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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  May 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> law makers in virginia appealing to the state's highest court for help in their latest fight against the governor. the slow-down is coming. metro transit wants you to be prepared with alternate plans for your commute. >> forget the rain. looking forward to better days, warm air, golden sun, man it, will feel like a vacation probably, right? fox news morning starting right now. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us,. >> i'm maureen, today is tuesday, may 24. bet r news today folks. and we are wear blue if you consideration that's what we're feeling today, but in our mood, just in our dressing. >> ya, blue, because we need to be cool, because it is final g
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that's where we are going. >> there you go. >> let's talk bill news right now. police in prince william country investigating the deaths of 2 people on injuring son drive in triangle. both pronounce the dead at the scene. >> this does not appear to be random. and does not hold a threat to people in the area. >> new this morning, former virginia governor terry motorcycle cull aunt investigation by the f.b.i. at issue whether large donation he accepted for his 2013 campaign came from an illegal source. >> melanie, live outside the department of justice, with more on exactly where this money came from. mel? >> well, holly, and maureen, the justice department and the fbi are not publicly commenting on the report. but, sources did confirm the investigation to fox news. the official said campaign finances and donations to governor terry mccullough 2013 campaign are part of the investigation. one central question is whether the campaign accepted illegal
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thousand dollars donation from a chain east businessman could cause governor mccullough a lot of trouble. federal law bans foreign contribution toss any campaigns, spokesperson for the governor said in a statement, quote, we cannot confirm the cnn report. neither the governor nor his former campaign has any knowledge of this matter. but, as reported, contributions to the campaign from mr. wong were completely unlawful. the governor will certainly cooperate with the government if he is contacted about it. wong is a construction and shipping trade billionaire, the contributions came from mr. wong's up the s businesses, and mr. wong's people told cnn he is a permanent resident of the united state. now, you may remember, before he ran for governor, terry mccullough was a very well connected political operative and fundraiser, very well connected, to bill and hillary clinton, official also said the investigation has been going on for quite some time. live at the justice department,
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local news. >> asking the republican's state court to block more than 2 hundred thousand convicted felons from having the right to vote this fall. gop leaders argue governor mccullough executive order violates separation of powers when he suspended the state's ban on felons. they claim governors can only restore voting rights on case-by-case basis. mccullough standing by his actions, though, same people who serve their time deserve to have their voices heard. >> happening today, house republicans will hold hearing over in peaching, irs. >> the chief won't be at today's hearing but will provide written statement, the committee want to improve the irs chief because they say he prevented congressional investigators from gathering evidence on how the irs treated conservative groups. the justice department says there was no evidence of criminal behavior. >> shake up at the tsa. the head of the tsa security operations has been removed from the position. members of the committee were us from freighted when kell
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increased wait times at checkpoints. but the tipping . came after hogan received a 90 thousand dollars bonus package, earlier this month. just days after cited security lapses in airports all across the country. >> and toyota this morning, recalling more than a million and a half more vehicles, because of faulty airbags, it all has to do with the defective airbag inflaters made by tech cat a, new recall involving core old, a matrix, yarr is, forerunner, siena sigh on, lexus models between 2006 and 2011. toyota recalled because of airbag investigations. >> happening today, ito open yan workers, highlighting working conditions there, saying, they lag behind other airports. they . to new study that shows a dc2 government owned airports, government makes more money from terminal concessions than the workers themselves. the rallies will take place at terminals a, b and c, at 9 this morning, then again at 3 t
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>> hey, it will be much better around here today. really, no chance of rain after this morning. there could still be another shower here or there. but it does look like we're getting into a drier pattern, and definitely a warmer pattern, more humidity comes back toward the end of the week, as well. 59 here in the city now we dropped off little bit. annapolis, 57, leonard town, 55, dullos, 55, as women. bus stop forecast, few clouds this morning, little on the cool side. temperatures 53 to 58 degrees. out at the bus stop this morning, but i got to believe by 7, 8, 9 all dry. i know all of the kids are in school by 9 but in that time frame. after school, 77 to 80 degrees, really looks like it will be nice today. lots of sunshine, drier air is coming on, in so we finally have a kick to the area of low pressure that's been bringing all of the rain and clouds of late. cool this morning, 62 or so by 8 a.m. in the city. still in the 50's out in the suburbs. 74 degrees at lunchtime,
