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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  May 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> goods morning, thank you for joining us, i'm maureen. >> i'm wisdom martin today is the tuesday, may 24, a lot to get to this morning, let's say good morning to gary and erin, because they are talking weather and traffic in just a few minutes. >> new this morning, virginia governor terry mccullough under investigation by the f.b.i. issue large donation he accepted for his 2013 campaign come from illegal source? >> melanie joins us enough outside the dis justice department more on this story. >> morning, guys. so the justice department and the fbi are not publicly comment on the reports. did confirm investigation to fox news. the official set campaign finances, and donations, to governor terry mccullough 2013 campaign for governor are part of the investigation. >> question: whether the campaign accepted illegal contributions. cnn reported monday, that a
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one hundred 20 thousand dollars donation, from a tiny -- chinese businessman, could be causing governor mccullough a lot of trouble. bans foreign contribution toss any campaign. spokesperson for government nor said in a statement, quote, we cannot confirm the cnn report, neither the governor nor his former campaign has any knowledge of this matter. but, as reported, contributions to the campaign from mr. wong were completely wolfed. governor will cooperate with the government in contacted about it. >> us businesses, and mr. wong's people told cnn he's permanent resident of the united states. >> operative with close ties to a bill and hillary clinton, the official that talked to fox news said this investigation has been going on for some time, no signs that it is going to be concluding any
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i'm melanie, fox5 local news. >> also in the news this morning, virginia republicans have asked the state's highest court to block felons from having the trite vote. gop voters recent ex he can touch order suspending virginia ban on felons voting, violates the separation of power. now, they claim, governors can only restore voting right on a case-by-case basis. now, motorcycle cuff a said people hoosier of the their time deserve to have their voices heardment fox5 ronica clearly sit down with the government today, look for that interview on our fox5dc social media platforms, and on fox5 news at 5 and 6. >> backlash over long security lines, kelly, head of tsa security operations has been moved from his post and reassigned. darby will take over that position, has directed security at lax and jfk airport in new yrk
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where he'll be re ' signed. >> acquitted of all charges. >> nero win every 6 baltimore police officers charged in the case gray died last april, judge said nero played little role in his arrest and not responsible by the fame your of police to put on a seatbelt on gray once placed in a police van. >> people shouldn't be in neighborhoods if they're not trained to work with the african-american community. so all every these guys could be victims. >> they say no justice, no peace. >> the attorney for the gray family commended the judge for not bending to public opinion and analyzing the case. >> also today, we will learn how fairfax county plans to help ease the delays and possible traffic congestion that will come with metro safe track plan. >> first leg of metro's maintenance overhaul will run from june 4 to june 16. trains will single track on the orange and
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northern virginia which means severely reduced service west of boston. arlington county officials have outlined some of the ways they plan to help commuters, those ways include brinking in extra local buses, and telling some county employees to work from home. >> have you gotten enough lee time -- >> the short answer is, no we are where we r we've had practice. we didn't have a lot of time notice with that march shutdown or -- we've made it work. >> for complete look at metro space track plan log on to the website >> csx train got stuck on the tracks in howard county last night in jessup, thankfully driver got out of the car before it was hit. the crash closed nearby roads for several hours, but everything back open this morning. time now to talk weather and there was little window yesterday, where we got outside
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as soon as we went inside, boom. >> you have to take the good with the bad. probably had 2 hours of sunshine that we didn't think necessarily we would get another thing too probably the last rainy evening for awhile. >> steve? >> see, take these things, flip them upside down, by the time you ends with it it looks like a good thing. >> in terms of temperatures, couple of showers overnight tonight, should be it, okay? this pesky low pressure system is moving away. numbers this morning, here in town, 59 degrees. gaithersburg, sorry, that temperature not coming in, hopefully kick in later this morning, annapolis, 59, i suspect you're in the mid to up ear's, dullos 58 and fredericks berg 57 degrees. a few showers, still in place out there. watch what happens, we put this into motion. see moving to the south, everything pivoting area around low pressure off to the east and
