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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead, freddie, fred gray verdict. verdi baltimore prepares for the judge's ruling in the trial ofao officer edward nero.d nero. >> egyptair flight 804 the804 egyptian military using a su
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piece of equipment which could t reveal exactly what happenedt he on that >> and we are expecting expec another day of gray overcast grv wet weather but there ist atherh finally something we can allsote agree is a good thing when it wt comes to the day's forecast. >> we're all ears on that one.ha >> good monday morning to we're so glad you're with us. wu i'm holly morris.or >> i'm maureen umeh.aureenh. today is monday may 23rd. gary mcgrady is looking at loont the weather details to come.herc erin como keeping an eye on the roads. details in just a moment. m >> first though we'reirst following some breaking newsingw out of prince george's >> police are on the scene of a deadly shooting this is in temple hills.le hil fox5's melanie alnwick is's mela live on the scene on 23rd3r parkway with the very latest.t mel.l. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys, yes, still herest very early on in this t investigation.stigion. so, 23rd parkway is dividediv road and you can see justus ahead of me this is where we've got all the policell the p activity. one side of the street hasde some single family homes heres e o the opposite side of the
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apartments. can't really tell exactlyt where this began but we canut w tell you that it does appear app that if you come across the the median here, it does appear app that it ended up right thereht t where you see that white carte in the middle of 23rd parkway here. definitely within the crime w tape inside the scene door open there.n there. but we're not seeing really rea any other detail that i can give you in terms of normally what we would see here, we woul, evidence markers, that sort ofks thing would give us a sense ofee how wide the scene itself is.tsf we can tell you i've seen sn probably close to a dozenoz different police vehicles here h as w this happened about 1 o'clock 1 in the morning is what we are told from prince george's county police, that also an adult male, p the victim of this gunshot wound was taken to thehe hospital and pronounced dead at that hospital. so, we're still waiting to getig a little bit more information ir here about exactly what they think transpired any sort of ant suspect information tha
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can pass along to still very much a developingverc story anh d as we get throws wer details we will bring them to wo you on fox5 morning news. back to you guys.o guy >> also breaking overnightlsbreg from fairfax county policey searching for the person whoinf shot a man in false church. happened around 11:30 last l night in the 2900 block of still wood circle. cir the victim we are told has life-threatening injuries.. >> ♪ >> happening today, fox5 is onx verdict watch. >> in a couple hours the fate te of baltimore police officer edward nero will be decided.o wd he is one of six baltimorex bale police officers charged in theeh death of freddie gra he pleaded not guilty to assault reckless endangermenten and misconduct charges butharg faces more than a decade inec i prison for the charges. we'll bring you the decisionec live on fox5 news when itt happens. >> investigators are stillnves trying to determine what to term brought down an egyptair jetliner last week. w >> egyptian officials aregyptiai using submarines to search fores the black boxes. the flight left paris lastt week bound for cairo crashedaird into the mediterranean sea.neans 66 people were on board. brd
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in vietnam for a three day for d visit. the first stop on a week longa n trip to asia. mr. obama's visit is aimed at im building stronger economic andcc security ties with asiancuri pacific allies.pacifi later in the week the president will the a tend aheend summit of the group of sevenf se industrial lied lied leaders there are set toerere ar address the uncertain globaltail economy. >> new this morning, the peace corps is coming to the volunteer organization o says president obama is expected toys announce today that peace corps members will be invited to establish operations in ly volunteers will focus onocus teaching english to students stu and then training vietnamese colleagues to teach english asen well. game three of the westernhr conference finals was aence blowout and not what manyma expected. >> in the first quarter the thunder down kevin durant kevinr hitting the jumper plus thetherp foul. foul he converts a 3-pointer playy for a two-point lead. l second quarter steven adams on a the top, falls down himself himf after the play
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the groin by green. what appears to be intentional. >> ooh. >> i know, right. ouch. being given a. flagrant foul fl for that one. for adams would be out but he's okay. thunder up 72-47 at the break.ak third quarter durant gets aet loose ball goes in for the floater.oa moments later westbrook lines l up for a three and drainats it.s thunder go on to win 133-105.-15 okay. come on warriors. battle back.le >> it's not over yet but man,nob that was a blowout.lo >> we're battling through thisoh weather but light at the endt t of the tunnel, right, gary? gar >> bring it. bring it. >> how about that weekend, hm?w? >> no, we're moving forward.or we're not talking -- it's i history.or >> okay, all right. all r. >> so, friday was awesome.weso >> friday was awesome but it was only one day.nlon i mean, come on. is that all we're entitled to. >> we take what we can get. >> i'm sorry, what did you sorrh say. >> we take what we can get.
