled guilty. >> ♪ >> time now is 5:05 on this friday morning. mni say the again, right. right friday morning. mor >> friday, friday. fda >> that deserves a happy dance. >> gary -->> >> friday and sunny.un >> i'm dancing in my mindanci i okay, that's what i'm doing here. he >> gary, i haven't seen a day like this in forever. can you at least move two move w fingers or something.nge >> there you go. >> it's happy time now.s okay, now, stop., stop. >> okay, look, here's kiddoss kd this morning in terms of thems t forecast for the guys at the tht bus stop it looks great. g it looks a little cool. c maybe you start off with a hoodie this morning orning or something like that but itlike does warm up nicely today.
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part. part. we'll have some sunshine -- a couple high level cloudsle coming on across and hthen more of those late this afternoon afo but we're going stay dry all dry day long. temperatures this afternoonur ti between 71 and about 75 degrees. it is cool this morning with mot the clear skies and the relatively low humidities -- relatively low dewpoint, dpo that's the actual trueual measurement of the moisture int the air so that's allowing temperatures to drop off thisof morning.rning. you'll finder a little deweyittd on your -- find it a little a lt dewey on your cars, too. too temperature of 54 degrees ins in town, culpeper 44 and winchester is 45 erin commute this morning, thism take a look at traffic.raff hey, erin. >> he renamed me erin commute. e >> visit buy a for special offers.ffers. >> 5:06 right now. it is bike to workday so you're going to be seeing a lot more bicyclists oiaround thd area so please use caution. cau. share the road this morning.orng as for your friday morning morni commute, an earlier crash on cro the outer loop blocking theckine ramp after braddock road did rod clear so things back to normal r
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across the wilson bridge. we had an earlier vehicle firelr take out some of theut some of northbound lanes andrtound southbound between 198 and 197n1 cleared to the shoulder sod things back to normal for thatta portion of your drive. as you make your way out in i maryland for the rest of your majors 95 still in the cleartilc the icc to the spur, problem free 270 and 50 inbound0 inb looking really good inside thent district as well.we same story in virginia. 95 through stafford, 66 and 267 all green all good. yo'll let you know when thatt changes. metro service right now is onich time.time back to you holly and maureen. n >> a federal judge has upheld virginia's 2013 law requiring voters to show a valid photo vid idea at the polls.t e poll the virginia democratic partyar sued state election officials saying the photo i.d. requirement unconscionablelyiony suppresses voting by blackslack latinos and young people.eo >> the judge said thed t democratic party did not proveoe the law violates the votingot rights act or several constitutional amends. the judge noted virginia hasgi made accommodations to allow a ever
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absentee voting and free voter i d.a. >> air bnb collecting an ahg h hotel tax on behalf of its host. this is the first air bnb tax bx in maryland.yl >> it will accept the hotelel tax for reservations made onaden or after june 1st. about 14,000 guests use air14 g bnb to stay in montgomerymo county last year.ty last yea >> coming up on fox5 news5 n morning a traveling exhibitionxb about the middle east has turned into the latest battle bl in the ongoing between israelis and palestinians.estian >> fears of the zika virus has s led to changes in the way the w american olympic athletes are training for brazil.razil. >> as we head to break, oh,reakh yes, summertime, it is it is coming. actually, here's a live look across the d.c. region. rio today we want to help you getelu ready for summer.for sr. it's just around the corner.heo. we can feel it. fox5 news morning back right af
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>> hang now a call for theg united nations to get rid of a panel from an israelino exhibition which calls the spiritual and physical capitol of the jewish people. now in a letter t to un secretary general ban ki-moon the palestinian expressedan their rejection to theon to the description. a letter went on to say references w that insert israeli sovereignty are morally unacceptable. tv news mourning the loss of morley safer.ofle the "60 minutes" correspondentrt died yesterday at his home in manhattan.nhat the 84-year-old just announced n his retirement last week. safer had an astonishing 61isng year career at cbs giving himivg the longest run ever on prime op time television.elis >> health officials haveficial v confirmed another case of the ce zika virus in the u.s.
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tennessee's health department says three people contracted the virus while travelinging abroad. according to the centers forto r disease control, more than 500 0 cases have been reported ind the u.s. u the virus can cause serious ser birth defects if a pregnantrean woman becomes inexpected. inexpc just months ahead of the mon summer olympics swimmers willimw train in atlanta instead of inso puerto rico. the u.s. swimming team saysms the decision was made aftereft they felt athletes and coaches h would be exposed to a high level of zika in puerto rico. r coming up on fox newsn n morning the national football league making a change to onengo of its largest post season sea games. >> and the ongoing dispute between singer ke$ha andsinge$ha former manager continues to bett a hot topic of discussion on social media.ed >> and as we head to break on bk this friday morning, a live aiv look across the d.c. time now is 5:11.:11. and it is 54 degrees. 54 ee we're hoping you're thinking t about summer. s songs like this getting you in u the more of it this morning asg as fox5 news morning continues. .
