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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  May 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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employees and k-9 teams approving thousands of over time hours and converting part time employers to full tom. congress feeds to take an active role in this plan. >> some of the things we havee done to cap the number of screeners. >> reporter: while tsa is working even a solution passengers should focus on the things they can control and pack a little bit of patiences. >> get to the airport threee hours early that is the recommended time now for domestic flights. taking a carry on bag if you can if you don't have to get in then line to check a bat. >> reporter: tsa is urging passenger to apply you for precheck. its an 85 dollar fee for fiveive but the agency said its lookingd to reduce that cost.ost at chicago's airport mat fin fox news.
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>> theists fox 5 local news at 11. >> joining us i'm jim lokay. >> marina morocco. use of force by university of maryland police.ryland >> cell phone video shows chaotic motels as officer use pepper spray to break up a graduation party. students involved say policey didn't have to go that tonight the school's police chief is answering our questions about why things escalated.scal >> p lindsay watts is live in college park. >> reporter: jim and marina theh police chief says everything that happened at that partyty early yesterday morning is noun underinvestigation. that includes how much pepper pe spray officer used. his officer are trained to use just the slightest amount of spray equivalent to this half a second of force on the nozzle. officer's body camera footage ie being reviewed as well as thehe
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>> reporter: frantic hallway inh a college apartment buildingpare after officer tried to break up a graduation party. police say after one officer became surrounded and boxed in another officer pepper sprayed the crowd. cro students left gasping and causing. >> my job's to determine if our actions were and that's what we're doing, dog reviewing all the body couple video now comparing it to our rules and procedures. >> reporter: we asked university of maryland police chief davidai mitchell for the officer's body camera footage. >> not today yeah not today. we're not through withhrou everything yet. >> reporter: he says he does plan to release it win the nexth two weeks. >> they just pepper sprayed everybody: for now what we have is spa party goes captured.y before all g this his departmenp got two calls about a w
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one from a guy who was there. >> he said there might be,id there's a fight going on, there might be a baseball bat involved. there might be weapons. >> reporter: mispickel says what officer found when they arrived was an apartment over capacity. >> we said the party is over. >> reporter: he said some refused to go. >> we don't arrest anybodyt there's no need to. >> reporter: i think this case two were arrested for disorderly conduct other charges.t ot once every one was outside an officer used pepper spray again. the chief says after a man started getting aggressive. >> make me sick. >> reporter: some believe what happened has to do with race. >> some of the comments on the line that claim that we targeted this party. par we started this group, that's simply not s we responded to two different calls for service. >> reporter: all agree
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a. for those graduating an unfortunate end to their time th here. >> there's no chance for us to celebrate, that was really ridiculous. the university of maryland president is calling for aa transparent review of thet revie situation of the the chief tells me that an investigation shouldi take about two week. i asked him if any outside agency would be brought in to help, he said no it is going too be handled internally life in college park lindsay watts fox 5 local news. >> turning now to the forecast its been a weekend to stay indoor its been rainy and cold out there. >> we'll check with gwen to see how monday is looking. we got an unsettled weather pattern to talk about for monday you have to keep the umbrellambe handy once again.once here's a look at radar. you can see we have heavier rainfall to the south of us
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that you are seeing there. the you know what today wasn't a wan total wash out at least. but it started getting heavier steady rain throughout the late afternoon and evening hours.enin here's a look at that spin upper level low pressure.ure. we do expect to get fog in the overnight hours. that will linger to the earlyary morning. be aware of that for you're you morning commute. highs today very much on the down side. we should be in the upper 70s nowhere near that today with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. right now in dc it's 57 degrees. we have rain showers, winds aree very light. and they will continue to beonti light in the overnight hours. and we are talking aboutt definitely an unsettled start ta your week. i'll let you know when the sun is going to make an appears it will be in my 7-day forecast. marina. in fairfax county its been more than 24
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gunman robbed a jewelry store and spinning field got into ad g gun battle and carjacked a a vehicle. police have not caught that man. gun yesterday at the brook field plaza shopping center a man held up a jewelry store when officere arrived the gunman started shooting a stray bullet hit a h bystanders that person is expected to be okay. the gunman drove off in his car crashed minutes later he stole another vehicle before crashing that one. fox 5 spoke to a father and sons who saw the gunman crash therash second car. they went in to check on him. >> asked had he ever one was okay. i asked if anyone got hurt? >> and he just kept on sayingayn yeah and he was looking away. aa >> reporter: did you get a good look at him? >> no, it was all very sudden didn't. i was only over there for maybe 32nd in that 32nd i only saw him for three before he turnedurne around and started getting his stuff. >> he ran into a wooded area he was carrying a dull b
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arrived minutes later butd nu confined him. >> driver lost control andr slammed into a home in alexandria. no jur y reported. r knocked parrot.oc you can sekee it the car ended p going through the garage door we still don't know what may have caused that crash. >> president clinton and trump square ring off. off >> war of words over gun rights.