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afternoon, we will reach high temperature every 80 degrees, it only gets hotter for the next few days, matter of fact, erin, up close to 90 by the latter part of the week. that's right. that's 90, girl. girl. >> 90s sounds good to me, i'm trying it figure out what to wear to the nats game, should be great day for a baseball game. right now for your tuesday morning ride, gary says the roads are drying up. so i like the sound of. that will morning commute looking good coming in from frederick to the district 270 southment problem if he free 70 to the truck scale. i'll let you know when the normal congestion kicks in, same story 66 eastbound, to center ville 64 miles per hour, past center ville getting into arlington, also quiet inside the belt way on 66. the belt way itself being slowing freely, all across the wilson bridge on inner loop, the outer loop looking good, over to marlboro road. light volume picking up, 59
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as you make your way out of stafford. live look outside. show you how things are shaping up. this is the belt way river road. little bit of left over, from the heavier rain that moved in yesterday afternoon, aside from light volume. traffic fine without any crashes. got you covered. metro on time by the american legion bridge, same story inner and outer loop. any questions at erin fox5dc on twitter. maureen and holey? >> today we will learn how fairfax county plans to help ease the delay and possible traffic congestion that will come with metro safe track plan. will address how the plant i plans to deal with the adjustment. >> plan begins june 4, will last for over a year, riders can expect slower trains, and even shut-downs, as metro continues fixing major safety problems. some lines will be impacted less than a week. while others could be impacted for more than a month at a time. for complete look at metro safe track plan log on to our website
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the house trans takes committee holding hearing on improving metro safety and reliability. will include lawmakers and officials including metro gm. the hearing takes place at 10 this morning, will also be live streamed on line. new food vendors for dc upcoming school year. school officials have selected 2 new vendors, after issues with its previous supplier. starting in august, dc central kitchen, and magic will supply meals at more than one hundred schools for the 2016-2017 year. now, last june, the previous vendor, chart wells dining services, settled a 19 million dollars lawsuit, with dc public schools after allegations of rotting food, fraud, and millions of dollars lost. >> coming up on fox news morning, newly penned army officer coming un fire for what she did during graduation. >> and the river ooh gee crisis in europe has become too much for greece to handle. >> as we head to break, live look across the dc region, oh, ya,
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because guess what? the sun is coming back. >> stop. i can't even believe it. >> 5 08 on this tuesday morning. man, party on this morning. it is going to be a good day everybody. fox5 news morning after this.dh
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>> the operation began today at dawn, police say, the refugees and i am grants, will eventually be moved to newly completed
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>> los angeles, fire firefightes battling a fire threatening homes, uphill off highway 210, hundred lands and lakeview terrace where it is near, according to reports fire burned area of at least 2 hundred acres, firefighters dropping water by helicopter and protecting structures on the ground. >> a new supreme court ruling making it easier for federal workers to file employment discrimination lawsuit after quitting their jobs over conditions they consider intolerable. the justices ruled 7 to 1 yesterday that workers who bring constructive discharge claims have 45 days from the time they resign to begin the legal process. the court rejected the justice department's position that the clock should -- clock rather should start running when the abuse occurred. >> west . cadet going viral, for the wrong reasons, caught using the cell phone during the graduation march. some feel her behavior not
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professional, not comet rat with the seriousness of ceremony. neither west . nor the cadet commented on this now viral video. >> not good. >> not good. 5 12 the time. coming up on fox5 news morning, labron james proves if you take one for the team, he'll have your back whether it count. >> and some of our neighbors just two hours north of dc have to go outside and shovel. >> what? >> this is yesterday. what in the world is going on here in just a bit. >> as we head to break, let's take live look across the dc region. we're getting you going on a tuesday, fine lay tuesday with good weather headed our way. in fact, we're at 59 degrees right now, but will climb all day long. fox5 morning news back right after this. this.