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>> okay, i got you. here we go.e we got it. we g we have no choice, right. right listen, let me show you sho visibility real rea there's some reduced r visibility, a little bit of fog up to the north andlirth an northwest. northwest. frederick now is down to ak now half a mile.half aile. hagerstown two and a half. hal no dense fog advisory for usy fo here in maryland or virginiairgi but there is a dense fogen advisory southern and central cl sections of pennsylvania. so, let's see if by chancey c that gets extended a little a lt bit to the we probably have to see those to visibilities come down abilies little more. 57 in town, gaithersburg isurg 54. 54 showers for the kiddos thisr ths morning. morning. temperatures lower to mid tour w upper 50's. 5s. after school upper 60's low 70's. we'll have some showers again this afternoon with a littlefteo bit ofon sunshine, maybe even e that thunderstorm activity ashu well. here's what we're seeing a on radar this morning. it looks like a lot of rain and most of this is staying toks the sof uth of d.c. you can see waldorf la platala charles county.s down here in south andouth southeast this is where allherel the heaviest of the activity is. nothing this heavy in the city y but again
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continue to track off to the west and to the southwest, soute kind of moving from the northeast. not unheard of but it'sunhe unusual for rain to move in mov this direction but we're all sitting on this western edgetern of a big area of low pressure.we we'll talk more about that.e ab full forecast is coming up.ominu right now it's time forker runee to tell us how we get to workgeo on this monday morning.onday org hey, erin.y, >> on-time traffic brought to t you by toyota. visit buy a fora. special offers. off >> gary must have had his coffee already. a he hasn't called me erin e commute once yet.e taking a look at your traffic.rc plenty of green on your map.ourm things are quiet on the beltway through largo. outer loop looking good as you approach inner loop quiet into quiet alexandria and cross thess wilson bri 50 inbound from bowie makingie m your way towards the beltwayhe l great shape there.great shape th new york avenue suitlandrk a parkway still quiet.l qui problem free on 301 as well as pennsylvania avenue inbound. i as we take a look at yourour morning commute 95 between 630 and 610 still plenty of green og through stafford. south of that that point as you make your way out inma fredericksburg qu
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that changes.hanges. metro service picked up. picke all rail lines on time rightne now. i'll let you know if that changes. any questions for your morningrr commute at erin fox5 d.c. on o twitter. happy to help you get around a on this rainy monday.on maury and >> thanks erin and now to thes n road to the white house.o the we hillary clinton and h donald trump are clashing over guner g rights. >> hillary clinton says donaldlt trump's gun policies are dangerous and will make thel mak country less safe.less safe. this coming after trumpft nicknamed her heartlessrtss hillary for supporting restrictions on gun ownership. clinton also claims trump'srump support is allowing guns in classrooms to protect childrenhd from school shooting. sing. trump explained his >> talked about guns in classrooms. i don't want to have guns inwa classrooms all throw in some cases teachers should haveav guns in classrooms. classrooms. >> as long as children>> anywhere are being killed by a gun violence we will keepp fighting for our kids because they deserve a president whosido stands up for them.stan >> all this comes after a newfta wall street journal poll shows an extremely tight raceightace betw
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clinton leading 46 to 43 percent. >> coming up on fox news morning fat free, low reduced r fat we've seen those wordsds >> a new study suggestsugsts america's fear of fat in our diets is actually putting us us at risk. r >> a gay men's choir says theys were set to sing a national nata anthem at a major leagueorea baseball game when they werethey snubbed by a recording on the park public address system.ess >> as we head to break we'llo b take a live look across theos d.c. region.ion. 5:09 is our time right now. rign we are at 57 degrees. 57 degr hey, we wander to thank jennifer.nnifer she suggested we play a littlee jasmine sullivan so here you soe go jennifer.goenni thanks for watching. watchin anybody else want to get in on our music mix? send us as a request via social media. m fox news morning back afterng this. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> this comes after iraqi troops retook the western townow from isis late last week. w analysts say retaking fallujah l could be a challenging fight. both the pentagon and u.s.nd u state department did not not immediately comment when askedna about iraq's fallujah announcement.. >> new video shows thews aftermath of a u.s. drone.sdr attack on taliban leader lea mullah akhtar mansour. akhma the footage was taken inakenn pakistan near the afghanistan border. that's the same place where the senior talib san leader wasw traveling late friday. f according to afghanfg authorities mansour was killedsu atr 3:45 p.m. on saturday. sur there are reports thator tha president obama personallya perl authorized that there are also reports that the taliban is
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was killed.was >> a high school valedictorian's beard prevented him from walkingd across the stage for his graduation. andruw jones was a straight aash student in louisiana andiana a student of the year. y but school officials said he sad couldn't walk across the stage e unless he shaved his beard. jones says his facial hair had r never been an issue before andee he was only told about the aut t requirement at the last minute. mi >> hm. >> looks like low fat dietsie are now bad for you.d for you experts are saying you need more healthy fats in your diet. new report says what we're e eatinge eatalthy h is it accuses public health organizations of colluding collu with the food industry. they say it lowers the risk ofko obesity. >> all right. there you go. coming up fox news morning a holocaust survivor gets outr g a dream before a crowd of thousands. >> and they were invited to invt sing the national anthem only o to be drowned out by aroed out recording.rd now the members of the san of tn diego gay men's choir saysho s t