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>> welcome back to fox news morning. just about 5:15.ju abo californiaians don't have toon'o cut back on water anymore. anymo water restrictions have been b lifted. lifted recent rain and snow helpingw h ease drought conditions there.on state officials still say californiaians have to bee to b mindful of their water usage. >> ♪ >> live look outside on this oti friday. 5:14, 54 degrees and gary is ang think everyone has been anticipating this day of thehis week and not just because it's friday.ay >> how nice was that yesterday when the sun came out. >> i was like what is that in i the sky?e sky >> what is this orange orb inor the sky. >> i knew what it was.wh it was. i did see a lot of people running and scattering and s trying to take cover.ov here's temperatures this's morning. t 48 degre
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46 for dulles.46or d we're going get it today, too,, okay, just so you know.yo k temperatures back up to theack h north, pittsburgh that ain'thaai bad. binghamton 47, pittsburgh 50, columbus 50 degrees.deees. it's milder down towards the south and southwest. we've been talking about thisbot for several days here. chance of this weekend storm s kind of coming up. can can we get -- can i see i s this? low comes up from thep south and as it continues toties track in our direction it will l bring in the chances of these oe showers coming on across here. initially it's showers andrs a then overnight tonight it willl become some rain and certainly n tomorrow. the heaviest of the rain,tost or doesn't mean we won't get somee moderate rain here in the d.c.ed and the surroding metro butut it does look like the trend t continues to take the heaviest a of the rain here just to the south of us. u southern maryland, central andtr southern virginia, okay. o now, again, doesn't mean weean won't get some moderate rainfall from time to time and some places around here withh this rain tomorrow and intond i tomorrow evening could get upet to as much as 1 inch of
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and some places localizeds locai could get a little bit morea than thalit.anha the farther north you travell away from the storm it's moret'm like showers, okay. so, we're rain tomorrow. 100 percent chance of that.ha temperatures with the clouds wes and the rain 62 degrees for aee high. we'll start off tomorrow in t the 50's.e 50 sunday it's going to bee better. 72 degrees. showers on sunday.shower it's not going to be aot goio complete washout. was i think tomorrow pretty much ame complete washout. whout on sunday, it won't be. just some passing showers as the low pressure exits to there east and northeastto of us it can bring some moisture back around. arou here we are this morning. we e h notice high clouds trying toig come on in but weh do have hig pressure not only at the surface but aloft as well so s as these clouds come acrosscros and come in and get a little ltl closer to us, notice howote they're dissipating just aus little bit but not completely.ol so, we'll get a little bit of high storm system is coming out ofutf texas. te big thunderstorms down this will all organize,ll oan continue to come through the the deep south with a lot off showers and thunderstorms today. and then bring us our chance
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of rain tonight through theou t day tomorrow and into sunday. sa forecast looks like this. this. pretty nice. n more clouds late this late this afternoon. but just muted sunshine. all wet some showers on sunday.unda showers possible on monday. and a whole lot better next week as temperatures will get wl up into the upper 70's and lowsd to mid 80's. 8 erin como is back. b >> i am. a 5:17 and right now a little ait bit of volume picking this is a live look at 295 at 29 northbound headlights comingnd towards us by eastern h avenue.u southbound i'll let you know as soon as things turn into as t parking lot out there. that image seems to have to hav dropped out. so far so good on same story from the bottom of the beltway. moving over to our maps we'll ol show you all the green out ineni the area. no problems on the outer looper bottom of the beltway as youth make your way from four allm foa the way to 50.the wato 5 same story no typical typ congestion past new hampshire he just yet. just inbound traffic on 395 still sll quiet from the beltway to theayo 14th street bridge.eet ridg no proble
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you head past the third street tunnel. tunnel. light volume picking up as yoump make your way from dale city dat on 95 towards the occoquan occoq through woodbridge. i'll let you know if and whennd that really big congested areasa starts to increase. incas south of that point int point in stafford same story.staf now as you make your way out o in laurel we had an earlier vehicle fire. all lanes reopened on theon southbound side between 197ween and 198. route one looking good.ingd. 95 quiet.95 q notice how the northbound sidebs of bw parkway, 95 are in thehe clear. cl if you have an early morning flight to catch anit bwi traffia won't slow you down. down. same story for 270 looking good. no problems by the trucky scales just yet coming fromro annapolis and bowie you'reou quiet.iet. we'll take a closer look atr k t those virginia drive timesve tim next. maureen and holly. >> ♪ >> okay, time now is 5:18. 5 let's take a look at thek stories you're engaging withngat the most this morning onst thisn social media with wisdomg martin and our reaal mltime news tracker. >> all right, good morning. first up the chief of sanht francisco's police department abruptly resigned yesterday just hours after a fatalours aea shooting of an african-american woman in the ty