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your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. the neighbor's back. oh, no. this is my husband, gibby! i wanted to show him your furniture! i like it! you wanna come in? oh no. that would be weird! the memorial day sale. from classic to contemporary, havertys. >> breaking news, egyptian forensic officials just anun
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retrieved from the crash site. that's where they've been retrieved from, i believe, plane went down late last week with 656 passengers on board, but again, human remains apparently now recover from the crash of egypt air flight 804. more on there is as we get it. >> 5 15 our time, we're at 59 degrees, that's absolutely gorgeous sky, gary mcgrady. you know what i am ' sitting here thinking? >> what? >> where did i put my sun glasses in i haven't needed them in so long. >> guys, did you all see the sun yesterday. >> well, it was brief. you know what? i actually enjoyed squinting because i hadn't seen the sun in so long. and i couldn't remember where my sun glass was. >> that's funny, that's funny. enjoy squinting. i mean, i had to drive home with my sunglasses, yes, which was true, toyed look for them. i keep them in the same place all the time. but, you're right, nice to be able to put them on. it was nice to have to look for them. start out real quickly with
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south of us. >> this was just this little sliver of rain it, came through, kind of earlier this morning. late, late night, early morning, that's out of here, you saw the gorgeous picture there of the sunrise showing indeed we'll have sun, we'll have sun all day long 59 in the city baltimore 58, frederick, 55, dullos, 5, a manassas 54, nothing too bad here. pittsburgh is 52. columbus, a 3. this is what i want to show you, st. louis right now 70 degrees, that's where the heat s it is going to start moving in our direction over the next couple every days. this is future cast this morning. we're gorgeous, we're gorgeous today, sunshine, drier air is coming in on the back side of this exiting low pressure system, finally we get this out of here. it will get a kick. later on this afternoon, if we have a shower, it is going to be super isolated. i think it will be out to the west, tan may try to drift off the mountains, but we're dry, 99.9% of us dry, don't worry about t tomorrow morning again sunshine, tomorrow, sunshine, it will be
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temperatures will make it up to the middle 80s, as we start getting into thursday, another chance of rain, but look, by the time we get to thursday, friday, we're going to be into a summertime pattern. so you know what that means? calm down, erin, getting excited, basically have great day, then afternoon thunderstorms and evening thunderstorms polls, okay? that will be on thursday and friday. memorial day weekend, yes, to make couple of changes. saturday still looks great. sunny, 85. a mix of sun and clouds on sunday, 82, and look, we've had to move rain chance, shower or thunderstorm chance into monday, and more clouds too, and less sunshine. and i tell you what, there will be some questions still with what exactly is going to be happening around here on memorial day. here is your 7 day forecast, 80 today. 85 tomorrow. 87 on thursday. erin, stopped me when you don't like what i'm saying. friday, 89. saturday, 85. and then we get toward the latter part of the holiy
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weekend, it may go downhill just lit bill. let's not worry about that now. here is erin como. >> gary, that's exciting memorial day weekend forecast. thank you. >> thank you. >> we deserve the sunshine. right now breaking news out of stafford. person hit by a car, 17 business, shutdown on the southbound side, after 95. it is between samson street and solomon drive. so some caution in that area. police investigation at that location from the crash. let's go ahead, take live look outside, see how the rest of your commute is shaping up around the dmv. belt way traffic light volume pick pick up by georgetown pike, traffic on the inner and out you are loop looking good. same story bottom side across the wilson bridge, no problems by braddock, as you can see, very light volume at that portion of your drive. top side of the belt way, through silver spring, also quiet g ahead, take a look back at the maps, aside from the crash, crashing in stafford, things looking good. five north between waldorff and 4 west,
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way, none of the typical morning congestion has increased just yet. same story park land, to the bug last bridge, things quiet, looking good across the memorial as well. more traffic in just a few. back to you. >> 5 19 the time. stories you're edge guage withing most it this morning on social media. >> wisdom martin will break it down. >> let's break it down. first up new congressional study found the ffl tried to influence study on link between football and brain injuries. before pulling it funds willing when the nih forwarded those attempts. the nfl pulled its 16 million dollar contribution to the study because they were dis pleased with the doctors select today head that investigation. next up, lbj, labron james offered to pay the fine his teammate dante jones for hitting raptor center, in the groin, during saturday's game.
5:20 am
just 08 dollars, while that amount is small, jones apparently appreciative of the sentiment calling james a quote great guy. sick kids at new zealand hospital are getting a a special treat from kiwi air brush artist benjamin lloyd uses his air brushes to create epic custom tattoos to brighten kit. >> that is awesome. i love that. >> see why that's trending. coming up on fox fuse morning, maryland preparing to start it click it or ticket campaign, with allowed bang. >> and ready or not, summer is almost here. well, unofficially at least. oh, that looks good. as we head to break, live look across the dc region. do you see it? that is the sun. what? old friend where have you been in we've missed you. time now 5 20. it is 59 degrees. fox morning back after this. th.