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>> and as we head to break live look across the dmv. oh, yes, on this mondays mday morning, it's a little wet out there but we're hoping there'si' better days details of your forecast and road conditions coming up ass fox5 news morning continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news morning it's just about 5:15's right now. today a verdict is expected ine the trial of baltimore policemoe officer edward nero. n nero is charged with assault misconduct and recklesss endangerment in the death ofn freddie gray. if convicted he could bebe sentenced to several years in prison. start with and stay with fox5 all day for the very latest in s the case and if you're notf y'ro near a television remember, rem you can stay up to date with de the fox5 news app as well. >> ♪ >> all right, looking outsideut on this monday morning, a little wet out there rightut thg now. gary mcgrady talking about hopefully
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conditions.itio gary, say it is so. is so. >> tell me it's not -- it i doesn't take much to improve i over what we just had thisad ts weekend.end. >> see, that's right.'s rht. >> oh, my gosh. >> then your glass is halfyo full. >> exactly. >> i just told wisdom who iss not standing far from me i'me i just not feeling it.eeling i'm in the feeling it any itny more. >> we'll get you going.ou gng >> i'm good there. i'm good the. >> we'll be your cheerleaderserd as much as we >> maureen now you're actingctin all cleary but when i came inbu this morning, the first --ng, t >> it's 5:15.t's:1 >> she might as well have been whacking me over the head with my clicker. >> i wore off on her. >> holly's cheerful nature.l n here's temperatures out thispera morning just so you get an idea. 57 degrees here, dulles 55, 55, bwi marshall 55 degrees, i want to show you futurecast because it's encouraging, okay. it gives us a little bitiv better weather.tter w. it starts this afternoon.rts as we break into some sunshine h in places. i'm not guaranteeing thateeg tht everybody's going to sees goin sunshine today but i thinkhi some of us will, okay.kay. and some of that sunshine wil
5:17 am
mean a few showers thiswe t afternoon and this evening and g some of this believe it orlie i not, yeah, could be a couple of thunderstorms or two beforere before it's all said and now, to and night, tomorrow, tor its upper level low pressure pss finally starts getting out oftit here allows high pressure tore build in. we're going to go from wherehe we have been this weekend withew temperatures in the 50's right r up to temperatures in theres ine middle 80's just like that andtd the humidity is going to come back, too.oo. high pressure will be sittingit to the south us later this s week and that really bringsouhai the heater in for us so we'rengs talking 80's. tuesday 80 degrees.grs. looks dry tomorrow but it does e look like temperaturess willatuw jump up. humidity will return alongturnlo with some thunderstormsthunrs possible by the mid and latter l part of the week.part othe w there's the upper level low. low still all this rain right on rit top of us.s. not much has changed from where we were monday -- ormond saturday and sunday. sun monday is -- this afternoonaf does look a little bit better be here. finally dry.fill weather day comes up on wednesday.we notice temperatures will be upra into the mid 80's.
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here's erin -- she likes it liks when i call her erin commute. cu i didn't know up liked it when i called you erin commute.ou erm >> gary you just have done itste so much that i felt f comfortable with it. my mom textd me and says it feels like we've had one day ond in sunshine in all of may. m i don't think she's too far toor off. wet start to the work and wr we have a crash. the ramp is opened. it could slow you down a bit. 395 plenty of green behind me from the bottom of the beltway b to the 14th street bridge. bdg all of our inbound bridges areee quiet right now.quie eleventh street, 14 street, memorial, key fall great shapega v have a commute still green cmu in stafford. s this could start to show youtarw down 66 working just fine. and 270 eastbound greatnd gre through virginia seven.a sev let's take a live look outside. things on 270 quiet right now27 bottom side of the beltway asaya you cross the wilson bridge into an dale you're looking're n good by braddock road. r top of the beltway not a whole w lot of congestion through montgomery county just yet. you're still i cn good shape but some congestionp
5:19 am
new hampshire avenue.amps metro he is on any questions for your commutete at erin fox5 d.c. on twister o back to you maureen and >> time now is 5:18.:18. taking a look at the storieshe s you're engaging with the most te this morning on social mediaciam with the realtime news n tracker. >> wisdom is over in the loft with that.veha hey, whiz. >> good morning to you both. first up everyone police want you to take a look at thryis picture. this is 28-year-old robertar-olb carter the third. third he's been missing from waldorf carter was last seen at the saint charles town centerowce around 4:30 yesterdaystda afternoon. he does not have his medicine mc with him. h this is a bizarre story. sto the san diego padres baseballs b organization they'reonhey're apologizing to that city's gay men's their chorus. now this comes after the grouphe was on the field saturday night to sing the nationale nata anthem but fans in the standshe instead heard the recorded recoe voice of a woman singing.aningi now the padres called it a mistake and said there was no malicious intent and the teamndt has fired a contractor andtoan they've disciplined
5:20 am
