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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  May 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> right now at six we are live with the latest after university of maryland police used pepper spray to break up a party. >> baltimore may be breaking for more violence. we're less than 24 hours from a verdict. >> we have been saying this all day. rain rain go away, another day and more rain all across the area. we will check with gwen for workweek forecast. >> i'm jim lokay. >> marina morocco. recent graduates of the gra university of maryland. >> police called to one party taking place on campus. they used pepper spray in the attempt to break it up. >> schools police chief is and our questions about what happen
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ted to. >> reporter: marina and jim thee chief of police here is not going on the record tonight saying his officers acted appropriately when they used use that pepper spray. he says that is something that will be determined by a thorough investigation one is underway. it will be an inerm investigation not involving anyy outside agencies. we'll show you cell phone video taken brie people who attended that party yesterday morning. this is after pepper spray waspy used by an officer in a hallway. the chief of police say the spray what used because party gorse we're crowded around an officer making it tough for him to move or see clearly. later to students were arrested for charges including disorderll conduct. someone got aggressive and then pepper spray was used a second time. money students have claimed thah rape played a rope in this
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roll in that. >> some of the comments online l that claim that we targeted this party, we targeted this group,rp that's simply not so. we responded to two different calls for service. and when we arrived on the scene some of the party goes the themselves said there's too many, they said at the time, there's like 80 people in there. there could be weapons. we had all this on tape tape thp body camera. we have that onn the 911 call. >> reporter: as you just hearded officers responded to this party we're wearing body cameras. 10 of the 11 officer on scene. we have requested that footage and the chief of police says ity will be released not today. he says in part because university officials are trying to redact that video since some of the people involved here
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minors. more on the story for you coming up at 10 and 11 for1 now we're life at the university of maryland lindsay waits fox 5 local >> verdict expected in the trial of baltimore police officer edward nero. he is charged with assault, misconduct and reckless endangerment in the death of freddie gray. he could be sentenced to seven years in prison. alexandria limon as approve vies of what baltimore residents are anticipating. >> reporter: justice in the freddie gray case. opinions are split on exactly what that means. >> my vision of justice may bee different from other people's. putting every single person in jail isn't necessarily just this this. a cultural there's change in the police departmentn is where you'll find justiceind here. >> i'm hoping justice is done. and that officer near row was judged fairly and hopefully they does receive some jail time. that's what's
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baltimore. as we wait for a verdict to beoe delivered in the case of officer edward nero. the 30 year old baltimore police officer is favoring charges for second degree always sault,re misconduct in office and reckless endangerment. near row is the second of six officer charged to go to trial. officer porter's trial open ended with a mistrial.istr now averd is expected from a judge in officer nero' people are also watching andnd waiting on the public's reaction some can't help brut thing that at the rye others and looting ad that happened after freddie fred gray's death. >> this comes down to you knownw you don't want another, i guesss another outbreak as it we're of had of people looting and whatnot. but. >> i actually work near west baltimore where
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diamond i work at frederick a douglass high school. the sentiment from the studentse he'll see no jail time. because its been so long we should kind of let it go. >> judge barry williams alone will determine officer, will, decide whether officer nero's nr roll in freddie gray's arrest was criminal, that verdict iss expected to come down at 10:30 on no. reporting in baltimore.. alexandria limon fox 5 local news. >> all right. let's give i was live look outside. pretty much the same all day. as we get closer to the end of the month are we getting closer to sunshine. hi there we are going to see a couple sunny dry days. d listen careful i said a couple. unfortunately, we're in for a w' bit of a run once again. take a look at radar. we had widespread r
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i did tell did you last night today was not going to be a washout. we did have a few breaks earlier in the day.. however, most of the afternoon most of you did see some rain.a. so, as you can see, its pretty widespread let's take a look at the pig picture. we got upper and low pressure system. its spinning all thispi precipitation over us. we're going to have to deal wit a few showers in the overnightit hours as well as some fog as well. so just be prepared. yesterday i haven't got a chance, because they haven't come in yet. 57 degrees right now in dc. d with rain falling down a light northwesterly windfall. we arees talking temperatures right now though that are intoou the 50s. you no h know wasn't a little bit warmer today than it was yesterday, we are going to seeno that change as well.e as 57 right now in dc. dc double five's gaithersburg, self five's an manassas as well, 55 fredericksburg and 54 degrees at winchester. over night low 54 degrees. mostly cloudy
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expect to see showers. as we start the week, it is definitely going to be un sellinged. we're talking thunderstorms. i'm going to have those details and a look at that 7-day forecast. of course today's highs for you a little later back to you. you. >> the search is still on this t evening for suspected robber who got to a gun battle with fairfax county police and carjacked a vehicle. brooksville plaza in springfield a man held up a jewelry storeewl when officer arrived the gun pan started shooting. stray bullet hit a bystander bys that person expected to be okay. the gunman drove off in his carr crashed minutes later. he stole another vehicle beforef crashing that car. car the gunman got away yet again. police are asking anyone with information to call them h. fox 5 is in the district where two women are recovering e after a shooting this morning and east capital streetage eastt earlaly reports say it may have been the result of a carjacking. police are looking for two menwo and a woman i
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the incident. they are also looking for a white dodgels charger.. maryland tag 6ceer zero seven eight zero.ero. coming up tonight we have new details on the crash of egypt flight. >> as foy for the race to ther white house t it is heating up. we'll have highlights after the e break. eak.