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>> today the public will get a chance to weigh in on b dot plan. will hold public hearing, complete draft of its proposal. public will be able to comment on the agreement, that agreement will eventually set the terms of the contract with an eventual private sector partner that hearing set for 6 30 tonight. >> also today, maryland launches it collector ticket campaign. will hold crash demonstration and highlight the life saving benefits of using your seatbelts. >> maryland transportation officials attends as well as the mother after crash victim, last year five hundred 21 people died in traffic-related crashes in maryland, officials not wearing a seatbelt with the leading cause of death in these crashes. >> over to dc, councilwoman marry resume her tour of the city public schools and splash parks today. spent good part of the last few weeks touring the facility to mixture they're to up code and ready for memorial day
5:24 am
morning will begin touring facilities in wards 8, 7 and 6. >> severe hail storm pounds parts of pennsylvania monday. residents in the red lion section of york county say the storm lasted about 30 minutes it, dropped cherry size hail after a dark thunder cloud rolled through. hail is most commonly seen during the early months of summer. >> actually, you know what, gary, we got little hail at my house yesterday when the big storm came through. >> yes, that wouldn't have surprised me at all. again, it is more of an early summer phenomenon, late spring, early summer, still cool aloft. you can transition and get some of the hail. so it doesn't surprise me. but rare that you have hail that covers the grounds like that. specially around here. okay, temperatures today, we will warm up nicely. we start about 62 degrees this morning, at 8 a.m. that's here in the city. keep in mind, out in the suburbs, will still be in the 50's, but not a problem. the rain that we did have earlier has moved on through. we're going have sunshine, we have sunshine all day long today.
5:25 am
right around 80 degrees for high temperature late this afternoon. in terms of what it feels like around the entire region, some places will make it into the lower 80s today, frederick berg, 82, how nice will that be? quantico 81, relative humidity still pretty low and comfortable, dry air coming in from the northwest today. now eventually temperatures warm mid -- 80s, and humidity will come back with a vengeance by the latter part of the week. i'm talk more about that coming up full forecast plus your weekends all of that good stuff here is erin como with the tuesday morning traffic. >> 5 25 right now. some problems on the roads, person hit by a car right now in stafford, 17 business on the southbound side. it is closed just after 95, between samson street and solomon drive. so some caution there. as you make your way into prince william on 95 we do have some slow traffic. either 123, you open up bit, get toward the springfield interchange. aside from that, a crash to tell you about, this is at montgomer
5:26 am
river road near seneca road. caution there. may encounter slow downs through the intersection, in addition to that, as we take a look at your morning commute, traffic on 4, westbound and five northbound, looking good. we are also problem-freon the parkway, new york avenue, inside the district buble ends berg is he still quiet. outside live look, some of the morning commute, things looking very nice on the belt way, problem free making your way across the wilson bridge, light volume on the inner and outer loop. not seeing any problems by the american legion bridge, then through silver spring and bethesda. outer loop quiet. none of the typical vroome volume by new hampshire just yet. quiet, and any questions at erin fox5dc on twitter, holly, maureen? >> 5 26. coming up on fox knife news morning, don't be alarmed if you happen top see a number of military fly overs. >> want you to be prepared. >> as we head to break let's go ahead, take a live look across the dc region
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>> it is coming out today, folks, 59 degrees, our time right now. little fun on facebook, join just about 15 minute for that. back right after this. ♪ ♪
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪
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♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ll i wanna hear is t down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down. >> straight ahead on fox news morning, fbi probe, virginia governor, terry
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the subject of campaign finance investigation. >> not guilty. baltimore prosecutors fail to earn conviction for second straight trial in the death of freddie gray. and, get ready for plan b. metro transit wants you to be ready for a summer of slow commute and community plans. fox news morning starts right now. >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good morning to you. thank you for waking up with us, i'm wisdom martin. >> i'll holly morris. today is tuesday, may 24. >> all right, we've got cohorts down there, gary mcgrady, erin como, weather and traffic coming up. first news get tonight we start with. >> this big question it, virginia governor except donation frost illegal source because that's the big question being asked by the f.b.i. this morning, in a new probe, into the 2013 campaign, of terri mccullough. >> melanie joining us from outside the justice department with more on where the money came from, good morning, mel. >> reporter: wisdom, holly, so the justice department and
5:31 am