employee.oy. and adele justin drake and a the weekend big binners at thehe billboards. other highlights britneyhi spears opening medley anley all-star tribute to prince and ke$ha appearing despite back bak and forth rumors she wouldn't take the t sta anybody stay up to say that. s t >> in a word no,. word n >> neither did i.eith that's a three for. f >> in essence of fullf disclosure i totally forgot itor was on.was on. >> several more hours to watch m the highlightsor and get caught up. >> we will. >> so we're good.'re >> all right.>> rig >> thanks whiz.>> thanks >> coming up on fox newss morning police searching for a r gunman who robbed a jewelry j store before opening fire on fir them and then escaping into i thin area. >> a group of university graduates and current studentsan say race played a huge factor in the way policd e resyepondedo reports of noise complaints during a graduation party thisi weekend in college col >> and as we head to break, a live look across the dmv. all right. rht getting going th
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hope you enjoy music you've got something you would like to hear hit us up on facebook,ao twitter, instagram, call us onsn the phone. pho do you remember that.b >> what is that. >> fox news morning back afterba this. >> ♪
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>> 5:23. fairfax county police searching for a gunman who robbed a jfaewelry snorery springfield. police say a man held up aup a jewelry store saturday at the brookfield plaza shoppingie pla center. when officers arrived thearrivee gunman started shooting. sot stray bullet hit a person driving by but they areby buthe expected to be okay.o the gunman then drove off andnd crashed minutes later.. he then stole another vehiclehe before crashing that one. o. >> i asked if everyone wasone okay. i asked if there was anyone a else, if anyone got hurt andtt he just kept on saying yeahg yeh and he was looking away. a >> reporter: did you get aor good look at himte? >> no. it was all very sudden. s i was only over there for maybe 30 secon
5:24 am
30 seconds i only saw him about three before he turned h around and started getting hiseg stuff. >> the gunman ran off andffnd escaped into a wooded area. woo he was carrying a duffle bag. >> ♪ >> an 89-year-old holocaustaust survivor fulfilled her dreamul of singing the national anthem a at a baseball aeb she performed the song at saturday's detroit tigersro game. michigan resident and tigersnd t fan for 60 years hirsch saysrsch she has been singing the national anthem for awhile at holocaust survivor meetings.eeti >> i love to sing god bless america, also,. ao, it lifts me up, yeah, youeah, yu know. as a holocaust survivor, i need it.need >> hirsch was 17 when they areny he family was split up andnd sent to concentration camps
5:25 am
good for her. >> good for cher right.d for ch. 57 degrees right now and it's going to be good for us inod us like the middle of the week soko we're almost there. the i feel good about thehe forecast, gary. gar >> starting tomorrow, it's going to be good for us.od for u >> oh, look, we don't have to he wait too long. t >> starting tomorrow, that'sg right. and then by probably thursday or fprriday everybody's going tg be complaining about the heat th and the humidity.ity. i guarantee it's going to happen. en 53 to 58 degrees this morningthm for pickup time.up t watch the showers out there, little bit of drizzle possiblezl but more likely just some showers and fog is building north and west. here's where we are this a t morning with the rain, okay.kay. most of this is really down toyw the south of us, the heaviesteat just south of waldorf downrfow through la plata all right andlt we'll continue to see -- we'lle' continue to see this kind off tracking to the south of us us mainly over the next two, next three, four hours. you see how the motion is onns n that. that really it's coming from thecomi east and moving to the
5:26 am
southwest. how about that, right? that'sri not -- that the pretty unusual. all wrapping around an upper adu low which is exiting by theng be way. here's erin with a look atoo your dreary monday morningy morg commute. >> and 5:26.>>nd 5 just like that we have a have blueline delay. del they're single tracking byy addison road and stadium-armory. we'll keep you updated.pdat blueline single tracking.rackin anticipate delays. delays. slow traffic on our roads andoa some crashes as well. 95 north centreport parkway to 610 sluggish traffic because of congestion. we also have a crash andnd closure old bridge road eastbound shut down at minnieville road. r use caution around that intersection and be preparedon to detour. dou police at that scene. 95 north also slows through dale city to 123 as you cross yo the occoquan. occn. typical congestion trying ton tt get into the district.isict. more crash activity affectingff our ride in virginia and and fairfax county.ou little river turnpike, the ramp is is cl you'll need a different exit to make your way to the inner tn loop. notice the green on the map t from the springfieldprin interchange through
5:27 am
the beltway itself.ltwaytsel we'll toss it back to youss it maureen and holly and haved lly more traffic in just a few. aew. >> all right. and coming up on fox5 newsoxew morning, was it justified orstif was it an extreme use of force? >> a local police officer under investigation for whatoc he astllegedly did while whi breaking up a college partylege this >> and both the nationals and orioles facing tough t competition with two veryh two different results.di >> and as we head to break t this morning let's take a live l look across the d.c. time right now 5:27. 5 we are at 57 degrees.7 degree hey, listen, going to have a tha little bit of fun on facebook fb page. we'll talk about anwel ta unfortunate situation for aatn reporter. if you have a song request put p that in, too. fox5 news morning back after this. >> ♪
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>> straight ahead on fox news morning awaiting a verdict. today a jawudge is scheduled to issue a verdict in the second of six officers charged in theic arrest and death of freddieree gray. gray what is excessive or theive proper use of force? or university of maryland policeolc use pep he per spray to break pr up a graduation some in attendance say raceay r played a factor in ther in office's response.fice's respon. and you've heard thishis before. we're expecting to get more rain. but there is a silver lininginin to all this wet fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> all right, good morning tohto you. thank you very much for waking up with us.uph i'm wisdom martin. >> and i'm