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>> searches are still trying to locate thes black box from the egypt air jet line that crashed
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into the sea last week. egypt sent a submarine to the sb crash site to help with the search. 66 people killed.d. investigators still trying toyig figure out what happened.t get the latest from fox's will car. >> reporter: we're now hearing a new audio recording from the aia flat jet carrying 66 people 66 crashed into the mediterranean sea early thursday morning after disappearing from radar. reporting the conversation between the pilot and air traffic control. everything seemed normal. >> reporter: egyptian submarines center to the site of the crash in an attempt to find the black boxes. >> we haven't recovered them yet. i haven't got any information from the military option team ml that is in charge of the search. and we will announce when we get close to
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homeland security secretary jay johnson says this could be the result of terrorism he's urgingg caution as the investigation continues. >> the crash was a few days ago. debris is being found at this a point, we cannot rule out some type of terrorists act. but its still very early and black box as was noted has not s been found yet. >> reporter: families are putting together memorials for m those on board as they continue to wait for answers. as the search continues investigators in paris are pouring thy security footage iny the hopes they can find out what happened to this crash. cra will car fox news. >> gop trump a claimed the the attack was an actor of terror not yet substantiated.antiat meantime policy meetings by a range of experts in washington that includes senator jeff sessions appearing on fox news sunday he said
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been product. trump. >> his basic philosophy approach is close to kiss certaino gentlemen type realism, caution. its being more cautious about how we deploy our men and womend in harms way. not to be involved in excessive efforts to alter, create democracies and countries not ready for it. i believe that's a legitimate criticism of a recent foreign policy. i think he's on the right track in that regard. reg >> sessions was one of the firse members of congress to openly and endorse tram oops campaign. >> democratic race to the white house hillary clinton has stronr words for donald trump. she warned voters about the dangers that could come with electing the gop nominee. >> what he is add indicating look what he's don
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week, attack king our closest alloy england. keeping race praise on a a dangerous dictator in north korea. reiterating his call to pull ovinia torr strong talking about having letting l other countries. and even murdering the families of suspects ted terrorists, that is beyond the pale. and it poses immediate dangers. >> president clinton currently has 229 3w delegates needs more to clinch nomination. >> sanders p isn't giving giv vermont senator is still fighting women on the nation. he plans to be at the democratic convention. if he does not get the nomination he would to see. >> we're going to the convention. we are going to the convention at the ver
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end f winning the nomination wei are going to fight to winng it. i want to have a platform of the democratic party which is very strong, the strongest evertronge representing working people, i o want changes in the rules of the democratic primary process suche that we have open primaries where millions of people are not disen franchised because they are independent. so there's a lot of work to be done. >> sander still need to wino california primary to keep his hopes a life. >> coming up, what would you do if you can only remember every single small detail of your life only. >> that would be a problem. >> we sit down with the one man that has this gist. >> and we're going to give i wai look at fer race bowler's day off bowler. bowler.
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39 million dollars its opening weekends. captain american civil war close second. followed by neighbors two which day bowed under 22 millionilli dollars. rounding out the top five weree the nice guys and disney's "the jungle book". can you believe its beenyo almost 30 years sinceu ferris bueller's day off. the movie hosting ferris fest the anniversary. if you've seen the movie, embark on this journey.ey. they calculated how much his day off would add up.