fbi are not publicly commenting on the report. but sources did confirm the investigation to fox news. the official said that the report are looking into campaign finances and donations, to governor terry mccullough 2013 campaign, one central question is whether the campaign accepted illegal contributions. cnn reported monday that a one hundred 20 thousand dollars donation from a chain east businessman could cause governor a lot of trouble, federal law bans foreign contribution toss any campaign, spokesperson for the governor said in a statement, quote, we cannot confirm the cnn report, neither the governor nor his former campaign has any knowledge of this mother, but as reported, contributions to the campaign from mr. wong were completely lawful. the governor will certainly cooperate with the government if he is contacted about it. wong is construction and shipping trade billionaire. reported contributions came through mr. wong's us businesses, and mr. wong's people told
5:32 am
permanent resident of the united state. now, you may remember, before he ran for governor, terry mccullough was a very well connected political operative. and fundraiser. he had very close ties to bill and hillary clinton. now now the official who con comment in the investigation to fox news, says it has been going on for quite some time. live at the justice department, melanie, fox5 local news. >> the second baltimore officer to stand trial stemming from the death of freddie gray was acquitted of all charges. a judge found officer edward nero not guilty of misconduct in office, assault, and wreckless end dangerment, one of 6 baltimore police officers charged in the case. gray died after severe spinal cord injury, while in police custody last april. yesterday, a judge concluded nero played little role in gray's arrest. some were outraged over the verdicts. >> people shouldn't be in neighborhoods if they're not trained to work with african-americans
5:33 am
victims. >> they say no justice, no peace. >> attorney for the gray family is commending the judge for not bends to go public opinion and analyzing the case. says the family respects the verdict. metro will begin its major make over by the end of the week, those repairs will cause major delays. >> first leg will run from june fourth to june 16. trains will single track on the orange and silver lines in northern virginia, which means, severely reduced service west of boston. in response, arlington county officials are working on some commute options. they include bringing in extra local buses, and telling some county employees to actually work from home. >> have you gotten enough lead time for metro to be able to deal with this? >> the short answer is no, of course not, none of us have. but we are where we are. we will make the best of it, again as i said we've had practice, didn't have a lot of time with the march should down. we've made it work.
5:34 am
>> experts advise you get familiar with metro as plan now. we posted it on our website so you can just do that >> canadian snow birds will be putting on free show over the nation's capitol around noon. and the best seats, they'll be down near the tidal base begin snow birds will two passes over the dc area before heading to dullos for an air show. now, other good place toss catch a glimpse will be east poe tote i can park and graphly . the fly over highlight dan's bond with the united state. >> all right, looks like fun. >> ya, i would love to see that. it will be a great day to see it, right, gare? >> so far sorry good. listen, lot of sunshine throughout the day. we're even seeing some sunshine this morning, because clouds are break up. let me show you real quickly bus stop forecast to get an idea. no problem for the kids out there, little cool, temperatures lower to mid to up ear's, okay, i think right around 06 degrees or so during most of the prime pick up time. after school, 77 to 80 degrees, with some sunshine, obviously it will be warm, rain s
5:35 am
earlier, earlier this morning. early, earl think morning, that has since moving on, looks like that's the last of the rain. we get from this pesky area of low pressure, let's give it a kick and get it out of here, shall we? we ends up being sunny today, warm, finally, temperatures go 80 to 80 plus. 81 for a western suburbs, 82 down to the south. annapolis little cooler but gorgeous, 77 degrees today. should be nice out by the water. temperature down in leonard town right around 80 degrees, as well, and winds will be barely out of the northwest at about five to ten miles per hour. but northwesterly winds, kind of bringing in drier air today. that helps to casino of get rid of the clouds, the moisture, and help to dry things out since we've had obviously several days of wet conditions. erin como in this morning, tuesday morning, time for look at your tuesday commute. >> tuesday morning, 5 35, we do have breaking news from metro. single tracking expect delays as the track problem outside of medical center because of that the red lion is affected
5:36 am
friendship height. please plan ahead both directions delays there from the single track, aside from the red lion issues, in other metro alerts, and everything else is reportedly on time at the moment. crash activity in potomac right now, river road closed, initially just a crash scene, right near seneca road. more traffic in just a few minute, and any questions at aaron fox5dc on twitter. to help you get around being back to you, holly, maureen, wisdom. >> coming up: netflix users get ready one billion dollars franchise. you should get red if i you're a phlegm application users, because the one billion dollars franchise is coming to the streaming service. >> and new study suggest that a number of us walking around with undiagnosed and potentially deadly diseases. >> and as we head to break, let's go ahead, oh, coming to your city. yep, we are, right here, dc region looking good today. time right now 5 36. we are at 59 degrees right now. fox news morning back right after this.