5:19 am
now chief greg sur amid protests and hunger strikesrikes from his opponents.onents up next the groundbreaking geneticist who discovered the brca1 gene linked to increased s breast cancer risk was honoredar by president obama with the national medal of science thishi week.ek. dr. mary king's work has allowed thousands of women toofw identify their at risk genesiske and receive life savingav treatment counties long and mon to this after self days ofaf arguments ke$ha has been given permission to perform at to pe sunday's billboard music awards.awar ke$ha had to promise her label that she would not discuss her ongoing lawsuit withg la producer -- her producer pduce dr. luke on stage during her her the singer has accused hereder producer of sexual assault and abuse and is fighting a very public legal battle to nullifyto her contract with him.ctith >> messy situation.ti. >> uh-huh. uh- >> very much so. >> for anyone.ny thanks,
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coming up on fox newsng morning apple hopes a revamp ram will bring more people into its stores. it >> and researchers say oneay o change, just one change in cng your life style would greatly reduce your risk of developing p cancer. >> as we head to break, take a,k live look across the d.c.. region or maybe just someome food, getting you a littlee hungry.ry. breakfast time.eakf >> i know, breakfast time, time, right. >> shaping up to be a pretty good day. we'll have more music, get you sic,et y going this friday morning.y did we already say that? it's friday. more fox news morning after this.
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> negotiated truce in theeg ongoing syrian civil war. officials say government forces are struggling to control aot kg ey road out of tt capitol of damascus and recent r united nations peace talks areal at a standstill. snd to make matters worse, the une says it's unable to reach half l of the the more than 900,00090 syrians in need of help.f help. focus will turn to air d
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beginning next month. more than 250,gi000 have beenvee killed in syria.lled i s the owner of the theaterhe e where 12 people were killed kil lab found not liable for theirdi deaths. deat the theater had beenth accused of not being prepared pa and should have for seen theulds possibility of a massass shooting.shooti 70 other people were injurede wj in the july 2012 the gunman james holmesho serving life in prison. pri >> new study found half all all cancer deaths could be avoidedvo if we adopt a healthier lifestyle.styl scientists say if peopleeopl stopped smoking kept fitept hadn't no more than a drink an i day cancer death rates go down dramatically. doctors have long warned unhealthy lifestyles increaselil the ring of cancer later in life. life. just one in five women and onen in foremen follow the healtheah advice researchers found. f >> pro bowl moving from honolulu to orlando florida fria according to a report. ror nfl declined to commentnlynl saying orlando honolulu and sidney were bidding for the bidf league's all-star event.vent
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the pro bowl was held in was hel glendale arizona laughter laughe year. aloha stadium in hawaii was hawi the site for 30 years until 2010.. >> apple has a brand new storean in san francisco that has unique bells and ant the store has a 35-foot wide video wall, a genius bar with w calming trees and doors so bigig it takes 10 minutes to open. the new to are is eco friendly n powered by solar paths. solar ps it will open to the public pub this saturday.y. >> okay. i was looking for thoseor tho features in the video.ideo >> right. >> doors that take 10 minutes ta to open. o i'm not sure why we need that gary. ga >> and will that be effectiveff for getting customers in if it i takes 10 minutes.ut not a good choice.d c i don't know. k what do you say gary. >> i say it's time to talkay about weather because it's soe s nice. >> it's friday.>> it's >> i was actually talking toctln one of our engineers offngee camera so i have no idea whata t you were talking about. a >> you were not listening tostet us.
5:25 am
we have a little technical error so i was trying to -- tg little technical problem. pbl >> you're off the hook.he >> thank you for doing that.nk y but i don't know why we -- ie i did hear you say doors that tha take like 10 minutes to open. o i don't understand that.ders 54 degrees for 48 degrees for so, chilly out in the suburbsthb this morning. here in town not all that bad. annapolis 52.poli 5 leonardtown 52 degrees and the a clouds are creeping in ourg in direction. re now, some of this initial istial just high level cloudiness andcs we have enough high pressure pre and high pressure can start atur the surface and extend aloft. at it starts aloft and extends e down to the surface.urfa what happens is when thatppen happens we get these clouds clo try to come into the highominto pressure and they dissipateis and so i think that is what happens initially today so we s don't see a lot of clouds tolods begin with and then as wehens w progress through the day intohey the evening hours, more and more clouds will be muted be sunshine it looks like when i the sun sets later on thisis evening.evening. clouds arrive.ds arr showers arrive tonight andonig once the showers get here, he, really the rain get here it'ser going to stay with us.ay with tomorrow is a washout.