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fancy lunch with, and seats at the cub game. but the magazine also included 3 thousand dollars for permits and security for the big parade and a million dollars for the car, 1.3 million dollars. >> expensive day off. >> one of those movies if it's on i will watch it. i met the guy that paid cameron. >> that's what he's known for. >> let's talk about another show here on fox fidget fans are going to get a double serving of the show tonight. animated hits wraps up and a also celebrate 100th episode. >> reporter: foxes animated comedy bob's burgers wrapping ua its season. the second
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100th episode. >> we've got two episodes. the first one cloris leach man, which was amazing, this old couple thing they are trying to rekindle their romance. >> he's coming here this afternoon at three to do ao a profile on us. >> the big 100 bob's, a toiletit seat. one of the most important daysas of his life he's going to be be interviewed for a magazine. >> which is this huge, in linda's mind magazine. >> reporter: a few guest stars g will be dropping by to help celebrate the oh occasion. we've got in these episodes, great guest stores like cloris leach man, keenan michael, we
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have kevin cline, also celebrating the show's renewal for 7th and 8th seasons. >> we're i hear we're on our sixth season. >> we're about to start seven next month. >> feels like it should have been a year ago we started. >> spend time with the elderly: in hollywood fox news. >> its amazing the sim p sons si really opened the door for all these and mate ted sitcoms to come back. >> in they are doing so well 7th and 8th season. >> all right. its known as the happy yesterday place on >> the grocery store, no, we're not. for one woman in michigan wantha to hear what disney did for here after two decades. ♪
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>> can you remember what youou were doing in march or for luncn t
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imagine to be able to be that b person to remember all thoseho memories as if it happened yesterday. >> only a few people have that ability. highly superior ought biographical memory. laura evans reports. >> when he paints he says its like placing down layers of memories. >> because i remember things and that translates into arts. >> he is one of about 50 people in the world with a condition known as highly superior ought biographical. to recall specific details ofais events. >> a lot of people may just remember flash screens, for me e as if it's filmed with not just the itch matches, the sites, sounds. when i go back in my memory i remember everything from the moment i woke up to what i worew to what i ate. >> reporter: many of us have a a hard time remembering what we
6:27 pm
asked him what he had a week ago tuesday. >> last tuesday i had tuna tartar. >> reporter: it took him awhile to remember but he says that's normal it can sometimes take hie a week to recall a memory butem when he does he goes right backg to the full sensor re experience of thasot day. >> being pulled fully back in the moment and i remember it ase if i was there. >> reporter: he was accepted in a study seven years ago.go. led by neuro scientists james mt go. >> i an the people that work with me have been and remain deeply interested in i understanding what we believe is the most important ability that we have and that's memory: u the didn't his team are looking at how the brain with people with h sam are different fromife other people. they haven't uncovered a pattert what they have found is one part the brain is larger somethingomt that cld
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reese of brain disorder.f >> we're still sin the process s of getting a little bit of thish information and that information and so on.d we don't have an answer to the base of it yet. >> reporter: what had what they do know is the ability is associated with obsessive behavior for most people itseopl starts earlier in life. >> traces his superior memory back to december 15th 2000. >> that actually happened to be the the day i met my first girlfriend. >> others recommend how he recommend events. and the deciding moment came when the researchers asked him. >> what happened august 17th, 2008. >> immediately recommend that waste when michael fell ps wornl his 8th gold medical. >> painting is and. >> and those feelings and the impact not only like a positive creative way but
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as well. >> one draw back. >> forgetting is a luckily i don't have. >> reporter: laura evans fox 5. >> you have to think it is overwhelming for someone like him he developed that later on if that's all you know that's i was you know. >> i get accused of remembering early stupid things not to that extent. i can name game show hosts from the 70s. >> sny have too much time on muc your hands. >> the lawsuit american university helped heldeld commencement this afternoon they got a chance to here from u.s. attorney general loretta lynch, she offered advice to the new crop of lawyers. >> you've made the choice to truly live your hot to and to champion what matters. you are the dream, you are the one who still say you want to become a lawyer to help
6:30 pm
you are the once who say i wantt to make a difference and you ara the once when you are askede about your goal you still say, i want to change the world. don't ever lose that. >> american university presented lynch with a honorary doctor of law degree. president obama is in vietnam for tonight. his first time. he's the third sitting president to visit vietnam. the president holds three days of meetings with leaders. he wants to roll back an arms against hanoi he wants to help protect itself. later in the week the president will attend the g7 summit japan and make a visit to a game changer likely deaf, he was reportedly killed in a us drone strike over the weekends. ma
6:31 pm