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>>the race for the white house war of words erupting betweends president clinton and trump as a they clash over gun control. >> reporter: trump and president clinton are focussing more on the general election and each other. national rifle association endorsed trump. president clinton would preventp law abiding citizens from owning guns. gun control is a central campaign issue for president clinton. she's calling for more background checks and liability speaking before an enter or women whose children had been killed by gunfire. >> will not be silent. wil and we will not be intimidationed. as long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we will keep fighting forur
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because they deserve a president who stands up for them. >> reporter: president clintonrp claims trump supports allowing a guns in classrooms to protect children from shooters. f >> she's readingro off a tell promoter. she always does. she really doesn't have her ownn words. she talked about guns in classrooms i don't want to have guns in classrooms although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms. >> reporter: while democrats and republicans have yet to choose nominees. poll just out has president clinton up 46-43. latest fox has trump up three points. when counting,on needs fewer than 90 delegates. >> still ahead picture perfect proposal. >> a woman slapped this shot at national harb but now she b can't findut the pair to share e photo with them.
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>> another day to have the umbrellas ready 82 jew know what i think that anyone who is really smart should have invested in an um before lathis month. i'm telling you you know we just can't get past this wet whether but we're going to have a little bit of a break. i'm goin
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was couple of dry days. >> we like that into who high '80s. i'm going to give you some '80s too. i'm going to be fair to everybody. a little bit of everything on the weather buffet. we've had too much rain drowning things. and a lot of people have been posting on facebook and twit to me that their plants are gettina washed up and flower beds are real pal mess i can reallyes understand that. but, as i said, i'm only the messenger. so, outside right now we do hava some showers and temperatures have been very much on the cool side. our high should be in the upper 70s. we haven't been that hot either. we are going to get warmer. showers continuing overnight. we'll show you all that coming up on radar. could see storms on monday afternoon. if he we get a break we couldoud get instability kicking in that could spark a thunderstorms or t too so we're going to watch thaw for you.for as i said a couple of dry daysas ahead for you in my 7-day forecast. that's like you k
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tree i guess. temperatures on the rise next week. we are headed to the '80s. so, here's a look at what is loo happening. look at this radar unbelievable all day today we've kind of had in some areas spotty rain.n. then it started to fill in quite a bit. we had pretty steady rain. to the south here heavy eerier pocket i did see a little bit of lightening earlier well to the west of us i don't anticipate i go seeing any of that tonight. here as look at those temperatures talking about how they are well below seasonal, should be upper 70s. look at this. temperatures into the 50 and 606 only for daytime highs. actually pretty much matching what our temperatures are right now. 57 in the capital.. 35 gaithersburg. 55 degrees manassas. 54 at winchester. winds pretty light. and will continue to be so as well. we don't have much
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the wind department. dep take a look at the circulation of this right there you can see it. that's exactly what its beenha doing all day. and yesterday we ended up seeind even more rainfall as it started to move its way up and fill in more. we have two different systems that emergency a littlea bit more energy. this is all going to start to move off towards the northeast. low pressure system that's upper, that's causing all this.t as it moves off to the northeast tomorrow that's where we are going to see a few break. so here's a look at future castr for you. this model giving you timing here in the morning hours saying not much happening. then it starts to fill in in the afternoon. scattered in nature by the after nooning hours we could seeours stormsly we'll watch closely nine 10:00 at night it starts to get more i mean provedor.i here's a look at m the highs upr 60 low 70s right across thehe board. we are going to see warmer conditions once we get into the
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a per moved da high to thank foo are that.e t we are going to be headed to the '80s. 83 to 85 degrees. i don't think anybody is going to mind. memorial day weekend for planning saturday is the best day to fire up that grill we have a of storms. that we're watching for you to. 54 degrees for home high will be into the upper 60 at 68 degrees. fox 5 accuweather 7-day forecast fantastic day on wednesday with plenty of sunshine take a look.. once we get to saturday the ende of the week its looking reallyog good as well also. and you know no complaints. across the board for those 80 degree days it might get a little sticky or humid by they time we deal with rain end upp dealing with the wet weather. nat weather day thumbs up. plenty of sunshine. >> so we'll take the humidity. >> good day to play hooky go down to the afternoon game at the ballpark. we're not