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>> may have blood sugar condition, not even know it? researchers found high rate of misdiagnosed diabetes caught in the
5:40 am
were given standardized blood it is, suggesting there may needs to be a change, and increase in screening for the condition. a new weapon in the fight against cancer, scientists have found a mechanism that causes natural killer immune cells, to stop cancer if spreading. now, they found in the case of breast cancer, tumor growth, in the glands, was significantly reduced. natural killer cells are specialized white blood cells that act as the immune system's assassin. >> space race to mars leading up, now lockheed martin, announcing new plans to create man space laboratory that will orbit the red planet by 2028. >> it will use excess egg, like the space capsule to speed up the outpost that will eventually help humans land on mars. and, beginning in september, you need netflix subscription, if you want to stream anything but disney, picsar, marvel and the like, that's because
5:41 am
making netflix exclusive partner. double win for netflix t blocks subscriptions, like hbo from showing the hits exclusively, and also, keeps them off amazon prime, hue lou, and other streaming services. that's a big deal. >> it is a huge deal. >> wow. >> all right, coming up on fox5 news morning, supreme court strikes a huge blow against jerry manned erring. >> mobile home park in northern virginia a civil rights investigation. >> as we head to break, let's take live look again at the dc region. everybody dance now. and you will be. because the weather will be awesome on this tuesday. we're at 59 degrees right now, we will talk more about it after the break. >> go ahead, dance, music factory. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> at 5 45, investigating terry mccullough for allegedly excepting illegal donations to his gubernatorial campaign. investigators say chinese businessmen, wong, may be 3 donations to the governor, totaling 120 thousand dollars. now the fbi is concerned that wang, well, he may be a foreign international. spokesperson says, he has us green card. >> live look outside on this tuesday morning, i'm not sure the last time i've been this excited about a tuesday. but, i am. because the weather is
5:45 am
to be great. garvey all smiles, as well. ready to tell us all about it. >> yes, glad to see the sunshine early so we get it early, will stay with us all day long, so building on this, drier air coming in, temperatures out this morning, reagan national, 59, dullos, 55, bwi marshall 58 degrees little cool 45,'s out in the suburbs, even at 8 a.m. low 60s, noontime 74, great, spends the day outside if you k won't be too hot. won't be too humid. high pressure is going to start building in aloft. >> not only will the high pressure build in but have what we call bermuda hi, that meanings, high pressure center well off to the east of us, over on top of bermuda, a and it bridges back in this return flow as high pressure builds, in heat comes back, not only does the heat builds in but the humidity will return too. here is the forecast for the next few days.