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like all indications are forecast calls for it to move away today. that will will brighten our skies. we will be sunny, few clouds to start this morning, and i can't rule out a shower over the next couple of hours in places, but it looks like it is moving on high today up to 80 degrees, yesterday, with the sun, 2, 3, 4 hours of sun yesterday, that elevated temperatures mid 70s, today is 80. summertime weather coming at least for few days have, that in the full forecast coming up in just a bit. 7 day forecast right now, to erin como. hopefully the roads will be drying over the next couple of hours. that will will help things. >> the sounds really nice, gary. yesterday the rain for monday morning didn't do us any favors. live look at the key bridge, few lanes blocked from the northbound side of the key bridge as you head from gw parkway rosalynn to the white horse freeway, again, few lanes block, as you can see, very light traffic, little bit of vehicles out there moving along without any issues. let's switch it over for look at the maps, if yoar
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outer loop dealing with police activity by the connector aside from that, head out for early morning flight, traffic on the way to reagan national looking good, problem-freon 395, things on the way to bwi looking good northbound quiet, same way to dullos dullos keck or road dealing with nice conditions there, dullos access road. downtown secondary looking good, inside the district, make your way out in prince george's, 4 and 5 inbound, as well as 210, ft. washington are quiet. any questions at erin fox5 on twitter, maureen, wisdom? >> coming up on fox news morning, nation's highest court throws out death penalty sentence because of the actions of prosecutors from family of hall of fame baseball player has a lawsuit to compensate for his deadly habit. >> i'm tracking other big stories trending already on this tuesday morning, new report
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did everything in its pear to try and influence head trauma research. >> live look at the washington monument shining albright in the darkness. 4 38 is the time. we will talk weather and traffic coming up a little bit later on. stick with us. fox5 morning news.
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z2025z >> time is
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we turn to holly morris, and our real time news tracker, holey? >> first up this tuesday morning, veteran afar secretary, under fire, for drawing comparison between wait times at va health centers, and wait times at disneyland. critics said mcdonald's comment made light of the fact that veterans have died waiting for health services. >> next, a new congressional study has found the nfl tried to influence the nih study on the linc between football and brain injuries, before pulling its funding when the nih thwarted those attempts. according to reports, nfl pulled its 16 million dollars contribution to the study because they were dis applies dollars with the doctors selected to that had the investigate. >> and finally, student at the naval academy mark the ends of their first year yesterday by climbing a breeze 21 foot hearn den monument and placing midshipman's hat at the top. it is a tradition that dates all the way back to 1940.
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right there, climb ago pole a greased pole. >> absolutely. and celebrating graduation. >> yes. >> all right, thank you. >> coming up on fox fuse morning, school resource officer accused of going too far with a student at prom. >> prince county schools misses deadline to release policy changes related to child of a porn scandal earlier this year. >> as we go to break right now, live look outside the region, time now, 4 42. we're back in a moment. t.
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>> fbi investigating terry mccullough for allegedly excepting illegal donations to his gubernatorial campaign. >> chinese businessman made 3 donations to the governor totalling
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dollars, fbi is concerned may be foreign national. spokesperson says he has an us green card. >> live look outside, little wet start to the morning, but gary mcgrady talking about a promising end to this tuesday, do we see sun in the forecast? >> oh, most definitely, most definitely, and i think that once that sun comes out this morning, it will be with us this afternoon, and the trends here is nicer and drier, and key word hotter, okay? more humidity, too. >> that's okay. >> and anything else that might be coming our way. again, the trend is drier, area of low pressure finally moving on. 59 here in the city. now, that's down a bit. dullos, 58, bwi marshall 59 degrees, too, let me show you the next couple of days, looks like lot of sunshine, certainly temperatures making it up into the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees range. tomorrow, even hotter, we go 85 d
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sunshine, you'll begin to feel little bit more humidity creeping in tomorrow. and certainly, in the area by the latter part of the week. very pesky area of low pressure, still showers, from new england all the way down to new york, then down along the coast of the jersey shore there, and even delaware, and maryland shore, too, but you see this last little piece? this appears to be the last little piece of rain moving through now. clearing skies back to the northwest, so the trend here is a whole lot better i even think we wake up this morning to lots of sunshine and we end up with lots of sunshine right on through the day today. 08 degrees for high temperature, winds will be out of the northwest, and that's good, too, because these northwesterly winds are going to start to bring in drier air, too, goodness knows we need some of that, good amounts of sunshine through the day. let me show you the 7 day forecast, listen, couple of trending changes toward our holiday weekend, we started seeing this yesterday late in the morning, early in the afternoon, new guidan c