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okay. he says its fine by all meanse go b for it. are we having issues here. h >> no everything is fine. >> i thought you were pullinge p out a notebook. >> i'll sign it for him. yeah,. >> price harper place no hooky were good. >> speaking of bryce harper if b you were hoping to ownry a pieca of the harper fight online site is selling what they claim to be the jersey worn by harper in when you say dick out scuff fell, harper said he wears thehe same jersey for every game he has the real one at home. bid ding is up to almost five thousand dollars. beyer beware. what is real, yeah, pr
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hair in mid season form already. this one is all bora veer, he he got injured on opening day. he showed all of those skills today. scoring two runs driving in two and stole two base. he was getting on base in front of harper. with raver back in form the nat win in miami eight -- 8-did. >> but ball play as much as i can feels good right now.ow. got to get my rhythm back you know. >> women's lacrosse tournament looking to take the final four, looking like a number
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third goal of the game. 68 goals in the season. took her 10 minutes, maryland up 13 they cruise into the secondod half. they will play syracuse. syrac >> cricket very well could have been america's pass time. settle lesser in new york playew cricket. as more irish immigrants came. it became baseball. one local league is turning thee clock back they've embraced the bat and ball. >> baseball and cricketed and sporting cousins, you use a batb use a ball, in baseball you pitch and cricket you bowl. >> you don't have to worry about hitting foul balls or anything you hit it wherever you want. >> there are basic similarities. one big difference between the two bat and ball sports is the t opportunity for young players in the
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over 400 thousand kids had the opportunity to play in 55 hundred little league programs. but for kids that want to play y cricket there was only one elementary and middle schooldles league in the country. >> my kid dad there's cricket in school. >> cricket in school what areha you talking about. >> he's talking about america's first elmen cree and middle m school cricket league here in prince george's county. >> i used to play. >> this league isn't just for family. >> you want to play what? >> into i'm sorry you want to play what? >> i said all right let's see how this works. wor we had cheat sheets all of the parents had cheat sheets we sits was that good. >> the parents have learned lea cricket along with their kids now they know the game without the health. now, they would rather play with flat bats
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glove. >> i think it is really fun. i wouldn't play any other sporto if it came down to a decision d like if my parents asked me to t play football or cricket i woulk play cricket. c >> these kids taking part in prince george's county first ever cricket. joining community world wide. >> it is a world sport. they can to go a country far far away and people will w understander understand this sport. >> giving us drama and like excitement that like we, you just have to love it. >> it's a fun sport. world war, sometimes matches cas go on for three days, this one took about two hours. >> were you hunkering up for thr long run. >> i bought a sandwich. its a great sport. and they get into not just thehe game but the culture. cul >> reminds me of soccer how
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started so small into we are back after this.
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>> a woman using facebook tryinc to track down a couple that gott engaged on friday. >> jessica chestnut put the pictures up on her facebook she didn't want to disturb the pair during the romantic moment she has no idea how to get in touchn with them.hem. she hopes someone recognizes thi couple and reaches out to her. those are pretty sweet pictures. >> perhaps we'll see them in aet picture frame. >> i'm hoping someone iss watching fox 5 and knows the couple. give us a call hook you guys up. >> of the a the break a final check at forecast .
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>> you can now get your cotton candy, till lain's candy bar bar gone beyond traditional, you can get gum me's made in the shape of your name. customers get to choose thehe color and the flavor. >> of course. >> pretty cool. >> i love this whole idea customer moving your treats. >> you can have a gum me party. >> you can already do
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>> all right. you know what we have more rain coming in tonight unfortunatelyu fog in the morning hours. also talking a chance of chanc thunderstorms by the afternoon. and we've got headed to the '80s.
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