that targeted in afghanistan. we hear more from foxes. >> reporter: this appsep significant below to the tool bon. has guided the group since 2013 he is responsible for killing kl thousands of the afghan people as well as american soldiers. early saturday morning a us official told fox news he was driving in a remote area of western pakistan. when multiple un manned aircraft opted by us special sorts firedi us leaders arale celebrating thb news including homeland security secretary jason son who said he was a constant threat to anythre effort at bringing piece to afghanistan. >> we think its significant i because he was actively trying to under mind efforts at reconciliation, he was targeting afghan facilities and us interest. so if he was in fact killed thil would
6:32 pm
>> the death is a significant below to the taliban us lawmakers tell status by thoughu means is enough to allow the us to disengage. the taliban has been losing a growing number of recruits and fighters to other terroristsrori groups such as isis over the last if you years. it continues to be a very lethay threat. us military official tells us the tool bon now has more thanow 30 thousand fighters in afghanistan alone and that the group is now working with alh al qaeda on a much more regular basis. just under 10 thousand us troops remain and afghanistan as wellel as the. and that number is supposed to be cut in half by the time president obama leaves the whita house. in washington i'm garrett kenny fox news. >> coming up what dodges the key is to a successful marriage. >> one woman says she knows whay it is it may surprise you coming up after the break.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> when it comes to get tapingpg ahead at work could the secret be to how you look. >> the answer is yes. researchers at university said d appearance and income of 14 1 thousand young professionals p between ages of 24 and 32 results found that attractive people do better at work than everyone else. this is true for both genders b especially for women who put more efforts into their looks.k. that sounds a little sex it. the study finds attractive a people earn more than so-called less pretty coworkers. >> i think there's more of agent gap when it comes to.
6:36 pm
>> your brain works you shouldbr beai fine. >> blogger defending.. >> a writer in los angeles secret to successful marriagesfu all you havel to do is looks god and wait on your husband's every need she says in return for looking good for her husbander he's very attentive buys heruy nice things. as for the comments she received, she says being a feminist is about your own you choices and saying this is how i'mive my life and l not going to let anybody dictate that for me. >> i give them seven years. >> i don't know, he buys me nice go thinks, you are married that's your money too. >> good point. now to a perfect next loveee story and california i'm not going to dig snafu that.nafu >> ocean come on. one couple loved animals so mucs they decided to tie the not with many of their favorite friends in attendance, they exchanged
6:37 pm
nervous about the wedding untilt she saw how good the animals were to the bride and groom. all not were so good some cats mistook the bride dress for a a scratching post the couple has quite the tail to tell their friends. >> name a dog guy that's why i get the love forb cats. for >> they look like tigers. tig >> that would have been awful they should have dreamed bigger. >> your wedding day is supposed to be -- >> two un married anchors reading story we can't get alont with each other we just work together. >> let's hope,. >> the way one marriage in saudi arabia d the husband filed for divorce just hours after he got married because his bride wasas texting a friends instead of spending time with him.
6:38 pm
when the group asked if her friends were more important she replied yes he stormed out of the room she gets points for honesty. the husband demanded a divorce. >> i will say this, you avoid ao lot of problems down the road. >> why even, he didn't know tha until that night, give me a break. they wanted to be on all the tae lloyds. >> that's true.e. a michigan woman went on a disney vacation with her family in 1994 she was too sick to go c the last day. >> her dad found the ticket jusj before she was going to go downd florida for the vacation, they telluses if she was able toabl enjoy the happy yesterday place on earth. into. >> reporter: this story begins in march of 1994 when four year old chelsea was too sick to was enjoy the final day of a four day park whopper at disney world. during her
6:39 pm
from michigan to orlando. o that's where the experienceienc ended until her father's recent discovery. >> he was cleaning our basemento and he found the ticket actually in our safe and then he sent, he kept it for 22 years and then he knew we had a trip to florida fo coming up so he brought the ticket with him. into. >> reporter: so uncertaintytain whether disney world would honor decades old ticket her mom dropped her off but told her to circle the parking lot in case she couldn't get in. >> so i walked up there was a girl at the ticket counter i approached her with a big smile and i just said high i have a really old ticket. will you he let me in? >> and so she said of course. >> reporter: the old paper old ticket simply had to be changed a a more modern ticket. >> i was very surprised that it worked. me the ticketke didn't have an expiration date e on it. i thoughth
6:40 pm
chance they would let me in i didn't realize it would be that easy.. >> reporter: she spent the day riding rides and makes king memories buy herself but having a plast. now she can only laugh about the experience especially as its being shared world wide. >> this as really funny experience. i was not expecting this at all. and my parents are loving itt that you know they were able to save the ticket so long and itso getting this much attention so a its pretty awesome. >> you live down in orlando disney as huge thing. >> having lived there disney does customer murr service like nobody else that's not a surprise to seemu that. >> they get flack for raising price there are things you get you get that kind of customer murr service. >> they treat everyone very vere well i have to say at least in my experience and clearly.arly. >> good for her. we'll be back with a final look at the forecast.