5:26 am
100 percent chance of rain.chani some showers lingering onring o sunday. today we're sunny, we're dry. dy temperatures nice.ates nice. we're up to 75 degrees for a f high temperature today. tod couple places 76 to 77. 7 there's your forecast on this friday morning. mor now time get a look at your traffic. erin commute is in with that -- erin c como.o. >> 5:26. >> 5 i'll take a rain free fridayeri morning commute so right nowsoin plenty of green on our map.ur mp we're starting to see heavyeeea traffic in urbana.a. 270 southbound 80 to 109 to 9 things increasing there. the when that volume starts to t cause some big delays i'll let you know but kind of leave aha a few minutes earlier if you're coming from frederick tryingerit to get down towardsn tow gaithersburg this morning.orng 210 northbound in fortthboin fo washington still really nicell conditions from old fort road ra to livingston road. none of that typicalal congestion yet. seamster in brandywine.d things on five looking g problem free on pennsylvanian py avenue inbound as well. as we take a look right now at a our metro update no alerts across all six rails.ix rai if you're taking metro todayng t grab a light jacket for theket r early mor
5:27 am
on time or close to let's go hadi and take a liveta look outside.ut 66 inbound through arlingtonin this is out by spout run you sut can see some increased trafficrf but so far so good. no major majel that's your look at traffic. back to you. you ♪> ♪ >> coming up on fox news morning d.c. mayor murielayor m bowser proposes an interesting g solution she believes willelie help fight crime in the city. >> and the council race in i ward seven shaping up to be a lot closer than a lot of people predicted.le pre >> as we head to break, lookeatk at this. it's a live picture of mr. tucker barnes, he is going to be biking to work today. t >> keep your eyes on the frontoo there. >> listen, it is bike to work day.or how many of you are going to be doing it? we're going to talk about it on facebook facebo mentions in about 15 minutes. meanwhile we'll watch tucker tuc riding in circles. >> hilarious. >> do you know the way to the station, tuck? >> it's this way.>> i >> it's this way.t' ti>>me now is 5:27.:2 we're celebrating summer with
5:28 am
>> and the fresh prince with sunshine. >> we'll be back.
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>> straight ahead on fox newsgh morning metro's safe track plan, the fta revised edition.dn the transit agency says it ss it will completely stop travel orve single track between certainener stations and it could lastast anywhere from one week to a month and half in some cases. and all the odds makers mer have nyquist as the one to the o beat in the preakness stakes but will saturday's expectedxpee washout play a role inn determining the winner at pimlico? fox news mor
5:31 am
starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you.. thank you for waking up withr wa us. i'm wisdom martin.wi >> and i'm holly morris.or today is national bike toik workday. >> that's pretty cool. that's pretty cool. now, gary and erin did notid bike to work but they are hereye and they are going to talkng tok about weather and trafficwean coming up in just a few minutes. mi >> meanwhile we want to gethilet straight to some breaking news n right now. now in the search for the remains rm of egyptair flight 804, just j moments ago an egyptian army ary spokesperson confirmed thatrmeda the plane wreckage has beensee found in the mediterranean searn where the jetliner crashedshed yesterday with 66 people oneoe board. >> now, the jet was about a 175 miles from the egyptian shore when it disappeared fromt the radar without a distress a r call. ca investigator also say the ao sa plane made several erratic eat turns while losing altitude.itud that can mean several things,hig a catastrophic mechanical or structural failure, a bombing bm or a struggle over thee controls with a highjacker inita the egypt's civil
5:32 am
minister says that the theat the possibility that the jet wasit downed in a terrorist attack is high.ig >> possibility of having a different action or having a hav terror attack is higher thanr the possibility of having a technical emergency.rgen >> investigators are runningtigs background check on the passengers to see if any had links to extremism.xtmi no terrorist group has claimedsp responsibility for thatonbili incident. >> record number of passengers s expected to fly this sum kerr. k across the country travelers tve are dealing with long security s lines. >> now passengers are taking action by applying for t.s.a.fos precheck.preche unfortunately the wait time for anat appointment has doublel in isn't places. now it's grown from 8,000 to 16,000 people applying a week. now to make matters worse someoe passengers are being turned t away from places that were w supposedly offering walk life-in service. >> it's been very much a headache for us, yeah.or us, y there were 38 people waiting for her who had read online onl that said it was a walk lifealk in
5:33 am
appointments but according toor the web site it said walk inn only. only 38 people who were hereeree between 11:00 and 11:40 were1:4w all turned away.way. >> now, though some places arere accepting walk ins for t.s.a. ta prechecks your best bet toesbe make an appointment online.poinm >> metro riders preparere yourselves because in two weeks metro is rolling out its s massive safe track >> and it will last for morell o than a year. yr. the metro make overwill beginleg on june 4th. june it will lead to slower trainsais and even shut downs to fixto f metro's major safety problems. l several lines across the dmvthe will be affected by the the planned maintenance. some lines will be impacted less tha wn a week while otherss could be impacted more than aha month at a time. a t >> listen if you're headed outed on the roads this morning, you're probably going to beng to sharing the streets with a few w more bikes than usual and thatt is because as we said at thes we top of the half hour, today is national bike to wory >> and our very own man of thehe streets, tucker barnes iss taking advantage of this good g weatr