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in. next few days look we heat to up right around 09 degrees on friday. wow. maybe even thunderstorm possible, into the holiday weekends saturday looks good, 8 a degrees, as we start getting into sunday, i think more clouds, temperatures only in the lower 80s sunday, memorial day, upper 70s, some clouds, a chance of some showers too. let me say memorial day there are a lot of question marks going on there, coastal area to be concerned about, coming up, let's just stay on. that will so we go upper 70s now it, does not look like it will be a perfect memorial day. at least not weather wise. here's erin como. >> i have no problem curling in the rain, guard. >> i it is okay. it is fine. it is fine. we're going to have several dry days. >> i need a barbeque on memorial day, so we will be paying close attention to your forecast, inbound key bridge, dealing with some lanes closed between gw parkway in rosland making your way into georgetown on the
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side. we talked to folks standing on some of the lanes little while ago, clearing out the debris. so we keep you updated on that right now you can see not much traffic so not causing many slow downs a look at the maps, see how else your commute is shaping up as you head out around the dmv. virginia 66 eastbound from hey market through center ville, looking very nice, checking in 64 miles per hour from the belt way to the 14 street bridge, and you can see, green on all of the majors in virginia, including 95 and 267. and maryland the same story, 95, icc to the belt way, belt way itself is quiet, montgomery county through silver spring, 270 looking good-bye the truck scales, ooh waking up annapolis i like the green i'm seeing, keep you covered if that changes, back to you guys. >> joining the search for black boxes and other wreckage from the egypt air flight 804. plane crashed into the mediterranian sea, 66
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investigators now zeroing in on a sequence every events that unfolded before the plane's computers actually shutdown. data received from the plane indicates smoke and fire started in the cockpit, then quickly spread to the front bathroom. officials just counting earlier reports that the plane sweer offered and made deep descent. >> explosion on board due to bomb, and that is relatively long period of time. when we're dealing with a fire on board generally take hold after period of time. >> sweer offered, made deep descent, they believe terrorism is more likely an explanation for what happened. this morning, the search for survivors after volcanic erruption on sim at interest island, 7 people died after mount sing pong spewed ash, hot arching gash, over the surrounding areas. thick lawyers of ash over about everything. resident are trying to clean up the red zone near the mountain sp
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officials throughout death penalty sentence, done by all white injury jury in georgia. >> in a 7 to 1 ruling, justice up ends the the conviction and death sentence of georgia man timothy tyrone foster. this happened despite foster having confess today murdering while, 79 year old retired school teacher after sexually assaulting her nearly 30 years ago, the justices found prosecutors georgia at the time improperly kept african-americans off the all white jury, in that case, violating the constitution. >> almost completely by white people, 59% of all elected prosecute remembers white. >> world health assembly, backdrop of the
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chief says virus should serve as warning that old disease cans suddenly re-appear, and cause a global emergency. >> what we are seeing now looks more and more like dramatic resurgence from the threat of emerging and re emerging infectious diseases, the worlds is not compared to cope. >> most experience mild symptoms from the mosquito, now linked when birth defect which causes babies to be born with smaller than normal heads, more than one hundred travel related zika cases in the u.s., active transmission is expected to tread here as the weather gets warmer. >> family hall of famer tony gwen filed wrongful death lawsuit against tobacco companies, urged to use the smoke less tobacco that led to the cans their killed him. suit claims the defendants encouraged him who died 2 years ago at age 54 of salivary england cancer to start using dip when he was a star at san diego state
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he played his entire 20 year major league career with the san diego padres, returned to san diego state as a coach. >> former spokesperson for the far fax county police department has pleaded guilty to child porn charges, william budd walker charged with possession of child porn last month. an investigation started after the nationals for missing and exploited children received tip from social media site that child porn was up loaded onto it server from walker's home in fairfax county. 50 year old had worked for the far fax police department since 1999. walker is expected to be sentenced in august. >> and in prince george's county par rent still wait to go hear what policy changes schools will make following a high profile child important case. 22 year old de and tai caro way still in jail on child porn charges after creating videos of children performing sex acts at school. one former prince george's county student on track to study law, says he's generally concerned that the district was violating laws making informational meetings