5:31 am
today is monday, may 23rd. may3r >> oh, that's a good day.ay. >> they're all good days. d look at throws two right there. they're here, they got work to do thisis morning. morning. one is going to talk about traffic, gary, and one is -- well -- - >> erin is talking aboutn iski traffic.traffic. this is the first time i've seen you guys this morning. forgive me. giv i'm sorry.sorr my first day on the job i apologize.ol gary and erin are here. h >> did you sleep through the first one.rst one. [laughter] [laughte >> 5:31 is our time right nowe t and as we check the headlinesins we're going to begin within with breaking news. two middle east countries couri experiencing major attacksaj a today. in syria reports of at least l 65 people dead after multiple mi bomb attacks in two coastal cities.ties in yemen a pair of suicide bombings targeting army arm recruits killed at least 45ille peoplely we'll stay on top of s both developing stories andriesd we'll share updates as we get them. a> we are also following breaking news closer to home h here out of prince george's county. >> that's where police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in templewh hi alls.eil that's where fox5's melanieelane a
5:32 am
story. mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys. yeah still a very active scene temple hills.plhi you can see prince george's county police officers holding the scene as well as homicide hc detectives hear as well.el twenty-third parkway one ofne o these streets that's divide div bide a very large median.ed so, where you see the policeol car there and the detectives talking, that is a cut through t here. one side of the street you have large apartments, on the other side of the street wef tht have single family homes.omes and we know that this beganth te about 1 o'clock this morning. m. that's when police got thehe call for a report of a shooting.shoo the adult male victim here one o scene was rushed to the hospital where he wasre h pronounced dead that the at the hospital.e hopit what we see here in the middlehm of the cordoned off area still a white mercedes with marylandtd tags, door opened.tadoor o that door has been that waybeenw since we arrived here on theonhe scene around 4 o'clock this morning. mo still very little information from prince george's
5:33 am
they believe tnspi so, the investigationesti continues and certainly as we get more information, we'll be updating it to you guys on fox5 morning news, also i'll als be updating any newg n information we get as well onell my twitter page at fox5 melanie. back to you guys. t >> happening today, a verdict, r is expected in the bench trialei of baltimore police officermool edward nero.ero. nero is charged with assault ass misconduct and reckless reckl endanger. in the death of freddie gray.dig now if convicted he could becodb sentenced to several years in yi prison. >> the police chief foricchie university of maryland police is investigating how his office handled a wildce handledw graduation party over the ove th weekend. cell phone video shows the chaotic moments at anomentst an apartment in college park.t university of maryland police used pepper spray to break itr o up. up some say they were excessive.hec the school's police chief isef looking at the body camera cer video to make a decision aboutut how to proceed.roceed >> turning our attention totiont the baseball diamond now let's go to florida, shall we? natset taking on the marlins bottom b of the third the nats were up max scherzer earning everyry
5:34 am
contract. law in control the entire game.on ga he struck out i.t. ro.o. nats win eight-two. orioles, let's talk about the orioles and anaheim angels.he ag finishing up a three game series. tough early on. orioles down six-zip.ix >> not sure we're looking at aot baseball picture. pictu >> i'm just going to keep hopefully we get that scared away. jonathan scopes hit one to deep left fielder you go aheadye and act the out. getting his eighth home run of the season. you're excited because it's it' your eighth one.h o. two run shot brought the orioles within tomorrow.le i'm running the scoreboard butsb the o's bullpen just couldn'tt ' do it so the angels they angels dropped a hammer. hamme bam. all right. all orioles -- >> who needs video.
5:35 am
>> orioles 10-two, orioles angels win. >> whatever team they scored asr run i like that. >> orioles didn't win that's what we're trying to do.e'rying >> i think this week thoughnk t we're finally going to scoreg ts in the weather department. weath 5:35 is our time righter now. n let's head downstairs to gary mcgrady. >> you just acted it all out. o. >> it's like fox5 news morning charades. >> that's called viewerhat' interhack.s they can play along at home. >> how did we do? did you seese us? >> it was great. it wa i even knew more about thee abt game than i thought i would. >> you know what, don't getwhatt any ideas. we're not doing every day. d >> what is that eight home that runs for you this year holly? o that's pretty good.oo >> kind of pacing myself. mel a just want to make it to the all-star break. your shrugging percentage. >> if i knew what they were supposed to do. i don't know. >> here's your bus stop forecast.kner temperatures this morning low to up are 50's. 5 kind of depends on where youde are. we do have some showers outpeowt there, too, this morning inornii places, the heaviest of thevi vein to the south of us.o here is
5:36 am