5:34 am
this morning. hey, tucker.u >> good morning, guys. gs. how's it going? all right. so here's the deal. the d it is actually ride your bike b to workday and as you can see here i've got capitolol bikeshare, got my bike, got my t all important helmet before it e ride to work, which i'm doing id this morning, i just wander to point out i'm right next to a mattress store.mattss s dave, maybe if you show themm the mattress store and i'mtt lookinreg at 500 beds that i'dd like to get back all right.ight so, here's the, i'm going to ride my bike several miles what feels likeeel it could be several miles to t work and i should be there inn about 15 minutes or so. >> 15 minutes?utes >> tucker, can you hear us? >> can you hear us tucker?r? >> yeah, i can hear you. hearou h, oh, okay. >> you were just ignoring us,inu okay.ay. so, 15 minutes.15in so, you're going like 1 mile d
5:35 am
little sweat on your brow. >> [inaudible] >> casual clothes and i'm trod m ride the bike should be a beautiful day. you know what, it's actually absolute al per peck weatherk we day to ride my bike to work.ik >> we were having somee technical difficulties. i'm sure you scaaid something brilliant. >> ride along tucker, rideuker, along. >> two hands. >> hold your helmet up. all right.d all we'll see you later. [laughter] >> well, gary, you heardy, you tucker say it, it actually iss beautiful beautiful day to be riding your bike. b >> he's not too far away so could he just stop by panera per and get us all bagels thisels morning. >> yes. >> i like the cream cheesechee with a little bit of those little green oniony things in it. that's what i like, too i.litoo so tucker pick that up for us. . temp
5:36 am
morning, it's pretty chilly inci spots. not as chilly near townear obviously. we're 54 in town but you start s getting out in the suburbs, subs frederick martinsburg, youbu guys have dropped down to 43 degrees this morning.rein that is a little bit nippy.t ni. winchester is 45. fredericksburg is 48.s 48. hagerstown still holding right around 50 degrees and annapolis is 52. 5 we do have a few clouds tryingsy to move in from the west off us. initially we're just talking tkg about a few high clouds. cloud later on today into theodaynto evening hours, they'll thickenli up just a little bit. muted sunshine. hopefully there will be enougheo sun that the sunset with thesehe high clouds will be gorgeous ggu later on tonight.r on a really nice afternoon.fteron light temperatures will be back um bac into the middle 70's goodsoo amounts of sunshine. sunine. so, this is the day we have we been waiting for.or enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it because things are changing chag for the weekend. weekend that will full weekend will fule forecast and into next weeknd iw coming up in just a few a f minutes. minute here's erin.rin. hey, it's friday morning. mni how's the commute?the commute >> it is friday morning, 5:36
5:37 am
taking a look at the beltwayel over the american legion t bridge, the outer and innerhee loop volume increasing butasing still flowing and that'sl pretty much the same for the entirefl stretch of the beltway over the wilson bridge bottom bt side and through montgomeryom county, top of the beltway by new hampshire. hampshire. we'll switch it over for ait look at our maps and don't forget it is bike to workday. we just showed you tucker barnes ot n his route into friendship heights making his way to fox5. remember to share the road. slow down, useo caution.aution you're going see not just nott tucker but a lot of otherf other people around the dmv riding bikes this morning gets something exercise. i'm sure he's going to beme he' extra excited when he makesak his way in. there he is in front of a vehicle in the lane just j pedaling along with a lot of energy and excitement this a morning. so you look both ways therend before he wanted tk o tbourn.our he's wearing a helmet doing ittg the safe way.the safe w you can see right now thingsow are pretty quiet as you as y make -- as he makes his wayay through tenleytown past theown h best buy. b let's switch it back for aswitck look at our maps. aside from biking to work, ato a lot of folks driving to workvi o as well. so, here are some problemro spots already. alr slow traffic picking up 95
5:38 am
northbound from dale city toy 123 as you crock the you'll hit that usual slow usuas zone south of that point inpoint stafford increased volume by i 610 but no major connccerns just yet. metro right now no alerts for all six rail lines. lines. everything should be on time. so grab a light jacket. you're going to need it forneedo the morning. a little chilly out. cy ou but hopefully the sunshine sunsn will be a little bit brighterig warming things up later today. we'll keep you u posted on thisi friday morning commute.orning cu we said it. back to you guys on the desk.hes >> 5:38 is the time.8 isim coming up on fox news morning mi d.c.'s health department isdepas working overtime to try and and prevent deadly heroindl overdoses. >> new genetic discoveries disvs could help lead to lower rates r of skin cancer. >> and as we head to breakak we're taking a live lookeoo outside across our you're listening to the summer madness, one of my favorites by cool and the gang. t gang. time right now still 5:38.:38. we're back in a >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker barnes. >> there he is right there. >> before you call in that'syo our crew car following him. >> ♪ ♪
5:39 am
>> you go, tucker. ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors.