5:46 am
for hi, sunshine, really nice, sunny, warm tomorrow, 8 a, feel little more humidity tomorrow, and then much more humidity by the time we get to thursday and friday. and that humidity and that heat will help to drive some afternoon and evening thunderstorms our wet area lot better high building in behind that area of low pressure, and for 70s, 80s today, 80s tomorrow, looks like we will be middle 80s, to upper 80s by the latter part of the week, again, as this high builds in, and bridges back the warmth. change here for memorial day weekend forecast, saturday looks great, mostly sunny and 85. somebody and clouds now, looks like sunday, still sunshine, sunday right now keep it dry, temperature of about 82 degrees. as we start getting into memorial day, things start going downhill, upper 70s, not bad but looks like we could have more clouds now than sun. and that
5:47 am
or a thunderstorm, listen, stay tuned to this. i still think there are some changes coming our way for this memorial day weekends, but enjoy until we get to it, all right? 80 degrees today. 85 tomorrow. great day out for weather day, i think the game start tomorrow at 1. all of the fun festivities for the kids before that. few storms on thursday, thunderstorm possible friday, look at the temperatures up around 90 degrees. it will feel like it is in the lower to mid 90s, with the humidity. so talking heat index. and here is aaron's commute. >> oh, gary, such an endearing name. unfortunately big problems, authority see through the trees but the inner loop top side of the belt way near new hampshire avenue breaking, firetruck, and some police officers, and appears to be an accident scene, walking -- blocking the right lane right shoulder. we'll keep you updated as more information gets through, anticipate delays on the inner loop approachin
5:48 am
avenue. take a look at the maps right now. also big metro problems dealing with four out of our 6 rail lines with delays. single tracking and speed restrictions, on the red lion between grove nerve and friendship heights. track problem, medical center, causing single tracking and delays, and then speed restrictions, on the orange, silver, blue lines, new carlton and handwriting owe town center, dealing with that for this is the second week now. certainly keep you update dollars on metro. potomac river road closed near seneca, need to detour around that one, montgomery county earlier crash did clear for north right near hickory ridge road. we keep you posted on that one as you make your way out to calvert county in stafford, typical delays become g up and we also have a pedestrian hit by a car crash scene there investigation, 17 business, 95 between samson street and sulliman drive shutdown, you still need to detour around that, 95, typical congestion specially once you get to dale city. more traffic in a few. back to you guys
5:49 am
>> braking news in the crash, forensic officials revealed examination of human remains retrieved from the crash site indicated that there was explosion on board that aircraft. meanwhile egyptian officials are discounting earlier report that the plane swerved and made a deep descent. flight 804 went down late last week, with 66 passengers on board. this morning search continues for survivors after a volcano, volcanic erruption on sim and interest island, at least 7 people died after mount spewed hot ash and gas over the surrounding areas. erruption left thick layers of ash over just about everything. resident are trying to clean up in the red zone near the mountain despite warnings from officials. >> a rare move by the u.s. supreme court. the high court throughout death penalty sentence handed down by an all white jury in georgia. the justices up-ended the conviction and sentence every georgia man named timothy tyrone foster. justices found prosecutors
5:50 am
georgia at the time improperly kept african-americans off the all white jury in the case. violating the constitution. >> just blatent race discrimination, criminal justice system part of the society least affected by the civil rights movement. almost run completely by white people, 59% of all elected prosecute remembers white. >> case now returns to state court, a move that could unable him to win a new trial. >> mobile home park in fairfax county facing civil rights lawsuit. the legal and justice center filed lawsuit yesterday, against the mobile home park. by refuse to go lease lands to anyone over the age of 18 without a social security number. now, that rule could force 15 residents to be evicted. the legal and justice center says the management company is violating the fair housing act. and targeting residents because of their immigration status. >> and in maryland, controversy surrounding montgomery county schools resource officer,
5:51 am
vague a. have accused him of using excessive force at the school's prom. when they claim he placed a female student in a headlock and tack l her to the ground. vega has been removed from his post. in washington dc new surveillance video showing attack on high school student in northwest. the georgetown day high school student was near his school when 3 people push him to the grounds, punched him, and stole his glasses, wallet and phone. the attack happened april 27. dc police want anyone with any information to give them a call. >> time now 5 516789 let's look at the stories you're end ganging with the most this morning on social media. maureen has been following our news time real tracker. >> first, two decision he is of the supreme court, justices ruled in flavored of employees dis kim dollars against by their employers giving them more time to file complaints. and move to reduce racially motivated jury manned erring and congressional races. well, next
5:52 am