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>> the next story may make yout feel bad about complainingst foa all this rain. china's experiencing a major m drop in temperature and heavy h snow the cold temperatures are causing major traffic delays. further ice and frost over the v next few days.ay the snow has been attributed to a result of elf 19 i don't hereh it continues to rain as well. it does continue to rain. everybody is like please go away. the system that brought all thel rain that we had from fridayy into saturday was one of those systems if it had been winter we would have called it a blizzard. so we are lucky in that sense. in that sense. i know everybody is tired of it, right. >> i'll take this drizzle. it's the constant nature. 82 joining that's it. friday afternoon, we had a wonderful beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and not a
6:45 pm
total wash out today. now some of of you got more rain than others.than in the early morning hours todau as the day started it wasn't too bad. we had some breaks and i hadad spoken about that last night saying we would have some breaks and it wouldn't be a washout. hopefully you got out early ear enough to do whatever you needed to do. d a couple of people came on myy facebook page and said thermerm planning outdoor activities, non the showers are still moving through. we are talking light showers and drizzle for the overnight hours continuing. we could see some storms on monday, should be a pretty active day. also dry warm days ahead and temperatures are on the rise. we are headed for summer like temperatures for you as well. look at radar. pretty much filled in here with all this rainfall. we have an upper level pressure system responsible for this. it's continuing to move its way through. you can see here we got brighter colors that we do have heavier a pockets of
6:46 pm
of thunderstorms yet but overmsy areas of the west i can't rule' that out. so, here's a look at the spin of this. and you can see it justt continues to move its way straight across all the midid atlantic, we are going to to get bit of a break in terse of the studiness of the rainfall. here's a look at your highs thousand. we were in the 60est yes. 50s day with the exception the november baltimore where we hitw 60 degrees. d still well below seasonal. i want to tell you, we shouldl u really be in the upper 70s. haven't had that kind of luck af a57 degrees in dc double five's at gaithersburg, 56 at dulles, 56 at quantico 55 manassas, 57 7 degrees at baltimore.alti so, for tonight, we're looking at temperatures into the 60. for tomorrow, we're going to be warming up to 60s and a few 70ss as well. but we have a chance at some thunderstorms in the afternoonon hours. so we're not looking at a total wash out for tomorrow. once we start the day. here's a look at that
6:47 pm
level low you can see all of o this is just spinning right around that's where were getting all of this rainfall from primarily. for tomorrow we're going to endg up seeing a little bit of a a change. wops we get into the weekend ahead as the sprang warmth starts to build in we get a sourly flow in the 70s and '80s. here's a look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday forecast, things just a little difference, a little bit of variance going on. by tomorrow we're looking at probably some fog in the morning hours. might see a little bit of a shower. then we get a breakreak could see sunshine that will set us up for instability with theth heat that we get tomorrow daytime heating once we get into the afternoon that's what couldn spark thunderstorms. t here wespar are as we move into tonight here's home overnight hours in the early morning by the time of the morning commutei by the afternoon it starts to build in once all over again. that's where we have chance of seeing thunderstorms. memorial weekendeis so you
6:48 pm
plan, saturday looks like theh best for any outdoor barbecues r because we got thunderstorms foo the sunday and morning but it will be into the '80s. 54 degrees for tonight as we as wrap it up for you. lingering showers and drizzle 68 industries for tomorrow. starting off with fog. a few breaks afternoon storms oo a possibility. tuesday looking pretty good. could see a little bit of early morning rain especially near the chesapeake just accompanies stall system developing. weather day at nat park as totak thumbs up because the weather department made sure of that. 83 degrees and beautiful. and then we get to a couple of days of storms.torm look at those '80s. >> almost '90s. >> marina was pointerting outeri about next weekend its a gooda warning if anybody is planning on that traffic wise they are going to see that people areee t going to hit the road and mass. >> hit the roof top instead. >> if you are hitting the road for
6:49 pm