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the public. >> they have a right to know the school system has been neglect for so long, so many years, and in dealing with this issue every child sexual abuse, they have a right to answer without further delay, there has been delays, and they have a right to have, in my opinion, kevin maxwell, overpaid ceo of the public school system, stand before them in a public forum, and would transpire as well as entertain questions and concerns directly from the community. >> fox5 reached out to prince george's county schools for comment, and they said that the student face task force hopes to have recommendations soon. >> also there is morning, controversy surrounding montgomery county school resource officer mauriceo vague a, teachers at sherwood high school have accused of using excessive force at the school's prom. they claim he plays dollars female student in headlock, tackled her to the grounds, following a verbal altercation, between her and another
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vega has been removed from his post. over to the district, new video surveillance, verb attack on high school student in north wells. georgetown high school student near his school when three people pushed him to the grounds, punched him and stole his glasses, wallet, and phone. that will attack happened back on april 27. now dc police just released the video, asking anyone with information to given them a call. new this morning, getting a sneak peak at the mgm national harbor resort. >> 23 story hotel and casino overlooks the potomac river in prince george's county, hotel will have 234 guest rooms, and 74 luxury suite with floor to sealing windows offering great view of the capitol. the resort will also showcase local well known artists. >> check this out. running man challenge started by couple of maryland basketball players, getting playing on the baseball diamond. watch this. >> look at this. that's ridiculous. >> all right. >> oh, wow. >> so you see him hit the ball. this is logan hall from ken wick,a
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actually been to ken wick washington, 3 hours from seattle. he is in the 8 grade. but he's clearly got more swagger than a pro baseball player, because pros don't even do this. >> look at this. >> you better be careful, though, and the pros if you do this there will be some serious consequence. >> now watch this. >> can't do that in baseball. that's a big no no. can't do it. >> wisdom, can you do that dance? >> can't do it, no, no, no. gary mcgrady, what's going on? can we go outside and play baseball and do the running man challenge? >> you dot running man challenge. >> i'm with him. you can't do. that will you shouldn't do it. >> apparently you can do it. >> you're right, when he gets a little older he better watch out. you can play baseball, that's where we will be this afternoon. gout practice wisdom? >> we got practice thursday weather penning. >> we are going to bass dina today to play a game. here's what's happening. temperatures 59 degrees this morning, 55, little cooler out in the subur
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formatter inches berg, 52 cumberland, hagerstown, 54, want to show you the rain and how it is kind of moving off, moving out of here, we don't see any showers around, all moved to the south of us. saint mary's county, way down in saint mary's county still shower there. i'll just move this. okay, there you go. little showers there. better today. sunshine, erin como, what i want to hear, temperatures coming back into the mid 80s, upper 80s, by the end of the week. >> i just pick up my pool passes yesterday, gary, exactly what i opportunity hear. and i know a lot of folks are interested in the memorial day forecast. right now, for your current tuesday morning drive, lanes reopened on the key bridge coming in from rosalynn into georgetown between gw parkway and white horse freeway, traffic back to normal great news, more folks hit the road. we switch it over for look at the map, aside from traffic moving, there we are looking great from red rick to 70 south to 70 to the truck scales, any questions of commute at at erin fox5dc. metro service right now on time. back to you guys.
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>> coming up on fox5 news morning, top administrator received 90 thousand dollars bonus, but seems, to have done nothing about the long lines. >> after the last contractor up and quit, dc public schools inks new food contract with two new food sendser. >> before we head to break, quick look at today's stock futures. watch your money, people. fox5 news morning back after this. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there.
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>> law makers in virginia appealing to the state's highest court for help in their latest fight against the governor. the slow-down is coming. metro transit wants you to be prepared with alternate plans for your commute. >> forget the rain. looking forward to better days, warm air, golden sun, man it, will feel like a vacation probably, right? fox news morning starting right now. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us,. >> i'm maureen, today is tuesday, may 24. bet r news today folks. and we are wear blue if you consideration that's what we're feeling today, but in our mood, just in our dressing. >> ya, blue, because we need to be cool, because it is final g


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