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sip up an afternoon pick-me-up at dunkin'. come in for a medium freshly brewed hot or iced coffee for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> the d.c. department ofe health is trying to stopd. deadly heroin it launched ha program to distribute more of the opioid overdose drug. >> when it comes to
5:42 am
yourself from the sun it may i be more out of your controlon than you y scientists have identified a so-called sunscreen gene that can help protect against skin s cancer. now, experts say those with w pollute stated versions of theo gene may be at a greater risk gt for developing melanoma whicha h is the deadliest type of skin cancer. the gene could help them develop new treatments for melanoma. hertz going old school. they'rz e bringing back the ford mustang gt8.g more than 100 cars will be available to rent at over 1700r hertz locations.hertz location >> researchers in england have created a glove that can make m objects float in midair. they call it the gaunt lev but t we think a better name is the jedi glum it w-by using soundsig waves reflected off one o another to create a sanding san wave which holds the object int the air. that's pretty impressive.rettimi >> pretty
5:43 am
>> sure. why not. >> okay. >> why not. >> all right. coming up on fox news morningni we're going update you on thatnt breaking news we've beenng new talking about that shooting in i alexandria in that section oftio fairfax county.fairfax couy. >> as we led to break let's brel take another live look across the d.c. the time now is 5:43. fox news is back right after this.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ♪
5:46 am
now from that shooting at theta city side apartments parking lot in alexandria.lexari police have now confirmed thatt that shooting is in fact a homicide.cide the area is located near the huntington metro station.on met. you're looking at the public pub information officer fromom fairfax county.ou he is briefing the reporters rep who are on the scene.are on thes our melanie alnwick is therehere live covering the story.g the s of course we will check withch her in a matter of minutes touto get an update on the t situation. but the shooting in alexandriana now a confirmed murder scene. >> ♪ >> 5:46 is our time right now. n we'll switch gears a bit goa bi ahead and talk a little weather on a friday.atr on a gary is standing by.anding >> thank you, holly very much. listen today looks gorgeous.ou this morning it's a little on it the chilly side out there butut we are going to warm up. back to 70's later today. today how about that? how nice will l that be? middle 70's again0's a today and then as we get onn into later on today, we'reay we' going to have that clouds comee across basically some high to
5:47 am
it will thicken up as wes w progress into the latente lat afternoon and evening and byg ab tonight we'll have a chance ofhc rain and for tomorrow, aomro hundred percent chance of rain. that means everybody gets it.ryt everybody is going to be wet w and looks like it extends e through most of the day tomorrow. showers, not so much consistent rain on sunday butday we will have showers from time e to time on sunday, okay.unday,k. so, that's the deal.s the d now, later today looks real, real mostly sunny and dry. temperatures will be in the scents as we get into later lat sections of today. tod high pressure builds in andsu then tonight we watch this watcs storm system get a little bitema closer to us and that will -- w first off it will bring the brit clouds and then it's going to sh bringing the showers anding then the rain stays with us all day d tomorrow and into sunday. sun specifics on the weekend look like this. tomorrow we're only talking about upper 50's and low 60's. warmer on sunday.un little bit of sunshine willshinl help get the temperatures up into the upper 60's and thend lower 70's. 7s. again tomorrow is pretty much a washout. 100 percent chance of rai
5:48 am
and then just showery weatherry on sunday. all right, here's the deal. the. we're finally going to breakore this pattern it looks like.oks l we've been living in thising ins trough so to speak so that'so t kept us cool, it's kept us unsettled and that's why thethat last couple of weeks have been b that way.that way but it does look like long term this trough moves out, it kind of gets nudged out of the way by high pressure building in and what will that doh nextx week? it will take our temperatures into the 70's and then it will take us into the 80's.80's what does it look like? doo tuesday mostly sunny, 78 degrees.78 d weather day is wednesday. that's where we do the fox5 f weather day at nats park for all the kiddos out there. natshe are playing the mets.s. 83 degrees so a beautiful day.. and very warm on thursday ofrsdo next week as temperatures willrw get up into the middle 80's. 8 back here at home thisome morning, clear skies now. cle si you see the clouds in advancedv of the storm system kind of sm i coming in our direction.irec all that rain and thunderstormnr activity coming out of texast now, that's the storm. it will move all the way in i here by tonight and tomorrow tow but in advance of tha
5:49 am