after school a few sunny breaks, showers, maybe a, e couple of thunderstorms around.. temperatures will be upper 60's to low 70's. 70' look at the rain this morning. i the heaviest of it. most of it tracking south ofg sh the metro. m that's some pretty good rain, r too just off to the east ofast f all of this is coming from rom basically the north and to the t northeast, down to the south s and the southwest all wrappingla around low pressure which isow just off to the east of us. p that lo thow pressure finally de deciding it's going to move on e but it's going to be tonight ton and tomorrow before we reallye y begin to dry things out and out clear things off. o here's your forecast forst for today.da this morning upper 50's, somee cloudy at noontime, 6 we're going to get up to about t 70 today. look, i'm not guaranteeing sunig for everybody.rybody but some of us could have some m and that means some showers,we, couple of thunderstormsstor possible late this afternoon. pattern change on the way.n right now we get to erin cchomom with a look at your monday morning commute. >> 5:36 right now. rig some updated information fo
5:37 am
blueline is no longer singlee tracking between addison roadisa and stadium-armory but watchorth for some residual delays onl day the bluelinely i'll let you lety know when things are a hundred h percent back to normal.en t the rest of your five railfi lines are on time thisimis morning. i'll let you know if thatno t changes. metrobus on time. te. maryland commute typical delay d 270 south that's the only t o thing you have to worry aboutbo so far approaching 109 iff you're making it around aro hightstown you're seeing that slow zone and a little bit of of congestion north of that point n by the truck scales asor you head out in aside from that in virginia, vii two slow zones as usual, 66 asa6 you approach 234. and 95 north passing centreport parkway. we got you covered here onnt fox5. any morning commute questions attar ryan fox5 d.c.g onc. twitter. back to you wisdom and holly. >> all right. coming up on fox news morning e-mails between vincent gray'sr' former girlfriend and the claire woman of his mayoral hisr campaign could reignitee interest in the discussions ofnh a possible shadowe campaign. c >> and president obama is inma i vietnam but a number oft a nuero vietnam veterans groups says they want him
5:38 am
for answers on the whereaboutsnw of their missing brothers. >> and as we head to break a live look outside across the dmv. oh, yeah. >> ♪ can you wear yoga pants inan the rain? [laughter][lau >> 5:38 is the time.:3is t we're back in a moment. hey d.c., guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another: their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green.
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>> 5:40 is the time.>> some of d.c.'s most violent and poor communities are 5c.nits seeing an uptick in murders. mds the washington post is whing reporting that parts of wardartd seven which includes southeast and northeast d.c. have had at total of 21 murders so farers this year. yea now compare that to just seven murders in ward seven at thein same time last year. now as of may 2 w0th d.c. policl say there were a total of 47 homicides in the district.t. ward seven alone counts for cou nearly half of those numbers. ns >> according to a report indinge the washington post formergton o mayor vincent gray's campaign cm claire woman says that gray'sra political adviser was runnings i an off the books campaign. now the post says former chairman lorraine green wrotero a e-mail about vernon hawkinsnks doing something off the book. gray has denied knowledge of o anything. bernie sanders t
5:42 am
of the u.s.-mexico borderxico br while campaigning inin california.lirnia sanders second trip to thes cond border.bord. there he was greeted byhe w mexican residents who said he si would be good for the hispanict community. he previously visited theedhe border this past ma that areat arizona. >> men listen up. m if you have a history of prostate cancer in your familyae doctors say eat more tomatoes.oe experts say the red fruit can help ease bladder problems. the chemical that makes tomatoes red is what doctors say has been shown to slow slo down prostate cancer. doctors say more research isearc needed but results from this re study are very promising.rosi >> coming up on fox5 news morning controversy swirling around a popular reality show about losing weight. >> it seems we may have all a been duped about how thatbout hw weight was really coming off. of and ordering from your you favorite fast food restaurant rr could be as easy as logging l onto social media.ontoa. >> and as we head to breakwe hea let's go ahead and take a live v look across the d.c. region. r there you go. doesn't look that great nowk re but it's going to get better.te. 5:42 is our t
5:43 am
fox news morning back rightack g after this. >> ♪
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. it's monday morning. look at that. the gloom continues. the the may gloom continues.ti most of the rain is now to theno south of us.f u as a matter of fact i'm going start here with storm trackerret radar to show you where allou we this is. here we are in the city we ar te obviously. most of the rain is city south, okay.h, o coming across extreme southernor sect
5:46 am
otherwise, the heaviest of thees rain -- see this yellow andelw orange that's off to the east of i-95.5. still a real messy commute comte though up fredericksburgck towards stafford and intord ando dumfries, woodbridge, lorton,or places like that coming up i-95. it's not dry north and west a but it is drier. temperatures this morning inatur the 50's. nothing too terribly chillyy c here. here it's 51 for pittsburgh and a 46 degrees for chicago. chica this is futurecast. futurec notice it is picking up thep rain to the south of us. probably not picking up as much rain as there is to thee o south of us but it's on -- o-- it's doing pretty good. g late this afternoon here'sno h 1 o'clock or early in the afternoon but 1 o'clock a fewcka showers around.ow aro we start to break into abreato little bit of sunshine lateat day and the sunshine todayshinet will actually help to driveri some showers and a couple thiso morning's. after we get through thiswe afternoon and this evening it ge does look like the trend is
5:47 am