38 million people which is more than last year. the most since 2005. why do you know so aaa says lower gas prices. gas if you are staying in the harry expect to run into a lot of tourist. dc number eight on the list of top 10 memorial day destinations. >> nat finish up share rear ceases. >> broad delogan right here in the studio with the action incto sports coming up.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
♪ >> there you go hole cost survivor fulfilled her dream of sinking the national anthem at a baseball game. hish performed the song aerform michigan residents and tiger's fan for
6:52 pm
sinking the national anthem for a while at meetings but now she got to perform for a much larger audience. >> i love to sing god bless america also. list me up. you know as a hole cost survivor >> she was 17 when her family was split up before lib beer b ration in 1945. wow. >> good for her.r h that's an honor when you hold the tigers, she waited for so long and she performed add mirdi rabble. >> i wanted to know do either of you have sports meme we'll yayme you like. >> i do. >> what do you have. >> jerseys from different teamse a jersey the caps sent me. >> i have a vintage jersey. >> if you are hoping
6:53 pm
piece of the fight you could bed in luck. online auction site is selling what they claim to be the jersey warn by harper.arper. harper says that's not the right jersey. he wore the same jersey forever game and he has the real one at home. bid ding is up to almost tiffo thousand dollars. caveat many torr. what is real is harper's hair. look at that. harper center field. f march sell, first inning. over throws it too much of a cannon. nat lead one nothing p raver he had himself a daylight nat leadd four nothing. runners on second and third. here's raver, two runners score nat lead by six. raver getting sea legs or clay a legs as it may be back after months
6:54 pm
mat 0 sheer gave up two over eight innings. nat win in miami eight to two. >> mad max on the mound comment early i try to put the ball in play as much as i can. it feels good right now. i can somewhat help the team out. got to get my rhythm back. >> women's lacrosse tournament, taking on u mass, terps, why isi the turf so green. megan little third goal of the e game, 68 goals. maryland went up 13 in one of oe the first half victory in the second 18 to three they played t cues in the final four. four. men side all maryland match upar toyl you son and loy
6:55 pm
maryland, game tied. great game. gray you hounds a three to two lead. to you son kept it close. gray hounds move on to face north carolina. cricket not baseball probably should have been america's past time. ever other former english olney played. its more irish immigrants came to america, they. the rest is history. one local league is looking to turn the clock back they have embraced bat and ball sport preferred the world over. >> baseball and cricket are are sporting cousins. you use a bat. use a ball. and baseball you pitch and cricket you bowl. >> sny don't have to worry about hitting foul balls or anything. you hit it wherever you want. >> there are basic
6:56 pm
one big difference between the two bat and ball sports is the opportunity for young players in the us. over 400 thousand kids have the opportunity to play in 55 hundred little league programs. for kids that want to play p cricket there is only one elmen row and middle school league inl the country. >> cricket in school cricket school what are you talking about. w >> he's talking abougt america's first elementary and middle school cricket league here in hr prince george's county. >> i used to play. >> this league. >> you want to play what? >> i'm sorry, you p want to play what. >> i said let's see how this works. >> first year we had cheat sheets. all of the parents hadp cheat sheets we all sit on the side lines looking at the cheat seats was that good. >> the parents have learned cricket along with their p kids. now they notify the game without the help of their cheat seats.
6:57 pm
experience with it they would rather play with flat bats and b bear hands than with gloves and hats. >> i think its really fun better than baseball. >> i wouldn't play any otherer sport if it came down to ao decision if my parents asked med to play football or cricket i would play cricket. >> these kids taking part in the prince george's county cricket championship. >> it is a world sport. they could go to a country far u far away and still understand. >> you get enough drama and excitement that like, you justyu have to love it. >> how about that.bout it is cool. its such a global sport.loba they get the culture that comese along with it. >> so enthusiastic about it. >> ever run, they were just jump on each on the go crazy, it was
6:58 pm
a some. >> i needed a gloss soree actually. >> all right. guys. we'll see you at 10 .. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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