real, real nice. rea temperatures in the 40's and40'n the 50's this warming up into the middle m 70's late this afternoon. aftern seven-day forecast, at leasteast the trend is good after the weekend. wet tomorrow.omor some showers around on sunday. here's erin. since it's bike to workday, isor anybody driving to work thisdrio morning? >> yes, people are stillpe driving to work this morning wog and we have metro problems. pbl i'm going say for bike to bik workday i'm pretty excited.i'm e look at tucker. a tucker. he's making his way. kind of weaving in and out of. o >> slowest biker in the world.o. >> he has his helmet on, he's enjoying the nice springpr weather finally and i think he's just having a a little party taking his time there. the kind of weaving in and out. wt. you see the cars behind himehini keeping a safe distance behind n him. he's getting into the parkingng lot to safely get in. i think he wore the righte th outfit t he has gym shorts. sho if you're riding to work you wko may wander to
5:50 am
of clothes. don't forget your helmet, youme, want to remain safe on thee roads. road he's coming through right now rw our little locker room wherem our crews get ready to go out go and he's getting inside to get his suit on and bring us hisd bs forecast. i'm a little disappointed garyia i don't see any bagels in hills hand. so --so >> they could be with dave inul the >> maybe he bought them andnd left them with thele the photographer. speed restrictions to mcpherson delays to nemcw carrolton ongoing issue all tucker come on in.ckerome on come on, say hi to everyone.very he brought his bike right intoet studio b. oh, my gosh.oh, >> you could have left theou door opened for me. for >> this is a successful bikeful to work example.k example good news is if you're bikingik to work our roads are quiet qui right now. if you're driving to worko w that's good news as well. good we'll keep you covered foroverer your traffic. are you ready to get changedet g or are you going to wear thishis all day.all day >> it was really invigorating.on beautiful morning.ning. >> good. >> no traffic out there in the form of cars.focars >> and you say light jacketightt
5:51 am
to work. >> yes, that's great., th's g >> and you used capitolcapitol bikeshare. >> yes. >> if you don't have a bike yodou can rent a bike for the day.e i'll tweet out the informationhi on it as well as erin folks erio d.c. don't forget your bell.foel want to let cars know whennohe you're turning. t i like it. success.suess. go get changed. chang outside from that if you'rehat driving to work and you're avoiding the biking conditions traffic flowing columbia park road to kenilworth.road t no issues from annapolis.nnapis inside the district we haveict e good conditions on new yorkew y avenue as well.av let's take a live look on newk york at ninth and show you sw y things are picking up just a j bit out there.t outhe but nothing major slowing uswi down as you past bladensburg.deg you can see a little bit of a bo bright look.brig sun is coming up. coming u i like what i'm seeing. back to you guys. >> ♪ that t is the time and means it is time to take a to ta look at the stories thaties t you're engaging with the the t most this morning on social media.di maureen umeh at our realtime rea news tracker. tra donald trump is thedold true headlines this morning forne allegedly calling as formerormr muss universe contestant
5:52 am
piggy after she gained the former miss venezuela's allegations come to stage after the new york times scathing article of hisis history of crossing the line with women.omen that article has been refuted by trump his daughter ivanka and several others. oer on capitol hill chaositol erupting on the house floorlo yesterday after republicanser ra defeated a measure to protect po gay rights.y ights. the amendment which would have v barred discrimination against an lgbt employees was overturned after seven republicans switched their votes under t pressure from house leaders.ead. and a new washington postngt poll this morning showing ninerw in 10 native americans are not offended by the washingtonn football team's the results of the poll whichhi questioned just 504 people wases immediately celebrated by owner dan snyder and denounceddd by prominent native americancan leaders.aders. wisdom and holly, back over to you. >> 9:52 is the time. theime. tennis fans who won't get a't chance to see the games in paris can catch them on them on
5:53 am
tennis channel is hosting itstii first ever u.s. public viewing event. >> that big screen will be set up on woodrow wilson plaza onn 14th it will be there from nextex monday the 23rd through friday the 27th. they'll have live tennisenni coverage shown from 7:00 a.m. am until 7:00 p.m. i love that.that. i love the french open. o sad federer is not one day ahead of this year's preakness and race r officials are predictingre record crowds. >> the maryland jockey clubylan expects as many as 135,000135, fans to pack pimlico inimli in baltimore this week. that's 2,000 more than lastth year and of course a mainursen attraction watching cantiatch kentucky derby winner nyquistst go for another but race enthusiasts may haveayv to go elsewhere to the maryland state authority says it is looking a thehe moving the second leg of the triple crown to upstate new york. pimlico he has hosted theosd preakness since 1873. >> ♪ >> let's say hello to our facebook fan of the day.