conditions. ns looking at your memorial day d weekend forecast, storm isto possible pretty much each day e buact we get into a summertimeut pattern, okay.ern, oka so, temperatures will be ins the 80's.wi it will be humid and there and will be a chance for a fewew showers and here's the upper level lowev pressure system all the rainre on top of us s now but all indications are we're finally in for a pattern change. cha we're going give this low as low kick and open the door, if you l-for some drier conditionsondii and hotter conditions, too forot the next several days afters a today. we're 70 today. more showers.moreho a thunderstorm possible in the afternoon. winds will generally be out ofer the north at about five to 10 miles per hour.les per h here's your seven-day forecast. fo 80 on tuesday. tueay 85 on wednesday. wedsday 86 on thursday.hurs 86 on friday. fda >> i like the sound of that. o >> i cannot to any better for bf you erin como. get in your and do your traffic thang. tha >> like the coach sending me seg in. thanks. i appreciate that one.precia tha metro update.pd no longer single tracking tra outplay line addison road to
5:48 am
stadium-armory. no alerts across the other the o five lines.five l crash and closure in prince william. old bridge road eastbound shut down at minnieville road withied an accident police are detouring traffic. 95 north slows in the typicaln c spot. dale city to 123. t so be prepared for that one asra you head towards the occoquan oc this morning. as you head out in fairfax frf another crash that we're t dealing with. this is on little riverittle turnpike blocking the ramp tohem the inner loop. you'll need to find all n different route to get to the te inner loop this morning.ning. 395 inbound nice and quiet. a q i like what i'm seeing fromg frm the bottom of the beltway through the 14th street bridge. the freeway by the thirdro sttfrreet tunnel also quiet. q quick look wet roads however this mondayhin morning. give yourself some extra time. use caution a little bit of le t shine there on the interstate. this is the beltway out by 202. and things are moving alongg alg just fine. ju 50 on the inbound side also sida usincruising along from therom t beltway to bowie. bow that's good news. n let's switch it over back toswit our maps. 270 also slowing down inn maryland by the truck
5:49 am
95 northbound south of thehe dale city congestion.onst its congested by centreportt parkway. pa 270 approaching 10909 congestion.coestion. extra time needed there.tra ti things on bwme parkway are quiet and 95 southbound nothbo congestion by the icc.icc back to you holly and wisdom. ws >> all right. a former nba player who oncee played for the washingtoned f wizards says racism is very muchs alive. etan thomas posted thiste thi picture of a woman who he says y wouldn't let him sit in the'teth empty seat next to her because of the colorec of his thomas says he was on a crowded train when he asked the woman if he could sit in hed the empty seat next to her. her. she said the seat was takenen but moments later the exnba e player saw her give that seatths to a white thomas confronted the womanom who told thomas not to play the race card.ce c >> attorney general loretta lor lynch was this year's yea complement speaker at the american university school of o w.w. she offered some advice to the new
5:50 am
trulye live your motto ton mota champion what matters.atte you are the you are the ones who still sayes you want to become a lawyer to w help people.lp p you are the ones who say i s i want to make a difference. dfere and you are the ones whens you're asked about your goals, you still say i want to change the world. don't ever lose that. >> american university presented lynch with an honorary doctor of law degree. >> possible changes coming toe o the way that organs aregans transplanted to donor d recipients. >> instead of transporting onspo ice, they're seeing if a new device that keeps the organsans warm and mimics blood flowd could increase the number off usable organs.usable right now the device is beingceg used in europe and in clinical i trials here in the u.s. one downside, extremelyreme but doctors say it could savee lives. an average of 22 people dieeopl every day waiting for
5:51 am
transplants. transp >> the motorola razor flip raz p phone could be making a comecoul can back. prepping a relaunch of thench of razor model.el it released a teaser video ofr e the nostalgic walk through ahr high school. sch the tag line flip back to razor days of yester year and yr get ready for the future.uture. the big unveiling of the newli h razor is expected to happen june 9th.june 9 my wife still has that kind ofto phone so that's not a big dealse to her. she's ahead of the or not. burger king turning to social tl media to make it even easiern es to place your order. o now customers can can nowomers c message a burger king box through their facebook messageek app to order food.rd you choose the items you wantte and what location you want toyot pick it up from. f it also gives you an estimatednm time on when your order is oer going to be ready. rea >> hm. >> like starbucks. you can do that at starbucks. sc >> you can. >> yeah. you can order ahead of time.der >> and it always works out. it >> so far for me.o r fo >> okay, all right. time now is 5:51.time ns let's talk about the topicse toc that are trending on the web. >> maureen has the storiesreen s you're engaging with already wia most on social media. m
5:52 am
hey, mo. >> good morning, guys.d morn good morning everyone outod there. first up, tragic news from f mount everest.vere four climbers have died in the t past four days. altitude sickness is blamed in b at least two of the deathsea climbing the world's highest hig peak own resumed last month after a two year ban. now to a zoo in south in soh america where the staff says they feel profound pain overeelu the decision to shoot and kill d two lions. l they took that action onion saturday after a suicidal manda got into the animal's den tooknk his clothes off and approached the lions. the man began to bother theotr animals before they began to bet mall him. that's when the lions wereio wer shot. sh the zoo in santiago chill lay ly says it had no other choicether because tranquilizers wouldzersu have taken too long to take effect. and things are gettinge quite real ford the real. real. tamar braxton confirmed shenfird will not return to the daytime y talk show in the fall. a statement says she will instead concentrate on herd cont solo career. braxton's announced departure comes after she post-ed on instagram about being betrayed. friend o our show so we