an actress, director, philanthropist, now professor. professor jolie will be visiting the london school of economics as visiting professor for new masters course. partnership was spark by jolie's 2011 directorial debut, in the land of blood and honey that was set against the backdrop of the 1992 to 1995 bosnia war which estimated 20 thousand women were believed to have been raped. and love until the time of prime at change. showing grissly bears and polar bars in alaska are now mating. say these two species aren't supposed to live in the same environment, but at the arctic warm, sea ice shrinking and the tundra expanding and the bears are meeting, mating, and creating new breed that's capable of reproducing. >> wonder what you call that -- >> well, it is coal up there. gout to do what you got to do. don't have a lot to choose from when it is cold. >> a pander? >> panda and a poler? >> no, pola
5:53 am
grissly bear. >> oh, grissly? >> a grisler? >> let us know hash tal, what's that, doing good day dc yet? you can also hit us there. all social media platforms, that's what i am talking about. >> love knows no limit, that's all i am saying. >> exactly it, will find a way. >> that's right. >> also happening today. preliminary for the national spelling bee competition, that's going to happen at 8 30, gaylord hotel at national harbor. spelling bee finals are set for this coming thursday, may 26, beginning at ten a.m. this year, 285 spellers will compete for the title of the 2016 script national spelling champion. >> all right, well, if your on the verge of splitsville, be careful how you ends things with your significant other. case in . >> yes, posted on the website plea for help. he says his ex girlfriends was sending him game of thrones spoilers every week. >> oh, my
5:54 am
>> as revenge. >> are you kidding? >> after he cheated on her. hell has no fewer. >> i man said he tried to block his ex from spending spoilers but it didn't stop her. she got creative. users weren't sympathetic, some even started sending the man spoilers themselves. >> let me tell you something, if that's all you got, you're in a good place f that's the worse she can do, you're in a good place. >> time for one college boy where he is going to attends college in the fall, but he's only 12 years old. taking college classes at the age of 7 now deciding between uc davis and uc santa cruz, now, he plans to study biomedical engineering and wants to become a doctor and medical researcher. >> wow. >> all right, let's say good morning to the facebook fan of the day, there she is, look how pretty show, miss wills said we make her day every day, and fox5 is like her fam
5:55 am
>> rocking the red. also said we keep her laughing and she wakes up and goes to bed with fox5 news. we appreciate. that will your chance to be tomorrow's fan just leave comment below the picture on the facebook page. page. >> all right, she will be driving in that car with heroin dose down today? >> you mentioned this earlier. >> yes. >> sunglasses casino of day. >> oh,. >> do you know where your sunglasses are? >> no. >> maybe some of you do, maybe some of you don't. i know where mine are. >> 80 degrees today. sunny, 8 a tomorrow. sunny. few thunderstorms coming back in thursday, friday, with summer like pattern. upper 80s thursday, around 90 on friday, more humidity, too, and as we get into this holiday weekends, at least parts of it are nice. memorial day, not looking as good as it was yesterday. we'll follow the trend. here's erin como. >> but if we get to hang out by the pool saturday and sunday, little rain shower, that much more bearable. >> it will be nice and summary. >> unfortunately, tuesday morning, even though rain is holding f
5:56 am
drive, crash activity inner loop at new hampshire, back up to university. let's go ahead, take live look at the scene, 2 right lanes blocked right now because of that. hard to make your way out through the trees there. but you can see the firetruck and activity, the headlight toward us, outer loop the inner loop dealing with that big slow down right there, again, 2 right lanes block new hampshire avenue big crash scene. we switch it back it the maps. also have metro delays, single tracking and we also have utility work, river road closed nerve seneca road, red lion dealing with big delays between grovener and friendship heights. more traffic as we continue here on fox5 news morning. ng. >> ahead at 6 where you can catch a free air show today. >> sports taught authority, all of their stores, start going out every business this week. can you really cash in on the good deals? we'll fill you in. we head to break right now. we will look outside. that's what we do when we get ready too
5:57 am
>> oh, honey i'm good. >> you're good? all right. >> ready? >> ♪ >> we're back after this. we're good. >> ♪
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[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. straight ahead at 6 the governor of virginia under investigation, the question, did he except donations from
6:00 am
reaction from the feds, and terry mccullough. >> disturbing crime on metro. this man raped a woman in one of the rail cars. coming up officials track him down. >> good tuesday morning, we start with breaking news involving the crash of egypt air flight 804. egyptian forensic officials today announce human remains retreat from the crash site . to explosion on board the aircraft. one official said he has personally examined the remains at a morgue in cairo, said, quote, the logical explanation is that it was an explosion. the plane went down last thursday morning with 66 passengers, on board. >> back here locally, if the bi now opening an investigation into virginia's governor, taking a close look at terry mccullough's campaign contributions. >> melanie joins us flu outside of the justice department with more on where the money came


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