5:54 am
today it is terri. tri hey, terry.ry she says she wakes up twohe hours early every day just tot t watch us. us. >> just to watch pretty cool. c terry also says we help too start her day off right.ig for your chance to beur cha tomorrow's fan leave a comment below terry's photo on our facebook page.fa >> ♪ >> all right. fromlled his way down tenleytown on two wheels this morning. now tucker barnes is here with us in the studio. >> all right, tuck,us bring youy bike on over here.keover well, don't have to bring it b all the way over that's all right.ll right just come over how was the ride? we heard w h you talk a little bit aboutitab it. you got your little jacket on,n, little light jacket. all right. rig how was it?howas >> i don't have a microphoneroph on. >> okay, all right.y, >> you know what, absolutelybsol beautiful morning. mni it feels once you're kind of out you're get some exercise early youou feel great ready to go with your day, that kind of thing., you know, i grew up in an era where we didn't wear bicycle bic helmets.lm >> so did i. >> that explains a lot.ex >> that's what i was going toatg say. we don't want to promote that.ta >> no,
5:55 am
now. but to be honest it takes a taks little getting used to. ud >> i understand. under >> my other observation.otr ob potholes. a whole different game on a bicycle than in a car.di i hit one or two and i wascl actually fearful that i was fea going to go flying over the over front of the -- >> it's like a crater. >> so, but other than that, cars were giving me plenty ofe o space. >> okay. >> and it was a nice ride in. >> all right. very good.s >> how often do you ride your yr bike usuallily? do you have ayu bike. >> generally every three to five years. y >> really? >> yeah. >> so it really is just likey i riding a bike, you hop back on o everything is good.oo >> i did an event with steve ave few years ago and we rode like 20 miles.20 i rode with you.i ro with >> no, remember i stood there. you guys rode.u >> this isgu lorenzo alexander a bike ride for charity.r cty >> here's my thing with riding i to work. w you rode to work and you had nothing with you but if youut io had a real job you'd have to he change your clothes -- youthes have a real job but you know yoo what i mean, if you -- [laughter] >> let me rephrase
5:56 am
whatever and ride to work.ork. not everyone -- >> well, i think if you had ayoa backpack on you could bringring some >> or leave it the day before. . >> there you go. >> problem softer. pbl >> shower on the other end butod maybe it's cool enough that'soo you won't get too sweaty. swe >> this morning you're fine. yeah, no sweat this morning. s >> allwe right.ight >> so let's talk about thetalk weather for riding your biker b today. gary looks like it's shaping up to be picture perfect.fe. >> so, if you don't have ae real job tucker, that means it m don't have a real job. is there a real job in the a building holly that's what wes h want to know. k >> i'd say no.>> i'day n >> no? okay. n >> i'm going to go the otherng h way just to kiss can up andn u say my job is real. r >> we know yours isn't.ow you in [laughter][lau >> we're pretty lucky.rettluck >> we all agree on that. t >> here's satellite and radarsaa this morning out out te fair skies now.ow clouds will be on the increaseee just a little bit as we gete get into this afternoon andernoon ad especially later on in the lat afternoon. kind of a muted sunshine.un here's your seven-day forecast.foreca. 75 today. how about that? so good. good. 62 tomorrow with rain its a 100 percent chance of rainchce o day. some showers linger on
5:57 am
much warmer next week. wee hey, erin. e >> lay, i have some important information right now for you.wy green and yellow metro linesro s single tracking right this is breaking news.eaki n because of an unauthorized person on the tracks.rson that is between l'enfant plaza and mount vernon square.quar i'll keep you updated on that.ha right now delays picking upickig 295 southbound and 50 inbound.od we have a crash at 201.t 2 delays back to 202. to we got you covered. coved lots to get through this t morning with your news,o g th y weather and traffic.hed traffic. keep it to fox5. the 6 o'clock hour is coming right up. z2022z
5:58 am
stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner.
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and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. z2025z
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> ahead at 6:00 breaking breakn right now, a homicide hic investigation in thevestigatione alexandria section of fairfaxia county.unty now, this is near the huntington metro station. sta we're live on the >> wreckage found.fnd search crews on the scene inthes the mediterranean where debris b from that egyptair flight has f been located.been l we'll have more details comingg up. up. >> let's take a live look outside on this friday may 20th. it is shaping up to be as beautiful day, the prettiestsh e day of the week. of course we'll talk morere about the weather in just aweatj few minutes a at 6:05. good morning to you.o u. i'm holly morris.m hollor allison seymour will be here aym little bit later.ou >> i'm steve chenevey. flies to have the nicest day h fall on a friday. welcome to foxavfa5 news morning police in alexandriale investigating a homicide.igg a happened at a parking lot near r the huntington metro.ton metr one person apparently shot earlier this morning.thisng >> fox5's melanie alnwicklanie k joins us live now from theiv scene with details


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