5:53 am
welcome her to the loft any time. >> she has a little more frenyeo time. >> drama. i want to hear about the dramabt though. >> i know. >> i thought that was tta >> all love there. t >> hm. >> angry birds took flight at fh the weekend box office.ff >> the angry birds movie seized the top spot hauling inun get this, $39 million.39 m there's no reason for these birds to be angry anymore.y amo the animated film based on the popular app stars jason sedaikis and annie mcbride. captain america civil war was second. the marvel com him bookcohim character has pulled in nearly n $350 million in the united miloi states. that's impressive. ooh. wait a minute a minute. >> go back. [laughter] l ght anotional night and epic a performances at last night'sst n billboard music awards. a britney spears wearing thatng stylish red right there thatght you just saw, a mash up of her greatest hits including toxicox and i'm a slave. sla celine dion made her first tv tv appearance since the death ofea both her husband and broth
5:54 am
back in january. madonna performed a heart felt f tribute to prince. >> looks like a good night. >> yeah. y >> contestants of the popular npbc show the biggest loser.os the slow's former contestants say they were fed drugs to ws keep the weight off and werend told to lie about their weightiw gain. now, this comes after a national institute of health o h study that found severalev contestants put their weight back on rapidly after the show s finished. bob harper is denying the allegations. >> ♪ >> let's say hello to ouray hlot facebook fan of the day. hello pretty.y. that's kerry. kerry says she loves, loves, loves fox5 and wants to thank us for brightening her d >> and we love you back, kerry. also, kerry says that we'reha like family to she says her favorites are f tucker and mike.e. we really appreciate thateciatet kerry and for your chance tor ha be tomorrow's fan leave aan l comment below her picture, her photo on our facebook page.k pa looking goodar
5:55 am
morning. >> uh-huh. >> ♪ >> hey, hey, we'll see ay,ee little bit of sunshine later honda. a few showers, too.s, we're getting showers thissh morning. most of that is south of d.c.utc but the commute is stills compromised especially cominging up 95, okay. winds out of the north at northt about five to 10 miles peril hour. we're going to reachch 70 degrees today.rees tod with the sunshine.wi that's going to help to drive d a shower or two, maybe even a thunderstorm later on this l on afternoon. just so you know.ju so nothing severe, okay.kay. clouds and showers today. tod couple of thunderstorms.hundsto. temperature of 70. hey, listen, we're finally dryil temperature will betemp 80 degrees. we'll get some sunshine. temperature on wednesdaynesd 85 degrees. 86 on thursday. 86 on friday. fda as we head into the holiday weekend, i don't think it's too bad but it will be, you b know, kind of a mixture of mture clouds and sun. sun. temperatures low to mid 80's, 8 more humidity and amore humidit thunderstorm is possible is poie saturday, sunday and even into e memorial day. so, we'll keep a close eye on e that forecast as we move w through the week.roug here's erin como. com it's monday morning.'s how is th
5:56 am
>> i'm going to come out tocomeo weather day with gary on wednesday.wednes i need some sunshine and baseball in my life f you'ren i waking up this monday morning you're in for some wet roads. ra maryland commute 270 south 85 su to the truck scales yellow zone. zone. stop-and-go traffic because ofo congestion that's picking up. in virginia 95 t northboundortho centreport parkway to 610 to backed up. ba 66 eastbound 234 too centreville same story there. t sluggish traffic. give yourself extra at a time a to get around and anticipate slick spots. minnieville road closed. 95 northbound slows dale citydat 1 123. any questions at erin fox5 eri f d.c. on twitter. back to you holly wisdom and maureen. >> ♪ >> ahead at 6:00 we have a newvw warning about the zika virus. vr and when the infected mosquitos could make their waykw here to the u.s.s. >> plus, you know, shoes are shs fancy. especially you guys' shoes.s'ho >> they can be. >> but how about this.hi men in heels. we'll show you what happenedow when a group of men tried to wear them for an entire day. d i don't know why.don'know but we're
5:57 am
what happened.atappened. fox5 news morning continueson with steve and allison after aln the break. but before we do that you need some galoshes maybe or maybe orm not? maybe not.. oh, gary is giving mealing thelg stink eye. i'm just going to read this. we're live across its dmvmv right now.right now. that's what you're looking at.oi time right now 5:57. rht n back in a moment. blank
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f ahead at
6:00 am
breaking right now in prince george's county app deadly shooting is. it's still a very activey acve we're live with what policeol are saying about thissaying a investigation.invest >> also this morning, newsis m overnight on the first leg of lo the historic asia trip. the president lifts a longstanding also embargo. ear the latest from vietnam comingan up. >> first throw a live look outside on this mondaytsid this morning.rn it's may we'll have weather and traffic a for you on the 5s at 6:05.05 good monday morning. m i'm allison seymour.allison sey. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. mi let's get right to thes right breaking news coming out off temple hills maryland. melanie alnwick on the scene of a deadly shooting there.he mel, good morning.mel, good morn >> reporter: good morning,r: guys. yeah, association it looks it le wrapping up the majority ofajit the crime scene investigation here on 23rd parkway. parkw we can tell you just wherewh that police car is parked withcr the flashing lights was where a white mercedes -- if we havec some video we'll slow it to you -- white mercedes wasce found this morning with the more door open.door it


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